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Recap written by Christine

Phyllis surprised Jack with a picnic in the park. She told him she was thinking of setting up some picnic specials for The Grand Phoenix. He said she obviously didn’t bring him here to get in sync, since they were in a very public place. She said he was under a lot of pressure these days with Jabot, and the she-devil, and she thought he deserved the finer things in life. She said they could celebrate the possibility of Summer, Harrison and Kyle moving back to town. He said would be risky for Jabot to buy Marchetti, and he couldn’t do that just for Summer and Kyle to move back.

Phyllis knew Jack wanted Kyle, Harrison and Summer to return, so she asked why he wasn’t working like hell to buy Marchetti. He said she was a businesswoman who knew you didn’t acquire a company to fill an emotional need. It had to make financial sense. He wasn’t sure it was right for Jabot to get back into the fashion business. She said it was the right move for Summer’s family. He felt that Summer and Kyle had made a home in Milan. He thought he owed it to everyone to step back and look at this from all angles. Phyllis didn’t care about Diane and Ashland – she just wanted her daughter home. She understood Jack had to do what was best for his family company and look at it from all angles, like he did with their relationship. Phyllis told Jack they’d celebrate their reunion and the possibility of their kids moving home.

Kyle and Summer went to Diane’s suite for a visit. She thought she’d be happier here at the GCAC where she wouldn’t have to worry about Phyllis lurking in the shadows. She intended no offense to Summer. Diane hoped that Summer was willing to make up her own mind about Diane. Summer was here to support Kyle. Summer saw the old photo of Kyle, Diane and Jack on the nightstand. Diane said that it was a tradition to unpack that first after every move. Kyle shared that he and Summer might be moving to Genoa City.

Diane was elated, but she wondered why the move might happen – would Summer be giving up her dream job? Kyle said that this was a mutual decision based on what would be best for both of their careers. Summer said this would be best for their families, then she clarified that she meant the Abbotts and the Newmans. Summer said the move was her idea, and she wouldn’t be giving up her dream job. Diane wanted to hear more, but Summer didn’t want to jinx it. Diane said she wanted to spend more time with them as long as they were in town. Summer asked if Diane didn’t have commitments at home in LA. Diane said she worked in real estate, so she was her own boss, so she was free to be here as long as Kyle wanted her to be, but she wouldn’t push. Victor called Summer, but she declined it. Kyle told Summer they should get going. Diane hoped everything worked out.

Michael was prepared to file a civil suit against Ashland. Victor wanted Ashland to be buried in subpoenas, but he didn’t want Victoria or the company to suffer. Michael said none of the cases would ever go to court, because Ashland was smart enough to realize what was happening and raise the white flag. Victor wondered why Summer didn’t answer her phone. Adam came up and asked if Victor knew when Victoria would return. Victor hoped she stayed on vacation for a long time. Adam smirked. “However many massages it takes to get her head back in the game,” he said. Victor told Adam not to criticize his sister. Adam said he wished Victoria the best. Victor said the longer Victoria was gone, the more time they’d have to send Ashland away. He mentioned that Ashland was using Harrison as an excuse to stay in town. Adam suggested they just ignore Ashland. Michael said they shouldn’t ignore a festering sore. Adam thought Michael was understandably angry with Ashland, but he asked if it was in the Newmans’ best interest to hold Ashland accountable after he took their deal. Michael said that Adam wanted to punish Victoria for his own benefit. Victor said he had a way to get Ashland out of town.

Summer met Victor, who was alone at Society. She missed being able to pop in and visit with family. She revealed that she and Kyle might move back. She bragged about Harrison speaking Italian and how cute he was and how excited he was that Victor was going to teach him to play chess. She told Victor not to spoil Harrison too much. Victor felt that was his privilege as the grandfather, and as far as he was concerned, Harrison was now as much a Newman as he was an Abbott. Summer’s smile faded and she said Ashland still considered himself Harrison’s father. That was why Victor called Summer here today. He said they needed to protect Harrison, and he asked her to tell Kyle not to let Harrison see Ashland anymore.

