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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Nikki told Victor that she hoped whatever this plan he had about Victoria worked. Victor didn’t have news, but he had a good feeling about this. Nikki said there was very little basis for Victor’s optimism. He looked at his phone and said that the pilot had some interesting news about the company jet. Nick joined his parents on the patio. Victor said the Newman pilot told him that Victoria filed a flight plan from NY to Genoa City. Nick asked how many passengers. Victor said Victoria was by herself. Nikki was relieved, but Nick thought they should wait and see what this meant. Billy walked up and wondered why everyone was so serious.

Victor told Billy that this was a family discussion and said he should go work on his stupid podcast. Billy said his team would be thrilled Victor listened. Billy wanted to hear what was going on with Victoria. He wasn’t happy he had to tell the kids Victoria moved away, but he was thrilled she finally broke free of the man who’d been pulling her strings since she was in diapers. Nick said they didn’t know anything specific, and this was a family matter. Billy was sure he’d hear from Victoria before they did, since they shared kids. He left. Nikki was glad Billy was gone, and Victor called him a pain in the ass. Nick said they needed to focus on Victoria instead of Billy.

Nikki hoped Victoria realized she made a mistake. However, she wondered if Victoria was coming back to confront Victor for discouraging all the potential investors. Nick suggested that Ashland realized he’d always be facing this level of hostility, and he decided to break things off with Victoria instead. Nikki couldn’t bear the thought of that man hurting Victoria again. Victor decided to believe Victoria was in control and that she chose to come home. Nikki asked what Victor was going to do about Adam. Victor wasn’t making any decisions until he talked to Victoria. Nick thought that was wise.

Victoria was in the suite packing her bags when Ashland came in and asked what was going on. He asked if she was sneaking off without him, and she said of course not. She asked why he was back so soon. He forgot his tablet, and he needed it to show proof that they could afford the building. He noted that they’d put their money in a joint account together. He wondered why she wasn’t at the lawyer’s office, like she said she’d be. Ashland noticed a text from Victor on Victoria’s phone. They both reached for her phone, but he got there first. “Jet is on the way. Are you alright?” Victor had said.

Ashland told Victoria not to lie to him. She said she wasn’t going to lie, since she had no reason to. She was taking a jet to Genoa City. He asked if Victor got to her somehow. She said this decision was hers and hers alone. He guessed this separation had been more challenging than she thought. She admitted she regretted some of the things she’d said to her family, but she did it out of necessity. He asked if she was having second thoughts about leaving her family. “I could never leave my family and the fact that you would think that shows how little you know me,” she replied. He was confused. He asked if she was going back to ask her family’s forgiveness without even telling him. She said she had every intention of telling him everything. She’d planned to have some time to compose herself before talking to him, but she said he came home early and caught her off guard.

You and I will not be forming a new corporation together. And this move to NY was not about starting a new life with you. It was a calculated move to cut ties with you. To end your connection with me and my family for good,” Victoria announced. She triumphantly said Ashland did everything she expected him to do – he’d agreed to invest his own money, and he transferred what was left of the 500 million her father gave him into a joint account. She’d drained that account, and now he had exactly what he deserved – nothing. “So maybe now you have a clearer understanding about exactly who I am and what you’re dealing with,” Victoria stated.

Ashland looked at his tablet and saw the bank account was empty. Victoria asked if he thought he had her so enraptured that he could do anything he wanted, and she’d just forgive him. “Every single minute we were together was a lie. It was a massive betrayal. I loved you. I cared about you while you pretended to be overwhelmed by your illness. I suffered at the prospect of watching you die over this nonexistent disease,” she said. Every day she’d felt dread about his death. Victoria said that when she found out the truth, it didn’t just break her heart – it crushed her. She knew he saved her life by pulling her from a burning car, but she wasn’t sure that he’d done it selflessly. He said he saved he because he couldn’t bear the thought of losing her. She said that wasn’t enough to erase what he’d done to her and her family. She didn’t think he deserved to get paid off by her dad, and she knew he only gave half the money to Nick to impress her. She decided not to let him take anything from her family, so she came up with a plan to get the money back by lying to him and deceiving him the way he did to her.

Victoria knew that Ashland had to win at all costs. She wasn’t sure he was even capable of remorse, and certainly not love. She said his fortune was gone, and she knew it hit him right where he lived. He calmly told her that this wasn’t what she wanted. Victoria asked how he’d know. She said she was able to fool him so easily because he thought he had this hold on her that no one could break. “Our love was not a scam. It was real,” he contended. Victoria said it was real on her part, and she’d held onto those residual feelings longer than she should’ve, but everything she said after she got back from Switzerland was a lie. He said he should’ve known something was wrong when she insisted on taking things slowly. She said he wanted to believe her, which was the secret of any successful con. He congratulated her on getting him. She was dying to know how it felt to be so completely wrong about her – to be bested and stripped of his ill-gotten gains. He told her she’d just committed fraud. She laughed and said that was rich coming from him, someone who’d lived his adult life under a fraudulent name, who built a fortune on a stolen inheritance and defrauded everyone into thinking he was dying of cancer. He said she was stooping to his level for money, or did she did this to prove she could do it. She dared him to accuse him of anything. She said she had proof of what he was capable of, and she could destroy his lie with one phone call. He asked if she felt triumph. He asked if it was worth it, and she said yes.

