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Nicole is on her computer as Basic Black and gets an e-mail from Alex, containing her and Eric’s modeling photos together.

Eric is at the Brady Pub, looking at he and Nicole’s modeling photos on his phone when Sarah walks in and asks if he’s playing a game on his cell phone. Eric says it was nothing important and just a work e-mail. Eric asks if Xander will be joining her for dinner but Sarah says no as he is working late at his new job..

Xander puts on the clown mask and enters the shed where Susan remains tied up and gagged.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ calls Ava and yells for her to answer the phone.

Ava remains in the DiMera Crypt and laughs that EJ won’t stop calling so he must be terrified for his mother. Ava’s vision of Charlie appears and says that’s good because he wants EJ to suffer the same pain that he made Ava feel. Ava ignores the call as Charlie says he’s so proud of her.

Tony enters the living room and informs EJ that he was able to get in touch with the designer of the crystal heart that Susan accidentally broke and they are having a new one made, so it’s safe for Susan to come out of hiding. EJ then reveals that Susan isn’t hiding, she’s been kidnapped.

Xander offers Susan a sandwich for dinner but she says she doesn’t want it and wants to be let go. Xander says he’s sorry but he can’t do that. Susan argues that EJ will give anything he wants. Xander responds that he wants Susan back with her son just as much but she has to be patient. Susan complains that he’s not the one tied up and sitting with gardening tools and horse manure. Xander apologizes for the setting. Susan questions why he’s doing this to her and argues that clowns are supposed to bring happiness and joy, not fear and sorrow. Susan says he should be ashamed of himself and asks what kind of miserable person does such a thing.

Eric brings Sarah a drink and asks her about Xander’s new job. Sarah claims he was hired by a pharmaceutical company called “Rednax” full time and she’s very proud of him because he worked really hard to get the job. Sarah admits they really need the money. Eric didn’t realize things were tight. Sarah explains that Xander racked up quite the bill at the Salem Inn while she’s still just working part time at the hospital until they can confirm she’s no longer suffering from what Kristen did to her. Eric tells her that he’s sorry that things have been tough. Sarah says it’s okay and that she and Xander will land on their feet. Sarah adds that there are perks of working part time since she gets to do house calls. Sarah mentions just getting back from one at Brady’s as Rachel had a stomachache from Halloween candy. Eric asks how it was for her seeing Rachel. Sarah admits that she doesn’t think she’ll ever recover from losing her. Eric admits it’s hard for him too. Sarah knows he’s thinking that they have Xander to blame for it which Eric confirms.

Nicole continues looking through the modeling photos until Rafe arrives with sushi for dinner. Nicole shuts her laptop and kisses him as she asks about his night. Rafe says it’s been crazy since the election. Nicole asks why as she hasn’t heard since she’s been swamped and dealing with marketing. Rafe says it’s that and also her new role which she questions. Rafe reveals that he heard she’s moonlighting as Eric’s top model.

Bonnie rushes in to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks Maggie if she heard about Paulina Price. Maggie says she heard Paulina got elected Governor but Bonnie says that’s old news and she means what happened after the election. Bonnie then informs Maggie that Chanel was arrested for murder which Maggie calls awful. Maggie worries that Paulina must be beside herself. Bonnie calls it a mother’s worst nightmare.

Eric apologizes to Sarah since Xander is her husband now and mentions that he’s the one who encouraged her to forgive Xander. Sarah understands Eric still being angry with him. Sarah acknowledges that what Xander did hurt them both very deeply and she didn’t think she’d ever get past it. Eric is glad she did for her sake. Sarah credits Eric for her being able to let go of the pain and anger since he helped her see the kind of man that Xander is capable of and now she’s very proud to call him her husband…

Susan asks if the clown is proud of his actions and questions what’s in this for him and why he’s doing this to her. Xander then storms out of the shed and removes the mask in frustration. Xander then calls Ava. Charlie tells Ava not to answer his call either and remarks that all these men keep trying to tell her what to do. Ava says that includes Charlie and she makes her own decisions, so she answers the call. Xander questions what took her so long to answer. Ava tells him to relax. Xander asks how much longer he has to hold on to Susan. Ava says just a little while longer. Xander complains that Susan is scared and hungry. Ava says that’s not her problem. Xander argues that Ava said this would be quick and easy. Ava tells him to just calm down and stay the course. Xander says he has a life and a future. Xander warns that if Ava doesn’t finish this, he will. Xander orders Ava to get him his money or he will let Susan go and then hangs up.

