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At the Bistro, Allie asks Alex what his type is. Alex says he doesn’t really have one which Chanel says isn’t helpful. Alex states that he’s not that picky as he likes beautiful women like everybody else. Alex then spots Gabi and says like her. Chanel agrees that she is beautiful. Allie asks if Alex wants to get a closer look and then calls Gabi over to join them. Alex remarks that Allie didn’t tell him that she was friends with a goddess while Chanel points out that she’s never met her. Allie starts to introduce them when Alex suddenly says that he knows Gabi from somewhere.

Abe and Paulina go to the Brady Pub where Roman tells them that he just closed down the kitchen. Paulina says it’s okay as they already ate at the Bistro. Abe says they just came for a nightcap but understand if Roman needs to close up. Roman explains that he’s babysitting Henry, so he’s glad to have their company. Roman says he got Henry to sleep and Eric is down the hall anyway. Roman asks what he can ge them. Paulina reveals that she came with an ulterior motive as she wants to have a little chat with Roman.

Kate meets with Lucas in the town square and says they need to strategize before his trial tomorrow. Kate suggests Lucas claim temporary insanity but Lucas says it’s a little late for that. Kate insists that he wasn’t in his right mind. Lucas assures that he knew what he was doing and it was selfish, short-sighted, and he didn’t realize the emotional harm that he was putting Sami through. Lucas then reveals that last night, he decided to change his plea to guilty.

Chloe finishes a call with Nancy and informs Brady that she is at the police station with Clyde, where Leo had already been brought in for questioning. Brady asks what Leo did now. Chloe says it was something about the tooth fairy but she wasn’t really following. Chloe confirms that Clyde identified Leo, so the police have detained him. Brady hopes they’ll finally nail him to the wall. Chloe calls Leo a creep and a gold digger, but asks if Brady really thinks he could be a cold-blooded murderer. Chloe then notes Brady is distracted. Brady admits he was just thinking about Kristen.

Kristen goes to Dr. Rolf’s lab looking for him but instead finds Li Shin inside and questions what the hell he’s doing here.

Abe notes that Paulina didn’t mention that she wanted to talk to Roman, which makes him wonder why. Paulina says she simply wanted his opinion on an important matter. Abe guesses she’s trying to get backup. Roman asks what he’s missing here. Paulina explains that she and Abe have been having an ongoing conversation about whether he should launch a run for Governor. Roman questions if Abe is still thinking about running. Abe says not really, but Paulina insists that nobody would make a better Governor. Roman agrees but senses hesitation on Abe’s part. Paulina argues that Abe was fully on board when she first pitched the idea, but since then he’s had second thoughts, so she thought that his best friend could help persuade him to stay the course. Roman believes Abe would make a great governor, senator, or President, but thinks it should be his decision which Abe agrees with. Paulina admits that’s a very sensible answer. Abe asks if this means Paulina will drop this. Paulina agrees to for the moment. Paulina then declares that they’ve established Roman is a man of good sense, so she asks when he’s going to have the good sense to forgive Kate.

Kate can’t believe Lucas changed his plea to guilty and asks if he’s out of his mind. Kate complains about not hearing from Lucas’s lawyer. Lucas reveals that he asked his lawyer not to contact her. Kate argues that they agreed to fight the charges, so she asks what made him change his mind. Lucas reveals it was Allie.

Allie invites Gabi to sit with them and explains to Alex that she might seem familiar to him because she is his niece Arianna’s mother. Alex then realizes and introduces himself. Allie introduces Gabi to Chanel as well. Alex tells Gabi that her pictures don’t do her justice and questions how they never crossed paths. Gabi says she doesn’t know since she’s hung out with Joe and Vic a couple times in Phoenix and said Alex was always busy. Alex guesses his priorities were all mixed up. Allie says they don’t want to keep Gabi if she’s meeting someone. Gabi responds that she’s actually flying solo tonight which Alex calls the best news he’s heard all day. Alex declares three’s a crowd but four’s a party so he’s buying Gabi a drink, which she accepts.

Li informs Kristen that he just became aware of DiMera funding this laboratory off the books, so he came to investigate. The monitor sounds then shut off behind him so Kristen frantically pulls back the curtains and sees Stefan in the hospital bed, but his monitors shut off.

Allie jokes with Chanel as they watch Alex flirt with Gabi while Chanel questions why Allie didn’t tell her that she was good friends with Gabi Hernandez. Allie asks what the big deal is. Alex asks if they need refills which they accept so he goes to get more drinks. Gabi apologizes for crashing their evening but Chanel and Allie assure that it’s great. Allie and Gabi talk about missing Arianna and needing to set up a cousins play date with her and Allie’s son Henry. Chanel talks about being a fan girl of Gabi’s and being Gabi Chic’s most loyal customer. Gabi thanks her and says the feeling is mutual with her Sweet Bits Bakery. Alex returns and asks what a woman like Gabi is doing out on the town all alone. Allie cuts him off and informs him that Gabi does have a boyfriend, which she confirms.