Ashland told Victoria that her father would be proud of who she’d become. She said it was so predictable that he’d use her relationship with her father to try and get her to second guess herself. She reiterated that this plan was all hers. She took satisfaction in crushing him the way he’d tried to crush her. She said she’d left him with nothing but what he had before he masqueraded his way into her life and tricked her into loving him. “Oh you know what – actually, it’s even less, because your company has been absorbed into Newman Enterprises. Your name and your presence are completely wiped from the building. And you are now what you always should have been. Nothing and no one,” she snapped. “I loved you with all my heart and soul,” he stated. She’d predicted he’d say that, but she said he didn’t have a heart or soul. Ashland asked what Victoria expected him to do. She thought he saw her as someone he could manipulate, and as someone who couldn’t live without him. She said she was looking forward to living without him, and she didn’t care what he did. She didn’t want to see or hear from him ever again. She took her bags and left, leaving the door open. He slammed the door shut.

At her office, Sally told Adam that Chloe didn’t have to like him to be an amazing right hand for Sally. He conceded the point. He wanted Sally to have whatever she needed here, and if she wanted Chloe, he supported that. Sally thought Chloe might end her partnership with Chelsea, and Sally wanted to scoop Chloe up before anyone else did. Adam said he saw Chelsea earlier, and she was struggling, and true to form, she was using work as a crutch. Sally thought Chloe was at the end of her rope. Adam said things would be even more of an issue if Chelsea accepted the gig to do a line for Marchetti. Sally was shocked Marchetti was switching designers. Adam explained that Chloe didn’t want Chelsea to take the job at Marchetti, because she didn’t think Chloe could handle the workload she already had. Adam knew Chloe was right, and he’d told Chelsea as much. Adam said Chelsea wasn’t listening to reason. Sally said that she could tell Chloe had just about had it, and it was causing a strain on the partnership and the friendship. Sally suggested that parting ways was the best for both Chelsea and Chloe.

Adam called Sally Madame CEO and told her to hire Chloe. He warned her again that Chloe hated him and always would. Sally asked if Adam hated Chloe back. He didn’t have a problem with Chloe. He had total faith in Sally’s judgment. She said he was the only one to ever say that. He didn’t think that his old conflict with Chloe would be a stumbling block, but he just wanted Sally to keep that in mind during negotiations. Sally said she’d just focus on how great it was to work here and what a fabulous job she knew Chloe would do. Adam said now that the media division was in good hands, he’d focus on different areas. He thought dissolving the partnership would be good for Chelsea, so she could take the job at Marchetti. Sally loved how supportive Adam was of the people who mattered to him, including her. They smiled at each other. He got a text about the Newman jet being on en route to NY. He’d booked it to go to Pittsburgh with Connor for a ballgame tonight. He figured Victor must be the one who bumped him, since he was one of the few people with the authority to do so.

Adam wondered why Victor would be going to NY. He called the pilot to ask what was going on, and he was shocked to learn that Victoria was the one who requested the jet. Adam was deflated when he got off the phone. He said the prodigal daughter was coming home, and he was going to get fired. Sally told Adam not to jump to the worst case scenario. He told her she didn’t know these people like he did – Machiavellian behavior was the Newman stock and trade. Sally said that the way Adam described the big blowout with Victoria and the family, where she cut everyone off and left town to parts unknown, didn’t sound like the actions of a woman who planned to come back.

Sally suggested that Victoria regretted the way she’d talked to her family, and she was coming back to make peace with them, while continuing her life with Ashland. Adam said that could be, or maybe Ashland already pulled some new crap that opened Victoria’s eyes. Sally said that if Victoria forgave Ashland’s cancer lies, she probably wasn’t going to turn on him that quickly. Adam said there was a lot they didn’t know. Sally agreed with that. Sally said that even if Victoria was coming to try and get her job back, she’d have Adam to contend with. “Look, we have come way to far, babe. Don’t panic,” Sally said. She told him that he needed to keep a clear head right now. He thanked her and said they had to get more information and figure out what they were dealing with, so they could act accordingly.

Adam found his family still on the Crimson Lights patio. Victor had just announced that the jet would be landing in NY in a couple hours. Nick said that meant Victoria would be home tonight. Adam walked up and said he’d reserved the jet to take Connor to take Connor to see a Brewers/Pirates game. He was annoyed his request was bumped for Victoria, who wasn’t even an employee of the company, and last he checked, didn’t want to be part of the company. Nikki asked if Connor and Adam couldn’t fly commercial. There weren’t any available flights, and Adam said Connor was going to be crushed. Adam felt entitled to know why Victoria was coming to Genoa City and whether this was more than a visit.

