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Allie sits with Chanel in the interrogation room. Allie tells her that she misses her so much. Chanel points out that at least they got to have Thanksgiving together. Allie says it wasn’t enough as she started missing her as soon as it was over. Allie asks if she’s okay or if she picked a bad time to come. Chanel says there is never a bad time to see her. Allie asks what it is. Chanel responds that it’s just that when she went back to her cell on Thanksgiving, she felt like she’s never getting out.

Paulina is in her office, on the phone saying that all interview requests go to her assistant even if she doesn’t have one anymore. Paulina hangs up as Abe arrives. She says it’s good to see a friendly face. Abe mentions the press are hounding. Paulina complains that she tried to talk policy but all they want to ask about is Chanel. Abe says he’s so sorry. Paulina says that Chanel is all she thinks about but she has had an epiphany about the one way to help Chanel out of this situation. Abe asks if he can help as he’ll do whatever she needs. Paulina is glad because Abe is the only one who can do it which he questions. Paulina declares that it’s simple; she wants Abe to fire Melinda Trask.

Belle confronts Melinda outside of the Brady Pub and complains that she is holding her client without an arraignment or bail hearing and calls it outrageous and unethical. Belle declares that Melinda is not going to get away with it anymore.

Kate goes to Jada’s room. Kate says she knows it’s early to be talking about morning sickness but she wants her to be prepared. Kate brings her some tea that worked for her in all of her pregnancies. Jada calls that very kind of her but responds that she’s not planning on having any morning sickness. Kate insists, so Jada explains that she’s not going to have morning sickness because she’s not going to have a baby. Jada then reveals that she ended her pregnancy.

Eric questions what Nicole said to Jada. Eric demands the truth as he questions if Nicole encouraged Jada to have an abortion. Nicole can’t believe he’s asking that. Eric orders her to answer the question as he asks if Nicole pushed Jada to terminate the pregnancy. Nicole asks if that’s what that bitch told him. Eric tells her to stop trying to make Jada the bad guy. Eric says Jada isn’t accusing her and he’s asking her a question. Nicole argues that Jada is lying about whatever they talked about. Eric says that Nicole questioned why Jada would want to have a baby that would tie her to him forever. Nicole calls that an honest question. Nicole then asks if Jada is suggesting she told her to get an abortion and that Eric believed it. Nicole declares she’s going to settle this and clear things up. Eric stops her and says there’s no point. Nicole argues that she’s not going to let Jada go around telling lies about her. Eric then informs Nicole that it’s too late because Jada had an abortion and the baby is gone.

Kate questions Jada ending her pregnancy. Jada explains that she and Eric were planning to have the baby but she changed her mind. Kate understands if that’s what she wanted to do and says there’s no judgment, she’s just surprised since Jada seemed set at Thanksgiving. Kate asks what happened. Jada responds that the more she thought about it, she was going to be alone and raising the child as a single mother half the time with a full time job and it would be too difficult for her. Jada adds it also meant being tied to Eric.

Abe asks if Paulina is joking about expecting him to fire Melinda Trask so she can’t prosecute Chanel. Paulina says she is dead serious and argues that Sloan is harnessing Melinda’s hatred for her and using it against Chanel. Paulina argues that she can’t do anything about Sloan but a pink slip from Abe would end the threat from Melinda for good. Paulina asks if Abe can make that happen. Abe responds that he’s sorry, but he can’t fire Melinda.

Melinda calls Belle a bit over the top and suggests she tone it down in the court room. Belle argues that Melinda has been holding Chanel in limbo. Melinda says she’s awaiting trial and the court room is a little backed up right now. Belle argues that Chanel has a right to a fair and speedy trial and this alleged crime didn’t even happen in this country. Melinda says she has been working closely with their government and complains about Chanel keeping this cover up going. Belle accuses Melinda of just using this to feast on the publicity of prosecuting the Governor’s daughter. Melinda argues that a woman is dead and the Governor elect might be involved. Melinda asks if Belle just tracked her down to whine about it and then says she’s late for lunch. Belle then stands in her way.

