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Update written by Barbara

At the Abbott house, Kyle returns from his time away sooner than expected, with time to help Summer finish decorating the Christmas tree. Jack and Traci talk about hanging the special Abbott ornaments. Jack, Kyle and Summer make sure that Traci continues to have no idea that Diane is hiding in the family cabin. As Traci leaves to go out for drinks with a friend, she says that she has a feeling that everything is going to be alright. After Traci leaves, Summer urges Kyle and Jack to be careful since they’re leaving to deal with Jeremy.

Summer goes to Jabot and is surprised to find her mother there. Phyllis tells her that she is cleaning out the things from her office. They talk back and forth, with Summer saying that she hopes they can move past what has happened and be a family again.

Phyllis mentions how upset she is about how her daughter fired her as an act of solidarity with Diane, and says that she has no intention to get over it anytime in the near future.  Summer remains steadfast that Phyllis being fired was due to her actions, since she encouraged a dangerous man to come to Genoa City in her attempt to get Diane to leave.

Kyle and Jack arrive at Jeremy’s hotel suite and Kyle knocks on the door. Jeremy gestures for them to come in.  He lets them know that he heard that Diane left Genoa City again and says what a shame he thinks it is. Kyle tries to get at Jeremy but Jack stops him.

He and Kyle stick to their story that Diane left town with nary a word, and has gone who knows where. Jeremy suggests that perhaps they’ve got Diane stashed until he leaves, but Jack steers Jeremy the conversation to money. He urges Jeremy to accept his offer because it’s the closest he’ll get to reimbursement. Jeremy says he won’t make any promises.

Ashley and Tucker are at Crimson Lights where she continues to be leery of Tucker’s motives behind him wanting her to build a new empire. Tucker tells her that he’s only interested in her happiness and thinks she could be a huge success at it.

She asks Tucker why she would need him then and he admits that she wouldn’t, although he thinks they could be good together. Ashley decides to head home but not before thanking Tucker for picnic earlier.

Jack and Kyle return to the Abbott house and tell Summer about having made an offer to Jeremy. Jack says that now they have to wait because Jeremy was open to considering it.

Ashley comes in the front door, and much to the relief of Jack, Kyle and Summer, who are quiet, Ashley says that she’s going upstairs to take a bath.

Once she has left the room, Kyle says that he hates the idea of Diane feeling abandoned on Christmas and that he wants to quietly go back to the cabin. Summer is taken aback that he would do that on Christmas eve at the Abbott house. Kyle tells her and Jack that they didn’t see the tears in his mother’s eyes when he said good bye to her.

At Chelsea’s apartment, she and Billy have movie night, munching on popcorn and watching  “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  She says that although a few scenes will be a challenge for her to see, the overall story is filled with hope about someone realizing the value of life.

There’s a knock on the door and it’s Adam, showing up with gifts for Chelsea and Connor. He hesitates when he sees Billy sitting on the couch. Billy says that he was just going to head out. Once he’s gone, Adam tells Chelsea that he assumes she is not up for the big Newman family gathering. She surprises him by saying that she wants to go and tells him that after talking with Sharon, she wants start trying to live a normal life again.

Phyllis goes to the coffeehouse and slumps to put her head down on the counter. Tucker sees her and remarks that it looks like someone’s having “a hell of a day.” Phyllis tells him that she didn’t ask him and he goes on to suggest that she stop fighting the world so hard because it tends to make you feel better.

Over at Society, Devon and Lily tell Daniel that they are greenlighting his gaming endeavor with Hamilton-Winters. However, Devon is a bit concerned because Daniel doesn’t have his creative team together yet and it takes time with huge undertakings.

Daniel says he wants to announce the gaming platform in March, but Devon thinks this three month timetable is unrealistic.  Daniel questions him, which results in Lily suggesting that they table the discussion for now.

When Daniel realizes Phyllis is available to be hired, he presses her to join his new gaming platform. He says that since Phyllis is a gamer and a high level hacker, he thinks she’s a good fit for his platform. He tells her that he wants her to join him in solidifying his platform he is going to have with Chancellor-Winters.

Downstairs at the coffeehouse, Billy is waiting for Lily. When she gets there, they speak uncomfortably. When Lily mentions the idea of couples counseling, Billy says that she must think he’s going off the rails. Lily tells him this is not the case, rather, she doesn’t think they can handle what’s going on between them on their own. Billy is amenable and says that he will set something up with couples counseling after the holidays. They hold hands across the table.

Back in Jeremy’s hotel suite, he is on the phone with someone about having unfinished business in Genoa City and mentions that he has some “stuff” to take care of on his own.

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