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Lani has a nightmare about TR confronting her and questioning how she could murder her own father. Lani then wakes up in a panic in Eli’s hospital room, startling Eli, who asks what’s wrong.

Abe lays in his hospital bed and remembers hearing Paulina ask “what have you done”

Paulina sits in the interrogation room, handcuffed to the table. Paulina thinks back to TR’s initial apology to her, then to when he proposed to her, and then to their final argument with Lani shooting TR. Rafe enters the room and brings her a coffee, calling it a long night for both of them. Rafe sits down and tells Paulina that he has some questions about the shooting of TR Coates.

Nicole sits at home, on the phone with Chloe talking about what a horrible night it’s been from almost losing Allie to The Devil and TR Coates getting shot, Rafe has been at the station all day so she’s going to take the day off and spoil him. There’s a knock at the door so Nicole hangs up and answers it expecting Rafe, saying she’s been waiting all night to make love to him, but instead it is Eric at the door. Nicole apologizes. Eric says it’s okay as he should’ve called first but he wanted to see how Allie was doing. Nicole assures that she’s surrounded by people who love her and they wil take really good care of her. Nicole invites Eric in and informs him that Allie is with Lucas as they took Henry to the park to feed the ducks. Eric reminds Nicole of when they used to do that with Holly. Eric asks how Holly is doing. Nicole says she’s still processing what happened between them but she’s doing better now. Nicole adds that Holly would love to see Eric if he could come back in the afternoon but Eric reveals he can’t, because he’s leaving Salem.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Xander and Maggie argue about what to tell Sarah. Maggie suggests the truth and asks what Xander is thinking. Sarah then comes in to the room, stating that the baby’s room is empty and questions where her baby Mickie could be.

Steve visits Abe in the hospital and asks how he’s feeling. Abe responds that he’s ready to get the Hell out of here and asks how Tripp is. Steve reveals that thanks to The Devil, Tripp almost lost his life saving Allie’s and Kayla actually pronounced him dead, but then they got their miracle and Tripp came back to them, so he’s going to be just fine. Abe calls that great news. Steve adds that Ava is with Tripp and refusing to leave his side, so he figured he’d come check on Abe. Abe mentions being concerned about Paulina.

Rafe brings up Paulina saying she wouldn’t answer questions without her lawyer present, so he offers to get her lawyer there but Paulina says she’s okay and has nothing to hide. Rafe gives Paulina a paper, waiving her counsel, which she signs. Rafe begins the recording and tells Paulina to start by telling him what happened on the night that TR was shot. Paulina tells him that TR came over and talked her in to going away with him. Paulina adds that when she got back in to the living room after packing, she heard a noise and found Abe lying on the floor, unconscious and bleeding. Paulina says she wanted to call for help but TR wouldn’t let her and grabbed her phone, then raised his arm like he was going to hit her. Paulina brings up vowing a long time ago to never let TR hurt her again. Rafe asks then what happened. Paulina claims she shot the son of a bitch. Rafe shows her a photo of the gun and asks Paulina to confirm it’s the weapon she used to shoot TR. Paulina says that it is. Rafe then identifies the gun as Lani’s service weapon and questions how a cop’s gun ended up in Paulina’s hands to shoot the shot that killed a man.

Lani informs Eli that she had a bad dream about TR. Eli says he’s sorry but TR was a nightmare while he was alive. Lani agrees and says TR came so close to killing Eli. Lani brings up walking in to Paulina’s apartment but stops. Eli points out that she still hasn’t told him what went down at Paulina’s other than Paulina saying she shot TR. Lani thinks back to shooting TR. Eli then asks her what happened.

Abe mentions hearing that Steve came in to Paulina’s apartment right after TR was shot. Steve confirms that Abe was on the floor and TR had been shot, but he’s been wondering what exactly happened before he got there. Abe asks what Lani and Paulina told him. Steve says that Paulina said she shot TR, but he’s just not clear on how that happened. Abe asks what he means. Steve explains that Paulina apparently used Lani’s gun and questions how she got her hands on a service weapon.

Paulina tells Rafe that she’s sorry as she got ahead of himself and rushed straight to the shot. Rafe tells her to take her time. Paulina repeats that TR was about to hit her and that’s when Lani came in and told TR to put his hands up and step away from her. Paulina claims that Lani put her gun down to arrest TR but she grabbed it and shot TR right through his heart.

Lani tells Eli that this isn’t his case and encourages him to focus his energy on getting out of the hospital bed and back in to their bed. Eli says that sounds like a plan as they kiss. Eli tells Lani that he’s still worried about her and Paulina. Lani admits she needs to get to the police station to check on Paulina. Lani tells Eli that she’s grateful for him and that he’s going to be okay. They say I love you to each other as Lani then exits the room.

