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In Eli’s hospital room, Beth informs Lani that there is something that she needs to tell her. Beth thinks back to TR warning her to keep her mouth shut. Lani then asks if she’s okay. Beth tells Lani that she found out something tonight that Lani deserves to know.

Paulina asks what TR wants to prove to her. TR says he’s not the man he was back then and he’ll never hurt her again. TR asks Paulina for another chance and then they kiss.

Johnny remains chained up in the DiMera Crypt where he’s forced to watch the screen that the Devil created, showing Tripp and Chanel kissing at the Bistro. Tripp says he got Chanel’s mind off Johnny and Allie. They continue kissing as Johnny is furious.

Devil Allie has Ben drink the tea that she drugged. Ben talks about it being relaxing for his anxiety. Allie brings up how Ben was initially scared to have a baby because of his genes. Ben says he’s grateful that Marlena set him straight. Allie remarks that Ben obviously had nothing to worry about as the baby is going to be absolutely perfect..

TR tells Paulina how long he’s wanted to be with her like this again, like no time has passed at all. Paulina admits that he makes her feel like a young woman swept off her feet. TR points out that the twins are asleep and Chanel is out, so maybe he could sweep her off her feet again tonight.

Tripp and Chanel laugh together about being wasted and forgetting Johnny and Allie as they continue kissing. Johnny remains forced to watch. The waiter comes over and asks if they want to get a room. Chanel responds that it’s not a bad idea while Johnny argues having to watch.

Allie encourages that Ben and Ciara will be the best parents. Ben says he’s sorry but he suddenly feels sleepy. Allie says she will get going and let him sleep then. Allie shows Ben pictures of baby items they could have that belonged to Henry. Allie shows Ben a photo of a baby devil costume and says it’s her favorite which Ben questions. Allie calls it baby’s first Halloween and remarks that their little guy will be the most handsome devil…

Lani asks Beth what she deserves to know but Julie arrives, interrupting them. Julie says she didn’t know anyone else was there. Lani introduces Julie and Beth. Julie asks if Beth is a friend of Eli’s. Lani explains that Beth used to date TR. Julie asks what she is doing here. Lani informs Julie that Beth brought flowers. Beth explains that she met with Eli at the police station right before he went to the park, so she was probably the last person to see him before he got shot. Julie recalls being told that Eli was questioning her about TR and his background and that Beth confirmed TR had turned his life around. Julie asks if she has that right.

TR tells Paulina that he will make her a drink. Paulina stops him and says she’d love for him to sweep her off her feet again, but not tonight and not yet. TR questions if that’s because of Abe.

Abe goes to the Brady Pub and finds Kate working behind the counter. Abe didn’t know Kate was working at the Pub again. Kate explains that she’s just helping Roman out because she has a lot of free time on her hands. Abe doesn’t suppose she’d be interested in coming back to the mayor’s office. Kate thinks he’s fine without her. Abe is not so sure and then orders a double gin and tonic. Kate notes that it sounds serious. Abe responds that it’s just one of those days. Kate points out that she’s not an official bartender but she can listen if he wants to talk.

Johnny continues being forced to watch as Tripp suggests he and Chanel order another round of drinks. Johnny is hopeful that they don’t leave together. Tripp tries to order another round but the waiter decides they’ve had enough and he will call them a cab. Chanel guesses it’s destiny then and asks if they are going to her place or his.

Ben questions Allie dressing Henry up like the Devil for Halloween. Allie says it was adorable. Ben doesn’t remember that and gets weakened. Allie asks if he’s okay. Ben thinks there’s something in the tea. Allie claims it was just tea leaves from England. Ben sees an evil face in the bottom of his cup as Allie asks if he’s alright.

Abe tells Kate that love can be tricky. Abe explains to Kate how he had to bring Jules’ pacifier to Paulina and it looked like they settled in to a new normal as friendly co-grandparents and that’s all, but then Paulina kissed him and it rattled him, but he wishes it hadn’t. Kate asks Abe if he still has feelings for Paulina. Abe responds that he forgave Paulina for what she did but questions how he could ever trust her. Kate thinks he could find a way. Abe understands why Paulina lied to cover up Lani’s birth, but it wasn’t the first time, and he knows if he got involved with her again, then it wouldn’t be the last.

