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At the Kiriakis Mansion, Sarah has to keep Xander away from the Halloween candy. Victor informs Xander that he has mail. Xander questions how they even know he’s there and if it’s all bill collectors. Victor remarks that Xander can’t pay a single one of them because he doesn’t have a job.

Stephanie tells Chad about how Paulina reacted after Sloan told her about their failed plan. Chad can’t believe Paulina fired her. Stephanie says not only did Paulina fire her, she threatened to ruin her and her business. Chad says he’s sorry. Stephanie responds that she should be apologizing since she hired Chad to work and now there’s nothing to work on like he jumped on board a sinking ship. Chad calls it interesting timing since a few hours ago, EJ offered him a job at DiMera and he turned him down. Stephanie asks if he can call him back to tell him that he changed his mind. Chad responds that he doesn’t want the job at DiMera because he likes working with Stephanie.

Sloan’s doorbell rings as she is handcuffed to her bed and blindfolded while Alex has stolen her file on Paulina and begins going through it. Sloan asks if he’s going to answer the door since she can’t. Alex tells her not to worry and they’ll go away but the doorbell continues ringing. Alex gives in and says he’ll get rid of them but Sloan reminds him that he can’t because she was under the belief that he had taken his clothes off for her. Alex then pretends to put his pants back on and answers the door to see Maggie has brought Holly trick or treating.

At the DiMera Mansion, Susan locks the doors and tells EJ that she’s keeping him safe. EJ insists that he’s fine while Susan complains that he’s not listening. Susan reminds EJ that she said he’s in terrible danger. EJ questions what she is talking about. Susan exclaims that she had a horrible premonition that shook her to her core because someone is out to get him.

Ava sees her dead son Charlie in the DiMera Crypt and questions how this is possible. Charlie asks if she’s really that surprised, reminding her that she saw him last Halloween when the Devil brought him back to life. Ava points out that the Devil is gone. Charlie responds that lucky for her, he’s still here. Ava asks why and how. Charlie then says maybe he’s all in her head or maybe not but he sees he got here just in time.

Xander goes through his bills and says he thought for sure he paid one off. Sarah interrupts to inform Victor that Xander already has a job which Victor questions. Sarah reveals that Jack offered Xander a job at the Spectator. Victor questions the assignment. Sarah informs Victor that it’s an executive job because unlike him, Jack sees what Xander brings to the table. Xander tells Sarah that they can discuss this privately but Sarah continues going off on Victor. Sarah talks about her situation since being stuck on the island and still being on probation at the hospital so Xander isn’t the only one that can’t pull his weight financially. Sarah tells Victor that soon, all of that is going to go away and Xander’s salary at the Spectator will pay off his debts. Xander cuts her off and tells her that it won’t because he didn’t get the job.

Alex tells Maggie that this is a surprise and that he was just visiting a friend. Maggie explains that Holly wanted her to take her for a second round of trick or treating. Holly questions what took Alex so long to answer. Alex says this isn’t his apartment and they were just having a Halloween party. Holly looks inside and questions who the lady on the bed is and why she’s blindfolded.

Susan questions what EJ was thinking by not having the doors locked and asks what kind of security system he has. EJ insists there is no danger. Susan argues that he just doesn’t see it. EJ questions Susan wearing the clown costume which she calls adorable. Susan tells EJ that she put on the costume when she got struck by the horrible premonition that someone was after him.

Ava questions what Charlie got there just in time for. Charlie says he just watched her tell her dead boyfriend that she’s not going to get revenge on EJ DiMera and questions why. Ava asks what good it would do her and says she needs to move on with her life. Ava declares that is why when Tripp goes back to Seattle, she is going with him. Charlie mocks her going back to Seattle with her tail between her legs. Charlie complains about Tripp living in peace while he’s in his grave and now he’ll have his mommy with him. Charlie remarks that Ava seems like the not stop until she gets her vengeance time but guesses she’s making a different decision this time. Ava questions what is so wrong with going to Seattle. Charlie asks if Ava’s not afraid that Joey will smother her in her sleep again.

Susan knows EJ thinks she made all this up but she insists it’s true. Susan reminds him that she was right about Satan and even with the Devil gone, that doesn’t mean EJ is safe from harm. EJ acknowledges that she might not be wrong. Susan asks why he suddenly believes her. EJ admits that earlier in the night, he saw someone outside in the same clown costume and they were holding a knife. EJ says he was looking right at them when Chad came in and startled him. EJ notes that Chad happened to be wearing the same costume. Susan jokes that great minds think alike and wonders who the third clown was. EJ says he just chalked it up to a Halloween prank but Susan promises that it’s not and that this is for real.