Rafe questions why Paulina shot TR since it doesn’t sound like he was a threat to her in that moment. Paulina argues that TR shot Eli and attacked Abe, who was out cold and bleeding on the ground, so she couldn’t let him get away with that. Rafe points out that she said he was about to be handcuffed which meant he wasn’t a threat. Paulina brings up how many times the cops came when he beat her back in the day but they let him go and he gave her a worse beating. Rafe apologizes and acknowledges that the way police responded to domestic violence in the past was criminal but they’ve changed things and he’s sure they can still do better. Paulina thanks him for that. Rafe brings up that Paulina knew that wasn’t going to happen this time since she said Lani was about to handcuff TR and take him away. Rafe asks what happened, if TR resisted arrest, or if Lani did something. Paulina quickly says that Lani did nothing wrong. Rafe states that right now, he’s more concerned with what Paulina did and establishing her motives for shooting an unarmed man. Rafe adds that he wants to help her but he needs her to tell him the truth. Paulina guesses she just lost it and shot TR. Paulina adds that he deserved it. Rafe asks if she wants to add anything to that. Paulina says no and that she’s given her statement which is all she has to say. Rafe decides they will continue this later then and exits the room.

Abe wonders how Paulina did get her hands on a service weapon. Steve says he doesn’t know and asks if Abe saw or heard anything. Abe says he was out of it but then realizes maybe he did hear something which Steve questions. Eli then enters the room and asks if they are having a party without him. Steve says it’s good to see him up and around. Steve decides to get back to Tripp and let them catch up. Steve tells Abe they will be talking and tells Eli to take care of himself as he then exits. Eli sits at Abe’s side. Abe jokes about Eli finally waking up from his two month nap. Eli is just sorry about what Lani and Paulina have gone through because of TR. Eli remarks that Paulina sure did make TR pay for shooting him.

Paulina tells herself to stay cool and stick to the story. Lani then enters the room. Lani tells Paulina that she and Chanel wanted to come yesterday but they wouldn’t let them see her. Paulina asks how Chanel is doing with all this. Lani says she’s shaken and still worried about her. Paulina assures that she’ll be just fine. Lani responds that she’s not because they both know it should be her sitting here, not Paulina.

Eric tells Nicole that he’s glad she was home because he didn’t want to leave town without saying goodbye. Nicole then asks if he’s leaving Salem because of her.

Xander claims that Sarah’s baby Mickie is with Eric. Sarah is upset and asks Maggie to give her and Xander a moment. Maggie tries to argue but Xander agrees that he and Sarah should sort this out, just the two of them, so Maggie exits. Sarah asks Xander why Mickie is with Eric, believing that Eric doesn’t know he is the baby’s father and that everyone thinks Xander is. Sarah complains that none of this makes sense, unless something has changed. Sarah thought Xander didn’t have a problem keeping the secret about her baby and asks why he’s acting like he lost his mind. Xander then informs Sarah that there is something he has to tell her. Sarah asks what he has to tell her. Xander reveals that Eric knows that he is Mickie’s father. Sarah questions if Xander told him and then guesses that it was Nicole. Sarah asks why she would do that after being so afraid of losing Eric and swearing that she would keep the secret. Sarah decides she’s going to get her baby and have a word with Nicole but Xander tells her that she can’t. Xander asks her to hear him out for a second. Xander talks about how none of them knew if she would be okay again when she got injected with the antidote. Sarah insists on going to get her baby but Xander repeats that he can’t. Sarah worries that Xander isn’t telling her something about her daughter. Xander claims it’s not about Mickie but about Sarah. Xander then claims that he and Maggie were planning a big Scottish breakfast to welcome her home. Sarah says that’s sweet of him but she’s going to Eric and Nicole’s. Xander claims that Sarah can’t go wearing that and rips the back of her shirt to say there is a hole in it. Xander then tells Sarah to go get changed, they will have breakfast, and then go get Mickie together. Sarah agrees and says she’s very excited to see her little girl as she heads upstairs.

Eric asks Nicole why she would think he’d be leaving town because of her. Nicole suggests it’s because of her seeing Rafe. Eric assures that he’s really happy for her. Nicole knows what they had is over and they are on different paths, but every time she sees him, a tiny part of her still has a hard time letting him go. Nicole asks if they are still friends. Eric calls her the best friend he ever had. Nicole says their love made her a better person. Eric feels the same about himself. Eric then goes to leave. Nicole stops him and hugs him, right as Rafe shows up.

Lani tells Paulina that she doesn’t feel good about this and that it’s wrong. Paulina insists that she knows what she’s doing. Lani argues that Paulina didn’t kill TR. Paulina argues that they only know what they tell them and urges her to stick to the story. Lani asks how to do that since she cannot avoid Rafe forever and will have to answer really tough questions like how Paulina killed TR with her gun. Paulina explains that she just told Rafe that she grabbed Lani’s gun while she was trying to arrest TR. Lani argues that she can’t just be quiet and let Paulina take the blame for something she did. Lani declares that she’s going to confess to killing TR but Paulina says like hell she is.

