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Recap written by Christine

Victoria was in her office. She texted Chance and set up a meeting with him in 30 minutes. Chelsea showed up and hoped she wasn’t intruding. Victoria noted that Chelsea just dropped in unannounced. Chelsea decided she should go since it clearly wasn’t a good time, but Victoria stopped her and asked why Chelsea thought so – did Victoria look upset? Chelsea knew that Ashland’s death must be taking its toll, even though he and Victoria weren’t together when he died.

Victoria said she heard Billy and Chelsea’s podcast, and Chelsea had livened things up. Chelsea said she’d shed a lot of tears lately, and the podcast was a nice change of pace. Victoria wondered why Chelsea came. Chelsea said she brought up something to Billy earlier, and she decided to just come to Victoria about it. She asked if Billy mentioned anything. Victoria hadn’t spoken with him. Chelsea said she was hoping to arrange a get together between Johnny and Connor. Victoria asked what Chelsea was really asking her. Chelsea wanted Connor to know he had a biological sibling. She thought it would be really good for Johnny too. Victoria thought she had a handle on what her son needed. Chelsea said Johnny was older than Connor, and he’d be mature enough soon to understand. Victoria stated that this was a call for her and Billy. Chelsea just thought it’d be good for both boys. Victoria reminded Chelsea of the original agreement.

Victoria always intended to tell Johnny the while truth at some point. He already knew she wasn’t his biological mother. “He doesn’t know that I am,” Chelsea said. Victoria asked what the sudden urgency was. Chelsea said things were happening that reminded her that tomorrow wasn’t promised, and keeping secrets wasn’t the answer. Victoria said she wasn’t keeping some nefarious secret. Chelsea agreed, but she said the longer this went on, Connor and Johnny would think that this was kept from them on purpose. Victoria said she just told the kids their stepfather died and they were still processing that. Chelsea worried Johnny would resent them. She asked what would happen when they boys found out they weren’t cousins, they were brothers. Chelsea said Victoria was Johnny’s mother, and she’d done an incredible job raising him. She wasn’t trying to pretend she was Johnny’s mom, she just wanted to tell the boys the truth so they didn’t feel like they were kept in the dark this whole time. Chelsea said they both knew how secrets could destroy a family .

Chelsea didn’t mean to spring this on Victoria – Billy had said he’d mention it, then she realized she should just talk to Victoria instead of unfairly making Billy the go-between. Chelsea knew it was a big ask and they had to handle it with care. Victoria appreciated Chelsea coming to her. Victoria thought Chelsea was right that secrets kept in kindness could do a lot more damage than anyone expected.

Abby was at Society with Chance. She said this was still his investigation and his decision, but she spoke with Victoria and learned all the harrowing details of the night Ashland died. Abby said it was heartbreaking, and Victoria just wanted to put this behind her. Chance asked if Victoria tried to get Abby to influence him. She said of course not, but she could see the impact that this nightmare had on Victoria. Abby asked what kind of impact this was going to have on her dad. He said he couldn’t just stop doing his job because people he cared about were involved. He said he took an oath. She said if his theory about her father was true, did it change the fact that Ashland died or why. She knew he had a strong sense of duty, and she loved that about him, but now she was wondering about his duty to his family.

Chance thought it’d be the height of hypocrisy for him to be in law enforcement if he put his family above the law. Abby said Chance didn’t let her finish. She wasn’t just worried about Victoria, but she was also worried about the stress this investigation was putting on him and on their family, not just the Newmans. She could see the conflict this investigation put on him, and she said he’d been working day and night. He said these were unusual circumstances, and he’d been busting his tail to close Rey’s cases. Rey was one of the most upstanding guys Chance had ever known, and he was trying to live up to that legacy. How could he do that if he ignored facts in a case to protect her family. She thought he was just as upstanding as Rey ever was, but there was more to life than work. According to Abby, the other day, Dominic said bye-bye to her, and Chance missed it, because he missed family dinner again. Chance hated missing milestones like that, but Abby had a job, and Devon spent a lot of time with Dominic. He asked if it was really fair to expect any of them to be there for every special moment Dominic had. He felt like this was about something else.

Abby said Chance was right – there was a lot more going on. She thought he needed to take a cold hard look at the pressures of this case. He said everyone wanted him to do the right thing, but he was torn on what the right thing was. He said every single one of her relatives were pressing him, including Adam. Victor asked what he would’ve done if Abby had been forced to accidentally hurt Stitch. Abby was sorry. She had no idea. Chance said he wasn’t immune to the pull of family loyalty, and as much as Abby insisted this was his decision, he couldn’t help but feel she had an opinion. She said his opinion was the only one that mattered. He hoped that was true. Victoria arrived and asked for a moment with Chance. Abby said they were in the middle of something. Chance said it was okay, because he and Victoria prearranged this. Abby left.

