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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Diane told Victor that he’d just missed his charming family. Victor said he saw them leave. He told her that his family, and the rest of the town, didn’t want her here. She didn’t care – nobody’s opinion mattered to her except for Kyle’s. Victor said Kyle was smart, and he probably remembered Diane abandoning him. Diane said nobody was going to intimidate her into leaving until she knew what Kyle wanted. He said that was a dangerous choice. She ran away because of the hostility toward her, but running cost her the relationship with her son. She felt that Kyle’s forgiveness was worth anything that everyone else could put her through. He predicted that Kyle would realize what everyone else knew – that Diane was a narcissist and an incompetent mother.

Victor met Summer and Kyle at Society. Kyle and Summer shared their disgust about Ashland. Victor wanted to talk about a happier topic, and he asked about Harrison. Summer thought he was the sweetest cutest little boy on the planet. She thought he’d be a chess natural. Victor said he’d teach him. Victor told Kyle what Diane just said about waiting for his input before deciding what to do. Victor remembered when Diane abandoned Kyle. Kyle found Diane’s actions infuriating and hurtful, but you only got one mother, and he wasn’t sure he was prepared to cut her out of his life. Kyle stepped away to take a call. Victor told Summer that Diane angered a lot of people and traumatized Kyle when he was a boy. Summer said she’d heard all about Diane from her mother. Victor replied that Diane was the one thing he and Phyllis agreed on. Victor said Diane was dangerous, and she hadn’t changed. He wanted her to make Kyle aware of that.

By the time Kyle returned, Victor had left. Kyle had talked to Jabot’s CFO and learned that it could afford to purchase Marchetti, even with all its debts. Summer said they’d have a solid case to present to Jack, provided Kyle still wanted to move home. Kyle thought it’d be good for Harrison to grow up around his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins… Kyle lost his grandfather early on, and he didn’t get to know Dina until it was almost too late. Summer thought it would be great for Harrison to grow up with his extended family, but that didn’t have to include Diane. Kyle was sure Victor had something to say about that. He hated the position Summer was in, with people were pressuring her to pressure him. She said she could handle it, and she wasn’t trying to sway him, but she wanted to weigh all the factors. She could see he was hopeful Harrison could experience the best of Diane without suffering the worst, but was that possible, and was it worth the risk? All he knew was that he needed to make up his mind because it wasn’t fair to keep Summer and his mom in limbo.

Billy was happy to run into Chance at Crimson Lights. He’d been meaning to reach out and give his condolences on Rey. Chance said it was a void that you couldn’t fill, but you had to do your best. Chance congratulated Billy on being COO of Chancellor. He thought it was good that Jill would be able to enjoy life more. They laughed about a video Jill sent them of her learning to blow a conch shell in Bora Bora. Billy said things were going well at Chancellor – Lily had a lot of good things in the works. Chance was sure Devon was a good guy to work with. Chance had gotten to know Devon a lot better lately. Chance liked Billy’s podcast on insecurity. Billy wondered why Chance would listen to that, when he was a superhero. Chance said it wasn’t easy to adjust to civilian life after Spain; no one was immune to self doubt.

Devon ran into Abby, who was at the park with Dominic. Devon was concerned because the baby looked a little pale, and Abby said it was just the sunscreen. Devon apologized, but Abby didn’t think that was necessary because she knew his concern came from love. Abby told Devon that when she played Baby Shark for Dominic, he made a face that looked just like Devon. Devon scowled at the mention of that song, and Abby laughed and said that was the face the baby made. Devon joked that the baby didn’t want to hear that song either. Abby marveled that she never imagined she and Devon would end up in this place. Devon thought it was a great place. Chance came up and saw Abby and Devon.

Abby was pleasantly surprised to see Chance. He said he was at Crimson Lights when she texted him, so he brought her a drink. He was sorry he didn’t bring something for Devon. He didn’t know Devon would be there. Devon left for his meeting. Chance grinned when Dom threw cheerios in his face. He commented on how athletic Dom was, and Abby said he must get it from Devon, because he didn’t get it from her. She apologized, but Chance said that Devon was Dom’s biological father, so the baby inherited a lot of things from him that would be more clear as the baby aged. Chance said he was feeling a lot more confident in his role in Dom’s life. Abby had noticed the positive difference in the way Chance and Dom interacted, and she’d hoped it wasn’t just wishful thinking. She’d been hoping that Chance would share the same emotional bond with Dom that she did. Chance didn’t know if that was happening because of therapy or if it was just happening naturally, but it was happening. They hugged, and he looked uncertain. Chance had to work late again tonight, since a lot of paperwork had slipped through the cracks after Rey’s death. Abby understood. She wasn’t going to the restaurant tonight, so she said she and Dom would work on his pitching skills. Chance and Abby kissed, and he left for work.

