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Update written by Joseph

Leo visits Gwen in prison. Gwen says she didn’t expect to see him so soon. Leo sits down and informs her that he has something to tell her about her sister.

Lucas wakes up in his hotel room with a hangover, complaining of a headache. Lucas sits up and sees the bottle of alcohol next to him in bed as he flashes back to stealing the bottle from the Brady Pub. Lucas wonders what the hell he did last night.

Steve and Kayla sit together at the hospital. Steve says it doesn’t seem real. Kayla talks about Abigail just being there for a physical and being in perfect health. Kayla cries that Abigail was full of energy and enthusiasm for life. Jack and Jennifer arrive at the hospital. Kayla and Steve hug them as they cry.

Chad returns home to the DiMera Mansion. He slowly enters the living room and imagines Abigail waiting for him inside as he starts to cry.

Lucas tells himself that he can’t blame this on losing Adrienne or his son. Lucas says it’s all on himself and calls himself a loser, weak, and pathetic. Lucas grabs the bottle to throw it across the room but drops it in pain when he realizes a large cut on his hand. Lucas complains that he can’t remember anything after finishing the bottle. Lucas urges himself to think as he obviously hurt his hand. Lucas prays to God to not have let him hurt anyone else…

Steve and Kayla tell Jack and Jennifer how sorry they are and that they are here if they need anything. Kayla asks if they want to go to her office. Steve offers to get them tea or food. Jennifer responds that she would like to see her daughter. Kayla takes Jennifer’s hand and brings her and Jack to go see Abigail.

Chad cries until the doorbell rings. His vision of Abigail disappears so he yells for her to come back. Chad then goes to answer the door to see Rafe. Rafe hates to bother him at a time like this and says he’s so sorry for his loss. Chad doesn’t want his sympathy, he wants Rafe to tell him who did this to his wife.

Leo reveals to Gwen that Abigail was murdered as someone stabbed her to death in her bedroom. Gwen asks if it was Leo.

Chad asks Rafe who did this to his wife. Rafe says they will find out and talks about the team being here all night gathering evidence, so everything is at the lab now being tested. Chad asks if they found the murder weapon. Rafe says not yet. Chad asks if there are any suspects. Rafe assures they have every available officer out there looking, chasing leads, and searching but they don’t have anyone in custody yet. Chad asks what Rafe is doing here then. Rafe responds that he wanted to see the crime scene and ask some questions himself. Chad tells him to ask then. Rafe wants Chad to go with him to the bedroom. Rafe tells Chad to take his time and they will do it whenever he’s ready. Chad asks if going up there is going to help catch the person who did this and send them straight to Hell. Rafe says yes, so Chad decides he’s ready and heads upstairs. Chad approaches the bedroom and has flashbacks of being with Abigail the last time. Rafe removes the caution tape and tells Chad to take his time as they head inside. Chad steps in and recalls finding Abigail’s bloody body on the bed.

Kayla brings Jack and Jennifer in to see Abigail’s body. Jennifer screams no and breaks down crying when Kayla uncovers Abigail. Jennifer asks for a moment alone with her. Kayla tells her to take all the time they need as she exits.

Leo questions why Gwen would think he killed Abigail. Gwen points out that Leo was in her house last night. Leo argues that she sent him there. Gwen feels he was obviously lying in wait. Leo insists he was working out a plan for revenge which did not include him going all Norman Bates. Gwen responds that if anyone understands, it’s her. Gwen understands the rage he felt when entering Abigail’s bedroom and got the revenge he so wanted. Leo flashes back to being in the DiMera Wine Cellar and putting a knife from his breakfast in to his bag.