Allie wants to do more for Chanel and assures her that she won’t be there forever. Chanel argues that she doesn’t know that. Allie assures that they will do everything they can to get her out of this. Shawn enters and announces that Chanel has another visitor. Sloan arrives and Allie questions what she is doing here. Allie questions her being allowed in here. Shawn says it’s up to Chanel. Allie suggests Chanel tell her to go because she doesn’t owe her anything but Chanel agrees to hear what Sloan has to say, so Shawn exits. Sloan remarks that Chanel slept with her father and murdered her mother but they’ve never been formally introduced. Sloan then introduces herself to Chanel as her worst nightmare. Allie argues that Chanel didn’t murder anybody and what happened was an accident. Sloan disagrees. Allie says she knows the full story and that Sloan’s mother fell so she can just leave her alone. Sloan argues that she and Chanel know the real truth about what happened. Chanel asks why she is here. Sloan responds that she needed to see if Chanel would lie to her face about what happened that night. Chanel responds that she’s sorry for her loss and she would give anything to take back what happened, but it’s way more complicated than she thinks. Sloan mentions reading the initial police report that Chanel told authorities that night that it was her fault, but then claimed it was an accident. Chanel argues that her words were misinterpreted. Sloan brings up Paulina sure working hard to cover it up. Sloan says her mother would have fought for her like that too until Chanel took her away.

Paulina argues that Abe does the hiring and firing of the district attorney. Abe admits that technically he can, but questions who he would replace Melinda with. Paulina suggests Belle. Abe questions wanting to rig Chanel’s case by hiring her own lawyer to prosecute her. Paulina admits that sounds bad and suggests finding someone else. Paulina just wants him to get rid of Melinda before she can do any more to hurt Chanel.

Melinda asks Belle to move out of her way. Belle tells her that her lunch is going to have to wait. Melinda doesn’t know what she expects as she has said everything she has to say. Belle asks if this is really the hill she wants to die on by punishing a young woman for an accident that happened years ago in another country. Melinda says the British government has asked them to make sure Chanel doesn’t leave the country. Belle accuses Melinda of purposely postponing the court date. Melinda remarks that it looks like Belle figured out but there’s not much she can do about it. Belle then presents Melinda with a folder.

Kate asks if Jada is alright. Jada claims she’s fine. Kate says it’s okay not to be. Jada responds that she won’t cry over Eric or her decision as she’s convinced it’s what she needed to do. Kate asks if Eric tried to stop her from terminating the pregnancy. Jada admits she didn’t give him the chance and just told him after it already happened. Kate asks how Eric reacted.

Nicole questions if Eric thinks Jada’s abortion is her fault. Eric accuses Nicole of confronting Jada. Nicole claims she just talked to her and that’s all and she didn’t talk to her about doing this. Nicole adds that Jada didn’t even mention considering it. Eric suggests that Jada wasn’t considering it until after their conversation. Nicole argues that abortion wasn’t part of the conversation and they didn’t even discuss it as a possibility. Nicole asks if he tried talking her out of it. Eric reveals that she had already done it by the time she told him, so she never consulted him and Nicole was the last person she talked to before making the decision. Nicole swears that she did not put that in her head. Eric angrily questions why she even spoke to her when this pregnancy was none of her damn business.

Belle’s folder to Melinda reveals Melinda is being ordered to appear in court to justify her reasons for holding Chanel indefinitely. Belle adds that will be in front of an impartial judge because Chanel has constitutional rights, so Melinda has to explain why she took them all away. Melinda remarks that Belle thinks she’s so smart. Belle argues that she’s doing what is right for her client and declares that Chanel will make bail today. Belle then sarcastically offers Melinda a ride to the courthouse.

