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Recap written by Christine

Victoria and Ashland were in her office talking about how well Newman/Locke was doing with her at the helm. She was excited about what was yet to come, and she said she might outdo herself in the coming months. Adam showed up and confronted Victoria about the lawsuit against Newman Media. She was suing for the use of the Newman name. Adam pointed out that he and Victor were Newmans. Victoria thought they should let their lawyers handle this, but Adam wanted to hear the absurd explanation for this lawsuit. She said the media division at Newman Enterprises existed long before Adam even knew he was a Newman. Now that she bought ChancComm back, she wanted to name it Newman Media, and it didn’t make sense for there to be two Newman Medias. She told him he could use the opportunity to rebrand his company to something like Victor and Son. Adam wanted to talk to Victoria alone, so Ashland left to get her some lunch.

Adam thought the lawsuit was a ridiculous ploy, but Victoria denied it. She wanted all her divisions to have the same name. He suggested she call her division Newman Communications, and she shot it down. She didn’t want people to mix up their companies, one being the gold standard, and the other being his. He said Victor named her CEO ages ago, and suddenly it wasn’t enough validation. He thought she was trying to damage his earned success. She took issue with him saying it was earned. She wasn’t sure how successful he’d be if Daddy didn’t give him a company to run. He said she was jealous and she wanted to be number 1 in their father’s eyes. He said the lawsuit wouldn’t sit well with Victor, and she said that was between her and Victor. She dismissed Adam, then she answered a phone call. He left.

Michael went to Victor to say he’d officially let everyone know he was resigning, so he was available to act as Victor’s counsel, though he reiterated he wouldn’t always be available. within reason. Victor accepted that Michael wouldn’t be on call 24/7. Victor announced that Newman/Locke filed a lawsuit against Newman Media. Michael was surprised Victor was so calm. Victor was impressed by Victoria’s moxie. Victor said Victoria wanted the company and approached him about buying it, but he turned her down. Michael was sure Adam was glad. Victor said he’d decided to keep Adam out of the loop about this. Michael said the lawsuit had no merit. Victor was sure Victoria realized that. He wondered if this was part of Victoria’s strategy, or if it was retaliation. Michael said he’d do some digging, but Victor thought he had a better plan.

At Society, Ashland made a call to set up a meeting with colleagues from NY. He said Victoria would be too busy to attend, but he had her full support. Michael introduced himself to Ashland. They recognized each other from the news.

Michael told Ashland that he was going to work for Victor. Michael thought the lawsuit from Ashland and Victoria was a bold move. He said Newman Media didn’t think the case had legs. Ashland thought Michael lived up to his reputation. Michael didn’t think Ashland had been around long enough to know that. Ashland knew about Michael’s incredible tale of incarceration and redemption. Ashland knew that, even after Michael got on the righteous path, he’d hit some low points and faced some serious allegations and criminal charges. Chuckling, Michael said those were dropped. He was flattered Ashland did his homework. Ashland always looked into the prominent legal figures in the cities where he lived and worked. Michael had done his reading too, and he’d been fascinated about that ChancComm article on Ashland, until Billy recanted it. Michael said that they’d both lived colorful lives. Ashland agreed that they had things in common – they both liked to push boundaries, dabble in the gray, and they lived for a good fight.

Adam joined Ashland and Michael and asked what they were discussing. Michael said he was telling Ashland that he was going to be working for Victor. Adam looked startled, and Michael was surprised Adam didn’t know. Adam pretended he did know; he just didn’t realize Michael was coming aboard so soon. Adam assumed that Ashland and Michael must be discussing the Newman/Locke attack on Newman Media. Ashland said it wasn’t an attack. He stuck by the story Victoria gave Adam earlier. Ashland said Michael hadn’t gone up against the likes of him and Victoria. Ashland left. Michael acknowledged Ashland had some bravado, but that didn’t win cases. He told Adam not to worry about this lawsuit, and he left.

