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Recap written by Christine

Kyle was glad to run into Phyllis at the park. He said they hadn’t had a one on one since she engineered the truce with his mother. He knew it must have been hard for her to take the high road. She said she took the high road on a daily basis when running her hotel, and she treated people the way she wanted to be treated. She said the only reason she was talking to his mother at all was as an act of mercy. She also thought he should know that she was the one who convinced Jack to let Kyle decide whether he wanted his mother in his life at all. He didn’t realize that, and he appreciated it. She said that she was only going to be superficially polite with Diane, so he could take her off the guest list for his next celebration of his mother.

Kyle said the celebration was Diane’s impromptu idea. He knew it’d take more than a peace agreement for tehm all to become a happy family, and he conceded that his mother pushed things by inviting Phyllis to join the toast to Diane’s new job. Kyle accepted the win of the truce. Phyllis said she wouldn’t break the truce, but she predicted that it wouldn’t be long before Diane showed her true colors. She thought it was lovely that he wanted to give his mother another chance, but she was adamant that things would deteriorate. Phyllis promised she’d be there to pick up the pieces when it did, and she wouldn’t say “I told you so.” Kyle suggested Phyllis was being hypocritical by painting his mother as self-serving and duplicitous. He thought she showed her true colors when she used his father to mark her territory in front of his mother.

Phyllis was mad Kyle insinuated that she used his father. He said it didn’t come out how she intended. She thought it was inappropriate that his father involved him in something so personal. Kyle pointed out that Phyllis told Summer. Phyllis said Kyle didn’t know the facts. He said he knew enough, and he trusted his dad. It was clear to him that she used Jack to prove a point to Diane. Phyllis said she cared deeply about Jack and that was why she was so incensed Kyle allowed this woman to come into his life with open arms. He didn’t want to hear her opinion on his mother again. He thought Phyllis had changed her attitude, but now it was clear that this truce was just for show.

Phyllis thought it was time for them to stop talking before they said something they regretted. Kyle said he’d be civil and respectful for the same reason Phyllis pretended to coexist with his mother – for Summer. Kyle believed with all his heart that Diane’s intentions were good and she was remorseful. Phyllis scoffed and said that was because Kyle was too young to remember Diane’s history. He said this was the chance to try and have the loving relationship with her that he never thought he’d get. “So if you get in the way I will do whatever is necessary to protect my mother,” he stated. Phyllis said Kyle and her daughter would regret that. She stormed off.

Summer approached Diane at Crimson Lights and said Harrison was eager to spend more time with her. Summer noticed Diane seemed distracted. Diane said she was thinking about some ways to introduce Marchetti to Jabot’s customer base. She asked what Summer thought of publicity stunts. Summer didn’t have time to discuss it right now because she was meeting someone, and she meant no offense, but she thought it was best if this person didn’t cross paths with Diane.

Diane assumed Summer was waiting for Phyllis, but Summer said she was waiting for her grandmother. Summer was sorry things were so complicated. Diane understood Summer was doing her best to manage a difficult situation. Diane wasn’t afraid of coming face to face with Nikki, but she recognized that Summer didn’t want the bad publicity of a public confrontation, so she said she’d leave. Summer wanted to hear more about Diane’s business ideas later. Summer went out to the patio, and Nikki came in. Diane said she’d been warned to make herself scarce around Nikki. Nikki was sorry Diane failed so miserably. Diane said she was doing a favor to her daughter in law, not leaving out of deference to Nikki. Nikki wanted Diane to leave town. Diane said Summer and Kyle hired her at Marchetti, so she was staying. Nikki made a snide comment about Diane ruining the company. Diane said, for the last time, she was sorry, and she’d changed. She was sure Nikki had regrets. Nikki said that just because Diane said she was sorry didn’t mean people she hurt had to forgive her. Nikki reiterated that no one wanted her here. Diane said Kyle did, and Summer and Jack had been supportive. She said Nikki could accept her or find a way to pretend she wasn’t here.

Nikki went to the patio, after Diane left, and chided Summer for giving Diane a job. Nikki was sure that Diane was unqualified, since Jabot must require its employees to be trustworthy. Nikki suggested it wasn’t legal to even hire Diane since she was legally dead. Summer asked if Nikki might forgive Diane one day. Nikki said absolutely not. According to Nikki, Diane brought trouble wherever she went, and deep down, Nikki thought Summer knew that. Nikki knew Summer loved her husband and wanted to support him, but Nikki said Summer was playing into Diane’s hands. Nikki said the way to support Kyle was to open his eyes to who Diane really was.

