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At the police department, Shawn introduces Belle to his new partner, Jada. Belle welcomes her to Salem and says it’s nice to meet her. Belle apologizes for interrupting and says she will let them get back but Jada says she was just on her way out as she has somewhere to be, so Shawn is all Belle’s. Jada then exits the station. Shawn tells Belle that he hopes it’s alright that he referred to her as his wife. Belle admits it was nice to hear and that she missed it.

Eric runs in to Nicole outside the Brady Pub. Eric asks about her ankle. Nicole mentions being ready to ditch her crutches. Nicole tells Eric that he looks good and asks if he’s wearing a new shirt which he confirms. Nicole guesses he’s going all out for his big date.

Rafe asks Gabi when she became such a cynic about love. Gabi suggests maybe when her husband was shot and killed. Rafe points out that Gabi found love with Jake but Gabi says it wasn’t the same and she realizes she was trying to recreate what she had with his twin brother. Rafe encourages her not to give up on finding love and asks what about Li. Gabi just isn’t sure about it as they are having fun and she likes him, but she doesn’t know if they will ever really be a thing. Rafe says they never know and points out that Gabi and Stefan didn’t love each other at first. Gabi admits that they hated each others’ guts but somehow they fell in love and were so happy, then he was just gone. Gabi calls it not fair and asks why she couldn’t have gotten more time with Stefan.

Dr. Rolf is surprised to see Li Shin enter his lab, then states that he was wondering when Li might look in. Li responds that he likes to keep up with all of DiMera’s assets. Li reveals that he was the one watching over the lab while Dr. Rolf was in prison as he says he hoped Rolf found everything in working order when he returned. Rolf confirms that Li’s medical staff did an adequate job and thanks him for funding the lab while he was in prison. Li asks what could be more important than saving the life of Stefano DiMera’s son.

Brady and Chloe go to leave right as Kristen arrives at the door. Kristen comments on just coming from the Basic Black office and no one was there, then she finds them here together. Kristen questions their excuse for abandoning work. Brady points out that they could say the same for her as she’s been missing for a day and a half, so he questions where Kristen has been.

Li tells Dr. Rolf that it’s funny as when he first discovered the funding for this secret lab, he had all these ideas of what it might be for like nuclear weapons, a cure for cancer, or something far more sinister, but then he came here and found Stefan DiMera being kept alive by a mechanical heart. Li calls it far more fantastical and creepier than he imagined. Li admits he saw opportunity and the possibility to leverage some power in the family since this is Stefano’s son and his namesake which has to be worth something. Li confirms that he continued to fund the operation while waiting for Dr. Rolf’s release from prison. Rolf assures that he did the right thing. Li questions if he did and if it was a good idea to place all this trust in Dr. Rolf, only to find out that he’s been holding out on him. Dr. Rolf says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Li assumes that Dr. Rofl was just about to tell him then that he put Jake’s heart in Stefan’s body. Dr. Rolf questions what made him think he’s done such a thing. Li responds that he’s no doctor and makes jokes then reveals that he installed surveillance cameras while Rolf was away, so he watched as Rolf and Kristen wheeled in Jake’s lifeless body and wheeled him back out later with a scar down his chest. Dr. Rolf claims he was just about to tell him, but he didn’t think it was prudent until he was certain the procedure was a success so he thought it was best to keep it between he and Kristen. Dr. Rolf assures that no one else knows, not even Stefan’s brothers. Li warns Dr. Rolf to never keep him out of the loop again. Li adds that he would hate for Rolf’s funding to dry up and all of his work to just disappear. Li then asks Dr. Rolf if the surgery was a success. Dr. Rolf calls it a great success and says they just need to give Stefan time to adjust to his new heart. Li asks how much time they are talking about. Rolf guesses an hour or two and then Stefan O. DiMera will make his return to the living. Li calls it very impressive, but he’s afraid that doesn’t work for him.

Gabi questions all the romantic advice from Rafe and asks if he’s an expert now that he’s married. Rafe asks if it’s such a crime to want her to be as happy as she is. Gabi assures that she’s happy enough. Gabi promises not to be a pessimist and to try to believe that she will find love again. Gabi admits that maybe she and Li will get serious since they do have a great time together and the sex is off the charts. Rafe doesn’t want to hear about that. Gabi jokes that he was the one poking around her love life. Gabi adds that her one complaint is that Li is a little hard to read, so she’s not sure if he’s just guarded or if he has something to hide. Rafe doesn’t like that but Gabi says it’s probably nothing as she tends to just read too much into things. Gabi tells Rafe about how she heard Li saying “I love you” on the phone and thought secret girlfriend, but it was his mother. Gabi remarks that she is the Evel Knievel of jumping to conclusions while Rafe notes that she’s not alone..

