Days: Beyond Update Thursday, July 14, 2022

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

In Caracas, Venezula, 24 hours ago… Steve and John are tied to their chairs, back to back, and try to escape. Steve wonders how many times they have been in this situation. They agree they aren’t out of practice and successfully break free from being tied up. John and Steve try to escape but Megan returns and stops them. Steve points out that it’s two against one but Megan pulls out two cards and says her father did all the work years ago as she uses them to daze John and Steve and forces them to apologize to her. Megan then declares they will get to work.

In the present in Hong Kong, Gabi and Li Shin walk through the DiMera Gala. Li calls it a great turnout while Gabi asks about the prism. Li informs her that they will unveil it at the end of the night. Gabi suggests they go find Phil. Li agrees and decides to start at the blackjack tables because he’s feeling lucky. Joey, Tripp, and Wendy arrive. Wendy comments that they clean up well. Joey says the same to her while Wendy says she hates dressing up. Wendy takes one of them on each arm. Joey points out the DJ while Tripp reminds him that they are here to find who kidnapped Steve.

In Montreal, Quebec, Hope has been shot by Thomas’ sniper rifle in the garden. Ben and Ciara remain at her side. Ciara cries that this can’t happen while Ben worries about the amount of blood Hope has lost. Ciara calls for someone to call 911 as Harris questions how this could happen. Megan hides behind a tree, watching with a smile. Megan laughs to herself that 911 won’t work here in Canada. Megan calls Harris over to remind him to get the prism from Hope. Ciara cries that she can’t lose Hope and begs her to open her eyes. Harris looks back over at them. Ben checks Hope’s pulse and confirms to Ciara that there’s no pulse and she’s lost so much blood. Ben repeats that he’s sorry but she’s gone. Ciara breaks down crying. Ben helps Ciara up and away.

Hope arrives in Heaven and reunites with Bo, who is in tears after watching her death.

Andrew and Paul arrive at the hotel for the DiMera Gala. Paul asks if he’s ready to pass himself off as Harris Michaels. Andrew responds that it’s the only way in to the party and asks Paul if he’s sure he wants to do this. Paul says his dad’s kidnapper could be in there, so he’s sure.

Gabi and Li talk about the gala. Li says people will be rushing to invest in DiMera stock when they see the prisms. Li promises to track the prism down for Gabi. Gabi responds that she’d settle for a diamond so Li remarks that maybe he’ll have that too someday.

John and Steve arrive at the DiMera Gala, now under Megan’s control. They check their guns and Steve says for them to get to work.

Joey, Tripp, and Wendy play poker at the Gala. Joey points out that Harris Michaels isn’t there yet. Tripp wonders if he’s coming at all. Wendy assures that if he’s after the prisms, he’s coming. Wendy beats Joey at the poker game and then asks Tripp if it’s first time at the poker tables. Tripp responds that he’s just distracted and off his game as he has a bad feeling about this whole night…

Hope asks Bo if it’s really him or if she’s dreaming. Bo confirms it’s him. Hope doesn’t understand how she can be looking at him when he died in her arms. Hope then asks if she died. Bo confirms that she did. Hope asks if they are in Heaven which Bo also confirms. Hope cries that she’s missed Bo so much and asks him what’s wrong. Bo tells Hope that she went and got herself killed.

Ciara remains at Hope’s side, crying that she can’t leave her. Harris says the ambulance is on the way. Ciara accuses Harris of doing this to Hope. Harris argues that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and points out where the shot came from while he was standing right there. Ciara argues that maybe Harris didn’t pull the trigger but he’s behind everything. Harris acknowledges how close Ciara and Hope are. Ciara screams at him that they were so close that Hope admitted to her that she was on to Harris from the beginning and only married him to put him away forever. Ben tells Harris that Ciara is in shock and doesn’t know what she’s saying. Ciara responds that it doesn’t matter if Harris knows the truth now. Ciara complains that Harris never loved Hope and only wanted the prism, which she pulls out from Hope’s dress. Harris reaches for it but Ciara pulls the prism away and tells him that he screwed up. Harris then pulls his gun out and asks if she thought he would just give up. Megan watches from behind the tree. Harris warns Ciara to give him the prism now if she wants to be around to give Hope a decent burial.

