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Belle goes to the Brady Pub and asks Eric if there’s any update on Allie or Ciara’s baby. Eric says not yet but Roman is on his way back to take over so he can go back to the search. Eric is sure that Shawn must be working around the clock. Belle remarks that she hasn’t heard from him as things are still not good between them. Eric says he’s sorry and brings up the last time they spoke, Belle said she was ready to move back in. Belle reveals that she was, but Jan Spears beat her to it and Jan is now living in her family’s home with her husband.

John goes to the police station and tells Shawn that he heard Evan was arrested. Shawn confirms he’s awaiting transfer back to the prison. John asks if he said anything about Allie. Shawn informs him that Evan claims he doesn’t know where they are but he did tell them what the Devil has planned for Ben and Ciara’s baby. Shawn reveals that the Devil wants the baby to be his permanent host body on Earth, so if they don’t stop him, he’s going to take control of his nephew’s body and soul.

Marlena leaves the DiMera Mansion and gets a call from Tripp, who hoped she had news about Allie. Marlena informs him that they think she is heading to the cemetery with the baby. Tripp asks if she knows they are alright. Marlena informs him that Allie is still possessed and Johnny went to the cemetery half an hour ago so she’s waiting to hear from him.

The Devil tells Charlie that once the Ritual of Transference is completed, he can get rid of Johnny and Allie. The Devil then places his hands on baby Bo but Ben and Ciara ride up on their motorcycle. Ciara tells The Devil to get the hell away from her son. The Devil responds that he won’t be her son much longer when they become one. Ciara says not while she’s around. Ben tells Ciara to stay back while he gets the baby. Charlie warns Ben not to do that. Ben steps forward but is knocked out by the Devil’s powers. Charlie says he tried to warn him. Charlie argues that they wasted their time coming because his boss has already won this battle.

John assures Shawn that they won’t let the Devil take the baby. Shawn says they have to find him first. Shawn gets a text that Jan’s ankle monitor went off so she must have reached the perimeter of the house. John asks if it didn’t occur to him that Jan might try to take off. Shawn says he doesn’t like Jan living in his house any more than John or Belle does. John tells Shawn to find Allie and the baby while he will deal with Jan Spears because he doesn’t want her anywhere near Belle. John then exits the station.

Eric tells Belle that he doesn’t understand the agreement since Jan is a threat to their community. Belle explains that Shawn talked to the warden about Jan’s high risk pregnancy so they let her out on house arrest and Shawn had to agree because he wasn’t going to let her go back to prison with his baby. Eric encourages Belle not to let this destroy her marriage. Belle asks what she is supposed to do since she is not going to go live with Jan but Shawn feels responsible for the baby. Belle says they are at a standoff and she doesn’t see that ending any time soon.

Marlena assures Tripp that she will call him as soon as she hears from John, Ben and Ciara, or Shawn. Tripp decides he’s going out there. Marlena asks what he can do. Tripp responds that he’s a doctor and he’s not just going to sit around while Allie goes through this. Marlena notes that it sounds like Tripp cares about her. Tripp admits he told himself that he didn’t but that was just his wounded ego, he loves Allie and will do whatever he can to get her out of this nightmare.

Ciara checks Ben’s pulse and is relieved that he is still alive. Ciara tells The Devil that she’s not going to let him get away with this as it’s her baby and she wants him back. Charlie warns that Ciara will fry just like Ben did if she tries. Ciara prays for the strength to fight this battle. A light shines down, confusing Charlie, so Ciara uses this power to try and fight The Devil. Johnny regains consciousness and is surprised to see Ciara. Charlie tells the Devil that they have a problem. The Devil looks to Ciara and says that’s impossible as Ciara calls out to her baby that she’s coming to save him.

Eric asks Belle if Jan will have to go back after having the baby but admits it’s a hard one. Belle declares that Jan has made sure the baby will tie her to Shawn, so she will be in his life forever. Eric tells Belle that she can either let it defeat her or she can hold onto her marriage and fight for it. Belle gets a text from John that Jan’s ankle monitor went off, so he’s on his way there to check it out. Belle worries that Jan could be on the loose and wonders what she’s going to do this time.

