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Shawn puts baby Shawn down for a nap as Belle comes over. He thanks her for coming as she notes he sounded upset in his message. Shawn informs Belle that Evan got the court order for the paternity test, so they did it this morning and Evan was telling the truth that Shawn Christian is his son. Belle asks if he’s sure. Shawn confirms that he had Kayla oversee the test herself and run it three times. Belle tells him that she’s so sorry. Shawn declares that Evan will now be taking the baby away.

Evan and Orpheus sit together at the Bistro as Evan tells him that the results of the paternity test came out exactly as he said they would. Orpheus congratulates him and assures he will get him all set up with a crib, stroller, and anything else he needs. Evan responds that he actually doesn’t need any of that. Evan than reveals that he asked Orpheus to meet, so he could say goodbye.

Gabi is at the DiMera office, on the phone with her assistant, arguing about Jake and Ava’s marriage license not being filed yet. Gabi warns that if EJ finds out Jake and Ava were never married, they will both be out of a job.

EJ tells Ava that he’s calling her bluff and he’s getting City Hall on the line right now. Ava questions why if he just checked with them and they told him that her paperwork hadn’t been filed yet. Ava argues that it makes sense because things take forever over there while she and Jake just got married yesterday at the courthouse. EJ decides that he will speak directly to the county clerk then, who will be able to track down the paper work if it exists. EJ then makes the call about tracking down the marriage license as Ava turns away, looking worried.

Kristen tells Dr. Rolf not to play with her and asks what he’s talking about since he just said he couldn’t bring Jake back. Dr. Rolf says that’s correct as Jake’s life has been tragically cut short so he won’t be rising from the ashes. Dr. Rolf then pulls back another curtain and reveals that Jake’s twin brother Stefan is a totally different story, shocking Kristen.

Gabi continue complaining on the phone about how long it takes to a file a piece of paper. Gabi hangs up as Li Shin walks in and asks what she was talking to her assistant about. Gabi claims it was just a little problem with a contract being signed. Li informs her that he signed that contract last week and questions why Gabi is lying.

Ava tells EJ that he’s wasting his time. EJ argues that her time is running out and now is her chance to admit what she has done. EJ warns that if Ava confesses, he’ll be less inclined to include the authorities. Ava complains that her husband’s body isn’t even cold yet and EJ is calling her a liar and making threats. EJ argues that Ava used Jake’s death to her advantage. Ava says that’s what EJ is doing, trying to get his hands on Jake’s shares so that he can take over as CEO. EJ argues that he’s not taking over, he’s taking back what belongs to him. EJ declares that the company is called DiMera Enterprises and he’s a DiMera, so he will reclaim what is rightfully his.

Kristen can’t believe it’s really Stefan. Dr. Rolf explains that when Stefan was shot, Gabi begged him to revive him but he concluded there was nothing that could be done as Stefan had lost the spark of life. Dr. Rolf says it seemed too late but nothing is impossible.

Belle doesn’t understand how Evan got a court order so fast. Shawn thinks whoever strong armed the Governor in to pardoning him made it happen. Belle says she has every intention of trying to fight this. Shawn reveals that’s why he called her, to fight this, because he can’t let Evan take his son.

Orpheus questions Evan saying goodbye. Evan says he can’t stay in Salem since everyone thinks he’s a psycho, so he needs to start fresh as far away as possible. Evan announces he’s going to New Zealand to be with his sister Zoey and his son David which Orpheus questions. Evan explains that he spoke to Zoey about it and said he won’t fight her on having full custody of David, but he wants to get to know him, he wants his kids to know each other, and he wants to be there for them. Orpheus questions how he’s going to get to New Zealand when he’s broke. Evan informs him that he got hired on a house boat in Chicago so he’ll earn some cash and go the rest of the way when he’s ready, but he’s in no rush as he just wants to spend some time alone with his son without being hunted down by Shawn or Jan Spears. Orpheus remarks that Jan is dead. Evan says you never know with her. Orpheus complains that he finally gets out of prison and his whole family is going to be on the other side of the world. Evan tells him that he’s welcome to join them. Orpheus says maybe someday, but he still has unfinished business in Salem.

Gabi tries to tell Li that she’s not lying and says she’s just been off her game. Li brings up Ava coincidentally marrying Jake on the day he died and suddenly having a claim to his DiMera shares which certainly benefits Gabi because EJ is trying to consolidate enough power to oust her as CEO. Li states that if EJ got his hands on Jake’s shares, he’d be sitting in her chair in no time. Gabi says that won’t happen. Li says that’s if she keeps Jake’s widow on her side since she’s now a beneficiary of those shares. Li assumes that’s why Gabi left him a message, asking if he would approve of a position for Ava with a six figure salary and a seat on the board. Li questions what Ava’s qualifications are again. Gabi asks if he wants EJ running the company. Li admits he doesn’t, so Gabi says it’s in both of their interests to keep Ava happy. Li asks her again about the paper work she was telling her assistant that she wanted done. Li asks if it had something to do with making Jake and Ava’s sudden marriage seem real.

