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Recap written by Christine

Michael tracked Victor down at Society. victor hadn’t been answering his phone, so Michael had to look all over for him. Michael said he found Ashland and Victoria in a hotel in NY. Ashland had been spotted meeting with a high end real estate broker. Victor surmised that the couple was looking for office space to start a new company.

Sally walked into Adam’s office, and he admired her new look, which he called understated, yet powerful. She said that was what she was going for. There was going to be a press conference headlined by Victor, announcing Sally as CEO of Newman Media and Adam as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Sally was nervous, so Adam gave her some tips. She said that being the man of the hour was familiar territory for him. He said this time was different and better than his previous stint running Newman. She said he had her now, and he replied that she made a huge difference. She predicted that today would be a turning point for them both. They kissed. Sally gave Adam advice on the statement he’d written, and he said she was right. Victor came in, and Adam asked for a moment with his dad, so Sally left. Adam reiterated his intention to use his time at the helm, however long that was, to show Victor what he was capable of. He promised to impress Victor. Victor said they both wanted Adam to excel. Adam felt his whole life had lead him to this moment, and he planned to make the most of it. Victor shook Adam’s hand.

Ashland woke up and came into the living room and saw Victoria enjoying a leisurely morning on the couch. He asked if she wanted to go to brunch. She assumed he didn’t hear the news that there was going to be a press conference announcing her successor. He’d heard, but he wasn’t sure she wanted to watch it. She said she didn’t want to miss one minute of this presser. He was surprised because he thought she would be irritated by it. She assumed he’d expected that because of the rumor that Adam would be named CEO. She was sure her father was naming Adam CEO in an attempt to get her mad enough to run back to Genoa City to defend her turf, not because he thought Adam would do a better job running Newman than she did. She said that Victor always played his kids above each other, and she was tired of it. He was impressed she was so nonchalant. She said she and Ashland left so she could break free.

Victoria said that her and her father’s patterns had become so entrenched that she knew what he was going to do before he did it. Ashland thought there was a certain satisfaction in knowing your rival’s every move. Victoria said no one had ever gotten her the way Ashland did – it was like they were kindred spirits. He just wished he’d recognized that from the beginning, like she did. She laughed and said he was a slow learner, but he was worth it. They were going to be meeting investors today, to seek funding for their new venture. He said he’d go change for the meeting, then they could watch the press conference together, in case it was tougher on her than she thought. She called him thoughtful and smiled. He left the room. She looked back to make sure he was gone, then she called Nick.

Victoria told Nick that everything was going exactly as she hoped. He asked if she’d tell them where she was. She was surprised Victor hadn’t sussed it out yet. She said they were in NY. She sent her congratulations to Adam. Nick asked Victoria to at least call Nikki. She said she would when the time was right. He asked if she was going to watch the press conference, and she said she didn’t think she’d have time because she and Ashland were meeting with some investors to try and get their next venture bankrolled. He asked if they were Ashland’s connections, and she said they were mostly hers. He asked if she was planning to start a company to compete with Newman. She said she didn’t call him to talk business. She had to get ready for the meeting, and she promised they’d talk again soon. The call ended.

Back in Genoa City, the press conference started. Victor said Newman Media expanded enormously in the past year – they merged with Locke Communications Group and they acquired Chancellor Communications and Newman Media. He said all this was done under the very capable leadership of his daughter, Victoria. He said Victoria stepped down for personal reasons, so he was appointing his son, Adam. Victor said Adam was intimately acquainted with this company and only someone who’d gathered the knowledge he did from Wall Street and someone who graduated from Harvard Business School was able to step in and steer this enormous ship. He said Adam was bold, innovative and right for the job.

In NY, Ashland told Victoria that he thought Victor’s last comment was aimed at her. She was sure of it. She noticed that Victor didn’t mention Ashland’s name once.

The press conference continued. Adam gave credit to his sister for pulling together the resources so Newman would thrive during these challenging times. He said he was going to integrate the assets so maximize profit and potential while at the same time keeping the values and philosophy of the founder – Victor Newman, who was at the heart of the company’s success. “My sister went on a shopping spree, but I’m the only one who knows what to do with all the stuff,” Ashland said, mocking Adam. Ashland said Adam was still sucking up to Victor even after he’d gotten the job. He asked if Victoria hadn’t had enough of watching this. She wasn’t ready to stop just yet.

Adam said he was leaving Newman Media in the hands of Sally Spectra. Victoria said she’d seen enough. She felt her father deserved everything that Sally and Adam were going to put him through. She was ready to get to their meeting.