Lily and Nate went to Crimson Lights and talked about the launch party. She asked if Elena would be there. Nate wasn’t sure – the downside to leaving Memorial was that he couldn’t set Elena’s schedule. He said she’d been very supportive of his career change, even though they were seeing less of each other. Lily said that was important to have in a partner. Nate said Lily knew, since Billy always seemed to have her back. She said it was a godsend to have Billy by her side. Imani walked up and asked if there was a meeting. Lily said it was only for her, Devon and Nate. Imani announced that she used her experience in the political world to quickly get photography releases from the VIPs who’d attend the party. Lily was impressed about Imani and Nate being able to use the skills they picked up outside of the business field for this job. Imani said she and Nate had all kinds of things in common. Imani excused herself to place an order, and Lily wondered where Devon was.

Devon arrived and talked about the party with Lily and Nate. Lily was flying to San Diego to see Jill tonight. Devon sent his love. Devon asked about music for the party, and Lily said Nate had a great idea. Nate thought they could feature some up and coming acts from Devon’s label. Devon was irritated that Nate didn’t run this idea by him before bringing it to Lily. Lily reiterated that it was a great idea. Devon said this was his area of expertise, and there could be some drawbacks Lily and Nate didn’t consider. Nate was sorry. Devon said it was fine – they were all still learning to work together. Imani was nearby, and she heard the whole thing.

Lily left for the airport, and Devon had a work meeting. Nate offered to attend too, but Devon said it wasn’t necessary. He told Nate to take some time to enjoy this nice weather. As soon as Nate was alone, Imani sidled up with a drink for him, saying they newbies needed to stick together. He guessed she heard him step in it earlier. She said the same thing happened to her more than once – she was eager to contribute at work, but then she’d get a look or a nudge from Amanda reining her in. Imani respected Amanda and was glad to have her as a mentor, but getting knocked down a few pegs took its toll. Nate said he and Imani just started out a bit behind the curve, but they’d figure it out. Imani didn’t think that was it.

Imani didn’t know a lot about Nate’s history with Devon, but she was sure he knew about her history with Amanda. He knew the broad strokes. Imani said there was a little friction between her and her sister that came out the other day, when they were worried about their mother. Imani said she was raised with two loving parents who gave her every advantage, and Amanda had a harder life. Imani admitted she’d been a brat when she first met Amanda. Imani stated that Amanda forgave, but she didn’t forget. Imani couldn’t help feeling there was some underlying resentment, though that could be too strong a word. Nate saw some similarities in his relationship with Devon. Nate grew up with a loving mom and with Lily and her family, while Devon was in and out of foster homes, like Amanda. Nate confessed he’d crossed a line with Elena. Imani said Elena told her all about that. Nate thought things worked out for the best, though. Imani wondered if Devon had a chip on his shoulder. Nate wouldn’t be surprised, but even if that was the case, he doubted Devon was consciously aware of it. Nate thought he and Devon were in a good place. Imani thought Devon valued having Nate in his life. She believed things would be fine between Devon and Nate and between her and her sister.

Lily went to work and talked to Billy. He was in a good mood because he talked to the marketing team, and awareness for the merger was up 7%, and because Chance liked his podcast. Lily claimed she was glad, but she didn’t look glad. He asked what was up. She said that when she asked him how he felt about the merger and working with her family, he said he had to work through it alone, but instead, he’d talked about it on his podcast instead of talking about it with her. Billy said the podcast was his form of journaling, and it was surprisingly effective. He didn’t intend to hurt Lily. Lily said she was hurt, and she was talking to him about it, instead of sharing it with an audience. She said he was giving her this happy-talk, then he was shutting her out. She said she’d listen to his podcast to hear his real feelings. He said that she was the most important person in his life, and maybe he wasn’t completely truthful, but that was because he hadn’t sorted out his feelings yet. He said his problems weren’t hers to solve. She understood and appreciated that, but they were in the middle of a huge project, and she was counting on him to keep things on track while she was out of town. He promised she had nothing to worry about – he’d dealt with his issues.

