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Recap written by Christine

At the Abbott house, Kyle brought Summer iced tea. He’d missed iced tea in Milan, but now that he was in the US, he missed the street food in Italy. He joked that they should go back, but she didn’t think it was funny. She brought up their mothers again and her desire to keep the peace between them. Kyle didn’t think it was Summer’s job to keep the peace between two grown women. Summer said that Diane and Phyllis would kill each other if given the chance – that was how the Abbott pool house burned down. Kyle liked to think their moms were past that – his mom was anyway. Summer had a theory that Diane had something to do with the end of Jack and Phyllis’s romance. Kyle thought he and Summer should just stay out of it. Summer said she did what she could by getting Daniel to invite Phyllis out of town.

Kyle suggested that Phyllis would have cooled off at Daniel’s. Summer quipped that no one cooled of in Georgia in June. According to Summer, Daniel said that Phyllis had been moody and stewing over what happened between her and Jack. Summer wondered if they could get Diane out of town for awhile. Kyle didn’t think Diane would go for that – she wanted to put roots down and she even asked him to find her a job in PR. Kyle didn’t make any promises to Diane, but he said he thought Diane was ready to settle down. He joked that Phyllis could hire Diane, then he noted that Summer wasn’t amused by any of his jokes today.

Kyle shifted gears and said they had to find a new CEO for Marchetti, since the sale was almost finalized. Summer thought Kyle should do it. He was still considering it, but he wasn’t sure he was the right person for the job. She wrapped her arms around his waist and asked how she could convince him. Kyle said if he stepped down as co-CEO, he’d be giving up more than power or status – he enjoyed working with his dad. She said that taking over at Marchetti wasn’t a step down, and there was room for growth. He considered that running Marchetti could be a way to show Jack what he was capable of. Summer said Kyle had to do what was right for him. Kyle thought about it and decided to take the job. They kissed.

Phyllis came into the Grand Phoenix in a huge floppy hat that drooped down to her chin. She ducked around corners to make sure no one saw her, and once the coast was clear, she got in the elevator. When she got to her suite, she called Summer. Phyllis lead Summer to believe she was still in Savannah, Georgia. Phyllis asked if Summer convinced Kyle to send Diane packing. Summer said she wasn’t going to do that – Kyle wanted to give Diane a chance. Phyllis didn’t think it would go well, but she said some people had to learn lessons on their own. Summer asked if that meant Phyllis would let everyone else make their own decisions about Diane. Phyllis said she wouldn’t get worked up about Diane anymore, because anger was poison. Summer said she’d love to believe that. Summer told Phyllis about the Marchetti deal. Phyllis suggested they discuss it when she got home, which would be very soon.

Lauren went to the Abbott house to talk with Summer and Kyle. Summer revealed they wanted Fenmore’s to be the exclusive carrier for Marchetti in the US. Lauren said that would be great for both companies, but she heard Angelina wanted to retire. She asked if they had a new designer lined up. Summer asked what Lauren thought of offering Chelsea the job.

Kyle and Summer knew Chelsea had a deal with Lauren already. Summer said if Chelsea came to work for them, the deal with Lauren would stay in place – the only thing that would change was the branding. Lauren noted that the branding would be Chelsea Lawson for Marchetti. Lauren had seen the sketches Chelsea was working on, and they were very modern and American. Summer said they’d tweak the designs as necessary, to fit Marchetti’s audience. Lauren said she liked the designs as they were, and she didn’t want to lose them. Kyle suggested that Chelsea could pull double duty, assuming she could handle the workload. Summer didn’t think that would be a problem, since Chelsea was a force. Lauren said Chelsea would have Chloe to work with logistics, so things would be okay as long as Chelsea didn’t get burned out. Lauren asked what about the new CEO. Kyle said whoever came on board would be excited about this new partnership. Lauren agreed to this as long as Chelsea was on board. Kyle went to get Harrison, who was playing with Christian.

Lauren asked if Summer heard from Phyllis. Summer repeated what Phyllis said. Summer didn’t believe Phyllis was ready to let go of her anger toward Diane. Summer wasn’t sure what to do. She couldn’t keep her mom out of town forever, and she didn’t want to. Lauren suggested that Summer enlist Diane’s help. Lauren didn’t trust Diane, but it seemed that she came back to town to make peace with her enemies even if it was just for Kyle’s benefit. Lauren suggested that Phyllis would calm down if Diane apologized to her. Summer thought Lauren could be on to something.

