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Lani goes to the police station and in to the interrogation room. She sees Beth and says she was just looking for Eli. Beth tells her that she just missed him. Lani asks if he said when he would be back. Beth responds that Eli said he had something to take care of and that he would be back soon to take her statement. Lani asks if Eli called her down here. Beth explains that she came to talk to him about someone Eli has been investigating. Lani asks who would that be. Beth reveals it was TR Coates and asks if Lani knows him. Lani responds that TR Coates is her father.

Eli questions TR about heroin being his drug of choice. TR asks if that’s one of the lies Beth told him. Eli asks if he never had a drug problem then. TR claims he got help and he’s been clean for years. Eli asks if he doesn’t put his hands on women anymore either. TR says never. Eli asks him to start by showing him what’s in the bag in his pocket. TR thinks back to the drug dealer giving it to him as an introductory offer on the house. TR claims to Eli that Chanel gave him some sweets from the bakery. Eli asks if he can take a look.

Allie gives Will a donut from the bakery and asks how it is. Will tells her that she really nailed Grandma Alice’s recipe. Allie then asks Will to answer her question; is she gay? Allie jokes that Will is kind of the expert. Allie says she needs to figure out why she can’t shake these feelings for Chanel and why she let them ruin her relationship with Tripp. Allie questions if she’s gay and she just can’t admit it. Will wishes he could help her, but those are questions that she’s going to have to answer herself.

Chanel returns to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and finds Johnny knocked out on the ground. Chanel tries waking him up.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion where Devil Belle now answers the door with yellow eyes. Marlena says it’s true and that Ben told her but she didn’t want to believe him. The Devil mocks her. Marlena yells at the Devil to stay away from her daughter. The Devil says no but he’s glad that she’s there. The Devil invites Marlena in and says the fun is just getting started.

Chanel continues trying to wake Johnny up. Johnny wakes up and she’s relieved to see that he’s alive. Chanel questions what the hell happened since she left him talking to Belle. Johnny sits up and declares it was not Belle.

The Devil mocks Marlena thinking she had sent him back to Hell for good. Marlena argues that they drove him out. The Devil says they didn’t and claims he left Marlena’s body on his own free will as it was time for a new partner, so he just went in to Belle. Marlena tells him to leave her daughter alone but the Devil says he has big plans for Belle. The Devil laughs about Ben and Ciara being convinced that Johnny is his new host but they both know he prefers the female form. Marlena brings up Susan telling her and hoping it wasn’t true. The Devil says he’s aware that Susan tipped her off and questions what Marlena is going to do about it since she’s powerless to stop him. Marlena declares that she’s not and she’s not afraid of him. Marlena wants the Devil to leave Belle immediately.

Beth tells Lani that Eli told her about her. Lani explains that she and TR just met. Lani and Beth introduce themselves to each other. Lani asks what made Beth come look for Eli. Beth explains that she got a call from Billie Reed and was in Chicago, so she figured she’d come tell Eli what she knew. Lani questions how exactly she knows TR. Beth reveals that she used to be his girlfriend but they broke up about 6 months ago. Beth adds that she told Eli all about their relationship. Lani asks Beth to tell her as well because she has some questions.

TR tells Eli that he’s sorry and he’s not trying to get on his bad side but he’d rather not show him what’s in the bag. Eli questions why. TR claims he got the last brownie and he doesn’t trust him not to snag it from him. Eli questions him not even getting a look. TR remarks that he’s not in a sharing mood and he doesn’t know him that well. Eli invites him to the police station so they can get to know each other a little better but TR declines. TR tries to walk away but Eli grabs him. TR demands he get his hands off of him. Eli asks if that’s what he told Beth and Paulina before he beat them. Eli then pins TR down and says he tried to do this the easy way but he’s glad to have a reason to put his hands on him. TR questions getting stopped just because he had a bag. Eli tells TR that he’s keeping him away from his family. TR argues that he can’t keep him away from Lani and his grandchildren. Eli says he will and that TR is under arrest. TR fights back and they struggle. TR grabs Eli’s gun and it goes off, shooting Eli. TR panics with blood on his hands as Eli collapses to the ground.

