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Recap written by Christine

It was a new day, and Jack and Phyllis went back to Keemo’s house. Jack couldn’t sleep last night. He kept thinking about all that he and Keemo lost. Phyllis let Jack know that he had a lot of people supporting him. He said this was a lot more difficult than he expected. He’d wept with regret over losing all that time with his son, and Phyllis was the only thing that got him through. He thanked her, and she said that she was happy to do it. They smelled orange blossom perfume, and she said someone had been in the house since they left.

Jack and Phyllis didn’t find any other signs of another person being in the house. Jack wanted to think this was the person who’d been sending him texts. He or she never responded when Jack texted and asked if there was something else he was supposed to find. Phyllis suggested they go through the box again. Jack found a picture of a young woman in the box. That picture wasn’t there before. The back of the picture said “Allie” and it had a phone number on it. Jack noticed that this lady looked like the young girl in the photo taken in Vietnam, all grown up. Jack didn’t know who this person was to Keemo. Phyllis asked if the number on the photo was the same as the one the texts were coming from. They weren’t. Jack called the number. He left his name and a message asking Allie if they could talk about Keemo. Phyllis reminded Jack to call him Hao.

Phyllis suggested that Allie was the texter, using a different phone. Jack was trying to keep an open mind. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions. Allie called back, and Jack asked if she could meet him to talk at Hao’s house. Allie was busy now, but she’d come by later. Phyllis promised Jack that Allie would have the answers. She urged him to come up with a plan so that he didn’t bombard Allie with questions. He was wound up, so he decided to go for a walk. He asked Phyllis to stay in case Allie arrived, and she quickly agreed. He thanked her for everything.

Jack returned and called for Phyllis. She came in from the garden and said it was gorgeous. She wondered if Keemo designed it. She noted that Jack didn’t seem any more relaxed, and she suggested he go sit in the garden. Phyllis was wondering if she shouldn’t be here when Allie arrived. Jack was adamant that he wanted Phyllis with him. He didn’t know what to expect. “I’m unsure of my footing and you are solid ground,” he said. She took his hand, and he kissed her hand. Just as Jack decided that Allie wasn’t coming, she walked in. Allie seemed cautious and asked what Jack and Phyllis were doing here. She asked if they were lawyers or with the bank. She thought the estate was settled. Jack told Allie his full name, and there was no sign of recognition on her part. He explained that he was Hao/Keemo’s father. Allie looked startled.

Abby and Chance stopped by Devon’s place. They sent a text earlier that he didn’t receive. They were there to take the baby home early. Chance was sorry they sprang this on Devon. Devon said it was okay. He was planning to bring the baby back later. Chance was hoping he, Abby and Dom could spend some family time together before his therapy session. Devon wished he’d had more head’s up, but he knew they all had to be flexible. Amanda came downstairs. Chance thanked Devon for being considerate, adding that he and Abby would’ve understood if he’d kicked them to the curb. Devon said it was okay. He knew he’d see Dom soon.

Once they were alone, Amanda asked Devon how he really felt about letting Dom leave early. He said he’d picked the baby up early sometimes, so it was only fair that Abby and Chance got to do the same. Amanda thought the co-parenting arrangement was impressive, but she knew Devon wasn’t okay with this. He siad nothing was bothering him, but he could tell something was bothering Chance. Amanda noticed how anxious Chance was. Devon was concerned about what the tension would do to Dominic. Devon thought therapy had been a lot more difficult for Chance than he anticipated.

Back at their house, Abby overheard Chance telling Dom that therapy wouldn’t be nearly as fun as hanging out together was. She joined the conversation and said she thought he’d be more comfortable after he got his first session out of the way. He said the problem wasn’t Dr. Huffman. He was just worried about bringing up all the trauma, and he didn’t know where it would end. Abby offered some supportive words. Chance hoped Dom wasn’t picking up on his nerves. Abby promised that Dom only felt Chance’s love. Chance knew therapy would be hard and that he’d come out a better person. However, he didn’t know how to talk about his emotions. He was scared that when he had a breakthrough, everything would spill out, and it’d be messy. Abby was sure it would be messy, but she asked what was the worst that could happen. She suggested it’d be cathartic in a positive way. He loved her optimism, and he needed it now, and forever. They kissed.

At Dr. Huffman’s office, Chance said that they barely scratched the surface in his first session, but it took a lot out of him. He felt fortunate for Abby’s support. He drew a lot of his strength from her and his son. He was going to continue therapy so he could be the man he deserved. Dr. Huffman wanted to hear about the last day of the mission in Spain. Chance started to recite the details of that night in a matter-of-fact tone. Dr. Huffman clarified that Chance should focus on what he felt. Chance said he could hear his team yelling, and that hurt much worse than the shrapnel in his leg. Some of the toughest people he knew were screaming for their lives, and he couldn’t do anything – he couldn’t move. He felt worthless. The team stopped screaming, and he knew what that meant. He looked for survivors, called names, but there was nothing. The people who set the bomb showed up looking for survivors. He hid in the rubble and played dead – surrounded by the bodies of his friends. Every day, he asked why he survived and they didn’t.