Ava complains that EJ’s brother just died and all he can think about is the company. EJ is then shocked by what he is told on the phone and hangs up. Ava guesses they found the marriage certificate and tells EJ to take his accusations and get the hell out.

Evan questions what kind of unfinished business Orpheus is talking about. Orpheus calls it nothing he needs to worry about but as soon as it’s done, he’ll be visiting Evan and little Shawn Christian. Evan responds that he’s changing the baby’s name. Evan thought he would keep Christian since that is his real name, but he wants him to be his own person, separate from him and his mistakes. Orpheus asks what to call his grandson then. Evan calls him “Maddox Friers” using his last name. Evan then gets a text from his lawyer and tells Orpheus that he’s going to claim his son.

Shawn tells Belle that this whole thing is shady as hell, so they have to fight as clearly there was something fishy about the court order. Shawn suggests trying to prove it was illegally obtained. Belle says even if they could, the paternity test results would be the same. Shawn knows he’s not the biological father, but he’s been there since the day the baby was born and he loves him. Shawn questions how he’s supposed to just hand him over to Evan, who killed his other son’s mother and was planning to kill Ciara and held Claire hostage at gunpoint. Shawn questions why a judge would give a baby to some psychopath. Belle responds that unfortunately, he’s been given a full pardon which means his criminal record has been wiped clean. Shawn argues that they know he’s dangerous and is clearly an unfit parent. Belle says there’s nothing she can point to in court to prove that and he has the test results. Belle knows how much Shawn loves the baby but the bottom line is, he doesn’t have a legal claim to him. Shawn complains that the baby deserves so much better. Belle says he was so lucky to have Shawn and she wishes she could help Shawn hang onto him, but there is nothing she can do. Shawn knows it was a lot to ask. Belle says it’s not as she understands he just wants what is best for the baby’s future. Shawn asks if he’s just supposed to give up now. The doorbell rings so Belle goes to answer the door. The baby wakes up crying so Shawn looks over him and says he will always love him. Belle returns with Evan, who announces he’s here for his son, Maddox.

Dr. Rolf tells Kristen that Stefano would’ve wanted him to do everything possible to save his son Stefan, so he did everything possible with a serum that he hoped would be powerful enough to work on Stefan but unfortunately by the time he was ready, Gabi had already donated Stefan’s heart to Julie which made things more difficult. Dr. Rolf reveals that he was able to resurrect the rest of Stefan, but he is heartless.

Gabi claims to Li that it would be news to her if Ava faked her wedding to Jake. Li goes over how Jake was mortally wounded right in front of Ava and she almost died too, so he questions Ava still having the presence of mind to hatch a plan to grab Jake’s shares. Gabi argues that Ava is as cold blooded as they come since she tried to frame Rafe as a dirty cop. Li points out that Ava would need an accomplice to pull this off. Gabi questions if Li is implying that she helped her. Li brings up that Gabi was at the hospital last night when she called to tell him about Jake’s death and the alleged marriage. Gabi says she went to pay her respects. Li asks if Ava asked Gabi to help her make it look like they got married. Gabi argues that she and Ava hate each other, so she questions why he would think she would help her. Li points out that’s not an answer and asks if Ava roped her in to some crazy scheme to fake a wedding so that she could help herself to Jake’s shares. Gabi responds that it wasn’t crazy as she then reveals it was all her own idea.

EJ apologizes to Ava, acknowledging that it was insensitive of him to accuse her while she’s mourning of using Jake’s death to line her own pockets instead of offering his condolences and welcome her to the family. EJ says he’s sorry and welcomes her to the family. Ava thanks him. EJ states that Stefano would be terribly disappointed in him because he taught him a lot better than this. EJ adds that family and respect were everything to Stefano. Ava responds that her father was the same way. EJ calls being the child of a powerful man, complicated. EJ tells Ava to just ask if there’s anything he could do. Ava asks EJ to speed up the transfer of those shares in to her name so she could pay the rent this month. EJ responds that he has a better idea as there is plenty of room at his house. EJ then invites Ava to move in with him at the DiMera Mansion.

