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Gwen paces in the interrogation room, complaining about trusting Leo. Gwen guesses Leo must have gone to the dumpster to retrieve the mask and gave it to the police. Rafe enters the room and tells Gwen that talking to yourself can indicate a guilty conscience. Gwen thinks there has been a mistake. Rafe says the biggest mistake was Gwen’s because she trusted Leo Stark as he then places the Sarah mask on the table.

Sloan visits Leo in his holding cell and informs him that Gwen has been arrested thanks to Leo selling her down the river. Leo argues that it was either her or him and asks if that means he can get out now.

Dr. Rolf can’t promise to program Stefan’s feelings with Li and Kristen’s visions, but he can only promise to do his best work. Li says that’s all he can ask and says he has faith in him. Li asks Rolf to keep him updated on his progress which he agrees to do. Li opens the door for Rolf to leave but is shocked to see Gabi. Gabi questions why Li didn’t tell her that he was meeting with this creep and asks what the hell Rolf is doing there. Gabi questions Li letting him in. Li responds that Dr. Rolf came with a proposition. Gabi suggests Rolf head back to prison where he belongs. Li reminds her that the governor pardoned him. Li claims that Dr. Rolf came by looking for work. Dr. Rolf’s phone rings. Gabi tells him to answer it outside because he’s going to work for them over her dead body. Dr. Rolf responds that he’s fine with that.

Kristen remains in Marlena’s office as she calls Dr. Rolf. She complains that now is not the time for him to go radio silent. She leaves a message, asking if Dr. Rolf talked to Li about killing Stefan’s unfathomable love for Gabi and aiming it at Chloe. Kristen declares that she needs to know as soon as possible. Chad then walks in and questions what Kristen is doing there. Kristen says she didn’t expect to see him here. Chad mentions hearing about her pardon and congratulates her. Kristen responds that she’s just grateful for a second chance. Chad jokes that it’s more like a 302nd chance. Chad questions what Kristen is doing in Marlena’s office and asks if she’s trying to figure out why she’s such a terrible person. Kristen informs him that Brady would only let her see Rachel in what he calls a neutral territory, under supervision. Chad asks if seeing Rachel went okay. Kristen calls it like Heaven and asks how Thomas and Charlotte are. Chad admits they are not great and asks where Marlena is. Kristen says Marlena got called away and she has to get going too. Chad stops her to question her about the call he heard her on about Chloe.

Dr. Rolf questions Gabi’s hostility. Gabi responds that she knows who and what he is. Rolf suggests letting go of the past. Gabi reminds him that she begged him to save Stefan’s life and he refused. Dr. Rolf argues that he didn’t refuse and there was nothing he could do as Stefan was beyond saving. Gabi calls him a worthless hack and says that’s not the whole story.

Jack and Jennifer are at home as Jack talks about how painful it was to not know who killed Abigail but says that’s nothing compared to it being Gwen. Jennifer questions how it could even be since Gwen was locked up in prison. Jack explains that Xander said he and Sarah figured out that Gwen got out that night and went to the mansion, so the woman that Lucas thought was Sarah wasn’t Sarah because of the mask. Jack cries that he doesn’t have the words. Jennifer states that they are facing that Jack’s daughter killed their daughter. Jack responds that he’s so sorry.

