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Will visits Sonny in his hospital room and informs him that he is getting out today or tomorrow which excites him. Will says now that Clyde is being transferred back to prison, they can finally put this whole nightmare behind them. Leo then arrives with a fruit basket.

Jennifer finishes a call at home about making travel arrangements as Chad arrives and says he couldn’t help but overhear, so he asks if she’s going somewhere. Jennifer reveals that she is going to rehab.

Gwen wakes up in her hospital bed as Sarah asks if she’s alright. Gwen tells her that she was having a nightmare about the accident. Sarah asks if she remembered something else, what kind of car it was, or the driver.

Leo asks if Will and Sonny are going to congratulate him on getting released from prison. They question what he’s doing here. Leo says that he came to say thanks and bring him a fruit basket. Leo declares that Sonny saved his life, so he’s eternally grateful.

Jack sits at the Brady Pub when Xander arrives and startles him. Xander says he looks like he could use some company. Jack responds that he’s just picking up takeout for Gwen. Xander asks how she’s doing. Jack says she’s still shaken up but is on the mend. Xander asks if the cops have any leads on the driver.

Gwen tells Sarah that she can see the car and the headlights. Gwen says there was a figure behind the wheel and she almost saw their face, but then she lost it. Sarah hopes it comes in to focus soon. Sarah is glad Gwen is awake. Gwen asks if she’s going to poke and prod her like every other doctor. Sarah says no but notes that Gwen is scheduled for more tests today. Gwen asks why Sarah is here then. Sarah thought it was time they talk about how Gwen tried to have her committed.

At the hospital, Stephanie is on the phone with Joey, assuring that Kayla is okay and promises to tell him if anything changes. Stephanie hangs up as Alex arrives and asks what she’s doing there and what’s wrong.

Sonny is not sure how to interpret Leo’s gratitude. Leo tells him to just accept it and let it lift his spirits. Leo explains that if Sonny hadn’t remembered smelling Clyde’s cologne, then he’d still be rotting in prison. Sonny tells him not to take it personally as he just wanted to see the right person punished. Leo says they are all on the same side now, so he hoped he could get his job back at Titan. Sonny asks if he’s joking. Leo points out that he did used to work there and claims not to remember accusing Sonny of sexual harassment. Sonny tells Leo that it’s not up to him because his brother Alex is in charge now. Leo complains that he should’ve known as he can’t count on anyone these days. Leo tells Sonny to take it easy and get well soon. Leo calls Sonny and Will an adorable couple as he exits the room.

Chad questions Jennifer going to rehab. Jennifer admits that she relapsed. Chad tells her that he’s so sorry. Jennifer explains that her brother Mike works with a facility in New York, so they are saving a room for her and she leaves later today. Chad brings up everything he’s put on her since Abigail died like asking her to watch the kids and worries that he leaned on her too much when he didn’t know that she needed help. Jennifer understands he couldn’t have known after losing his wife, so he was already suffering so much. Chad declares that at least they know who did it now. Jennifer says that means Abigail has justice and it will never be enough, but it’s something. Chad knows now that he needs to start moving on. Chad adds that it’s more about finding peace. Chad tells Jennifer that he saw Abigail and it made him realize that he needs to be strong for himself, the children, and Abigail.

Jack tells Xander that the police don’t seem to know who hit Gwen so far. Xander calls that odd since it happened right outside the police station. Jack says the cameras weren’t working that night and he heard they are having budget problems which Xander relates to. Xander worries that his luck is finally running out at the Salem Inn. Jack asks how he can help. Xander asks him to give him a job.

Sarah wants to talk to Gwen about the time that she broke out of prison to get back at her and Abigail by attacking Abigail while wearing the Sarah mask, so Abigail would suffer and Sarah would disappear from Salem. Gwen asks what she wants from her. Sarah wants to know if it was all just revenge. Sarah points out that Gwen was in prison so she couldn’t get Xander back which means all that mattered was ruining her life. Sarah questions what she ever did to Gwen. Gwen asks what she wants her to say. Gwen admits she did everything in her power to keep Xander away from her, but Sarah got everything she wanted in the end while she’s here alone, lucky to be alive. Gwen tells Sarah that all she can say is congratulations and that she is sorry. Sarah argues that Gwen is not sorry. Gwen repeats that she said she was. Sarah says she heard the words but only sees bitterness in her eyes. Gwen questions what more she wants from her since she won. Gwen assures Sarah that she will stay away from her and Xander until the end of time. Sarah warns that she damn well better. Sarah tells Gwen that a nurse will be by later to take her for tests as she then exits the room.

Stephanie tells Alex that she’s fine. Alex asks if she’s sure since she seems really upset. Stephanie insists that she’s fine. Alex apologizes for not following their rules and says she made it very clear when she turned down a simple lunch. Alex complains that they can’t talk personal, only business, and they are not friends, only colleagues, because she could never be friends with someone like him. Alex gives Stephanie the numbers for the quarterly returns and they aren’t great, so he tells her to spin that and walks away.

