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Anna looks to sneak out of the DiMera Mansion with her bags packed but Tony catches her at the door and questions where she is going.

Gwen questions Ava wanting to bust her out. Ava points out that they did it before when they helped Kristen escape. Gwen asks what the catch is. Ava says there’s not one as she knows she let her down and she’s trying to make up for it. Ava asks if Gwen is in.

Sarah recognizes Xander in the hospital. Xander excitedly asks if it’s really her. Sarah confirms that it is and asks Maggie what’s going on. Maggie notes that her voice is normal and asks if this means she’s alright. Sarah says she’s fine and asks why they look like they are going to cry. Xander declares that they are both so happy. Xander exclaims that it worked and hugs Sarah. Xander says she is herself again. Maggie is thankful they gave her the antidote. Sarah questions what they are talking about. Xander promises to explain everything soon. Sarah asks what’s going on and why she’s in the hospital. Xander reveals that she was drugged but thankfully the antidote worked. Sarah questions that but Maggie says it’s a long story and they will get to it at some point. Xander declares that all that matters is that Sarah is with them again and herself, so they are very grateful. Xander hugs Sarah again.

Gwen goes over Ava throwing her under the bus, ruining her life, and now she’s eager to help her. Gwen asks what she is missing here. Ava says she feels guilty since Gwen is paying the price when Kristen should be behind bars. Gwen points out that Kristen didn’t help her switch out the antidote with the drug on Sarah as she did that on her own. Gwen adds that she and Xander are over now anyway. Ava says she’s sorry about that and she gets it, noting that she’s done a lot worse to hang on to the men she loves. Gwen tells Ava to get the hell out with her offer. Ava tells Gwen to be realistic that she has nowhere and no one to help her, so she is all Gwen has. Ava declares that it’s Gwen’s choice if she wants to languish in prison all alone.

Anna claims to Tony that she was taking a bunch of clothes that she never wears to the community center. Tony questions her taking them in a suitcase. Tony knows Anna is scared because her trial starts tomorrow but that doesn’t mean she will be convicted. Anna disagrees since Melinda is out for blood, Victor has the judge in his pocket, and Maggie is hellbent on making her pay for what she did to Sarah. Tony argues that Anna can’t just take off like that. Anna responds that she can and will as she has no choice and there is nothing he can do to stop her. Tony questions Anna planning to leave without even saying goodbye. Anna says it was to avoid implicating him as he can’t be caught aiding a criminal. Tony argues that she’s his wife so he wants to help her. Anna complains that she doesn’t deserve his help since he kept telling her that Sarah was no threat to their marriage and wasn’t really Renee, but she didn’t listen. Tony demands that Anna listen now as he tells her that she can’t just leave. Anna cries that it’s time for her to pay for what she did to Sarah.

Maggie and Xander leave Sarah’s room. Maggie expresses her regret for not agreeing to Sarah getting the antidote sooner. Xander encourages her to have no regrets as she was worried it was too risky, so she had every right to be worried. Xander declares that Sarah is back and that’s all that matters now. Maggie says there’s something she has to take care of. Xander questions her going now. Maggie says Sarah is okay and Kayla could be in with her for while. Maggie tells Xander to call if he needs her and promises she won’t be long as she then exits the hospital.

Gwen asks Ava what happens to her deal with Melinda if she accepts her offer. Ava says nothing as she held up her end of the bargain but Gwen escaping is not her problem. Gwen points out that the cops could find out that Ava helped her. Ava isn’t worried and doesn’t see Gwen having any better offers. Ava warns Gwen that time is running out. Ava gives Gwen her number to a burner phone if she decides to call her. Ava reminds Gwen that the clock is ticking as she then exits the interrogation room. Jack then enters the room, surprising Gwen as she thought he had washed his hands of her for good. Jack acknowledges that he led her to believe that and admits he’s sad and angry about what she’s done in the past. Jack is sure she knows that hurting Abigail hurt him, but she’s had a lot of pain in her life and he believes that’s the reason she’s caused a lot of pain so he wants to help her stop doing that. Jack adds that in spite of it all, she is his daughter and a part of him. Gwen calls that very kind. Jack argues that Gwen has it in her to do the right thing and she proved it when she told Xander where to find the antidote. Gwen feels it was the least she could do and she hopes it works and that Sarah recovers. Jack believes that Gwen can recover too from this impulsion for revenge and this need to get what she wants regardless of consequences. Gwen asks if Jack is saying that he has faith in her which he confirms. Jack assures that he cares about her, always has and always will. Jack then reveals that he asked Justin to represent her and he has agreed to take her case.