Gwen finds it remarkable that Rafe would believe a single word from Leo Stark since he would say anything to save his own ass. Rafe responds that it’s not what he said, but the physical evidence in the mask which has been used more than once to assume the identity of Sarah to implicate her in a crime that she did not commit. Gwen reminds him that she was in prison. Rafe brings up Gwen not being there during the bed check at the same time that Lucas saw what looked to be Sarah. Rafe adds that only Gwen knows where she was. Gwen insists that she didn’t kill her sister, so he can’t prove that she did. Gwen states that she would never do that to her father. Rafe argues that there’s no way a jury will believe her and they will want to make her pay for what she has done. Rafe warns that Gwen has one shot to make him believe her. Gwen then says she will tell Rafe the truth. Rafe turns on the recorder to take Gwen’s statement. Rafe asks where she was on the night of June 10th. Gwen admits that Xander and Sarah were right that she missed bed check and that is because she left the prison temporarily. Rafe asks how but Gwen says that doesn’t matter and the point is that she managed to escape. Gwen confirms she went and got the Sarah mask but before she continues, she needs to go back and tell him why. Gwen recalls Abigail visiting her in prison earlier that day, to ask her to give Jack a mug she made for his birthday. Rafe asks how Abigail responded that. Gwen informs him that she purposely dropped it, smashing it to bits. Rafe questions that being just a few hours before Abigail was murdered. Gwen confirms that it was. Rafe notes that she then had an agenda coming from the prison. Gwen guesses he could say that.

Leo claims to Sloan that he was living in the DiMera Mansion basement. Sloan tells Leo to take her through everything step by step. Leo says he needed a place to hang his hat and recalls Gwen telling him about the tunnels underneath the DiMera Mansion. Leo says after running in to Thomas and telling him that he was the Tooth Fairy, he realized he had to get out but he was entitled to whatever he could get his hands on first. Leo declares that Chad and Abigail destroyed his one chance at happiness with Craig Wesley, so he helped himself to some food and a couple bottles of champagne. Leo adds that before he left for good, he went upstairs to Abigail’s bedroom.

Kristen tells Chad that she could go on and on about Chloe but he doesn’t want her to do that. Chad questions if she’s not going to tell him then. Kristen informs him that Gabi gave her a position at DiMera, overseeing Basic Black, where Chloe is floundering. Kristen calls her a disaster. Chad mocks her being unfair. Kristen suggests changing the subject and asks about Chad’s bandaged hand which Chad blows off as nothing. Kristen thinks there’s a reason Chad isn’t looking her in the eye and a reason that he came to Marlena’s office. Kristen guesses it has to do with Abigail. Chad tells her to go to Hell and starts to walk out. Kristen stops him and says she sees he has the weight of the world on his shoulders right now. Kristen adds that she came to the house to check on him but EJ said he had moved out. Kristen is so sorry about Abigail. Chad argues that she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Kristen argues that Chad is her brother and family so she does care.

Gabi calls Dr. Rolf a creep since he let her believe that Jake was Stefan when he first showed up. Gabi suggests Dr. Rolf donate his brain to science and calls him a joke, loser, and laughing stock. Dr. Rolf argues that if she had any idea what he has achieved, she’d get down on her knees and thank him. Gabi asks what the hell that means. Li claims he agrees with Gabi that Dr. Rolf is worthless and she’s the CEO, so what she says goes. Li decides he’s taking Dr. Rolf out of hte hotel personally. Li then walks him out and warns that he almost blew everything. Li orders Rolf to go back to his lab and finish the job.

Chad questions if Kristen gave a damn about him when she kidnapped his wife and held her prisoner on the island. Kristen admits she’s done terrible things and is the worst of the DiMeras which is really saying something, but Chad’s the best of them. Chad calls that a very low bar. Kristen thinks Chad came to the office to ask Marlena for help. Kristen says she never asked for help as she was circling the drain and just doubling down on DiMera, so now she has to ask permission to see her daughter and she can’t even be in a room with her alone. Kristen says she loves Rachel but she wasn’t humble, strong, or good enough to put her first. Kristen encourages that Chad is and he will get through this awful pain because he loves his children and is a good man, so he will put his children first and he won’t fall apart like she did because they need him and he will be there for them. Kristen states that is what good parents do. Kristen adds that it may not mean anything to Chad, but she is really sorry for what she did to him and Abigail. Chad states that the time that she was on that island was time they should’ve been together and time they will never get back. Kristen agrees that she is of no use to him, but she really wishes she was. Kristen then takes her purse and exits the office.