Li finds Gabi back at the blackjack table where she is winning. Li then spots his sister Wendy and excitedly greets her. Li jokes that he hasn’t seen her in a dress since her 7th birthday. Wendy responds that she didn’t want to get turned away at the door. Li assumes Joey and Tripp are her dates which she confirms. Wendy starts to introduce them but Gabi comes over and recognizes Tripp and Joey, asking what they are doing here. Li questions Gabi knowing them. Gabi asks what they are up to. Joey responds that they are looking for their dad. Gabi says that he’s definitely not going to be on this guest list. Tripp reveals that he’s been kidnapped and the same guy who did it is after the prisms, so they think he might show up here. Gabi says they’ll be on the lookout. Tripp warns that this guy doesn’t mess around as he attacked his family with a flash grenade and put Stephanie in the hospital. Li assures they have the highest level of security, so no unwanted guests are getting in to this party.

John and Steve, under mind control, enter the hotel for the Gala where they are greeted by Marlena and Kayla. Marlena and Kayla hug them, thankful that they found them.

Ben tells Ciara to just give Harris the prism. Ciara argues that her mother died for it, so she’s not just going to give it to him. The Justice of the Peace tries to intervene to say something but Harris shoots him. Ben rushes to check on him and confirms that he’s dead. Ciara questions why Harris would do that. Harris says it was to get it through her head that he means business right now. Harris declares she can either give him the prism or he can take the prism from her cold, dead hand.

Bo argues that Hope was supposed to expose Harris for what he is, not marry him, but she pushed it too far. Hope argues that she didn’t really love Harris. Bo says that’s not the issue as it’s about Hope losing her life over a hunk of glass. Hope reminds Bo that they both nearly got themselves killed, trying to get their hands on the three prisms. Bo argues that was a very long time ago and before they had kids of their own, while she put Ciara’s life on the line here. Hope argues that she didn’t want Ciara there and told her to leave but she wouldn’t because she’s stubborn like Bo. Bo asks if Hope isn’t stubborn too. Bo complains that Hope always has to prove she’s the bravest and strongest person on the planet. Bo questions what Hope risked her life for. Hope cuts him off and says she risked her life for a damn good reason which had nothing to do with her ego. Hope says she did it for a noble cause. Angela interrupts and jokes about this being the love for the ages that Bo has been telling her about. Hope asks who Angela is. Bo introduces Angela as his guardian angel, who convinced the higher-ups to let him go back to Earth to help her out of this mess and he was just about to do that before Hope ended up here so that’s why he’s a little upset. Hope apologizes and says she understands now and she couldn’t have known. Angela declares that what’s done is done as Bo didn’t get to save Hope, but now they are together again still. Angela asks how this reunion in paradise is working out for them. Hope says not so well. Bo suggests a do-over which Hope agrees to and they hug. Angela decides to give them some alone time and exits. Bo and Hope talk about being together again. Bo wishes it didn’t happen like this. Hope tells Bo that he was right that she took too big of a risk as she lost her way after she lost him. Bo encourages that she did the best she could under difficult circumstances. Hope guesses Bo saw her make a lot of stupid mistakes. Bo says he saw the love of his life be tough, strong, and an awesome mom. Bo adds that Angela sometimes lets him watch to keep an eye on Shawn, Ciara, and baby Bo too. Hope mentions Ciara saying she and Ben saw him in the hospital after the baby was born. Bo wishes he could hold baby Bo and talks about Ciara being beautiful like her mom. Bo points out that Hope wasn’t there. Hope calls that one of her biggest regrets and says she should’ve been there. Hope talks about it being painful without him and tells Bo how much she missed him. They recall being so young when they fell in love. Hope admits she lost her way and who she is. Bo remembers Hope ice skating and brings up when he broke up her wedding to Larry. Hope calls him her hero. Bo praises her and says she’s always the love of his life. Hope feels the same and says she’s been pretty blessed. Hope asks if their son Zack is here and if she can see him. Bo assures they are together. Bo says what he’s worried about are their children and grandchildren, wondering what they will do without her. Hope wishes she could tell them that she’s here with Bo. Bo asks what if there was a way that she could be back with them again. Hope asks what he means. Bo says as much as he wants her here, she needs to go back. Hope says no as she hugs him.

