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Steve and Kayla sit together at the Brady Pub. Steve talks about wanting them to take a romantic vacation but notes that Kayla is distracted and not interested. Steve understands Kayla is thinking about her job and missing it which Kayla admits. Kayla brings up the board wanting her to fire Marlena and she refused, so they hired Craig to do it but he refused too, so Craig and Marlena still have their jobs but she’s fired. Kayla wonders if maybe she should’ve fired Marlena.

Marlena sits in her office at the hospital and gets a call from Belle. Marlena says she’s been worried about her and asks if she and Shawn are working things out, but Belle shocks Marlena by revealing to her that Johnny was possessed by The Devil.

EJ brings Johnny to the hospital where he sees Chanel and Tripp hugging. Johnny calls out to Chanel, who questions him not being in Italy. Johnny responds that he never went to Italy so Chanel calls him a liar. Chanel turns back to Tripp and thanks him for everything but says she has to go. Johnny stops Chanel and says he needs to talk to her. Chanel asks why she would want to hear anything out of his hateful mouth when he said enough on the phone the other night. Johnny informs Chanel that it wasn’t him on the phone so she questions who it was then. EJ reveals it was Satan. Chanel doesn’t buy it and guesses this is something for Johnny’s movie, pointing out that he bailed on the movie like everything else. EJ assures it’s the truth as Johnny was possessed by the Devil but Chanel doesn’t believe it.

Ben explains to Rafe and Jake that Evan/Christian is working with Allie, who is possessed by the Devil. Jake identifies Allie as the one who knocked him out. Ben knows it sounds crazy but it’s the truth. Ben explains that after Allie drugged him with the tea, she admitted that she was the Devil and that he was after his baby, then the next thing he knew he was chained up in the DiMera Crypt with Johnny. Ben adds that Johnny confirmed what Allie said. Ben declares that Allie kidnapped Ciara.

Allie tells Ciara that she understands she’s upset and wants to be with Ben but they can’t go back to her apartment while Evan is on the loose. Ciara wants to call Rafe and says if they caught Evan, they can go back. Allie agrees if that’s the only way to convince her to go to the cabin. Devil Allie then uses the Devil powers to fake another phone call with Rafe. Ciara cries that she wants to go home but “Rafe” tells her it’s not an option since Evan is out there and dangerous, so they need to go to the cabin now. Ciara asks what about Ben.

Tripp and EJ get Johnny set up in a hospital bed. Tripp notes that he needed fluids and he’ll be back to check on him later as he exits the room. EJ comments that Johnny looks better already. Chanel enters the room so Johnny asks if they can have a moment alone. EJ agrees to step outside. Chanel asks how Johnny is feeling. Johnny says like the world is even scarier than he ever thought. Chanel asks how he is physically. Johnny says he’s not too bad other than a splitting headache. Chanel asks if it’s really true that he was possessed.

Ben panics about Ciara and their baby being in danger of the Devil. Ben asks Jake if Evan said anything about Allie. Jake wishes he could remember more but says he just recognized Evan and then Allie knocked him out from behind. Jake says when he came to, they were gone and Rafe was there. Ben feels Jake must have overheard something. Jake says he can’t remember. Ben suggests there is a way for Jake to remember and brings up Marlena hypnotizing him to recover memories so maybe she can do the same for him. Ben asks what Rafe thinks. Rafe says anything that can help them find Allie and Ciara is worth a shot.

Steve argues that Kayla doesn’t mean that she should’ve fired Marlena which Kayla admits. Kayla explains that she refused to fire her because she’s a great friend, an esteemed psychiatrist, and she didn’t deserve that. Steve points out that Kayla didn’t deserve to be fired either. Kayla agrees that she’s being fired for doing the right thing. Steve calls it unfair and outrageous. Steve praises Kayla for the contributions she made to the hospital as chief of staff. Steve wishes he could do something about it like going to talk to them about the stupid decision they made. Kayla feels it wouldn’t make a difference. Steve reminds Kayla that they came out to have fun tonight. Steve suggests throwing darts but Kayla wants to sit here and wallow. Steve tries to entice her by offering to paint their bathroom if she gets a bullseye.

