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Recap written by Christine

Abby and Chance were at home discussing her decision to delay the meeting with Devon to sign the custody agreement. Abby said once the papers were signed, it couldn’t be undone. It hurt knowing she couldn’t see her baby whenever she wanted. He promised they’d get through this together. She said she’d miss Dominic on a molecular level and she couldn’t relax when he wasn’t around. He asked if she was having second thoughts. She said no. Dominic was just as much a part of Devon as he was of her, and she couldn’t deny them the chance to share their lives and love. Chance hugged Abby and told her she was a great mom and that Dominic would always know how much they loved him.

Devon and Amanda were at Society. He was eager to get the papers signed, and he was unaware that Abby had postponed the meeting. He hoped that once the papers were signed, they could put all the tension behind them. Amanda hoped this was a good start for the future. As they were leaving for their meeting with Abby and Chance, they ran into Christine, who told them about Abby’s decision. Devon realized Abby had texted him about it, but his phone had been on silent. Devon was worried Abby was backing out of the agreement. Christine said not to jump to conclusions. Abby texted again that she was ready to meet. Everyone went to the Chancellor house.

Abby brought Dominic downstairs. He was supposed to be at his music class with Louise, but Abby decided he should be here with his family on this important day. The papers were signed, and once they were filed with the court, they’d be official. Christine was impressed with the way they handled this. Amanda thought Dominic was lucky to have so many people who loved him. Chance looked at Abby and said he felt they were the lucky ones to have such a great little kid and a good friend. Christine left. Devon thanked Abby and Chance. He knew it hadn’t been easy, and he knew it would take awhile for him and Abby to get back to where they were. She smiled and said she was fine. Devon wanted to hold Dominic, and Abby handed him over. Devon played with the baby, while a smiling Amanda watched. It was clearly hard for Abby, and she squeezed Chance’s hand. Chance mentioned that Dominic missed his music class. Abby said he loved it when she sang the songs. Devon asked if he could download the music from the class, so he could hear what the baby liked. Chance said they’d get him a link. Amanda suggested that Devon could accompany Abby and Chance to the class. It was clear from Abby’s expression that she didn’t love that idea. However, when Devon said he didn’t want to impose, Abby said it wouldn’t be an imposition. Abby added that Louise was happy to help out when Dominic was over at Devon’s place. Devon thought it’d be good for Dominic to have a familiar face in both places. Chance asked if they wanted to discuss overnight arrangements, but Devon didn’t think they had to do that now. Devon gave Dominic to Chance and thanked Abby and Chance for the beautiful gift.

After the guests left, Chance told Abby he was proud of the way she handled things, though he joked his hand was numb. He told her she could hold onto him as tight as she wanted, and she said the same went for him. He wanted to make a tradition of making time for each other whenever Devon had Dominic. He said they could go on a date, relax, take the cooking class she’d been talking about and make up on lost time. It sounded perfect to her.

Abby watched Dom sleep. Chance kissed her and went to make lunch. Abby called Ashley and said signing the papers was the hardest things he’d ever done, but she knew it was right.

Lily and Billy were in her office. She had a busy work schedule ahead, and she also wanted to see Devon after he signed the custody agreement. Lily had an interview with a reporter, and she said she’d find Billy in his office after she finished. He let her know he was leaving work to run some errands. She wondered what he was doing, and he said she’d see. He blew her a kiss and left.

Lily went to the penthouse and welcomed Devon to parenthood. He said he’d be coming to her for advice. She said that Dom was young, so Devon should just cherish this time and not worry about the future. They looked at a photo of Neil. Devon used one of Neil’s pen to sign the paperwork. He wished Neil and Dominic were here right now, so they could all celebrate. “You have me,” Lily said. Devon replied that it meant to world to him. He was thinking about how it felt when Neil and Dru brought him into the family. The feeling of becoming a son to two incredible people changed his life and gave him a life. He had big shoes to fill. She had no doubt he would.

At the Grand Phoenix, Jack asked if Phyllis made her travel arrangements for Milan. She was leaving today, and she was excited to see Summer. Nick came in, but he didn’t overhear what was being said. Phyllis said she was going to get some information on the job before she made a decision. She said she’d tell Jack about the job when they had dinner together. Nick walked over and said he wanted to have a fundraising dinner for New Hope at the hotel. Phyllis was happy to help. Jack left. Phyllis told Nick about the possible move to Milan.

Jack and Billy met at Crimson Lights. Billy was glad Jack’s business trip went well. Jack said Kyle deserved most of the credit – he’d really stepped into his own as a leader. Jack was also proud of Billy for dropping the fight with Adam and joining Lily at Chancellor. Billy asked why it looked like Jack just lost his best friend. Jack filled Billy in on Phyllis leaving town. He said he was going to have a bit of a hole in his life. Billy got the sense that Jack was hoping he and Phyllis would get back together. Jack said that he and Phyllis couldn’t ever get things on track, and maybe it was a good thing. Even with the best of intentions, he and Phyllis could never really sustain things. He told Billy not to take it as a dig. Billy said it was hard not to take it that way. Billy asked what it was about Phyllis that created such chaos and conflict, while also generating passion and devotion. “She is one beautiful conundrum,” Jack replied.

