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Steve, Joey, and Stephanie watch over Kayla in the hospital. Kayla tells Joey that she said she didn’t want he and Tripp there, but she’s really glad they are. Joey says they wouldn’t be anywhere else. Steve notes that Tripp should be back from the lab soon and hopes that he will have good news about the serum. Kayla asks Steve to get her purse so he does. Kayla tells Stephanie that she wants her to have Grandma Caroline’s bracelet to remember both of them.

Kate is in bed on the phone with her son Austin, telling him about her and Roman’s marriage. Kate wishes they could’ve sent out wedding invitations but they were up against the clock. Kate tells Austin not to come out because there’s nothing he can do without a miracle. Roman then enters and announces they just might have their miracle.

Kristen informs Brady over the phone that she gave the police enough of the serum for the first dose and reminds him that now he must hold up his end of the bargain and break up with Chloe, so that they and Rachel can be a family again. Kristen warns Brady that if even thinks about reneging on their deal, the future treatments depend on her good will and he wouldn’t want the three women’s deaths on his hands.

After Rex injects Marlena with the serum, she asks what happens now. Rex responds that they will monitor her vitals closely and wait for the drug to take effect and then if it does, they will give it to Kate and Kayla. Marlena’s monitors then start beeping and her heart starts racing. Rex encourages her to breathe while Marlena complains that she can’t and John tries to keep her calm.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she can’t take her bracelet but Kayla insists that she wants her to. Stephanie says she’s giving it back to her as soon as she gets better, so Steve then puts the bracelet on Stephanie. Tripp returns and announces that the lab analyzed the drug and it had traces similar to the orchid so they are testing it on Marlena as they speak to make sure it doesn’t have any adverse side effects. Steve tells Kayla that she will be cured. Stephanie worries that she needs it now. Tripp assures that as soon as they confirm it works and is safe, Kayla and Kate are next.

Brady tells Kristen that they are getting ahead of themselves and should make sure the first dose works before talking about the second and third. Kristen tells him that he should have a more hopeful attitude since Marlena could use the positive vibes. Brady says goodbye and tells Kristen not to call back as he hangs up. Chloe comes over and questions what that was all about.

John continues to encourage Marlena as she struggles but eventually she is able to breathe again and her monitors return to normal. Rex asks how she feels. Marlena responds that she feels better. Rex notes that her blood pressure is going back to normal and her vitals are rebounding. John asks what he’s saying. Marlena exclaims that she can feel that it’s working.

Brady claims to Chloe that it was Paul on the phone, asking questions about Marlena’s treatment and it frustrated him as he doesn’t know what to tell him and doesn’t have any answers. Chloe notes that he sounded pretty mad and asks if he’s sure that’s all it was. Rex then comes out from Marlena’s room so Brady asks how she is. Rex tells them that he wants to run more labs to make sure there’s no adverse effects but he’s cautiously optimistic that they have the antidote and it will also work on Kayla and Kate. Brady calls it great news. Brady says he will let Eric and Belle know as Rex then heads to the lab. Chloe hugs Brady and calls this the best news, adding that Brady must be so relieved. Brady confirms that he is. Chloe questions if he’s sure he’s okay. Brady says he’s just so thankful that she was there for him and his family and he’s really lucky to have her. Brady kisses Chloe as Kristen appears and watches from the corner. Brady tells Chloe that he really loves her. Chloe says she loves him too. Brady then says he’ll be back and walks away. Kristen then approaches Chloe.

Marlena tells John that she’s not out of the woods yet but feels like she can see the sunlight through the trees. John sees the hope in her eyes. Marlena jokes that he’ll have to put up with her for awhile. John kisses her and says he loves her.

Kate tells Roman that she doesn’t want to sound ungrateful but questions who decided Marlena would get the first dose. Roman explains that Marlena volunteered and she got sickest the fastest so she had the least time left. Kate tells Roman that he should go see Marlena and Kayla at the hospital. Roman responds that he will as soon as his replacement gets there which she questions. Roman explains that he didn’t want her to be alone, so he called someone to be with her while he’s gone. Chad then arrives and jokes about not being invited to the wedding.

Steve encourages Kayla to hang in just a little bit longer. Tripp notes that Rex is doing bloodwork on Marlena. Kayla then loses consciousness, causing the family to worry. Tripp checks on her and she regains consciousness. Steve and Stephanie encourage Kayla while Joey asks Tripp what’s going on. Tripp responds that this is the normal course of the illness and they were hoping not to get to this stage. Roman enters the room and announces that he just heard from Rex that Marlena is on the road to recovery. Roman then asks how Kayla is doing. Steve responds that they are running out of time and declares she needs the drug now.

