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Recap written by Christine

At Chancellor Park, Kyle demanded to know where Harrison was. Ashland pointed him out – he was at the pond with Diane. Kyle was going to go get his son, but Summer said she’d get him while Kyle kept an eye on Ashland. Ashland commented that they were planning to keep him here until the cops arrived. Michael told Ashland not to try to run, because there were too many witnesses who saw him violating the restraining order. Kyle demanded to know what Ashland was thinking. Ashland said his crime was reassuring Harrison that he hadn’t been abandoned and that yet another person hadn’t walked out of his life. Ashland maintained that this was madness. He’d just wanted to have a moment to hold Harrison and say goodbye. He asked if they were all so cold as to think he was a threat to Harrison. Nikki contended that Ashland was a threat to everyone he came into contact with, and now he was going to jail, where he belonged.

Ashland asked if the cops who were on their way were on Victor’s payroll, just like the judge who signed the restraining order. Michael claimed he had no idea what Ashland was talking about. He said not everyone needed to be paid off to enforce the law. Diane approached and said Summer took Harrison to look at the ducks. Ashland sarcastically thanked Diane. She said she was just trying to protect her grandson. He accused her of setting this up. A cop came, and Nikki pointed out Ashland. Ashland claimed this was all an innocent mistake – he just happened to be at the park when Harrison ran to him, and he couldn’t bring himself to ignore the child. The cop was unmoved. Ashland didn’t want Harrison to see him get arrested, so Kyle went to distract him. Ashland wasn’t cuffed; he went with the cop peacefully.

Michael pointedly told Nikki that Diane did the right thing. Nikki grudgingly agreed. Summer returned and asked if Ashland was gone, and Michael said yes, thanks to Diane. Nikki also gave Diane credit. Diane hoped this showed Nikki that she was one of the good guys. Nikki said one right move didn’t erase a lifetime of destruction. Diane said that Nikki’s opinion wasn’t her main concern. She did this for Kyle, Summer and Harrison.

Later, Nikki and Michael were alone, he said they got lucky because Diane really came through. Nikki said Diane was in the right spot at the right time, as usual. He asked what that meant. She said that, no matter the situation, things always seemed to work out for Diane. He contended that Diane tried to do something good, but Nikki said Diane was trying to improve her image. He painted Diane in a good light, while Nikki argued that Diane never did anything selfless. Michael stated that, selfless or not, Diane protected Harrison. Nikki shifted gears and said the important thing was Ashland was finally facing legal consequences. Michael said Ashland would probably be out later today, since it was a misdemeanor, and he’d make bail. She said at least they sent a strong message. Michael thought it would be smart of Ashland to leave town for good.

Victoria walked into her office, where Victor and Nick were waiting. Victor was behind the desk. Victoria said that everything was set for the press conference. Victor protested that there were only three of them, and Nikki and Adam were missing. Victor and Nick wanted to hear how Victoria’s talk with Adam went. She said Adam tried to convince her not to fire Sally, and he said he and Sally broke up. Nick was skeptical, because the last few times he saw Sally and Adam together, they seemed fine. Victoria had no idea what was going on – she said Adam could be bluffing to keep Sally in her position. Victoria said the media division had become a very important part of the company, and she didn’t want to see it in potentially dangerous hands. She had to make a decision about Sally soon. Victor asked if Adam was coming back to Newman Media. Victoria knew it wasn’t what Victor wanted to hear, but Adam had no intention of going back. Nick was sure Adam had a plan. He said once again, Adam was the wildcard.

Victor admitted he’d hoped to announce at the press conference that Adam had returned to the company and that they were working together as a family. Victoria said that would’ve been a lovely photo op that would’ve lead to more conflict. He was still disappointed. She said that Adam didn’t want to be her subordinate. Victor asked if Victoria made any attempt to change Adam’s mind. She said no, because she thought Adam’s decision was best for the company. Victor thought Sally was the only one who could save his mind. Victoria said that if Sally tried, she failed, and if the breakup was real, Sally likely wouldn’t give up her promotion for her ex. “Well if she is no longer the key to Adam coming back to the company then what the hell use is she?,” Victor said. Victoria said she didn’t have a lot of faith in Sally running the business day to day, and if this breakup was real, Adam wouldn’t be around to guide Sally. However, Victoria didn’t have a real replacement. She vowed to make a decision about Sally by the end of the day.

