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Eric goes to John and Marlena’s to bring Marlena a book. Belle answers the door and tells him that Marlena went out to dinner with a colleague. Eric notices that Belle has her bags packed and asks if she’s going on a business trip. Belle excitedly tells him that it’s a personal one as she is moving back home.

Jada goes to the police station where Shawn notes that she looks a little rattled. Jada complains to him that she just met with Melinda Trask, who read her the riot act about not closing the Abigail DiMera case yet. Shawn mentions that he got it earlier too. Shawn asks if Melinda went on about Sarah or Lucas. Jada says it was both, plus a rant about Clyde Weston because Melinda is furious that they released him. Shawn points out that Clyde had an airtight alibi. Jada says Melinda is stuck on the fact that Clyde had Abigail’s stolen bracelet. Shawn admits that he is too. Jada questions who the guy is that Clyde says he bought it from. Shawn responds that he doesn’t know but they need to find out.

At the Bistro, Clyde tells Nancy, Brady, and Chloe about the guy he bought the bracelet from throwing a drink in his face and running away. Brady asks if he got a good look at him which Clyde confirms he did. Chloe says that’s great, so he can identify him now. Brady adds that it will help the police finally bring Abigail’s killer to justice.

Leo walks through the town square, so Thomas tells Chad that he can ask the Tooth Fairy himself because there he is. Chad questions Thomas saying that he saw Leo in their house and when it was. Thomas confirms it was the day Abigail went to Heaven. Leo quickly walks away as Chad orders Thomas to stay right there while he goes to talk to Leo.

Jada tells Shawn that she wishes Clyde gave them a better description. Shawn suggests bringing him in tomorrow to meet with a sketch artist. Jada calls that a good idea and asks Shawn how things went with his wife earlier. Shawn says that they actually went pretty well and she’s moving back home tonight. Jada says that’s great and asks if he wants to leave early. Shawn thanks her but says they are meeting up later. Jada wishes him luck and notes that she knows how it feels to hope for reconciliation as she went through it with her ex-husband. Shawn didn’t know she was divorced. Jada calls it a stupid thing of her to bring up but Shawn says it’s okay. Jada says obviously her marriage didn’t last, but she’s sure he and Belle will work things out. Jada tells him to forget she said anything. Shawn says it’s fine and asks Jada if the divorce was recent or if that was the reason she moved to Salem to get a change of scenery. Jada responds that it’s been awhile actually. Shawn asks if she’s okay. Jada says when you get married, you don’t think it’s going to fall apart, so when things do fall apart, she felt like a failure. Jada adds that as time goes on, she feels like she can forgive herself. Jada adds that she actually had a date today. Shawn asks how she squeezed that in. Jada says it was on her lunch break, so Shawn realizes that’s what she meant when she said she had somewhere to be. Shawn asks if the date was good. Jada confirms it was and that the guy was very nice. Jada then reveals that Shawn actually knows him as it’s his brother-in-law, Eric.

Eric hugs Belle and tells her that it’s great news, asking if she wants to tell him about it. Belle brings up how Evan took the baby back from Shawn and Shawn is very heartbroken about it, so she just wants to be there for him so she thought if she moved back in, they could work on their marriage too. Eric says helping him through losing a baby is very big of her. Belle admits that if the baby was Shawn’s with Jan then she doesn’t know if she would be moving back in. Eric says that’s not a concern now. Belle admits that the baby wasn’t the source of all their problems as there is still the fact that she slept with EJ while they were separated and that’s not something he can just get over. Belle notes that she knows Sami never will but Shawn is willing to try. Belle thinks they both know it will take some time to fix things but that moving back in is a good first step.

Brady states that this guy has to be the guy that killed Abigail. Nancy adds that’s what she has been saying all along. Brady tells Clyde that he needs to tell the police what he just told them, that he ran in to the guy who sold him Abigail’s bracelet and that he’s on the loose. Nancy agrees that now Clyde can give them a better description. Brady says he’s going to give Rafe a call but Clyde says not so fast.

Chad catches Leo in the town square and asks if he’s going somewhere. Leo claims he didn’t see him and asks if there’s something he can do for him. Chad questions what Leo was doing in his basement on the day that his wife was murdered.