Holly asks Alex if the blindfold is part of the lady’s costume and why she’s handcuffed to the bed. Maggie tells Holly that they should get going so they don’t miss out on more candy and Alex can get back to his Halloween party. Holly complains that Alex didn’t give her any candy so he reaches back inside and gives her the whole bowl of candy. Holly exclaims that they hit the jackpot with full size candy bars. Alex offers to walk them out, so Holly asks if he’s coming trick or treating with them. Alex says he would love to, but he can’t. Alex adds that he does have a treat for Maggie as he then sticks the Paulina file folder in to Maggie’s purse, instructing her not to open it and to just hang on to it then he will explain later. Alex thanks her and wishes them a Happy Halloween as they walk away. Alex then heads back inside and tells Sloan that they are gone as he explains it was his Aunt Maggie and her granddaughter. Sloan calls it kind of weird for them to show up at her apartment like that. Alex reminds her that it is Halloween while Sloan comments that it was almost a mood killer. Sloan then asks where they were.

Stephanie tells Chad that it’s her own fault for thinking that she could scam Sloan. Chad points out that it would’ve worked if Leo hadn’t shown up. Stephanie complains that so much about PR is controlling the situation and twisting it to your advantage. Stephanie talks about getting out of situations like this before but this time, she completely botched it. Chad argues that it could’ve been worse. Stephanie questions how. Chad jokes that there could’ve been an office fire. Stephanie eats some of their candy until Chad’s kids, Thomas and Charlotte run in to the room and Charlotte hugs Chad.

Susan tells EJ that All Hallows Eve is one of her favorite nights of the year. EJ questions who was outside in the clown costume. Susan says the question of the hour is who wanted to hurt EJ. EJ jokes that it’d be a long list. Susan points out that it must be someone who is really mad at him or doesn’t like him much. EJ admits that someone does spring to mind. Susan declares that she won’t let them touch a hair on his head. EJ reveals that he’s thinking maybe it’s Johnny which Susan questions. EJ calls it possible. Susan asks why he would think that. EJ explains that he came between Johnny and Ava Vitali.

Ava tells Charlie that Joey is not going to murder her. Charlie asks if she’s sure about that and suggests double locking her door. Ava responds that they’ve moved past their difficulties. Charlie is glad she thinks so but questions what her big plan is in Seattle, mocking what she’ll do for a job. Charlie calls Ava the cold-hearted bitch that wouldn’t even save her own son. Charlie brings up Ava sabotaging the plane that killed Shawn Brady and Colleen which Ava blames on her being drugged. Charlie then brings up Ava framing Rafe and trying to send him to prison. Ava argues that he betrayed her with Nicole. Charlie says there’s always an excuse but she doesn’t have to make excuses for him. Charlie adds that they are more alike than she cares to admit. Charlie tells Ava that if she wants blood, she should go for it.

Sarah questions Xander not getting the job. Xander explains that Jack didn’t think it was a good idea. Sarah argues that Jack is supposed to be his best friend and that he’d be lucky to have him. Sarah starts to call Jack but Xander clarifies that Gwen needed a job too, so Jack hired her at the Spectator and didn’t think it was a good idea for them to work together. Victor questions why that is. Xander admits that Gwen still has feelings for him and apologizes to Sarah for not telling her sooner. Sarah then acknowledges that Jack always had very good instincts. Victor chimes in that he does too which is why he wouldn’t hire Xander either.

Chad reminds his kids that they are supposed to be sleeping. Thomas informs him that Charlotte had a nightmare. Charlotte tells him that it was about a clown. Chad blames himself for his costume. Stephanie adds in that she’s afraid of clowns too. Thomas questions who she is. Chad introduces Thomas and Charlotte to Abigail’s cousin, Stephanie. Thomas questions what she’s doing here and why they haven’t seen her before. Stephanie explains that she hasn’t always lived in Salem and grew up in California. Stephanie talks about Abigail visiting her there and how they watched Child’s Play which gave her nightmares. Charlotte asks what she did. Stephanie says she had Abigail stay up all night with her and calls her the bravest girl she ever met. Stephanie adds that they listened to her favorite song which helped and asks if Charlotte has a favorite song. Charlotte tells her that it’s “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo, so Chad offers to play it on his phone. Charlotte then asks Stephanie to take her back to bed. Stephanie says she’d be happy to and then takes the kids upstairs.

