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Recap written by Christine

Michael had Lauren meet him at Society. When he arrived, he gave her a kiss and told her he won in court today. She ordered champagne to celebrate, and she told him that he was at the pinnacle of his career. He’d been thinking the same thing, and it made him wonder if he should quit while he was ahead. He’d felt fortunate to practice every type of law that piqued his interests, and he thought maybe he should leave on a high note. Lauren noted that this wasn’t the first time Michael talked about leaving after a brutal case. She suggested a break, but he said it was about taking his life in a different direction. He felt proud and content, and that was how everyone wanted to feel when they were ready to retire.

Christine was getting takeout, and she overheard Michael, so she joined him and Lauren. Christine thought that if Michael left the profession, it’d be the end of an era in this town. Michael said no one understood that as well as Christine did. He told Lauren that he gave Christine her first job at the law firm. There was a flashback to a young Michael and Christine. He’d welcomed her to Whitman Walker and Wilson. In the present, Christine said she felt lucky to be Michael’s protege. He assumed her opinion changed when she saw the other side of him – the egomaniac. Michael admitted that he excelled at mind games and power plays back then. He said he underestimated her, and when he crossed the line with her, she fought back, dragged him to court, exposed his abhorrent behavior and won. He acknowledged that, instead of being humbled, he was outraged about losing his job and reputation and he sought revenge. A clip played of Michael using a sledgehammer to put a hole in a wall as part of his plot to make Christine suffer. Michael said he wasn’t in his right mind back then – he’d been obsessed, violent, furious, and though he didn’t know it at the time, going to prison for a few years was one of the best things to ever happen to him. Christine had been skeptical when Michael came to her and said he had an epiphany. Michael had asked Christine to give him another chance and speak on his behalf to the Wisconsin Bar.

Michael was grateful Christine restored his career and agreed to come work with him again. They remembered when they had a law office together, Baldwin, Williams and Associates. Christine said she came into her own as a lawyer, and she and Michael became friends and colleagues. Lauren recalled that Paul was chagrined. Michael noted that Paul took a little longer to trust him again, which was understandable. Michael said Christine was patient and kind and cut him an unending amount of slack. Lauren asked what Christine thought about Michael retiring. Christine said only Michael would know when he was ready to wind down his legal career. Lauren thought Michael was multi-talented. She’d seen his sketches, she thought he could be an artist. He wasn’t sure what he might want to do, and Christine said he just had to do more soul searching. Christine didn’t regret leaving the DA’s office, she loved pro bono work, and it gave her more time with her husband.

Victor arrived, and Christine hugged him before taking her order and leaving. Michael brought Victor up to speed. Victor thought that Michael would get too bored to retire. Michael said he could spend more time with Lauren, Fen, and Kevin’s kids. Victor invited Michael to come work for him at Newman Media. Michael wasn’t really interested in being on call 24/7 or ending up in murky ethical situations. Victor noted that Michael was really good at it. Michael admitted he’d once loved finding the perfect loop holes and seeing how far he could push things without getting caught, but for every time he and Victor were in sync, there were other, far less pleasant times. There was a flashback to Victor firing Michael.

In the present, Victor said Michael could set his own hours and he’d be compensated very well. Michael said it wasn’t really about the money. Victor said he and Michael had a long history, and they’d learned to trust each other. There was a flashback to Michael trying to take the fall for something Victor did. Victor insisted on taking responsibility for his own actions. After the flashback ended, Michael said he’d never respected Victor more than he did that day. Victor left. Michael chuckled that he hadn’t left his job, and there was already another one waiting for him. Michael just needed to get a handle on his options. Lauren had made some calls to help Michael out.

Gloria, Kevin and Chloe arrived. Lauren thought Michael’s family could help him get perspective. “Have you met my family?,” he asked her. Lauren said Michael wanted to look at this from all angles, and what better way than to do that with the family who knew and loved him best. Lauren had invited Michael’s best friend, but she couldn’t make it. Michael was sure that Phyllis would be on his side. Gloria asked if that meant some people weren’t on his side. Michael didn’t mean to offend Gloria. Gloria thought it was wonderful that they’d come together. Kevin said they were a regular family now. Gloria didn’t want to rehash the past, when her kids couldn’t depend on her.

Michael flashed back to a moment with Gloria. She said he wouldn’t forgive her for being a rotten mother when he was young. Michael had pointed out that Gloria wasn’t telling her husband that Michael and Kevin were her sons. Michael blasted Gloria for her lies and manipulations. In the present, Gloria was in tears. She admitted it took her awhile, but she thought they had to agree that she’d grown into her role as a fabulous, if unconventional maternal figure. They remembered the time Gloria burst out of a box wrapped as a Christmas present and surprised Michael and Lauren. After the flashback, Michael said he couldn’t throw stones, because he’d made his mistakes. None more egregious than failing Kevin when they were young. Kevin said Michael made up for that. Michael remembered the time Kevin was in the hospital, bandaged and bruised. Michael apologized for not being a good brother. Michael had been focused on getting out of the hellhole they grew up in, and he’d left Kevin behind. Michael vowed to do better.

Kevin wanted to focus on some positivity. Kevin and Michael remembered connecting as brothers in the past. Kevin was going to be Michael’s best man. Lauren thought the reminiscing was lovely, but she said she called them here because Michael was at a crossroads. Chloe thought Michael should retire, and Kevin didn’t. Chloe said Michael was the best of the best, and now it was time to kick back and relax. Kevin thought Michael would be bored and that he’d drive the rest of the family crazy by popping over with unsolicited advice. Gloria agreed with Kevin. Gloria said she was much too young to be the mother of a retiree, so Michael would have to get some kind of job. Chloe said that it was Michael’s life, so they supported him no matter what he decided. Kevin, Chloe and Gloria left. Michael realized he didn’t need anyone’s opinion but Lauren’s. They took a trip down memory lane. There were flashbacks to their first kiss, their wedding and finding out Lauren was pregnant with Fenmore. Michael had been afraid of that his child would inherit his darkness. Lauren assured him that he wasn’t the man he once was. Michael was happy too. He loved Lauren and promised to do his best to be a great father.

Michael told Lauren that she was the best part of his life and that their family was his greatest legacy. She was grateful every day for their strong marriage. He thought they were stronger because of the challenges. She said she almost destroyed what they built, and it was miracle they made it through. He kissed her hand and said it took a lot of hard work, but they made it because they were meant to be as husband and wife and mother and father. They flashed back to Fen giving them a compass to thank them for their loving support and guidance.

Lauren felt that she and Michael were at a place where they’d be okay no matter what. She also thought Michael would be okay no matter what path he chose. He asked what he should do with the rest of his life. She knew he wanted something direct, but she thought he should do what made him happy. He thought it was clear that he needed to retire because spending more time with her would make him the happiest. Music played, and they danced. There were more flashbacks to their romance.

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