Beth asks Lani why this suddenly feels official. Lani doesn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable but she hasn’t known TR very long and her mother has said some very distressing things about him. Beth informs Lani that Eli told her about TR abusing Paulina. Lani says that TR swears he has changed and is no longer using drugs. Lani asks if that’s Beth’s experience. Lani swears that anything she says will not leave this room. Shawn walks in and apologizes, thinking the room was free. Shawn goes to leave but then gets a text of shots being fired in the park. Shawn asks Lani to come with him as backup. Lani asks Beth to stay until she gets back so they can finish this conversation as she then leaves with Shawn.

Allie tells Will that maybe she’s gay and just in denial about it, asking if that’s how it was for him. Will says even when he was in the closet, he knew he was attracted to guys. Allie points out that Will had a baby with Gabi. Will says he cares a lot about Gabi but doesn’t think he was ever really sexually attracted to her. Allie says she’s surprised because Gabi is super hot. Will then asks if Allie is attracted to Gabi. Allie says no, or at least she doesn’t think she is. Will asks if Allie has been attracted to other women. Allie confirms that she’s never felt that way about women, except for one. Will suggests they should talk about Chanel then.

Chanel helps Johnny up and asks what the hell happened as he said it wasn’t his aunt Belle. Johnny says he needs to explain something but they hear a noise outside the door.

Devil Belle slams Marlena against the front door and chokes her, talking about how Marlena is always fighting him after all these years. The Devil suggests she just give up and let go. Marlena says never but the Devil says he can feel her life slipping away, so in a few moments, she will be dead and can join him in Hell.

TR stands over Eli’s body and says he warned him but he wouldn’t listen and now look what he did. The drug dealer, Frank, returns and says he got TR’s text, questioning if he needs more already since the bag he gave him had enough to kill a horse. He then sees Eli on the ground . He tells TR that he doesn’t know what happened here so it’s none of his business. Frank goes to leave but TR pulls the gun on him and says he just made it his business. He questions what he’s doing. TR says he’s in a little bit of a jam and he needs Frank to help him out.

Allie tells Will that when Chanel first kissed her, she was surprised because they were always just really good friends. Will asks if Allie never thought about being with her. Allie says no as she only ever dated guys. Will asks if Allie liked it when Chanel kissed her. Allie confirms that she really liked it. Will asks if she freaked out after. Allie thinks she just played it off like no big deal and pushed her freaking out feelings aside. Will says in his experience, pushing feelings aside is not usually the best strategy. Allie says after that, every time she thought about the kiss, she would just make excuses. Will asks if they talked about it. Allie confirms that she told Chanel that she didn’t feel that way about her and moved on. Will points out that she didn’t really move on though. Allie admits that they kissed again on the fourth of July and that time, she couldn’t pretend that she didn’t like it and thinks she even initiated it. Will calls that a big step. Allie says she pulled back again and threw herself in to the relationship with Tripp. Will asks how she feels now. Allie says it’s not weird and it’s like there’s a charge and pull between them that makes her want to kiss Chanel and touch her all the time, almost like she can’t breathe.

Devil Belle continues choking Marlena and says it’s time to say goodnight. Chanel comes out from the living room and tries to help but the Devil uses his powers to stop Chanel from moving forward. Chanel screams to let her go. The Devil says she has front row seats to the death of Dr. Marlena Evans. The Devil tells Chanel to stick around so he can kill her next. The Devil threatens to snap Marlena’s neck in an instant. Johnny then appears and hits Devil Belle from behind with a statue, knocking The Devil/Belle unconscious, and saves Marlena.

TR rushes in to his room at the Salem Inn. TR questions what the hell he has done and tells himself that he’s supposed to have his act together and be better than this. TR panics that it was Lani’s husband, his son in law, and a cop. TR says he knows Eli pushed his buttons and made him angry. TR stops and says enough of that. He looks at the blood on his hands and declares he has to clean this mess up.