John goes to Shawn and Belle’s house. Jan comes out in a night gown, surprised to see John. John says it looks like she put that on for nothing. Jan asks what he’s doing here. John explains that he was with Shawn when Jan’s ankle monitor went off, so he decided to come check on her for him. John adds that Shawn thought Jan might have taken off but he knew she would be right here. Jan argues that she’s on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy. John asks about the ankle monitor going off. Jan admits she was bored and wanted Shawn to come home to keep her company. John informs her that it looks like she’s stuck with him instead. Jan says he doesn’t have to stay as everything is fine. John says he was actually looking for time alone with her. Jan asks if he’s going to choke her in to another coma. John responds that it’s tempting but no, he’s going to lay out all the reasons why she’s going to stay away from Belle.

Shawn finishes a call with the prison, arguing that he doesn’t care how under staffed they are as he wants Evan off of his hands as soon as possible. Marlena arrives and questions Shawn not answering her calls. Shawn apologizes and says he’s had his hands full with Evan in the interrogation room and Jan’s ankle monitor went off which John is taking care of. Marlena tells Shawn that she will go there when she can. Marlena reveals that she, Johnny, and Susan think they made contact with Allie and it seems she has taken the baby to the cemetery so Ben and Johnny are on their way there. Marlena thinks they need back up and the help of the police on this.

Johnny calls out to Ciara, asking if he can help her. Ciara manages to knock the Devil back and reunites with her baby Bo. Ciara picks up her baby and assures that he’s safe now. The Devil argues that she hasn’t vanquished him and he will win this yet. Charlie asks what’s happening. The Devil complains that the forces of good are at work. Ciara declares that he will never get the baby away from her. The Devil shouts that he has to get away from the light and runs off. Charlie asks where he’s going and if he should go with him. Charlie yells that Ciara ruined everything as he was supposed to raise the baby. Ciara tells him that was never going to happen. Charlie declares that if he doesn’t get to be the father, then neither does Ben. Charlie raises a knife and goes to Ben as Ciara yells for him to stop.

Jan tells John that she couldn’t care less about Belle because everything is different and she is going to be a mother, so her child is her only focus. John doesn’t believe her. Jan claims that Belle doesn’t register on her radar anymore since she walked out on Shawn, so he will be free of her soon. Jan declares that she and Shawn will then raise their baby together and they will be a family. John informs Jan that Shawn and Belle have broken up before but they always find their way back to each other. Jan remarks that everything is different now that she’s carrying Shawn’s baby since a child has a way of bonding the two people who created it. Jan compares it to John and Marlena having an affair until Belle cemented their relationship. John says that’s not how it happened. Jan assures it will happen for her and Shawn.

Eric encourages Belle that if Jan were on the loose, John would have already called her by now and she has to play by different rules since she’s dealing with a high risk pregnancy. Belle gets a text from John, confirming that he’s with Jan at the house. Eric calls that one less thing she has to worry about. Belle hopes for good news about Allie and the baby.

Ciara pleads with Charlie to leave Ben alone. Charlie tells her to say goodbye to Ben. Tripp then arrives and knocks out Charlie from behind with a baseball bat. Ciara thanks Tripp and assures they are fine, but points out Ben is unconscious. Tripp goes to check on Ben and notes that his pulse is steady and reacting so he should be okay. Tripp asks about Allie. Ciara informs him that she ran towards the church and Johnny went after her. Tripp decides to go after them and asks how they are going to get to the hospital since they can’t take the motorcycle. Ben starts to wake up. Ciara says she has her phone so it’s okay. Ciara asks Tripp to be careful.

Devil Allie enters St Luke’s church, remarking that after 25 years, they have come full circle, flashing back to when Devil Marlena destroyed the church and set it on fire. Devil Allie calls it a fitting place for the grand finale and heads up the stairs.

Ben holds his baby for the first time and says he’s perfect. Ben tells baby Bo that he’s his dad and he loves him very much. Ben tells Ciara that she saved him. Ciara declares that the three of them are a family now and are going to protect each other forever.

Jan tells John that she’s already come up with names for the baby and asks what he thinks of “Britney” for a girl or “Lucifer” for a boy which John questions. Marlena then arrives and Jan greets her as Lucifer and goes to hug her but Marlena informs her that she’s not possessed anymore. Jan calls that a bummer because Lucifer was the best friend she ever had except for Claire. Marlena asks John if they can talk privately. Marlena and John then get a text from Johnny. John declares that Johnny is going to need their help.

Belle gets a text that Johnny followed Allie to St. Luke’s Church. Eric decides he’s going. Belle wants to go with him but Eric doesn’t think she should. Belle argues that Allie is her niece. Eric feels the fewer people means the less chance of the Devil finding a host body. Belle insists on wanting to help, so Eric tells her to just pray while he, John, and Marlena handle the rest. Belle tells him to be careful and wishes him luck as they hug. Eric then exits the Pub.

