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Allie and Chanel talk at Chanel’s home about having to do extra work at the Bakery. Chanel mentions not feeling tough but appreciates Allie coming over to help her after hours. Allie responds that she appreciates Chanel giving her job back to her after everything that happened. Allie talks about not remembering the Bakery ever being this busy and wonders how she ever managed it on her own. Chanel admits she doesn’t how she did it without her.

At John and Marlena’s, Susan excitedly has a cupcake from the Sweet Bits Bakery. Johnny remarks that it must run in the family to have a weakness for Sweet Bits. Marlena comes in and comments on Susan inviting Johnny over to have dinner with both of his grandmothers. Susan mentions making gumbo and knowing they wouldn’t want to step foot in the DiMera Mansion which Marlena questions. Susan says she doesn’t want Marlena to witness something she doesn’t approve of which Johnny questions. Susan then reveals that she thinks there is something going on between Belle and EJ.

Outside the DiMera Mansion, EJ apologizes to Belle for what he said earlier and being unfeeling about a child’s life. EJ calls it a very ham-handed attempt to make her feel better. Belle says she does want to. Belle then asks EJ to make her feel better as they start kissing. EJ stops and says they shouldn’t but Belle asks why not and tells EJ to take her upstairs and make love to her as they continue kissing.

Chad returns home from the movies, shocked to find Abigail’s bloody body on their bed. Chad frantically asks what happened as Abigail starts to regain consciousness. Chad tries to encourage that she’s going to be okay.

Johnny questions Susan thinking that EJ has a thing for Belle and that’s why she moved in with them. Marlena explains that Belle and Shawn are just having problems lately since Belle can’t bear that Shawn feels responsible for taking care of Jan. Susan says that Belle had good reasons to leave but it doesn’t explain why she went to the DiMera Mansion instead of the Salem Inn. Marlena argues that it doesn’t mean there is something going on. Marlena insists that Belle loves Shawn. Susan clarifies that she didn’t say she didn’t or that she loves EJ, just that she’s not camping out at the DiMera Mansion for the ambience.

EJ tells Belle that he doesn’t want to take advantage. Belle assures that he wouldn’t be as she wants this and wants him. Belle tells EJ to take her to bed as they kiss inside.

Chad calls for an ambulance and says there’s a lot of blood but he doesn’t know what happened. Chad notes that he doesn’t see any weapon. Abigail manages to say that they had a knife. Chad questions who did.

EJ and Belle continue kissing inside and begin to head upstairs together.

Marlena thinks they are making Johnny uncomfortable. Johnny says he’s not uncomfortable but scared because if Sami ever finds out that Belle likes EJ, he’s not sure they will make it to their next birthdays. Susan agrees on Sami flipping her lid. Johnny suggests changing the subject since Marlena is worried enough about Belle after Jan had her baby tonight. Susan agrees and apologizes to Marlena for being insensitive. Marlena suggests they just have some cupcakes. Johnny says he just asked Allie to give him an assortment from the bakery. Susan questions Allie being back at the Bakery. Johnny responds that Allie acted cool towards him but Chanel pretended like she didn’t even see him. Susan says she’s sorry. Johnny then says that Susan is better than a Ouija board, so he asks Susan to tell him if Chanel is going to end up with him or Allie.

Chanel jokes with Allie about saying how she made it without her. Allie is glad to hear she missed her. Chanel apologizes for sending mixed signals while Allie apologizes for reading too much in to what she said. They agree that this is awkward. Allie says they found out they still work well together so maybe they’ll find out they are still friends. Chanel hopes she didn’t come off obnoxious by choosing herself. Allie understands that she needs to decide if she wants to be with her or Johnny. Allie brings up Johnny dropping in during their evening rush. Chanel admits she saw him but didn’t get a chance to say hi. Allie says Johnny was checking in on them and obviously looking for her. Allie is surprised Johnny left without trying to say hi. Chanel thinks he understands that she needs time and space to figure out what she wants. Chanel points out that Allie was just ready to marry Tripp, so she might need the same thing.

Tripp lays in his hospital bed and tells Steve and Kayla that he hopes they aren’t upset about him moving out. Steve understands that he’s single again so he doesn’t want to stay with his dad and stepmom. Tripp clarifies that it’s not that and says they’ve been amazing in letting him stay with them all this time. Kayla and Steve assure that they love having him. Tripp then announces that he is leaving Salem.

