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Xander and Gwen lay in bed together. Xander thinks they should get up. Gwen asks if he has somewhere to go. Xander says it’s a surprise then gets her to guess that he’s going to get her an engagement ring. Xander clarifies that he’s going to window shop for one at least. Gwen calls him so sweet and charming but points out that he doesn’t have any money for a really nice ring. Gwen swears that she doesn’t need anything fancy but Xander says she deserves it as they kiss. Gwen agrees not to fight him on that. Xander says he won’t be long and tells her to try to stay out of trouble while he’s gone..

Belle visits with EJ in prison. EJ says he’s about to be locked up for the one crime he did not commit. Belle talks about filing an appeal. EJ says at least now he understands why Chad changed his mind about testifying on his behalf but he doesn’t understand why he’s so certain that he saw him kissing Abigail at the courthouse when he never went near her. Belle agrees that it doesn’t make sense. EJ wishes he could see Chad and explain it to him. Belle warns that he doesn’t want to do that because Chad has a lot going on with Abigail right now. EJ asks what he means. Belle explains that Shawn got a call from Chad, who said he got a text from Abigail saying that she went to Boston to visit her parents but he found out that Abigail never went to Boston and has now vanished without a trace.

At the DiMera Mansion, Chad goes over a map, wondering where Abigail could be and declares that he’s not giving up and he will find her, whatever it takes.

Shawn is in his office at the police station with a case file that has photos of Steve, Kayla, Abigail, Sarah, and Kristen.

Kayla and Steve wake up in a bed together where they are locked up as they are startled by a noise. They find a tray of fruit and water along with a bag. Steve opens the bag and finds his eye patch inside.

Kristen has Steve’s phone which rings with a call from Shawn. Kristen worries that Abigail was right that the cops are closing in. Kristen listens to Shawn’s voicemail, saying he’s sure that Steve is on Kristen’s trail and talks about Abigail missing as well. Abigail comes in and says she told Kristen that they would be looking for her.

Gwen has Abigail’s phone which goes off with text messages from Chad. Gwen reads a message from Chad, saying he knows they have his wife and have disabled tracking on her phone. Chad asks them to have some compassion since Abigail is a mother, wife, daughter, and sister. Chad says he’ll do anything they want if they let Abigail come home to her family.

Xander exits the Salem Inn and pulls out his ring for Sarah. Xander tells himself to stop being sentimental as Sarah is never coming back to him, so the only way to buy Gwen an engagement ring is to sell this one.

Sarah sits in the room she is locked up in, reading a book and wishing the man that she loves could whisk her away.

Belle informs EJ that Chad thinks Kristen might have had something to do with Abigail’s disappearance. EJ questions why Kristen would kidnap Abigail. Belle explains that Abigail was on the trail of what happened to Sarah and that led her to Kristen. Belle adds that she stopped trying to figure out Kristen’s motivations. EJ says if Kristen did have something to do with it, Chad should take some comfort in Abigail being a DiMera so Kristen won’t hurt her. EJ remarks that they may stab each other in the back figuratively, but never literally. EJ then admits there were a couple incidents. Belle hopes that Kristen does have Abigail and declares that if anyone can find Kristen, it’s Steve and Kayla.

Kayla and Steve talk about Kristen’s kidnapping experience. They look through the bag and find sweetener for their coffee and their driver’s licenses. Steve points out that she did not return his phone. Kayla figures they wouldn’t have service anyways. Kayla prepares to eat the fruit but Steve warns that it could have drugs or poison. Kayla insists on being hungry. Steve doesn’t want to risk being poisoned but Kayla decides she’s willing to take the chance.