Kate questions why Allie would make Lucas plead guilty. Lucas responds that he doesn’t want Allie to hate him for the rest of her life. Kate argues that she doesn’t hate him. Lucas says she’s disgusted and if he wants to earn her respect back, he has to own up to what he did. Kate questions thinking that Allie wants to see her father behind bars. Lucas says she wants accountability and for him to take responsibility for what he’s done, so maybe in the future, she will trust him again. Kate asks if Lucas is just going to accept whatever the consequences are. Lucas calls that the only way to move forward. Kate asks when the sentencing is. Lucas tells her not to bother trying to talk him out of it because it’s a done deal. Lucas then reveals that he’s already been sentenced and is heading to prison.

Chloe complains that Kristen has only been out of prison for a few days but she swears they talk about her more than ever. Brady apologizes. Chloe asks what she did now. Brady brings up Kristen coming to see him earlier and he tried to push her out of Basic Black, but she threatened to go after custody of Rachel. Brady knows Kristen is dangerous, but she also loves her daughter and he doesn’t want to keep Rachel’s mom from her completely. Chloe asks if he’s saying he’s open to shared custody. Brady admits it would be hard but in theory, he is. Chloe asks if he thinks that will be enough for Kristen. Brady doesn’t know and says he wouldn’t put it past her to go for full custody or try to take Rachel and run. Brady declares that either way, he could lose his little girl forever.

Kristen flips the breaker and tries to get Stefan’s heartbeat back. His monitors successfully start beeping again, relieving Kristen. Kristen asks Li how the power got turned off. Li claims he doesn’t know as he just arrived but Kristen says Li was in there and did this on purpose. Li questions what exactly she’s accusing him of. Kristen argues that if she hadn’t walked in, her brother would be dead, so she asks why Li is trying to kill Stefan.

Roman guesses the real reason Paulina is here is to ambush him. Paulina argues that she’s just being a friend who wants what’s best for him and that’s what Abe wants too. Abe doesn’t think it’s their place to interfere. Paulina tells Roman that she’s talked to Kate and she feels terrible that she didn’t come forward sooner. Roman remarks that Kate feeling terrible is not an excuse for her lying to him about Lucas kidnapping her daughter. Paulina argues that Kate was a desperate mother, trying to keep her son out of prison. Paulina asks if Roman wouldn’t have done the same thing in Kate’s shoes. Roman responds that he was in Kate’s shoes.

Lucas informs Kate that he cut a deal with Melinda and plead guilty to second-degree kidnapping, so he’s going to prison for three years and maybe he can get parole or time off with good behavior. Lucas says it’s done and there’s no going back now. Kate questions why he called her here. Lucas responds that it was to say goodbye. They hug as Kate cries.

Alex tells Gabi that her boyfriend is a lucky guy. Gabi says she’s lucky herself. Chanel asks who it is. Allie mentions Gabi seeing Li, which she confirms she’s been for a couple months now. Alex asks if it’s exclusive. Gabi says yes. Chanel questions Alex not giving up. Alex says it never hurts to ask. Alex recognizes Li as the head of the DiMera board and that Gabi works for DiMera. Alex warns that working together and playing together is tricky business. Alex points out that Gabi is here drinking alone and if she was his girlfriend, he wouldn’t let her out of his sight. Allie comments that some guys are confident enough to let their girls have freedom. Alex remarks that some guys just really appreciate what they have. Gabi explains that Li had to work and had unfinished business in their room. Alex guesses it must be pretty important. Gabi says Li is on a conference call with his dad because he works hard and his dedication is one of the things she likes most about him.

Kristen tells Li that she’s calling the police but Li argues that they both know she won’t and questions how she would explain her dead brother suddenly being alive in a hidden lab. Kristen says she’s certainly not going to let Li kill him. Li asks if it’s even possible to kill a guy after he’s been dead for four years. Kristen realizes that Li is the reason Dr. Rolf was reluctant to wake Stefan up because Li wanted him to stay dead. Li then reveals that he’s the one who has been funding Dr. Rolf’s research here and he’s the reason Stefan is still alive. Kristen points out Li not telling anyone. Li explains that Dr. Rolf didn’t want to get the family’s hopes up until he was sure he could bring Stefan back, but when he went to prison, the whole experiment was put on hold until Jake’s heart gave Stefan life. Kristen questions why he did it. Li admits that he thought Stefan’s resurrection might give him certain leverage at DiMera. Kristen realizes he then started dating Gabi and suddenly realized that Stefan might be more of a liability than an asset, because Gabi would drop Li like a hot potato if she knew the love of her life was alive. Li states that Jake’s death did stir up memories for Gabi of losing Stefan and he watched that grief. Kristen is sure he was there to comfort her, but that showed how much she still loved Stefan. Li argues that he can win Gabi’s heart but he needs more time. Kristen guesses that Li ordered Dr. Rolf to slam the brakes on Stefan’s recovery, which Li confirms. Kristen tells Li that he’s done as she is in charge of her brother’s care, so she’s going to call Dr. Rolf to have him wake Stefan up right now.

