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At the hospital, Lani calls Valerie and informs her that Eli has just been taken in for surgery. Lani cries that she’s so sorry. Abe arrives and hugs Lani.

TR slips a Do Not Disturb sign onto his door as Beth enters. TR tells her to relax as he’s not going to bite. Beth says she can tell that he’s been using and recalls how he beat her when he was high. Beth decides coming here was a mistake but TR warns that walking away from him would be a bigger mistake.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Maggie calls Jake and leaves a message, saying she just got back from Chicago, hoping he can explain why there was a surprise DiMera shareholder meeting and how instead of Victor joining the board like they discussed, Johnny DiMera was installed in his place. Maggie tells Jake to call her and hangs up. Xander then enters and greets Maggie. Xander says he’s here because he wanted to tell her in person that Sarah is back in town. Maggie says she’s glad to hear that but surprised because of when she was there a few weeks ago, she was terribly hurtful and made it clear that she didn’t want anything to do with any of them. Xander reveals that it wasn’t Sarah but Ava Vitali in a Sarah mask and that the woman who dumped him on his wedding day also wasn’t Sarah, but Kristen DiMera, which shocks Maggie. Xander explains that Sarah became a threat to Kristen so she kidnapped her and made it look like she left on her own so no one would look for her. Maggie asks where Sarah has been all this time. Xander informs her that she’s been held captive on an island until Steve, Kayla, and Abigail were able to rescue her. Maggie can’t believe it. Xander confirms it’s all true. Maggie excitedly hugs Xander, relieved that Sarah is safe. Maggie then stops and points out that if this is true, Sarah never stopped loving him. Xander says maybe but right now, she only has eyes for Tony DiMera which Maggie questions.

At the DiMera Mansion, Anna complains to Tony that she didn’t sleep at all because she was in the guest bedroom, wondering why her husband was not beside her. Tony argues that she knows why they had to sleep in separate bedrooms because Sarah would pitch a fit and try to throw her out on the street. Anna argues that Tony doesn’t have to let Sarah do anything since this is their house but he is indulging Sarah’s delusion that she is Renee DuMonde and let her call the shots. Anna mocks Sarah’s fantasy that they are madly in love. Tony insists he’s not enjoying this but Kayla said this is the right course of action. Anna argues that Sarah is out of her mind, so they need Marlena to talk some sense in to her. Sarah walks in and remarks that Marlena is upstairs but she’s dealing with a woman tied to the bed.

Gwen walks through the town square and runs in to Abigail. Abigail asks if she’s going to welcome her back.

Beth questions if TR is threatening her. TR says he has an offer that she can’t refuse. TR declares that he will make her a star.

Lani tells Abe that she’s so glad to see him. Abe asks about Eli. Lani says they just took him in to surgery. Kayla comes over and assures that Eli is in the very best hands. Kayla says she’ll let Lani know as soon as she has an update. Kayla encourages them to keep praying for him.

Anna questions Sarah saying that Marlena had someone tied up upstairs. Tony suggests Sarah could be hallucinating. Sarah complains about Anna still being here and says it won’t be her home for long. Sarah notes that her attorney told her that she’d have to show proof that she is the rightful owner of the home before she can kick Anna out, but says obviously she’s a DiMera. Sarah brings up her drivers license and passport missing, so she will have her long lost brother Chad attest to her identity. Sarah then presents Tony with a contract to retain her lawyer’s services so they can initiate his divorce from Anna, so all he has to do is sign.

Maggie questions Sarah now thinking she is Renee DuMonde after reading her diary. Xander blames the drug that Kristen injected her with and says that Sarah is completely delusional. Xander tells Maggie about Sarah’s plan to have Tony and Anna divorce and to get Anna kicked out of the mansion. Xander adds that Tony has been advised to be worried about Sarah’s mental state. Maggie brings up the treatment that helped Abigail. Xander says that’s where Maggie comes in since she’s next of kin. Xander hands Maggie a paper to sign to get Sarah the help she needs. Maggie questions it being against her will. Xander explains that it’s the only way. Maggie sits down with the paper. Xander knows it’s a lot to take in but says if they want Sarah back, this is the only way. Maggie declares that she will not sign it.