Shawn questions Jada going on a date with Eric. Jada asks if he’s not okay with that. Shawn responds that he’s actually more than fine with it. Jada didn’t want to step on any toes or create any weirdness. Shawn asks how she would do that. Jada points out that the situation is a little complicated since Eric was married to Nicole and now Nicole is married to their boss. Shawn assures that Nicole is happily married, so he doesn’t think she needs to worry about anything as he thinks everybody are over it and have moved on. Shawn adds that Nicole and Rafe are still in the middle of newlywed bliss.

Rafe surprises Nicole at the Basic Black office and says she came by to go to dinner yesterday and he couldn’t go, so he’s here to make it up to her and take out his beautiful wife. Nicole responds that she would love that. Rafe asks if she’s sure she can go. Nicole points out that Brady and Chloe left for the day, so she can too. Nicole gets up with a cane instead of her crutches and they kiss.

Brady questions Clyde not wanting to speak to Rafe. Chloe asks what’s going on. Clyde responds that he just can’t. Nancy encourages that if Clyde tells the police what the guy looks like then they will find him and lock him up and Clyde will be a hero. Clyde responds that he is no hero. Nancy pulls Clyde aside and questions what he means. Clyde informs her that when he told her he knew it was stolen when he gave her the bracelet, that wasn’t the whole story. Clyde tells Nancy that he’s sorry, but he has a confession to make.

Leo claims to Chad that he wasn’t in the house. Chad points out that Thomas just pointed at Leo and he took off. Leo repeats that he didn’t see him and claims he’s late for an appointment. Chad grabs Leo and informs him that Thomas told him that he met him in the basement on the day Abigail was murdered and now all of a sudden, things that didn’t make sense are starting to make perfect sense like the day he saw Leo at the park on the day of Abigail’s funeral when he said his heart went out to his children. Chad brings up Leo claiming he didn’t know Thomas but he thinks he met him while hiding in their basement and told him he was the Tooth Fairy. Leo argues that he must be making it up or he’s mistaken. Leo tries to say he’s in a hurry but Chad warns that he’s not going anywhere but the police station.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Sonny calls Chad and leaves a message, saying he was just thinking about their conversation about him taking the job at Titan. Sonny asks if any part of him is interested because there are plenty of positions and he thinks Chad would be a huge asset to Titan. Sonny adds that it would be a blast to work together as Alex walks in behind Sonny. Sonny remarks that he’s still pretty pissed off at Victor for hiring Alex without telling him. Sonny hangs up as Alex says as long as he’s not pissed off at him. Alex tells Sonny that he’s exhausted from being with HR all day, filling out paper work. Alex asks Sonny if he’s not mad as hell at him for taking over the executive VP job. Sonny assures that he’s not because Victor is the one who went behind his back and Alex was just offered a job and took it. Alex swears he did not lobby for the job and knew it wasn’t cool that Sonny wasn’t part of that discussion. Alex insists that Sonny is Victor’s favorite Kiriakis brother but Sonny argues that he’s not sure about that, bringing up that Victor feels Sonny doesn’t have a killer instinct. Alex feels that’s a good thing. Sonny insists that he’s totally okay with Alex taking the job, but not with being disrespected since Victor pushed so hard for him to be CEO. Sonny complains that he took time away from Will and made this big change in his life but then Victor makes this huge decision behind his back. Alex guesses that Victor figured Sonny wouldn’t mind since they are brothers. Alex then asks if Sonny has an issue working with him.

Rafe brings Nicole to the town square for dinner. Nicole tells him that her ankle is almost 100% and thanks him for letting her lean on him. Nicole calls it so nice to be dining outside on a beautiful summer night. Nicole is glad Rafe was able to get out because she knows how much pressure he’s been feeling at work. Rafe admits it has eased up a bit since Shawn returned from paternity leave and Jada has joined the team. Nicole comments on Jada doing some job since she was with him when he tracked down the guy who robbed her and that had to be really intense. Rafe admits it was as Jake was lying on the ground, fatally wounded, and the guy was ready to shoot Ava but Jada saved her life. Rafe knows a lot of cops would’ve frozen or freaked out in that situation. Rafe states that Jada did the right thing, but was definitely shaken up afterwards since she killed someone in the line of duty. Rafe notes that Jada is struggling with it, but that tells him that she’s a good detective and a good person with a good conscience. Nicole comments that it sounds like she is working out. Rafe adds that he made Jada partners with Shawn and he really likes her. Nicole notes that Eric does too which Rafe questions. Nicole guesses he hasn’t heard, so she informs him that Jada and Eric are dating.

