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Gabi dreams of being in bed with Jake, then wakes up in bed with Li Shin.

Jake dreams of being in bed with Gabi, then wakes up in bed with Ava.

Shawn sits Jan down on the couch at home and asks how she is feeling today. Jan says there is no more cramping but she didn’t sleep well. Jan adds that she had a terrible nightmare about Belle.

Belle staggers in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and sits on the couch with EJ. Belle complains of a headache and says she came to pick up her car. Belle thanks EJ for arranging a ride home for her last night. EJ offers her coffee but Belle says she has to get home because she has to go clean out her office for Jan to turn it in to a nursery. EJ questions why she is giving in to Jan’s ridiculous demands when it’s her house. Belle says it’s not anymore.

Leo sits on Sonny’s bed, with Sonny passed out in his underwear in the bed.

EJ argues that the house is as much Belle’s as it is Shawn’s. Belle says it is on paper but she’s not going to move back in there as long as Jan is living there. EJ asks if that’s only until the baby is born. Belle says not if Jan has anything to say about it. EJ questions if she thinks Shawn will let Jan stay indefinitely. Belle feels Jan is sinking her claws in to Shawn and their whole life, so she thinks she’s going to be there forever. EJ questions Belle letting Jan win and asks if she thinks her marriage is worth fighting for.

Jan tells Shawn about her nightmare. Shawn encourages that it wasn’t real. Jan complains about Belle wanting to have her declared an unfit mother because she hates her so much. Jan bets Belle wants her to lose the baby and hoped that she would. Jan argues that Belle would do anything to take her baby from her. Shawn assures that nothing is going to happen and no one is going to take her baby as he won’t let them.

Leo comments on Sonny still not waking up and jokes about him collapsing after eating his cookies. Leo adds that it was not before they had their fun and he got proof as he reveals photos of them in bed on his phone. Sonny starts to move so Leo says that means it’s time for him to go. Leo calls it a memorable evening for him and then exits the room. Sonny then wakes up with a headache, wondering what the hell he did last night. Sonny gets up, worrying that he’s going to be late.

Ava asks Jake what he was dreaming about but Jake claims he doesn’t remember. Ava offers him breakfast. Jake says when he asked her to move in, he didn’t want her to be his personal chef. Ava says she loves to cook. Jake asks her to let him cook her breakfast for a change. Ava questions him being able to cook and notes that she has high standards. Jake says he will work hard to live up to them.

Jan asks if Shawn really means that he won’t let Belle take her baby away from her. Shawn assures that she won’t do that. Jan asks what happens if they send her back to prison right after their baby is born. Shawn says he’ll take the baby to visit her as much as he can if that happens. Jan comments on this not being what Shawn wanted. Shawn acknowledges his responsibility to her and the child, but also to his wife and daughter. Shawn says Belle is upset about this situation and has reason to be while he’s stuck in the middle. Shawn says Jan and Belle both want him to pick sides, but he needs to be on the baby’s side. Shawn admits he doesn’t feel it’s right to rip a child away from it’s mother without good reason, so he’s not going to let that happen.

Belle tells EJ that her marriage is worth fighting for. EJ argues that she doesn’t seem to be fighting. Belle explains that Jan has convinced Shawn that she will make her possibly lose the baby and she can’t handle her drama. Belle adds that if she doesn’t let Jan turn her office into a nursery then Jan’s kid will move in to her kid’s room and she also has to have access to her files. Belle doesn’t want anything to do with Jan and says it’s time for her to bite the bullet. EJ asks if she has room at her parents’ house for her office but Belle says not really, so EJ suggests she bring it here. EJ tells her that they have more rooms than they know what to do with. EJ adds that Belle is his lawyer so they will consider it a retainer and offers to help her move the boxes. EJ talks about being a bored, unemployed, ex-tycoon since his sister foiled his plans at DiMera, so he doesn’t have anything better to do. EJ adds that moving out will be twice as fast with both of them so Belle accepts his offer and they exit the mansion together.

Sonny enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, where Victor tells him that he should’ve been in the office two hours ago. Sonny says he doesn’t know how he slept so late. Victor notes that he looks like hell. Sonny says he feels really strange. Victor encourages him to have some fruit and wonders where Henderson got it from. Sonny then remembers and shouts to Victor that it’s not from Henderson, it’s from Leo Stark.

Leo is outside the Brady Pub and makes a call, saying he’s sending over the pictures they discussed and he promises they won’t be disappointed.

Li Shin and Gabi have room service. Gabi comments on last night. Li asks if she’s having regrets. Gabi assures that she had a wonderful time but thinks she drank too much and she was not expecting to wake up here with him. Gabi insists that she doesn’t have regrets though. Li calls last night one of the most intense and exciting nights of his life. He says he’s known Gabi a long time, but she still managed to surprise him in a thousand different ways. Li informs Gabi that he’s thinking of postponing his flight back to Hong Kong so they can spend more time together and see what happens, but only if that’s what she wants.