Harris warns Ciara that he’s starting to run out of patience and asks if she wants to see her kid again. Ben tells Ciara that this prism isn’t worth it and that she just lost her mother. Ben asks if she really wants their son to grow up without his mother. Ciara worries that if she gives him the prism, he’s just going to shoot them both. Megan urges Harris from behind the tree, to shoot Ciara and take what is hers.

John questions what Marlena is doing here. Marlena says they came to find them since Paul said they had both been kidnapped. Kayla adds that Tripp and Joey are on their way to look for them. Steve argues that Tripp and Joey shouldn’t have come here and neither should Kayla and Marlena. Kayla questions if she was just supposed to sit around and wait for them to be rescued. Steve says Kayla should be with Stephanie. Kayla says she was and she’s fine. Marlena asks if Tripp and Joey rescued them. John says no and that they managed to escape. Kayla questions not letting them know. Steve says it just happened and they had to make sure they were safe. Marlena and Kayla question how they escaped without being hurt. Steve responds that Tripp and Joey are upstairs. John adds that Paul is with them. Kayla questions when they met with them. Steve says they will all go upstairs and explain everything so they head that way.

Paul and Andrew begin the Gala at the gambling tables. Paul spots Gabi and tells Andrew that he used to know her and sees she’s with Li, so he wonders if they know something about Harris.

Hope questions Bo wanting her to go back and says no. Bo calls Angela over. Angela asks if she missed something good. Hope pleads with Bo. Bo asks Angela what if he gave Hope his Second Chance pass that he was granted to go back. Angela argues that it’s not a subway token and they are very rare. Angela adds that they are non-transferrable. Bo complains that it was not Hope’s time to be here. Angela tells him to read the rules of the Second Chance pass and that you can’t use it to go back to Earth and stay there forever. Bo says he couldn’t do that if he wanted to since he’s been up here too long. Bo declares that it’s too late for him, but not Hope. Bo states that Hope needs a miracle and this is it. Angela decides she thinks she can make something work. Hope shouts no and asks what if she doesn’t want to go back. Hope hates leaving the people she loves but she’d be with Bo and Zack. Bo says she will be with them for eternity, but not today, because Ciara, the baby, and Ben need her right now. Angela doesn’t think she knows how much. Bo repeats that they need Hope back on Earth so he wants to give her the second chance. Hope says no and insists on seeing her son Zack, asking where he is and pleading with Bo. Zack then enters and tells Hope that he’s right there. Hope breaks down crying as she hugs Zack.

Andrew tells Paul that they have a problem and points out Tripp and Joey, noting that Joey is his cousin, so if he sees him then everyone’s going to know he lied his way in. They try to get out of the way without being seen but Joey spots Andrew and calls out to him, asking what he’s doing here. Andrew says the same thing they are. Paul and Tripp greet one another as Andrew asks about them all knowing each other. Tripp questions what he means by doing the same thing they are. Paul explains that he’s here for his dad and they know Steve was kidnapped too. Wendy comes over, so Joey introduces her and explains that thanks to her, they found out Steve and apparently John were both kidnapped by a guy named Harris Michaels. Wendy adds that Harris is desperate to get his hands on the three prisms which is why they are here. Paul explains that they are here because they swiped passes so he’s Andrew’s plus one and they think Andrew is Harris Michaels. Wendy decides they need to inform her brother Li since he’s throwing this party. Tripp questions what Steve has to do with these prisms. Paul suggests asking Li that.

John and Steve bring Marlena and Kayla up to their hotel room. Kayla questions where the boys are. John and Steve then pull their guns on them as John reveals they lied to them. Kayla questions what is wrong with them as Steve says they really should’ve stayed in Salem. Marlena tries to get through to John. John responds that he doesn’t take orders from her and he only takes orders from one person; Megan Hathaway. Kayla is shocked as Marlena mentions that she thought Megan was dead.

Ben tells Ciara that her life is worth so much more than the prism. Ben says he and their son need her. Ciara then reluctantly hands the prism to Harris. Harris says it’s about time. Ciara tells him that he will rot in Hell for what he did to her mother.