EJ tells Tony that Susan tried to warn him that someone was after him and he thought it was just Johnny being angry that he sent Ava away. EJ complains that Ava has been lying in wait to get her revenge ever since he proved that she wasn’t married to Jake. EJ adds that he should’ve locked Ava up in prison when he had the chance and now Susan is the one paying the price.

Nicole guesses Rafe is upset that she got pulled in to the Bella photoshoot. Rafe explains that he just would have liked to have heard about it from her instead of one of his detectives. Nicole argues that Jada has an agenda because she’s dating Eric. Rafe says that Jada did nothing wrong and this is just another example of a lack of communication between them. Nicole says she was going to tell him so Rafe asks why she didn’t. Nicole says it just happened as something happened to one of their models and Alex asked her to step in but she agrees she should’ve told him first and now there is something that he wants her to hear from her. Nicole decides there is something she wants to show him. Nicole then opens her laptop and reveals the modeling photos of her and Eric. Rafe questions what the hell this is and why he’s looking at a picture of his wife draped all over her ex-husband. Nicole explains that this was Alex’s idea and that at first it was going to be with Brady but Alex thought it would be better with Eric. Rafe questions why it would be better. Nicole says that according to Alex, she didn’t have any chemistry with Brady. Rafe argues that Alex saw chemistry between her and Eric just like everyone in this damn town. Rafe tells Nicole to just stop trying to hide the fact that she and Eric still have feelings for each other.

Eric calls Sarah an inspiration and an example of forgiveness and perseverance. Eric says that Sarah never stopped loving Xander after all she’s been through. Sarah asks Eric how it’s going with Jada. Eric states that it’s early but he likes being around her and thinks she would say the same. Sarah says enjoying your partner’s company is important and jokes that it could come in handy if you’re ever sharing a roach infested motel room. Eric admits he still has a little anger towards Xander but he’s working very hard to find forgiveness for him. Eric talks about spending a lifetime preaching forgiveness. Sarah promises that Xander has truly changed and is not the same man that let them believe another couple’s baby belonged to them. Sarah declares that she knows Xander will never do something that terrible again..

Xander puts the clown mask back on and enters the shed to tell Susan that she should be going home soon. Susan is excited and asks if he got in touch with EJ. Xander tells her not to worry about the details. Susan asks how he lives with himself and remarks that his mother must be so disappointed in him. Xander responds that his mother is a drunken trainwreck so he doesn’t give a damn what she thinks. Susan asks if he has a wife and how she would feel about her man being a dirty low down kidnapper..

Bonnie tells Maggie that she can’t believe Xander made Sarah move to a flea bag motel because Victor called him a loser. Maggie says that Xander is a proud man. Bonnie argues that she puts up with Victor being mean to her all the time because of the mansion. Maggie jokes about how stubborn Kiriakis men can be. Bonnie apologizes for ragging on her husband. Maggie knows she puts up with a lot from Victor. Maggie then mentions it’s her anniversary today as she married Victor 11 years ago today. Bonnie congratulates her and asks what they are doing to celebrate. Maggie responds that they are just going to be together. Bonnie questions not doing anything with family. Maggie points out that she can’t see Sarah and Xander because of Xander’s ridiculous quarrel with Victor. Bonnie argues that’s not right and that they need to make up and move on. Maggie says they can’t because they won’t even talk to each other. Bonnie suggests letting her handle this. Maggie calls that sweet of her to care. Maggie questions if she really thinks she can fix this. Bonnie says she knows she can and declares that she will get this family back on track.

Tony asks EJ if Ava made a ransom demand. EJ says not yet as she told him to wait for further instruction. Tony suggests getting the police involved but EJ doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Tony thinks they could use the police’s resources and adds that Rafe would be more than willing to help after what Ava did to him. EJ agrees that maybe he should bring Rafe in to this. EJ then gets a call from Ava, who tells him that Susan is fine for now. Ava asks if EJ is ready to hear her demands. EJ questions her taking so long to get back to him. Ava advises him to watch his tone if he ever wants his kids to see their grandmother again. EJ warns that if she does anything to harm Susan, there will be no safe place for her to hide from him. Tony suggests EJ not antagonize Ava. Ava reminds EJ that he’s in no position to make any threats as she’s the one calling the shots. EJ asks what Ava wants. Ava says in exchange for the safe return of his mother, he’s going to give her 20 million dollars.

