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Recap written by Christine

Ashland came to Newman Locke to pick Victoria up after he signed the papers ceding control of the company and annulling their marriage. She bitterly revealed that she tricked him into thinking she’d leave town with him so that he’d sign everything away. She wanted out of the marriage and him out of the company. She said he prided himself on being one step ahead of everyone else, so she asked if he didn’t see this coming. He admitted he didn’t know what to think over the last few days, but when she said she’d said she’d run away with him to Tuscany, he was overjoyed, and he didn’t question it because he didn’t want to. He still thought they could make this work. He tried to hug her, but she shirked him off. “Everything I’ve said to you the past couple of days has been a lie. Not some grand fabrication that ‘I have cancer and I’m dying,’ but a lie nonetheless. And now you know you’ve been deceived. So all those feelings you might be having right now of betrayal and humiliation – I know them. I know them well. It’s your turn now,” Victoria said.

Victoria was insulted that Ashland thought she’d believe someone would go through the trouble of making it look like he’d faked a cancer diagnosis. She asked if he thought she was an idiot. He didn’t but he felt he had no choice but to tell her he’d been framed. He asked if she would’ve forgiven him if he’d come to her and said he made a terrible mistake and lied about having cancer. He never actually thought she’d believe in her head that he’d been set up, but he was hoping that she’d want to believe it in her heart. He’d been trying to stall things, because he thought that in time, their love would win out and that they could have a future. She was adamant that they’d never have a future after what he did. He still thought they could be together. She told him to stop lying. She said he didn’t get control of Newman Locke, but he could take comfort in having money and freedom. He didn’t care about the money or the freedom. All he wanted was Victoria.

Victoria told Ashland that he was very committed to his scam, playing the devoted husband all the way to the bitter end. Ashland swore he was sincere. Victoria wanted Ashland to admit to everything he’d done. She wanted to know how he could sink to such a disgusting low – pretending to have a devastating disease. She thought she deserved the truth. “Fine. Here it is. I lied about having cancer,” Ashland stated. Ashland said that wasn’t the whole story though. He didn’t come to town with his sights set on Newman Enterprises, but then he found out his wife was cheating on him and that his son wasn’t his. Victoria was appalled Ashland was using his son as an excuse. Ashland had been devastated and furious, then he saw an opportunity to do something bigger than he’d ever done before, and he set his sights on Victoria’s family’s company.

Victoria recalled that Ashland didn’t waste any time – he’d invited her to NY right after he found out about Harrison, then he told her about his cancer diagnosis while they were there. He said he had momentum, and he was moving forward, and it was so easy to sell the story that the scans taken after his heart attack showed signs of cancer. At the time, Victoria had been surprised Ashland would want her around just after he found out he had cancer, since they were basically strangers. Now, she knew he did it because it would create an instant bond and make her feel compassion toward him. She asked how he could let that sweet innocent little boy think he was dying. He had no defense, but he did what he could to keep Harrison out of it. She noted that this was why he didn’t fight Kyle taking Harrison to Italy. He said that was right. He admitted he took advantage of Victoria and worked an angle to win her love and trust. “Death? That was an angle?,” she asked. She said the merger was his ultimate power grab, and also the most selfish and disgusting move of his entire career. He agreed with all of this. He confessed that he’d even been proud of himself at the time, but then he unexpectedly fell in love with her.

Victoria didn’t think Ashland understood what love was. He gently grabbed her arms and told her that he did know what it was. He believed they could get past this. He’d never loved anyone as profoundly as he loved her. He said he’d be a lost man if he walked out that door without her. For the first time in his life, he didn’t now what to do next. She was unsympathetic. She told him he had every opportunity to come clean before tonight, but he’d just lied and lied. She thought that the only reason he came clean was because he’d been backed into a corner – that wasn’t love. She felt demoralized because he’d shown her who he was over and over again – he took his dead best friend’s identity, and he forged a letter to get his hands on his mentor’s fortune. She’d looked past his sins and believed in him because she’d wanted to think he’d changed because of her. “I have changed. I gave up my life’s work, Locke Communications Group. I did that to show you that I would do anything for you,” he said. She asked why she’d believe anything that came out of his mouth. She told him she didn’t care what happened to him anymore. He didn’t believe she stopped caring about him. Ashland knew he deserved Victoria’s scorn, outrage and hatred, but he thought deep down inside, she was as conflicted as she was. He asked her again to leave town and start over. She said she was starting over, but not with him. He said he was sorry, and he went to the door. Victoria turned away, and Ashland took one last look at her, then he left.