Chanel tells Sloan that she would give anything for her mother to be alive because she didn’t deserve what happened to her. Sloan asks which part since her assault on her didn’t start on the roof, but the first day that Chanel hooked up with her father. Sloan asks if Chanel even cared that he was married. Chanel says she did, but he didn’t seem to, so she tried to put it out of her head. Chanel states that she was really young and it just happened. Sloan argues that Chanel made it happen. Allie disagrees, pointing out that Sloan’s father was the adult in the situation. Sloan warns Allie to stay out of this. Chanel insists that he pursued her. Sloan mocks her being innocent and argues that Chanel wasn’t a child. Chanel says she was in college and she’s not proud of the affair, but he was the married one. Sloan questions why she kept doing it if she knew it was wrong. Chanel admits she doesn’t know. Sloan continues to question her and tells her not to play innocent like she didn’t want it. Allie yells at Sloan to stop it and leave her alone.

Nicole questions if Eric is really asking how this is any of her business. Nicole argues that they are together and this isn’t some minor issue. Nicole brings up how she felt when she showed up on Thanksgiving and heard Eric announce that he and Jada were going to raise the baby together while he told her after, so she was the last to know. Eric argues that he didn’t know she already knew and accuses her of spying on them on Thanksgiving. Nicole argues that she came to see him and didn’t expect to see them celebrating that Jada was having his baby. Nicole complains they didn’t look like a couple that had broken up, but like a couple getting back together, so she wanted to find out what was going on. Eric questions her not coming to him with that. Nicole asks if he really wants to do this. Nicole brings up Eric happening to run in to her in the town square that night and that’s when he told her that Jada was keeping the baby. Nicole questions when Eric would have told her if she hadn’t been there.

Jada tells Kate that Eric was surprised as he wanted to be part of the decision. Kate questions why he wasn’t. Jada admits she was afraid that Eric was going to talk her out of it and it’s a lot cleaner this way. Kate is very sorry that she had to go through it alone. Jada responds that she’s used to being on her own. Kate asks if she talked to anyone else before making the choice. Jada reveals that she did talk to one person, but it’s the last person she would consider a friend.

Eric tells Nicole that the decision to have the baby was between Jada and him. Nicole complains that they included everyone at the Thanksgiving table, just not her. Eric argues that it just happened. Nicole admits that she thought she was losing him, so she wanted to find out what Jada’s intentions were and asked if she was ready for the baby to be tied to her and Eric forever, even though he was with her. Eric asks if that’s all she said or asked of her. Nicole admits she talked to Jada about what it’s like to be a single parent and she didn’t sugarcoat it. Nicole claims she didn’t do it to scare her off. Eric says that Jada said Nicole gave her a friendly reminder that she isn’t going anywhere. Nicole asks if that’s not true and says she was just being honest. Eric argues that Nicole isn’t being honest now by saying that she said all this in innocence to a woman who was conflicted about having the baby. Nicole argues that she didn’t know Jada was conflicted and that she’s not pretending anything. Eric says that Nicole obviously knew her words could sway Jada’s decision in getting rid of the child. Eric guesses that Nicole got exactly what she wanted.

Kate hopes Nicole didn’t pressure Jada in to getting an abortion. Jada says she didn’t, but Nicole did paint a pretty harsh picture of what being a single mother would be like. Kate guesses that helped make her decision. Jada says it helped her to re-evaluate the pros and cons. Jada mentions having friends that say having a child is the best thing to ever happen to them and one day she would love to be a mother, just not like this and not now.

Nicole questions Eric actually thinking that she went to talk to Jada to scare her in to having an abortion. Eric asks what else he’s supposed to think when she was the last one to talk to her before she made the decision. Eric shouts that actions have consequences but Nicole never learns. Nicole asks what that means. Eric argues that over and over, Nicole acts compulsively without thinking. Nicole asks if he’s talking about her jumping in to bed with Xander. Eric questions her even bringing him up. Nicole thinks Eric assumes she pushed Jada to her choice because deep down, he still doesn’t trust her. Nicole complains that she’ll never be good enough for him. Eric tells her to stop with the self pity. Nicole argues that she’s feeling guilty. Nicole then admits that she was feeling threatened by Jada and was hoping that she wouldn’t keep the baby. Nicole declares that she said it and asks if Eric is satisfied now.