Jack tells Jennifer that he’s made everything worse by giving Gwen second chances because he wanted Gwen and Abigail to be sisters. Jennifer assures that she doesn’t blame him and encourages that she needs him to get through this for their sanity and to look forward, not back.

Rafe tells Gwen to take him back to that night. Gwen recalls the DiMera Mansion being quiet when she slipped in and she put the mask on before going inside in case anyone saw her. Rafe asks why she wore the mask. Gwen explains that Sarah had come to see her in prison and she knew that Sarah was still dealing with residual effects from the drug and seeing people, thinking they were Kristen, and even attacking some of them. Rafe guesses she took that information and ran with it, so she attacked Abigail and people would think it was Sarah. Gwen says she’s getting to that. Gwen states that once she got upstairs, she went to Abigail’s room, and saw her sitting on the bed, working. Gwen recalls portraying “Sarah” and attacking Abigail with a syringe, as if she was Kristen. Rafe asks what about the murder weapon. Gwen tells him to let her finish. Gwen says that Abigail fought back hard and eventually pulled her mask off, revealing Gwen. Gwen tried to explain how Sarah sees everybody as Kristen. Abigail guessed she was trying to get her and Sarah both locked up. Gwen assured that she didn’t really have any of the drug left in the syringe and that Abigail was just the means to an end. Rafe questions Gwen now claiming that she did not kill Abigail. Gwen says that’s exactly what she is claiming and that he already has the real murderer behind bars.

Sloan asks Leo what exactly did happen in the room. Leo responds that he’s trying to tell her. Leo says that Gwen called him, furious with Abigail over some mug she made for Jack and that Gwen wanted him to get a knife and use it to stab Abigail. Sloan questions him not telling someone that. Leo says they were best friends and she was going on about a knife, but there was a knife on his breakfast tray. Sloan asks if Leo is telling her that he took the knife upstairs and was thinking about murder. Leo says he was only thinking about stealing, but he wasn’t going upstairs without a backup plan. Leo adds that the problem is, once he got up there, the bedroom was a little crowded. Leo recalls hiding in the bathroom as Chad and Abigail had come home to the bedroom. Leo goes over how afterwards, Chad took the kids to the movies while Abigail stayed behind to work. Leo thought he’d be stuck in there forever since he knew if Abigail saw him, it wouldn’t end well for him. Leo says then he got a break, when she left the room, so he came out of hiding. Leo says he should’ve kept going but there was a jewelry box on the dresser, so he used his knife to break the lock. Sloan wants to know more about the knife and asks him to describe it. Leo says it was what he used with his breakfast and very sharp. Sloan tells him to focus on where the knife is now. Leo recalls stealing the jewelry and leaving the knife behind on the dresser. Leo says he was in a hurry, so it must’ve been there when Gwen arrived, so after he was gone, she must have gone upstairs wearing the Sarah mask and seeing the knife must have triggered something dark in her, then killed Abigail in a frenzy of rage. Leo tells Sloan that is the whole story and then tells her to go tell Rafe so she can get him out of here. Sloan says that’s the last thing she’s going to do, no matter what Gwen did after he took off.

Rafe asks Gwen if that’s not the whole story. Gwen assures that she’s getting to it. Gwen recalls Abigail threatening to call the prison while Gwen plead with her and admitted her plan was horrible, acknowledging that she wouldn’t get Xander back. Gwen told Abigail that she’d just go back to prison on her own, she’d never have to see her again, and they could pretend this never happened. Abigail asked why she would do that after everything Gwen had done and refusing to tell her what she did to her grandmother. Gwen swore she didn’t do anything to Laura and that it was an accident, exactly as she said it happened, so she did not kill her. Gwen said she would go back to prison and serve out the rest of her sentence if Abigail let her go. Abigail reluctantly agreed to give Gwen an hour to get back to prison, so she thanked her and left. Gwen asks Rafe if he’s happy now that he knows how pathetic she really is.