Victor went to Victoria’s office, and she kissed him hello. He’d told her secretary to hold her calls because they had something important to discuss. He asked if the lawsuit was about leverage or if it was serious – if it was serious, he wanted her to know who she was dealing with. “I’m Victor Newman. I created that name. I built my empire under my name. It will always stay under my name,” he stated. She understood that, and that was her point – Newman Media belonged under the Newman empire that he built. She said they could avoid the lawsuit if he sold to her. He realized the lawsuit was about leverage. She said he wouldn’t lose anything if he sold to her, in fact, he’d benefit from the further expansion of Newman Enterprises, since he was the chairman of the board and the major stock holder. It was good for the company, she said, which was good for him. “If I were to consider your offer, where would that leave Adam?,” Victor asked.

Victor understood Victoria’s desire to consolidate Newman Media and ChancComm, but he asked if Adam would be running the newly expanded company. He said Adam had to be part of the package deal. Victoria wasn’t thrilled by the idea of keeping Adam on, but she’d be open to discussing the possibility, if Victor was serious. However, if Victor was serious, Victoria didn’t understand why they were having this discussion without Adam. Victoria wasn’t sure Adam would even want to run the company, since she and Adam didn’t trust each other. She said Adam gave her an earful about the lawsuit earlier, and she thought he’d resent working under her. She asked if it’d be a deal breaker if Adam refused to come on board.

Victor said they didn’t’ have a deal yet, so there could be no deal-breaker. He agreed that Adam would balk at working under Victoria. Victoria asked how to solve the problem, and Victor said there wasn’t one. Victor thought Adam needed a dose of humility right now. Victoria was pleased Victor was thinking of selling to her, but the other day he’d turned her down. She asked what changed his mind. He didn’t give her a straight answer. He told her to come up with a figure that would be pleasing to him, and he left.

Ashland went back to Victoria’s office and told her about his discussion with Michael. Victoria wondered how Michael and Victor came to work together again. She said maybe Victor reached out to Michael because he wanted to reinforce his legal team. Ashland asked if Victor was bolstering his legal team to battle Ashland and Victoria. “Maybe,” Victoria replied. Ashland wanted to probe deeper with Michael, but he couldn’t, because Adam joined them. Victoria thought it was interesting that Adam didn’t throw the fact that Michael was working with Victor in her face. Ashland suggested Adam didn’t know, and Victoria bet that was it. She said Victor had been keeping things from Adam these days. Victoria said that Victor never told Adam that Victoria made a pitch to buy Newman Media.

Victoria said Victor did a complete about-face and now he was open to selling Newman Media. Ashland didn’t think Victor changed his mind because of the lawsuit. Victoria didn’t either. She was sure her father was up to something.

Adam went to the main house and asked why Victor didn’t tell him that he hired Michael. Adam asked if there was something going on that he needed to know about. Victor said Victoria came to him the other day and said she wanted to buy Newman Media. Adam assumed Victor turned Victoria down and that was the reason for this ridiculous lawsuit. He said Victoria would regret overplaying her hand. Adam just wished Victor confided in him earlier, so he would’ve understood the dynamics. Victor revealed that he was seriously entertaining Victoria’s offer, and Adam was stunned.

Amanda was at The Grand Phoenix with Phyllis. Amanda had a new client who’d hired her to set up a trust for her grandchildren. Phyllis asked if the client was loaded. Amanda couldn’t violate attorney/client privilege, but a dozen clienets like her, and the law firm would be on solid footing. Phyllis said she was trying to decide whether to leave Genoa City for good. Summer offered Phyllis a job at Marchetti, and she was thinking of taking it. She was at loose ends and it made her want to create chaos. She thought the universe was giving her an opportunity to do something else. Amanda was stunned Phyllis was thinking of uprooting her entire life. Amanda thought that if Phyllis left, she’d miss people who cared about her. Phyllis said everyone could visit. Phyllis said it was a kickass job with her kickass daughter. Amanda wanted Phyllis to stay. Phyllis tearfully said Amanda was lovely, but she, Michael and Lauren were her only friends. Amanda brought up Jack and Nick. Phyllis said those were her ex husbands, not friends – Nick made it clear he didn’t want to be a pal, and Jack wasn’t talking to her. Amanda thought Phyllis was dealing with being shut out by making a big leap. Phyllis wanted to be close to Summer. Amanda understood that, especially now that she was getting close to her own mom. Amanda asked if Phyllis really wanted a job in a country where she didn’t know the language, or if this was about Jack.