Roman tells Paulina that it was a very different situation but he does know what it’s like to have a child facing a prison sentence. Paulina jokes that it’s an annual event with Sami but Roman reveals he’s talking about Eric which shocks Paulina. Abe explains that Eric was involved in a DUI accident where a man was killed. Roman says that Eric insisted on pleading guilty to pay his debt to society and he could’ve bent the rules to make his path easier but Eric didn’t want special treatment, so he didn’t give him any. Roman informs Paulina that Eric went to prison, served his time willingly, and is a better man for it today, so he does understand Kate’s instinct to protect her son. Roman adds that if Kate goes out and pays a lawyer to get these charges thrown out, then Lucas will never learn his lesson or change his ways. Paulina questions why men are always so stubborn. Paulina says she’s not saying Roman doesn’t have the right to be mad at Kate, but life is short and they aren’t getting younger. Paulina brings up that her mother always said that when you find love, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

Lucas tells Kate that it’s going to be okay. Kate says first Philip and now Lucas. Lucas says they got Philip the help he needed and now he’s doing what he needs to do. Kate argues that prison isn’t mental health care. Lucas argues that he was stupid, lonely, and impulsive then he kept making bad decisions without thinking of what it was doing to his children or to Sami. Lucas says he took Sami’s freedom, so in order to atone for that, he needs to give up his own freedom for awhile. Kate says she won’t argue and just wants him to know that she’s more proud of him than she’s ever been. Lucas questions her being proud to have a screw up for a son. Kate responds that she’s proud of him with all her heart as she hugs him.

Chloe argues that there’s no way Kristen would try to kidnap Rachel again, pointing out that Rachel is older now and barely knows her mother. Brady doesn’t think it would stop Kristen. Chloe says she wouldn’t defend Kristen but thinks she’s a decent mom, so she wouldn’t intentionally traumatize her daughter. Brady hopes she’s right. Chloe adds that Kristen wouldn’t try to kidnap Rachel again because she doesn’t just want her daughter back, she wants Brady back, so she’s not going anywhere unless Brady is following her.

Li asks how waking up Stefan now would benefit Kristen. Kristen responds that her brother would be alive. Li argues that she barely knew Stefan and she certainly can’t count on his support at DiMera since if he teams up with Gabi, they will rule and she’ll be the odd one out. Kristen responds that she doesn’t want to run DiMera as she is satisfied at Basic Black which is exactly where she wants to be to keep an eye on Chloe and make her life miserable. Li questions her brilliant plan being to torture Chloe and asks what the ultimate goal is. Kristen says it’s to drive Chloe out and away from Brady. Li thinks there might be a more efficient way of accomplishing that goal. Kristen asks him to tell her what that is. Li responds that it would be beneficial to both of them and it involves Stefan.

Alex questions Gabi’s boyfriend working for his dad. Chanel points out that Alex work for his uncle’s company. Alex confirms he starts at Titan soon, so he’ll be working for Sonny and hopes Gabi doesn’t mind competition. Gabi says she lives for it. Allie adds that she usually wins. Alex brings up that Sonny told him that he thought Gabi tried to poach a company that he was trying to acquire. Gabi assures she didn’t do that but Sonny didn’t believe her. Alex says he believes her. Gabi asks why since anyone would tell him that she’s famously untrustworthy. Alex says he has a vibe about her and he’s an outstanding judge of character.

Paulina tells Roman that Kate hated her guts when she first came to town and she had her reasons, but eventually they realized they belong to a club no one wants to be a part of as they each spent years living in fear of men who tormented them. Roman says he’s sorry about that. Abe encourages that she doesn’t have to relive that but Paulina assures that it’s okay. Paulina relates to Kate’s situation and compares Kate’s relationship with Lucas to her relationship with Chanel. Roman says it seems to him that Chanel is doing just fine, starting her own business and taking responsibility for her own life. Paulina admits it took awhile to get there. Roman says that’s because Paulina made Chanel take responsibility while Kate doesn’t see that her kids need that. Roman argues that Lucas is a grandfather and doesn’t need to be treated like a little kid, so if that doesn’t change then he doesn’t see anything changing between him and Kate.