Eric asks how Nicole knew about his date. Nicole explains that she went to the station to see Rafe and overheard Eric and Jada making plans. Eric asks why she didn’t say hello. Nicole doesn’t think Jada would’ve been thrilled by his ex-wife interrupting and asks if anything could be more awkward. Jada then approaches and greets them. Jada apologizes for being early but explains that she was trapped in an awkward position at the station and needed to get the hell out of there. Nicole remarks that she knows the feeling.

Shawn asks what brought Belle to the station. Belle responds that she knew it was his first day back and she wanted to see how he was doing. Shawn admits he had a rough night and imagined the baby crying but realized he wasn’t there. Belle says she’s so sorry. Shawn is glad to be back at work to take his mind off of it. Shawn asks how her morning was. Belle says it was pretty crazy as she had to resolve a lot of legal issues around Jake DiMera’s death.

Kristen informs Brady and Chloe that her brother was shot to death and she wasn’t aware that she needed an employee’s permission to take time off to mourn him. Chloe says she’s really sorry about what happened to Jake but she didn’t think they were close. Kristen responds that she’s not talking to her and that she came to talk to Brady in private. Brady tells Kristen not to treat Chloe like that. Kristen remarks that now that she’s overseeing their company, she can treat Chloe however she likes while she’s on the clock. Kristen asks Chloe to send her a file right away and threatens to write her up if not. Chloe says she’d be more than happy to send the file. Chloe kisses Brady and then exits. Brady asks Kristen if that’s necessary. Kristen says no but it’s fun. Brady points out that they are in private now, so he questions what she wants to talk about. Kristen says she wants to talk about them.

Belle informs Shawn that Jake apparently married Ava before he died and he didn’t leave a will, so she inherited all of his DiMera stock. Belle adds that EJ wasn’t pleased. Shawn asks how things are with her and EJ. Belle admits they are awkward but cordial as this was the first time they’d seen each other since she ended things. Belle notes that EJ did ask if she and Shawn were getting back together and she told him the truth that she doesn’t know. Belle tells Shawn that she does know that she loves him and she would like to move back home.

Eric and Jada go to the Brady Pub for their date. Jada mentions it being awkward when Shawn introduced her to his wife and asks if Eric knows her. Eric reveals that Belle is his sister and Shawn is his brother-in-law but unfortunately they are separated. Jada realizes that’s what Shawn meant when he said the marriage was complicated. Eric encourages that Jada will love working with Shawn as he’s a good guy. Eric reminds Jada about working on her living situation and offers to go show her the room upstairs. Jada agrees and says they’ll do business first then have their lunch date after, so Eric goes to get the key from behind the bar.

Nicole watches through the Pub window until Chloe comes by and startles her. When Chloe asks what she was doing, Nicole claims that she was just fixing her makeup. Chloe tells Nicole that she and Brady just had a run-in with Kristen and she left Brady with her as Kristen is asking for the latest files on the Marina project. Chloe asks if Nicole has them which she confirms that she does on her laptop. Chloe asks if Nicole can e-mail the files to her now, so she can go save Brady from Kristen. Nicole agrees to do so and suggests they go in to the Pub together to do it which Chloe agrees to. When Nicole and Chloe enter the Pub, Nicole sees Eric taking Jada upstairs.

Rafe tells Gabi about how he saw Nicole in Eric’s arms and lost it. Rafe says that Eric had just rescued Nicole from a life threatening situation and all he could think was “get your damn hands off of her”. Rafe admits his jealousy didn’t end there because he had to go after the guy who attacked Nicole and that’s when Eric volunteered to take Nicole to the hospital and make sure she got checked out. Rafe didn’t like seeing them together like that and asks Gabi if he’s just being an insecure fool but Gabi says not necessarily.

Dr. Rolf thought he and Li were on the same page that they must do everything possible to revive Stefano’s namesake. Li says he was totally on board at first, but since then, he’s become personally involved with Stefan’s widow which surprises Rolf. Li states that they’ve become pretty close over the last few months and if Gabi suddenly finds her long lost love alive, she’ll go running in to his arms in an instant and he’ll be left out in the cold. Li declares that he is not about to let that happen. Rolf asks what he is suggesting. Li tells Dr. Rolf that he needs their patient to have an unexpected setback. Rolf questions if he’s asking him to pull the plug on Stefan.

