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Recap written by Christine

It was the morning of Mariah’s wedding. At the cottage, and Sharon served Faith orange juice and Mariah a mimosa. Faith toasted to the best sister a girl could ever have, with an aside not to mention that to Summer. Mariah promised to put that in the vault. Faith said Mariah always had her back, and today, Faith had Mariah’s. Faith said she was on top of the wedding, so all Mariah had to do was relax and enjoy her day. Sharon went upstairs to do something, and her daughters talked. Mariah asked how Sharon was really doing. Faith thought she was doing pretty well, considering. Mariah was glad Sharon had the wedding to focus on. Faith asked if she should call Kevin, so he could get ready with them – he was Mariah’s man of honor. Mariah didn’t think Kevin would want to be there while they were arguing over curling irons. Sharon returned with a silver platter that had an embroidered handkerchief and some jewelry on it. Something old and something new. Mariah got choked up, as it sank in that it really was their wedding day.

Not long after Sharon found out Mariah was her daughter, she gave her a garnet necklace. The bracelet on the platter was a companion piece that used to belong to Cassie. It was something old. Mariah and Sharon had been thinking about Cassie so much in the last few days. Sharon said Cassie loved a wedding. The new item was a set of toe rings inscribed with the latitude and longitude of Mariah and Tessa’s first date. There was one ring for each of them. “So we can always find our way back to the beginning,” Mariah said. She loved the gift, which was from Faith. The borrowed item was a handkerchief that Rey’s grandmother carried on her wedding day. Rey gave it to Sharon on their wedding day, and she was loaning it to Mariah. Mariah said Rey was the reason Crystal was here – he knew how much family meant, and he gave them one more person to love and to witness their happiness. The blue gift was also from Faith. It was a blue stone that reminded Faith of Mariah. It was supposed to have calming properties. Faith had carried it with her when Sharon was sick, when Faith was in the hospital, and on her first date with Moses. Mariah never thought she’d get any of this, and now she was someone’s bride. Faith said Tessa was meant for Mariah. Mariah felt like the luckiest person in the world to have Faith and Sharon in her life. They had a group hug.

Tessa and Crystal were at the apartment. They’d stayed up all night catching up. Tessa couldn’t wait to show Crystal off to all her new friends. Crystal said they could do that later – today, everyone would be focused on her rock star sister and her stunning bride. Tessa couldn’t wait to see Mariah. They didn’t know what each other were wearing today. Crystal couldn’t believe her sister was a famous singer-songwriter. Tessa didn’t think she was really famous. Crystal said people from their hometown didn’t get famous – infamous, maybe. Tessa said she got lucky, but Crystal said it was talent. She was proud of Tessa for making her dreams come true, and now she was a guitar-playing morphing butterfly goddess. They hugged. Mariah texted Tessa about a hidden surprise. It was a box of paper hearts with a bunch of silly but loving sentiments, like “You’re the jelly to my donuts.” They made Tessa and Crystal smile, and Crystal call the couple cheesy goofballs.

Back at the cottage, Faith made sure that they were on schedule. Mariah said that Faith could make a fortune as an event planner. Tessa texted Mariah to check the pocket of her overnight bag. There was a note that said “You are the strings to my guitar. My always love.”

Tessa got a reply text that sad “We’ve always made beautiful music together.” They texted loving messages back and forth. Tessa mentioned her wedding dress hadn’t been delivered and asked what if she showed up in her robe. Mariah dared her to do it. It did Crystal’s heart good to see this love, since she and Tessa didn’t grow up in a loving environment. It made Crystal think someone could be out there for her. Tessa said of course there was. Tessa said Mariah wasn’t just her love, she was Tessa’s life. Tessa knew Mariah would do anything for her.

Crystal got dressed for the wedding. Tessa shared that there had been two marriage proposals. She got choked up, because she’d thought about what it would be like to be at the wedding with no parents and Crystal not being there. Crystal said Rey would always have a special place in their hearts. They hugged. It was time to go, and Tessa’s dress wasn’t there, and she was trying not to freak out. At that moment, Kevin and Chloe showed up with the dress.

Nick and Noah were at Crimson Lights. Noah wanted Nick’s opinion on the way he decorated the Top of the Tower. Nick teased Noah about artists being needy for praise. Noah joked that he didn’t have enough attention as a kid. Nick was extremely proud of Noah’s work. He also thought it was incredible that Noah did this for Mariah and Tessa, given how he felt about Tessa. Noah said he didn’t have feelings for Tessa. He’d come to realize that what he thought he felt for Tessa was really about his breakup back in London. He’d projected those feelings onto Tessa, because he knew nothing would happen between him and her. Nick understood, and he was sorry about London, but love was rarely easy. Nick thought Noah would find love. Noah wasn’t looking for love, but if he found it, that was great. He was happy for the first time in a long time, and he was just going to enjoy his life. Nick was proud of Noah.

Noah assumed it wasn’t easy for Nick to walk Cassie’s twin down the aisle. Nick thought about Cassie and what should’ve been every day. The wedding had brought up all those emotions, and he was trying to focus on the good ones – he got to walk Cassie’s sister down the aisle, and he knew Cassie would be watching over them, happy for Mariah.