Ava and Jake eat the breakfast that Jake made. They comment on the breakfasts they had with Rafe and Gabi respectively. Jake says this is their fridge now. Ava talks about how they were roommates and then they were in bed together, so she feels like they skipped some steps along the way. Jake asks if she’s saying she has regrets about last night. Ava says absolutely not but she does think she’s going to move out.

Shawn brings Jan breakfast. Jan can’t believe he remembered her favorites. Shawn remarks that they have spent a lot of time together over the years, even if a lot of it was against his will. Jan recalls Shawn taking her in when she was pregnant in high school and being willing to say the baby was his because of what Nicole’s father put her through. Jan says she almost gave up on the idea of ever being a mother after that until now. Jan says she loves their baby because they made it together. Jan knows she can’t get ideas about them and says she’s not as she knows how much he has given up to take care of her and the baby. Jan tells Shawn how grateful she is and hugs him right as Belle and EJ walk in.

Jake questions Ava wanting to move out and asks if he was that terrible last night. Ava assures that he was amazing and she was enjoying herself a lot which is why she has to move out. Jake doesn’t understand. Ava brings up moving in with Rafe because she had nowhere to go and they ended up sleeping together but the whole time, he was in love with another woman. Ava says Jake knows how that ended and she has no desire to get on that roller coaster again. Jake claims that he’s not in love with another woman which Ava calls debatable. Ava says she has gone from 0 to 60 again and if they are going to be in a relationship, she doesn’t want to fast track living together. Ava then asks if Jake even wants to be in a relationship or if he sees this as a friends with benefits thing. Jake assures that he likes Ava a lot but he doesn’t know what has changed since she moved in. Jake points out that she’s still unemployed so she couldn’t pay rent. Jake suggests thinking of another plan that doesn’t involve leaving her homeless. Jake mentions that he just started back at DiMera and is making more money so maybe he can find a bigger apartment with a second bedroom. Ava knows that will take some time and asks what to do until then. Jake says if Ava wants to take a step back, they can catch up on the stuff they skipped. Ava then agrees to stay and thanks him for understanding. They flirt with each other and end up kissing.

Gabi questions Li wanting to stay in Salem because of her. He mentions that at first he was worried that she was just using him to make Jake jealous, but last night she was extremely attentive. Li doesn’t want to be too forward but admits he woke up this morning feeling smitten. He tells Gabi to just say the word if she doesn’t feel the same as there will be no awkwardness and they can forget last night ever happened. Gabi assures that she doesn’t want to forget last night and she wants to make it happen again. Gabi then kisses him back in to the bed.

Belle questions what is going on here. Jan says she was just expressing her gratitude to Shawn for how he’s been treating her and the baby. Shawn questions what the hell EJ is doing here. Belle explains that he came to help her clear out her office per Jan’s demands.

Victor questions Sonny accepting a gift from Leo Stark and asks if he’s gone mad. Sonny says he didn’t accept it but explains that Leo showed up yesterday with the fruit and said he wanted to congratulate him on his new job, but he thought the fruit could be poisoned so he didn’t eat any of it. Sonny adds that even though he didn’t eat the fruit or drink anything, he feels so weird. Sonny remembers that the only thing he had last night was cookies which he says were delivered by Will and Arianna. Victor asks if he’s sure they sent them. Sonny then remembers that Will texted him that he didn’t send any cookies. Sonny declares that maybe Leo did drug him.

Leo visits Gwen in prison. Leo tries to encourage her but admits prison garb is not her best look. Gwen asks what Leo is doing here.

Victor asks Sonny if Leo poisoned him. Sonny doesn’t know but says he definitely did something to him. Sonny says as far as he can tell, he’s in one piece. Sonny wonders what Leo did to him while he was unconscious.

Jake and Ava get dressed after showering together. Ava says so much for her plan to take things slowly. Jake tells her that if she still wants to step back, she just has to say the word. Ava calls him a gentleman. Ava tells Jake to have a nice day at work as she will have dinner waiting for him when he gets home. Jake and Ava then kiss.

Gabi tells Li Shin that she knows she said she didn’t care if people at work talked, but now that they are actually a thing, she thinks they should be discreet about it at first. Li says he’ll tell his father that he’s staying in Salem for business purposes. Gabi asks if he would be upset if he knew the truth. Li says that he doesn’t care and that his father keeps telling him he needs to settle down with a nice girl. Gabi jokes that she doesn’t match that description. Li says that’s what he likes about her as they kiss.