Summer knew Nikki wanted the best for her and Kyle, but Summer didn’t think it was her place to tell Kyle how to feel about his mom. Summer said Diane was on her best behavior. Nikki said soon, something would set Diane off, and she’d reveal her true colors, and the only thing that would drive her off for good was Kyle’s complete rejection. Nikki wanted to speed that along. Summer was ready to change the subject. Nikki was proud of Summer and everything she achieved at Marchetti. Summer said she and Kyle were excited about their plans for the company.

Phyllis came to Crimson Lights, and Nikki wanted her opinion on Diane. Now that Victoria was back, Nikki wanted to focus her efforts on driving Diane out of town. Phyllis was curious about the plan. Nikki was having someone look into Diane’s activities while she was presumed dead. Phyllis was eager to aid Nikki in this plan. “No! Has the world completely turned upside down? You two don’t work together for anything, ever,” Summer exclaimed. Summer reminded Phyllis that she called a truce with Diane. Nikki was shocked and disapproving.

Phyllis grudgingly said she’d stick with her truce. Incredulous, Nikki asked if Phyllis forgave Diane. Phyllis said it wasn’t like that. Summer explained that Phyllis agreed to keep the peace for Summer and Kyle’s sake. “Phyllis, over the years, you’ve done some questionable upsetting things, but this by far the most shocking. I don’t understand how you can stand by and watch that woman wheedle her way into your daughter’s life after everything she’s done,” Nikki said. Phyllis’s resolve broke. “I know. I know. I know. I cannot do this,” Phyllis replied. Summer plead with her mom, to no avail. “No, I can’t. [Nikki’s] right. That woman will be your downfall and working with her is a horrible idea,” Phyllis stated. Phyllis turned to Nikki and said they had to get Diane out of town. Summer protested. Phyllis contended that no one loved Summer more than her mother and grandmother. Phyllis was finished pretending Diane wasn’t evil and dangerous. At that moment, Kyle arrived.

At the Abbott house, Traci, who was intending to go write in the garden, invited Allie to join her. Allie didn’t hear Traci at first because she was engrossed in some research, in preparation for her Jabot internship that started this afternoon. Traci joked that at this rate, Allie would be on the board of directors by next week. Allie shifted gears and asked if Jack and Phyllis were a couple. Allie noticed that Jack and Phyllis didn’t seem as solid as they were when they were in L.A. Phyllis never visited this house even though Summer lived here, and Phyllis had invited Allie to coffee the other day. Since Allie and Phyllis weren’t close, Allie concluded that Phyllis was on a fishing expedition for information on Jack. Traci gently suggested Allie ask Jack. Allie didn’t mean to overstep. Traci assured Allie that, since she was family, her curiosity was natural, but Traci didn’t want to speak for her brother.

After Traci left, Diane went to the Abbott house to drop off Harrison’s toy fox that he left in her car. Allie said she’d take the fox, but Diane held onto it and wondered if Jack was here. He was at work. Allie mentioned her internship and how generous the Abbotts were. Diane seized the opportunity to take credit for bringing Allie and her Abbott relatives together. Allie said that, in spite of all the subterfuge, it all worked out. Diane assured Allie that she had no intention of selling Keemo’s house, so it would be there if Allie ever wanted to visit.

Allie began to gather her things for work as she talked. She appreciated the offer, but the house was part of her past, and she wanted to focus on the present – her wonderful new job, this great group of friends and family. Diane said she hadn’t received such a warm reception from Summer’s side of the family. Diane didn’t think she could trust the truce Phyllis called. Diane was sure Allie heard about her past with Phyllis. Allie had decided it was better not to deep dive into all of that. Diane said Phyllis hated her because of their history with Jack. Diane asked if Phyllis and Jack mentioned it. Allie said she’d picked up on it. Diane said Phyllis saw the slightest infraction as an excuse to go into battle. Allie didn’t want to be late for her job. Diane said they might be able to hang out at Jabot, since they’d both work there. Allie didn’t seem receptive. She gave an excuse about not knowing her schedule. Diane understood that Allie was trying to keep her at a distance. Diane suggested Allie use the same level of caution with Phyllis, because she liked to use people to get what she wanted.