TR urges Paulina not to let Abe get her down on herself. TR argues that Abe doesn’t appreciate her the way he does. Paulina brings up how he used to appreciate her in the beginning and says it was the best feeling in the world, but along with that he had to be the center of her universe. TR says he was a kid. Paulina says she was naïve and it happened so fast with them. TR reminds her that he’s apologized for that. Paulina mentions that she forgave him for that but it’s not so easy to forget. TR asks if she’s trying to let him down gently. Paulina responds that she’s glad he is sober and that he’s here, but she wants to take things nice and slow. Paulina asks if he can understand that. TR clenches his fist behind the couch, but says he can understand. TR declares that he loves Paulina but he will be patient because she is worth it. TR tells her that whenever she’s ready, he will be waiting.

Tripp and Chanel talk about them her living with her mom and him living with his dad. Chanel decides on her place since Paulina will probably be tired from running after the twins all day. Tripp doesn’t know, so Chanel asks if he’d rather go home alone but Tripp says definitely not. Johnny screams that he loves Chanel and wishes she wouldn’t do this. Tripp and Chanel then exit the Bistro together.

Ben tells Allie that he must be seeing things. Allie offers to get him more tea but Ben says no as he’s done. Allie asks if Ben and Ciara are thinking about baby names. Devil Allie remarks that she’s always loved the name “Damien” and says you don’t hear it much anymore because of that damn movie. Ben tells her that something is wrong. The Devil then informs Ben that he’s not Allie as her eyes turn yellow.

Lani confirms to Julie that Beth told Eli that TR was clean and sober for their entire relationship. TR then walks in and asks what Beth is doing there. Julie points out that Beth brought Eli flowers. Beth decides she’s intruded on their family time enough, so she wishes Lani and Eli the best. Beth then exits the room. Lani brings up that Beth said she had something to tell her, but guesses it wasn’t that important.

Abe tells Kate that the lies Paulina told shook him to his core. Abe thought Paulina made Kate’s blood boil. Kate responds that she’s come to appreciate Paulina after a conversation they had a while back, the same day that Abe told Paulina that he could forgive her but didn’t think he could ever trust her again. Abe questions Paulina confiding in Kate. Kate confirms that Paulina told her everything about her story and her suffering, so she understood why Paulina lied to everybody. Kate says she was sorry for judging Paulina without knowing the facts. Kate hopes that Abe will give Paulina another chance because they obviously have feelings for each other and she remembers when Paulina made Abe a very happy man.

Paulina sits alone at home now and thinks back to kissing Abe and then to kissing TR. Chanel and Tripp then come in drunk. Chanel thought Paulina would be in bed. Paulina says she’s wrong and questions what’s going on here. Chanel tries to say goodnight and says they are just going to her room but Paulina says the hell they are.

Ben realizes Allie is the Devil and that the Devil drugged him. The Devil reminds Ben that he was after his baby and he still is.

TR asks how Eli is doing. Lani tells him that he’s the same. TR says he’s sorry but encourages her to hang in there and she’ll get her miracle. TR asks about Beth wanting to tell Lani something. Lani says she doesn’t know but Beth just said she found out something today that she thought she should know. TR finds it strange that she didn’t say what it was. Lani guesses it wasn’t that important if she left without telling her. Julie notes that Beth was distracted by TR coming in and guesses their relationship didn’t end well. TR questions why she would say that.

Abe tells Kate that when he went to Paulina’s, she was expecting TR since he promised to help with the twins but didn’t show. Kate thought she was terrified of him. Abe explains that she was when he first came to town, but he’s using the crisis with Eli since Paulina is so vulnerable. Abe thinks TR sees the opportunity to be there. Kate guesses TR swears that he turned his life around which Abe confirms. Kate asks if Abe believes it. Abe says it doesn’t matter what he believes because Paulina does and that’s what matters.

Paulina declares that Chanel and Tripp are not going in to Chanel’s bedroom. Chanel argues that she owns her own business and makes her own way so she can do whatever she wants. Paulina says not under her roof and while they are both drunk. Paulina refuses to let them try to pay back Johnny and Allie when they just would hurt themselves more in the process. Chanel complains that they just want to have fun. Paulina says they might just be looking for comfort but it would be cold in the morning.

