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Update written by Joseph

Stephanie works at the Spectator. She looks behind her at the empty desk and then grabs her phone to call Everett but it goes straight to voicemail again. Stephanie leaves a message that she’s starting to worry as she asks where he is.

In the interrogation room, Rafe and Jada question Marlena knowing why Everett acted so strangely and attacked Eric unprovoked. Marlena says she can’t give them information from their therapy sessions but just from what she gathered here since she is no longer his psychiatrist. Jada asks if she has a possible diagnosis. Marlena says it would only be based on what they saw in this room. Rafe remarks that it was like he was two very different people. Jada and Marlena agree that it was like he was Bobby and Everett, two very different people who live inside his head.

Johnny and Chanel have coffee and breakfast in the town square. Johnny talks about Chanel being over her morning sickness. Chanel talks about being excited about the baby. Johnny says he’s excited to. Chanel says screw fear, doubt, and worry as she’s deciding that she’s done living in dread over what being exposed to radiation may or may not have done to their baby. Chanel announces that she wants to tell all of their friends and family that they are expecting and she hopes they are all just as happy. Chanel asks what Johnny says to that.

Nicole sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion when she gets a text from Holly, apologizing for what she said and their fight, adding that she hopes Nicole can forgive her. Nicole smiles and texts back that she loves her. EJ then enters with a tray of food and asks if Nicole is alright. Nicole responds that she’s relieved because she just got a text from Holly, saying she was sorry for what she said to her. EJ says she knew Holly would come around eventually. EJ then gets a call from Rita. EJ angrily tells her that he told her not to bother him today unless it was urgent. EJ tells Rita to set it up for Monday Morning and orders her not to call again as he hangs up. Nicole questions how EJ snapped at Rita which EJ says is nothing new. Nicole says she’s never heard him speak to her like that. EJ says she’ll be fine. Nicole is sure Rita is thrown like she was and says she can tell something is upsetting him. EJ promises he’s fine but Nicole doesn’t buy it and asks what has him so wound up.

Eric tells Sloan that he knows Jude isn’t their son biologically and that she’s still mourning the loss of their child. Sloan stops him and declares that Jude isn’t their son biologically or otherwise. Eric asks if there’s something wrong with the adoption. Sloan says no, so Eric asks what it is. Sloan says she’s trying to tell him what she did with Jude. Eric worries that she had a lot to drink last night and goes to get her some water but Sloan stops him and announces that Jude is Nicole and EJ’s baby, as their baby didn’t die but is very much alive and is right there, leaving Eric in shock. Eric calls it not possible but Sloan reveals it’s true and she lied the whole time. Eric asks why. Sloan responds that she didn’t want to lose him.

Chanel asks if Johnny doesn’t want her to tell people that she’s pregnant. Johnny says he wants to tell people eventually. Chanel guesses he wants to wait until they are sure the baby is okay and the radiation didn’t cause any issues. Chanel says she gets that but she’s sick of the what if’s when their baby could be perfectly fine. Chanel encourages focusing on the positives instead and asks if they should throw a party at the DiMera Mansion to announce they are expecting or a video on social media. Johnny suggests slowing down but Chanel wants to enjoy every moment of the pregnancy and says they can’t do that until they stop treating it like a deep, dark secret. Johnny responds that it’s not just the scare of the radiation exposure that makes him hesitant to tell people. Chanel asks what the other reason is. Johnny points out that it wasn’t so long ago that EJ and Nicole lost their baby. Chanel suggests that maybe EJ and Nicole finding out they have a grandchild on the way will be the news they need to start to heal. Chanel points out that they are going to have to tell them sometime and she’s going to start showing before long. Chanel declares that their baby is here to stay, so it’s time to start thinking about the future.

Nicole wants an explanation as to why EJ bit Rita’s head off on the phone and why he’s acting all edgy and anxious. EJ insists that it’s not a big deal. EJ guesses he was hoping that Paulina was calling to say she came to her senses and would keep him on as district attorney but that’s not going to happen as she was final in her decision. Nicole calls it Paulina’s loss since EJ was good at the job. EJ agrees and declares that when he has Paulina recalled as Mayor, she will rue the day that she crossed a DiMera. Nicole tells EJ that he will have plenty of time to figure out how to extract his non-violent revenge against Paulina, but reminds him they are supposed to be relaxing this afternoon. Nicole calls him over to massage his neck and questions why he keeps checking his watch. EJ claims there’s no reason but Nicole demands an answer as to why he’s so on edge. EJ responds that he’s expecting a delivery.

Eric questions Sloan taking another woman’s child because she was afraid to lose him. Sloan says she was grieving after the miscarriage and being told she was infertile while knowing how much it meant to Eric to be a father. Sloan thought if she couldn’t give him a child, he would leave her and she wanted to have a family with him so badly. Sloan talks about being so happy and relieved when he agreed to adopt, like they had been given a second chance. Eric complains that his head is spinning. Sloan reveals that the adoption fell through at the very last minute because the parents pulled out after they looked into her background and didn’t want a horrible person like her raising their child. Sloan cries that she was devastated to lose their second chance and then Dimitri Von Leuschner showed up at her doorstep with a baby. Eric recalls Dimitri and Leo delivering Nicole’s baby on the roadside and Dimitri was supposed to take the baby to the hospital. Sloan explains that he couldn’t because he was on the run and the hospital was swarming with cops, so when she saw the baby boy, she decided to keep him. Sloan saw it as their last chance at being parents, at happiness, and her last chance to hold onto Eric. Sloan says that’s when she made the choice to take Nicole’s baby as their baby.

Marlena informs Rafe and Jada that she thinks Everett has Dissociative Identity Disorder. Rafe recalls Abigail having that. Marlena calls it very rare and often misdiagnosed, noting that it usually happens because of some early childhood trauma. Marlena thinks Everett may have lashed out at Eric because he was triggered by something in his own childhood which led him to turn in to Bobby. Jada says this would explain so much. Rafe thinks they should call Stephanie to warn her since she posted his bail. Jada calls Stephanie and asks if she’s seen Everett today since he’s been out on bail. Stephanie responds that she hasn’t but she’s been trying to reach him and he’s not picking up. Stephanie asks if Jada knows where he is. Jada says she doesn’t but some new information has come to light, so she asks Stephanie to come to the police station to discuss some things.

Nicole questions what kind of delivery EJ is expecting. EJ says it’s nothing Nicole needs to concern herself for now. Nicole asks about him being so cryptic. They start to kiss until Johnny and Chanel walk in and greet them. Johnny tells EJ that he hadn’t gotten to talk to him since he lost his district attorney job and he’s sorry about that. EJ says he appreciates that. Chanel says the same and that she would put in a good word for him, but her and Paulina are not on the best of terms. EJ supposes that even Chanel thinks Paulina was in the wrong for leaving isolation and subjecting her and others to radiation. Chanel confirms that she does, especially because she’s pregnant.

