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After Abigail’s funeral, Marlena finds Nancy outside, holding back tears. Nancy comments on it being a beautiful funeral but says it got her thinking about her daughters and how much they owe to Abigail. Nancy cries that now she’ll never be able to tell her how grateful she is.

Rafe brings Doug and Julie home along with Ciara. Julie thanks Rafe but feels guilty for leaving the wake so early, especially since they were hosting it. Doug assures that everyone will understand, although he doesn’t think it was necessary to have two escorts home. Ciara says she wanted to see them home and she also wanted a moment alone to talk to the three of them as she has some news to share. Julie complains that she can’t stand any more bad news today. Doug points out that they don’t know it will be bad news. Ciara says that she and Ben don’t think it’s bad news. Ciara then announces that she and Ben are leaving Salem which shocks Julie.

Shawn enters Jan’s hospital room. Jan asks how Abigail’s funeral was and says she’s sorry he had to be there alone as she would’ve been there with him if she could have. Shawn says he wasn’t alone as he was with his family. Shawn adds that he did just get some good news as he ran in to the doctor in the hall and he said baby Shawn has gained two ounces and is doing really well which means they get to hold him. Jan excitedly hugs Shawn and calls that the best news ever.

Orpheus startles his son Evan/Christian in the prison visiting room. Orpheus complains about Evan giving him the silent treatment. Evan can’t believe that Orpheus knew he was having a kid with Jan Spears and kept it from him, so he questions why he would want to talk to him. Orpheus tells him that it’s for his own good because he needs something from Jan and once he gets it, they will be out of here. Orpheus admits he was afraid that if Evan knew, he’d get too emotional and wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shut and play the game. Evan argues that this isn’t a game. Evan complains that Zoey took his son to the other side of the world which Orpheus also kept from him. Evan declares that if he can’t be with David, he’d like to be a father to his other son because that’s what fathers are supposed to do. Orpheus tells him that he will help him which he has done by not telling him. Orpheus states that now that the baby is born, they don’t need Jan Spears, they just need to get one little thing from her and once they get it, it’s going to rock peoples’ worlds.

Ciara hoped Doug, Julie, and Rafe would be happy for them. Julie questions being happy that they are leaving Salem while Rafe questions when she got a boat. Ciara explains that Hope just gave them one and she told Ben about how Hope and Bo sailed the world with Shawn and then Shawn and Belle did with Claire, so it’s kind of a family tradition so they thought that they would continue the tradition. Ciara argues that Doug and Julie spent half their lives cruising around the world so they know what she’s talking about. Julie attributes that to Doug but says they are from Salem and will always come back to Salem. Ciara promises that they will too.

At the Brady Pub, Ben informs Clyde of he and Ciara’s plan. Clyde questions them just taking his baby grandson and sailing away. Ben knows it’s kind of out of the blue, but they really want to do this. Ben asks if Clyde is upset. Clyde asks how he’s supposed to feel. Ben knows Clyde was just getting to know the baby. Clyde responds that is not the only reason he’s upset.

Evan asks if Orpheus is still not going to tell him what information Jan has or what he’s planning to do with it. Orpheus tells him this stays between them and sits him down. Orpheus explains that Jan has gotten close to Shawn and she’s going to get the password to the Salem Police Department main frame and give it to him. Evan asks what that will get him. Orpheus says when his guys get access to the system, they’ll have access to everything, the DA’s office, the mayor, and he’ll be able to get his hands on files that not even Rafe and Shawn can touch. Evan questions what’s in the files. Orpheus decides it’s best that he doesn’t know the details. Orpheus assures that once he gets what he needs, they’ll both be out of prison and Evan will be where he should be with his son.

Jan tells Shawn that she’s been dreaming of this moment since she first found out she was pregnant. The nurse then brings Jan baby Shawn to hold. Jan tells her baby that they love him so much which Shawn seconds.