Eric says he had a very good feeling about Belle and Shawn after hearing she went to see him at the police station today. Belle asks how he heard that. Eric informs her that Jada told him. Belle questions how he knows Jada. Eric explains that Steve introduced him to her when she got to Salem and she ended up taking a room above the Brady Pub. Belle notes that Jada seems great and Shawn likes her a lot. Belle jokes that she’s sure Eric also noticed that she’s very attractive. Belle suggests Eric should ask her out.

Nancy questions Clyde saying there’s more to the story about the bracelet that he gave her. Clyde decides it’s time that he told her. Chloe says they want to hear all of it. Clyde explains that when he met the guy in the Pub, he said he had items he was looking to sell and he knew the stuff was hot, so he offered to fence it for him. Clyde says he wanted to give Nancy something special to let her know how much he cares about her. Brady mocks that nothing says “I love you” like stolen jewelry from a murder victim. Clyde argues that he had no idea where he got the jewelry or that he killed anyone to get it. Brady complains about Clyde not wanting to talk to the police. Clyde acknowledges that what he did is a violation of his parole, so if the cops find out, they will send him back to prison.

Chad forcibly brings Leo in to the interrogation room where Shawn questions what is going on. Leo claims that Chad won’t leave him alone and is obsessed with him. Chad tells Shawn that he was in the town square with Thomas and now Thomas is with Jada. Shawn questions what Leo is doing here. Chad declares long story short, he killed his wife.

Brady asks if Clyde is really going to refuse to cooperate with the police when it could lead to Abigail’s killer. Nancy says she knows they are upset. Chloe argues that Nancy should be upset and outraged as Clyde has done nothing but lie to her and now he’s obstructing justice. Nancy says she is upset and she hears her, but asks her to let her have a moment to speak with Clyde about this. Chloe doesn’t see the point but allows it. Nancy reminds Clyde that he promised he wouldn’t lie to her again. Clyde hates what he did but says he can’t go back to prison. Nancy argues that they don’t know for sure that he would. Clyde points out that fencing is a crime. Chloe suggests if he tells Rafe the truth and it helps them catch the killer, maybe they will go easier on him. Clyde argues that even if he gives a description, there’s no guarantee they will catch him as he’s probably long gone by now. Nancy asks if he gave any clue as to who he is. Clyde says no and that all he knows is a wine drinking twerp in a floral print suit. Brady and Chloe then realize that it’s Leo.

Shawn questions Leo killing Abigail. Leo blows it off as an absurd story that Chad’s son told him. Chad explains that Thomas told him that he saw Leo in their basement on the night that Abigail was killed. Leo continues to claim it is ridiculous. Chad adds that when they were in the square, Thomas pointed at Leo and he took off. Chad questions why he would do that if he wasn’t guilty. Leo repeats that he was late to an appointment and claims he didn’t see them, yet Chad dragged him down here against his will and now he’s forced to defend himself against these insane accusations. Chad argues that Leo had motive because he hated Abigail for helping him break up his relationship with Craig. Chad brings up that Leo swore revenge on Sonny, Brady, Chloe, himself, and Abigail was on that hit list. Shawn asks if Leo was in the basement or not. Leo asks how he would even know how to get in there. Chad argues that Leo would figure out a way. Leo flashes back to being in the basement, on the phone with Gwen about getting in to the tunnels. Leo then claims to have no idea about tunnels. Chad grabs Leo and warns that he’s not going to get away with this and if the cops don’t make him pay, he will. Shawn pulls Chad off of Leo while Leo shouts that Chad just threatened his life. Shawn tells Chad to calm down. Chad screams that Leo murdered his wife. Shawn tells Chad to step outside and he’ll be with him in a second, so Chad exits. Shawn orders Leo to sit down and stay while he goes to get the full story from Thomas. Shawn warns Leo that he will have a cop watching him every second so he shouldn’t even think about leaving.

Eric jokes that Belle is always trying to play matchmaker. Belle says she just wants her brother to be happy. Belle asks if Eric is going to say he’s not ready because it’s time. Belle brings up that Nicole is happily married to Rafe now. Eric says this has nothing to do with Nicole. Belle asks why he doesn’t ask Jada out then. Eric then reveals that it’s because they already went to lunch today and it was Jada that invited him out.