Allie told Jack that Ashley arranged for her to tour the lab a second time. Allie had read up on Ashley’s accomplishments in business, and she was really impressed. Jack praised his sister and suggested that she might be able to get Allie a summer internship. Allie wasn’t sure. Jack understood, and he was sorry for putting her on the spot. She didn’t want him apologizing for offering her a great opportunity. She just didn’t think it was fair for her to jump in line ahead of all the applicants there must be for that internship. He grinned and said she was sweet, but she wouldn’t be taking anyone’s job. He said they’d set up an internship especially for her with the lead researcher. She loved the idea, but she needed a little time to think about it. He thought it would be in Jabot’s best interest to work with bright young chemists. He also understood if she wasn’t emotionally interested in following in her father’s footsteps.

Allie had been thinking about how Keemo would feel about her getting to know his father’s family. Jack liked to think Keemo wouldn’t mind. That was what Allie was thinking too. Allie said Noah thought that Keemo would be happy Allie was around family. Jack thought Noah sounded like a good friend. Allie agreed. She was so nervous when she showed up in Genoa City, but everyone had been so gracious. Jack said Allie charmed everyone she met. He said Ashley had been skeptical of Allie’s motives, and now she adored Allie. Allie thought all the Abbotts were amazing. She liked Noah, Mariah and Tessa, and even Diane had been kind of sweet. Allie knew Diane did terrible things to the Abbotts and Newmans. Jack said he wouldn’t dictate how Allie felt about anyone, but he warned her not to get too close to Diane. He wasn’t sure what Diane’s motives were, but he’d always be grateful she brought his son into the world and brought his granddaughter into his life.

Allie appreciated Jack’s generosity. When her dad died she felt very alone and that feeling disappeared more every day. Jack said she didn’t have to thank him – family was there for each other. When they first met, he could see she was hurting and that she needed to feel loved and a sense of belonging. He didn’t want to push her like he did with her dad. Allie told Jack that he got the balance right with her. Diane walked in on the warm moment between Jack and Allie. Allie had a meeting with Noah, and she left.

Diane and Jack noted that Noah and Allie seemed to be hitting it off. Jack knew Diane was dying to take credit for the good things happening to Allie. Diane felt that she should be free to do so, since there weren’t a lot of positive things she could take credit for. She asked to sit with him, and he let her. She got to see Harrison today, and he was getting so big. Jack said he didn’t notice as much now that he saw Harrison every day. Diane asked if Jack purchased Marchetti to keep Kyle and his family in town. He said there were lot of good business reasons for buying the company, but this was a fringe benefit. She enjoyed living in Milan, and she would’ve gone back if Kyle wanted her to, but she was glad it didn’t come to that. Jack thought Diane would’ve been happy to get away from all the resentment she was dealing with here. She was hoping that over time, people would be willing to see that she’d changed. She asked if it was too soon to put him in that category. He said he was trying to forget the past and believe in the future, for her and Kyle. She thanked him. She said he’d joined a tiny club of people she’d somewhat won over, and she was going to try and keep adding new members. She knew she’d never be able to win Phyllis over. He suggested she stay away from Phyllis altogether. Phyllis, and her massive hat, walked in and she hurried out to the patio when she saw Jack and Diane.

Diane said she’d love to stay away from Phyllis, but their kids were married, so their paths would cross. Phyllis was eavesdropping from the patio. Jack said that Diane didn’t have to seek Phyllis out or provoke her. Diane hoped Jack didn’t blame her for what happened between him and Phyllis. He was exasperated that they kept getting on this subject after he’d told her he didn’t want to talk to her about Phyllis. Diane promised to drop the subject forever, but she had one question – was he hoping to work things out with Phyllis? He said no – that ship had sailed. Diane never intended to cause problems between Jack and Phyllis. However, Diane was relieved Jack wasn’t going to get back together with Phyllis. “Quite simply, you deserve better than Phyllis,” Diane said. Phyllis heard every word.