Devil Allie pours gasoline around the upper floor of the church, complaining about the people of Salem thinking they got rid of him. Tripp arrives and sees Johnny holding his head, so he asks if he’s alright. Johnny informs him that Charlie knocked his head into a grave stone. Tripp assures that Charlie got his and asks where Allie is. Johnny thinks she went up to the old choir loft and he was going to go after her but he sent a text to his family for backup. Tripp tells Johnny to wait for them but he’s going up there. Johnny then decides to go with him so they head up the stairs together. The Devil declares that he may have lost his new vessel on Earth but he’s going out in a blaze of glory and taking Allie with him. As Johnny and Tripp rush in, Johnny yells for Allie to stop. The Devil tells them that they couldn’t have picked a better time to arrive as they will have a front row seat to the spectacle. Johnny smells the gasoline. Tripp argues that he can’t set fire to the church. The Devil points out that he’s done it before but this time it will burn to the ground and take half of Salem with it. Johnny tries to urge Allie to fight The Devil. The Devil says that Allie has given up. Tripp brings up Allie’s son, Henry. Allie starts fighting the Devil from within. Tripp and Johnny continue talking about Henry needing Allie and trying to bring her back to them. The Devil declares it’s too late as they treated her like dirt. Johnny argues that he and Allie love each other as he tries to convince her to come back. Tripp tells her to fight. The Devil struggles but manages to knock Johnny across the room. Johnny gets up and says he’s okay. The Devil declares that Johnny and Allie are no match for his powers, so now church and the three of them are all going down in flames.

Belle exits the Pub and runs in to Shawn. Belle says she just got a text from Johnny that Ben and Ciara found the baby and Allie. Shawn confirms that they are taking the baby to get checked out to be safe since Ciara doesn’t know what’s going on with Allie but she was heading to St. Luke’s. Belle informs him that Johnny followed her and Eric is on his way there now. Belle asks if that’s where Shawn is heading. Shawn says there are cops all over St. Luke’s and they have been told to stand back and hold their fire, so if they don’t need him, he’s not going to believe the baby is okay until he sees it with his own eyes. Belle asks to go with him if that’s okay with him. Shawn says that would be great so they walk off together.

Ben and Ciara arrive at the hospital with their baby and show him to Kayla, who calls him beautiful. Kayla asks for the name. Ciara informs her that the baby’s name is Bo Brady Weston. Kayla says that Ciara’s dad Bo would be so proud. Kayla says the baby looks just fine. Ben says they want to hear it from her and nobody else. Kayla says she has a room ready so they go together.

The Devil tells Johnny and Tripp to say their prayers as he raises a lit candle. The flame suddenly goes out of the candle. The Devil says it can’t be. Eric, Marlena, and John then arrive. Eric recites bible verses as the Devil raises a bigger torch but Marlena raises her cross necklace to cause the flame to go out while John throws holy water on Devil Allie. Eric declares he will once again cast out the demon. The Devil remarks that he hopes Eric’s been practicing since he’s only grown stronger since the last exorcism when he took over the next warm body and wreaked havoc on their lives. The Devil suggests maybe next time he’ll try Eric. Marlena shouts that the Devil is done tormenting her family and tells him to go back to Hell. The Devil brings up everything they’ve been through together. Marlena argues that he tried to destroy her, her friends, and her family but it failed because the people in this town love and care about each other. Marlena declares that love will always triumph over evil. The Devil shouts that she has always underestimated his power. John argues that they have the Devil cornered and tells him to go back to where he came from and leave their granddaughter’s body now. The Devil remarks that he was growing tired of Allie anyway, so he will leave her to them but only after killing her in front of them.

Kayla tells Ben and Ciara that their son is in perfect health. Shawn and Belle arrive and join them with hugs. Ben tells them that Ciara was amazing at the cemetery. Ciara worries that Allie still needs their help. Belle explains that Johnny texted them and Eric is on his way to the church with Marlena and John, so she thinks they are going to try an exorcism. Shawn mentions speaking to Rafe and they have the whole church surrounded with cops. Ciara hopes that works as she’s really scared for Allie. Belle encourages that they have God on their side and their family is fierce.

Marlena yells for The Devil to leave her granddaughter alone. The Devil responds that Marlena should’ve let him stay in her because now she’s going to have Allie’s death on her hands. John warns that they will not let the Devil hurt Allie. Eric calls for them to join hands and recite the Our Father prayer. The Devil commands them to stop. Marlena tries to get through to Allie as Devil Allie drops to her knees. Marlena talks about knowing what Allie is going through and urges her to keep on fighting and to draw from their strength to come back to them. The Devil warns them to stop this insanity or he will snap Allie’s neck. Marlena continues talking about how they love her. The Devil then starts to snap Allie’s neck but Tripp yells for The Devil to leave her alone and take him instead.