Ciara informs Doug, Julie, and Rafe that she and Ben plan to take the same route that Hope and Bo took, ultimately out in to the wide open sea. Ciara mentions that their first stop is Hope, who can’t wait to meet baby Bo. Julie wants Hope to visit them. Ciara says maybe she’ll come back with them. Julie assumes they have plenty of time together and asks when they plan to leave but Ciara reveals they are leaving tomorrow. Doug questions what the rush is. Ciara explains they are afraid that the older Bo gets, the harder it will be to do this so if they put it off, they might never get to do it. Ciara feels either she gets back to work and they put the baby in daycare or they set sail for a grand adventure. Rafe says it sounds like she’s got it all figured out. Ciara mentions they do have one loose end to tie up.

Clyde argues that Ben is forgetting about him, reminding him that it’s a condition of his parole to live with him so while they are sailing off, he’ll be getting hauled back to prison. Ben assures that they didn’t forget about him. Clyde complains that they didn’t exactly welcome him with open arms to begin with and he knows Ciara has been counting the days until she’s rid of him. Ben states that he and Ciara promised to take care of him and they will. Clyde questions if they are taking him with him and asks what he would say to his new girlfriend.

Marlena asks why Nancy wanted to thank Abigail. Nancy reminds her that Abigail and Chad interrupted Craig and Leo’s wedding, so they helped save Craig from marrying Leo. Nancy adds that she also wants to thank Marlena for all the help in their therapy sessions. Marlena thinks she’s made a lot of progress. Nancy mentions also having something else that’s helped her accept what’s happened with her and Craig. Nancy reveals that she has a new boyfriend. Marlena says she’s glad but thought that might have come up in their therapy sessions. Nancy admits she might thought Marlena would judge him.. Nancy calls him a wonderful person, kind, family oriented, and employed but he just got out of prison recently. Nancy reveals that his name is Clyde and argues that just because you did something wrong in the past doesn’t mean you are condemned to be a bad person for the rest of your life.

Orpheus tells Evan that Jan will be heading back to prison soon and when she does, Evan will be the only parent the baby has. Evan says that’s assuming Jan comes through for him. Evan reminds him that Jan lives with Shawn, so he questions how he plans to get in touch with Jan without Shawn knowing and bringing down the hammer. Orpheus reminds Evan that he’s a criminal mastermind so he mailed Jan a burner phone disguised as junk mail and now he’s going to signal her to get herself alone and wait for his call.

Jan tells Shawn that the baby is perfect and calls him their little miracle. Jan claims he looks just like Shawn. Shawn is not sure he sees it but Jan insists that he will.

Marlena acknowledges that Clyde is working very hard to turn his life around. Nancy is glad that she sees it. Nancy mentions that Roman said Clyde is the best cook the Brady Pub has had since Caroline. Nancy adds that she has never had this much fun. Marlena says she’s happy for her. Nancy knows that if Ben can be reformed and accepted, then anyone can.

Ben asks if Clyde and Nancy are getting pretty serious. Clyde says he wouldn’t want to up and leave at this point. Ben says that’s good to hear because he’s sorry but he can’t leave. Ben talks about Clyde working hard to prove himself and says he’s proud of him, so he wouldn’t want him to violate his parole which coming with them would do. Clyde asks what the alternative is. Ben says Clyde only needs a responsible party to vouch for him. Clyde jokes about how popular he is in Salem. Ben then suggests Clyde live at the Pub.

Julie asks Ciara what if Roman doesn’t agree to let Clyde stay at the Pub. Doug tells Julie not to try to talk Roman out of it to torpedo their plans. Ciara doesn’t think Roman will say no. Rafe jokes that he knows a place that would welcome Clyde back with open arms. Ciara doesn’t think it will come to that as Ben loves his dad and would do anything to help him, but they agreed that their family comes first. Julie points out that all family is important. Doug says they understand being young, in love, and wanting to see the world. Doug says it will be a magical time for them but while they are out conquering the world, they will be missing her terribly. Ciara says she loves them and thanks them for understanding as she hugs Doug and Julie. Julie clarifies that she’s not exactly understanding but she won’t try to talk her out of it because she’s stubborn like Hope. Rafe wants frequent updates on his godson. Ciara promises there will be pictures and videos. Ciara brings up wanting to have Bo’s Christening before they leave. Rafe assures he will keep his schedule open. Ciara thanks Rafe and acknowledges that he’s always been there for them. Rafe says he always will be and says he’s honored to be Bo’s Godfather as they hug. Ciara says now she has to go tell Shawn about their plans.