Rafe tells Chad that they took the bedding for analysis. Rafe asks about a box in the room. Chad says there is some of Abigail’s jewelry and some cash in it. Rafe notes that it looks like the lock has been tampered with and asks if it’s always been that way. Chad says no. Chad then opens the box and finds it is now completely empty. Rafe asks for a list of everything that was in it. Chad says he’ll send some photos that were taken for insurance purposes. Chad asks if Rafe thinks this was a robbery gone wrong. Rafe says it’s hard to say as some of the pricey items were still there like Abigail’s laptop, so maybe someone just wanted to make it look like a robbery. Chad comments that there was so much blood. Rafe wonders if it wasn’t all Abigail’s or if some of it belonged to someone else. Rafe says they both know Abigail was a fighter, so whoever did this probably has wounds of their own…

Lucas goes to the Brady Pub with his hand wrapped. Lucas asks Roman if Kate is there. Roman says no as she went to go see Chad. Lucas says good because that means he has a little time before Kate kills him for standing her up last night. Roman realizes that Lucas hasn’t heard and tells him to have a seat. Lucas hopes it has nothing to do with The Devil and one of his kids. Roman responds that it’s not easy to say, so he’s just going to say it. Roman informs Lucas that Abigail was murdered last night.

Jennifer cries that Abigail looks so peaceful, like she’s sleeping. Jennifer talks about Abigail overcoming every challenge in life and how she always reminded her of her mother Laura. Jennifer says nothing will ever make her as proud as she is to be Abigail’s mother. Jennifer looks up and prays for Laura to take care of Abigail now. Jennifer cries that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do without her. Jack hugs Jennifer as she breaks down crying.

Leo tells Gwen that it’s a really nice story but he did not kill Abigail DiMera. Gwen apologizes and says she had to ask since he was at her house last night. Gwen asks if Leo saw anything and if he was in Abigail’s bedroom at all. Leo flashes back to hiding in the bathroom but tells Gwen that he wasn’t. Leo then tells Gwen that he has his own question. Leo points out that Gwen called him all hot and bothered about Abigail breaking her mug. Leo said that Gwen was so mad that she told him to find the nearest sharp object and use it to stab Abigail through the heart. Gwen thought he had a question. Leo then asks if Gwen followed through with her instruction by herself. Leo asks if Gwen killed Abigail.

Chad asks Rafe if he thinks it was a robbery. Rafe repeats that it’s possible but assures they will find them and follow every lead. Rafe declares they will not stop until they get justice for Abigail. Rafe tells Chad to call him if he needs anything as he then exits the room. Chad sits down on the floor.

Gwen asks Leo how she could possibly have killed Abigail when she’s locked up in prison 24 hours a day. Gwen flashes back to sneaking back in to the visiting room and the guard asking where she had been after missing bed check. Gwen claims the place is surrounded. Leo says he knows, but of all the ways Abigail could’ve died, it happened exactly the way Gwen wanted it to and she sure wanted it to happen. Gwen admits she had motive but not the means or opportunity, so she calls it not possible.

Chad gets up and shuts Abigail’s empty jewelry box. Chad then imagines Abigail appearing again in the room and wanting to make a baby. Chad cries that they can’t, even though he wants that so much, because she goes. Chad cries for Abigail to tell him what to do. Chad asks how to tell their children that they are never going to see their mother again.

Jennifer tells Jack to go to Abigail. Jack doesn’t want to say goodbye. Jennifer encourages him to just say whatever is in his heart. Jack then sits at Abigail’s side and cries that he’s sorry for so many things. Jack apologizes for never being the father she deserved, for being selfish, and for always falling short. Jack declares that he will regret taking her for granted and assuming they had all the time in the world. Jack says he was starting to get the hang of being a good dad and they were getting closer. Jack talks about Abigail making him proud, inspiring him, teaching him, and giving him hope. Jack says Abigail was his light that kept him going and helped him find his way. Jack states that now that’s been taken away and he doesn’t know if he will ever find his way out of this darkness. Jennifer hugs Jack.

Chad cries that maybe he could just hold Abigail one last time but then his vision of her disappears and he breaks down crying, then gets up and leaves the room.

Leo points out to Gwen that it’s not like people haven’t busted out of prison. Gwen argues that was people with cash, connections, or the last name DiMera, none of which she has. Leo supposes that’s true. Leo says if she didn’t do it and he didn’t do it, it would appear somebody else did their dirty work for them.