Phyllis said it wasn’t about Jack. Amanda was skeptical. Phyllis said this decision was about her – she’d always been a striver, and everything in Genoa City was boring. She’d let Crystal run the hotel, or sell it – both of Nick’s sisters once wanted it, so it’d go fast. Amanda thought it’d kill Phyllis to give the hotel away after everything she did to hold onto it. Amanda wanted Phyllis to admit Jack played a role in this. Phyllis didn’t understand why he was freezing her out. She said he was really thoughtful and funny, and she missed him. Phyllis wanted an exciting life, and living in Milan would be exciting. Amanda asked what Phyllis would be doing. Phyllis didn’t know all the details, but the job at Marchetti was in marketing. She said she’d be working alongside her daughter. Amanda didn’t approve of Phyllis making huge life changes until she talked to someone who knew her better than Amanda. Amanda texted someone. Phyllis hoped it wasn’t Jack. Amanda said she didn’t text Jack.

While they waited for Amanda’s backup, Amanda and Phyllis debated whether or not Phyllis should go. Michael showed up. Phyllis groaned about Amanda bringing him into this. Amanda said Phyllis called Michael her most trusted friend. Amanda revealed that Phyllis was thinking of leaving town for good. “The hell you will. If I’ve gotta stick around so do you,” Michael said. Phyllis brought Michael up to speed. Michael was adamant that Phyllis should turn down Summer’s generous and insane offer. He said Phyllis loved Genoa City, and she was happy here. She clarified that she wasn’t that happy. He said Genoa City made her who she was. He recalled that she came here a desperate needy woman obsessed with Danny Romalotti. Amanda gave Phyllis a questioning look. Michael continued on, saying that Phyllis grew after a whole bunch of mistakes, some felonies and many more misdemeanors. Amanda’s expression grew more stunned, and she looked at Phyllis. Phyllis mouthed “no” at Amanda and shook her head, as if what Michael was saying wasn’t true. Michael said Phyllis became a force to be reckoned with, and she became someone who’d do anything for the people she loved. He said she stood up for what she believed in, even though everyone else in town thought she was nuts. He was insulted for himself and on Lauren’s behalf that Phyllis was considering bailing. She said not to take it personally – she still loved him and Lauren.

Michael thought that if Phyllis worked for Summer and was looming over her every moment, it’d destroy their relationship. Phyllis protested that her daughter was the one who offered her the job. “That doesn’t make it right!,” Michael barked. He needed to know she came to her senses. Phyllis didn’t know if she should feel touched Michael wanted her to stay or upset he was being so loud in her place of business. He said Amanda called him there because she cared about Phyllis. Phyllis said her life had become about her exes and this hotel, and she didn’t like it. He told her to make changes while staying in Genoa City. She said he reminded her of the person she used to be. He asked what aspects of old-school Phyllis they were referring to. “Not that part,” she assured him, while Amanda looked on, quizzically. Phyllis would only say to Amanda that she’d learned a lot of lessons. Phyllis asked if they could support her potential move. Amanda supported an exploratory trip of reasonable length. Michael supported a trip to Milan, if only to remind Phyllis and Summer that when they were in close proximity, they frequently annoyed each other. Amanda asked if Phyllis was going to Milan while Jack was there or if she’d wait until his business trip was finished. Phyllis didn’t know when she’d go, but she said Jack didn’t factor into it.

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