Jan tells Shawn that baby Shawn is going to look just like him and they will be so proud. Jan says she’s so happy that their son is getting healthier and will be leaving the hospital, but she doesn’t want to go back to prison. Shawn then gets a call from the prison and it’s Evan.

Clyde questions Ben wanting him to live at the Pub. Ben asks why not and jokes that he could put a sleeping bag behind the bar, then reminds Clyde that there are rooms upstairs. Clyde points out that’s where Roman lives with Kate, who happens to be his ex. Clyde asks what makes him think Roman would agree to it in the first place. Ben encourages that Ciara will talk to him and set it all up. Ben adds that as far as Kate goes, Clyde is spoken for now anyway.

Marlena tells Nancy that she’s right that Ben has worked very hard to overcome his illness and get his life back on track. Nancy argues that Clyde has too. Marlena asks how serious they are. Nancy says they haven’t really put a label on it, but reveals that Clyde did give her a beautiful bracelet. Nancy says she didn’t want to wear it to the funeral because it was too flashy but she can put it back on now. Nancy asks if it’s alright if she doesn’t go back inside. Marlena agrees to let Abigail’s family know that she’s sorry. Marlena agrees with Nancy that it’s a beautiful bracelet. Nancy declares that she is one lucky lady.

Shawn questions what Evan wants. Jan urges Shawn to hang up because Evan’s a maniac. Orpheus watches over him as Evan tells Shawn that he knows this might be inappropriate but he didn’t know how else to go about it. Shawn tells him to spit it out or he’s hanging up. Evan claims he wanted to apologize for what he did to his sister and nephew. Evan says he feels awful and wasn’t in his right state of mind, so he’s sorry. Shawn questions that being all he has to say. Evan guesses he’s just looking for some sort of redemption. Shawn tells him to find it somewhere else and lose his number as he hangs up. Jan asks what Evan said. Shawn responds that Evan wanted to apologize for what he did to Ciara and Bo. Jan questions that being it. Shawn doesn’t know what his deal is, but he said he was looking for redemption. Jan then flashes back to assuring Orpheus that she would get it and Orpheus informing her that he would mail her a burner phone. Orpheus had revealed that “redemption” would be the magic word and when she hears it, she would have five minutes to get the phone and wait for his call. Jan then tells Shawn that she doesn’t know why Evan would get redemption. Shawn suggests not talking about Evan. Jan says she’s starving and asks Shawn to get her another chili cheeseburger. Shawn agrees and exits the room, allowing Jan to retrieve the burner phone from her purse. Jan wonders what Orpheus told Evan and worries that he’s going to ruin everything.

Julie can’t believe that Ciara is leaving town after just losing Eli, Lani and the twins as well as Abigail. Doug points out that Ciara is a grown woman with a family of her own and her whole life ahead to settle down. Doug encourages that Julie still has him. Julie thanks God that she does. Doug tells Rafe that they won’t keep him since they know he has a lot on his plate. Julie asks if there’s been any progress in the search for who killed Abigail. Rafe responds that all they know so far is that the killer got in to Abigail’s bedroom despite the DiMera’s tight security and there is no sign of forced entry, so they don’t know how they got on or off the grounds and there was no weapon left behind. Rafe adds that the only solid clue they do have is the jewelry and money that was stolen. Rafe notes that Chad took pictures of the jewelry which was quite distinctive, so if they find the jewelry then they’ll find the killer or the person to lead them to them.

Nancy goes to the Brady Pub and greets Ben, saying it’s nice to see him again. Ben mentions having errands to run. Ben tells Clyde that he wanted to make sure he was okay with all of this. Clyde says it sounds like a hell of an adventure, so he’s happy for him but he will miss him and the baby. Ben admits he’ll miss Clyde too. Ben knows they spent more time apart than together and the times they did have weren’t always the best, but he’ll be back and they will pick up right where they left off. Clyde says he’ll hold him to that as they hug. Ben says goodbye and exits the Pub with baby Bo. Nancy asks Clyde what that was all about.