Kate tells Chad that they would’ve loved to have him at the wedding but it was last minute. Chad tells her that he’s happy for her and he’s sorry he didn’t come sooner. Kate is sorry she wasn’t there for him with Abigail and Clyde. Kate says she knew when they released Clyde that he would never change. Chad tells her that there’s no way anyone could’ve known and all because he was afraid of it coming out that he had a bullet put in EJ. Chad calls it unfair that Dr. Rolf could bring back EJ but there’s nothing he could do for Abigail.

Chloe questions what Kristen is doing at the hospital. Kristen claims she came to see Marlena since she is her daughter’s step-grandmother. Kristen asks how she’s doing. Chloe mentions the treatment but notes that Kristen was furious with Marlena, so she’s pretty sure she doesn’t give a damn. Chloe then asks what Kristen is really doing here. Kristen admits she does have an ulterior motive.

Joey brings Rex in to Kayla’s hospital room and says she needs the drug. Steve pleads with Rex to give it to her now and says he doesn’t care about the tests. Rex agrees to do so and asks them to make space. Roman asks how long it will take to work. Rex responds that Marlena’s were almost immediate. Steve asks if Kayla can hear him. Rex injects the serum but Kayla calls out to her mom as she then flatlines. Rex and Tripp begin trying to revive her. Tripp asks for everyone to leave the room. Roman agrees but Steve refuses to leave Kayla. They are able to bring back Kayla’s pulse and her heart rate stabilizes. Kayla wakes up as Steve encourages that she got the serum and is going to get better. Stephanie questions why her heart stopped beating. Roman asks if the serum caused it. Tripp says there’s no way to know for sure. Roman then turns to Rex and asks if it’s safe to give Kate.

Kate comments to Chad that she can’t believe she ever thought Clyde was a decent man. Chad says she’s done well for herself this time. Kate agrees and calls Roman the most loyal and caring man she’s ever known. Kate says she has to stay positive and declares that she beat cancer so if she gets the serum, she will beat this as well. Chad agrees and calls her a certified badass.

Chloe mocks Kristen having an ulterior motive. Kristen responds that she’s here for Rachel. Kristen argues that Chloe’s made it her mission to come between her and her daughter. Chloe denies that and says she’s just trying to do what’s best for Brady and Rachel. Kristen accuses Chloe of trying to erase her from their lives. Chloe reminds Kristen that she already offered to end her relationship with Brady but he refused. Kristen suggests instead of offering, she could just do it herself and that would be less humiliating. Brady then comes back and questions what Kristen is doing here.

Marlena asks John if he has an update on Kate and Kayla. John responds that he’s still waiting. Marlena thinks they should’ve heard something by now. John says the serum worked for her so he’s sure it worked for them too. Marlena questions if he’s keeping something from her. John says no and he just wants her to focus on her own recovery while he’s sure they will have good news on them soon enough.

Steve tells Kayla to rest as much as she needs to and he’ll be right there when she wakes up. Stephanie says they all will be. Joey encourages Kayla to get better soon. Roman points out that they almost lost Kayla and that Marlena’s heart raced, so he questions how they know if the serum is safe to give Kate. Rex says it’s risk assessment. Rex and Tripp note that it’s possible it made her worse but also that it could’ve been the illness. Kayla wakes back up and asks why Roman is here instead of with Kate. Kayla knows Roman blames himself for Orpheus hurting them but says it’s not his fault. Roman just wants them to be okay. Tripp asks how Kayla is feeling. Kayla responds that she’s better, like maybe she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Roman then nods to Rex, so Rex announces he’s going to give the serum to Kate and exits.

Kate tells Chad that she saw the press release about his new job in PR, working for Stephanie. Chad confirms that he just started and he’s enjoying the work. Chad notes that professionally it’s fine but personally, he may have crossed a line. Chad calls it not important and says they don’t need to talk about it right now but Kate insists and wants to hear all about it. Kate calls it a distraction for her so Chad gives in. Chad tells Kate that he and Stephanie had too much to drink the other night and she was upset about Kayla while they were both in an emotional place. Chad says in the end, nothing happened. Chad notes that he likes Stephanie but he just realized that he’s not ready to be with someone else because Abigail is still with him and he can’t let her go.

Brady tells Kristen that if Rachel is upset, she should’ve called him and he could go pick her up now. Kristen says that would just make things worse and asks when he will admit this is an untenable situation. Brady responds that he can fix it. Kristen asks how since Rachel cannot stand Chloe or that Chloe is with her father so every day they are together, she’s pulling further away. Brady insists that he would never do anything to hurt Rachel. Kristen argues that being in this relationship is hurting her and asks how Brady can be so selfish. Kristen declares that they know what to do to fix this, so she’s going to leave them alone to chat. Kristen asks Brady to give Marlena her best and remarks that she hopes she has a full and lasting recovery. Kristen then walks away. Chloe complains that Kristen knows exactly how to trigger her. Chloe tells Brady that she’s sorry Rachel is having a tough time. Brady responds that it’s not her fault, it’s Kristen’s, but now he has no choice but to do something about it.