Johnny reveals to Chanel that he was possessed since Christmas and reminds her how he wasn’t feeling good on New Year’s Eve which was because the Devil was taking control of his body. Chanel recalls Johnny missing the New Year’s countdown. Johnny says he was getting ready but that’s the last thing he remembers. Chanel asks about their wedding reception where he divorced her and totally humiliated her. Johnny assures that was never him and he doesn’t remember any of it. Johnny asks if Chanel believes him. Chanel says it’s hard to unhear the things he said to her that night because she had never been hurt in her entire life. Johnny insists it was not him and that all he remembers is that she made him feel more loved than anyone ever has. Johnny calls Chanel everything he ever wanted so he would have never asked her for a divorce because he never stopped loving her and still hasn’t.

EJ explains to Tripp that Allie is now possessed and no one knows where she is. EJ is sorry to burden him since he knows it’s a lot to take in. EJ mentions that he needs to go inform Marlena and hopes she can help them track down Allie, leaving Tripp in shock.

Marlena tells Belle to hang in there as she finishes their phone call and says she’ll see her at home. EJ then enters her office and informs Marlena that he needs to speak with her as it’s urgent. Marlena reveals that Belle just informed her that it was not her who was possessed but Johnny and now Belle. EJ declares that they need to find Allie and to tell Sami right now.

Chanel recalls Johnny being so cruel that night when he broke her heart. Johnny says he’s so sorry. Chanel says she was so in love with him and so happy to be his wife but he treated her like she was nothing to him and that getting involved with her was a terrible mistake. Chanel remembers wishing it was a nightmare but it wasn’t. Chanel brings up Allie being there. Johnny reveals that it’s okay as he knows she slept with her. Chanel talks about not knowing where to turn or what to do as she was in so much pain and she felt like there was something wrong with her. Chanel adds that Allie was there to comfort her and make her feel like it wasn’t her fault and she was worthy of love. Johnny says he gets it and she doesn’t have to explain what she did with Allie or Tripp.

Kayla throws a bullseye on her first try. Tripp enters the Pub so Kayla excitedly tells Tripp about it. Steve tells Kayla that the game is not over yet. Kayla asks if Tripp wants to take a shot but he says he’s not in the mood. Steve asks him what the matter is. Tripp responds that he’s a little sad, worried, and kind of freaked out but he didn’t mean to ruin their night. Kayla says it’s okay and asks if he’s still upset about what happened with Allie. Tripp says that too so Steve asks what else happened.

Devil Allie has her fake phone call with Rafe telling Ciara that there is nothing she can do for Ben. Ciara argues that Ben needs her and she should be with him now. “Rafe” repeats that Evan is dangerous and wants revenge so she needs to put her baby first and let Allie take her to the cabin. Allie remarks that Rafe is right. Ciara reluctantly agrees to go for Ben and their son. “Rafe” assures Ciara it’s for the best and thanks Allie for taking care of her. Allie comments that she just wants to make sure Ciara and the baby are alright as she hangs up the phone. Allie asks Ciara what she thinks. Ciara gives in to going to the cabin so Allie starts the car back up.

Marlena calls Sami and leaves a message for her to call as soon as she gets it. Marlena guesses that where ever Sami and Lucas have gone, they have terrible cell phone reception. EJ wonders if they should get the police involved but Marlena says not until she talks to Shawn. Ben and Jake rush in to the office. EJ informs them that they were just talking about Allie’s possession. Ben reveals that Allie is not just possessed but they think it’s possible that she kidnapped Ciara since the Devil is still after their baby. Marlena declares that they are not giving up until Ciara and the baby are safe. Marlena asks if they have any idea where Allie might have taken Ciara. Ben says that’s where she comes in.

Chanel questions Johnny knowing about her and Tripp. Johnny confirms he knows that they got drunk together, were kissing at a bar, and went back to her place. Chanel assures that nothing happened because Paulina knew they were doing it for the wrong reasons so she refused to let them go to her room and called Tripp a cab to send him home. Johnny jokes that he knew he liked Paulina.