Jan gets her call from Orpheus and questions what the hell he told Evan and why he’s even talking to him. Jan argues that Evan is not supposed to know anything about the baby being his as Orpheus promised her. Orpheus tells her to calm down and claims that Evan doesn’t know anything and that he’s just a means to an end. Orpheus says he used Evan to call Shawn because he had a plausible reason to call him. Orpheus tells Jan not to worry as the paternity of baby Shawn Christian is a well kept secret. Jan questions how he knew her baby’s name. Orpheus responds that he knows all and warns her not to cross him because he will know that too. Orpheus says he kept his end of the bargain and asks if she got Shawn’s password to Salem PD. Jan responds that she has it memorized and warns that she knows things too, so he shouldn’t cross her either. Orpheus asks for the password. Jan starts to tell him but gets some of the letters mixed up and blames him for making her nervous. Jan then gives him the password of “x92f5:)29” and says she’s positive. Orpheus says it was a pleasure doing business with her and hangs up. Orpheus then tells Evan that it’s time to get to work.

Nancy questions Ben leaving without consulting with Clyde first to set up a workable situation for him. Clyde informs Nancy that Ben said Ciara would talk to Roman. Nancy asks what if Roman doesn’t want to take responsibility for him. Clyde guesses he’d go back to prison then. Nancy says no and decides if it turns out that he can’t stay at the Pub, then maybe he could move in with her.

Ben brings baby Bo to go see Marlena at home. Ben is glad she’s home as he knows it’s been a rough day for everybody. Marlena can’t imagine what Abigail’s family is going through and adds that it can’t be easy for Ben either. Ben felt it would be inappropriate for him to attend the funeral and he can’t help feeling selfish for wanting to grieve her. Marlena understands he would and asks why that would be selfish. Marlena calls Ben a good and kind man. Marlena tells him to let her know if she can do anything to help. Ben responds that is what he came to talk to her about and asks if she offers any kind of virtual therapy.

Ciara goes to the hospital to see Shawn, who asks what she’s doing there. Ciara says she came to see him. Shawn says he just saw her an hour ago. Ciara says that Abigail’s funeral didn’t seem like the right place to tell him. Shawn questions what she is telling him.

Orpheus tells Evan that Jan knows there would be hell to pay if she screwed this up. Evan asks how long it will be before he can see his son. Orpheus suggests a couple weeks or maybe months which Evan questions. Orpheus tells him that they are playing the long game and it takes time, but he’ll get his guys on it right away. Orpheus tells Evan to be patient as he walks away. Evan declares that he doesn’t think he can do that. Evan decides he can’t wait that long and retrieves the phone number from the trash can and calls Jan’s burner phone back. Jan asks what he wants. Evan responds that he wants his baby.

Ciara tells Shawn about her and Ben’s plan and asks him not to be mad. Shawn assures that he’s not and asks how he could be mad when he did the exact same thing with Belle and Claire. Shawn adds that he doesn’t regret a single second of it as it was some of the best times of their life. Ciara knows he’s going through a lot and she wants to be there for him, so she’ll just be a video call away. Ciara asks Shawn to see them off tomorrow and promises they’ll be back before he knows it as they won’t spend as much time as Shawn did. Ciara looks forward to baby Bo and baby Shawn growing up together. Ciara tells Shawn that she will really miss him as they hug.

Doug tells Julie that everything is going to turn out alright. Julie can’t get over so many goodbyes. Doug assures they will all be coming back but Julie cries that Abigail won’t. Julie knows she should count her blessings but she can’t help but think of Chad not having all the years with Abigail. Doug says he will count the blessings for both of them and she’s at the top of his list. Doug says he loves her and they kiss. Julie calls him the captain of her heart.

Clyde questions Nancy wanting him to move in with her. Nancy guesses that was kind of forward of her since they’ve only been seeing each other for a short time. Nancy wants to forget it. Clyde calls it very kind of her and says he’s just a little surprised since she just came through a really difficult divorce. Nancy calls this extenuating circumstances. Nancy says that if things don’t work out with Roman, he could consider her his backup plan. Clyde says he would be honored. They hold hands until Rafe enters the Pub and approaches them to question where Nancy got her bracelet.

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