Gwen tells Abigail that they were all worried about her and she’s very happy that she was rescued. Abigail questions that since Gwen hates her guts. Abigail brings up Chad trying to get the accomplice’s name from Ava but she wonders what possible reason Ava could have for wanting her gone when she barely knows her, Sarah, or Kristen, so she didn’t want her gone but Gwen has all kinds of reasons to want Sarah out of the picture and she was desperate to stop her from finding Sarah. Abigail declares that it’s glaringly obvious to her that it was Gwen that bashed her over the head.

Abe suggests Lani go home and take a shower, but Lani refuses to go anywhere until she knows that Eli is okay. Abe asks her what happened as they sit together. Lani explains that she was at the police station when Shawn came in and said there had been a shooting in the park and asked her to back him up. Lani adds that when they got there, Eli was on the ground with a bullet in his head and there was a drug dealer slumped over on the bench with Eli’s gun in his hand. Lani mentions that the dealer had been on their radar but he wasn’t an active case for Eli. Lani reveals that Eli was doing a background search on TR.

Beth laughs at the idea of TR making her a star, saying she’s heard that before. TR says he has the perfect role for her in “Possessed: The Marlena Evans Story” because one of his leads wants out due to personal issues. TR claims that Beth would be ideal for the part. Beth asks if she’d be playing the lead role of Marlena Evans. TR says she would be playing Celeste and be instrumental to the story as she totally steals the show. Beth points out that it’s not the Celeste Story. TR insists that she will bring depth to the role and promises she will make bank on this because word of mouth on this film is huge. Beth asks if he wants her to audition. TR says he already knows what she can do. Beth guesses he wants something from her. TR says just the courtesy of keeping their private history private. Beth informs him that he’s too late for that as she already gave every detail about him to Eli. TR reveals that Eli is in no condition to repeat that story.

Anna pulls Tony aside and questions if he’s going to hire this attorney and go through with the divorce. Tony says of course not. Anna asks if she should bring popcorn for this show. Sarah remarks that Anna will soon be nothing but an unpleasant memory as she offers the paper to Tony.

Xander questions if Maggie wants Sarah to get help. Maggie says she does but she’s not going to subject her to being hospitalized against her will. Maggie says she has to talk to Sarah and see her. Xander offers to take Maggie to the DiMera Mansion. Maggie asks if he’s sure he should come with her since he and Gwen are engaged. Xander admits that he loves Gwen and Sarah. Maggie points out that if Xander had any idea what happened months ago, he and Sarah would still be together. Maggie asks what he’s going to do. Xander says all he can think about right now is making sure Sarah gets the help that she needs.

Gwen laughs at Abigail thinking she was Ava’s accomplice and calls that ridiculous because she hardly knows Ava and she doesn’t know Kristen at all. Gwen brings up how Abigail was convinced she was masquerading as Sarah but came out looking like a fool. Abigail points out how she wasn’t wrong about it being someone in a Sarah mask and she was only wrong about the person in it. Gwen says she has somewhere to be but Abigail says she’s just getting to the fascinating part. Abigail goes over two different people masquerading as Sarah, who break up with Xander on two different occasions. Abigail says first Kristen did it to cover up Sarah’s kidnapping but the second time, she doesn’t know who would benefit from it except Gwen.

Abe asks Lani about Eli checking on TR’s background. Lani explains that TR told Paulina that he went to prison years ago for stealing from his clients to support his drug habit, but he got clean and hasn’t used or hit a woman since. Abe says that’s what they all say. Lani says that’s why Eli wanted to verify TR’s story, so he tracked down his ex-girlfriend Beth and she was at the police station when she got there this morning and said she just talked to Eli. Abe asks what she told him, but Lani says she never got to find out because Shawn alerted her to the shooting. Lani cries that they didn’t even know Eli was in the park until they got there. Lani didn’t know why he was there and wonders if she’ll ever be able to find out.

TR informs Beth of Eli being the one shot in the park. Beth asks how it happened and how he could know, unless he had something to do with it.