Summer loved and respected Victor, but she wasn’t sure about taking his advice to legally bar Ashland from Harrison. He said it was of the utmost importance that Ashland get out of town. Summer said it was her and Kyle’s job to protect Harrison. She thought they could handle Ashland. Victor said Kyle and Summer had good hearts, and Ashland would talk them into sharing custody. Summer said Kyle was ready to rip Ashland to shreds after they found out what he did to Victoria. She didn’t think it would be hard to keep Ashland out of Harrison’s life – Kyle was an upstanding member of the community who established his paternity, and Ashland was a liar and criminal, even though he’d never been charged with anything. She also thought it worked in their favor that Ashland let Harrison go to Milan. Summer said Harrison owned a huge piece of her heart. Victor asked if Summer would talk to Kyle about this. “I’ll make it happen,” Summer said.

Summer met with Kyle later at Society. He was making preparations to make an official presentation to Jack about buying Marchetti. He assumed Victor summoned her to talk about Diane. She explained that Victor thought they should legally restrict Locke from seeing Harrison. Victor had Michael on board to make it happen. Kyle didn’t want Ashland to have any influence over Harrison, but Harrison loved Ashland, and Kyle didn’t want to do anything that would affect Harrison down the road. Summer agreed that they needed to be sensitive to Harrison’s needs. She thought that removing Ashland might cause some confusion initially, but the older Harrison got, the harder this would be. She said Ashland was heartless, and they couldn’t allow him to be in Harrison’s life. They had to stop this – now.

Ashland met with his attorney at Crimson Lights. He asked her to review the custody agreement for Harrison and make sure that Kyle and Summer couldn’t keep him from spending time with Harrison. He wanted an answer ASAP, because the child meant everything to him. She said she’d be in touch. The lawyer left. Sharon walked up, and Ashland gave her his condolences about Rey. She told him to save his thoughts and prayers. She revealed that she knew about his 250 million dollar donation in Rey’s name. He said he was assured that donation would remain anonymous. “We both know that’s a load of crap!,” she snapped. She was glad that Rey’s name would live on and that Ashland’s would not. She blasted him for deceiving people and lying about having an illness that took numerous lives. She said when she confronted him about his lies a few weeks ago, he told her it was a smear campaign against him. He deeply regretted what he’d done. She said he had no idea what it was like to hear you had cancer. She fought back tears as she talked about her struggle with cancer. She’d been lucky to have people around her who helped her. She was haunted by what her illness did to the people she loved. “You put Victoria and Harrison through that on purpose. You were intentionally cruel to them,” she stated. She said that there was no amount of money that could make up for that. Noah came up to check on things, and Sharon walked away with him.

Sharon made Noah a drink. He wanted to go back over and deal with Ashland, but Sharon didn’t want to waste time on him. They talked about the photos from the Parisian honeymoon Mariah and Tessa were posting. The photos made Noah miss Europe, but he wasn’t going to move. He asked if Sharon was okay. She loved him, but she didn’t need his protection. Allie came in, and Noah teased her about crashing his sister’s wedding. She began to explain that Summer invited her, but Sharon assured her that Noah was just joking. Allie placed a drink and went out to the patio. Noah told Sharon he thought Allie was feeling overwhelmed with the new city and her new family. Sharon thought that was understandable.

Noah brought Allie her drink and had a seat. She said she was about to listen to her great uncle Billy’s podcast. That sounded weird for her, because she never had a great uncle before. Noah really liked the episode about feeling out of place. It was relatable to him. She was surprised because he seemed very secure, and she thought it was brave how he just put himself out there. He wondered if it was a compliment. She said it was just an observation. She also liked the podcast The Grinning Soul. Noah liked it too. Allie liked how that anonymous podcaster didn’t hold back. She wished she could do that. He said that he sketched when things were bothering him. He began to sketch, and she asked if something was bothering him right now. Noah told her about Ashland Locke. He said his mom was the strongest person he knew, so he wasn’t sure why he felt compelled to protect her. She said it was because he was a good son. She assumed everything was falling on his shoulders because her mom just lost her husband. He was sure Allie knew what it was like since she just lost her dad.