Will talks on the phone, asking why he can’t do the meeting remotely over Zoom. Will says to tell him what he needs to do and hangs up. Will informs Sonny that the star of his project won’t sign unless his dogs give him their stamp of approval which Sonny laughs at. Will says apparently to do that, he needs to be in the same room. Sonny tells Will that he should go. Will asks what he’s talking about as he doesn’t want to leave while Sonny, Kate, and Marlena are all in the hospital. Sonny assures that the doctors are doing a great job and they wouldn’t want him to put his life on hold. Sonny tells Will that he will be okay and that his project won’t write and direct itself. Will notes that he’s working on a couple of projects, so if he goes back, he might be gone for awhile. Will questions what that means for them if Sonny stays in Salem. Will then asks if they are going to be a long distance relationship.

Chad tells Jennifer that maybe he’s losing his mind, but it felt so real to him as he communicated with Abigail at the cemetery. Chad says he’s sorry if this is upsetting but Jennifer responds that she saw Abigail too. Jennifer thought maybe it was the pills but insists that she was in this room and then she came with her in the car when she went to the police station. Jennifer flashes back to driving to the police station while imagining Abigail.

Xander tells Jack that he actually came to the Brady Pub to beg them for a job but he’s much more suited to an executive position at the Spectator. Xander knows he doesn’t have experience with newspapers but he did once run Titan. Xander says if not an executive, maybe he could be an assistant editor or something. Xander asks what he says. Jack then reveals that he thinks Jennifer is the one who hit Gwen.

Leo visits Gwen in the hospital. Gwen is surprised that he’s out of jail. Leo says he came by to thank Sonny for his freedom and then he overheard nurses talking about what happened to Gwen. Leo asks if it’s true that someone ran Gwen down outside of the police station. Gwen confirms that’s exactly what happened, right after she came to see him. Leo asks if she’s okay. Gwen says she’s just bruised, traumatized, alone, and miserable but she will live. Leo encourages her and gives her a chocolate covered strawberry. Leo asks who the hell did this to her. Gwen says she doesn’t know as she was leaving the police station and next thing she knows, she’s staring down these headlights. Gwen then has another flashback and remembers that it was Jennifer driving the car.

Sonny tells Will that it’s not like he’s shipping off to war. Sonny says they will visit him in LA and he can come visit them here. Sonny notes that the whole reason he stayed in Salem was so he could follow his dreams of becoming CEO of Titan, so now Will has to follow his. Sonny points out that it won’t be forever. Sonny acknowledges that Will waited a long time for something like this, so he thinks he should make the most out of it. Sonny says when it’s all done, he and Arianna will be right here waiting for him. Will thanks him and says he loves him as they kiss. Will wishes Sonny was out of the hospital bed and back in their bed. Will encourages that he will be on his feet again soon. Sonny says then he can get his company back from his snake of a brother, Alex. Alex then enters the room and asks if somebody said his name.

Chad asks if Jennifer is alright. Jennifer says she’s fine and is just thinking about seeing Abigail in the car. Jennifer laments that she just made so many mistakes and can’t believe she allowed herself to get addicted again and lied to Jack. Jennifer feels she let down so many people that she loves. Chad encourages that’s not true and if anything they let her down. Chad knows he’s been struggling but feels he should’ve been there for her and he wasn’t, but he is now. Chad states that Jennifer is Abigail’s mother and always felt like a mother to him. Chad thinks Abigail would want them to be close. Jennifer confirms that she did and they are. Chad assures that won’t change while she’s away because they are family and he loves her, so he would do anything for her as they hug. Chad then exits as Jennifer holds back tears.

Xander questions Jack thinking Jennifer drove the car in to Gwen. Jack doesn’t know for sure but he thinks it’s possible. Xander asks why. Jack reveals that he just found out that Jennifer has been abusing drugs again. Jack says he’s been so overwhelmed with his own grief that he didn’t pick up on it. Jack questions not seeing it. Xander is sure she covered it well but Jack figured it out eventually. Jack explains that he didn’t as it was Gwen who told him since she caught Jennifer with the pills and told him. Xander says that doesn’t explain why Jack thinks Jennifer was driving the car. Jack tells him that Jennifer told him that she was high last night and that she drove to the police station which was exactly at the moment of the accident. Jack states that Gwen is the reason he knows anything was happening with Jennifer. Jack worries about Jennifer’s condition and that she wouldn’t even remember if she did it.

Gwen can’t believe that Jennifer was the one who did this to her. Gwen assures that she can see her face behind the wheel. Gwen asks Leo if he thinks Jennifer did this on purpose. Leo says of course she did because she’d have every reason to want to get back at her. Gwen asks why now. Leo reminds Gwen that Jennifer threatened her when she caught her with the pills and so she mowed her down before she could talk. Gwen questions if she would really do that. Leo says she’s a junkie, so of course she would. Leo doesn’t care that Jennifer is a Horton and that everyone worships her. Leo declares that he and Gwen are now going to expose Jennifer for the vehicular homicidal pill popper that she is.