Sharon was at Crimson Lights when Rey came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. She teased him by pretending to think he was someone else, and telling him that her husband wouldn’t approve. She noticed he had a new jacket and complimented it. He thanked her for being okay with him going on the trip to Chicago. He knew it was a little weird for him to be taking a trip with another woman and her son. She didn’t think it was weird. She thought he was more excited than Connor. He said it was his first live hockey game. Connor and Chelsea came in. Connor said the best part of this trip was that Rey would be there, no offense to Chelsea. She didn’t mind. Connor and Rey got a table and chatted in anticipation of the game.

Chelsea went to Sharon, who was behind the counter, packing a bag of snacks for the trip, and thanked her for lending them Rey. She said it meant so much to Connor. Chelsea, Connor and Rey were going to spend the night in Chicago, since it’d be past Connor’s bedtime when the game ended. Sharon thought it made sense for it to be an overnight trip, since it got foggy this time of the year, and it might not be safe to drive late. She just wanted them to bring Rey home safe and sound. Chelsea assured Sharon that they would. Sharon said she could enjoy having the house to herself and watching the shows Rey didn’t get into.

Chelsea noted that Sharon was going above and beyond to help prepare them for the trip to Chicago. Chelsea sensed that Sharon wasn’t happy about this trip, but she was working hard to make it seem like she was. Sharon said of course she was okay with it. Rey already told Sharon how Chelsea had a business trip and asked him to take Connor to the game, but when her trip was postponed, she decided to go, and she got another ticket for Rey. Chelsea said Connor had his heart set on this. Sharon thought the trip would be good for Rey, since he liked Connor. Chelsea thought Sharon might have an issue with Rey and Chelsea spending time together, giving their history. Sharon asked if Chelsea meant the history between the two of them or the history between Chelsea and Rey – when she poisoned him. Chelsea meant all of it. Chelsea just wanted Sharon to be comfortable. Sharon thought she’d made it clear that the past was in the past. She knew Chelsea was doing much better. Chelsea said Sharon and Rey had been so kind and offered her friendship, even though she didn’t deserve it, and she wouldn’t forget that.

Over at their table, Rey asked Connor if he was too old to learn to play hockey, and Connor said of course not. Rey asked Connor to give him some hockey lessons when they got back.

Sharon was glad that she and Chelsea got along these days. She didn’t think they should go looking for problems when there were none. Connor reminded Chelsea it was time to leave, so she went over to the table. Rey hoped he caught a puck. Chelsea hoped he didn’t catch it with his teeth. Chelsea put her hand on Rey’s shoulder as she laughed at her joke.  Sharon watched. 

At Newman Media, Victor said Adam’s idea worked, and hopefully Ashland would be out of their lives soon. Adam thought the deal was a success because Victor backed him when Ashland came to Victor and asked if the offer was legitimate. Victor said he and Adam made a good team. Adam thought Victoria would be irritated that her plan didn’t work, because it meant she wouldn’t get the satisfaction of throwing Adam under the bus, even temporarily. Victor said there was no place for sibling rivalry right now. He thought that Adam should feel compassionate toward his sister, not competitive. Victor gave Adam credit for getting rid of Ashland, but Victor sensed Adam wanted more than that. Adam smiled. Victor thought Adam should just be happy Ashland was out of the company and out of Victoria’s life. Adam said Victor was right. He said he’d try to focus on staying positive. He was sure Victoria would move past this in time. He added that the brilliant part of his plan was that they got to keep control of Locke Communications – for a bargain of half a billion dollars.