Victoria wanted to talk about the footage Chance found that he thought supported his theory that Victor had some involvement what happened. She didn’t see how a grainy video of a guy getting into Ashland’s car with a cigarette was solid proof of anything. Chance agreed. Victoria knew Chance would do what his conscience dictated and no one would ask him to do otherwise. He said that the Newmans were masters of indirect pressure. He was waiting for a desperate plea or a veiled Newman threat from her. She said that wasn’t going to happen. When she was with with Abby earlier, she wasn’t aware of the new evidence. Victoria admired she may have insinuated that Abby should lean on Chance for Victoria’s benefit, and that wasn’t fair. Victoria admired Chance’s sense of right and wrong. She thought he was a good person and she’d never want to push him to do something against his instincts. However, she reiterated that Ashland came after her with violent intentions, and he was stopped, and now her family was safe. She thought the outcome was best for everyone involved. She left.

Kevin went to Chance with good and bad news. They got DNA off the cigarette, but Victor’s security team had disappeared, so they couldn’t subpoena them. The good news was there was a bloody finger print inside Ashland’s rental car. The blood was Ashland’s and while the print was partial, making it hard to match, it was clearly not Ashland’s. Chance said the car was a rental, so there should be lots of prints that weren’t Ashland’s. Kevin said they hadn’t found any other prints in the car. It was meticulously wiped clean. They realized this could be the chance to prove Victor’s security guards moved Ashland’s body and staged the accident. Kevin asked if they should set up the time and manpower to find the missing security guards, or if Chance already had enough to take the case to the DA.

At Crimson Lights, Devon said Lily pitched him ideas that Nate brought to her before bringing them to Devon. Nate said that wasn’t what happened. Devon imagined that Nate thought that he could go around his back and get Lily to approve his ideas. Nate insisted Devon had things all twisted. Nate stated that he wasn’t trying to pull anything. He brought his ideas to Lily because she actually wanted to hear what he wanted to say, unlike Devon. Devon said he never had a problem listening to what Nate had to say, but Nate had a problem listening to his critiques or advice. Nate said he was open to criticism, but that was all Devon seemed to have for him. Devon said all he’d told Nate was that he lacked experience and could use a mentor. Devon didn’t understand how he and Nate were meant to work together when Nate got sensitive about everything Devon said. Nate didn’t understand how he was supposed to do his job if he had to run everything by Devon. “You’re my COO. You run things by me. Okay. I feel like cause we’re family you think you can just disregard the chain of the command at the company,” Devon contended.

Nate understood the chain of command, and he noted that Devon took every opportunity to remind him. Devon wished he didn’t have to keep bringing it up, but it seemed like Nate wasn’t getting it for some reason. Devon stated that he and Lily were the CEOs, Billy was her COO, and Nate was his. “You work for me. It’s not the other way around,” Devon said. “I’m not your equal but I’m also not your intern and I don’t appreciate being treated that way. It’s like you don’t want me to have any ideas of my own,” Nate replied. Nate kept getting the message that Devon wanted him to be seen and not heard. Devon distinctly remembered encouraging Nate to speak up. Nate said Devon wanted him to adhere to the company hierarchy, and he did – he brought his ideas to Devon’s co-leader, as she requested. Nate thought that Devon could learn a thing or two from Lily if he weren’t so bullheaded and egotistical.

Devon asked what leadership qualities Nate admired so much about Lily that Devon apparently lacked. Nate said she clearly knew how to lead a team and delegate, she was willing to listen to others and let them run with good ideas. Devon asked what Lily said when Nate told her about his ideas. Nate revealed that Lily said his ideas were worth considering. Devon said that wasn’t exactly a green light. Devon asked if Nate just assumed he’d smooth this past Lily, then start creating a music festival and change their streaming strategy on his own, because if so, that wasn’t how things worked. Nate said Devon’s obsessive need for total control was stifling.

Devon thought Nate couldn’t handle being inexperienced at something. Nate said the excuse starting to wear thin. Devon said it was true that Nate didn’t have a lot of business experience. Devon felt it was like ever since things turned out in Nate’s favor at the launch, he thought he could do whatever he wanted without following the rules. Nate grumbled that Devon’s rules seemed to be the only ones that mattered. Devon said that was true, because Nate was his COO. Things had gotten more heated, voices were raised, and Nate asked if Devon was going to punch him again. Devon said it was clear that this was about more than work. He told Nate to figure himself out before they talked again, and he left.

Devon went home and got Dominic, then he and Abby met at Crimson Lights for the custody exchange. Devon always hated saying bye to Dom, but it was probably for the best today. Devon thought Dom could sense that he was worked up. Abby said they had a sensitive little boy who picked up on all the moods around him. Devon said working with family was difficult. Abby asked if it was Lily, and Devon said it was Nate – he was trying to do too much too fast and he didn’t want to listen to advice. Abby said that didn’t sound like Nate. Devon had never seen this side of Nate before they started working together. Devon thought it was like Nate wanted to be an instant success and launch all these initiatives without learning the ropes. Devon said it wasn’t supposed to be this hard. Abby said when work and family mixed, things could get complicated.