Rafe says he had no idea that Eric and Jada were seeing each other and asks how Nicole knew. Nicole explains that when she went to the police station yesterday, she overheard Jada asking Eric to lunch and then when she and Chloe were at the Pub earlier, they saw them together on a date. Rafe says that’s terrific and that he thinks they’ll be a great couple. Rafe then asks Nicole if she doesn’t agree. Nicole says that they don’t know and she just hopes it doesn’t get awkward because Jada is renting a room above the Pub, so they’ll be right down the hall from each other. Rafe questions what the problem is. Nicole says if it doesn’t work out, it might be uncomfortable for both of them. Rafe says hopefully it will work out.

Belle tells Eric that she likes that Jada asked him out and asks how it went. Eric says it was good, they laughed a lot, and had a lot in common like they both like running and dogs and they’ve both been divorced. Eric adds that they both like sushi too. Belle encourages him about their next date and is so glad he’s getting back out there. Belle apologizes for assuming that he didn’t ask Jada out because he was still hung up on Nicole and promises not to jump to conclusions anymore about how he feels because she hates when people do that to her. Belle repeats that she’s glad he’s moving on. Eric responds that he’s glad she’s moving home where she belongs. Belle remembers she has to get going because Shawn is making dinner so Eric says he will help her with her bags.

Brady and Chloe talk about Leo coming by the office earlier, looking for a job and wearing a floral suit. Brady pulls out Leo’s look book and shows it to Clyde, who confirms that Leo is the guy.

Chad, Shawn, and Jada sit with Thomas at the police station to ask him to tell them what he remembers about the guy he saw in the basement. Thomas explains that he and his sister were playing hide and seek which is why he went down in the tunnels. Thomas says he saw a man there and he was scared because he said he was going to lock him up, but then he said he was the Tooth Fairy so he stopped being scared. Thomas asks if the Tooth Fairy is in trouble or if he’s mad at him because he wasn’t supposed to tell that he saw him. Thomas adds that he said it was a secret and he broke his promise. Jada encourages that he didn’t do anything wrong. Thomas points out that he said not to tell anyone, especially his parents, or he wouldn’t get any Tooth Fairy money for the rest of his life. Jada asks if he said anything else. Thomas says he asked him to get him breakfast, so he did. Jada asks if that was it. Thomas says he’s not sure. Chad assures Thomas that he’s been very helpful. Thomas continues to worry about breaking his promise by telling Abigail, Chad, and the police. Thomas cries that he doesn’t want the Tooth Fairy to be in trouble and he doesn’t want to be in trouble either. Jada encourages that no one is in trouble and that he’s doing the right thing. Chad commends Thomas for telling the truth and says Abigail would be very proud. Chad asks if they are done. Shawn says they are set, so he and Jada step away. Chad tells Thomas that it’s time for him to go to bed, so he’s going to call Jennifer to come pick him up. Thomas asks if Chad will be coming home soon. Chad promises to be home in time to tuck him in, but first he’s going to talk to the Tooth Fairy again. Thomas asks Chad to tell him he owes him $50 if he’s not too mad at him. Chad responds that he owes him a lot more than that as he hugs Thomas.

Sonny tells Alex that it’s not that he has an issue working with him. Alex stops him and says he totally gets it. Sonny says he didn’t even answer yet. Alex says he shouldn’t have had to ask but there’s obviously going to be an issue because he’s assertive and confident which can be intimidating. Sonny assures that he’s not intimidated by him and that he has no problem telling him when he’s acting like a total jerk. Sonny adds that Alex is acting like he’s not assertive or confident, when he’s the CEO of the company. Alex apologizes for using the word intimidating but jokes with Sonny about being sensitive. Sonny complains about Alex being condescending. Alex suggests they not fight and asks him to let him explain himself. Alex wants them to be compatible and tells him that he will never steamroll him in this role. Alex states that Sonny is the boss, so he’s deferring to him. Sonny thinks he will have a hard time with that and admits he doesn’t think Alex can handle that. Alex calls Sonny’s attitude really disappointing, arguing that they worked together in the past and it was great. Sonny says that was totally different. Alex insists that he has no problem deferring to Sonny as he knows he’s more than capable of doing this and he loves him as his brother. Alex sees this as a way to make them closer and truly bond. Alex praises Sonny as one of the kindest and funniest people he’s ever met. Alex says he’s looking forward to it but he has to go. Sonny invites him to stay for dinner, but Alex says he has plans and invites him to come with him. Sonny decides to stay home. Alex asks if they are good. Sonny says they are, so they hug. Alex then exits the mansion.

