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Recap written by Christine

At her office, Victoria told Ashland she was worried that Billy was waffling on the plan, because he wasn’t answering any of her messages. Ashland thought it was always risky to rely on Billy something so important, but Victoria didn’t think Billy was a problem yet. Ashland said there were more powerful ways to undermine Adam and force Newman Media to sell. He thought Billy was unpredictable, but she wasn’t ready to cut him loose just yet. She relished the idea of Adam realizing Newman/Locke took over Newman Media. Ashland wondered why Victoria was going after Adam, since they hadn’t had any huge issues lately. She said this was just business, and it had nothing to do with sibling rivalry. It seemed to Ashland that Lily was trying to protect Billy.

Victoria said she had no desire to control Billy. She added that it was Billy’s demand to be put in charge of Newman Media. Ashland said there was no denying that this would put Billy back in Victoria’s orbit. Victoria was sure that wasn’t Billy’s motive. Victoria said she had no intention of putting Billy in charge. She called Billy a useful tool with a plan that was already in motion. Ashland thought this plan was more likely to fail than succeed. Victoria knew her working with Billy was a sore point for Ashland, but she said he could trust her. Ashland wasn’t going to tell Victoria what to do, but he thought she was making a foolish move that he didn’t understand.

At their place, Billy tried to get Lily not to quit the plan. She didn’t want to be part of it now that Victoria had taken over. Lily thought that Billy was worried he couldn’t pull this off without her. That wasn’t how he felt; he just wanted to work together, because that’s when they were strongest. Lily agreed that they were strongest together, but not when Victoria was in the mix. Lily felt that the stakes had changed, but Billy said this was still about getting back at Victor and Adam. Lily countered that the original goal was about Billy repairing his reputation, not building Victoria’s empire. He said if he got his hands on Adam’s company, he could prove he was capable of running a business. Lily pointed out that there was no way to know Victoria would uphold her end of the bargain, and if she did, that would mean Billy was working for Victoria instead of with Lily. Lily thought Billy and Victoria were falling back into their old patterns, and she wanted no part of it. She ended the debate by leaving the house.

Moses and Faith were at Crimson Lights, and he was wearing the sweater she got him for Christmas. He apologized about his gift for her, because it wasn’t romantic. Nate got a book for Elena, and Moses had followed his cousin’s lead and done the same for Faith. Faith said she loved the book. Adam arrived and said hi. Every time Moses saw Adam, he thought of Adam saving Faith’s life. Adam continued on to the counter. Moses was embarrassed about the lame thing he said, but Faith thought that it was sweet. Faith said the situation with Adam was weird, he was either a great guy who did horrible things, or a horrible guy who did good things. Moses was just glad, for Faith’s sake, that Adam did something good to her. Adam glanced back over at the teens.

Elena arrived, and Moses went over and talked to her. He returned to the table and said he’d be back later. Faith asked if Moses was leaving with Elena. He said no, but he and Elena walked out together, and Faith saw it. Noah arrived, and Faith told him what was going on. She didn’t understand why Moses lied. She knew their relationship was solid, she and Moses liked all the same things, and he made everything better, but she was still worried. “People hold back the truth. I mean, think about our parents,” Faith said. Noah told Faith that she had to be strong enough to roll with the punches, and when things fell apart, you had to suck it up. Faith started to think Moses wasn’t coming back. Noah said to just text him instead of jumping to conclusions. Just then, Moses and Elena returned. She went to the patio, and Moses came inside. Noah joined Elena. Moses had another gift for Faith. Elena and Noah smiled as they watched from the patio. The gift was a charm bracelet with chess pieces, a reminder of the game they played at the hospital. She loved it, but she wondered if Elena picked it out. He said it was all his idea, but he needed Elena’s help finding a jewelry store.

Elena and Noah thought the teens were adorable. Elena said she and Noah met at one romantic event – the Tuscan wedding, and now they were witnessing another. Noah wouldn’t go that far – Moses and Faith were cute, but they were just kids. Elena didn’t think they should knock young love – it was just as important even if it didn’t last forever. Noah said sometimes adults couldn’t make it work either.