Eli jokes with Abe about the hospital jello. Eli notes Abe being quiet and asks if he’s okay. Abe says he’s fine but Steve said that Paulina used Lani’s gun to shoot TR. Eli is shocked as he just assumed Paulina used TR’s gun or had her own weapon for personal safety. Abe questions Lani not saying anything about that. Eli says Lani was stressed and upset but hasn’t offered up any details. Eli then remembers that the only thing Lani said to him was that Paulina said she shot TR and questions why she put it that way since Lani was there and witnessed the shooting.

Paulina reminds Lani that she’s a cop who shot an unarmed man so there’s no defense for that. Lani argues that she came in and saw Abe on the floor, possibly dead, and she already knew that TR had shot the father of her children then she saw him raise his hand to Paulina. Lani says she just lost it. Paulina argues that TR deserved it but Lani can’t confess or they’ll lock her up and she will lose her job, freedom, and years with her husband and children. Lani points out that Paulina will go to prison too. Paulina says maybe but maybe not.

Rafe greets Eric and Nicole. Nicole informs Rafe that Eric was just saying goodbye. Eric announces he’s going back to Africa. Rafe tells him that he will be missed. Eric tells them to take care and exits. Rafe comments on Nicole hugging Eric. Nicole assures it was totally platonic and asks Rafe not to look at her like that. Rafe apologizes but brings up that Nicole and Eric were married recently and he was her first love. Nicole says that’s true but Rafe is her current love and assures that he has no reason to be jealous as they kiss.

Xander looks at a photo of Sarah. Maggie comes back in and asks if Xander told Sarah about Mickie. Xander says he couldn’t, reminding Maggie that the last time he told Sarah that her baby died, he lost her. Maggie points out that he got her back. Xander says he lost her again and now he’s finally got her back, so if he tells her the truth then he will lose her all over again. Maggie worries that the lie is so big. Xander admits he feels horrible about it but he needs to find a way to keep Sarah in the dark about Mickie until he can figure something out. Maggie reminds Xander that Sarah forgave him once so she will forgive him again. Sarah then walks in and questions forgiving Xander for what.

Rafe agrees with Nicole that he shouldn’t be jealous as Eric is part of her past and he has a past too. Rafe thinks being jealous is just part of being in love in a relationship. Nicole admits it can be but she assures that she is absolutely committed to him and only him as they kiss. Rafe suggests taking this to the bedroom or the shower.

Xander claims that he just hoped Sarah would forgive him for having to rush out on a work emergency on her first day back home but he promises to be back soon. Xander suggests Maggie stay with Sarah and enjoy the Scottish breakfast too. Xander kisses Sarah and says he’ll be back soon so they can go get Mickie together as he then exits the mansion.

Abe tells Eli that it’s possible that Lani wasn’t there when TR got shot. Eli says that doesn’t make sense and asks how Paulina could have gotten Lani’s gun. Abe remembers hearing Paulina asking “what have you done”. Abe tells Eli that he thinks maybe he heard Paulina talking to Lani.

Paulina tells Lani that victims of domestic violence like her can suffer from PTSD and think that fighting back is self defense. Paulina suggests she could convince a judge and jury that’s what happened here. Lani can’t imagine what she went through. Paulina says she has stories of what TR did to her that she hasn’t told anyone. Paulina says she made herself forget because she’s still scared of the memories and ashamed she didn’t have the strength to leave him. Lani refuses to let Paulina take the blame when she was TR’s victim and she did find the strength to leave to protect herself and her which took incredible courage. Paulina asks what she did with it since she let TR back in to her life and in to Lani’s life, then he hurt them all. Paulina cries that she won’t let TR hurt her baby girl anymore. Lani gets up and hugs Paulina. Paulina pleads with Lani to let her do this for her. Lani says she can’t. Paulina asks her to let her do it for Eli, Abe, and the twins then because they all need Lani and they can get along without her just fine. Lani cries that she can’t get along without her as she needs her. Paulina argues that she needs Lani to let her do this for her. Paulina declares there is not another word to say about it.

Eli asks Abe what exactly he heard. Abe says after TR hit him, he went down and he thinks he heard Paulina say “what have you done”. Abe wonders why she would say that. Eli asks if Abe thinks Lani shot TR.

Eric goes to leave the Brady Pub with his bag packed but runs in to Xander. Eric tries to walk away but Xander asks him not to. Xander says he knows Eric hates him but he’s desperate and really needs his help.

Nicole comes out of her bedroom to a knock at the door. She answers the door to see Sarah, who says she is here to take her baby home, leaving Nicole confused.

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