Eric asks Sloan if this is a horrible nightmare that isn’t true. Sloan wishes it was. Eric asks about the DNA test results that proved Nicole and EJ weren’t Jude’s parents. Sloan admits the results were tampered with by her. Sloan assures her heart is broken and that Eric’s is probably more than her. Sloan wishes she didn’t have to tell him this. Eric asks why she is telling him now then. Sloan thinks back to EJ’s warning. Sloan then tells Eric that she’s coming clean now because she had to. Eric demands to know why. Sloan claims it’s because Eric was getting closer and closer to the truth and every time she put out a fire, another would pop up. Eric asks what she’s talking about. Sloan reveals that Leo knew the truth since he delivered the baby on the side of the road which is why he felt such a bond with Jude and then Dimitri told him. Eric realizes that Leo was going to tell him at the Salem Inn that night and he said he had news to share with Nicole. Sloan admits that’s why Nicole felt such a bond with Jude as she must have just sensed it. Eric argues that Sloan shunned Nicole and accused her of kidnapping her child when she knew all along that Jude was Nicole’s child and her baby was alive. Eric complains that Sloan put Nicole and EJ through Hell by making them think their child was dead. Sloan screams that she did it because she loves Eric. Eric tells her not to tell him that she loves him or Jude because nobody would’ve done that. Eric declares that Sloan is incapable of love.

Jada tells Marlena that out of all her years as a detective, she’s never come across anyone with D.I.D. and didn’t even think it was real. Marlena says there’s a lot of myths about it but confirms it is real. Marlena talks about Abigail suffering from it and the difficulties her and Chad had with it. Marlena mentions Abigail being successfully treated for it, so she believes Everett can be as well. Rafe points out that nobody knows where Everett is now. Stephanie then arrives and assumes they are talking about her bailing out Everett which Rafe confirms. Stephanie asks why she shouldn’t have and what’s going on.

Nicole congratulates Johnny and Chanel, telling them how exciting this is. Nicole then realizes EJ already knew and questions if they didn’t tell her because they didn’t think she could handle it. Johnny explains that they weren’t telling anyone and he only told EJ in confidence. Chanel adds that as soon as they started telling people, they wanted her to be the first to know. Nicole calls that sweet and excitedly tells them that they will be great parents. EJ asks for a private father-son talk with Johnny, so they step out of the room.

Eric questions how Sloan could do this to EJ and Nicole and to him. Sloan knows it was terrible and repeats that she did it because she loves him but Eric doesn’t want to hear it. Sloan hugs Eric and cries that she did it for them. Eric yells at her to stop as she repeats that she loves him. Eric pulls away and goes to Jude to ask if he’s ready to go. Sloan questions what he’s doing. Eric declares that he’s going to take Jude back to his real parents.

Stephanie can’t believe it as she hears about Everett having D.I.D. Jada talks about how it makes sense and everything he did to hurt her was because his other personality didn’t know the other one existed, so it was because of his illness. Stephanie says now the question is what do they do to help him. Marlena responds that he first must admit he needs help. Stephanie brings up Marlena discharging Everett from her care which Marlena clarifies never happened as she urged him to stay in treatment. Stephanie realizes that Everett lied to her. Marlena confirms that Everett is resistant to getting help because he’s terribly frightened, but says that is where Stephanie comes in.

EJ argues that Johnny isn’t thinking straight and questions why he would make this decision when he knows it’s a catastrophic decision. Johnny argues that it’s none of EJ’s business. EJ complains that it was when he flew in the specialist from Switzerland. Johnny argues that EJ only did that to try and control their decision. EJ disagrees and says he was trying to be helpful. Johnny tells EJ to be helpful then, pointing out that Chanel is excited and happy about the baby as she has chosen to be optimistic and to believe the baby will be a blessing no matter what. EJ asks if Johnny has also chosen to believe that. Johnny responds that he has and he’s trying to be happy and excited. EJ argues that he knows Johnny is having serious misgivings about this. Johnny admits he’s a little worried as he doesn’t know if going through with the pregnancy is the right thing but he doesn’t know if it’s his place to say so, since Chanel is carrying the child and she is his wife so he won’t just overrule her. EJ repeats that he thinks he’s making a terrible mistake. Johnny says he’s entitled to his opinion but declares that if it makes his wife happy, it’s never a mistake to him.

Nicole gives Chanel a baby book that she got at her baby shower. Nicole thought she gave away all the gifts she got but came across this. Chanel tells her that she’s really grateful and calls it their first baby gift. Chanel knows it must be really hard for Nicole. Nicole admits it is but it’s because seeing how excited Chanel is reminds her of how excited she was to raise another child. Nicole assures that she’s very happy for her. Chanel thanks her as they hug.

Eric begins packing a bag. Sloan starts to cry over Jude but Eric tells her to stay away from him. Sloan wants to say goodbye to Jude but Eric says she doesn’t get to do that and orders her not to say another word.

Nicole apologizes to Chanel for falling apart when they have such wonderful news. EJ and Johnny come back in. EJ asks what’s wrong. Nicole explains that she just got emotional which Chanel says is understandable. Nicole says she should be focusing on the positive and their baby will bring so much joy to their lives. Johnny suggests they head upstairs. Chanel thanks Nicole for her kindness and says she’ll see them later as she and Johnny exit. EJ wishes he could take Nicole’s pain away. Nicole responds that no one can, but she does seem to move forward since she has a daughter, a husband, and a new job, but she has to accept the fact that the pain is always going to be there and will never go away. EJ hugs her and checks his watch again.

Eric tearfully says goodbye to Jude and talks about how much he will miss him, but it’s time to meet his real parents. Eric picks up Jude and tells Sloan not to think about leaving because he will be back and she will pay for what she has done. Eric then exits with Jude, leaving Sloan in tears.

Stephanie says she wants to help Everett in any way she can but questions what she can do. Marlena responds that the most effective treatment for D.I.D. is intense psychotherapy. Jada adds that is if Everett or Bobby is open to being helped. Stephanie guesses Marlena hopes that she can convince him to get back in to treatment. Marlena thinks she is the best shot they have since they are friends and he trusts her. Stephanie agrees to do whatever she can. Marlena calls it the first step. Stephanie asks if there’s any particular strategy to persuade Everett that he has to get help. Marlena thinks the best strategy is to proceed carefully since if he senses she’s forcing him, he will become defiant and resistant. Stephanie says she understands. Marlena warns that they have to proceed very carefully. Rafe points out that first, they have to find him.

Johnny and Chanel go to their bedroom. Johnny asks how it felt to finally tell people about the pregnancy. Chanel notes that EJ and Nicole are family, so it felt right. Chanel asks what EJ had to talk to him about in private. Johnny says since EJ hired the specialist, he knows about all the dangers and risks of the radiation. Chanel asks what EJ said, so Johnny claims that EJ just told him they don’t have to worry about the bills and he’ll have it all covered. Chanel is surprised and calls that really kind of him. Johnny asks about Chanel’s talk with Nicole. Chanel says it was so sad. Chanel shows Johnny the baby book that Nicole gave her from her baby shower as she couldn’t bring herself to get rid of it. Johnny says it was sweet of Nicole to give it to her. Chanel worries that Nicole is still in such terrible pain and grieving the baby boy that she and EJ lost. Chanel feels them having a baby is going to make it harder for Nicole to heal as it will be a constant reminder of her loss. Johnny says there is no avoiding that but Chanel suggests they could move out and get their own place.

Sloan picks up Jude’s stuffed bear that was left behind and holds it as she cries.

EJ and Nicole sit together in the living room. EJ says he hopes she’s feeling better. Nicole says she is and thanks him for taking such good care of her. EJ says that’s what he loves to do. The doorbell rings so EJ says he’ll get it. Nicole says maybe it’s the delivery he’s expecting. EJ says they will see and goes to answer the door to see Eric with Jude. Nicole joins EJ at the door as EJ asks what brings Eric by. Nicole greets Eric and asks what he’s doing here. Eric remains silent so Nicole asks what’s going on. Eric reveals to Nicole that her son didn’t die and announces that Jude is her son. Eric hands Jude over to Nicole. Nicole is shocked as EJ smiles while Eric looks on in tears.