Stephanietits outside of Julie’s Place while working on her tablet. Chad arrives and comments that it looks like she has a full day ahead of her and he can figure how that’s going. Stephanie mentions hearing that they found the person responsible for Abigail’s death and that it must be such a relief. Stephanie gets a call from Joey and tells him again that she will let him know if she hears anything so he doesn’t have to keep checking in. Stephanie says they’ll talk later and hangs up. Chad asks if everything is okay. Stephanie informs him that Kayla is in the hospital. Chad asks what happened. Stephanie says they don’t know as it’s a mysterious illness and that Marlena and Kate have it too. Chad can’t believe it as he didn’t know and asks if they are okay. Stephanie states that Kayla keeps saying there is nothing to worry about. Chad encourages her to go be with her. Stephanie says she was just there and Kayla is sleeping while Alex just gave her all this work for Titan and she’s completely behind on Paulina’s campaign, so she thought sitting out in the sun might make the work go by faster. Chad offers to help to make it go faster.

Sonny calls Alex a snake. Alex repeats that he didn’t steal his job. Sonny asks if he came back to make more excuses. Alex explains that Justin said he should try to settle things with him, which he was going to do until he walked in on him calling him names. Sonny asks what he expects and if he should just forget he tried to screw him over and move on. Alex responds that he didn’t do anything. Sonny complains that this is like when they were kids and Alex broke his toys. Sonny argues that Alex hasn’t changed. Alex asks Will to try to talk some sense in to Sonny. Will points out that one of them almost died and they are arguing about business. Will asks who cares since they are brothers and life is short. Will tells them to get over themselves and call a truce.

Gwen questions Leo saying they are going to expose Jennifer. Leo calls her his best friend and says he’s going to see to it that Jennifer pays for what she did. Gwen asks if they should call the police. Leo clarifies that he means make her pay as in money because he has legal bills, she has medical bills, and they don’t have a job. Gwen is unsure. Leo argues that she deserves a win after the hell she’s been through or she can just lie here and think about everything she lost. Leo asks what she says. The nurse then comes in to take Gwen to radiology for a follow up CT scan. Leo points out that it sounds very expensive and tells Gwen they will talk later as he then exits.

Jennifer has another flashback to driving to the police station, swearing to Abigail that everyone who ever hurt her her would pay, and then running over Gwen. Jennifer then realizes what she had done.

Will tells Alex and Sonny to stop being so stubborn and make up already. Alex admits he shouldn’t have gotten so defensive while Sonny admits he probably shouldn’t have called him a snake. Will tells them to keep going. Alex doesn’t want to fight with Sonny. Sonny says the same. Will encourages them to move on to the apologies. Alex apologizes and then Sonny does as well as they shake hands. Will calls that much better. Alex adds that he really did come to make things better but he was pissed off after running in to Stephanie and she bit his head off for asking how she’s doing. Sonny doesn’t think it was about him. Will explains that Stephanie’s mom is in the hospital and is pretty sick.

Jack tells Xander that if Jennifer drove her car in to Gwen, he has to talk to her and find out exactly what she remembers. Jack says they will figure out how to deal with it. Xander promises not to say anything. Jack thanks him for understanding and says they will talk about his job another time. Jack says he has to talk to Jennifer right now as it can’t wait. Jack remembers he was picking up takeout for Gwen, so Xander offers to take it to her and asks what are friends for.

Jennifer realizes that she was the one driving the car that hit Gwen and begins to panic.

Alex questions what’s wrong with Stephanie’s mother. Sonny says they aren’t sure but both of Will’s grandmothers are sick with it too. Alex wishes he knew before acting like a jerk as he would have at least offered her a shoulder to cry on.

Stephanie questions Chad wanting to help her. Chad points out that if they split the work, they’ll get it done in half the time. Stephanie asks how he would even know what to do. Chad responds that he’s done some PR at DiMera so he’s sure he could figure it out. Stephanie questions him wanting to pitch in for Titan. Chad says he’s unemployed and his kids are at school so he has time and it’s up to her. Stephanie accepts his help and gives him a press release to start with.

Xander goes to the hospital with takeout from the Pub. Sarah sees him and calls it a nice surprise, asking if he brought her lunch. Xander clarifies that it’s for Gwen from Jack as he ran in to him at the Pub. Xander asks if Gwen is in her room but Sarah says she’s taking tests so she will have a nurse bring it to her when she gets out. Xander thanks her. Sarah questions why Jack sent him. Xander says he would’ve brought it himself but he’s going through something.

Jack goes home looking for Jennifer but instead finds Leo, who says Jennifer isn’t home but the door was open so he let himself in. Leo says he needed to see Jack which he questions. Leo suggests Jack bring out his check book because his addict wife got behind the wheel and plowed in to his best friend, so if he wants him to keep his mouth shut, he’s going to write him a very large check.

Jennifer goes to visit Gwen at the hospital. Gwen asks what brings her by and if she came to finish her off.

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