Dr. Huffman said survivor’s guilt was a powerful trauma. He asked what Chance had been doing to cope before therapy. Chance stated that he’d tried to atone for what he did. Dr. Huffman was adamant that He told Chance didn’t do anything wrong, and he didn’t need to atone for surviving. Chance knew Dr. Huffman was trying to make him realize this wasn’t his fault, but Chance wasn’t there yet. Dr. Huffman asked what form the atonement took. Chance said he reached out to the families, told them their son/daughter or wife/husband was a hero. He paid for some of the funerals. Dr. Huffman asked if any of the families expressed resentment toward Chance, and he said no. Chance said his friend Justin’s wife wrote a letter saying she was thankful and telling him not to blame himself. She told him to find peace. “How the hell am I supposed to find peace when I hid? I was surrounded by death, and I hid,” he said. He asked how he was supposed to look his wife and son in the face. How could he reconcile who he was in Spain with this man who had this perfect life and family? He wanted to move on an embrace the future that was ripped away from his team, but he didn’t know how.

Chance came home, and Dom was being fussy. He was teething. Abby suggested he’d settle down if his dad held him. Chance didn’t think that would help. When Abby encouraged Chance, he snapped that he said no. He apologized, but she said she was sorry for not realizing he needed a moment to decompress. He said he had an intense session today, and he knew it’d get worse before it got better. He didn’t think it was right for Dom to be around the negative energy. Abby said they’d make things right, and she hugged Chance.

Rey visited Sharon at Crimson Lights. She was doing her end of the year inventory – it was March, but she was a bit behind. They started talking, and he learned that they’d have the house to themselves because Noah was at work and Faith was babysitting Christian. Rey had a few hours off from work, and he wanted to spend them with Sharon. He said they could go bowling, or to the lake or to the bookstore. She had a better idea, but she wasn’t going to share it just yet.

Amanda and Devon went to Crimson Lights. Devon asked Rey if there was any word on when Chance was coming back to work. Rey said Paul was giving Chance all the time he needed. Devon asked if Sharon heard any updates on Chance’s progress in therapy. She hadn’t, and if she had, she wouldn’t be able to say. Devon was worried about how Chance’s trauma would affect Dom. Rey said a lot of people had Chance’s back, and Dom’s too.

Sharon and Rey were alone again, and they were about to leave for their private thing Sharon had planned. Faith called, and Christian quickly got on the phone. Sharon had a warm conversation with him and agreed to come by his house for a bit. The call ended. The little boy had a school project to do – he had to ask one of his favorite adults five questions, then take a picture of them for a poster. Rey thought it was sweet Christian told Sharon. He understood that they weren’t getting alone time today. Sharon was sorry. She said they could make a date for another time.

Chelsea arrived after Sharon left. She told Rey about her work trip, and he was happy things were going well for her. They talked, and at one point they reminisced about how Rey drove off with the food on the roof of the car when they were in Minnesota. She said she told Connor about that later, and he cracked up laughing about the food falling all over the ground. Rey asked how Connor was. He was great – she saw him as soon as she got back from NY. He loved the hockey jersey Rey got him. Rey mentioned that Blackhawks tickets were on sale. He thought it would be a cool road trip. She said that was a great idea and asked if he was planning to go. He couldn’t go, because of work. “When I saw tickets I thought of you…and Connor,” he said. Rey had noticed that Connor talkative about things he loved. Chelsea said Connor was shy, and he was only talkative with people he loved and trusted. She was glad Rey was one of those people.

Out on the patio, Amanda said that when Devon suggested Crimson Lights, she thought he wanted coffee – she didn’t realize he came to interrogate Sharon. He denied doing that, but Amanda said he kind of did. She said that he also got to ask Rey about Chance’s job. Devon didn’t plan to do that, but once he got here, he saw them he thought he could ask about Chance’s state of mind. Amanda was worried about Devon’s state of mind. She said that there was an amazing co-parenting agreement in place, and Chance was getting therapy, but Devon was still trying to find things to worry about. At first, she thought it was subconscious, but now she wasn’t too sure.

Devon wasn’t trying to cause trouble for Chance. He just wanted what was best for him. Amanda didn’t doubt that, but she was talking about the custody agreement. She didn’t think he was comfortable with it. He said he had everything he asked for. She said he seemed deflated whenever Dom left, and she saw it crushed him when Dom left early today. Amanda had an indelicate question, but she wanted the truth. She asked if he wanted sole custody of Dom. “I don’t want full custody of Dominic at all. Abby and Chance are his parents, and this is just a new dynamic that we’re all trying to figure out how to navigate,” he said. She believed him, but she didn’t understand why he was asking all these questions about Chance’s mental state. He’d been concerned about this since Chance’s return, and he noted that Amanda knew that. He didn’t think Chance realized the depth of his trauma. As someone who’d been through therapy, Devon knew you didn’t leave those emotions at the doctor’s office – Chance was taking them home to his family. Devon also knew that it could take a long time to have a breakthrough at therapy.

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