Shawn and Lani find Eli and Frank in the park. Lani rushes to Eli’s side and checks on him while Shawn checks Frank. Shawn notes that Frank has Eli’s gun in his hands and looks like he’s just been shot up with heroin. Lani calls out that Eli has no pulse and is not breathing after being shot in the head. Lani desperately tries to revive Eli while Shawn calls for backup.

TR comes out of the shower with his clothes in a trash bag. TR says there’s no need to panic as he did what he had to do; he left the gun in Frank’s hand and he is not talking. TR decides he will get dressed and then find a place to burn his bloody clothes, so nobody will know he was there, especially not Lani. TR thinks back to Eli telling him that Beth was at the police station. TR remarks that there’s always a woman that gets in the way. TR guesses he will have to do something about Beth too because he’ll be damned if he lets her or anyone else come between him and his daughter.

Marlena checks on Belle and tries to wake her up. Chanel questions what is going on. Marlena explains that the Devil is inside Belle and she doesn’t know how it happened but questions why she didn’t stop it. Chanel complains that she was trying to kill them. Marlena argues that it’s not Belle as she’s not in control. The Devil then returns to inside of Johnny. Johnny tells Marlena that he’s so glad she’s okay. Marlena says it’s thanks to him and asks how he knew. Johnny explains that Belle’s eyes started glowing and then she attacked him, so he thought she was going to kill him. Marlena is glad he’s alright and guesses he must have been terrified. Johnny asks what they are going to do to save Belle.

Will asks Allie if her feelings for Chanel are not going away. Allie says if anything, they are getting stronger. Will then asks if Allie has answered her own question. Allie doesn’t know because she’s definitely attracted to men and what she had with Tripp was real. Will asks if she’s not just trying to convince herself. Allie assures that she cared about Tripp a lot and she was never pretending as she loved him until she screwed it all up. Allie hates that she hurt Tripp but notes that for the entire relationship, she was also battling her feelings with Chanel. Allie talks about the night she just wanted to comfort Chanel and be with her. Allie tells Will that she and Chanel slept together and it was her first time with a woman. Will asks how it was. Allie admits it was great and she can’t stop thinking about it. Will asks how it compares to being with a guy. Allie acknowledges that it was different and compares it to like two different flavors of ice cream. Allie asks if she sounds ridiculous. Will then declares that Allie sounds bisexual. Allie jokes about adoring her gay brother but feeling really ignorant talking about this. Allie questions if bisexuality is a real thing or if it’s just something people say so they don’t have to decide. Will assures that it’s a real thing. Will explains that being bisexual means you can fall in love with someone regardless of their gender. Allie comments on Will knowing a lot about this and thanks him. Allie then guesses she is bi but finds it confusing to find a label. Will encourages that she doesn’t have to decide who she is today. Will talks about their parents coming around eventually and encourages that they will be there to support her no matter what. Allie asks Will who he talked to first. Will tells her that it was Marlena who helped him be proud of who he is.

Marlena doesn’t know what to expect when Belle wakes up. Chanel suggests calling the cops or a priest. Johnny doesn’t think they have time to wait since Belle threatened their lives. Marlena agrees that they have to neutralize her. Chanel questions fighting the Devil alone and says she did not sign up for this. Johnny stops her and says he knows he hurt her and she has every right to hate him, but she cares about Allie and Belle is Allie’s aunt too. Johnny encourages that she needs her so he asks her to stay and help them.

Beth remains in the interrogation room when she gets a call from TR, who says long time no speak. Beth argues that she changed her number so she questions how the hell he got it. TR reminds her that he likes to keep track of the people he shares secrets with and wasn’t just going to let her go.

Lani continues trying to revive Eli as paramedics arrive. They reveal that Lani was able to get Eli’s heart going again as Lani prays for Eli to be okay.