Eric brings Jada to her room above the Pub. He notes that it’s nothing fancy but the rent is reasonable. Eric offers to throw in a family discount as well. Jada asks which room is Eric’s. He says he’s literally right down the hall, so she can call if she needs anything. Jada asks if that won’t be an issue, joking what if their date is a disaster. Eric assures they will be fine. Jada asks if she can change the artwork on the walls which Eric says is no problem. Jada then asks how soon she can move in. Eric hands her the keys.

Chloe and Nicole sit together at the Pub. Nicole says she can’t believe this. Chloe thinks she’s talking about Kristen but Nicole says she’s talking about Eric as he’s on a date with the new detective Jada Hunter. Chloe asks what the problem is. Nicole points out that they just went upstairs on their first date. Chloe questions Nicole thinking they are having sex and points out that Eric is not the type of guy to jump in bed with someone he just met. Nicole points out that he just got out of the priesthood. Chloe asks what’s it to her if she was right, since Nicole is married to Rafe.

Gabi tells Rafe that she’s not saying he has anything to worry about but it’s only natural to feel a little threatened by Eric since he and Nicole were each others’ first loves and they obviously have a strong bond that could never be broken. Rafe complains about that but Gabi points out that Nicole and Eric had their shot at happily ever after and it ended in divorce. Rafe admits he would feel so much better if Eric was still a priest and living halfway around the world. Gabi tells Rafe not to sell himself short as he’s a catch too and any woman would be lucky to have him . Gabi states that Nicole made a very smart choice as she hugs Rafe.

Dr. Rolf complains that this is Stefano DiMera’s son, so he refuses to end Stefan’s life and he won’t let Li do it either. Rolf threatens to fight him over it but Li tells him to relax because he’s no killer. Li says he’s merely asking Rolf to slow down Stefan’s recovery. Li says he can bring him back to life eventually, just not today, because he needs more time to strategize how to deal with Stefan’s return, both personally and professionally. Dr. Rolf asks about Kristen since he told her to expect Stefan’s resurrection in a couple hours. Li responds that science is tricky and tells him to just tell Kristen that he made a slight miscalculation. Dr. Rolf argues that he never miscalculates. Li doesn’t care what he tells Kristen, but declares that until he says otherwise, Stefan DiMera remains on ice.

Brady tells Kristen that there is no them so the conversation is over. Kristen argues that whether he likes it or not, there will always be a them because they share a child and she’s waited long enough to see her, so it’s time that Brady brings Rachel back from California. Brady argues that Rachel is having a really good time there with Tate and Theresa. Kristen complains about Theresa and calls it not fair that she’s finally free but still can’t see her daughter. Kristen says she misses her little girl and she knows Rachel misses her too. Brady gives in and agrees to bring Rachel home, but says he’s not about to start taking demands from her about her since he still has full custody. Brady acknowledges that Kristen has always been a good mother to her, so he may be willing to re-examine their custody arrangement and give her shared custody under the condition that she resign from Basic Black and leave he and Chloe alone.

Shawn is surprised that Belle wants to move back home. Belle explains that she knows he’s hurting, so she wants to be there for him and thought they could work on their marriage. Belle adds that she’s not expecting things to just go back to the way they were and offers to sleep in Claire’s room at first. Shawn says that at least she will be home and they’ll be under the same roof again. Belle thinks it’s a good place to start and Shawn agrees.

Nicole tells Chloe that she still cares about Eric and doesn’t want him to get hurt. Chloe questions thinking Jada is going to break Eric’s heart already when they just met. Nicole agrees that he barely knows her. Chloe makes jokes, so Nicole says she’s not helping at all. Eric and Jada come back downstairs. Chloe jokes that it must have been pretty quick. Eric and Jada go over and greet them. Eric introduces Jada to Chloe. Chloe recognizes seeing Jada around the Salem Inn. Jada confirms that’s where she had been staying while Eric informs that she’ll be renting a room upstairs now and he just finished giving her the tour. Chloe says that’s nice while looking at Nicole. Jada tells Chloe that she hopes to see her again sometime outside the Salem Inn. Eric and Jada then exit. Chloe comments that Jada seems lovely and points out to Nicole that they weren’t having sex. Nicole then remarks that they are just living together.