Abigail tells Kristen that the walls are closing in on her and it’s just a matter of time. Kristen says if anyone comes looking for her, the house has plenty of rooms. Kristen says she wants to be left alone and if people would mind their own business, none of this would be happening. Abigail brings up finding a whole wing of the house that’s locked off so she asks if Sarah or Steve and Kayla are in there. Kristen says it’s her bedroom and she has the only key. Kristen adds that she didn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night with Abigail looming over her. Abigail argues that she can’t keep them here forever. Kristen says she wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Gwen uses Abigail’s phone to text Chad back, saying she’s sorry but she can’t help him.

Chad receives the message and responds with a warning that if they harm Abigail, he will find them and kill them even if they are family. Chad then tosses his phone as Shawn walks in and asks what’s going on.

Gwen says to herself that she’s sorry as she can’t do anything to help Abigail now. Gwen then puts Abigail’s phone down and smashes it.

Shawn reads the text that Chad sent and doesn’t think threatening to kill them is very helpful. Chad complains that he needs whoever it is to let them know they aren’t getting away with this. Shawn feels he should’ve let the police reach out to Abigail’s kidnapper. Chad argues that they won’t tell where Abigail is anyways. Shawn argues that they could’ve worked out a strategy. Shawn says he went back to the airstrip to interview workers and tried to look at the security footage but it’s gone, like someone is trying to cover up their tracks. Shawn adds that he left a message for Steve since Brady hired him to try and track down Kristen for information on Philip’s disappearance and now he’s waiting to hear back from him. Shawn asks if Chad can think of anyone else who might know where to find Kristen. Chad says actually, maybe he can.

Gwen continues smashing Abigail’s phone until there’s a knock at the door. Gwen puts Abigail’s broken phone back in to her purse and then answers the door to see Maggie, who asks if everything is alright. Gwen claims everything is fine. Maggie thought she heard some pounding. Gwen claims that she was trying to call house keeping but the line doesn’t work. Gwen tells Maggie that she just missed Xander but she can take a message. Maggie says she just wanted to see how Xander was doing after Sarah showed up and kicked him to the curb again because it must have been very painful for him. Gwen is happy to report that Xander is doing very well as running in to Sarah could have been the best thing to happen to him. Maggie questions why she would say that. Gwen responds that he has finally decided to put Sarah in his rearview mirror and move on as he just proposed to her.

Xander continues looking at his ring for Sarah and flashes back to when he and Sarah proposed to each other.

Sarah finishes her book and calls it the most romantic thing she’s ever read.

Kristen points out that Abigail has barely touched any of the food she’s given her since being here. Abigail doesn’t want to be poisoned. Kristen says she won’t drug her but Abigail questions why she would trust her. Kristen argues that the alternative is to starve. Abigail says the alternative is to let her go. Kristen says if she would’ve minded her own business, she’d be home with Chad and their chidlren right now. Abigail can’t believe she’s blaming her for getting abducted. Abigail asks what she was supposed to do since Sarah is her cousin and reporting is in her blood, like kidnapping seems to be in Kristen’s. Kristen remarks that she was adopted. Abigail says she was raised to be a kidnapper then. Kristen argues that she’s not a monster and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Kristen says she’s made her comfortable here. Abigail responds that she’d be more comfortable at home with Chad and their kids. Kristen points out that she took very good care of Jack in Nashville. Abigail points out that she kept him locked in a warehouse and let his family think he was dead for years. Kristen says he’s alive today because of her. Abigail brings up Haley Chen and says maybe Kristen won’t mean to kill her either, but if she starves to death then it’s on her head. Kristen declares that she will prove that she’s not poisoning anything as she takes a drink and a bite of the food. Kristen asks if Abigail is satisfied now. Abigail thinks back to drugging the drink herself and responds that she is very satisfied.