Lucas breaks down crying after Roman tells him about Abigail. Roman says he’s so sorry as he knows how much Lucas loved his niece. Lucas cries that she was an angel and what happened to her is unimaginable. Lucas says it takes him back to losing Will and no parent should ever have to feel that pain. Roman asks if there’s anything he needs or anything he can get him. Roman then notices Lucas’s hand and asks what he did there. Lucas calls it nothing to worry about and complains of a headache, so he asks for an aspirin which Roman then goes to get. Lucas then thinks back to Kate telling him that Chad told Abigail about Lucas kidnapping Sami. Lucas then looks over at the alcohol behind the bar and worries, wondering what he did.

Kate goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Chad that she’s so sorry. Kate tries to hug him but Chad steps back and questions if she is sorry. Kate says of course she is sorry and heartbroken, questioning where this is coming from. Kate asks what she did wrong. Chad tells her to tell him. Kate says she’s lost. Chad reminds Kate of their conversation yesterday where he gave her the enormous courtesy of telling her that he told Abigail the truth about Lucas and she completely lost it. Kate says she was shocked and surprised. Chad shouts that Kate lost it and ripped in to him about not keeping his mouth shut. Kate argues that she was concerned about her son. Chad screams that Kate was scared out of her mind that Abigail was going to share what she knew, even after he told her she had nothing to worry about and that Abigail wouldn’t tell anyone, Kate said that wasn’t good enough. Chad yells that Kate needed assurances that Abigail wouldn’t tell anyone that Lucas kidnapped Sami. Chad then mocks the idea of keeping his voice down and screams that no one is here. Chad shouts that EJ is at Marlena’s with the kids, Tony and Anna are gone, Harold is off, and his wife is dead. Chad asks if that’s good enough for Kate’s assurance. Kate cries questioning that Chad thinks she killed Abigail to keep her quiet. Chad then asks Kate if she did.

Leo tells Gwen that he’s sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Gwen doesn’t seem so broken up about it. Gwen says she does feel bad for Jack, but Leo must be ecstatic about the unexpected assist. Leo clarifies that he wanted revenge against Abigail badly but he thinks what happened to her is horrible and makes him sick. Gwen calls that revisionist since he was just joking about wanting to slit Abigail’s throat. Leo insists that he was joking and then says he has to go. Gwen thanks him for filling her in. Leo says he’s sorry for her loss and then exits the prison.

Kayla brings Jennifer to the Brady Pub. Roman hugs Jennifer and says he’s so sorry. Jennifer then hugs Lucas, crying that she’s so glad to see him.

Kate can’t imagine the pain Chad is going through but says she knows that he can’t think she was involved in Abigail’s death. Chad responds that he doesn’t think she planned it. Kate asks what that means. Chad thinks after their talk, Kate couldn’t shake her worry about Lucas so she came over to talk with Abigail about keeping quiet and then Abigail got offended so maybe things got out of hand. Kate understands but says no matter the worry, she would never. Chad questions if she wouldn’t go to extremes to protect her kids. Kate knows he’s upset, exhausted, and not thinking straight. Kate tells Chad that she would never kill Abigail to keep her quiet and neither would Lucas. Chad questions why she would mention Lucas. Kate says that’s what this whole conversation is about because Chad told Abigail that Lucas kidnapped Sami. Chad points out that Lucas didn’t know that and then asks if he did.

Kayla exits the Pub and runs in to Steve. Kayla tells Steve that she has to get back to the hospital but Jennifer is inside with Lucas. Kayla asks where Jack is. Steve tells her that he had something to take care of. Kayla questions what but Steve says that Jack didn’t say..

Gwen sits in the prison visiting room, thinking back to Abigail breaking her mug and shouting that she would make her pay. Jack then arrives.

Leo sneaks outside where he retrieves his bag from the bushes. Leo opens it up, revealing the cash and jewelry stolen from Abigail’s box. Leo remarks that he would’ve preferred an Alemanian Emerald, but these will do just fine.

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