Susan guesses that Xander does have a wife since he turned away. Xander brings up being warned that she’s psychic but he doesn’t believe in all that. Susan insists that the universe blessed her with the gift of second sight. Xander asks if that’s how she knew he was married. Susan then points out that he’s wearing his wedding ring.

Sarah gets a call from Bonnie and asks if everything is okay with Maggie and Victor. Bonnie says not exactly so Sarah asks what’s wrong. Bonnie tells Sarah that Maggie isn’t in a right state which she questions. Bonnie brings up today being Maggie and Victor’s wedding anniversary. Sarah admits she totally forgot. Bonnie figured it could’ve slipped her mind with all the fighting between Xander and Victor. Sarah is surprised Maggie told her about that. Bonnie says they live in the same house so it’s kind of hard to miss. Bonnie declares that tonight they are all going to put that behind them and invites Sarah and Xander over for dinner. Sarah points out that she was just about to order dinner at the Pub and Xander is working late. Bonnie argues that she can eat at the Pub any day and declares that tonight, they are eating with family. Bonnie states that it’s time the Kiriakis family gather under one roof and Maggie and Victor’s anniversary is the perfect time to do it. Bonnie says she’ll see her later and hangs up. Eric comes over and asks if Sarah decided what she wants. Sarah responds that there’s been a change of plans and it looks like she’s going to be playing referee all night.

Nicole tells Rafe that it was just a photoshoot. Rafe responds that he knows what it was. Nicole is not sure he does since he’s assuming that she and Eric wanted to be on the cover and they did not. Nicole repeats that this was Alex’s idea and he insisted. Rafe wishes Nicole would respect him enough to not try to gaslight him. Rafe complains that she’s acting like he’s not seeing what’s right in front of him. Nicole asks him to just listen to her as she tells him that she and Eric were told to act like they were attracted to each other and that’s what they did. Nicole calls modeling like acting and says she was playing a role while these are just pictures. Rafe argues that it’s pictures of his wife looking like she wants to tear the clothes off her ex-husband. Nicole knew doing the photoshoot was a bad idea and says she should’ve trusted her instinct. Rafe asks why she didn’t then. Nicole responds that Alex wouldn’t take no for an answer and admits she got caught up in the excitement of modeling again. Rafe says this isn’t even about the pictures, it’s about them and their marriage. Rafe states that the stupid photoshoot just forces them to face the real issue. Nicole argues that there is no issue. Rafe needs Nicole to be honest with him and herself. Rafe asks if the thing between her and Eric ever really went away. Nicole asks how many times she has to tell him that Eric is in her past and Rafe is her present and future. Nicole states that she has a husband and Eric has a girlfriend while there is nothing romantic between them anymore. Nicole says they are friends that work together but that’s it. Rafe responds that he hears her but it sounds to him like she’s not just trying to convince him, but trying to convince herself.

Bonnie asks Maggie about dinner. Maggie questions what this is all about. Bonnie announces she’s throwing a dinner party for her anniversary and Sarah and Xander will be attending which excites Maggie. Bonnie says she told her that she could pull it off. Maggie calls it wonderful and says Bonnie really is a miracle worker. Maggie asks how she did it. Bonnie explains that she told Sarah how much the occasion meant to her and Sarah agreed to convince Xander. Maggie says she’s so impressed. Maggie asks if Justin will be attending. Bonnie says no because he’s in Arizona visiting his sons, but when Xander and Victor are reunited, it will give the family that much more to celebrate when they are all back together. Maggie just hopes they behave themselves. Bonnie hugs her and tells her not to worry about a thing. Bonnie declares that she’s going to get the Kiriakis family back on track.

Xander admits to Susan that he is married but tells her to leave his wife out of this. Susan says she can’t do that and threatens to send her a psychic message that she needs her. Xander says that’s enough but then his phone rings so Susan declares that it worked.

EJ asks Ava if she really thinks he’s going to let her steal more money from his family than she already has. Ava questions if he values money more than his mother’s life. EJ responds that his mother is priceless to him. Ava tells him to prove it then. Ava says if EJ pays the 20 million, he’ll get his mom back and they can all move on with their lives. Ava adds that he should be grateful that she’s not asking for more. EJ agrees to give her the money and asks how they do this and where they meet for the exchange. Ava refuses to risk having his hired goons take her out. Ava orders EJ to wire the funds to an offshore account and once she sees the money has been transferred, she will tell him where he can find Susan. Ava then hangs up. Ava’s vision of Charlie tells her that he’s never been more proud of her and he’s never loved her more.