Shawn doesn’t get it as he told Belle that he didn’t want her to clear out her office. Belle responds that she’s doing it anyway. Jan calls that the best thing for all of them. Jan warns Belle about upsetting her again. EJ asks if Shawn is going to send his wife away again like he did last night. Shawn argues that he did not and asks what Belle told EJ. Belle explains that she went to talk about DiMera business as she needed someone to talk to and she was upset. Shawn guesses she had a few drinks and says he has a problem with that. Shawn asks if EJ is going after Sami’s sister now and warns him to stay out of his marriage. EJ remarks that maybe if Shawn looked after his wife properly, she wouldn’t need to turn to him for comfort. Shawn grabs EJ and tells him to shut the hell up. Belle separates them and tells Shawn no while Jan watches with a smile. Shawn yells at EJ to get out of his house. Belle says she just wants to get her stuff and asks Shawn not to make it worse than it already is. Shawn argues that he doesn’t want Belle to move out. Belle tells him that she has to. Shawn questions what she is doing with all her things. Belle reveals that EJ offered her office space at the DiMera Mansion. Shawn asks if she’s going to be renting a room there next. Belle tells EJ to just get this over with and go as Jan watches on.

Leo questions why he feels Gwen is disappointed to see him. Gwen says when she was told she had a visitor, she was expecting Jack or Xander but says she’s so happy to see a friendly face. Gwen tells Leo that she’s coping but she’d rather not get in to details and just distract herself with what’s going on with him. Leo says one of the reasons he came is to share his progress on his quest for revenge. Gwen didn’t know there was a quest. Leo assures that it will cheer her up.

Victor can’t believe Sonny fell for the old bait and switch. Leo argues that the cookies showed up before Leo did but shouts that Leo set him up. Victor tells Sonny it’s all his fault for poking Leo. Sonny blames himself but argues that Leo did not succeed. Sonny says he has to get to the office but Victor says no and that if he was drugged with an unknown substance, they have to find out what it was. Sonny asks what difference it makes since he’s fine now. Victor argues that Leo committed a crime, so he needs a blood test to prove it.

Jake goes to Li’s hotel room at the Salem Inn and says he just wanted to thank him for always having his back since he got to DiMera. Jake says he just wanted to say goodbye before he heads back to Hong Kong. Li then reveals he’s changed his plans and decided to stay in Salem for awhile. Jake asks why.

Gabi is at the DiMera office on the phone with Rafe. Gabi tells him that she’s so happy for him and his engagement to Nicole. Ava walks in so Gabi hangs up and asks what the hell she’s doing here. Ava says that Jake left the documents that he had her sign on the table and then she’ll be going. Gabi stops Ava and tells her that she just got some news that she will want to hear. Gabi then informs Ava that Rafe proposed to Nicole last night and she said yes. Ava claims she’s thrilled for them. Ava knows Gabi wishes she would fly in a jealous rage but she’s completely over Rafe and has moved on with someone new, younger, smarter, and sexier. Ava adds that he’s definitely better suited for her and Gabi will never guess who. Gabi responds that she really doesn’t care. Gabi turns her back as Ava asks if she doesn’t care that she slept with Jake last night.

Li Shin starts to inform Jake why he’s decided to stay in Salem. Jake then sees the room service inside and tells him that he doesn’t need to explain as he knows exactly why he’s sticking around.

Sonny finishes a call with Kayla about fitting him in for a blood test. Will then arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion. Sonny runs up and hugs him, saying he’s really happy to see him. Will asks what’s going on as he sent videos and hasn’t answered his calls. Will mentions flying out here to see him and then just getting a news alert which Sonny questions. Will pulls out his tablet and reveals to Sonny an article from Leo in The Intruder titled “My Wild Times with Sonny Kiriakis” with photos of Leo and Sonny in bed together. Will guesses whatever happened last night had something to do with this. Sonny is shocked to see the article.

Gwen asks Leo what he did to Sonny. Leo asks if she really cares about the details. Gwen knows he didn’t come all this way for that. Leo states that he’s done with Sonny for now. Leo then asks Gwen how she would like to help him get revenge on somebody else.

Jan tells Shawn that she’s sorry that Belle made him so upset. Shawn tells her it’s fine. Jan says she can’t help but feeling like the whole situation is her fault. Shawn shouts that he doesn’t care whose fault it is anymore. Jan asks if he’s mad at her. Shawn says no and that he’s mad at the world right now. Shawn is mad at the Devil and at life for being unfair. Shawn declares that he’s really mad at EJ for trying to steal his wife.

EJ and Belle return to the DiMera Mansion. EJ assures Belle that the staff will unload the car. Belle comments on not being used to servants. EJ mentions that Sami wasn’t either but she adjusted. EJ apologizes to Belle for letting his temper get the best of him with Shawn. Belle states that he deserved it for letting some psychotic maniac move in to their house and their lives. EJ calls Shawn an idiot to take Belle for granted and says he would never do that. Belle thanks him for saying that. EJ says he means it as he hugs Belle. EJ and Belle then kiss.


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