Li returns to the room and claims to Gabi that he really enjoyed tossing Dr. Rolf out in the gutter. Li asks if she’s okay. Gabi complains that Dr. Rolf made her remember how Stefan died and how much she hoped he would come back. Li says if he knew she was coming back, he would’ve thrown him out earlier. Gabi tells him that it’s not his fault. Li offers to help her forget about all that stress. Gabi says she would like that as they kiss.

Dr. Rolf returns to his lab where Kristen is watching over Stefan. Kristen complains about Dr. Rolf not calling her back. Rolf responds that he couldn’t because he was in the middle of an unpleasant encounter with Gabi. He explains that he went to confront Li about his attempts to shut down Stefan’s life support. Kristen tells him to forget about Li and stay focused. Kristen needs to know if Dr. Rolf can erase Stefan’s feelings for Gabi. Dr. Rolf responds that it will give him great pleasure to erase those feelings forever. Kristen tells him that she and Li have slightly different goals. Kristen says that Li wants Stefan to have no interest in Gabi, but that’s not enough, as she needs him to have laser focused aim on Chloe. Dr. Rolf says it’s one thing at a time as this will be a delicate operation that some would call impossible. Dr. Rolf explains that he will have to amplify Stefan’s brainwaves just enough to manipulate his memories and feelings, but no more than that to compromise his viability in the process as they don’t want to kill him. Dr. Rolf tells Kristen to let him get to it as he will need total concentration and solitude. Kristen warns that she wants results as she then exits the lab.

Rafe tells Gwen that it was really pathetic, but it does not get her off the hook for murder. Gwen swears but Rafe argues that all of her lies, her swears don’t mean anything. Rafe adds that Gwen knew as soon as they picked up Leo, she would have to come up with some lie as to why she was in the room. Rafe says if Gwen wanted to implicate Sarah, she could’ve just put on the mask and attacked anyone, so he questions why go to the DiMera Mansion where there’s an elaborate security system full of people who loathe her. Gwen cries that she was crazy and just wanted to scare Abigail, but not kill her. Gwen admits she ran out and Lucas saw her. Rafe brings up Lucas seeing her drop what might have been the murder weapon. Gwen insists it was the syringe and then she hid the mask, ditched the mask and made it back to prison late. Gwen declares that she did not know Abigail was dead until the next day and that she was alive when she left the house. Gwen asks if Leo can say the same thing.

Leo doesn’t see why Sloan doesn’t believe him. Sloan responds that she does believe him, but warns that telling the police that he was in possession of the murder weapon could be disastrous for him as it puts him alone in the room with the victim and the murder weapon which went missing afterwards. Sloan tells Leo that this stays between them until they slam the door on Gwen.

At the Horton House, Jack and Jennifer inform Chad that it was Gwen that killed Abigail. Chad questions it being Gwen all along and asks where Leo fits in. Jennifer says they don’t know and asks if Chad is okay. Chad responds that he’s going to make the kids dinner and quietly walks out of the room, leaving Jack and Jennifer confused.

Sloan approaches Rafe at the police station and says now that he has the real murderer in custody, he needs to call the district attorney to let her client go. Rafe reminds her that without the murder charge, Melinda has more than enough to hold Leo without bail for breaking and entering, possession of stolen property, robbery, and a murder charge is still possible. Rafe declares that he’s going to hold on to his two suspects.

As Gwen is escorted to her holding cell, she yells at Leo for throwing her under the bus to save his own skin. Gwen shouts that two can play that game. Leo questions what lies she told them.

Li and Gabi lay in bed together. Li asks if she’s hungry and if he should order room service but notes that she is distracted. Li guesses she’s still thinking about Stefan. Gabi says not exactly, but she can’t get what Dr. Rolf said out of her mind that if she knew what he was able to achieve, she’d be on her knees thanking him. Gabi wonders what Dr. Rolf meant by that.

Dr. Rolf talks about Gabi thinking he’s a joke and a loser while he works on Stefan. Dr. Rolf declares “finally!” as Stefan then wakes up and grabs Rolf’s arm.

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