Gwen mocks Abigail wanting to pin this on her but says it’s obvious that Kristen was Ava’s accomplice. Abigail says she knows for a fact it wasn’t Kristen since Ned told her that Kristen was waiting for him on the island. Ava says maybe it was the pilot or maybe the guy who posed as Ava’s lawyer to get her out of the police station. Abigail questions Gwen knowing about that. Gwen says it’s all over the news. Gwen doesn’t care what Abigail thinks of her because she had nothing to do with her kidnapping, and now that she’s back, it doesn’t matter. Abigail argues that Sarah has lost months of her life and is drugged out of her mind, like Abigail was when Gwen drugged her. Gwen blames Abigail for leaving the syringe lying around, otherwise Sarah would be perfectly fine. Abigail points out that she made a full recovery, so she has every confidence that Sarah will too.

Maggie and Xander arrive at the DiMera Mansion. Maggie is excited to see Sarah but Sarah, believing she is Renee, comments that Maggie has aged.

Abe encourages Lani that she’ll get the whole story when Eli comes out of surgery. Abe reminds Lani that Kayla said Eli is in good hands. Abe adds that he’s young, strong, and has everything to live for. Lani cries that she knows but he didn’t have a pulse when she got to him. Lani states that Eli was gone and she had to give him CPR to get his heart beating until the EMTs got there. Abe declares that Lani saved Eli’s life. Lani worries about what if she didn’t as Abe hugs her.

TR claims to Beth that he had nothing to do with Eli’s shooting as it seems a deadbeat drug dealer shot him and then overdosed. Beth questions the one person that she told her story to, ends up shot and killed right after she met with him. TR says he’s a cop and it’s a dangerous job. TR says that coincidences happen. TR talks about his movie being based on real life. TR is waiting to hear Beth’s answer about playing Celeste. TR claims he has people beating down his door to be part of this project so this is a limited opportunity. TR asks if Beth wants the job or not.

Gwen argues that Abigail wants Sarah to go back to her old self because she’s cheering for Xander to throw her over for Sarah. Abigail states that Xander loved Sarah before he ever laid eyes on Gwen and he never would’ve dated her or proposed to her if he hadn’t believed that Sarah broke his heart. Abigail tells Gwen that she knows it’s true. Gwen says Abigail being so determined to find Sarah was not about Maggie but about wanting to get revenge on her.

Sarah apologizes to Maggie for being rude and claims the last time that she saw Maggie, she was chasing after a toddler. Sarah calls Xander “Alex” and questions what he’s doing here as she told him she never wanted to see him again. Sarah asks if Maggie let Xander drag her here with the ridiculous story that she is her daughter when she is obviously not. Sarah asks about Neil Curtis. Anna informs her that he’s dead which Sarah calls a shame. Sarah tells them that they are just in time as Tony has hired a divorce attorney so they will be free to get married and live happily ever after. Maggie then asks for the pen and the papers from Xander to sign off on making sure Sarah gets all the tests and treatments that she needs.

Abigail tells Gwen that not everything is about her. Abigail wants Sarah to get well because she’s her cousin and she loves her. Gwen points out that she is Abigail’s sister. Abigail argues that Sarah never tried to kill her before. Gwen questions if Abigail is so concerned about family then why she didn’t bother to tell Maggie that her daughter is back in town. Abigail says Maggie is out of town but Gwen reveals that Xander is with her now.

Sarah argues that she won’t let Maggie do this. Tony sees no harm in having a check up if the tests prove nothing is wrong. Sarah shouts that nothing is wrong and she won’t let any of them destroy her chance at happiness. Sarah goes to storm out but Kayla arrives with a cop. Xander reveals that he called Kayla before they left and told her they might need some assistance. Kayla asks if Maggie signed the consent form. Maggie asks Kayla to help her daughter. Sarah yells that she’s not her daughter and she doesn’t need help. Kayla says they are here to help her. Sarah complains that they are treating her like a criminal and warns them to get out of her way. The cop tells her that it would be best if she came willingly. Sarah questions if they will handcuff her otherwise. Sarah tells Tony to do something to help her but Tony says his hands are tied. Kayla promises they will take good care of her. Sarah calls Xander a bastard and says it’s all his fault. Sarah is dragged out in handcuffs as Kayla and the cop leave with her.