Noah was alone when Abby and Allie arrived. Abby introduced her nephew, Noah, to the newest member of the Abbott family. Noah told Allie that he was from the dark side of Abby’s family – the Newmans. Allie looked confused, and Noah said the Newmans were genetically inclined to make awkward jokes. He told Allie that there was an app that warned the Abbotts when a Newman was nearby. Allie didn’t know what to say. Abby explained that Noah was trying to say there was a Shakespearean history between the Abbotts and Newmans. Noah said he was an acquired taste. Chance came in and met Allie. Abby told Chance they needed to give Allie a ride to the Abbott house. Noah offered to do it, but Allie said she’d rather walk. Noah was stung, but Allie said it wasn’t him – she just wanted to explore Genoa City. Allie left.

Nick went to the cottage, where Faith and Moses were dressed in their vintage best for the 70s glam wedding. Nick peppered his dialogue with 70s slang, and Faith called him a dork. She had no idea what those words meant, and she said they’d need a glossary. Moses looked up 70s lingo online, so he could communicate with Nick. Sharon came downstairs, and Nick told her she looked groovy. Faith thought Moses was gorgeous, and he told her she looked beautiful. He couldn’t wait to see how she’d top this for prom. Mariah came downstairs, and Sharon asked if she had everything she needed. She said she had the love of her family and someone to love her the rest of her life. As they all left, Nick kissed Mariah on the cheek.

At the Abbott house, Jack helped Kyle with his cuff links. Kyle was going to officiate the wedding, and he was glad Mariah talked him into it. Jack understood Kyle’s initial decision to skip the wedding, due to the situation with his mother. Kyle said he was putting all that aside until he’d finished his officiating duties. Kyle felt that this was his big day too, since he was the one who set up Mariah and Tessa’s big date. He was also excited because Summer was flying in today. Jack knew how much Kyle missed Summer, given all these complicated issues with Diane. Kyle hinted not to mention his mom, because today was about Mariah and Tessa. Jack suggested Diane might be on her way back to LA.

Diane came downstairs at the hotel, and Phyllis was annoyed she was still in town. Diane said her son was in town. Phyllis and Diane debated whether Diane should try and get Kyle’s forgiveness. Diane was willing to wait forever, if that is what it took. She said she changed, and Jack was beginning to see it too. Phyllis ordered Diane to stay the hell away from Jack.

Diane thought that was extreme. Phyllis accused Diane of being up to her old tricks. Diane speculated about the state of Jack and Phyllis’s relationship. At first, Diane thought they were a couple, but after all the hurt, betrayal and trauma, Diane couldn’t imagine there was anything romantic between Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis couldn’t imagine Diane thought she had a chance in hell with Jack. Phyllis wondered what Diane’s goal was. Phyllis said she shouldn’t be surprised by anything Diane did, given that she faked her own death. Jack walked up and asked if there was a problem. Diane guessed her whole presence was a problem. Jack thought Diane was leaving since Kyle was going back to Milan. Diane changed her plans because Kyle changed his. Jack said that Kyle’s change of plans had nothing to do with Diane. Diane wasn’t assuming anything – Kyle had been in touch; he wasn’t shutting her out. Jack said that wasn’t an invitation to insinuate herself into Kyle’s life – he deserved space. Phyllis was about to add her opinion, but Jack dismissed Diane, and she left.

Phyllis had a really bad feeling about what Diane was up to. Jack assumed Phyllis was concerned about how Diane’s return would affect Summer. He noted that Summer was coming. Phyllis knew. He thought they should forget about what Diane was going to do. He invited Phyllis to be his guest at what promised to be the greatest wedding of the year, and she said there was nothing she’d like more.

Kyle checked his hair before getting ready to leave the house. Diane showed up. He was cool to her and didn’t let her inside. She said she was worried he was sick, since he didn’t go back to Milan. He assumed she wanted to know if he stayed behind because of her, and the answer was no. she thought he looked handsome. He said he was officiating his best friend’s wedding. She loved weddings. This is the life she dreamed he’d live once she stepped out of it – friends, family, a community. He said he was running late, and he walked out of the house and left without saying goodbye.

Devon and Amanda met Nate and Elena at Top of the Tower. Nate and Devon exchanged 70s slang and enjoyed Noah’s design. The place was decorated like a lounge, with burnt orange sectionals instead of more traditional chairs.

Kevin and Abby chatted with Nick and Sharon, while across the room, Chance showed Chloe pictures of Dom. Kevin said that was one proud dad. Abby said he was the best.

Sharon excused herself and went to hug Crystal. Crystal began to cry. Crystal was grateful Sharon helped her when she was mixed up in that nightmare with Zack. Crystal knew she was here today because of Rey, and she was sorry for Sharon’s loss. She was sorry to bring him up on such a happy day. Sharon said there was no need to apologize – Rey was the reason they could be happy after so much heartache. Sharon was glad Tessa had family here today. Kyle came up and gave his condolences to Sharon. She thanked him and said she was glad he was able to officiate the wedding. She introduced him to Crystal. Kyle introduced himself as Reverend Kyle, the reason Tessa and Mariah got together.

Jack and Phyllis showed up at the wedding. Kyle said Summer’s flight was delayed, but he hoped be there soon. Faith directed everyone to take a seat. Noah dimmed the lights. Mariah and Tessa entered at the same time, from opposite sides of the room. Sharon and Nick walked the brides to the center of the room and took their seats. Tess and Mariah had matching bouquets. They held hands and walked to the stage together.

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