A new episode of The Grinning Soul dropped. Allie said she’d listen to it later. She was going to go on a run since she dind’t have a sketch pad to vent to. He said he’d doodle away his frustrations, and he added that Da Vinci doodled too. She laughed and asked if h Noah was comparing himself to Da Vinci.

Ashland went up to Sharon and said he was trying to make amends. She didn’t think he felt remorseful. He was sorry for her loss. Diane came in and overheard Sharon telling Ashland that it wasn’t possible for him to make amends and that she didn’t care to know him. Ashland walked past Diane and out the door.

Sharon went out to the patio with some free cookies for Allie. Noah took one. Sharon went back inside, and Allie said she was so kind and caring. Noah said Sharon was overflowing with love, even moreso these days, because she had a lot of love for Rey, and now she had nowhere to put it.

Diane bought a drink for herself and Ashland and she went to the park to find him. They ran into Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis grumbled about pests at the park. Diane guessed that Phyllis and Jack were celebrating Kyle and Summer’s return. Ashland looked intrigued. Jack said that was not public information or a foregone conclusion. Phyllis asked how Diane knew about this, and she said Summer told her. She was excited about the possibility of getting to know her son, daughter in law and grandson. She said his Dee-Dee was going to spoil him. Ashland was confused, and Diane said that she and Kyle decided Harrison would call her that. Ashland wanted to know how Harrison was. Jack said that the arrangement was being reevaluated, given Ashland’s actions. Phyllis stated that Jack was talking about Ashland faking cancer. Ashland said he took Jack’s advice and spoke to his attorney. Jack said that Kyle and Summer had to make the decisions about Harrison. Ashland said he had rights. He didn’t think things had to get acrimonious. Jack thought it was too late for that. He warned Diane that befriending Ashland wouldn’t help her campaign to show Genoa City a new and improved Dee-Dee.

Later, Ashland was alone in the park when Diane came up and said he’d made his fair share of enemies in this town. She overheard him and Sharon, and she knew there was tension between him, Summer and Kyle. He’d noticed she had her fair share of enemies too. She admitted she deserved a lot of the venom spewed her way, but rebuilding her relationship with Kyle was most important to her. He said he was afraid his actions would keep him from seeing his son. He noticed that she didn’t even flinch when he called Harrison his, even though she was Kyle’s mother. Diane said Harrison had two loving fathers, and he was a lucky boy. She asked what he’d done to become the most hated man in Genoa City. “Don’t limit me to Genoa City. I’m the most hated man wherever I go,” he replied, and she laughed. She was willing to share her dirty laundry if he did. He decided to do it, so he could control the narrative.

Ashland and Diane swapped stories off screen. He asked if she’d changed her mind about him being a good father. She felt she had no right to judge, since she’d just told him how she essentially abandoned her son. He marveled that the two of them were in the rare judgment-free zone. She said they were equally guilty and equally searching for redemption. He didn’t want a nasty legal battle with Harrison at the center. Harrison was the only source of joy in his life. Harrison looked at Ashland like he hung the moon. Ashland dreaded Harrison finding out something that would change his opinion of Ashland. Diane could relate. She and Kyle were close when he was a kid. At the time she thought she was protecting him. She knew that was wrong now. Seeing the conflict in Kyle’s eyes gutted her. The only good thing about being dead was that she didn’t witness the aftermath of tearing Kyle’s heart to shreds. Ashland wanted to stay in town so that Harrison would know Ashland would never turn his back on him. Ashland said to think about what Harrison would think if Ashland suddenly disappeared from his life. Diane said there was no easy solution for either of them, and if they stayed, they had to bear the arrows. Diane felt for Ashland, but she wasn’t going to do anything to jeopardize her chance at a reconciliation with Kyle, so she told Ashland that she couldn’t plead his case. He understood and said this was his battle, and whatever it cost, Harrison was worth it.

Jack and Phyllis went to the hotel, and Phyllis griped about Diane ruining their picnic. Jack said he had a great time, and he wasn’t going to let anyone ruin it. He wanted to go back to celebrating.

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