Sloan asks Alex if she can lose the blindfold now, noting that it was exciting at first but she’s losing her mind not seeing him. Alex undoes his shirt and agrees to then remove the blindfold. Sloan complains that he’s not naked. Alex reminds her that he had to answer the door. Sloan points out that they are gone so she tells him to ditch the clothes. Alex responds that he can’t because he can’t stay.

Ava questions how she and Charlie are alike. Charlie calls it obvious as to the outside world, they don’t seem like violent monsters and are just two people desperate for love but never getting it. Ava argues that she’s had love in her life. Charlie acknowledges that but points out that Jake is dead. Charlie brings up the rest of her history, noting Rafe and Steve didn’t want her and the only one that ever truly loved her is him. Ava disagrees. Charlie declares that there’s no love like the love between a mother and her son. Charlie calls Tripp’s love conditional while he loves Ava for who she really is and that is why he came back to help her destroy EJ DiMera.

Susan questions EJ saying that Johnny and Ava were loving each other until he busted it up. EJ argues that it was for their own good as Ava was trying to hurt their family and using his son in the process. Susan says sometimes you have to make kids take their medicine. EJ prefers giving it straight. Susan guesses Johnny didn’t like taking his medicine. EJ brings up that Johnny said something about making him pay even if it’s the last thing he does. Susan questions thinking he meant making him pay by showing up in a clown costume to scare him. EJ asks what she thinks. Susan responds that she needs to ask the spirits.

Xander and Sarah talk about being stuck with so much candy. Victor remarks that he knew it was too much and suggests Xander spend more time figuring out how to pay his bills. Xander tells Victor not to worry as it will all sort itself out. Victor asks how. Sarah announces that she’s going to take care of it but Xander says he can’t let her do that, noting that she’s only working part time and hasn’t been able to save up. Sarah admits she won’t be able to pay it all off at once but she’ll make payments. Sarah tells Xander that it’s okay as he’s her husband and they do things for each other. Xander tells her how happy he is that they got married as they kiss. Victor mocks them and questions Xander letting his wife clean up his mess. Xander says that’s enough. Victor remarks that Xander never has enough and isn’t even man enough to put a roof over his wife’s head. Xander then threatens Victor to shut his mouth or he’ll shut it for him.

Sloan questions Alex having to leave now. Alex reminds her that his Aunt Maggie was at the door. Sloan doesn’t understand and questions if he cares what she thinks about his sex life. Alex claims that as he walked her out, Maggie told him that Victor was on the warpath about Titan business so he has to go take care of it. Sloan questions if that can’t wait. Alex says these things can be time sensitive. Sloan asks what about her surprise. Alex says they are going to have to wait and notes that anticipation can be a good thing. Alex promises next time he’ll be there and he will text her later. Alex goes to leave but Sloan reminds him to uncuff her. Alex tells her it’s been a whole lot of fun. Sloan complains that it’d be more fun if he was staying. Alex tells her that duty calls. Alex says this was nice and he’ll see her soon. Alex kisses her and then exits the apartment.

Susan finds a photo of EJ and Johnny and declares that this will help her find out if Johnny means him harm. Susan holds the photo and calls out to the spirits to ask if Johnny is the one out to get EJ and if he’s the evil clown they are searching for. EJ asks if the spirits are giving her any indication. Susan says the vision is hazy and asks if the spirits can hear her. Susan tells EJ that the spirits are really restless tonight as there is something wicked in the air. Susan warns that whatever is out to get EJ doesn’t want to just scare him, they want to make him suffer.

Charlie tells Ava that she knows she wants to grind EJ under her heel and make him wish he never met her. Charlie brings up Ava reaching out to Gwen but Ava says she’s glad Gwen turned her down. Charlie disagrees and then brings up Xander being strapped for cash and having a corrupted soul, so he asks who better to do her bidding. Ava responds that she doesn’t need anyone to do her bidding. Charlie argues that she can’t go after EJ herself since he’s been itching to send her to prison and that’s why she needs to recruit a desperate goon like Xander to do the dirty work. Ava responds that even if she wanted help making EJ pay, she doesn’t even know what she would tell Xander to do. Charlie says it’s funny she should ask.