Li questions the fake marriage being all Gabi’s idea and asks how she came up with it. Gabi explains that Kate came to give her a heads up that she and Chad were just handing over their shares to EJ and then Rafe called her to inform her about Jake’s death. Gabi says they were both sad and in shock. Li acknowledges that he was very fond of Jake. Gabi says she realized that she couldn’t sit around crying because EJ sure wasn’t and he was coming after Jake’s shares and her job. Li questions how she got from there to a phony wedding. Gabi says that she went to the hospital after that where Ava told her that Jake was killed by a thug who was trying to steal her engagement ring and that’s when the lightbulb went off that if Jake had a widow, she would be his next of kin and inherit his shares instead of EJ. Gabi declares that if she and Ava work together, Ava will be set for life and she’ll still be running the company so they both win. Li reminds her that she said she and Ava despise each other, so he questions what makes her think she can trust Ava. Gabi admits she can’t trust her, but assures that she won’t double cross her. Li realizes that’s because Gabi knows the marriage is a sham, so if she exposes her, Ava will be left with nothing. Gabi confirms that and declares that Ava needs her as much as she needs Ava.

Ava questions EJ wanting her to move in to the DiMera Mansion. EJ points out that it’s the family home and she is now family as his sister-in-law. EJ remarks that Stefano would be appalled to see any DiMera living above a garage. Ava tells him not to knock it until he tries it. Ava is unsure and says it feels wrong since EJ never wanted Jake under his roof. EJ regrets that he and his brother weren’t on better terms before he died. EJ adds that he’d appreciate the opportunity to make amends by treating Ava the way Jake deserved to be treated. EJ then asks Ava if she would like to move in.

Kristen questions Dr. Rolf saying that Stefan has been alive without a heart for four years. Kristen can’t believe this as this means that Lani didn’t kill Stefan after all and she will be so relieved to hear that. Kristen asks Dr. Rolf what happened next. He explains how he got Stefan’s blood pumping through artificial means and began to search for a new heart for him but his plans were interrupted when he was sent to prison. Kristen says that begs the question of how Dr. Rolf kept Stefan alive while he was gone.

Evan tells Shawn that he couldn’t expect him to keep calling his son Shawn. Shawn says that’s his name. Evan argues that it’s Shawn’s name and he’s nothing to the baby, so they will be going now. Belle wants a court order that gives him permission to take custody, so Evan shows it. Shawn questions who Orpheus paid off to make this happen. Evan warns him to back off. Shawn argues that Evan should be in a cage. Evan says not according to the Governor. Evan tells Shawn to step aside. Shawn calls this nuts as he hasn’t even had time to get his things together. Evan says they don’t need much as they will be on a boat, traveling light which Shawn questions. Evan announces that he and Maddox are leaving and starting over in New Zealand with his sister and Maddox’s brother as he wants him to grow up around family. Evan orders Shawn to stop stalling and hand him over. Belle asks Evan to have a heart and give Shawn a few minutes with the baby but Evan refuses. Shawn then picks up the baby and tells him that he’s so sorry about this and he will think about him every day. Evan orders Shawn to say goodbye. Shawn says goodbye to the baby and then hands him over to Evan. Evan then exits with the baby as Shawn holds back tears.

Li congratulates Gabi and says her move was well played. Li just doesn’t understand why she kept him in the dark. Gabi points out that he’s on the DiMera board so if she told him about her fraud, she’d be putting him in a terrible position like he’s in now. Li responds that he likes all the positions that she puts him in. Gabi asks if he approves of her teaming up with Ava Vitali. Li declares that he approves of her doing whatever keeps DiMera at number one. Li says she has his backing as CEO because she’s capable of making moves like this and he just needs to know that she’s making them. Li tells Gabi to trust him next time which she promises to do.

Ava tells EJ that she’s been through a lot the last couple of days and she doesn’t think she can handle any more big changes. EJ says part of the reason they have extra room is that Chad moved out because being surrounded by memories of Abigail was too much for him. EJ suggests that a change of scenery would benefit Ava as well. Ava responds that she doesn’t want to forget Jake. EJ argues that moving wouldn’t be about that, but about helping her heal and that is very difficult to do on your own. Ava can’t believe Jake is actually gone and says none of it feels real. EJ knows it’s going to take time, but promises that it will get better.