Chad remains on the phone with 911 and cries that he’s applying pressure but nothing’s working. Chad tells them to hurry up and hangs up. Chad urges Abigail to stay with him and open her eyes. Chad needs her to tell him what happened. Abigail tells Chad to take care of the kids. EJ and Belle kiss in the hallway until hearing Chad scream for help. Chad yells to them that he doesn’t know what happened but thinks someone stabbed her and they might still be in the house. Chad orders them to find his kids so EJ and Belle rush back out of the room. Chad promises Abigali that the kids are going to be fine and continues pleading with her to stay with him.

Johnny asks Susan if Chanel ends up with Allie or him. Marlena doesn’t think it’s fair to put Susan on the spot. Susan says she’ll need something personal and uses her cupcake. Susan then screams so Johnny asks what she sees.

Allie tells Chanel that she and Tripp were over a long time ago. Chanel points out that he did almost die for her. Allie says she’ll always be grateful for that but that’s all and Tripp knows that. Allie declares that now she knows exactly who she wants to be with. Allie asks Chanel about her mom. Chanel says she’s trying to be brave but she knows she is terrified of going to prison for life. Allie is sorry she’s going through that and asks how Chanel is doing. Chanel says it’s been really quiet without Paulina at home and empty, until tonight.

Steve questions Tripp leaving Salem. Tripp clarifies that it’s not forever but it will be a couple months until he’s ready to get back to work. Steve suggests they take a little road trip together. Kayla asks where Tripp plans on going. Tripp reveals that he talked to Stephanie and Joey last night about maybe spending some time with them in Seattle this summer. Kayla calls that a great idea as she knows they would love to see him and spend time with him. Steve says it’s a good idea but it caught him by surprise. Tripp credits his near death experience for making him realize that family is what really matters so he wants to get to know Stephanie and Joey as his sister and brother. Tripp adds that he’s been thinking about going out there for awhile and laying in the hospital bed made him realize you never know how much time you have, so you have to do the things that really matter before it’s too late…

Chad encourages Abigail to save her energy and promises the ambulance is coming. EJ returns and announces they found the kids and Belle is taking them to Marlena’s while there is no sign of an intruder. The ambulance arrives so EJ rushes to go meet them. Abigail cries to Chad that she’s so cold. Chad urges her to open her eyes and pleads for her not to die on him.

Steve tells Tripp that they understand why he’s leaving but they’re really going to miss him. Tripp assures that he will be back. Kayla hopes so and says there will be a place for him with them and at the hospital, so he can come back any time he wants. Tripp thanks them for being amazing. Kayla calls him the best intern and an asset to the hospital. Tripp says Kayla made his life easier. Kayla hugs him and wishes him luck. Kayla then gets paged to the ER that a stabbing victim is coming in, so she exits the room. Steve hopes whoever it is, is okay.

Chad and EJ talk at the hospital. Chad worries that they never got Abigail’s pulse back in the ambulance. EJ encourages him as Kayla comes out from the elevator and sees blood on Chad, so she asks if he’s alright or hurt. Chad explains that it’s not his but Abigail’s and asks Kayla to please help her.

Steve asks Tripp if he’s sure he wants to do this. Tripp thinks that Steve thinks he’s running away. Steve denies that and thinks he needs to regroup which Tripp confirms is what he’s doing. Steve asks if he’s told Ava about this. Tripp says no as he wanted to tell Steve and Kayla first. Tripp jokes that he’ll tell his mom with the car running and his suitcase packed. Steve wishes him luck with that and then asks what about Allie. Tripp says that’s a good question.

Allie invites Chanel to go bowling if she wants to get out for a night. Chanel says they can do goofy golf or something. Allie suggests they and Johnny can go axe throwing which Chanel says is more like it. They talk about their desserts from the bakery and they end up both reaching for the same box, causing their hands to touch. They get interrupted by Allie getting a call from Tripp, who asks if she’s busy right now. Allie says that she and Chanel were just finishing up work for the day. Tripp says there’s something he wanted to talk to them both about so he asks them to come to the hospital now.

Johnny asks Susan what she sees. Susan says she doesn’t just see Allie, but declares she needs to call EJ. There’s a knock at the door and Marlena answers to see Belle. Susan worries that this is bad. Belle comes in as Marlena asks what’s going on. Belle informs her that Thomas and Charlotte are in the car with the nanny. Marlena asks what has happened. Belle reveals that someone broke in to the mansion and it’s Abigail.

Chad complains that nobody will tell him what’s going on and he wants to go find out how Abigail is doing. EJ stops him and reminds him that they need to work. Chad insists and then Kayla comes out and announces she’s sorry and they did everything they could, but they have lost Abigail. Chad refuses to believe it. EJ says he’s so sorry. Chad argues that they’re wrong and that he’ll get Dr. Rolf to fix it. Kayla encourages Chad that he did everything right and the staff did CPR for over an hour but Abigail lost too much blood. Kayla declares that Dr. Rolf cannot help her. Chad cries that he can’t give up on her and repeats that it can’t be as EJ hugs him.