Back at the penthouse, Lily had some ideas for Dominic’s room. Devon wanted to put a sound system in the room so the baby could listen to music. Amanda came home after filing the papers with the court. Devon didn’t know how he’d get through this without Amanda. Amanda looked forward to the adventure with him and Dominic. They kissed. Billy showed up with two bottles of champagne. One for now, and one for Devon to save and share with an adult Dominic when he graduated from college or joined Hamilton-Winters.

Billy and Lily gave Devon a photo album for the baby. It was inscribed with a card welcoming Dominic to the Winters family. Devon couldn’t wait to fill the book with memories.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis liked the idea of working with her little girl and living in Milan. Nick asked what about Jack. He thought Jack and Phyllis were going to rekindle things. Phyllis said they were friends, and Jack was encouraging her to pursue this. Nick was supportive, as long as Phyllis was doing this for the right reasons. He said a change of scenery might be exactly what she needed. Phyllis was put out because it seemed like everyone wanted her to leave town except Amanda and Michael. Maybe [Amanda and Michael are] my only really good friends,” she said. Nick just stared. Jack returned with a gift he’d bought for Harrison, but he’d accidentally packed it in his luggage. Nick told Phyllis to have a great trip and left. Jack asked if Phyllis had a good talk with Nick. Phyllis said it was great – Nick seemed supportive of her move. Jack noted that Phyllis didn’t seem enthusiastic. She said she wasn’t. She rushed over and hugged him. “Tell me to stay. Tell me I’m wanted. Tell me I’m needed. Tell me you still love me. Tell me we have a future together like we’re supposed to,” she cried.

Jack asked Phyllis if everything was alright, which snapped her out of her daydream. She’d never admitted she wasn’t enthusiastic about the move, hugged him or poured her heart out to him. Jack had a meeting, and he also hoped Phyllis found what she was looking for. He asked if he could do something. At first she said yes, but then she changed her mind. He looked forward to their dinner. He left. Phyllis called for a car to the airport.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa told Mariah that she looked amazing. They were going to be meeting with an adoption attorney later. Mariah had texted Noah earlier and asked if he wanted to meet them for coffee, but he didn’t reply. Mariah could see that Tessa had been freaking out about something for a few days and trying to hide it so she didn’t upset Mariah. Mariah asked if it was cold feet or adoption jitters. Tessa assured her that it was neither. Mariah reminded Tessa that they didn’t keep secrets. Tessa said she found Noah drinking alone the other day. Mariah said she’d been too caught up in her own life to notice something was wrong with her brother. Tessa revealed that Noah basically admitted to having feelings for her. Tessa reiterated that Noah had been drinking, and he had a bad breakup in London. She stated that his life was in major flux, so she thought he was just nostalgic and caught up in the moment. Mariah asked what Noah said, exactly. Tessa explained that Noah brought up the engagement and said when you loved someone you wanted them to be happy. He’d said he loved Mariah, but…

Mariah surmised that it was clear that Noah meant he loved Tessa.

Tessa noted that Noah didn’t specifically say he was in love with her. She didn’t think Noah intended to act on his feelings for her. Mariah knew Noah wasn’t malicious, so she believed he genuinely was happy for them. She wasn’t angry. She felt sorry for Noah. She suggested Noah fixated on Tessa because she was out of reach. Tessa thought that made sense – Noah knew she was happily and irreversibly spoken for, so nothing could come of it. “That’s what I thought about my feelings for you way back when and yet…,” Mariah noted. Tessa said that was different because Mariah was the love of her life, and they were inevitable. Noah walked in on the pair holding hands.

Noah walked over and teased Mariah and Tessa about treating Crimson Lights like their living room. Noah meant to text Mariah back, but he’d been busy at work. He was meeting Nick here. Mariah teased Noah back about sucking up to the boss. Mariah and Tessa shared that they were meeting an adoption agent. He wished them well and checked his phone, then he excused himself. Tessa was pleased that the dynamic with Noah hadn’t changed.

Nick went to Crimson Lights and talked with Noah about business. Noah had accomplished a lot, and Nick said Noah was working hard. He wondered if Noah was throwing himself into work to avoid something. Nick asked if Noah was okay and if this had anything to do with Tessa. Noah said he was okay. He went inside to get some coffee, and he asked Tessa and Mariah if they wanted anything. Tessa went with Noah.

Noah said he got a weird vibe from Tessa and Mariah earlier. “You told her, didn’t you,” he sighed. He asked what possessed her to do that. She said she had to tell Mariah, and she didn’t do it to hurt or embarrass him. Noah said that Tessa misunderstood what he said. She seemed skeptical. She said more than once secrets almost ruined her relationship with Mariah. Tessa wasn’t going to let that happen again. Mariah meant everything to her. Noah said he wasn’t a threat to the relationship. Tessa knew. Noah said he could only imagine what Mariah thought of him. Tessa assured him that Mariah understood. She said they all wanted things to go back the way they were before. She knew he need time to process this, but she said she and Mariah were okay with things. Tessa told Noah that this would pass. Tessa said her life with Mariah was about to get bigger and wonderful than Tessa deserved, and she didn’t want Noah to think he couldn’t be part of that. She said her kid would need his uncle Noah, and she knew the right woman was out there for him.

Nick came inside and wished Tessa and Mariah luck as they left for their meeting with the adoption guru. Nick wanted to check how Noah was doing. Noah lied and said he just got a text from a friend who wanted to meet up. He left.

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