Lucas thanks Kate for understanding and says now it’s time to tell Allie that he kept her promise to her. Kate asks him to put in a good word for her with Allie. Lucas encourages that Allie will forgive her since it’s him that she’s mad at. Kate thinks Allie is mad with both of them since she stood by while her twin’s father went to prison for Lucas’s crime. Lucas is sorry he put her in that position. Kate says he didn’t force her to do anything as it was her choice and now she has to live with the consequences. Lucas says he loves her. Kate cries that she loves him so much as they hug.

Brady tells Chloe that Kristen is going to have to accept that they are never getting back together and assures she will never come between them. Brady thinks in a few seconds, Kristen won’t be on either of their minds as they start kissing.

Kristen questions how Stefan can help her get Chloe out of Brady’s life. Li reminds her that Chloe caught Stefan’s eye before he moved on to Gabi and he was quite taken with her, so maybe they could recapture that old spark. Li adds that Dr. Rolf is a wizard with the human brain, so the torch that Stefan carried for Chloe could be revived with new life breathed into it.

Paulina states that she tried her best and she doesn’t give up easily, but Roman is a tough nut to crack. Abe encourages Roman to hang in there. Roman tells them to have a good night and thanks them for caring. Kate then enters the Pub. Roman tells her the kitchen is closed. Kate responds that she knows and she’s here to see him.

Kristen questions Li thinking that they can get Stefan to wake up and go back to Chloe. Li states that would remove Chloe from Brady’s life and Stefan from Gabi’s. Kristen questions if he just wants her to forget that he was in here trying to kill her brother ten minutes ago. Li responds that plans change. Li reminds that Dr. Rolf took the essence of Stefano’s brain and put it on a microchip and he resurrected a man with no heart, so this shouldn’t be beyond him. Kristen says even if Stefan is brainwashed into being interested in Chloe, that doesn’t mean Chloe will be interested in him since she loves Brady. Li says it’s one step at a time. Kristen agrees to think about it. Li remarks that Dr. Rolf already gave Stefan one change of heart, so he asks how hard would it be to give him another.

Alex says this was a great time and suggests they all do it again some time. Gabi says she’d love to if she can bring her boyfriend. Allie says she’d love that and that Alex wanted to meet new people in town. Alex says the more the merrier. Chanel reminds Alex that he promised them a five star dinner. Alex questions there being a five star restaurant in Salem. Chanel says they’ll settle for four. Allie is glad they came here because it was really entertaining. Gabi decides she’s going to head out. Chanel says it was nice to meet her. Gabi thanks Alex for the drinks. Alex says it was worth it and then some and that he will see her around. Gabi then exits. Chanel jokes with Alex about him striking out with three women in one night. Alex points out that the night is young. Allie asks if he plans to go home and take a cold shower. Alex suggests they could all go home and take a hot shower. Allie asks if he’s trying to score with both of them. Alex jokes that he has a big shower and an even bigger bed. Alex then asks if they’ve ever had a threesome. They say no. Alex talks about them being bisexual and thinks it might be fun, saying he can be in the middle if they want. They say thanks but no thanks. Alex says he’s going to get one more drink and the offer still stands if they change their mind. Allie jokes that it was interesting. Chanel asks if Allie would ever actually think about doing that. They get interrupted as Allie gets a call from Lucas, who says there is something he needs to tell her.

Paulina pretends to start searching her purse for her glasses so that her and Abe step aside. Paulina whispers to Abe that she’s not leaving now while Roman asks Kate what it is. Kate thought he should know that Lucas changed his plea to guilty and he’s going to prison. Roman responds that he’s sorry. Kate questions if he is. Roman assures that he’s sorry for her as it’s got to be a tough pill to swallow, but he is glad that Lucas finally did the right thing. Kate adds that there’s more as she realized she needs to make things right, so she talked to her lawyer and told him that she intends to plead guilty to accessory after the fact. Roman questions why she would do that. Kate declares that it’s never too late to do the right thing as she then exits the Pub.

Gabi and Li both return to their room at the same time. Gabi thought he’d still be in his meeting. Li claims it ended early and that he was just sending a fax because his father is old-fashioned. Gabi asks how the meeting went. Li says there was a promising exchange of ideas, so they’ll just have to wait and see if they come to fruition.

Brady and Chloe lay in bed together. Brady repeats that there’s nothing Kristen can do to come between them. Brady tells Chloe that he loves her and they kiss.

Kristen sits at Stefan’s side and says she might not have had the chance to get to know him very well before, but he’s family so she won’t let anyone hurt him. Kristen adds that if Dr. Rolf can do what Li is suggesting and he can blow up Chloe and Brady to help her get her life and family back, then he will forever be her favorite little brother.

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