Nikki went to work and told her family about Ashland’s arrest. Victoria thought Ashland had gone too far. Nick felt that the important thing was that Harrison was okay. Victoria noticed Victor didn’t seem surprised. Victor said he’d instructed Michael to be vigilant because Ashland would likely try to see his son. Nikki revealed that Diane was the one who tipped off Michael. Victor said Ashland was too despicable for Diane, but Nick thought that Diane was probably just looking out for her grandson. Nikki was adamant that Diane was trying to get people to let their guards down. She didn’t want Nick falling for it like Michael had. Victoria swore she’d never give anyone the benefit of the doubt again after what Ashland did. Nick thought that was cynical. Nikki didn’t want Victoria to adopt that attitude toward people as a whole, but she thought it was fine to treat Diane that way. Victor said the important thing was that Ashland was paying.

Ashland was lead to a holding cell, ranting all the way and vowing to sue the police department. The officer sarcastically called him a big shot and said she’d tell him when his lawyer arrived.

Sally was at Newman Media. She called Adam and left a message saying she loved him, but she needed to know what was going on. Chloe walked in, and a worried Sally said she hadn’t heard from Adam since last night, when he sent her a short text saying he was taking a trip to Chicago for the night. Sally thought it was weird, but Chloe said that of all the things she found odd about Adam, she wouldn’t rank that in the top 100. chloe asked if Sally and Adam argued before this. Sally said they were happy, and they’d just snuck off to their secret getaway suite for some private time. Chloe didn’t want the details. She suggested a work emergency. Sally revealed that Adam quit Newman – Victoria was back in charge, and Adam was out in the cold. Chloe asked if they should all duck for cover while Adam got payback. Sally said Adam promised her that he wouldn’t get into any trouble. “When he says something to me, he means it,” Sally said. Chloe said she’d been down this road before, and Sally was in for a rude awakening if she thought Adam was going to keep his word. Sally said maybe Adam changed his mind about not getting payback, or maybe he just lied to her, but either way, he could be exacting revenge on Victor and Victoria right now.

Chloe said maybe Sally was right, and Adam was telling the truth. Chloe was sorry Sally was experiencing this kind of uncertainty, but… Sally knew Chloe thought she should’ve expected this when she got into a relationship with Adam. Chloe assumed the job offer was on hold, now that everything was up in the air. Sally said she’d been assured that her job was safe. Chloe asked who assured Sally. Sally said Adam did. She vowed to stay in charge unless someone dragged her out of this office. Sally was confident she could prove herself, but she needed a second in command. Chloe was interested. Sally asked how Chelsea would take it. Chloe said Chelsea dissolved the partnership, and now she was out of a job, so this offer was perfectly timed.

Sally heard about the press conference and it made her think that her job might be about to disappear. She didn’t think it was a good sign that Newman Enterprises was doing a press conference and she was left out of the loop. Chloe wanted to stay positive. Sally and Chloe watched the press conference.

At the press conference, Victor said Victoria was back from sabbatical and would resume the position of CEO of Newman Enterprises, with Nikki as co-CEO and Nick as COO. Victoria said, with Victor’s guidance, they looked forward to a brand new era for Newman Enterprises. A reporter asked where Adam fit into this. Victoria said her brother filled in admirably while she was gone, and she appreciated that, but since her return, he’d decided to move on to something outside Newman. Back at Newman Media, Sally grumbled to the screen that the family mistreated Adam and used him. A reporter asked if Sally was still in charge at Newman Media. Victoria said possible staff realignments were still under consideration. Sally didn’t think that sounded good.

Back at Newman, Victoria, Nikki and Nick returned to the office after the press conference. Nikki thought the business community would feel confident now that Victoria’s steady hand was at the helm again. Victoria thought they sent the message hat they were out from under the dark cloud of Ashland Locke and that they were stronger than ever and anything was possible. Nikki asked if Victoria was talking about the business or herself. Victoria guessed it was a bit of both. She was glad Nikki and Nick were by her side. Nick predicted nothing but blue skies ahead. Nikki wondered where Victor was.