Dr. Rolf questions how long Li wants him to keep Stefan sedated. Li says they’ll have to play it by ear for now because things at DiMera have been a little chaotic over the past few years. Li wants to make sure Stefan’s return has the desired impact as it’s supposed to be good for the company and his relationship with Gabi. Dr. Rolf remarks that he never liked Gabi. Li says he’s aware as he nearly got Gabi thrown in prison a few years ago after purposely giving her the wrong drug for Jake. Dr. Rolf admits he enjoyed playing mind games with Gabi. Rolf adds that he never comprehended what Stefan saw in Gabi and that she wasn’t right for him. Li agrees with that and calls it all the more reason to go along with his plan. Li declares that after he solidifies his relationship with Gabi, she will want nothing to do with Stefan. Dr. Rolf says he has no problem giving Stefan more time to heal, but he’s not the one pushing and he doesn’t like the idea of lying to Kristen because she scares him. Li acknowledges that Kristen is a wildcard, but assures him that he is the one Rolf should be afraid of.

Kristen questions Brady using their daughter as leverage against her. Brady argues that she forced his hand. Brady doesn’t want to negotiate with her like this, but she decided to insinuate herself in to his work place. Kristen argues that she has to make a living. Brady complains that she just wants to torment he and Chloe and he’s not going to sit around and let her harass the woman he loves. Brady declares that if Kristen wants custody of her daughter, she will quit. Kristen laughs and admits she’s impressed as that was a gutsy move and something she would do, which she respects. Brady asks if they have a deal then, but Kristen says no and tells him to take his deal and shove it.

Shawn tells Belle that he’s really happy that she can come back home and he thinks it’s best that they take it slowly. Belle is glad they are on the same page. Belle adds that for months she thought Jan’s baby was the source of all their problems and admits there were times that she wished the baby wasn’t part of their lives, but she never wanted Shawn to lose him like that. Shawn thanks her and says he appreciates that.

Nicole goes to see Rafe in his office. Rafe calls it a nice surprise. Nicole says she was missing her husband and wanted to come say hi. Rafe informs Nicole that he met Gabi’s new man, Li Shin and asks about Nicole working with him. Nicole says he’s attended a few Basic Black meetings and seems like a good guy. Rafe hopes she’s not upset, but he did invite them over for dinner sometime soon. Nicole says that sounds good. Rafe asks how her morning is going. Nicole claims it’s pretty good with nothing unusual…

Eric and Jada go to the Bistro for their date. Jada comments to Eric that it’s nice that he and his ex-wife get along so well compared to it being total drama for her and her ex. Eric asks about her being married. Jada confirms she was for several years. Eric asks what happened. Jada explains that they were both very career driven and saw each other less and less. Jada says when they were together, all they did was argue.

Brady can’t believe Kristen was willing to give up custody of her daughter out of sheer pettiness. Kristen asks who says she’s willing to give up custody. Kristen explains that now that she has a full pardon from the Governor, she planned to open up their arrangement anyway since any decent lawyer should be able to get her shared custody now that her record is wiped clean. Brady says he will fight it. Kristen tells him that he will lose. Kristen refuses to quit her job, especially now that she needs to provide for Rachel. Brady guesses he’ll see her in court then. Kristen says she’s looking forward to it and tells him to let her know when Rachel is back in town. Kristen then exits.

Belle tells Shawn that she will bring her things over after work. Shawn says he will make dinner. Belle suggests they sit outside and eat as she missed her garden. Shawn calls that perfect as Belle says she’ll see him tonight and then she exits the station.

Eric and Jada toast to new beginnings.

Chloe returns to Brady and asks how things went with Kristen. Brady responds he tried to get her to quit but she didn’t go for it. Chloe guesses things are never going to be easy with Kristen. Brady says he may have lost this round, but promises to never let Kristen come between them. Brady then kisses Chloe.

Kristen returns to Dr. Rolf’s lab and asks if he’s ready to wake Stefan up. Rolf claims he’s been monitoring Stefan’s vitals and his numbers aren’t where he’d like them to be, so he thinks they should wait. Kristen questions for how long. Rolf says it could be awhile. Kristen doesn’t like what she is hearing. Rolf encourages that the Phoenix will still rise from the ashes, but only when the time is right.

Li returns to his room at the Salem Inn where Gabi has decorated. Li comments that she’s making herself at home and he loves it as they kiss. Li is glad he got to meet her brother today and is sorry he had to run. Gabi says Rafe is very serious about them having dinner together. Li asks if Gabi is okay taking that step. Gabi asks why she wouldn’t be. Li tells Gabi that he’s all in, but he wasn’t sure if she was. Gabi responds that she’s given it a lot of thought and she wants to see where this relationship can go. Li tells her that she has no idea how happy he is to hear that as they hug.

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