Tripp informs Kayla and Steve that Allie is now possessed and apparently Allie has vanished so no one knows where she went. Tripp hopes they will find her and get her the help she needs. Steve says if Marlena’s family got the Devil out of her, he bets they will be able to help Allie. Steve adds that there might be a silver lining in all of this.

At the hospital, Rafe finishes a call with the police about searching for Allie. Rafe informs EJ that there’s no word yet as they ran Allie’s license plates but no one has seen her. EJ asks if there are no leads at all. Rafe mentions that Jake thinks he might have seen Allie take Ciara, so they took him to Marlena to see if she can help him remember more. EJ confirms that Marlena is hypnotizing Jake about the incident as they speak.

Marlena begins hypnotizing Jake and assures that he is safe in her office. Marlena takes him back to being at Ben and Ciara’s apartment, waiting for them to come back. Jake remembers the knock at the door and it was Evan, who had just escaped from prison and he said that a new friend helped him do it. Jake says he asked about the friend but that was when he was hit from behind and the next thing he remembers is coming to with Rafe there. Marlena wants to move in to his subconscious and asks about when he was hit. Jake repeats that he didn’t see who it was. Marlena encourages him to block out all other senses and tell her what he hears. Jake remembers Allie saying that he wasn’t part of the plan but he may as well make himself useful. Jake tells Marlena that it’s definitely Allie’s voice but he can’t understand. Marlena asks if he heard any other voices. Jake says he can’t make out what they are saying. Ben asks if Ciara was there. Marlena urges Jake to focus on if he can hear Ciara’s voice.

Kayla questions how Steve could even say there’s a silver lining in possession. Steve says maybe it didn’t come out right but he meant that if Allie was really possessed by the Devil then she wasn’t in control when she cheated on Tripp so maybe that can give him comfort about their relationship. Tripp wishes he could blame what happened on the Devil, that was all Allie because she couldn’t have been possessed the night she slept with Chanel because Johnny was.

EJ informs Rafe that Johnny is in with Chanel. Rafe mentions Ben saying that they were chained in the DiMera Crypt and things got crazy with Andre showing up. EJ admits that it was Susan who alerted them to the fact that Johnny was possessed and not in Italy. EJ admits he only went to the Crypt to appease Susan but he walked in and saw Andre choking Johnny, so if not for Susan, he would’ve lost his son tonight. Rafe is glad she said something to him then. EJ thanks God for that. EJ questions what kind of father or person he is that for all these months his son was in a fight for his soul and he had no idea.

Chanel tells Johnny that she and Tripp realized that Paulina was right that sleeping together would’ve been stupid so they were just bonding as friends and the next day, they were just happy they could still be friends. Johnny says he’s happy too. Johnny admits that when he saw Chanel and Tripp leave the bar, he assumed the worst. Chanel asks how he even knows and if he had been following her. Johnny says he would never do that and tells her that the Devil showed him. Chanel doesn’t know what that means. Johnny explains that the Devil chained him up in the DiMera Crypt and tortured him by showing him like a movie of Chanel and Tripp drunk, making out, and leaving together which drove him crazy. Chanel asks if he wasn’t possessed in the Crypt, so how the Devil tortured him and chained him up. Chanel questions using someone’s body to do that.

Steve is shocked to learn Johnny was also possessed. Kayla points out that would explain his strange behavior like breaking Chanel’s heart. Tripp adds that it turns out Johnny never went to Italy and it seems Devil Allie had him chained up in the DiMera Crypt. Steve recalls that’s where Marlena kept John and Susan when she was possessed. Tripp explains that EJ just found him tonight and brought him to the hospital. Tripp says he checked him out and he’s shaken up and weak but he’ll be okay.