Ashland heard the cop yell that he had a visitor. He thought it was his lawyer, and he began to grumble about how long they took – a complaint that was cut short when Victor appeared. Victor told Ashland he belonged there, like a caged animal. Ashland said that his lawyers would have him out in no time. Victor didn’t agree. He said Ashland would go back to jail if he approached the boy again. Ashland said Victor was using the boy like a pawn and punishing him to kick Ashland while he was down. Victor said Ashland had this coming. Ashland didn’t agree, and he said Victor was the one who deserved to suffer. Victor reached through the bars and grabbed Ashland. “No one breaks my daughter’s heart and gets away with it. No one!,” Victor snarled. He vowed to follow Ashland wherever he went. Victor left.

At the Abbott house, Diane looked at the family photos. Summer walked in, and Diane asked how Harrison was. He was fine and having a snack. Summer said Harrison seemed happy to see Ashland, and luckily, it didn’t seem like Locke had a chance to fill Harrison’s head with any more lies. Diane said she was thrown by the whole incident. Kyle joined the group and said he was shaken because Ashland could’ve run off with Harrison and vanish for good. Summer thought they should just be grateful Harrison was home safe and sound. Diane worried Kyle was angry with her.

Kyle asked why he’d be angry with Diane, when she didn’t do anything wrong. “It’s not like you colluded with Ashland? Did you?,” Summer replied. The question made Kyle bristle, but Diane thought Summer had every right to ask. She said she didn’t collude with Ashland. She said she let Ashland get close to Harrison for a few moments, and she didn’t think Ashland said anything out of line, but he could’ve. She blamed herself for not thinking things through. He didn’t want her to blame herself. She said maybe she should’ve texted Kyle instead of Michael, but in the moment, she thought he’d know what to do from a legal standpoint. Kyle thought Diane was smart to reach out to the lawyer who set up the restraining order. Summer said Harrison was unscathed, and Diane handled it correctly. Kyle thanked Diane and said he was grateful.

Noah, Tessa and Mariah were at Dive Bar on top of the Athletic Club. He’d invited them out. Tessa had just gotten a second opinion on her vocal nodes, and it wasn’t good. Tessa was going in for surgery tomorrow. Mariah said they were going to be very very very very positive. Noah quipped that this was a lot of positivity. He also shared an optimistic message for Tessa. Allie came up, and Noah said tomorrow was her first day of work at Jabot. Noah got a text about New Hope, and Allie blurted out that he never talked to his dad about his plans.

Allie was so sorry – she didn’t mean to let that slip. Noah said it was okay, since he’d planned to get Mariah and Tessa’s advice on this anyway. He said he was thinking about leaving New Hope, but he wasn’t sure it was the right time, since his dad just went back to Newman. Tessa said Noah wasn’t the office type, so she was surprised he’d stayed at New Hope this long. Allie said Noah had to find his bliss. Noah still felt guilty leaving his dad and New Hope high and dry. Mariah asked if Noah was just going to stay at a job he didn’t want.

Noah said he was going to wait until Nick was more settled at Newman then tell him that he was leaving New Hope. Tessa asked if Noah was going back to art. He said he’d been bummed out on the art scene since London. Noah really enjoyed planning Tessa and Mariah’s wedding and decking out The Top of the Tower to look like a club. He was going to ask Victor if he could lease Top of the Tower and turn it into a permanent club. He said he could combine his experience in the art world and at The Underground and make something that was his own. He said maybe Tessa could perform there sometime. She said he couldn’t afford her, and everyone laughed. Mariah took Allie to the bar for drinks, and Tessa asked Noah how things were going with Allie. He really liked Allie. He didn’t know where it would go, but their first date was fun.

Mariah asked how things were going with Allie at the Abbott house. She said everyone had been really welcoming, but she got the feeling Diane was being nice in case she needed Allie in the future. Mariah advised sticking with the core Abbotts, and Noah too. Later, the foursome toasted.

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