Hope reunites with her son Zack in Heaven and comments on him being all grown up. Hope tells him that she’s here now but Zack says that Bo says she has to go back and he agrees. Hope says she can’t as she doesn’t want to leave them. Zack assures they will be here waiting for her someday. Bo adds that Hope knows they will be with her in spirit, always, but their family needs her now. Bo says that he knows Hope is not ready to be here. Hope then agrees to go back. Angela notes there is one technicality, revealing that once Hope goes through the door, she won’t remember any of this. Hope says they’ll see about that. Angela agrees that Hope is not ready. Hope questions how to say goodbye again. Angela suggests one last dance.

Paul and Andrew talk with Li, who says he doesn’t understand how they got in if they aren’t on the guest list. Andrew then reveals he is with the ISA. Paul asks if the name Harris Michaels means anything to them. Gabi and Li both say they’ve never heard of him. Wendy comes over and says she’s ran Harris Michaels through every database and found out that he’s a former Navy Seal, currently in Montreal, Quebec and seeing a woman named Hope Brady. Gabi points out Hope’s name and says they all know her from Salem. Li comments that the plot thickens. Paul states that Harris wants the prisms and he heard one of them would be unveiled tonight. Li confirms that and Gabi adds that the second prism might then come in to play. Li explains that a man named Phil Helworth might be here tonight with it. Andrew reveals that’s not going to happen because Phil was found dead in a hotel room in Monte Carlo. Gabi guesses there goes the second prism then. Li remarks that they win some, lose some.

Angela says they don’t have time for a long goodbye but Heaven is on it’s own time zone. She then turns on “Tonight, I Celebrate My Love” by Roberta Flack & Peabo Bryson for Hope and Bo to share their final dance.

Joey asks Wendy to dance. Wendy responds that she doesn’t and can’t dance. Joey says that he can, so they go to dance together. Paul comments on everyone having so much fun and suggests they join them as he asks Andrew to dance which he accepts. Tripp asks to cut in on Joey and Wendy’s dance which Joey reluctantly allows.

Bo and Hope continue their last dance together as they flashback to their life together. Bo assures he will always be with her. Hope says she loves him and calls him the one true love of her life. Bo says he loves her too as they kiss. Zack comes over and says goodbye to Hope. Hope hugs him and says she loves him. Hope tells Bo that she loves him forever as they kiss goodbye. Hope hugs Bo as she cries. Hope then goes back through the doors of Heaven to return to Earth.

Ben tells Ciara they should get out of here and get their son but Harris says not so fast and shoots Ciara.

Angela tells Bo that Hope returned to the real world just in time as she turns on the live stream. Bo rushes over, asking what happened to Ciara. Angela tells him to relax as everything is going to be okay. Angela then rewinds everything to before Hope was shot and declares this time, they are going to try for a happier ending. They watch as Hope says “I do” to Harris and they are pronounced man and wife. Bo says he can’t see Hope get shot again but Angela tells him to just keep watching.

Hope spots something up above, but this time Sister Mary Moira stops her brother Thomas from taking the shot and warns him about playing with guns, asking if he wants to burn in Hell for taking a human life. Thomas says he has a job to do but she tells him to honor and serve the Lord. Sister Mary Moira grabs the gun from Thomas and a shot accidentally goes off, shooting Harris. Hope checks on him and says to call for help.

Bo tells Angela to thank God that Hope is alright. Angela talks about being so impressed with Hope. Bo responds that all he knows is he did the right thing. Angela guesses Bo misses them already which he admits. Bo says he’ll se them again one day and will just hold onto that.

Harris questions who shot him. Hope says she doesn’t know as it came from up there. Ben tries to go check it out but Harris pulls his gun and says he’s not going anywhere. Harris demands Hope give him the prism. Hope says so much for being one of the good guys. Ben attacks Harris, knocking the gun from his hands. Megan Hathaway then picks up the gun and orders Ben to let Harris go. Hope is shocked to see Megan.

Kayla is shocked to learn Megan has been alive all this time. John says she has in a matter of speaking. Steve and John then pull out rope to tie up Marlena and Kayla, saying they have a party to go and they’re not invited.

Li gives a speech at the gala. Joey comments that there’s still no sign of Steve or John. Li announces the unveiling of the prism and says the power of the prisms can be used to treat brain tumors and other incurable ailments. Li uncovers one of the prisms as everyone applauds. Paul questions why nothing is happening. Andrew doesn’t think it will be long now. John and Steve then walk in and pull their guns out.

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