Ashland went to the Abbott house to see Harrison. Jack wouldn’t allow that without Kyle and Summer’s permission. He suspected that Ashland purposely came by when Kyle and Summer were out so he could get around their ban. Jack agreed with Kyle and Summer’s decision to bar Ashland from seeing Harrison. Ashland said Summer and Kyle were young and headstrong and they seemed to be forgetting they had a legally binding agreement. Jack said no judge would consider Ashland a good influence on a child. Ashland asked if Jack was saying he needed to go to a judge and get a court order to see his own son. Jack said yes, and Ashland left.

Ashland went to The Grand Phoenix, and he ran into Diane, who commented that his day didn’t seem to be going better than hers. He said Kyle and Summer weren’t letting him see Harrison. He was floored that people were acting like he was a threat to Harrison. He loved that boy from the moment he took his first breath, and finding out he wasn’t the biological father didn’t change that. Diane had met Harrison, and he was so sweet and trusting that she was sure he’d been surrounded by love from day one. “Of course you two would find each other. Game recognizes lying cheating game,” Phyllis said as she walked up. Ashland invited Diane to have coffee with him at the hotel restaurant. Phyllis said Diane couldn’t join him, because she needed to check out. Phyllis said she’d have a bellman throw Diane’s stuff on the sidewalk. Ashland said he and Diane could talk another time. She said that she was going to back to LA after she checked out, unless she heard from Kyle by then.

Diane was checking out of the hotel when Kyle showed up. He thought it was probably for the best for Diane and Phyllis to have some distance. Phyllis said the more the better. Kyle asked where Diane was going and offered to help with her bags. Diane wanted time alone with Kyle, so Phyllis grudgingly stepped away. Diane told Kyle she was going to leave town if he needed space. He asked her to stay in Genoa City. An annoyed Phyllis watched Diane and Kyle hug. Diane said she had an unfortunate run in with Victor this morning. Kyle heard about that. Diane said the Newmans and most of the Abbotts would give Kyle a hard time for asking her to stay. He knew that was probably true, but he needed more time to see if she’d changed. He asked if he should take her to the Athletic Club. That was too expensive for her, so he offered to cover the bill. She declined, but he wanted to, since he was the one asking her to stay. They hugged again, and he saw Phyllis watching him.

Kyle went back to Society and brought Summer up to speed. She understood why he chose to foot the hotel bill for Diane. He didn’t want his mom to feel desperate. Summer thought that was wise, because when Diane felt desperate, she tended to make bad choices. Kyle said it was more to it than that – when he was a kid, he wanted to give his mom money to solve her financial problems, and now he could. It felt good. Summer thought that was touching, but she warned him that the rest of the family would say Diane was using him. Kyle said Phyllis knew Diane was staying, and she didn’t look happy. Summer was surprised Phyllis wasn’t already blowing up her phone. Kyle said he’d go to Phyllis and explain his decision, and he’d take the heat. Summer said she could handle it. She’d let Phyllis know they’d be careful, and they wouldn’t let Diane get away with anything manipulative or sneaky. “That’s true, right?” she asked. Kyle said absolutely. He suggested she tell Phyllis they were thinking about moving back to town, because the excitement would distract her. Summer told Kyle not to underestimate how much her mother loathed his.

Phyllis showed up at Jack’s, ranting and raving about Diane. Jack reminded Phyllis that she was the one who insisted that Kyle needed to make his own decision. Phyllis had thought Kyle was smart enough to make a good decision, but clearly, she was wrong. Jack tried to get Phyllis to calm down and drink some water, but she snapped that she wasn’t going to calm down in the face of this disaster. He knew she wanted to protect the kids, and he did too, but they were adults. She demanded to know why he was so even-keeled. He didn’t have much choice not to be. He asked what she thought Diane was going to do. She didn’t know, because Diane was so unpredictable. Phyllis calmed herself down a bit and said she wasn’t doing well with this. She said things were finally going great between her and Jack. He thought she sounded impatient, and that startled him, because he was under the impression that they both wanted to take it slow. She replied that they had taken it slow, then they admitted their feelings for each other, and now things were good between them. He was very happy about the way things worked out. She didn’t want anyone to ruin this. He swore that no one would ruin things for them. She kissed him and thanked him for talking her off the ledge. He enjoyed the kiss and said she might have to talk him down. She flirtatiously refused to to that, then she made it clear she showed him she wanted to go upstairs.

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