Kristen asks Dr. Rolf about patients like this needing round the clock care. Kristen says she knows Dr. Rolf is good but not good enough to be in prison and looking after Stefan for four years. Dr. Rolf says that’s what all the machines are for as they tended to Stefan’s every need as long as the power doesn’t go out then they require no supervision. Kristen admits it’s impressive and asks what the next step is. Dr. Rolf states that they need to acquire a donor heart. Kristen asks if it’s going to be difficult to find a match. Dr. Rolf says they only require the same blood type and there’s always the risk of rejection unless the donor and recipient happened to be identical twins. Dr. Rolf exclaims that Jake dying is the best possible scenario, not that anyone wished for his untimely demise. Kristen asks if Dr. Rolf can take Jake’s heart and put it in to Stefan to bring him back to life as if nothing ever happened. Dr. Rolf says they won’t know for certain until it’s done but he will give it his best shot.

Belle tells Shawn that she wishes she could’ve done something to stop this but Shawn snipes back that she doesn’t because this is what she wanted all along.

Evan brings his son Maddox to the docks and says it’s going to be perfect with just them, but he’s surprised by Jan Spears, who declares that she will make it three.

Gabi tells Li that she’s sorry for not being upfront with him and thanks him for being so understanding. Li says they are still getting to know each other as romantic partners, but in business he knows exactly who she is. Li calls her an intelligent, dynamic, and ambitious woman, who goes after what she wants even if that means lying, scheming, and making a few enemies along the way. Li tells Gabi that he embraces all of her as they kiss. Gabi presses a secret button in her desk to shut the door as they kiss onto the desk.

Ava wipes her tears and jokes about not being tough. EJ understands she had a terrible loss and is grieving. EJ thinks it’s wise for her to get out of the apartment. Ava then agrees and accepts EJ’s invitation to move in to the DiMera Mansion, but she needs to pack up her things. EJ says to let them know when she’s ready. Ava comments on EJ not having a reputation of a nice guy but calls it very generous of him and thanks him. EJ hugs Ava and calls it the least he could do.

Shawn asks if Belle is happy now the baby is gone and never coming back. Belle says she’s devastated for him and the baby as this is not at all what she wanted. Shawn apologizes for snapping at her. Belle gets that he’s angry. Shawn says he’s angry at Evan, Jan, and the world but mostly Jan for making him believe he was the father. Shawn argues that Jan thought it was bringing them closer together, but it got her dead in the water.

Jan tells Evan that she’s too mean to die and she survived through sheer will as she wasn’t going to let Belle win, so after she pushed her into the water, she kept telling herself to hang on and pull herself to shore safely which is exactly what she did. Evan brings up the coast guard dragging the river and the search coming up empty. Jan reveals that she was stowed away in a yacht and she’s been hiding out there for the past couple weeks, working on her plan to see her son. Jan says she just happened to look out the window when they walked by. Jan calls it fate. Evan argues that Jan lied to him and kept his son from him. Jan calls it nothing personal and says she missed her baby so much. Jan asks to hold him, but Evan says no chance. Jan says it’s just for a moment. The baby starts crying so Jan says that he needs her. Jan then realizes she is leaking and takes the baby from Evan. Jan calls the baby Shawn Christian, so Evan clarifies that his name is Maddox which she questions. Evan says that Jan held the baby so now she can give him back. Jan refuses and instead kicks Evan in to the river.

Belle reminds Shawn that they don’t know that Jan is dead. Shawn points out that her body was never found and it’s been weeks with no trace of her. Belle says they’ve learned the hard way not to underestimate Jan’s ability to resurface. Shawn says it doesn’t change the fact that Evan is leaving Salem right now with the son that he thought was his.

Jan talks to her baby about using what she learned in her self defense classes in prison as one kick led to unconsciousness. Jan knows the baby wants Shawn back in the picture but says for now it has to be just them, so they are going on a trip. Jan declares that Salem has not seen the last of Team Spears.

Gabi and Li fix their clothes after having sex and asks what’s next on his schedule. Li mentions having to run to a meeting but says he looks forward to repeating this later as they kiss. Li then exits the office. Gabi then gets a call from Ava, who informs her that EJ was just there and almost busted her. Ava questions what took her so long to file that marriage certificate. Gabi assures that it got done and tells her not to worry about it. Ava says she’s just glad that EJ is gone. Gabi asks if EJ left satisfied that Ava and Jake were married. Ava says so much so, that he invited her to move in to the DiMera Mansion considering she’s family now. Gabi asks what he said when she turned him down, but Ava reveals that she didn’t.

EJ returns home to the DiMera Mansion and sits at the chess table. EJ looks up at the portrait of Stefano and says he asked Ava to move in. EJ trusts that Stefano approves since he’s following Stefano’s sage advice of keep your family close and the pretenders closer…

Kristen asks Dr. Rolf if he really thinks this is going to work. Dr. Rolf says he’s cautiously optimistic. Dr. Rolf exclaims that with Jake’s heart beating in his twin’s chest, Stefan O. DiMera will rise again.

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