Billy went to the dive bar, and the objections to his plan from Lily and Jack echoed in his head. Sally showed up in her blonde disguise. Billy told her that the jig was up. Sally pretended to be someone else, so Billy pulled the hat off Sally’s head and told her that she was embarrassing herself. He said to get up because they were going to see her boss.

Billy and Sally went to Adam’s office. Adam said he didn’t have time for this. “Save it Adam. You’re not a good enough actor to pretend you don’t want to hear what I have to say. Especially after all the work you went through to get 00-nothing to spy on me,” Billy said. Adam pretended Billy was just being paranoid. Billy knew that this all started when Sally saw him having a drink in the middle of the day at Society. Sally said she’d been concerned. Billy asked if she was so concerned that she recorded him talking to Victoria about the kids going to boarding school and his fight with Lily and gambling at the Empty Glass. Adam was surprised Billy remembered those moments, given how drunk he was. Billy revealed that he didn’t have any drinks. Adam scoffed. Billy pulled out receipts from the bar and threw them at Adam. It proved he only bought apple juice. He also had a recording from his friends at the Empty Glass when he said he said he wasn’t gambling tonight, but he’d buy them a round of drinks. Billy said he never went on a bender, and Adam had only witnessed what he’d wanted to witness. Adam asked Sally to leave. Sally said she was genuinely glad Billy was okay, and she left.

Adam asked what the point of the supposed grand charade was. He didn’t understand why Billy was gloating about publicly humiliating himself. Billy said that Adam had been played, and he was so desperate and stupid that he took the bait. Billy revealed that he’d planned to sue Newman Media when they inevitably published an article about his downward spiral. Billy was going to offer Adam mercy if he’d come clean about what he, Victor and Ashland did to Billy and his company. Adam admitted it wasn’t a completely terrible plan, but he said Billy shot himself in the foot by revealing his hand too early. Billy changed his mind about the plan. Adam thought it was on brand for Billy to quit before he accomplished anything. Billy realized that Adam wasn’t worth anything to anyone. “You will always be the runner up Newman. The epic failure,” Billy said. Billy reasoned that he couldn’t bring Adam down further than Adam had already brought himself. Billy had a life to live. “Not much of one anymore,” Adam said. “I’m gonna get over what you did to me, and I will redeem myself on my own. And you will continue to sit there wallowing in the truth of who you really are. Knowing that I could’ve taken you down. And that’s gonna haunt you more than if I actually did,” Billy stated. He left.

Sally returned to apologize about getting busted by Billy. She had no idea Billy was just acting. Adam didn’t blame Sally, since the act was pretty convincing. Sally recalled Adam saying he took no satisfaction in seeing Billy relapse, so she assumed this was good news. Adam didn’t respond to that. He shifted gears and said he thought she’d said she was finished spying on Billy. She didn’t remember saying that specifically, because based on their last conversation, she thought Adam wanted plausible deniability. He said the spying was done, and she should stop trying to score points with the boss and focus on the job she was paid to do. She left.

Billy went to Victoria’s office. She was glad he finally decided to respond to her messages, but she said it didn’t require an in-person visit. Billy said that he did need to do this in person. He announced that he told Adam everything, minus Victoria’s involvement. It felt good to tell Adam that he was walking away. Victoria mockingly clapped and said Billy had a mini moment to gloat. Victoria thought that Billy abandoned the plan because he was mad Victoria commandeered his plot. He said she was giving herself too much credit. She stated that she knew him too well. She was sure this was just another one of his knee jerk reactions. “It’s symptomatic of a long history of inconsistencies, and I will tell you – this is why you will never have what it takes to play in the big leagues,” she stated. He sarcastically thanked her for supporting his emotional development.