Anna tells Tony that she’s sorry but her mind is made up and she has to leave, so she’s sorry but this is the end of the road for them. Tony calls that so sad and heartbreaking. Anna agrees but says she really has to go. Tony asks if she really thought he was going to let her flee. Anna responds that he has no choice. Anna says goodbye to Tony and that she will love him forever. Anna opens the door to leave, right as Maggie arrives. Maggie asks if she’s going somewhere. Anna says she has a very important errand to run. Maggie says she needs to talk to her. Anna tells her it will have to wait. Maggie really thinks she will want to hear this now as she knows her trial starts tomorrow. Maggie then reveals that she has decided to drop the charges.

Xander returns to Sarah’s room as Kayla finishes checking her out. Kayla reports that Sarah seems to be just fine. Sarah confirms that she is and asks if anyone wants to tell her what drug she was injected with. Kayla informs Sarah that she was given a dangerous psychotropic. Xander adds that it was by Kristen DiMera which shocks Sarah. Kayla confirms it caused a lot of damage. Xander notes that she hasn’t been herself for quite some time but he’s thankful she is back to normal now. Sarah responds that she has a lot of questions but for now she will just say thank you to them for taking care of her. Xander declares that having her back is all the thanks they need. Sarah asks if they can get the ball rolling on her release now. Kayla wants to do a few more scans to make sure everything is fine, so she goes to check with radiology. Xander tells Sarah that there are no words to express what it means to be here with her now. Xander tells Sarah that he missed her so much. Sarah assures that she’s right here and it seems like it’s been a long time as she then kisses him. Xander can’t believe it and calls it amazing to have her back in his arms again. Sarah says for her it feels like just yesterday. Xander says he’s been wishing for this ever since she left him and he can’t wait to take her home. Kayla returns and announces that radiology will see her now. Xander asks how long it will be. Kayla doesn’t know but promises to let Xander know as soon as she does. Xander tells Sarah that he’ll see her in a bit. Sarah says she can’t wait. Xander exits to go text Maggie.

Anna is shocked and questions Maggie dropping the charges. Maggie explains that if Gwen hadn’t switched the vials, what Anna did would have brought Sarah back to them that day so what Anna did wasn’t terrible. Anna feels it was terrible, thoughtless, and wreckless. Anna tells Maggie that she’s truly sorry for what she put her through and she’s so grateful that Sarah will be okay. Anna thanks Maggie for telling them and dropping the charges, expressing how grateful she is. Maggie decides to get back to the hospital. Tony sends their best to Sarah as Maggie exits. Anna exclaims that she can’t believe she is free. Tony is glad she didn’t go on the run as he kisses her.

Jack informs Gwen that if she pleads guilty to the lesser charges, Justin thinks he can get her sentence knocked down to 5 years. Jack points out it’s nowhere near what she’d be facing if a jury found her guilty, so he’d say it’s a gift considering what she’s done. Gwen worries that Melinda Trask doesn’t really give out gifts. Jack points out that she’d be saving the city the expense of a trial, so if she agrees to all of this then it could be settled very quickly. Gwen takes that to mean she could be going to prison very quickly. Jack insists that this is not the end as if she makes smart and good choices, it could be a whole new beginning. Jack tells her to call Justin if she decides to accept but warns her not to wait too long. Gwen emotionally thanks Jack. Jack wipes tears from his eyes as he exits the room.

Anna and Tony have champagne and toast to her freedom. Anna repeats to Tony that she really is sorry for everything as she was thinking about herself and never of him throughout this whole ordeal. Anna knows now that Tony only went along with Sarah’s delusions because facing the truth would’ve been too hard for her and she was so mad with jealousy that she couldn’t see that. Tony knows he hurt her as well, but he felt he had to help Sarah, maybe because he wasn’t able to help Renee all those years ago and he couldn’t stop her life from ending so tragically. Tony knows Anna might not want to hear this, but he did love Renee. Anna feels they should go down to the DiMera Crypt to pay their respects to Renee because she would do anything for him. Tony thanks her.

Kayla gets Sarah back in her hospital bed. Maggie arrives and says Xander texted her and that he will be back soon. Sarah asks if they can just go home. Kayla goes to get her test results. Sarah tells Maggie how badly she wants to get out of the hospital gown and take a shower in her own bathroom. Sarah jokingly asks about why her hair is in pigtails. Sarah guesses she’s been here awhile which Maggie admits. Sarah hates the pigtails so Maggie offers to cut them. Sarah agrees and says she and Xander like her hair better short.

