Days: Beyond Update Monday, July 11, 2022

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

Somewhere in the Mediterranean, One Year Ago..

Two men are on a boat, searching the waters. They talk about it being a long time and decide it’s over, so they will head back to shore but they end up pulling a third man back onto the boat with them. He says he found nothing. The other men say they will try again tomorrow but he tells them that’s what they said before and pulls a gun on them. They tell him about there being a woman on the waterfront earlier who bought a boat. They think she was staying at one of the local hotels and her name was Brady. He then sits down but shoots the two men into the water anyways. He declares that he will take it from here.

Present Day in Montreal, Quebec, Canada..

Ben and Ciara park their boat Living in Cin at the docks and Ben ties it up, talking about being on the boat for over a week now. They kiss until Hope comes out to greet them. Hope hugs them and welcomes them to Montreal, saying she’s glad they made it. Hope tells Ciara that it’s been too long. Ciara agrees. Ben then gets baby Bo and hands him to Ciara so that he can meet Hope. Ciara introduces baby Bo to his grandmother, Hope. Hope holds the baby and talks about how long she’s waited for this moment. Hope hugs the baby and assures that Bo is looking down from Heaven right now. Bo is in Heaven, watching on a screen and agrees with Hope.

Hope brings Ben, Ciara, and baby Bo to her place. Ciara questions Hope’s place not being top secret since they’ve never really been invited. Ben calls it very nice and tells Hope how grateful they are for the boat and how much they are enjoying it. Hope is glad and says it gives her the opportunity to get to know her grandson and talks about his smile.

Bo watches from Heaven and says the name isn’t the only thing his grandson gets from him. Bo’s video cuts off as a woman named Angela appears and reminds Bo that he’s lost his streaming privileges and that he’s not human anymore. She tells him that he broke the rules up here. Bo argues that bending those rules turned out just fine as he saved his grandson from the Devil and he’d do it again. He asks for the remote. Angela tells him that he forgot the most important rule he broke; he brought Tripp back from the dead.

In Seattle, Washington, Tripp is watching TV at his place. There’s a knock at the door. Tripp calls for someone else to answer it but no one does so he turns off the TV. Tripp decides to answer the door and remarks that it won’t be for him since he doesn’t know anyone in Seattle. Tripp is then surprised by Steve and Kayla. Tripp says he didn’t know they were coming as he hugs them. Tripp calls for Joey and Stephanie to come out. Stephanie comes in with her phone and tells Tripp that she’s working. He then directs her attention and she is shocked to see her parents, Steve and Kayla. She hugs them as Joey comes in to the room with his headphones on and doesn’t notice at first. Joey is then shocked as well to see his parents. Joey hugs them and asks why they didn’t say they were coming. Steve says they wanted to surprise them. Kayla calls it wonderful to have everyone together. Steve declares that all the Johnsons are together again as they have a group hug. Steve then pulls out his phone for a family selfie.

Bo tells Angela that they are angels and his best friend could have lost his son. Bo talks about knowing that feeling with his son Zach, so when he saw Steve’s son lying there, he felt he had to do something to help him. Angela argues that something got her in trouble with the folks upstairs since she was the one who let him take that trip in the first place. Angela warns that he’s lucky his punishment was not more severe. Bo jokes about there being timeouts in Heaven and asks what he’s supposed to do. She suggests he better himself and learn a new skill. Bo says he mastered the harp and learned the whole Beatles catalogue. Angela says she will talk to him about appropriate music like Mozart. Angela mentions the summer musical coming up and the saints are looking at recasting the lead. Bo says Angela is a singer while he rides motorcycles. Bo talks about being bored and compares this to being grounded as a kid. Angela tells him to stop complaining and says he could binge all of the shows he hasn’t seen while he was out saving the world or he could catch up on his favorite soap opera. Bo argues that his favorite soap opera is watching the people he loves, like sands through the hourglass. Angela tells him no more live earth feeds for him. Bo asks how that’s fair since his family is finally back together and he wants to share in their happiness, hoping that they will sense he’s there with them.