Maggie is surprised to hear that Xander proposed to Gwen. Gwen says she’s sorry if it hurts her to hear that since she was very invested in Xander and Sarah’s relationship. Maggie mentions not seeing a ring. Gwen explains that it was spur of the moment so he’s out shopping for a ring as they speak. Gwen knows that Xander was very dear to Maggie and she doesn’t approve. Maggie says she didn’t say that. Gwen says she doesn’t have to. Gwen tells Maggie not to hope that Xander and Sarah are going to get back together one day because he has said he’s not waiting for Sarah to come back to him and Sarah made it very clear again that she does not want him. Maggie says she knows because she was there but something was off with Sarah’s visit. Maggie calls it mother’s instinct but Sarah didn’t seem like the Sarah that she knows and loves.

Xander gets his ring and walks out of the town square.

Belle gives EJ a card to use at the commissary and for the phone. EJ tells Belle that he’s grateful for everything she’s done and to have her on his side. EJ adds that she can probably hold on to the phone card because he has no one to call anyway. Belle tells him that he can call her for anything, anytime. EJ thanks her. Chad then arrives. EJ asks what the hell he’s doing here. Chad says he needs to talk to him. EJ says Belle just told him about Abigail missing and he’s very sorry. EJ assures that he doesn’t know anything about what happened to her. Chad says maybe not, but he’s almost certain Kristen does and that EJ has been in contact with her. Chad asks EJ where Kristen is.

Abigail tells Kristen how much she misses her kids, comparing it to Kristen missing Rachel. Kristen asks if Abigail has seen Rachel. Abigail confirms that she has. Kristen asks how she is. Abigail says she’s getting big and mentions seeing her at the mall with Brady and Chloe. Kristen tells her to shut up because of the idea of Chloe. Kristen then starts to feel dizzy. Abigail says it’s about damn time. Kristen asks what she did. Abigail talks about exploring the property and finding some old sleeping pills in a medicine cabinet. Abigail felt Kristen deserved a taste of her own medicine and she put enough in to tranquilize a horse. Kristen then collapses.

Gabi walks outside and runs in to Jake, who says he’s been looking everywhere for her. Jake mentions stopping by the DiMera Mansion but she and Johnny weren’t there. Gabi guesses he just missed them and asks what he’s been up to. Jake says he stopped by Ben’s new place to see him and then stopped at home where he ran in to Ava, but Gabi wasn’t there, as he’s been looking for her. Gabi asks if that’s it. Jake says he’s here now. Gabi calls it a busy day.

Tripp asks Ava if she’s sure she’s fine with him taking the ring instead of wanting it for herself. Tripp brings up Rafe but Ava assures that he won’t have to worry about that. Tripp asks if Ava is okay. Ava says her love life has been spotty and she’s been hurt more times than she can count, but she still believes in happily ever after. Ava tells Tripp that she loves him as they hug. Tripp then exits the house. Ava sits back down and opens her tablet to a photo of her and Rafe. Ava declares that they could’ve had their happily ever after but Rafe threw it all away and now he’ll have to pay for that.

Chanel tells Allie that she wasn’t talking about what happened between them. Allie asks if she’s sure. Chanel says she is and she just meant her divorce, the movie, and needing to get away from Johnny. Chanel promises Allie that this isn’t about them sleeping together right as Johnny appears behind them.

Gwen asks what Maggie means by it not seeming like Sarah. Maggie says they all have flaws but Sarah is very kind and caring, so despite everything that happened, she knows how much Xander meant to her. Maggie says Sarah behaving like that towards Xander was out of character. Gwen suggests Sarah has changed since leaving Salem. Maggie agrees that she hasn’t been acting like herself since the day she took off. Xander comes home and greets them, asking what Maggie is doing there. Maggie says she just stopped by to see how he’s holding up. Xander says he’s doing well and thanks her. Maggie mentions hearing that congratulations are in order since Gwen said they are engaged. Xander confirms they are and thanks her. Maggie will always be sorry that things didn’t work out between he and Sarah, but if Gwen makes him happy then she wishes them both all the best. They thank her as Maggie then exits. Gwen feels Maggie did not mean that.