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Days Update Thursday, May 23, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Eric picks up Jude from the Brady Pub and exits wearing sunglasses, then runs in to Marlena, who notes him being out early. Eric explains that he was just picking up Jude since Roman and Kate watched him for them last night. Marlena points out that she and John would love to do that as well any time they need. Eric says he has to get going but Marlena stops him and demands that he remove his sunglasses, so he does, revealing a black eye. Marlena questions what happened to him. Eric responds that Everett Lynch happened.

Melinda goes to Sloan’s. Sloan tells Melinda that she has to help her before Eric gets home. Sloan reveals that last night, EJ gave her 24 hours to tell Eric the truth that Jude is Nicole’s baby and he wants her to lie to Eric by saying that EJ is the father, so that Eric loses everything. Melinda is shocked and worries that Eric will have her arrested. Melinda brings up that Sloan and EJ had a deal. Sloan explains that was before EJ saw Nicole drunkenly kissing Eric last night, so he thinks it will take a baby to cement their marriage now. Melinda questions him being that insecure. Sloan says that EJ understands the bond Eric and Nicole share as much as she does. Sloan feels that there has to be a way to stop EJ. Melinda worries that Sloan has to keep her name out of this because if EJ finds out she’s involved, she will lose everything too.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ finishes a call as he heads in to the living room where Nicole is. Nicole asks how he’s doing. EJ responds that it’s her he’s concerned about and he had no idea she was up. Nicole says hangovers end eventually, but he still hasn’t told her how he’s doing. EJ responds that he’s fine and asks why she would think otherwise. Nicole then reveals the news article on Paulina relieving EJ of his duties as district attorney, effective immediately. Nicole tells EJ that she’s so sorry.

At the Spectator, Chad finishes a call saying that he put out a call to EJ for a comment but hasn’t heard back. Stephanie then arrives so Chad asks how Paulina is and thanks her for the scoop. Chad mentions that Everett is usually in by now but he hasn’t heard from him. Stephanie doubts anyone has heard from him. Chad says he’ll give him a call but Stephanie says not to bother because she knows where he is.

Everett lays in the bed of a jail cell, frustrated.

At the police station, Rafe is on the phone with Harris, questioning him needing more personal days. Rafe says he’ll call him back and hangs up as Jade reveals that the assault arrest from last night was Robert Stein.

Stephanie tells Chad about Everett punching Eric in the face, explaining the situation with Sloan and next thing they knew, Everett was in the middle of it and decked Eric. Stephanie can only assume that Everett thought Eric was a threat which Chad questions. Stephanie adds that it was chaos by the time the police showed up and she couldn’t get a statement before Everett was handcuffed and taken away. Stephanie feels bad and argues that they didn’t have to arrest Everett when he was only trying to help. Chad asks if she’s sure about that.

Eric tells Marlena about Sloan being drunk and he was trying to get her home, but Everett thought he was manhandling her and tried to help her out. Eric says Sloan is home now, waiting for him, so Marlena tells him to go ahead as they hug. Marlena asks Eric to be careful as he walks away.

Sloan questions Melinda saying she’d lose everything. Melinda explains that Paulina fired EJ and gave her back her old job as district attorney and they know EJ will be out for blood if he even has a hint that she’s involved in this. Sloan assures that she told EJ she took care of all the adoption paperwork herself. Sloan wants to think of something to get her out of this sticky corner but Melinda declares that EJ has her beat.

Nicole can’t believe EJ was fired and asks why he didn’t tell her. EJ thought it could wait, pointing out that she wasn’t in condition to process news last night which Nicole admits. EJ says that’s all behind her now as today is a new day and yesterday is a memory. Nicole flashes back to kissing Eric and then agrees with EJ. Nicole says she feels terrible for not being there for EJ while EJ feels terrible for not being there after her fight with Holly as if he was, she might not have gotten drunk and Eric wouldn’t have felt the need to play hero.

Rafe and Jada go over that Everett decked Eric and when arrested, told police that his name was Robert Stein but they booked him as Everett Lynch because that’s what his ID says, though he kept insisting his name was Robert Stein. Rafe says the plot thickens. Jada wonders if Marlena could help since she is his therapist. Rafe agrees that it couldn’t hurt to call, so Jada then calls Marlena. Marlena asks if everything is alright. Jada informs her that she has one of her patients in custody at the police station, so she hoped she could come see him. Marlena says she has free time now and asks who the patient is. Jada responds that it’s Everett Lynch, but he insisted he’s Robert Stein. Marlena then reveals that she’s no longer seeing him. Jada notes that Stephanie mentioned she discharged him but Marlena clarifies that Everett actually quit against her advice. Jada asks if she could come see him any way as they would appreciate any help she could give them. Marlena then agrees to come and hangs up.

Sloan tells Melinda that this is no time to give up. Melinda says she wouldn’t if she knew how to help but questions what the hell she can do when EJ is holding all the cards. Sloan cries that she can’t let EJ take Jude and she would be losing Eric forever. Melinda worries that Sloan may have no choice. Sloan insists that there has to be something they haven’t thought of. Sloan calls Eric and Jude her life, so she can’t lose them as they are all she has. Sloan pleads with Melinda to help her beat EJ.

Nicole apologizes to EJ for him not being the one to come get her, but says Eric was hardly being a hero as he was just concerned that she didn’t show up for work. EJ asks if she’s feeling better today about her fight with Holly but Nicole says not really as she keeps going over it in her head and Holly telling her that her babies were lucky to have died to not have a mother like her. Nicole calls that the worst thing she could’ve ever said to her. EJ says he’s so sorry. Nicole says trying to dull the pain in the booze worked while she was wasted, but now she feels plenty of it as EJ hugs her.

Stephanie asks if Chad thinks Everett got what’s coming to him. Chad thinks there tends to be consequences when you go around punching people in the face. Stephanie feels Everett was reacting to what he thought was physical abuse. Chad laughs it off and says he wasn’t there, so he’ll just stay out of it. Stephanie says he will be released soon because she paid his bail. Chad questions why she would pay his bail. Stephanie responds that she wanted to. Stephanie knows that Everett isn’t Chad’s favorite person, but says they have been getting along really well lately. Chad tells Stephanie that he cares about her and Everett has violent tendencies. Stephanie insists that Everett isn’t violent and what happened was just Sloan making a scene and Everett overreacting, but that wasn’t him. Chad asks who it was then, Bobby? Stephanie blames the circumstances while Chad insists that Everett used violence in a situation where it wasn’t needed and asks how she explains that.

Jada visits Everett in his cell. Everett says it’s nice to see her and that she looks really good. Everett asks if it’s a little bit nice to see him too. Jada questions what is going on with him. Rafe joins Jada as Everett says that Jada showing up here is a major upside. Rafe decides that’s enough and demands Everett shut up and turn around. Rafe then enters Everett’s cell and handcuffs him. Jada asks if that’s really necessary. Rafe says she read the report and then escorts Everett out of his cell to go see Marlena. Everett thanks Jada on his way out, leaving her confused.