Hope holds baby Bo as he cries until Ciara insists on taking him from her. Hope suggests maybe he’s hungry but Ciara says he just had his bottle. Hope asks about a nap but Ciara assures that he’s fine and it’s just that he doesn’t know Hope, so he got a little scared is all. Hope reluctantly says she understands. Hope then tells Ciara that she’s sorry she wasn’t there for her when the baby was born as she knows they all went through Hell. Hope feels terrible about not being there for her. Ciara says not enough to actually show up. Ben reminds Ciara that they talked about this. Ciara says Ben doesn’t want her to hurt Hope’s feelings, but she questions where Hope has been and what the hell she’s been doing for the past two years.

In San Francisco, California, John is at a Gay Pride Party. He gets a call from Marlena and tells her that he’s sorry he’s missing Lucas and Sami’s wedding, but sends his best. John says he’ll call her later and hangs up. John then goes back to dancing at the party.

Steve tells Tripp that he looks good. Tripp says he’s getting close to 100%. Steve comments on Joey looking a little different since he last saw him. Joey guesses it’s his haircut. Stephanie finishes a work call as Steve jokes about starting the family reunion when Stephanie gets off her phone. Stephanie says she just works a lot but she’s dedicated. Steve points out that he owns his own business and took time away, so he asks Stephanie to put the phone down and show them around town. Stephanie agrees to put her phone on silent. Tripp asks what inspired them to come visit. Steve says that John was heading to San Francisco to see his son, Paul, so they decided they missed their kids too much. Tripp asks how John’s doing. Steve hopes that John is able to have a little fun.

John’s son, Paul Narita, arrives at the Gay Pride Party with a beer keg. Paul mentions that he could hear the music from the street so maybe it’s time to shut it down before someone else does. John instead suggests it’s time to fire it up rather than shut it down. John and Paul then have a dance off. As the party comes to an end and everyone leaves. Paul stops to talk to Terrance, who was the DJ. Terrance compliments Paul on the party and praises John as an ally. John talks about being proud of Paul and being happy to be here to celebrate everybody’s right to love anybody they want, any way they choose. Terrance tells John to come to the club next time he’s here which he agrees to as Terrance then exits. John tells Paul it was a great party. Paul says now the not so fun part is cleaning up. John says he’ll help but needs a little more inspiration and turns the music back on. They clean up the party and John says it’s almost like it never happened. John and Paul split the last beer. Paul toasts to John and says he’s one of the lucky ones because not every LGBTQ+ kid has such a supportive parent. John jokes that he couldn’t love him any less even if he told him he was straight. John talks about how far Paul has come. Paul is glad to be back on his feet. John says it had to be rough even with Luke by his side. Paul says he’ll always be grateful for Luke. John asks if there’s any chance for them but Paul assures they are just friends. John asks if Paul has anyone else special in his life. Paul says no and that he’s fine with that for now as he’s just happy to be hanging with his dad. A cop named Michaels shows up at the door, who is the same man who shot the two men off the boat in the opening from one year ago.

Ben decides he’s going to put baby Bo down for a nap to let Hope and Ciara talk so he exits the room. Hope tells Ciara to go ahead and let her have it. Ciara argues that Hope does not get to act all calm and make her the irrational, unreasonable one, when Hope is the one who left. Hope thought she lost her. Ciara cries that she found out she didn’t and still didn’t come back. Hope brings up that they saw each other in South Africa and had a wonderful time while Ciara complains that was like a day and a half. Ciara doesn’t understand Hope not coming to her birth or her wedding. Hope argues that she was at the first wedding. Ciara responds that she didn’t come to the one that didn’t end in disaster and the one that she was praying she would come to. Ciara questions what Hope was doing for the past two years that was so important that she couldn’t even try to be part of her life. Hope responds that she was traveling as she just needed some alone time after everything that had happened. Ciara asks alone time for what exactly. Hope says when she left Salem, she was at a crossroads and thought she had lost her. Hope adds that she was about to reconcile with Rafe and knew that would be a huge mistake, so she needed to find herself. Ciara calls that total bullshit.