Nikki and Nick arrived at Newman Media. Nick had been trying to reach Victoria, and she wasn’t answering. Victor revealed that Ashland took the deal. Nick congratulated Adam. Nikki stated that she’d been skeptical, but she acknowledged that Adam really came through. He said it was all about helping the family. Victor nodded approvingly. Victor assumed Victoria and Ashland were talking right now. Nikki mentioned that Victoria got Ashland to sign the papers by telling him they’d still be together in spite of the annulment. Nikki said Ashland was a terrible person, but Victoria’s feelings for him were real. Nick said Victoria was strong and proud, and she could handle herself. He was worried about Ashland. Victor asked why. Nick said they had to watch Ashland until he was gone for good. Victor had told his team to stop following Victoria and to start following Locke. Later, Victor received a report that Ashland left Newman Locke by himself.

Back at Newman Locke, Victoria turned a picture of her and Ashland face down. She took her portrait off the wall and slammed it onto a sharp paperweight until the canvas ripped, then she ran out the door. Later, Victor, Nikki, Nick and Adam showed up. Nikki was horrified when she saw the portrait, because she thought Ashland destroyed it in a fit of rage. Victor thought Victoria did it. Adam thought it made sense for Victoria to need to blow off steam. He felt the destruction of the portrait seemed like the work of someone in a lot of pain. Nick called security and checked on Victoria’s status. He learned that Victoria was last seen leaving the parking garage a few minutes ago. Nikki wanted to call Victoria, but Victor thought she needed some time alone. Nick suggested they all go get some food. Adam couldn’t go because he had something to do. He left. Nikki wondered what could’ve made Victoria ruin the portrait. Nick had something to do, but he said he’d meet his parents at Society. he told Nikki that he thought Victor was right – Victoria needed space. Nick left. Nikki just wanted to help.

Adam went back to his office. He called Sally and said he had great news – his plan worked. She asked about his job status. He said he didn’t ask if he could stay on as CEO of Newman Locke, because it didn’t seem like the right time. He planned to broach the subject with Victor later. He wanted to celebrate, and they agreed to meet at the hotel. Adam went to the suite and found champagne and a note from Sally saying to get comfortable. He poured himself a glass of champagne and toasted to a new beginning.

Back at Crimson Lights, Sharon asked Rey to call or text when he got to Chicago, so she’d know he was safe. He teased that he had Connor to protect him. He gave her a peck on the lips and started to leave, but she called him back and gave him a longer kiss. Chelsea looked uncomfortable. Sharon and Rey said they loved each other. As they prepared to leave, Chelsea made sure she had her ticket. Rey checked his pockets and realized his and Connor’s tickets were still in his old jacket. He’d go home and get them. Chelsea took Connor out to the patio to wait so they wouldn’t be in the way. After Rey left, Nick went to Crimson Lights and brought Sharon up to speed. While Nick gave Adam credit for stepping up for the family, he believed it would be very difficult to get Adam out of the CEO’s seat. He worried that the family may have exchanged one mess for another. Sharon hoped not.

Victoria was in her car, crying. It was foggy, and she was traveling at a good rate of speed. She used her car’s hands-free phone to call Nikki. Nikki answered and invited Victoria to Society. Victoria needed to be alone. She just wanted to let Nikki know she was okay. Nikki said things would work out. Victoria didn’t think things would ever be okay again. She loved Ashland, and he made a fool out of her. She’d almost left town with him tonight. Victoria was so distraught, a concerned Nikki told her to pull over on the side of the road, so her parents could come pick her up. Victoria was crying harder now. “I keep making the same mistakes with men,” she said. There were suddenly headlights from another car shining in Victoria’s face. She screamed and the car started to flip. Nikki kept calling Victoria’s name while Victor looked at her in alarm.

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