Traci returned and Diane left. Traci noticed Allie wasn’t upbeat anymore. Allie was getting the same uneasy feeling with Diane as she got when she had coffee with Phyllis. She felt like they were trying to buddy up with her to get information about Jack, but she didn’t know anything, and even if she did, she’d never tell anyone. Traci said both women should know that Jack would be angry if they dragged Allie into the middle of their mess. Traci advised Allie to steer clear of both ladies. Allie wasn’t scared of Allie or Phyllis; she just didn’t want her grandfather to get hurt. Traci said Jack could take care of himself, and if he didn’t, Traci and Ashley would help.

Nick called Sharon, Noah and Faith together at Society. Noah had news too. Nick shared that Victoria was back. Nick announced to the kids that he was taking the COO job at Jabot. He asked what they thought. Faith spoke for herself and Noah by saying this news was unexpected, but she and Noah were happy. Faith asked if Nick thought about the ramifications and if they were worth it. He thought the job would make him happy. Noah asked if Nick was just going to walk away from New Hope. Nick said he was going to leave it in Noah’s capable hands. Faith congratulated Noah on the promotion. Noah promised he wouldn’t let Nick down.

Sharon wondered what Noah wanted to share. Noah thought they should toast Faith because she would be going to college soon, and they’d all miss her. Nick teased that he was glad to be sending Faith off. Faith was going to The University of Michigan, and she was thinking about double majoring in marketing and business. She thought that she could do her summer internships at Newman, now that Nick was back at the business. She was thinking she’d start in the finance department, since that was the core of the company, and money is power. Nick wondered when their daughter became an aspiring shark, and Sharon joked that they never should’ve let Victor teach Faith chess. She promised she’d be an ethical mogul. She suggested a summer project of figuring out how Newman could improve all the cities where it had offices. Nick thought that was a great idea. Faith said by the time she graduated, she’d know exactly which department would be a fit for her. Noah looked uncomfortable when the self-assured Faith talked about having her life plotted out.

Nick was 100% sure Noah could handle this job. Sharon noted that Nick was planning to talk to the project leaders and donors to set things up for Noah. Faith said when she wasn’t interning at Newman, she could put in hours at New Hope, and she could teach Noah to boss people around. Nick said everyone was doing what they were meant to be doing. Noah left the table, claiming he had to make a call. He texted Allie.

Allie and Noah met up at the park before her orientation. He told her about the new development in his life, and she noticed he looked miserable. Noah loved New Hope’s mission, but he took the gig when he was at loose end, and he never thought it would be a permanent career path. It wasn’t a corporate job, but he still felt like an outsider there. She asked how long he felt like he didn’t belong. He said since around the time they met. He said she knew she was into chemistry, and it helped him realize he was trying to be something that he wasn’t. He’d been about to tell his family that he was going to move on from New Hope, but then Nick sprung this news on him. Everyone had been so happy at the family meeting, and Noah didn’t want to be a buzzkill. Then on top of that, his sister, at the ripe old age of 17, had her whole life planned out, and that made him feel like he was wasting time. Allie said Faith was seventeen, so her life plans weren’t set in stone, and Noah should trust himself. She said his job was probably someone else’s dream job, and if he left, he’d be letting them fulfill their passion. She thought he should relentlessly pursue his passion, and if he got tired of doing that, he should move on to the next thing. He agreed, but he wasn’t sure how to tell his dad. Nick had only felt comfortable quitting New Hope because he was leaving it in Noah’s hands. Allie looked concerned and asked if Noah would be moving away. He said he had too many reasons to stay. She asked if he was going to go back to making art. He thought he had to straighten out his present before figuring out his future. She put her hand on his knee and said he’d make the right decision. He found her confidence in him refreshing, since it felt like his family was always questioning his choices. He said he didn’t want to move backward, and he wondered if she could help him figure it out. She said she’d like that.

Nick, Sharon and Faith went to Crimson Lights. Faith revealed that she wanted to take over Newman one day. Sharon sensed Noah was ambivalent about taking over New Hope. Nick thought Noah was fine. He asked Faith what she thought, since she knew her brother better than anyone. Faith said Noah was an adult, and if he didn’t want the job, he’d say so. Nick thought Faith was brilliant, and he told Sharon she was overthinking things.

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