Bo tells Angela that it’s total bullshit that he can’t watch his family because he helped his best friend’s kid, who got rid of the Devil. Bo argues that Tripp sacrificed himself so Allie could have a second chance, so he believed Tripp deserved a second chance too. Angela argues that it wasn’t Bo’s choice to make but Bo says he’s standing by it. Angela argues that she should’ve never let him see the live stream in the first place but she made an exception because his daughter and grandson were in danger, but she never said anything about him spying on Hope. Bo argues about how long it’s been since he’d seen Hope, so he just wanted to see her face. Angela declares the live stream is off limits. Bo asks why Angela gets to make these kind of decisions as she walks away.

Paul asks Officer Michaels if there’s a problem. He responds that they had a noise complaint about a loud party. Paul says they had a party for pride but it’s over. John asks if they’re sure this is about a noise complaint. Michaels asks what else it would be about. John brings up knowing cops in the past who harassed the gay community but says they’ve come a long way since stonewall. Michaels then admits that this had nothing to do with a noise complaint and tells John that he’s going to have to come with him. Paul questions how he knew John’s name. John responds that he’s not going anywhere with him. Michaels then uses his taser on John. Paul fights with him and knocks the taser out of his hand. They struggle with each other. Michaels knocks Paul down but Paul is able to slam Michaels through a table. Paul then rushes to go check on John. Michaels recovers and uses the empty keg to knock out Paul.

Stephanie, Joey, Tripp, Steve, and Kayla return to their apartment. Steve jokes about Joey being the tour guide and every stop being weirder than the last. Joey says they can go see the Space Needle tomorrow. Kayla suggests ordering pizza and having a party.

Paul wakes up on the floor of his apartment and finds that John is gone. Paul then gets up in a panic.

Ciara asks Hope why she won’t tell her what she’s been doing for the past two years, arguing that she could’ve found some time to visit her. Ciara points out that even Bo visited them from Heaven to protect her and baby Bo, adding that even Ben saw him in the hospital. Hope says she believes her and she’s so grateful that she felt her dad there with her. Ciara cries that what Hope doesn’t understand is that she wanted and needed her there too. Ciara adds that a lot of other people who loved Hope were very hurt when she wasn’t around, like Shawn, Doug, and Julie. Ciara guesses that means Hope doesn’t care about them anymore. Hope shouts that it is not true and is the furthest thing from true. Ciara apologizes for being so hard on her but cries that she needed her and she wasn’t there. Hope responds that she needs Ciara to know that Ciara, Shawn, and now baby Bo are more important to her than anything in the world. Hope asks Ciara not to judge her because she judges herself harshly enough as it is. Hope tells Ciara that she can’t change the past and all they can do is be grateful to be together now. Hope asks if they can let go of the regret and anger. Hope tells Ciara that she loves her and she’s so proud of her. Hope hugs Ciara as they cry. Ciara says she loves her, misses her, and is proud of her too. Ciara is grateful they are finally together because she missed her so much.

Paul calls the cops and tells two officers about what happened. The cops laugh at Paul, thinking he has a hangover and is making up a story. Paul insists on what happened and that this guy, Michaels, kidnapped John. Paul finds the badge he was wearing on the floor and shows them. The cops confirm it’s fake but a good one.

Steve, Kayla, Joey, Stephanie, and Tripp play a party game until there’s a knock at the door. Tripp says he’s got the pizza and answers the door, to see Michaels is now dressed as a pizza delivery man. Tripp says he got there just in time.

The cops tell Paul that whoever attacked him and took John was definitely not a cop. Paul wonders who the hell he was then.

Joey takes the pizzas to check them and hands each person their box. Tripp jokes about needing a fire extinguisher for Steve’s pizza which is garlic and jalapeno. Steve remarks that a little fire never killed anybody. Michaels comments that he couldn’t agree more as he stares down Steve. Steve then opens his pizza box which shoots out fire.