Chad asks how Stephanie is feeling after all the tequila last night. Stephanie says she’s okay and had some coffee. Chad asks if that’s her hangover cure. Stephanie jokes that it works every time and asks about Chad, feeling he seems a little off. Chad calls her very perceptive. Stephanie asks if he feels like talking about it. Chad explains that the other day, Nicole found notes on a story that Abigail was working on before she died as apparently she was onto Clyde’s drug ring before anyone else was. Chad says it has his head spinning that maybe Abigail’s death wasn’t the accident they all thought it was and that her death wasn’t collateral damage. Chad feels maybe Abigail was the target all along and not Belle. Stephanie knows that Chad thinks he could’ve done something to protect her if he had known. Stephanie assures that he never could’ve predicted what happened and that Abigail wouldn’t want him to beat himself up about it. Stephanie feels Chad needs a positive distraction. Chad informs her that they did finally move back in to the Horton House with Doug and Julie. Stephanie calls that amazing. Chad says Doug and Julie are very happy. Chad adds that he went to he and Abigail’s room at the DiMera Mansion where everything happened. Stephanie asks if he got closure. Chad says maybe, but now that they are back at the Horton House, he’s more sure than ever that it’s where he’s supposed to be as it’s the only place he feels close to Abigail.

Rafe and Jada bring Everett to the interrogation room. Rafe starts by asking him his name. Everett says he went over all of this with the cops last night and responds that his name is Robert Stein. Rafe questions why he insists on them calling him Robert Stein. He responds that that’s his name. Rafe brings up that he’s been going by Everett. Marlena then arrives and asks if she’s interrupting. Everett questions what she’s doing there and then asks why he’s here. Everett questions what is going on.

EJ tells Nicole that he’s sorry that she is hurting, but he knows in time that she and Holly will work things out. Nicole remains unsure. EJ insists that Holly is a teenager and strong-willed like her mother, so she lashed out. EJ encourages that Nicole has showered Holly with love. Nicole talks about keeping Holly away from the guy she loves. EJ feels that Holly will one day realize that being kept from Tate is in her best interest. EJ calls Nicole the most amazing woman he’s ever known and says her battles have made her a strong, independent woman that Holly will come to appreciate. EJ adds that any child would be lucky to call Nicole their mother. Nicole thanks him. EJ promises that she will prove that again.

Melinda asks Sloan to promise not to go on the run with Jude, insisting that she can’t do that. Sloan knows she couldn’t outrun EJ. Sloan says if she does what EJ says and admits that Jude is Nicole’s and make Eric believe the lie that EJ is the father, then EJ will help her disappear. Melinda points out that Sloan would be safe. Sloan acknowledges that Eric would never know the truth that he is Jude’s father. Sloan then argues that she could just say to Hell with EJ since Eric deserves to know the truth. Melinda questions her double crossing EJ and tells her to use her head because screwing over EJ would be screwing herself. Melinda advises Sloan that she needs to start over very far away or else Eric knows he’s a dad and her life is essentially over which is the choice she has to make.

Marlena sits with Everett in the interrogation room and asks how he’s feeling. Everett responds that he’s confused, saying last night is a blur and he has a massive headache. Everett asks if they can just get this done quickly so he can get out of here and start on his hangover cure. Everett questions again why he’s here. Marlena asks what she should call him. He responds that his name is Everett Lynch. Marlena asks if he remembers going by Bobby or by Robert Stein. Everett says he doesn’t and asks why she is asking him this now. Marlena says what’s more important to her is to ask him why he attacked her son Eric.

Sloan shows Melinda a framed photo of her and Eric, pointing out how Eric was completely content because he has all he ever wanted and it finally all came together for him. Sloan says when that was threatened, she paid good money to Leo to keep it that way. Melinda says she knows all of that. Sloan questions if that’s where she went wrong by getting involved in the blackmailing. Melinda understands Sloan was cornered. Sloan states that she loved Eric more than she’s loved anyone in her whole life and she doesn’t want to lose him. Eric then comes home with Jude. Eric is surprised that Sloan is up while Melinda says she was in the neighborhood and couldn’t resist coming to visit Jude. Eric says it might not be the best time so Melinda says she’ll call first next time and get out of their hair. Melinda then exits. Eric guesses it goes without saying that they need to talk, which Sloan agrees with.

Nicole tells EJ that he takes such good care of her. EJ assures that she is always his priority. Nicole feels she’s making a scene when EJ just lost his job that meant a lot to him. EJ says he’ll survive. Nicole asks him not to hide his feelings for her sake. Nicole adds that the article didn’t say why Paulina fired him and she’s been unpredictable these days. Nicole offers to talk to Abe but EJ doesn’t want her fighting his battles for him. EJ acknowledges that she has hit on something in Paulina’s unpredictability which is coming from her health issues and her ill-advised stunt on Smith Island. EJ says he’s heard rumblings about the questionable Salem leadership and he feels this latest act could be the final straw to spark real change. Nicole asks what he’s talking about. EJ declares that he’s going to petition to start a new election, which he would win to become Mayor. Nicole worries that he was busy as district attorney and this will double his work load. EJ says he will delegate and see himself more as the face of the city. EJ decides he will call his assistant Rita to get the ball rolling. Nicole feels it’s so fast and abrupt. EJ asks why procrastinate when you know what you want. EJ declares that acting fast is the best way to get the outcome you desire. EJ then leaves the room as Nicole looks back at her tablet. EJ makes a call to his contact, who informs him that Melinda just left so now it’s just Sloan, Eric, and the baby. EJ says the next person they see leaving should be Sloan on her way to him. EJ orders his contact to stay put and let him know when that happens.

Marlena questions Everett not remembering hitting Eric which he confirms. Everett says the last thing he remembers is downing a shot right as Eric walked in to the bar and he was trying to get through to his wife, who was drinking quite a lot. Everett recalls that Eric kept pressing but Sloan ignored him and they were yelling and then everything goes blank. Rafe and Jada watch through the window. Everett apologizes and wishes he could tell her more. Marlena says they have a few pieces of information so they will start putting those together. Rafe and Jada return to the room as Rafe announces Everett’s bail has been posted. Everett asks for the handcuffs to be removed then as he’d like to go home.

Stephanie tells Chad that bail has been posted so she should be hearing from Everett soon, unless he shows up here at the office. Chad questions her thinking that he’d come straight here after spending the night in jail. Stephanie responds that Everett is a pro and knows he has a job to do, just like he knows that he owes Eric a serious apology especially if they are going to be working together. Chad informs her that he just got off the phone with Julie and he has to go pick up Thomas from soccer practice. Stephanie agrees to keep an eye on the place until Everett arrives. Chad tells her to have Everett call him when he gets in. Chad thanks her and exits.

EJ returns to Nicole and says he thinks Rita is secretly excited about working for the future Mayor, though she is concerned about the extra workload. Nicole says she’s going to go to the office as he starts working on his new endeavor. EJ questions her leaving. Nicole says she didn’t get much done yesterday and she could use the distraction but EJ tells her not to, so Nicole asks why not.

Eric tells Sloan that he wants to talk as one of the most important things in a marriage is communication. Eric asks if it’s him that did something to upset her. Sloan assures that he did not. Sloan then declares that it’s time she tells him the truth about Jude. Eric asks what about their son. Sloan then reveals Jude is not their son.

Marlena asks if Everett wants to go to her office and finish their conversation. Everett thanks her but says it’s been a long day as he then exits. Jada asks Marlena what Everett told her and if he remembered hitting Eric. Marlena says that all he remembers is Eric trying to get Sloan to go home but after that, it’s all blank. Rafe asks if he could’ve been so drunk that he blacked it all out. Marlena doesn’t think drinking had anything to do with what happened last night, but she has a pretty good idea of what’s going on with him.