When Ashland and Victoria got back from their meeting, they were in a good mood because it went well. Ashland loved the way he and Victoria had played off each other’s ideas. He couldn’t wait to run a company together again. He felt like that was what they were born to do, and he was sure her investor friends saw it. She said that it didn’t matter if the investors didn’t come through, since she and Ashland had enough money to fund the venture themselves. She wondered if that was what they should do, because it would give them total control. He said that meant they’d be taking all the risk. She knew, but the idea of the two of them going it alone and taking on the world together appealed to her. They smiled at each other.

Adam talked up Sally’s business skills to the press. Nick came in and whispered in Victor’s ear that he heard from Victoria. Victor left in the middle of the press conference to talk to Nick in the hallway. Adam took it in stride and took the reporter’s next question.

Victor asked if Victoria was upset about Adam’s promotion. Nick said Victoria said she and Ashland were fine, and in NY. Nick suspected Victor already knew Victoria was in NY. Victor wanted to hear what else Victoria said. Nick said Victoria and Ashland were looking for capital for a new business venture. Victor thought it was interesting that Nick was sharing this, since Nick and Victoria always kept each other’s secrets. Nick said he was doing the best he could in a difficult situation. He wanted Victoria to feel like she could tell him things without him using it against her. He’d been accused of that before, and it created a rift in their relationship. However, he also didn’t want Victoria getting more enmeshed with that creep. Victor didn’t want that either.

Later, Victor relayed the information he’d learned to Michael. Victor told Michael to discreetly approach the investors that Victoria and Ashland met with and convince them not to invest in Ashland’s new venture.

Summer went to the hotel to get Phyllis. Phyllis was supposed to be meeting Diane today to extend an olive branch. Phyllis was hesitant to go. Summer said she’d already arranged things with Diane. She hoped Phyllis wasn’t backing out at the last minute. “You’ve got to know how important this is to me. To my whole family,” Summer said. Phyllis said she was ready to go, but she stayed in her seat until Summer gently pulled her up by the arm.

At the park, Diane greeted Phyllis and Summer warmly. She asked about the purpose of the meeting. Summer said Phyllis had a chance to do some thinking while she was on vacation. Phyllis said she centered herself and gained perspective. Diane said the same process took her years. Phyllis called herself a fast learner and she said Diane had a lot to work through. Diane said Phyllis seemed like the type of person who had a lot of issues. Phyllis said she didn’t. Phyllis stated that she realized she didn’t want anger or resentment to rot her from the inside, the way it did to Diane. Phyllis said that she wanted to put the past behind them, starting today. Diane asked if Phyllis was saying this was a fresh start. Phyllis said she’d never forget what Diane did to her. Summer encouraged Phyllis to say she’d forgive. Diane noted that so many people had forgiven Phyllis over the years. Phyllis said she wasn’t going to dwell on the things Diane did to her. Phyllis suggested they consider this a truce. Diane said thanks and that Phyllis made her day.

Diane knew that couldn’t have been easy for Phyllis. Summer stated that when Diane showed up with no warning, it brought up a lot of painful memories for everyone. Diane knew, because everywhere she turned, people reminded her of the damage she’d done. Diane didn’t complain because she knew she deserved the rage. Phyllis agreed that Diane had it coming. Diane said that was why she was so impressed Phyllis found a way to let it go – that must be freeing. Phyllis said it must be freeing to get to cross someone off the long list of people who didn’t want her in town. Diane said it was meaningful to her, since they were part of the same extended family, and it was best if they got along. Phyllis said no one had a reason to give Diane a second chance, but Phyllis was going to do it. Phyllis thought it was unfortunate for Diane that she would face a lot of hostility from people in Genoa City. Phyllis said she wouldn’t be part of that though, because she wouldn’t make her daughter uncomfortable or make her choose sides. Diane knew Phyllis wasn’t doing this for her, but she appreciated the effort. Diane said she was pleasantly surprised Phyllis reached this level of serenity and maturity. She hoped Phyllis didn’t take that the wrong way. Phyllis said she didn’t, and she told Summer that they should go.

Phyllis was on edge in the hotel lounge. Summer invited Phyllis to lunch with her and Kyle. Phyllis said she had a lot of work to do. Summer was proud of Phyllis for calling a truce. Summer thought it would be good for Phyllis too, because it was unhealthy to center your life around hating someone. Phyllis agreed that she’d wasted a lot of her energy on this. Phyllis knew the negativity wasn’t good for Summer either. Phyllis said things were going well for Summer – she was married to Kyle, and she had this sweet little boy in her life, and she and Kyle were going to revitalize Marchetti. Phyllis said there was nothing she wouldn’t do for Summer, including making nice with that heifer. Phyllis corrected herself and called Diane Summer’s mother in law. Summer said she loved Phyllis, and they hugged

Jack and Kyle were at home discussing business. Jack was going to take over almost all of the CEO duties for Jabot immediately, because he knew Kyle and Summer would have their hands full wrapping up the acquisition, moving the company to the US etc. Jack got an alert for the Newman press conference which would officially announce Adam was the CEO. Talk shifted back to Kyle’s new role. Jack said he couldn’t be more proud. Kyle looked forward to the challenge and working with Summer again. He felt like everything was coming together. Jack asked if Diane was included in that.