Allie and Chanel go to Tripp’s hospital room. Chanel comments on him looking better. Tripp announces he’s actually getting discharged tomorrow. Steve decides to go get some coffee and exits. Allie asks Tripp if everything is okay. Tripp responds that everything is fine, he just wanted to tell her something and he thought she should hear it from him.

Belle cries to Marlena that she’s sorry to have to tell her. Marlena is glad she brought the children and asks if she’s alright. Belle says she’s fine. Johnny asks what happened. Belle doesn’t know and says the police are at the house now, trying to figure out who got in and how. Susan asks about EJ. Belle assures that he’s fine and went to the hospital with Chad and Abigail. Marlena asks about Abigail’s condition. Belle says there’s no word yet. Johnny decides he needs to be there so he exits. Marlena asks if Susan is alright. Susan responds that she just got a terrible chill..

Chad says he needs to be with his wife and see her. EJ tells him that he’ll be there. Chad says that Abigail was worried sick about the kids, so he asks EJ to go make sure they are ok. EJ tells him that Belle is with them, so he’s not going to leave him right now. Chad insists that he needs to be alone with his wife. EJ tells Chad to call if he needs anything. Chad asks Kayla where Abigail is. Kayla takes him to see her in the emergency room.

Chanel complains that Tripp just stopped hating her and is now going to leave town. Tripp points out that they are friends now. Chanel jokes that he may be the only friend she’s made in Salem that she hasn’t slept with. Chanel wishes Tripp the best and tells him not to stay away too long. Chanel then exits to let Allie and Tripp talk. Allie guesses that Tripp is leaving because of her.

Johnny arrives at the hospital and tells EJ that he heard from Belle that Abigail was stabbed. Johnny questions how since the mansion is supposed to be like a fortress and asks if they know how they got in. EJ responds that it’s Harold’s night off, Tony and Anna are away, while he and Belle didn’t see anything. EJ says the police are searching the place for evidence. Johnny asks how bad it is and if Abigail has to stay overnight. EJ then informs Johnny that Abigail has died. Johnny cries that it can’t be as EJ hugs him. Johnny asks where Chad is. EJ informs him that Chad is in with Abigail. EJ adds that he wanted to stay but Chad wanted him to go check on the kids. EJ asks how they are going to tell the kids about this. Johnny asks what he can do. EJ questions what any of them can do but help Chad and the kids get through this. EJ decides he better go and hugs Johnny. Johnny decides to stay and see if Chad needs anything. They say I love you as EJ then exits the hospital. Chanel comes off of the elevator and sees Johnny crying, so she asks what he’s doing here.

Marlena tells Belle that the nanny is getting the children settled in and asks where Susan is. Belle says she’s making tea. Belle asks why no one is calling. Belle cries that it was so awful as Abigail was so pale and there was blood everywhere. Belle adds that the kids don’t know and she didn’t know what to say to them. Belle worries the longer they don’t hear anything, the more scared she is for Abigail. Marlena hugs Belle as she cries.

Chad asks Kayla if he can be alone with Abigail. Kayla tells him to take all the time he needs as she exits. Chad cries that he loves her so much and he will love her forever.

Tripp assures Allie that he’s not leaving because of her but he can’t go back to work right now, so he’s going to do some things that he never had time to do before. Allie guesses he’ll go somewhere calmer than Salem. Tripp tells Allie that he really wants her to be happy. Allie says the same for him and that she’s going to miss him more than he knows. Allie adds that Henry will too. Allie hugs Tripp as he says he’s just going to Seattle. Steve comes back in but says he can come back later. Tripp says they are good. Kayla then comes in with tears in her eyes as she reveals the stabbing victim was Abigail. Kayla announces Abigail has died and breaks down crying as Steve hugs her.

Johnny tells Chanel about Abigail and says that he doesn’t think he ever told Abigail that he loved her, but he did. Chanel says she didn’t know her very well but she was always really nice to her. Johnny doesn’t know Chad, the kids, Jack and Jennifer are going to get over this. Chanel hugs Johnny as he cries.

Susan brings tea for Marlena and Belle. Marlena wonders if they should call EJ. Belle doesn’t know since he’s with Chad. There’s then a knock on the door. Marlena answers it to see EJ. Belle sees EJ and guesses that Abigail is gone. EJ confirms that she is. Susan hugs Marlena while Belle hugs EJ.

Chad cries as he tells Abigail that she was his whole life. Chad brings up their kids and asks why as he breaks down crying and kisses Abigail.

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