Chad tells Kate that he doesn’t think he’ll ever be ready to let Abigail go. Kate knows he feels that way now and she would never push him to do something he’s not comfortable with. Kate encourages Chad to take it day by day and what feels right to him. Kate tells Chad not to be too hard on himself. Kate then starts to lose consciousness. Chad starts asking her what’s wrong and tries to wake her up. Chad encourages her to stay with him and says he will call Roman. Kate asks him to stay there and sit next to her. Chad tells Kate that he can’t lose her too as he urges her to stay with him. Roman and Rex arrive. Rex questions what’s going on. Chad says they were talking and she was fine. Rex then quickly injects Kate with the serum.

Stephanie puts Kayla’s bracelet back on her and says that’s where it belongs. Steve jokes about them both being stubborn. Joey points out Steve being the most stubborn in the family. Tripp says he will take the blood samples to the lab but Kayla asks him to wait.

John kisses Marlena until Kristen walks in. Kristen remarks that someone is looking better. John asks what the hell she wants. Kristen responds that she heard the wonderful news of Marlena’s recovery and she had to come by to tell Marlena that she forgives her since she asked her to intervene on her behalf with Rachel’s custody but she refused. Marlena argues that it wasn’t her place. Kristen admits she didn’t take it very well that Marlena would support keeping a mother away from her own child and that the spiteful part of her might have hoped she suffered a little or even died but in those dark moments, she reminded herself that God is all forgiving. Kristen declares that God miraculously intervened to save Marlena, so she believes he will intervene in her situation as well.

Brady asks Chloe what Kristen said to her. Chloe responds that Kristen suggested that she offer to break up with him again or just end it herself and not give him a choice. Brady then sits down with Chloe. Chloe questions what he’s doing. Brady says he was just thinking that she may be right as they can’t go on like this. Brady tells Chloe that if there was any other way to make this work. Brady assures that he loves her but he loves his daughter and she’s miserable. Brady says Chloe keeps reminding him to put his little girl first. Chloe questions if he’s breaking up with her. Brady tells her that he’s sorry.

Rex notes Kate’s pulse is strong and her blood pressure is good. Roman encourages that she’s coming back. Kate confirms she feels better already. Rex notes that she’s experiencing the same as Kayla and Marlena but without the side effects this time. Kate hugs Rex and thanks him for saving her life. Kate hugs Chad and thanks him for coming. Kate then jokingly tells Chad and Rex to get lost because it is her wedding night, so they leave. Kate tells Roman that a couple of hours ago, she thought her wedding night was going to be her funeral night. Kate then tells Roman that he knows this look. Roman asks if she’s sure she’s feeling up to it as they start kissing.

Kayla tells her family that the last time the whole family was together like this was when Steve was kidnapped, brainwashed, and nearly killed while now it took her almost dying for them to all get together again. Kayla has them promise not to wait so long to all be together again. Steve then asks for some time alone with his wife. Joey, Stephanie, and Tripp say goodbye to Kayla and then exit the room. Steve sits with Kayla and says he always appreciates how lucky he is to have her, but asks her to never scare him like that again which she promises to do. Steve declares that from now on, they will both stay healthy and safe and he will tell her every day how much he loves her. Kayla agrees to do the same as they kiss. Kayla calls this the happiest day of her life as they continue kissing.

Joey and Stephanie go to a waiting room at the hospital. Joey jokes that if Kayla gave him Caroline’s bracelet, he would’ve kept it because it would’ve matched his tattoo. Stephanie is surprised and asks what tattoo but Joey says she’ll never see it. Stephanie gets a call from Chad, so Joey exits the room. Chad tells Stephanie that he heard about her mom and he’s happy for her family. Stephanie thanks him and asks how Kate is. Chad confirms she’s better and thanks her. Chad offers to handle things at the office if Stephanie wants to take the day to spend with her family. Stephanie assures that she’ll be there in the morning, bright and early, so she will see him then as they hang up.

John tells Kristen to stop talking in code and just spit out what she’s trying to say. Kristen believes he understands her and says she will leave them to their PDAs. Kristen says “you’re welcome” and then exits the room. John asks Marlena what the hell that was about. Marlena doesn’t care as she won’t let Kristen affect their happiness. John hopes after all these years of Orpheus coming after them that it’s finally over.

Brady tells Chloe that she has to believe that he never wanted it to come to this. Chloe cries that it’s okay as she’s the one who told him to and decides she should go. Brady tries to stop her but Chloe says to give her love to Marlena and rushes out of the hospital in tears. Kristen comes over and tells Brady that she knew he could do it. Brady responds that she’s not going to get away with this. Kristen says she already has and assures Chloe will be just fine until she finds out that he’s overthrown Chloe for her which will put a stake in her love story.

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