Nicole knows EJ is worried about her but thinks she’ll go stir crazy sitting around with nothing to do. EJ says it’s not really nothing when they are doing it together. EJ points out that they both had a rough night and suggests they have a relaxing day here with no plans. Nicole questions doing nothing. EJ feels it must sound tempting. Nicole agrees as they hug. EJ tells Nicole that he loves taking care of her. Nicole says she loves being taken care of. EJ repeats that he wishes he was the one who tracked her down and found her drowning her sorrows to bring her back instead of Eric. EJ declares that it’s the two of them now.

Eric tells Sloan that he knows Jude isn’t their son biologically and that she’s still mourning the loss of their child. Sloan stops him and declares that Jude isn’t their son biologically or otherwise. Eric asks if there’s something wrong with the adoption. Sloan says no, so Eric asks what it is. Sloan says she’s trying to tell him what she did with Jude. Eric worries that she had a lot to drink last night and goes to get her some water but Sloan stops him and announces that Jude is Nicole and EJ’s baby, as their baby didn’t die but is very much alive and is right there, leaving Eric in shock.

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Days Update Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Johnny joins Chanel at the Bakery to make sure she had enough to eat. Johnny mentions that she can’t keep avoiding her mom forever. Chanel knows he’s worried about Paulina being upset and that it’s not good for her. Johnny says he’s not going to pressure her on it as it’s between her and Paulina. Chanel responds that she will deal with it eventually, but on her terms. Johnny reminds her about no heavy lifting but Chanel points out that the doctor said to treat it like a normal pregnancy.

Maggie joins Alex in the Titan office and says she needs approval to set aside an office at Titan for Konstantin. Alex declares there is no way in hell that he’s going to let Konstantin work at Titan.

Brady is on his laptop at the Brady Pub as Theresa arrives and joins him. Brady comments on her good mood and asks what’s going on. Theresa responds that she updated her resume, had a really great workout, and is back together with Alex. Brady says that’s great if that’s what she wanted. Theresa confirms it’s exactly what she wanted. Brady asks where exactly that leaves Alex and Kristen.

Julie sits in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion doing a crossword puzzle. Chad joins her and comments on the traffic, then they joke about the crossword. Julie then gets a call and says it’s nice to hear from them. Julie gets excited and says that’s wonderful. Julie thanks them and hangs up as she then announces to Chad that she just got the best news she’s had in ages.

Tate and Aaron walk through the town square, talking about their school work. Aaron mentions not finishing a test which Tate questions. Aaron says he had other things on his mind and tells Tate that he had gotten donuts for Holly and planned to officially ask her to the prom even though she already asked him, but now her mom won’t even let her go. Tate encourages that he might be able to help him out.

Theresa tells Brady that there is no Alex and Kristen and never will be, calling it just a pathetic attempt to make them jealous. Brady remarks that it’s good that they didn’t fall for it. Theresa admits that she may have overreacted. Brady agrees that it was pathetic and he’s disappointed that his vacation from Kristen is over because she will do anything to get back in his life. Theresa asks if there’s any chance that she will. Brady assures there’s no chance in Hell. Theresa says that’s good and calls Kristen a psychopathic maniac, adding that Brady deserves better. Theresa tells Brady that he deserves someone very special because he is and she knows he will find her. Brady calls those kind words but he’s not so sure. Brady used to think he would find the perfect girl for him but with his track record, he doesn’t know if it’s ever going to happen so maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

Maggie questions Alex not allowing an office for her future husband and argues that she doesn’t need his permission to do anything, so she’s not going to allow him to call the shots. Maggie adds that she’s not asking Alex to give Konstantin a job, just an office space because she’s establishing a trust with her portion of Victor’s estate and Konstantin has a lot of time on his hands, so he’d like to help and she figured he could distribute the funds. Alex argues that he can do that from home. Maggie disagrees and says the house is chaotic with Doug, Julie, Chad, and the kids while this work takes a quiet focus. Maggie calls the work important and declares that they will give Theresa’s old office to Konstantin. Maggie adds that Alex might think he is all powerful at Titan, but reminds him that they are splitting Victor’s estate evenly so he can’t just deny her simple request. Maggie warns Alex to work with her on this or else her next request might not be so simple. Alex says fine, whatever and warns that he will be keeping an eye on Konstantin.

Julie tells Chad that the call was from the contractor who said the building inspector came by and signed off on the occupancy permit. Chad and Julie excitedly declare they are going home. Julie says they can pack their bags but she has a million things to do as she has to tell Doug and call Maggie. Julie and Chad repeat that they are going home as they hug.

Chanel works at the Bakery as her customer with down syndrome, Felicity comes by and brings Chanel a sweet bread. Johnny joins them as Felicity encourages Chanel to try the bread but Johnny notes that she might be feeling queasy, so he decides that he will taste test it. Johnny calls it a winner so Chanel says it looks like a new menu item which excites Felicity.

Maggie tells Alex that they are all set then and she will e-mail the paperwork with the room assignment and security clearance. Maggie adds that Konstantin will have access to that office when this is all settled. Maggie then gets a call from Julie, who informs her of the news on the Horton house. Maggie sounds disappointed but says she’s so happy for Julie, Doug, Chad and the kids. Maggie says she’ll see her soon and hangs up. Alex asks if there was good news. Maggie responds that the Horton house is ready for the big move in. Alex calls that good news for him too as he declares that he can now take his rightful place in the family home.

Chad tells Julie that his schedule is cleared for the day and he will be her moving helper. Julie thought she was prepared for this but realized she has so many calls to make and things to do. Julie says she’ll have to call the furniture people to see if they can make a delivery today. Chad is sure it’s just taking up space in a warehouse since she purchased it. Chad says he’s going to grab a snack before packing. Julie says she’ll order groceries online. Julie can’t believe tonight they will be sleeping under their own roof and calls it such a happy day.

Theresa tells Brady to never say never as she truly feels that when he least expects it, love will find him. Brady jokes about her greeting card sayings. Theresa jokes that could be her new job. Brady asks how the job search is going. Theresa repeats that she updated her resume. They decide she should look into greeting cards. Theresa thinks when she’s ready, something will just come to her. Brady mentions getting an e-mail from Tate’s school who were low on prom chaperones, so he signed up to do it. Theresa then reveals that she did too. They joke that this means they are going to prom together.

Johnny gets a call and steps away from the Bakery to answer it. Tate and Aaron then approach so Chanel goes to get Aaron’s prom donuts. Aaron then introduces Tate to Felicity, who is Aaron’s sister and a freshman in high school. Felicity talks about how she’s already a baker and how she wants to work here at Sweet Bits. Chanel comes back with the donuts for Aaron that have “Will you go to prom with me?” written on them. Chanel says she hopes that she says yes. Aaron then reveals that she already did, but then her mom said no.

Julie finishes a phone call and informs Chad that everything is going to be delivered on time. Chad suspects Tom and Alice had something to do with that. Julie says Abigail too and reveals that she had a dream about Abigail last night. Julie stops and worries that she shouldn’t have told Chad about it but Chad says he’s glad she did. Chad thanks her but says he can’t believe Abigail was working on a story about Clyde for so long and he didn’t know about it. Chad keeps replaying it in his head and thinks if he would’ve known, he could’ve done something to save her. Julie tells Chad that they have very little control over most of what happens in life. Julie assures that Abigail wouldn’t want him to suffer like this. Julie encourages Chad to move on for his children and himself and to focus on the future. Julie knows Chad won’t forget Abigail and they won’t either, but insists that it’s time for Chad to live a full life with purpose that will honor Abigail’s memory forever. Julie calls it the only way.