Ciara tells Hope that she wants to hear all about Montreal. Hope admits Salem will always be home and she misses all the people she loves terribly, mostly Ciara and Shawn. Hope brings up the chowder at the Brady Pub but says Montreal has a lot to offer. Ciara agrees and says they love it here. Ciara asks Hope how she is spending her days. Hope responds that she’s gotten back to one of her first loves…

Bo says if he can hotwire a mustang in a thunderstorm, he can definitely get the Earth streaming service back online. Bo ends up getting the stream back and is able to watch Ciara and Hope.

Hope tells Ciara that one of her first loves is figure skating and she’s started to coach some young kids. Ciara says that’s great and she loves that for her. Ciara is relieved because when she disappeared for all that time, she thought maybe she was involved in something dangerous like a super secret spy mission. Hope responds that kind of work is behind her.

Bo says he’s seen that look of Hope’s a million times and he knows that she just lied to their daughter.

Ciara hugs Hope and says she’s glad to hear that as she just wants her to be safe. Baby Bo wakes up crying so Ciara decides to go check on him. Hope offers to go with her but Ciara says she has it. Ciara says she would love to finish this conversation but thinks she’s going to bed since they’ve been up since 4 AM and she’s exhausted. Hope says she doesn’t envy her but she does remember those days. Hope hugs Ciara and says it’s so good to have her here and she will see her first thing in the morning. Hope thanks Ciara for understanding. Ciara jokes that she’s taking her advice for the first time about being present and grateful in the moment. Ciara then heads to the bedroom to her baby. Hope then retrieves a key from under a lamp and unlocks a drawer. Hope pulls out a top secret ISA file. Bo watches on, wondering what Hope is up to now.

After the pizza box exploded, the apartment fills with smoke. Tripp grabs the fire extinguisher as Joey questions if that was a bomb. They discover Stephanie is knocked out on the floor. Kayla checks her and finds her pulse is weakened so they need to get her to a hospital. Joey then realizes Steve is gone and asks where he is.

Michaels has Steve and John both unconscious in the back of a van. He calls a woman and informs her that he got the second package. She responds that it will be a nice little Black Patch reunion and tells Michaels that he knows what to do next as they hang up. Michaels then drives off in the van.

The next morning, Ciara and Ben wake up and join Hope in the living room. Hope asks if their baby kept them up all night. Ciara says it was only half the night. Ben assures that he’ll be on baby duty tonight so Ciara can get a nap. Hope asks how long they plan on staying. Ciara points out that they just got here and asks if Hope is planning on kicking them out already. Hope says she loves having them but doesn’t want them to put the brakes on their adventures at sea because of her. Ciara and Ben say they plan on staying at least a few more days and maybe more. Hope says that’s great. Hope then admits there is something she needs to tell both of them. Bo watches from Heaven and says now they are getting somewhere. Hope brings up doing a lot of traveling the last couple of years. The doorbell rings so Ciara asks if she’s expecting someone. Hope says she wasn’t and answers the door to see Michaels.

Paul calls Marlena and promises to find Michaels and John. Paul mentions that he spoke to the ISA last night and Shane is on his way. Paul says he’ll call if he finds out anything. Paul hangs up and answers the door expecting Shane, but instead meets Shane’s son, Andrew Donovan of the ISA.

Kayla, Joey, and Tripp get Stephanie set up in a hospital bed. Joey asks if she’s going to be okay. Kayla notes that the doctor said her condition is serious but at least she’s stable. Tripp adds that she should make a full recovery. Stephanie then wakes up and asks why they look so worried. She then asks where Steve is.

John and Steve wake up, tied up in chairs next to each other. Steve says so much for a few days off. A woman enters the room, who John and Steve identify as Stefano DiMera’s daughter, believed to be deceased. Megan Hathaway then declares that she is back.

Ciara asks Hope who is at the door. Michaels presents her with flowers. Hope thought he wasn’t coming until next week. He says he wasn’t but he missed her too much. Hope says she missed him too. Michaels and Hope then begin kissing, shocking Ciara. Bo watches from Heaven, questioning who the hell that is and what is going on down there.


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