Beth informs TR that what he did to her isn’t a secret anymore. TR reveals that he heard she ratted him out to detective Eli Grant. Beth questions how he knew. TR says that’s not important but he needs to know if she told anyone else at the police station. TR adds that it’s good if she didn’t. Beth reveals that she just met Lani and was just about to tell her what a poor excuse of a human being he is, but she got pulled away for a shooting in the park. Beth warns that when she or Eli return, she’s going to make an official statement about all the abuse TR did to her and then they will see about pressing charges. TR is not worried and warns that she needs to talk to him first before talking to the cops because he’s going to make her an offer and promises she won’t be sorry.

Lani leaves the park with the paramedics to ride in the ambulance to the hospital while Shawn calls out that he will be praying for him.

Allie tells Will that she is someone’s mother and she’s so all over the place. Will encourages that she has many people who love and support her. Will adds that if Allie decides to come out, they will all be there for her. Allie thanks him and hugs him. Allie guesses she has a lot of thinking to do. Will suggests she give her brain a rest and listen to her heart because love is love. Will tells Allie that he’s proud of her because this can be really scary and emotionally heavy. Will praises her as amazing and strong. Will says he loves her. Allie says she loves him too and thanks him as they hug. Will then walks away. Allie wonders what’s taking Chanel so long and hopes Johnny is not being a jerk to her again…

Johnny, Chanel, and Marlena tie Belle to a bed. Marlena suggests getting her medical bag to sedate Belle until they know what’s going to happen next. Chanel says she should go because she has to meet Allie. Marlena decides to walk her out. Johnny thanks Chanel and says he owes her. Marlena thanks Johnny, who says he is glad that he was there when she needed him. Marlena asks if Johnny will be okay alone with Belle for a few moments. Johnny assures he will and asks if Marlena is okay. Marlena says she is just shaken. Johnny knows how hard this is for her considering everything she’s been through. Johnny remarks that they are going to help Belle as he knows they can drive the Devil out. Marlena exits with Chanel. The Devil then takes over Johnny and declares he and Belle are alone at last.

Beth goes to see TR at his hotel room. TR says he’s glad she came and invites her in. Beth asks if they can’t meet in the lobby because she’d like to be in public. TR says he can’t do that right now as he has something sensitive to discuss with her. Beth tells him to forget it as this was a mistake. TR says she’s going to want to listen to his offer. TR gets why she’s nervous, but promises he won’t hurt her. Beth says she’s heard that before and threatens to call 911. TR claims that she’s safe with him, so she enters the room. TR then sneaks a “do not disturb” sign on to the door as he closes it.

The paramedics reveal to Shawn that Frank has died. Shawn guesses that he overdosed. The medic notes that it looks like what was in the needle was enough to kill three people. Shawn wonders what the hell Eli was doing here and how he let a low life drug dealer get close enough to grab his gun.

Lani tells Eli how much she loves him as Eli is stretchered in to the trauma room at the hospital. Lani urges Eli to come back to them because they need him. Lani then breaks down crying.

Chanel meets Allie in the town square. Allie gets up with a smile which Chanel questions. Chanel comments that Allie seems confused. Allie assures that she’s not, she’s just more aware of it. Allie asks Chanel if they are out of the movie and if she talked to Johnny.

Marlena gives Belle a sedative to sleep for a couple hours and leaves the room with Johnny. Johnny suggests Marlena get some rest too since she looks like she’s been through Hell. Marlena says there is no time as she needs to try to reach John. Johnny says he will stay with Belle while she looks for John. Marlena tells him to call her if there’s any change which he agrees to do. Johnny remarks that he knows it’s all going to work out as he hugs Marlena. Johnny then heads back in to the bedroom.

Chanel informs Allie that her and Johnny didn’t get a chance to finish talking about the movie because they got interrupted. Allie asks by what, so Chanel suggests she sit down.

Devil Johnny sits next to the bed with Belle tied up. The Devil declares that now that he’s succeeded in convincing people that Belle is the one who is possessed, they need to make this look good. The Devil suggests they practice a few moves. He uses his power to make the bed shake.

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