Ciara hands her baby to Shawn. Shawn jokes about Ciara teaching her kid to ride a motorcycle. Shawn mentions that their father Bo would be really happy right now and he will tell baby Bo all about him. Belle reminds them to take a lot of pictures. Shawn advises them to make sure they enjoy their baby. Belle recalls when Claire was that little. Shawn reminisces on Claire learning to walk. Shawn and Belle talk about having it on video. Shawn hands the baby back to Ciara as he gets a phone call from Jan. Jan tells Shawn that she is craving a cheeseburger. Shawn says he’s busy. Jan thought he was off duty and asks him to be sweet and do this for her because she can’t leave the house and she’s starving.

Tripp tells the Devil to kill him if he wants to kill somebody. Marlena tells him not to. Eric wants to finish what they started but Tripp worries that The Devil will kill Allie before they finish the exorcism. The Devil warns that he’s right. Tripp asks the Devil to come in to him and let Henry have Allie back while taking his soul. The Devil is amazed that Tripp is willing to sacrifice his life for Allie when she didn’t love him and cheated on him as he was always her second choice. Tripp doesn’t care if Allie would rather be with Chanel as he still loves her since she got to him like no one else ever did. Tripp adds that Allie made him feel not alone in this world. The Devil points out that she then betrayed him. Tripp repeats that he still loves her and he always will. Tripp tells The Devil to come in to him and he will gladly sacrifice his life if it means Allie can live and raise Henry. Tripp calls upon The Devil to take him instead. Allie then collapses as Johnny calls out to her. Tripp looks up, revealing he is now possessed by The Devil.

Ciara asks Ben how he’s feeling. Ben says he’s feeling better after being knocked for a loop by the Devil while he can’t believe Ciara just walked in to that and got their baby. Ciara can’t explain it but knew she needed to get to their baby. Ciara says there was a warm comforting light surrounding her that made her feel strong. Ciara adds that it was like a presence. Ben asks what kind of presence. Ciara then sees a bright light shine in to the room. Ciara calls out to her dad as she envisions her father, Bo Brady, dressed in all white and walking in from the bright light to greet her.

Kayla tells Belle at the hospital that Hope sounded so happy on the phone. Belle feels it must have been bittersweet not having Bo to share in that. Kayla thinks they are all feeling that. Belle knows Shawn really misses his dad as she does too. Kayla wonders if Bo could’ve talked some sense in to Shawn. Kayla felt like they were having a moment. Belle admits she felt that too but then Shawn ran off to be with the mother of his new baby.

Shawn goes home and brings Jan a cheeseburger. Jan asks how Ciara is doing. Shawn says she’s good now that she’s back with her baby. Jan asks if he saw the baby. Shawn confirms he did and that they named it after his dad. Jan suggests naming their baby after his mom if they have a girl. Jan mentions having a name in mind but says Hope is more meaningful. Shawn questions Jan not wanting to name it after her own mom. Jan says no because her mom was a horrible person and she’s not naming their child Gertrude. Jan feels her stomach, so Shawn asks if she’s okay. Jan says she’s fine but was just thinking how scared Ciara must have been before finding her baby and thanks God that she did find her.

Ciara asks Ben if she’s seeing things as she envisions her dad, Bo. Ben responds that if she is, then he is too. Bo speaks as Ciara asks if it’s really him and he came back. Bo says it’s him but he’s not really in the flesh. Ciara guesses he was the presence at the cemetery which Bo confirms. Ciara cries that he saved her son’s life. Ciara tells her baby that this is her granddad. Ciara tells Bo that she named her son Bo. Bo thanks her for that.

Eric asks if Tripp can hear him. The Devil responds that was surprisingly easy as Tripp didn’t even put up a fight, but it seems as if his sacrifice was for nothing because Allie is still going to die and by Tripp’s own hands. Devil Tripp goes to choke Allie on the ground. Marlena screams while Tripp’s voice inside says he won’t let the Devil hurt her. John tries to stop Devil Tripp and says to let him help. Tripp suddenly pulls back and says there is no help. Tripp then runs and dives through the second story window as Marlena screams. Eric and John rush to the window and look out to see Tripp lying bloody in a pile of glass on the ground outside.

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