Abe tells Paulina that he would do anything for her and Chanel. Paulina tells him to fire Melinda then. Abe responds that he would do it if he thought it would make things better for Chanel. Paulina argues that Melinda would send Chanel to prison for life if they let her and she can’t let that happen. Abe promises they won’t, but if he fired Melinda, the press would be all over it and her and the city council would impeach him. Abe adds that politicians have been sent to prison for less. Abe worries that trying to help Chanel in this way would put them in a cell right next to her.

Sloan remarks that maybe if Chanel figured out she liked girls sooner, her mother would still be alive. Chanel asks what she wants her to say since she’s already admitted that she shouldn’t have had the affair, but that doesn’t change the fact that Sloan’s father had all the power in their relationship. Chanel adds that all of Sloan’s anger and bitterness isn’t going to change that. Sloan brings up finding out that her mother’s suicide was a murder. Chanel is sorry that she had to find out how she did. Sloan asks if she ever thought about her and her brother when she moved on her with her life. Allie tells Sloan to leave her alone but Sloan demands an answer as she asks if Chanel ever thought what it felt like for them to watch their father drink himself to death because he was holding onto this secret that he didn’t reveal to them until he was on his deathbed. Chanel repeats that she’s sorry. Sloan says she heard her the first time and remarks that Chanel sure had enough power to destroy her life.

Paulina agrees with Abe that they can’t fire Melinda but says they can’t just let them roll over Chanel. Abe tells her to trust and believe that he will fight for Chanel every step of the way and he will not stop fighting for her daughter. Abe adds that Belle won’t either and she’s the smartest lawyer he knows. Abe declares that if anyone can outfox Melinda, it’s Belle.

Belle goes to the police station and tells Shawn that she needs to speak to Chanel, so she asks him to bring her up. Shawn reveals that Chanel is already in the interrogation room, so Belle asks if she has visitors. Shawn confirms that Allie came to see her and then Sloan showed up. Belle questions Sloan being in there and Shawn leaving them alone. Shawn says that Chanel agreed to talk to her so his hands were tied. Shawn asks if there’s something going on. Belle says you could say that.

Allie decides that Sloan has said what she needed to say, so now it’s her turn. Sloan tells her that she doesn’t have a say but Allie disagrees. Allie says she can see Sloan’s pain and that it hurts, but Chanel has a life and a future. Allie says that Chanel has made mistakes but she’s worked to become a better person. Allie asks if this is even about Sloan’s mother anymore. Allie points out that when Sloan first got to town, she didn’t confront Chanel or ask for an apology, she wanted the money. Sloan argues that Allie doesn’t know her and says she is owed revenge. Shawn opens the door, so Allie hopes that means Sloan’s time is up because all she did was harass Chanel and try to make her feel more punished than she already is. Belle then enters the room and announces Chanel is going home as she made bail which thrills Chanel and Allie while angering Sloan.

Nicole tells Eric that she is being honest and she’s sorry that she went to Jada without him knowing, but she’s not sorry for wishing they could avoid a huge complication in getting back together. Eric brings up Nicole seeing him at Thanksgiving dinner and that he was happy. Eric states that part of that was because of getting back with her but part of that was because he was going to be a father. Eric says Nicole knows how much that means to him and he hoped it would mean something to her as well. Nicole says they were both so surprised by learning that Jada was pregnant and they had just decided to get back together. Eric talks about how they can’t always plan what’s going to happen in life, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t want it. Nicole then brings up that she couldn’t give Eric the baby he always wanted.