Xander goes to the interrogation room which surprises Gwen. Xander mentions seeing Jack outside and telling him the good news that the antidote worked. Gwen says that’s really good and she’s glad he told her. Xander thanks Gwen. Gwen repeats that she’s glad it worked out. Xander asks what’s going on with her now. Gwen informs him that Jack hired Justin to represent her and he says he can get her sentence down to 5 years if she pleads guilty to the lesser crimes. Xander asks if she’s going to do it. Gwen responds that she doesn’t know yet. Gwen tells Xander that this probably the last time they are going to see each other, so there’s something she’d like to say to him.

Maggie cuts Sarah’s hair. Sarah tells her that it’s perfect as Maggie comments that she looks like her old self again. Sarah says she feels like her old self and thanks her. Maggie worries about losing her again but Sarah assures she’s not going anywhere. Maggie tells her that she missed her so much and she loves her as they hug.

Gwen reminds Xander of when they first met and she couldn’t stand him as she found him insufferable, arrogant, annoying, and obnoxious but then she saw another side to him, a softer side. Gwen states that Xander felt deeply for her and he was so in to her, making so many sacrifices to protect her from her lies. Gwen brings up Xander disposing a body, going to jail, and giving up a million dollars all to protect a woman so desperate to have a relationship with her father that she became a hurricane of destruction. Gwen talks about spending her life deprived of love and affection and then having someone walk in to your life who genuinely cares about you. Xander understands you do anything to hold onto them. Gwen says that Xander is the only one who ever got it or understood her. Gwen declares that no one has ever been there for her the way that Xander has before and she blew it all to Hell. Gwen cries that Xander gave her his heart and she was so afraid of losing it, that she absolutely crossed the line by keeping Xander from the woman he truly loved. Gwen admits she was wrong and she will always regret it. Gwen adds that through all of her mistakes and everything it has cost her, she also received the most wonderful gift from him and that was the gift of love. Gwen says that Xander made her realize that she is worthy of love and capable of loving someone else too. Gwen removes her engagement ring and tells Xander that it belongs to him now, even though she will really miss wearing it. Gwen passes the ring across the table and wishes him happiness for he and Sarah. Xander thanks Gwen and says he should get back to the hospital. Xander guesses this is goodbye. Gwen says goodbye to Xander as he then exits the room. Gwen then breaks down crying.

Tony and Anna go to the DiMera Crypt. Tony stops her and asks if she’s sure she wants to go inside with all that has gone on there recently. Anna thinks the worst is behind them since Ben and Johnny are both free, Andre is a pile of dust, and the Devil is on the run. Anna thinks they have nothing to be afraid of, so they should go in and do what they came to do, and then go back to their champagne celebration. Anna and Tony then head in to the DiMera Crypt.

Gwen calls Ava, who is walking through the town square. Ava comments that was fast. Gwen reminds her that Ava said she didn’t have time. Ava assumes Gwen has decided to say yes then but Gwen reveals that it’s actually a no. Gwen thanks Ava as her offer helped clarify some things for her and for the first time in her life, she’s going to take responsibility for what she has done. Gwen states that it’s only 5 years in prison. Ava argues that’s not nothing. Gwen feels she has a chance to make things right and if she takes it, she might actually have a chance of having a family again. Gwen knows there’s no guarantees but repeats what Jack said that if she makes good and smart choices, then this could be a new beginning for her. Ava wishes her luck. Gwen thanks her and says she will need it.

Xander returns to Sarah’s room and is excited to see Sarah’s haircut. Sarah tells him that Maggie cut it. Xander says she looks beautiful. Sarah asks if he saw Kayla on the way in. Xander confirms that he did and she said she would let them know as soon as she can leaves. Sarah complains of being tired of waiting. Xander asks if he can get her anything. Sarah responds that the one thing she wants desperately is to see her baby, which shocks Xander and Maggie.

Tony and Anna visit the DiMera Crypt where Anna places roses at Renee DuMonde’s headstone. Anna knows it’s ironic but says despite everything that happened between them, she’s sorry that Renee was taken from the world so soon and she hopes that she’s in a better place now. Tony calls that lovely while she says now it’s his turn to say whatever he wants. Anna steps aside to give him a moment. Tony gets on his knees and talks about his relationship with Renee. Tony declares that it may be too little, too late, but he did love her deeply and he’ll never forget her. Anna comments that there must have been some good in Renee for him to have loved her. Tony thanks Anna and calls her the love of his life. Tony thinks they have finished what they came to do, so they go to leave but Anna finds a pacifier on the ground. Tony wonders where that came from. Anna guesses it must be Ciara’s baby’s and that Allie must have brought him here. Tony wonders where they are now.

In Loving Memory of Philece Sampler (Renee DuMonde) 1953-2021

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