Xander puts the gag back on Susan and steps out of the shed to remove the clown mask and answers the phone. Sarah comments on him finally answering and jokes that she was about to have to send out a search party. Xander claims that he’s still stuck at the office and that they really wanted him to hit the ground running. Sarah informs Xander that Bonnie wants them to come to the Kiriakis Mansion for dinner for Victor and Maggie’s anniversary. Sarah adds that she knows Xander is still upset with Victor but Bonnie said that Maggie is really bummed about the rift in the family so it would really mean a lot to them. Sarah pleads with Xander to come. Xander agrees to come since it’s for Maggie. Sarah asks how far he is from the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander admits he’s not far at all so Sarah says she will see him there and hangs up.

Maggie tells Bonnie that she will go upstairs and change and check on Victor. Maggie thanks Bonnie and says it means a lot. Bonnie says it’s her pleasure. Bonnie then brings up when she and Justin were first dating and Maggie had her over for dinner. Bonnie recalls seeing two charming stainless steel lanterns and felt that they would make the perfect centerpiece for an 11th anniversary. Maggie calls that a lovely idea and says she keeps the lanterns in the back in the gardening shed. Bonnie decides she will go check there now…

Ava tells Charlie that it’s done and there’s no turning back now. Charlie remarks that he kind of wishes she made EJ sweat a little longer, but he’s happy for her as pretty soon, she’ll be swimming in cash and she can go back to being the power player she was always meant to be. Charlie asks if Ava is happy she listened to her good son as they hug.

Tony asks how fast EJ needs to come up with the money and offers to help by moving investments around if he’d like. EJ thanks Tony for the offer but says that won’t be necessary. Tony asks if EJ is going to pay Ava. EJ responds that he’s going to do whatever it takes to bring his mother home.

Nicole understands why Rafe is upset and why he reacted the way he did to the pictures. Nicole suggests they go home and talk about it. Rafe thinks they just did and questions what more there is to say. Eric then walks in asking if Nicole saw the photos but then stops and says he didn’t mean to interrupt. Rafe stops him and says he was just leaving. Nicole says they both were about to head home but Rafe declares he’s going to get a beer alone. Rafe adds that he’s sure Nicole and Eric have a lot of catching up to do over their incredible photoshoot. Eric tries to explain but Rafe says he’s not interested in what he has to say and storms out. Nicole calls out to Rafe, leaving her frustrated. Eric offers to go talk to Rafe but Nicole says that will only make things worse. Eric asks if she told Rafe it’s not what he thinks. Nicole says of course she did, but he’s not stupid. Eric asks what she means. Nicole tells him that Rafe sees what’s going on and everyone does.

Sarah joins Xander at the Kiriakis Mansion and asks about his first day at work. Xander calls it interesting and says they’ll talk about it when they get home as they kiss. Maggie then comes in and says she is so pleased they are both there. Sarah and Xander hug her and wish her a happy anniversary. Sarah asks where everyone else is. Maggie responds that Justin is in Arizona and Victor hasn’t come down yet. Xander asks about Bonnie. Maggie informs him that Bonnie was heading out to the gardening shed, giving Xander a look of worry.

Bonnie goes to the gardening shed and finds Susan tied up and gagged.

EJ makes a call, saying to let him know when it’s taken care of. Tony asks if he wired the money to Ava’s account. EJ says not exactly, so Tony questions what that means.

Ava’s phone goes off, so she assumes that’s EJ letting her know that he made the transfer. Charlie notes that didn’t take long and says that’s the respect she commands when she listens to him. Ava then picks up her phone and begins to panic. Charlie asks what’s wrong. Ava then reveals that she was sent a photo of Tripp tied up and gagged while held at gunpoint.

Eric asks what Nicole is saying. Nicole brings up Alex, Chloe, and Rafe, and says everyone sees the connection between them and that they can’t deny the chemistry is still there both in the photos and when they are in the same room together. Eric tells her they don’t have to do this right now while emotions are high. Eric suggests not saying anything they wished they wouldn’t have said. Nicole asks if he means like something honest. Nicole asks if Eric is tired of fighting it because she is. Nicole admits she’s been fighting it since the day Eric came back to town, lying to herself, and pretending that she’s over him and not jealous of he and Jada. Eric argues that he was trying to do the right thing, give her space, and respect her marriage. Eric says he started seeing somebody but no matter what, he always finds himself where he started in the same place with her. Eric and Nicole then start kissing.

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