At Society, Chelsea’s humming bothered Chloe. Chelsea apologized. Chelsea said Connor asked if there was soccer in heaven. She knew he was thinking about Rey. Her son had been so distant lately. She thought he felt like mentioning Rey would upset her. Chloe was optimistic it’d all work out. She shifted gears and asked what Chelsea was working on. Chelsea handed over a sketch, and it was for a winter outfit, but they needed something for summer. Chloe scolded Chelsea for wasting time when they were up against a deadline.

Chelsea felt like, after all this time, Chloe didn’t understand how the creative mind worked. Chloe recognized Chelsea’s point, but as the person responsible for the logistics, she needed Chelsea to work faster. Chloe said they already missed a couple deadlines, so they couldn’t get that custom print Chelsea wanted. Chelsea didn’t want to compromise on that. They debated about the logistics of production vs. artistic inspiration. Chloe said that if they kept missing deadlines, Lauren would get fed up and kick them to the curb.

Chelsea knew the way she worked wasn’t the most efficient, but the stuff she was coming up with was so brilliant that Lauren wouldn’t care about a missed deadline here or there. Chloe said they couldn’t sell sketches – they needed to make the clothes. Chelsea said everything would work out. “Where have I heard that before?,” Chloe grumbled under her breath. Chloe conceded that it was her job to sweat the details of mass production, not Chelsea’s. Chelsea said she’d never let Chloe or Lauren down, but she didn’t need a rigid schedule. Chloe said it was her job to make sure nothing impeded Chelsea’s creative genius. “So you need to babysit me?,” Chelsea testily asked. Chloe said yes. Chloe was just joking. Chloe said she was here to protect Chelsea, even if that meant being a pain in the butt. “Do you think I would completely implode [without you?],?” Chelsea asked. Chloe said of course not. Chloe asked if Chelsea was saying she didn’t need Chloe’s help. Gloria walked in, putting an end to the argument.

Chloe and Chelsea pretended they weren’t fighting, even though Gloria had heard them. Chloe shifted gears and asked how fashion week in London was. It went well, and Gloria got a lot of compliments about how she was representing JCV, which thrilled Lauren. Gloria said she chatted up the new line while she was in London. Chloe said she didn’t ask Gloria to do that. Gloria said family helped each other. Chloe thought that usually, she and Kevin got Gloria out jams, and Gloria rarely said thanks. Gloria was happy she had the chance to do Chloe a favor. She’d told everyone that the new line was brilliant. Chloe supposed that was vague enough to avoid any inaccuracies. Gloria said so many people in London were excited Chelsea was back in the world of fashion. Gloria said Chelsea and Chloe were lucky to be working with their best friend.

Chloe admitted there had been some friction between her and Chelsea. Chelsea said it was just the pressure getting to them. Chloe said they’d gotten through worse. Gloria said she’d run so many different businesses, some successful, some ruined b her partner’s lack of vision. She thought that to be successful you hire the person best for the job and then get out of their way. Chelsea agreed and pointedly said it all came down to trust. Gloria said it was like an orchestra – everyone brought their own talents to the table and then they made beautiful music together. Chloe said that would work as long as everyone paid attention to the conductor.

Chloe and Chelsea bickered because Chloe saw herself as the conductor in this partnership. Chelsea scoffed at the idea that she couldn’t make beautiful music without Chloe. Gloria had a special place in her heart for Chloe and Chelsea, so she wanted them to listen to her. Gloria knew they thought of her as a daffy gadfly who pestered everyone she met. They denied it. Gloria said she was a survivor who’d been doing this a long time, and people always underestimated her but she was till here because she knew what worked and she knew what had value. She thought Chloe and Chelsea had value as a team. She urged them to harness the negativity and turn it into positive energy that would send them rocketing to new heights. What she said resonated with the pair. Gloria left.

Chloe got a response from the guy at the factory, who said he thought they could get an extension on the deadline. Chelsea felt that meant she was right all along when she said there was nothing to worry about. Chloe said they couldn’t let the deadline slip too far, because they didn’t want Lauren to get mad. Chelsea showed Chloe a summer sketch, and Chloe was happy with it. Chelsea and Chloe agreed that Gloria gave good advice, but they vowed not to get put in the position where they’d need to be counseled by Gloria again.

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