Kyle said he and his mom were cool. She had been working to prove herself, and she hadn’t done anything wrong, as far as he knew. Kyle gave Diane the benefit of the doubt, but that didn’t mean he was ready to wipe the slate clean. Jack said good. He assured Kyle that there was no deadline. Kyle said he and Diane were taking things slow. Jack thought that was a good idea because deciding how much of a role Diane would have in his life was a big decision with lifelong implications. Part of Kyle wanted to wanted to let Diane all the way in and cling to her until the wounds healed, but then he thought back to when she was murdered. He used to scream into his pillow at night, because he felt he had to be brave for everyone. He said that kind of grief was exhausting at that age and the most traumatic thing he’d ever been through, then he found out it was a lie orchestrated by his own mother. Kyle thought Diane was saying all the right things, and she was good with Harrison.

Kyle badly wanted to trust Diane, but he was wary because things happened and he wondered if they were warning signs, for example, whatever happened with Jack and Phyllis. Kyle didn’t need details, but he said that Jack had admitted that whatever happened tied back to Diane. Jack promised he’d let Kyle know if Diane was up to her old tricks. Jack told Kyle not to let the thing with Jack and Phyllis affect his evaluation of his mother. Jack and Kyle watched the press conference, and they were mind-blown that Sally was heading up an entire division. Jack thought it was more mind-blowing that Victor allowed it. Jack wanted the best for Sally, and he was glad that keeping her in line was Adam’s job, not the Abbott’s.

Diane showed up to thank Kyle and Jack for the role she assumed they played in facilitating her meeting with Phyllis. Jack had no idea what Diane was talking about. Kyle said he knew it was happening, but he couldn’t take credit because that was all Summer and Phyllis’s work. Diane told Jack about the truce. She said if Summer was responsible, she owed her daughter in law a big thank you. Kyle said his wife was special. Summer texted Kyle and asked to meet at the hotel, so he left.

Jack congratulated Diane. He said the tiny little club of people she’d won over had a new member. She knew better than to think she’d won over Phyllis. Diane said not actively at war wasn’t the same thing as acceptance. She didn’t want to say this in front of Kyle, but Phyllis was so unpredictable that there was no telling how long this truce would hold. Jack asked if Diane didn’t think Phyllis was sincere. Diane thought that all depended on how you defined sincerity. Diane did think Phyllis made a sincere effort to rein in her hostility around Summer. Diane didn’t care what Phyllis’s motive was as long as she followed through. He asked if Phyllis explained why she had a change of heart. Diane said Phyllis said she did it for the kids’ sake, and Diane was sure there was some truth to that. Diane thought Phyllis also did it to impress Jack. She said Phyllis didn’t mention him by name, of course, because she wouldn’t want her daughter to find out how she used Jack to get back at Diane. Diane knew Jack didn’t want to talk about that, so she said she wouldn’t say more about it. She just wanted to suggest that Phyllis was doing the opposite – using Diane to try and make amends with Jack.

Jack had no idea what Phyllis was thinking when it came to Diane. He thought that Phyllis would have a better chance at keeping her word if Diane didn’t provoke her. Jack said Diane seemed to relish antagonizing Phyllis. Diane said she had no plans to kick the hornet’s nest. She was just glad Phyllis volunteered to back off, which reduced the number of people who were out for her blood. Phyllis texted Jack asking to talk. .

Kyle met Summer at the hotel bar. They were going to celebrate the truce. She crowed about pulling this off after he told her to stay out of their parents’ business. He said she made one hell of a diplomat. He shifted gears and revealed that he was thinking about hiring Diane at Marchetti. He asked how Summer felt about it. She was worried. She asked if he was sure he was ready for Diane to build a permanent life this close to him. He said he couldn’t erase what Diane put him through, and he wans’t sure the scars would ever fade, but he couldn’t send her away without trying, because if he did, he’d second guess his choice for the rest of his life. Summer said they’d do their best and see what happened.

Back at Newman, Sally read Adam some of the comments on social media about the press conference. It was very positive, for the most part. He gave her a gift, and she had one for him too. She got him his favorite scotch. It was her favorite now too. She brought up the day he introduced her to it. She said who would’ve guessed they’d end up on top of the world. Things started heating up, so they closed the office door.

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