Jada tells Kate that someday she will have a child, but it’s too bad Eric won’t be the father because he would’ve been great. Jada admits that even though she’s mad at him, Eric is still a hell of a guy. Kate agrees and says she’s sorry she got hurt. Kate asks what’s next. Jada says she will focus on her job and figure out what she wants in life, then work on making that happen. Kate feels Jada will do just fine. Jada responds that she’s used to taking care of herself. Kate can relate but says it’s nice to have someone in your life too. Jada remarks that it was nice while it lasted.

Nicole asks Eric if he wasn’t going to say how grateful he was that Jada could give him a child of his own when she’s not able to. Eric questions her thinking he would say something so hurtful. Nicole argues that a few minutes ago, he was willing to think that she talked Jada in to ending her pregnancy and didn’t care about that hurting her. Nicole knows how much Eric wants to be a father, but he chose someone who can’t make that happen. Eric tells her that he was satisfied helping her raise Holly. Nicole argues that once he found out Jada’s news, he got so swept up that he forgot she even existed. Eric disagrees and insists that Nicole is part of this dream. Nicole questions that since he didn’t call her over to include her in the plan or even mention her in the big announcement. Nicole complains that he didn’t mention her at all, so she questions how the hell she could be part of his dream.

Allie and Chanel come out of the interrogation room where Abe and Paulina are waiting at the station. Chanel hugs Paulina, exclaiming that she made bail. Sloan watches on in disgust. Paulina says they heard as Belle called and told them to come right over. Abe tells Belle that he told her she could do it. Belle calls it a bit of a Hail Mary, but it worked. Allie says she’s so happy for Chanel while Paulina thanks Belle. Chanel asks how Belle did it. Belle explains that she had to force Melinda to appear in front of a judge and prove there was no case to hold her without bail. Abe praises Belle. Belle says they still have a long way to go. Paulina asks what to do now. Shawn responds that as soon as she pays the bail, Chanel is free to go. Paulina declares that Chanel needs to come home but Melinda arrives and says not so fast. Paulina tells Melinda to stay away from Chanel as they have had enough of her games. Abe declares that the judge has ruled. Melinda says she has but this isn’t about Chanel. Melinda then hands Shawn a piece of paper and tells him to do his duty which they all question. Melinda explains that Chanel has been granted bail but her murder charge is not the only crime stemming from this incident. Melinda brings up the cover up that followed, masterminded by Paulina. Shawn declares that he’s sorry to do this, but he arrests Paulina for criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Shawn reads Paulina her rights as he handcuffs her, leaving Abe, Allie, and Chanel in shock while Sloan watches with a smile.

Kate knows Jada prides herself on being independent and not needing anyone, but she hopes they can remain friends because she really likes her. Jada says she feels the same about her. Kate feels it’s important and jokes that with her history, she could use a friend in the police department. Jada mentions hearing some stories about her. Kate says they are true but she shouldn’t believe them. Kate asks if there’s anything else she can get her. Jada thinks she just needs some rest. Kate tells her to call her. Jada says she just feels really tired right now. Kate thinks it’s all catching up with her. Jada says even though she knows she did what was right for her, it still doesn’t make it any easier. Jada then breaks down crying as Kate hugs her.

Eric apologizes to Nicole as he never meant to make her feel like she didn’t matter. Nicole says he can’t help it. Nicole feels that Jada ended her pregnancy without telling him, but he can’t be mad at Jada so he had to take it out on her because she’s an easy target. Nicole says after Xander and all the other mistakes she’s made, this is just one more way to disappoint him. Eric stops her and says this isn’t about them not being able to have a baby together. Eric says it’s about what she did by going to Jada which broke a trust that can’t be undone. Eric declares that they can’t go back because Jada’s baby is gone now and he has to find a way to live with that. Nicole asks if he means live without being a father or live with her role in it. Eric guesses it’s both. Nicole cries that he can’t just say something like that and walk away. Nicole asks what now and where they go from here. Eric responds that he doesn’t know and then exits the office. Nicole sits down and begins to cry.

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