Sarah states that no one is coming to rescue her, so if she wants to get out of here, she has to do it herself. She puts down her book “Love’s Bitter Harvest”

Steve finds some flare guns in a grill. Kayla hopes they can get the door open. Steve takes her fork which he says he could be their ticket out of here.

Abigail searches Kristen and finds her keys in her pocket.

EJ questions why he would tell Chad anything after he falsely accused him. Chad shouts that he saw it with his own eyes. EJ has no idea what Chad saw. Chad argues that he can’t explain it away. Belle stops them and says none of this matters now as they all care about Abigail and want her home. Belle instructs EJ to help Chad find Abigail if he can do that. EJ confirms that he does care about Abigail as a sister in law and friend but he’s sorry as he hasn’t heard from Kristen in months, so he has no idea where she is. Chad asks if he’s checked any of DiMera’s secret holding properties. EJ says Chad has more information at his fingertips than he does since he has the keys to the DiMera kingdom after railroading him out of his job. Chad argues that Abigail is the victim here, not EJ. EJ reminds Chad that they both know he doesn’t belong here. Chad calls him a criminal and sociopath. Chad hopes EJ stays locked up forever. Belle says this isn’t helping. Chad says he’s just being honest. EJ argues that Chad lied on the stand. Belle informs Chad that they are filing an appeal and will win because EJ is innocent. Chad disagrees. EJ says Chad couldn’t care less that he was wrongly convicted. Chad feels justice has been served as the world is a better place with EJ locked up because no one will ever miss him if he never gets out. Chad then exits.

Xander asks Gwen if it was awkward with Maggie. Gwen admits it was a little. Xander apologizes. Gwen understands it’s probably going to be part of their lives moving forward because he was set to meet the lovely and beautiful Sarah who everyone loved, but instead he’s settling for her. Xander doesn’t care what anyone else thinks as Gwen is everything he could ever want and he knows they belong together. Gwen asks if he’s sure about that. Xander assures that he is and asks her to allow him to prove it.

Steve works on unlocking the door. Kayla worries about Steve injuring himself. Steve tells her not to worry but then ends up stabbing himself with the fork.

Abigail takes Kristen’s keys to a bedroom and enters the room where Sarah was, seeing the book she left behind.

Belle tells EJ that she’s sorry for what Chad said to him. EJ supposes he deserved some of it. Belle points out that he doesn’t deserve to go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Belle says she will be back to discuss the appeal when he settles in. EJ thanks her for being his lifeline. Belle tells him to hang in there. EJ brings up Rafe possibly being an inmate soon and jokes that them being cellmates would be his worst nightmare. EJ assures Belle that he will be fine.

Chad returns home and gets a call from Shawn, who asks if he saw EJ. Chad thanks him for getting him in there and mentions that Belle was there too working on his appeal but EJ claims to know nothing about Kristen. Chad says it’s hard to tell but thinks it’s a dead end so they are back to square one. Shawn then reveals he may have a lead.

Gwen thought Xander was just going window shopping. Xander says he upgraded to actual shopping. Gwen asks how much it cost and hopes he didn’t have to hawk some precious belongings. Xander reveals that he sold Sarah’s ring and calls it silly that he held onto it as long as he had. Xander is glad to get use out of it and put that part of his life behind him. Xander presents her with the ring which she calls stunning. Xander then gets down on a knee to propose to Gwen. Gwen says yes, so Xander puts the ring on her finger. Gwen calls it perfect and says she loves it so much. Gwen tells Xander that she loves him so much and thanks him for making her the happiest woman as they kiss.

Abigail searches the bedroom. Kristen recovers and finds her in the room, warning that Abigail has been very naughty. Abigail guesses this was Sarah’s room and asks Kristen where she is.

Kayla treats Steve’s wounded hand. Steve jokes that she’s patching him up just like the old days. They kiss until Sarah walks in, shocked to find them.

EJ goes to his prison cell and finds out his cellmate is Clyde Weston!

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