Ashland returned, and Victoria said he was right – she was foolish to count on Billy. Ashland was relieved Billy pulled out of the plan. Victoria said that she realized it would be a mistake to put someone so unreliable in charge of Newman Media. Billy stated that the people who actually cared about him were worried about this plan, given his history, and they had his best interest at heart, and not the business’s. Billy said that Victoria’s priorities were selfish, and he was sorry to say that her father would be extremely proud. Later, Billy was gone. Ashland hoped Victoria didn’t let Billy’s words get to her. She said she refused to waste more time on Billy. She wanted to find another way to get Newman Media. Ashland said they’d have to contend with Victor and Adam. Victoria thought she had a way to get Victor on their side.

Billy went home and told Lily everything. He said he felt like a massive weight had been lifted off his shoulders. She was proud of him. He gave her the lion’s share of the credit. He was so grateful she always had the courage to tell him the truth, even when he didn’t want to hear it, and the patience to hope it’d sink in. he loved her so much and he was so happy she was in his life. She loved him too. She knew it was a huge step for him and their relationship, and she wasn’t worried. She knew he’d find a new career path. He wanted to work with her at Chancellor and be there to support her as her wingman. She kissed him.

Devon and Amanda were at home. He turned down her offer to make him breakfast. She’d noticed that he slipped out of bed last night and didn’t return, and she was concerned that he wasn’t eating or sleeping because of Dominic. He appreciated her concern, but he said it wasn’t necessary. He helped her into her coat, but she said she could have Imani cover all the new client meetings and stay here with him. He didn’t want her to miss out on meeting her first clients at her new law firm. He wished her good luck, and she left. Amanda ran into Lily in the hallway, and they said hi as they parted ways.

Lily brought pastries, and she was there to check on Devon. Nate told her Devon was thinking of asking about revisiting the custody agreement. Devon said he already asked, and they shot him down. Devon had been told he could see Dominic whenever he wanted, just on Abby and Chance’s terms. Lily asked what more Devon wanted. Devon wanted more than occasional visits, and he was worried about Dom’s well being. Devon said Chance needed time to heal, and it was taking away from his ability to parent. Lily felt for everyone involved. Devon didn’t blame Chance, but he felt the need to protect Dominic from the emotional turmoil. He didn’t know how to show Abby that he was trying to do what was best for Dominic and what was fair to Devon. He thought Lily might feel differently because Mackenzie carried the twins. Lily actually thought Devon had the right to be a protective presence in Dom’s life.

At their home, Abby found Chance reading on his tablet, and she thought he was reading about a case, but he was actually reading some parenting articles. He acknowledged that he’d gotten excited about a case yesterday, and he guessed that annoyed her. Abby wasn’t annoyed, just disheartened by it. Chance was sorry; he just felt a rush of adrenaline after he talked about the case. After he came down off the high, he recalled that Abby wasn’t crazy about the idea of him returning to the force. He decided to talk to the chief about extending his leave indefinitely. She was relieved, but she didn’t want him to feel like she was pressuring him into it.

Chance said he made this decision all on his own, but Abby did play a big part. He heard what she said the other day, and he wanted to focus all his energy on her and Dom. He felt healthy enough to go back to work, but the pull toward the force would only emotionally take him further from her and Dom, and he didn’t want that. Abby wanted to make sure that this was what Chance wanted. He was certain, and he said with her by his side, he could conquer fatherhood. She called him strong and brave. She didn’t have all the answers to parenting, and they’d struggle, but they were in it together, and that was all that mattered. They hugged. Abby and Chance took Dominic to Society. She praised him for getting Dominic out of his car seat without making the baby whine, which was something she still struggled to do. She went to the back. Devon arrived and saw Chance playing with Dominic and making him laugh. Devon left without being noticed.

Amanda dropped by the house to pick something up. Devon said he saw Chance and Dominic, and he’d made up his mind. He wanted to pursue legal rights to be with his son. Meanwhile, Chance and Abby were at the restaurant marveling at the baby and unaware of what was to come.

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