At Society, Chelsea and Chloe clashed. Chelsea didn’t think she needed to send a bunch of apologetic texts for being five minutes late. Chloe said Chelsea was over an hour late, and she was being bitchy and picking fights and she wasn’t meeting deadlines. Chelsea said she’d been under a lot of stress too, in case Chloe hadn’t noticed. Chloe had noticed, and she’d tried every way she could to help Chelsea navigate the emotional ups and downs, and all she got in return were put downs and snark. Chloe said things couldn’t go on this way.

Chelsea asked if Chloe was planning to quit and leave her in the lurch. “You wouldn’t possibly consider dissolving our partnership because without me there is no business,” Chelsea snapped. Chloe groused about Chelsea going from zero to sixty. Chloe never said she was quitting. She just wanted to find a better way to work as partners and communicate without Chelsea getting so angry and defensive. Chelsea couldn’t believe she was hearing this from her supposed best friend. Chelsea said collaborations didn’t always go smoothly. Chelsea said not everyone could do what she did. “I am sick of you not appreciating what I bring to the table,” Chelsea said. Chloe was offended Chelsea would say that after all Chloe had done for her.

Chloe contended that she’d come through for Chelsea many times. Chloe knew Chelsea’s medical issues weren’t her fault, but they’d taken her down a dark path, and she’d made Chloe an unwitting co-conspirator. Chelsea thought it was clear that Chloe still held a grudge against her for that. Chloe didn’t hold a grudge, but she said Kevin worked for the police, and if her part in this had come out, they would’ve been in a lot of trouble. Chelsea said that was why she went along with Victor’s plan and confessed and went to the hospital – to protect Chloe. “So please don’t act like this is a one-sided friendship,” Chelsea said. Chloe said that she’d been there when Chelsea wasn’t able to work. Chloe had even worked for Adam to buy Chelsea time. She set up the whole fashion platform so Chelsea had a soft place to land. Near tears, Chloe said she did what it took to keep things going, even though Chelsea kept her dangling, claiming that she wasn’t even sure she wanted the job. Chloe had practically begged Chelsea to take the job, because she knew it would be good for Chelsea and she loved working with her. Chelsea said it didn’t seem like that lately. Chloe found it hurtful and incomprehensible that Chelsea would suggest she wasn’t being a good enough friend or that she didn’t appreciate Chelsea’s talent. Chloe was trying to make the partnership work, but she was also trying to preserve the friendship.

Chloe wanted to focus on solving the work problem. “By which you mean me,” Chelsea replied. Chloe said every time she offered advice or showed concern, Chelsea lashed out and took it personally. Chelsea felt Chloe made it personal because she wouldn’t back off when Chelsea asked her to. Chloe started to say Chelsea was wrong. Chelsea yelled that she was speaking. Chelsea said designing for Marchetti would be a dream, and Chloe wouldn’t even consider it. Chloe just wanted Chelsea to consider that she might be taking on too much. Chelsea didn’t want to be managed. Chloe felt she was just being a responsible partner. Chelsea thought Chloe was being controlling and patronizing. “When I insist I know my own limits, you throw the past in my face. Like I don’t have the emotional fortitude to do my job. It is insulting.” Chelsea exclaimed. Chelsea said Chloe’s attitude wasn’t working. “So if you want out, by all means, be my guest,” Chelsea said.

Chelsea stormed out of Society and past Billy. He asked if she was okay, and she said no. He turned around and followed her to the park. She told him that Chloe was getting on her nerves. He thought it was like that when you worked with people you cared about. He and Lily had their moments of disagreeing too, but they always talked and came to an understanding. She said it used to be that way with Chloe, but lately, Chloe was always pushing her buttons. He said the people who knew you best always did. She admitted he was right. She wondered if she was projecting onto Chloe. She said that Chloe had been the best friend she’d ever had. Billy told Chelsea not to start a podcast because it would be a downer and really boring. That made her laugh, and she asked if she’d really said that to him. He said she said that exactly. She said she actually got through to him. He said nothing got to him. Chelsea told Billy not to take it to heart.

Billy said he did take what Chelsea said to heart, because deep down, he knew she was right. She admitted, deep down, he was right about Chloe knowing her well enough to get a rise out of her. Chelsea guessed on some level, what Chloe said made sense. “Maybe I’m not good at gauging my limitations,” Chelsea said. Billy smiled and commented on him and Chelsea acting so maturely.

Sally went back to Society and sat with Chloe. Chloe admitted she was in a lousy mood. Sally wasn’t surprised. She saw Chelsea storm out earlier. Sally was there to offer Chloe an alternative.

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