Beth questions TR bribing her with a movie role. TR asks if she doesn’t believe in her own talents. Beth ask if she’s going to get shot if she says no. TR insists he had nothing to do with that shooting but he thinks Beth knows it would be in both of their best interests if she signed on for the role.

Lani tells Abe that every time she and Eli walk out the door, they know there’s a chance that something will happen to them, so that’s why every time they leave in the morning, they say I love you. Lani isn’t sure if that’s the last thing she said to Eli. Abe assures that Eli knows how much she loves him. Lani points out that they didn’t even sleep together last night since she got home late and didn’t want to wake him. Lani wonders if that was their last chance to be a family together. Lani knows she should try to be positive and optimistic. Abe encourages her to feel whatever she wants. Lani thinks it’s so hard being back in the hospital where they lost their son. Abe reminds her that it’s also where their twins were born. Lani cries that Eli was shot in the head and wasn’t breathing. Abe hugs Lani as she prays for God to let Eli live.

Beth tells TR that selling out isn’t unheard of in this business and remarks on him putting his fist in her face. TR asks if they are having a #metoo moment. Beth hoped things were getting better but sees slimy jerks like him still run the world. Beth comments that her biggest role was woman #4 in a B movie. TR argues that his film will change all that and make her a star. Beth responds that maybe being a star isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. TR asks if she is saying no.

Kayla puts Sarah in a hospital bed. Sarah questions how she could do this to her when she saved her life on the island and kept Kristen from putting drugs in her food but this is how she repays her. Maggie says they are just trying to help her. Sarah cals her a bitch and shouts that her name is Renee.

Gwen tells Abigail that she can go tell Maggie that her precious daughter is back instead of harassing her. Abigail argues that she’s going to prove that Gwen had something to do with it. Xander arrives and questions what Abigail is so determined to prove. Gwen informs Xander that Abigail has accused her of being involved in her kidnapping even though she has no evidence. Xander argues that Abigail is in no position to be throwing stones. Xander talks about Sarah being a shell of herself because of some drug that Abigail left lying around. Abigail tries to explain that it wasn’t intended for Sarah. Xander argues that Abigail wanted Gwen to be her victim and then couldn’t be bothered to clean up after herself. Xander tells Abigail that what happened to Sarah is her fault so she doesn’t get to stand on her moral high ground this time. Xander asks why she is still here, so Abigail then walks away. Xander can’t believe Gwen is related to Abigail. Gwen thanks Xander for defending her. Xander starts to call Gwen the woman he loves but stops and says he loves her. Gwen asks if he’s alright as she can’t imagine him seeing Sarah like that. Xander is just glad she’s getting the treatment she needs and he hopes that she will be on the road to recovery soon.

Kayla encourages that Sarah will feel better soon. Sarah argues that she was feeling just fine before they showed up. Maggie asks for a moment alone with Sarah, so Kayla exits. Sarah tells Maggie to get out. Maggie sits down and says she knows how difficult this is, but she has no idea how much she’s missed her. Sarah shouts that she hates Maggie.

Anna tells Tony that she’s thankful Maggie and Xander got here when they did, so now Sarah will get locked in a padded cell and never darken their door way again. Anna asks Tony where he’d like to have lunch. Tony responds that they just witnessed a mentally ill woman getting dragged out against her will. Tony tells Anna to have some compassion. Tony complains that Sarah poses no threat to Anna at all but she was too selfish to show any kindness. Anna asks if Tony heard how Sarah talked to her. Tony understands how Anna must despise Renee DuMonde, but he loved her once and will never forgive himself for how she was murdered and this all reminded him of how horrible it all was. Tony says he’s sorry but he found Anna to be cruel to poor Sarah. Tony adds that as for lunch, he’s lost his appetite, so he won’t be joining her. Tony then exits the room, leaving Anna in disbelief.

TR tells Beth that she’s not fooling him as she wouldn’t be there if she wasn’t buying what he’s selling. Beth responds that his daughter deserves to know the truth about him, but she’s not going to tell her and she hates herself for it. TR knew she would see things his way and says he will have the papers drawn up ASAP.

Lani complains to Abe that it seems like Eli has been in surgery forever and asks how long it’s been. Abe says they should hear some news soon. Kayla comes over and announces that Eli is out of surgery.

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