Maggie questions Alex moving back in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Alex calls it rather logical and says it’s where he belongs. Alex questions why he’d stay in an apartment when he has a mansion available with a full staff. Maggie assumed that Alex would be purchasing his own home now that he’s rich. Alex states that the Kiriakis Mansion was Victor’s home and he is Victor’s son, so that is his birth right and it fits his lifestyle. Alex reminds Maggie to look out for his new race horse. Maggie brings up that Konstantin will be occupying the office soon and says she will keep him in the loop as she exits the office. Alex then pulls out his phone and calls Kristen. Alex says he’s going to have to cancel tonight because he’s really busy and he’s moving back in to the Kiriakis Mansion so he will be packing and unpacking. Alex promises Kristen that he will make it up to her very soon.

Brady and Theresa talk about going to prom and say it could actually be fun, noting that both did not go to their own prom. Brady recalls chaperoning a dance when Philip was in high school and it was crazy. Theresa jokes that whatever happens, they will make their son’s life miserable but he’ll get over it. Theresa says she has to go and tells Brady that she’s really looking forward to going to prom with him.

Johnny talks on the phone and says he realizes the production office is in LA but he doesn’t think it would be a problem for him to be based in the Midwest. Johnny says he understands but Salem is his home with his family and his wife’s thriving business. Johnny acknowledges that relocating is baked in to the deal and says he’s very excited about this but he will need a little more time to think things over. Johnny says he’ll be in touch and hangs up. Chanel tells Aaron that she’s sorry about his date. Felicity says she’ll go to prom next year. Aaron remarks that at least someone in the family is dating. Tate then takes the donuts and asks Aaron to go with he and Sophia to the prom, joking that they can go as a throuple. Aaron says he doesn’t feel like being a third wheel. Tate assures that he already talked to Sophia and she thinks it will be fun. Aaron then gives in and accepts. Felicity says at least he’s going to prom now. Aaron says they have to get to school so he and Tate walk off while Felicity heads in to the Bakery with Chanel. Tate and Aaron walk past the Brady Pub where Tate calls to stop for a donut break. They sit down on the bench and then Theresa comes out from the Pub, questioning Tate not being in school. Tate says that the bell doesn’t ring for another hour. Aaron gives Theresa a donut. Theresa accepts it and advises them not to be late as she walks away. Aaron asks Tate if he’s sure about prom. Tate insists it will be fun while Aaron complains about being the third wheel. Tate assures he won’t have to worry about that which Aaron questions. Tate tells Aaron that it has to stay between them, but he’s planning on ghosting them right after dinner so that Aaron and Sophia can have some alone time. Aaron questions why. Tate says he knows Aaron likes Sophia. Aaron says he’s not going to move in on his girl. Tate tells him it’s cool, clarifying that Sophia is cool but not his girl and not who he really wants to take to prom.

Julie finishes packing boxes and says it’s amazing what can be accomplished when highly motivated. Maggie comes home and can’t believe it, questioning how she did all this. Julie tells her that Chad spoke to Henderson, who spoke to the staff and they were incredible. Maggie says she’s impressed. Julie says she can’t thank her enough for taking her and the family in. Maggie is glad she gets to go home but admits she’s going to miss her terribly. Julie promises she will still see her. Maggie starts to cry and apologizes for getting emotional. Julie tells Maggie that she loves her. Maggie assures that her home is always open to her. Julie adds that the Horton House is Maggie’s second home and tells her to visit often as they hug.

Theresa goes home and Alex arrives right after. Theresa notes that he’s home early. Alex calls it a perk of being the boss. Alex says he had something major come up, so he had to leave work early and come home to pack because he’s moving in to the Kiriakis Mansion. Alex says that the Horton clan is finally leaving so it’s time to move back in to his father’s home as head of the family. Alex adds that he knows she wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon and that she doesn’t like the idea of living here alone. Theresa points out that it’s not just that, but that they just got back together and now it’s like he’s bailing. Alex says he’ll just be across town. Theresa argues that’s a lot farther than across the bed. Alex then asks if Theresa wants to move in with him.

Doug, Julie, and Chad return to the Horton House. Chad and Julie bring in boxes as Doug declares it feels like home and he can’t believe it looks like it did before the fire. Doug calls it a miracle. Julie knows Tom and Alice would be pleased and tells Chad that she can’t wait to see the kids’ faces when they come through the front door. Chad says they are going to love it but Julie asks what’s the matter. Chad says this whole thing never should’ve happened and blames himself. Julie thought they’ve been through this. Chad feels the whole war with Clyde is his and before that it was Abigail’s and it cost Abigail her life.

Chanel encourages Felicity about working at the Bakery. Johnny asks Felicity about her favorite recipe. Felicity mentions caramel chocolate chip cookies and then heads on to school.

Aaron asks Tate why he feels like he’s missing part of the story. Tate explains that he asked Sophia to the prom because he felt horrible about hitting her in the face with a football. Tate adds that this is has to stay a secret, but he reveals that he and Holly are still together which shocks Aaron. Tate explains that their parents are trying to keep them apart. Aaron calls that crazy and says they are doing the whole Romeo & Juliet thing. Tate assures that it’s real. Tate knows it didn’t end well but says this will. Aaron asks why after everything Holly did to him. Tate says he’s not asking him to understand his relationship, but to respect it and keep it to himself. Aaron tells Tate that he can count on him. Tate adds that Sophia doesn’t know, so he can’t tell her because she would tell her mom who would tell his parents. Aaron assures that he’s got it. Tate thanks him and says he could really use his help because he really wants to surprise her on prom night. Brady then comes out from the Pub and asks who he’s surprising. Tate claims they were talking about his date Sophia as he wants to surprise her with a nice corsage or dinner. Aaron asks Brady about his prom date but Brady informs him that he didn’t go to prom. Brady then informs Tate that he will actually be going to his prom with Theresa. Tate laughs at that but Brady reveals he’s not kidding because the school needed chaperones, so he and Theresa signed up.

Theresa tells Alex that she’s not just going to invite herself to live in his big mansion. Alex points out that he asked her to live with him twice. Theresa says that was platonic. Alex says that Theresa said she wanted to keep things that way before, but Theresa says things are different now. Alex then asks if Theresa wants to move in to the Kiriakis Mansion with him. Theresa exclaims that she does as they hug.

Johnny comments to Chanel on the busy morning and asks if she needs a break. Chanel assures that she actually feels great. Chanel knows they can’t know what’s going to happen with their baby but she already knows that she loves the baby. Chanel declares that she wants to have the baby, but only if she has Johnny by her side, so she needs him to tell her how he’s feeling about this. Johnny assures that he is always by her side as he hugs her.

Julie insists to Chad that what happened to Abigail was not his fault, but Clyde’s fault and that Abigail was just fighting the good fight like she always did and now Chad is doing that. Julie adds that Abigail would be so proud that Chad is continuing the fight. Doug declares that the only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Julie encourages that Abigail was trying to do the right thing and now Chad is. Julie declares that they will all stand up together against Clyde Weston, doing the right thing until Clyde is behind bars for the rest of his life because the Hortons do not back down. Chad thanks Julie and Doug, admitting that he needed that. Julie says that’s what families do. Julie thinks they should have a massive family reunion now which Doug calls a great idea. Julie suggests maybe then they will get Alice and Tom’s time capsule open. Julie talks about imagining all the family coming home again. Julie places a framed photo of Tom and Alice on the mantle and says welcome home.