Abby felt Devon’s pain – family turmoil could be overwhelming. She woke up every morning praying for peace, but she knew it would probably never happen because her husband was a police officer. Devon didn’t see how working at the GCPD could be worse than when everyone thought Chance was dead. Abby said it wasn’t worse, just stressful. She wasn’t thrilled about Chance going back to work, but it seemed to be helping him deal until Rey’s death. She said Chance had been overcompensating, trying to close all of Rey’s cases and working long hours. Now he had a case that put him in a moral quandary, and it was putting stress on everyone. She couldn’t go into detail, but it was about Ashland’s death.

Devon asked why Abby didn’t put her foot down. Abby didn’t think now was the time to put demands on Chance – sometimes people needed to make their own decisions and mistakes. She suggested he could let Nate take some risks, and if things blew up in his face, he’d have no one to blame but himself. Devon didn’t think he was as evolved as Abby. Abby realized her advice was easier said than done. She admitted she’d just tried to guilt Chance into doing what she wanted him to do instead of just being direct with him. Devon and Abby realized neither of them were perfect and they didn’t practice what they preached.

Abby loved that she and Devon could call each other out on their bad behavior with no hard feelings. He wished he and Nate could get to that place. She said it wasn’t easy finding people you could be totally honest with without them taking offense. She wondered why it was so difficult to do that with the very people they should be able to do that with. She said maybe they should try harder. Devon said Abby and Chance could do that. Abby wondered if the same could be said about Nate. Nate was having a drink at Society, while Devon said in a voiceover that it felt like Nate was fighting him at every turn, and maybe it was a sign of bigger problems.

Billy went to Lily’s office and apologized for missing the meeting. She was frustrated he wasn’t there, and she wanted an explanation. He said he and Chelsea were working on a podcast that ran over. He asked if she forgave him. She said of course she could forgive him. He said this was the first time he dropped the ball as her COO. She said it wasn’t the first time he’d been late or distracted because of the podcast. She’d warned him that the podcast could take away from the real work he should be doing. He didn’t appreciate the implication that it wasn’t real work. She said it was real work, but it was secondary to his primary job of being COO. She felt like the podcast was taking precedence in his life. He said she was making it sound like he didn’t like his job, which wasn’t true. He noted that the podcast platform was his idea, and it was a major generator of his success. She said he never let her forget how popular the podcasts were, and he was always begging her to listen to the latest episode. He asked if that was too much to ask, and she said it was right now when she was trying to deal with the merger and the tension between Devon and Nate. She could really use some support from her COO, and she asked if that was too much to ask.

Billy promised Lily could count on him, but he didn’t want her to accuse him of not caring about his job, because he did. She said this wasn’t about him missing a meeting – it was about where his passion lay. She thought he was more exuberant about the podcast than he was about the corporate world. He didn’t think it was a fair comparison – the podcasts were a creative and emotional outlet, but they were still his job, and the COO job was grounding and stabilizing. Shse asked if he meant boring. He didn’t, and he asked her not to misrepresent his feelings. She said she understood if that was what he wanted, but if he did, he had to own it. He said it was like she was asking if he wanted to quit.

Lily wasn’t suggested Billy quit, but she thought it was interesting that his mind went there. She asked if that was what he wanted. He didn’t want that. He thought he just missed her and he’d spent all his spare time in the studio while she was out of town. He got caught up, and it wouldn’t happen again. They both said they didn’t want to fight. She opened the gift he’d left for her earlier. They were air pods. She seemed kind of let down. He got them because her old ones were failing. She thanked him and said that it was a practical gift. She did think he needed to seriously think about what he wanted.

Victoria went to Dive Bar, and Billy was there. She said wherever she went, she kept running into reminders of her messy life. Billy had thought he’d worked his way back into her good books. She said that was before she got sandbagged by Chelsea. She sarcastically thanked him for the head’s up. He was sorry. He’d planned to tell her, but he didn’t think it was the right time, with all she had going on. Victoria said she didn’t disagree with telling Johnny the truth, but he was dealing with Ashland’s death. Billy said the older Johnny got, the harder it was to justify not telling him. It was a red flag to Victoria that Chelsea was suddenly so urgent about telling Johnny. Billy said he wasn’t pushing to tell Johnny right now. Victoria just wanted to relax and be able to get some sleep tonight. He said he’d buy her a drink and bore her senseless about his podcast, and she’d sleep like a baby.

Victoria was thinking of taking the kids somewhere before school started. For a while she wasn’t sure she wanted to send them back to boarding school, but maybe away was the best thing for them right now. He agreed, since the kids would be away from any publicity about Ashland. She said the kids deserved to be away from real-world problems. He’d love to have the kids stay home, but he thought she was right. She asked where Lily was, and he said she was working. She asked what was wrong. He felt like he should have a better handle on his life. He still felt like he was still trying to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up. She said she’d heard that from him before. He said he was very consistent. She told him he was still able to get her out of her own head and make her laugh. Chelsea was lurking in the background, and she saw Billy and Victoria.

Victoria thanked Billy for the chat. It helped, and she thought she might actually be able to get some sleep. She appreciated his friendship. He said he’d remind her of that the next time she told him to leave her alone. She said she knew. She left. Chelsea joined Billy and said it was impressive that Billy and Victoria were friends. In some ways, she always thought he and Victoria brought out the best in each other.

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