Rafe encourages EJ that he had no way of knowing what was going on with Johnny. EJ complains that he’s his father so he’s supposed to know. EJ talks about Johnny doing things out of character all these months and he never once thought to ask what caused it. Rafe suggests maybe he didn’t notice because those changes were happening gradually. EJ insists there was nothing gradual about it like how he discarded Chanel at their wedding reception which was terribly sudden and extreme. EJ admits that he felt oddly proud of him at the time. EJ says everyone else was horrified by his behavior but he defended him as he thought Johnny just came to his senses and realized Chanel was not a suitable partner for him. EJ adds that he was relieved that Johnny finally accepted DiMera was his legacy and birth right. Rafe acknowledges that he’ll never fully understand that DiMera code. EJ notes that Johnny didn’t accept that code. EJ says all the years that he and Johnny didn’t get along, he assumed was because Johnny looked to Rafe as a role model more than he ever did to him. Rafe tells EJ that Johnny was always his own man, even as a kid. EJ thought Johnny finally grew in to the heir he always imagined but now finding out those qualities he thought he inherited from him were actually Satan’s. EJ wonders what that says about him, that he was finally proud of his son when he wasn’t himself at all.

Marlena asks Jake again if he can hear Ciara. Jake identifies Ciara’s voice and that she’s upset, crying, and yelling for Ben to wake up. Marlena wants Jake to now use all his senses and asks if he can see or feel anything. Jake responds that he feels a hand on his wrist and it’s Allie saying that Ben is gone. Jake then complains that his head is killing him. Marlena decides to end the session. Jake mentions his headache so Marlena suggests he get checked out in the ER for a possible concussion. Jake tells Ben that he’s sorry he doesn’t know where Allie and Ciara went. Ben says at least they know now that they were together. Ben doesn’t get why Ciara would be yelling at him to wake up though since he wasn’t there.

Allie brings Ciara to the Horton Cabin. Ciara says she hasn’t been there in years but recalls her parents taking her there often and fishing with her dad. Ciara states that her dad is gone and now Ben is gone too. Allie encourages her to feel better but Ciara cries that her husband is dead, so she’s never going to feel better again. Allie says she needs to think of her baby now as Ben would want her to do everything possible to make sure the baby comes in to the world safe and sound. Ciara steps out while the Devil remarks that now with Ben out of the way, this will be the perfect place for his baby to be born.

Steve and Kayla question Johnny and now Allie being possessed. Steve says it’s a lot for Tripp to take in and offers to take him home but Tripp says it’s okay and he will get back to work. Tripp thanks them for always being there. Kayla says they will see him soon. Tripp hugs them both and then exits the Pub.

EJ tells Rafe that if he was in a better mood, he would appreciate the irony of him crying on Rafe’s shoulder for comfort. Rafe points out that they both care about Johnny, so all that matters is that he’s going to be okay. Rafe adds that EJ still has a chance to do things differently. EJ worries about all the time he lost but agrees that they have Johnny back and that’s the best news. Rafe says he has to check in with the station for news on Allie and Ciara. EJ says to let him know if he can be of any help. Rafe says he will and steps away to make the call.

Chanel doesn’t get it since there was no exorcism of Johnny and questions why the Devil left Johnny’s body and where he went when he did. Chanel questions what Johnny is not telling her. Johnny says this won’t be easy to hear as he reveals that when the Devil left his body, he went in to Allie.

Ben questions why Ciara would be calling out to him and crying if he wasn’t in the room. Ben asks if Jake remembers anything else. Jake says it seemed like Ciara and Allie were really close to him. Ben questions why Ciara would be calling Jake by his name. Marlena brings up Jake saying he felt Allie’s hand on his wrist. Jake says it was like she was checking his pulse. Jake then comes to the realization that the Devil can change forms like when the Devil made Johnny look like him, so he asks if the Devil can make other people change forms too. Marlena confirms that the Devil made Tripp look like Jan and turned Susan in to a cat. Jake figures that is it and that Allie made him look like Ben which is why she was taking his pulse and Ciara was crying. Ben realizes now that Ciara thinks he’s dead.

Ciara comes back from the bathroom so Allie asks if she’s feeling better. Ciara wants to use Allie’s phone to call her mom. Allie doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Ciara doesn’t care and repeats that she wants to call her mom and hear her voice. Allie says whatever helps her through this. Allie then checks her phone and it has no service, so it’s just them.

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