Victor asks Xander if he touched a nerve. Xander says he’s sick of it and asks what gives Victor the right to talk to him like that. Victor argues that he built an empire and this is his house so he’s the one who keeps him from being out on the streets so he owes him everything. Maggie then walks in, declaring that she just had the best time trick or treating but then stops and questions what is going on here. Xander announces they are moving out which Maggie questions. Maggie asks what happened as Sarah says she’ll talk to him and follows Xander out. Maggie then turns to Victor and questions what he said to his nephew. Victor claims he has no idea and that he’s not in the mood for lectures. Victor asks for black licorice from the candy bowl but Maggie asks who eats that. Maggie asks him again what he said to Xander and Sarah. Alex then comes in and asks Maggie for the file that he gave her. Maggie gives it to him and asks what this is all about. Alex responds that he’s just doing a favor for a friend and exits, taking some black licorice on the way out so Victor calls him a thief.

Stephanie returns to Chad in the living room and informs him that Thomas and Charlotte are both tucked back in to bed with no nightmares. Chad asks how many times she had to listen to “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo. Stephanie says only 3 or 4 times so Chad jokes that she got off easy. Chad then thanks Stephanie for what she said to Charlotte because he knows hearing stories about her mother makes her feel better. Stephanie says she’d be happy to stop by anytime. Chad says that means a lot. Stephanie decides she should go see Kayla since her brothers were visiting her before going back to Seattle. Chad asks how Kayla is doing. Stephanie says she’s great and getting released from the hospital tomorrow. Chad is glad to hear and she thanks him. Stephanie wishes she had better news to tell Kayla instead of having to tell her she got fired by her most important client. Chad says after everything Kayla just went through, having them together, happy, and healthy is enough and she won’t take that for granted. Chad adds that Stephanie will land another big client before she knows it because she’s talented and dedicated so anyone would be lucky to have her doing their PR. Chad adds that he’s happy to help get this sinking ship floating again. Stephanie says she’s really glad she hired him. They say goodnight as Stephanie then exits.

Charlie tells Ava that he’s been thinking about this a lot and talks about how the DiMeras like to present that nothing can hurt them but everyone has a weakness, even EJ. Ava says she has to go. Charlie tells her that he has faith that she will find EJ’s achilles heel and slice it open. Ava reminds him that Tripp is expecting her. Charlie suggests she message Tripp that she changed her mind and is staying in Salem. Ava says she can’t. Charlie argues that if she doesn’t, she’ll be sitting in Seattle regretting it and thinking every day how EJ bested her. Charlie tells Ava to think of how fun it would be to wipe the grin off EJ’s face. Charlie repeats that he knows who Ava really is and what she really wants, so he suggests she be honest with herself and admit that he’s right. Charlie remarks that a boy’s best friend is his mother. Ava’s vision of Charlie then disappears.

Chad eats a piece of the Halloween candy that he and Stephanie were having before.

Alex runs in to Stephanie at the hospital. She questions what he’s doing here as she thought he had a hot date with Sloan. Alex confirms that he did, but he cut it short and figured he might find her here. Stephanie questions him leaving his date to come see her. Alex reveals the file which shocks Stephanie, who says she thought Alex didn’t want to get involved. Alex explains that he didn’t but he started thinking that if Victor fired her, he’d put him to task to hire a whole new PR firm. Stephanie tells Alex that this is a huge help and thanks him.

Xander and Sarah return to the living room with their bags packed. Xander tells Maggie that they came to say goodbye. Maggie questions them really leaving right now. Xander responds that they have no choice. Maggie asks if they can talk about this and says Victor just can’t help himself. Xander calls it a mistake to come here in the first place. Maggie questions where they will go at this time of night. Sarah acknowledges that Maggie has a point and that Xander has every right to be upset, but questions if they have to rush out right now. Xander responds that he’s willing to listen if Victor wants to apologize. Victor questions why he should apologize for giving him a free place to live and says if he wants to move out, he can move in to a van by the lake. Xander tells Maggie that it’s useless. Sarah asks Xander where they will go. Xander assures that he’ll figure something out. Maggie tells them to call her when they get settled as they then exit the mansion. Maggie tells Victor that she hopes he’s happy.

EJ and Susan eat together. EJ asks if Susan has to go back right away or if she intends on staying. Susan is not sure and really wants to get a clear vision of who is after him. Susan calls Johnny the sweetest other than when he was possessed by the Devil. EJ tells her not to worry about it and that he’ll speak to Johnny when he comes home. Ava then sneaks up to the side door and looks in at them through the window. Ava thinks back to Charlie’s words that there’s no love like the love between a mother and son as she watches EJ with Susan. Ava then pulls out her phone and texts Tripp that she’s changed her mind about going to Seattle as there is something else she has to do.

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