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Days Update Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

At the Brady Pub, Roman tells Ava that he’s glad she was able to come in to work today. Ava says she’s feeling better after a bad headache. Ava mentions running low on bread. Roman talks about just getting the delivery. Roman acknowledges that Ava has delivered as promise and worked real hard during her trial period, so despite their history, she’s got the job as Kate appears and looks on.

At the Spectator, Everett reads positive feedback to the article on Paulina. Leo comes in and complains about not having anything interesting to write about. Leo mocks Everett and says the piece he wrote on Paulina would’ve been perfect for his column. Everett says it sounds like a lot of readers agree, but it wasn’t supposed to be a tabloid hatchet piece, just the facts. Everett adds that what the mayor did was dangerous, so people deserved to know. Leo repeats that he has nothing for his column this week. Leo mentions that he did have something but he killed it because he wants to believe in young love. Stephanie arrives and announces that she has a scoop for Everett as she just got the call that Paulina has fired EJ DiMera as district attorney and replaced him with Melinda Trask. Leo is shocked and says poor EJ as he’s having a terrible week.

Sloan asks if EJ is out of his mind and says he’s not taking her baby. EJ says he’s not asking, he’s telling her because the baby does not belong to her, he belongs to Nicole and him. Sloan argues that they agreed that it was in everybody’s best interest to pretend that Eric and Nicole’s baby was dead and they shook hands on it. EJ says they did, but that was before he saw Eric and Nicole kissing which Sloan questions. Sloan doesn’t believe him and asks when. EJ says it was just a little while ago and he’s sure that Sloan agrees that the kiss changes everything.

Chad goes to see Steve at the Black Patch office. Steve asks what he can do for him. Chad hands him a folder and says it’s about Clyde Weston. Steve opens it and sees an article on Clyde being arrested for Abigail’s murder.

Kate comes over to Roman, who asks what she needs. Kate says she just came to spend time with him if he can take a break which Roman agrees to. Ava says she will get back to work and thanks Roman for the job as it means a lot to her. Roman tells Kate that he hired Ava which Kate says is obvious. Roman and Kate go to get a table. Eric then arrives, so Roman greets him and asks where Jude is. Eric explains that he’s at home but he came for pumpkin pie because he went to Buddy’s for takeout and they forgot the dessert. Roman questions Buddy’s Burger Barn being his first choice. Eric says they have a drive thru which is quick and easy but Sloan loves the Pub pumpkin pie so Roman agrees to pack some up on the house. Roman tells Eric that he wants to see his grandson more which Eric agrees to and they go to get the pie. Ava then brings Kate a glass of wine. Kate mentions hearing that Roman officially hired her and congratulates her. Kate warns Ava not to get any ideas about taking over because if she tries anything, she’ll be out on her ass without a job or a place to live. Kate asks if they understand each other.

Everett asks what Leo means by EJ having a terrible week. Leo says he just means being replaced by Melinda Trask, when she tried to put EJ in prison as prosecutor so it’s insult to injury. Everett calls that interesting and says he’s sure in the archives. Everett says he’s wiped and asks if anyone’s interested in getting a drink. Leo talks about stopping drinking. Stephanie says good for him, but she accepts Everett’s offer and suggests they go to Small Bar. Stephanie mentions that the other night, the place was filled with hot guys, encouraging Leo that he doesn’t have to drink to have fun. Leo says he’s also on the wagon from gorgeous charming men and sober from all that too. Stephanie suggests he could be depriving himself of gossip for his column, so Leo then agrees to go with them and they exit.

Chad tells Steve that not being able to keep Clyde behind bars and knowing he’s out there keeps him up at night. Steve responds that Clyde was caught before, so they’re going to get him again. Chad says that’s actually what he wanted to tell him as it’s about Abigail’s murder and he thinks he found some new evidence. Chad explains that Nicole found a notebook that Abigail kept when she was a rookie reporter and the last entries caught his attention as she took notes on a new drug operation in Salem and it all points to Clyde’s early days when he was setting up shop in Salem. Steve questions Abigail never saying anything to him about it. Chad thinks she knew he would’ve shut it down and asked her to move onto something else, but he reached out to Jack, who confirmed that Abigail was working on something really big but didn’t want to say what it was. Chad asks if Steve thinks it’s possible that Abigail wasn’t just collateral damage and maybe she was Clyde’s target all along.

Sloan and EJ go over Nicole getting drunk and Eric picking her up from the bar. EJ informs her that they don’t know that he saw them kissing, but obviously they are working closely together and with their history, it’s a disaster waiting to happen that must be stopped. Sloan asks how. EJ responds that when Jude is placed back in Nicole’s arms where he belongs, her maternal instincts will kick in and she will be so overwhelmed with the need to shower her son with love, that she will quit her job on the spot to focus all of her attention on Jude and their family. EJ declares that he and Nicole raising a child together will drive a stake through the heart of any lingering feelings for Eric. Sloan mocks that being a great plan when the problem is Jude isn’t EJ’s son. EJ points out that Nicole doesn’t and will never know that. Sloan warns that if EJ goes through with this plan, she will make sure everyone will know who Jude’s real father is.

Ava sits with Kate and says she thinks Kate must know by now that she doesn’t like being threatened. Kate says it wasn’t a threat, but a promise. Kate adds that unlike Harris, she keeps her promises. Kate brings up that Harris promised Lucas that he would do whatever he had to including going to the Governor to petition for Lucas to have an early release. Kate warns Ava to remind Harris to keep that promise or else. Ava asks if she’s threatening Harris now too. Kate says she may have married in to one of the most respectable families in Salem, but promises that neither Ava nor Harris want to know what she’s capable of and who she really is.

Steve thinks Chad should take Abigail’s notebook to the police and see what they make of it. Chad argues that they have a ton of other cases to worry about and since Steve is Abigail’s uncle, he knows he won’t put it on the backburner. Chad adds that Clyde already confessed to murdering Abigail, so the police don’t care about why. Steve points out that Clyde confessed to mistakenly killing Abigail, but his target was Belle. Chad argues that Clyde’s reasons for going after Belle as a warning to EJ never made sense or added up. Steve feels Abigail’s notes aren’t much to go on but agrees to see what he can do. Chad thanks him. Steve tells Chad that bringing Clyde down is more personal to him than ever.

EJ tells Sloan that he wouldn’t turn this in to a trashy reality show if he was her. EJ warns that if she even breathes a word of this, he will have her brought up on charges of kidnapping, inflicting intentional emotional distress, and even bribery. EJ adds that after she is convicted, she will spend the rest of her life in prison, she will lose Eric, her law practice, and everything. Sloan responds that if he takes Jude, she loses Eric and will be arrested anyway. EJ argues that with his help, she will avoid prison by fleeing the country, so she will still have her freedom and a chance to start over. EJ asks where Sloan would like to go, joking that she could be a digital nomad, flying from city to city. EJ says he could make that happen and tells her to think about it, a new identity, passport, bank account with money, and a fresh start. EJ tells Sloan that she could leave all of this, no more lying, stress, and anxiety. EJ feels it must be wearing on her. EJ says in return, all she has to do is keep her mouth shut permanently. Sloan asks what if she doesn’t. EJ responds that they will just go down together, but unlike her, he won’t be anywhere near a prison.