The Devil tells Ben that he has big plans for his baby boy, but he needs Ben out of his way. Ben mentions Ciara. The Devil says she is sound asleep as he didn’t poison her since she is the vessel and he would not hurt the baby. Ben tries to get up, but collapses. The Devil declares that it’s curtains for Ben Weston.

Julie tells TR that it’s been her experience when a relationship ends, things are not going swimmingly. Julie adds that when TR showed up, Beth couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Lani suggests she could have somewhere to be. TR gives Lani pastries from the bakery. Julie comments on Eli’s hospital room having unexpected visitors. TR retorts that Eli is loved by a lot of people. TR assures that he won’t stay as he has a meeting. Julie asks for a moment of his time before he goes. TR asks what is on her mind. Julie points out that TR has been spending a lot of time with Lani and the twins. TR claims he’s just doing his best to lend a hand. Julie is sure Lani appreciates it but warns that those are her great grandbabies too. Julie knows that TR was a grave danger to Paulina and Lani in the past. Julie hopes that it’s all true that he’s really turned in to a new man, but if not and he hurts anybody that she loves, he will have her to deal with. TR says he understands loud and clear. TR assures that she has nothing to worry about and tells her to have a good evening as he then exits the room.

Paulina tells Chanel that she just told her the other day that she wanted a break from relationships. Paulina brings up Tripp reading Chanel the riot act about her relationship with Allie. Tripp admits he feels bad about that. Paulina questions this being how he says sorry. Paulina instructs Tripp to go home and sleep it off. Paulina decides that she will get Chanel some water and call Tripp a cab. Chanel hopes Tripp isn’t upset but she thinks Paulina is right. Tripp says he won’t remember this tomorrow but he’s glad they didn’t screw things up between them, so they can still be friends. Chanel says she would like to still be friends.

The Devil visits Johnny in the DiMera Crypt and asks how the show was. Johnny responds that Chanel and Tripp got wasted, were all over each other at the bar, and then they left together. The Devil asks if he wants to watch them hop in bed. Johnny says he doesn’t want to see that. Johnny asks what the Devil did to Ben. He responds that he did exactly as he promised and dealt with Ben Weston once and for all. Johnny asks what that means. The Devil calls it good news since Johnny won’t be alone anymore as he’s getting a crypt mate. Johnny asks if he didn’t kill Ben then. The Devil points out that no one else alive is in crypts and he’s not sure how much longer Johnny will be living either…

Chanel apologizes to Tripp for being a mess. Tripp says they were a mess together. Chanel talks about pretending to be cool and confident but it really hurts that Johnny went halfway around the world to get away from her. Tripp says if that’s really why Johnny left, then he’s an idiot. They joke about not remembering this in the morning. Paulina comes over with waters and tells Tripp that his cab is there. Tripp apologizes to her. Paulina tells him to sleep it off. Tripp thanks her for making him feel welcome. Chanel then walks Tripp out. Paulina gets a text from TR, wishing her sweet dreams and saying that he will be dreaming of her.

Kate asks if Abe really thinks Paulina would take TR back. Abe says he doesn’t know but she seems to be giving him a chance. Kate says that’s actually not surprising at all since that’s how abusive relationships work. Abe says he’s aware but it’s not easy to watch. Kate declares that if Paulina does take TR back, she feels it won’t end well and she’s going to need someone there to pick up the pieces.

Julie asks Lani if she came on to strong with TR. Lani says she loves Julie being direct and fierce. Julie wonders what Beth wanted to tell Lani. Lani is sure if it was that big of a deal, she will reach out again.

TR goes to Beth’s room at the Salem Inn. TR knocks on the door, saying he knows it’s late but he really needs to talk to her. Beth answers the door and asks what he wants. TR questions what she was doing at the hospital with Lani. Beth assures that she didn’t say anything. TR argues that she was going to. TR thought they had an agreement and that he could trust her, but if he can’t, they are going to have to find some other way to make sure she keeps their little secret. Beth says it’s late and tries to shut the door but he stops her and demands she not shut him out. Beth asks what he’s going to do. TR declares that he’s going to do what he should have done in the first place. TR slams the door shut as Beth screams.

The Devil chains Ben to the wall in the Crypt and tells Johnny that Ben is not dead yet. Ben wakes up and calls out for Ciara. The Devil tells Ben that Ciara isn’t there, but Johnny is, so they can keep each other company while he goes to keep Ciara company and their baby too.

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