Brady asks Clyde if he’s sure that’s the guy. Clyde responds that there’s no doubt in his mind. Nancy asks if Clyde knows who that is. Clyde asks who. Nancy reveals that it’s Leo Stark, the weasel that her husband left her for and the con artist that Craig almost married. Nancy declares that their weasels are the same.

Chad tells Shawn that he wants Leo arrested now. Shawn responds that they have to follow procedure, so if they get what they need then they can place Leo under arrest. Chad argues that he heard that Thomas just said he saw Leo in the basement and that he told him to keep it a secret. Chad questions what more they need. Shawn says they need to bring Rafe up to speed. Chad says to get him then but Jada points out that Rafe is gone for the day. Chad says that after his wife was murdered, he stood in that room and Rafe told him that he wouldn’t stop until the killer was found and now they found him, so Rafe is going to get the hell back here now. Chad then calls Rafe.

Rafe and Nicole look over the menu for dinner but Rafe gets Chad’s call. Chad tells Rafe that he’s at the police station with Abigail’s killer and tells him to just get down there. Rafe responds that he’s on his way. Nicole asks if everything is okay. Rafe says it appears there’s a development in Abigail’s case so he has to go. Nicole assures that she understands and will see him at home. Rafe kisses her and says he loves her as he then exits.

Shawn, Jada, and Chad return to their interrogation room where Leo assumes that they are there to apologize and let him go but Shawn says no and that he will be here for awhile. Leo questions them actually believing a kid. Leo says he won’t press charges against Chad for threatening him or demand Thomas retract his lies and they can chalk this up to a misunderstanding. Shawn informs Leo that Rafe is on his way to question him, so Leo is not going anywhere until he answers them.

Eric and Jada run in to each other outside the Pub. They joke about running into each other like this. Jada mentions just coming from work and she thinks they may have got a break in the Abigail DiMera case. Eric says that’s great and understands she can’t discuss an ongoing investigation. Eric suggests they talk about something else and asks her to dinner if that’s okay. Jada says that’s two dates in one day and accepts as they head in to the Pub together. Nicole comes around the corner and sees them going in to the Pub.

Belle goes home and hopes she’s not late. Shawn says she’s right on time as the grill is fired up, so he figured while he cooks, she can check out her garden. Belle says that sounds really nice. Shawn welcomes her home. Belle says it’s good to be home.

Brady and Chloe talk about how they can’t believe Leo killed Abigail. Chloe questions if Leo is really a murderer. Brady says the thought never occurred to him, but reminds Chloe that Leo blamed Abigail just as much as them for ruining his relationship with Craig, so he was furious at her. Chloe questions if Leo was furious enough to murder her. Brady guesses they will see.

Rafe arrives at the police station and sits down with Leo, noting that his detectives have filled him in. Leo argues that Thomas is a child with a very active imagination. Chad warns Leo about calling his kid a liar again. Leo asks why Chad is here. Chad says it’s to make sure the animal who killed his wife is put down. Rafe goes over Thomas saying he saw Leo in the DiMera Basement. Leo argues that Thomas said he saw the Tooth Fairy and calls it outrageous. Leo complains that he has been harassed, detained, and slandered so he doesn’t have to take it anymore. Leo decides he’s out of here. Chad orders Rafe to read Leo his rights but Rafe says he’s afraid he can’t do that because he doesn’t have enough to hold him, let alone arrest him. Leo thanks him. Chad argues that Rafe can’t just let him go. Leo says he can and will because he knows the law. Rafe points out that he doesn’t want to hold Leo without enough to make future charges stick as it could end up blowing up in their faces later. Chad argues that if he lets Leo go, he will disappear and they’ll never see him again. Rafe responds that without anyone or anything backing up what Thomas said, he can’t keep him here. Rafe assures he wants the case solved as much as Chad does, but he doesn’t have enough to implicate Leo or the testimony of a witness. Nancy and Clyde then arrive with Clyde declaring that he does now.

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