Everett, Stephanie, and Leo sit together at Small Bar. Everett and Stephanie drink shots together as Leo watches on. Everett says this is so much better than rummaging through newspaper archives. Stephanie mentions that she told Paulina she would get quotes in the morning as they take another shot. Leo thought she said this place was crawling with gorgeous, lonely men but he doesn’t see any. Stephanie points out a guy, who Leo says is everything he ever wanted looks-wise. Leo brings up how he and Dimitri planned their honeymoon so Stephanie changes the subject to what they are eating. Leo comments that Everett and Stephanie are so young and attractive. He asks if they have figured out if they are a thing. Everett says they are just friends. Leo takes it that they are not ruling out anything. Everett states that they had their first date back in Seattle and then had a second first date in Salem at the Bistro and then a third first date the other day which Stephanie says wasn’t really a date, but them getting back on track as friends. Stephanie says technically this is like their third not really a date. Leo questions what he’s listening to and calls it ancient straight person talk. Stephanie says they are just trying to get a feel for where they are relationship or friendship wise. Leo decides he’s had enough of being the third wheel and calls the waiter over for more drinks.

Roman sits with Kate and says he knows her look that says she’s not crazy about Ava working there. Kate says that she would never tell him how to run the Pub and if it works out, that means he’ll be spending more time with her. Kate remarks that she just wishes they could trust Ava. Steve then arrives so Roman greets him and asks if he came for a night cap. Steve says he actually came to talk to Ava and asks if she’s around. Ava then comes over and asks what she can get for him. Steve says he’d just like to talk to her. Ava says she’ll have to check with Roman, who says it’s fine by her if she takes her break. Steve then asks her to take a walk so they leave the Pub.

EJ warns Sloan that she needs to make a decision; to say goodbye to her freedom or spend the rest of her life surrounded by a barbed wire fence and guards. EJ reminds her that she can start anew anywhere in the world. Sloan looks down at Jude and cries that she needs more time. EJ gives her 24 hours and not a second more, reminding her that this is checkmate and there is nothing she can say or do that won’t implicate her. EJ warns that double crossing him isn’t even an option. Sloan tells EJ that she would do anything. EJ says she’s already done so much, far too much and it’s finally come back to bite her. EJ brings up Sloan adopting the baby when she knew it was Nicole’s. Sloan argues that it was Eric’s too and they lost a baby as well when she had a miscarriage and they were devastated, especially Eric. Sloan cries that all she wanted to do was ease his pain. EJ argues that she knew the whole time that if he ever found out about her lies, he’d leave her in a heartbeat. Sloan asks if EJ really thinks Nicole is going to stay with him if she finds out he’s not the baby’s father and if EJ really wants to raise another man’s child. EJ says to the world and to Nicole, Jude is his son, but whatever happens, Sloan has already lost Eric. EJ adds that to Eric and to the world, Sloan will be exposed as a liar and a thief. Sloan complains that he’s just prolonging the inevitable. EJ guesses they will just have to wait and see as he then exits. Sloan tearfully watches over Jude.

Eric returns home and calls out asking if Sloan is home but realizes she is gone with Jude. Eric wonders where she could’ve gone. Eric then texts Sloan saying he hopes everything is okay and asks her to call him. Eric gets a call from Roman, who reveals that Sloan dropped Jude off with him at the Pub after Eric left and didn’t say where she was going. Roman assumed she wanted to spend some time alone with Eric. Eric says she’s obviously not with him. Roman suggests maybe she had an emergency with a client. Eric is sure that she’ll call him soon. Roman says Jude can stay as long as he needs and it’s no problem. Eric thanks him and says he’ll call as soon as he hears from Sloan. Eric hangs up and wonders where Sloan went.

Leo finds Sloan drinking at Small Bar. Leo asks about Jude but Sloan ignores him so Leo goes back to his table with Everett and Stephanie. Sloan then orders another drink. Leo tells Everett and Stephanie that it’s interesting because it’s not like Sloan to over indulge. Everett feels he’s not telling them something. Leo says he runs a tight ship with no leaks but when there is something to tell, he’ll be the first to know.

Steve and Ava walk to the town square. Steve wants to go back to their conversation from the afternoon before Stefan interrupted, when Ava said she was looking for a more permanent solution to the Clyde Weston problem. Steve asks if she meant what he thinks she meant. Ava responds that Clyde tried to kill their son, so he needs to pay. Ava warns Steve not to stand in her way with whatever she decides to do next.

EJ returns home to the DiMera Mansion and is surprised to see Chad in the living room. EJ asks what Chad’s doing there so late. Chad says he came looking for him and asks if everything is okay. EJ pours a drink and says it’s been a long day. Chad tells EJ that he was hoping for some guidance which EJ questions. Chad explains that he came across some information and doesn’t know what to do about it so he’s seeking brotherly counsel and counsel from the acting district attorney. EJ starts to correct him but stops and tells him to fire away. Chad says it’s about Abigail’s murder as he thinks he found something pretty interesting. Chad then shows EJ the notes from Abigail’s notebook as it looks like Abigail might have outed Clyde as the head of a burgeoning drug ring way back when. EJ asks what the insight is. Chad says supposedly Clyde went looking for Belle and intended to kill her, not Abigail, but he thinks Clyde was going after Abigail the entire time and that it had nothing to do with Belle. Chad can’t help but feel like it’s his fault. EJ questions what he’s talking about. Chad explains that Clyde hated Abigail because she cheated on his son with him and found out Thomas wasn’t his grandson. Chad says that Clyde wanted Abigail out of the picture for a lot of different reasons, personally and professionally. EJ argues that Clyde is the only person to blame. Chad knows that none of this will bring Abigail back but if her killing wasn’t accidental, it means Clyde hunted her down in her bedroom and now that wound is open again. EJ understands and asks what he can do to help. Chad admits he doesn’t know but Clyde being on the run again makes him think he’s hiding out with a villa somewhere with a suitcase full of money and it makes him sick. EJ assures he wants Clyde wiped off the face of the earth too and he’s had men on his trail ever since he escaped. EJ adds that if there’s anything he can do to avenge Abigail’s death, he will do it. Chad thanks him. EJ asks if there’s anything else. Chad responds that he has one more favor to ask.

Sloan calls for another drink while Everett also orders more for he and Stephanie. Everett jokes with Stephanie that the night is so young. Leo comments on Everett being so much more animated while drunk. Eric then arrives and finds Sloan. Sloan drunkenly calls him her knight in shining armor and asks if he came to save the princess. Eric says he saw her car in the parking lot. Sloan remarks on how everyone loves to drown their sorrows in booze when they don’t get their way. Eric questions what she’s talking about and tries to stop her from drinking. Sloan tries to order another round. Eric wants to take her home but Sloan says no. Sloan then yells at Eric to get his arm off of her and that she said no. Sloan’s words seem to trigger something in Everett as he watches on from their table.

Roman and Kate watch over Jude. Roman talks about how much Jude reminds him of Eric. Roman wishes he was there to see Eric grow up. Kate encourages that he’s there for Eric now and he adores him. Kate says Jude makes her think of Lucas when he was little as he was so unpredictable. Roman comments that Lucas still has her on her toes. Kate says that Lucas has made amends and put his life on the line to capture Clyde. Kate adds that she’s so proud of him. Kate tells Roman that if Harris doesn’t come through for Lucas, she’s going to take matters in to her own hands.

Steve tells Ava that he won’t stand in her way. Steve says he doesn’t know what she’s planning but if Clyde is found and happens to be in a bodybag instead of handcuffs, so be it. Ava walks back to the Pub and calls Harris, asking how his buddies are doing decoding the images. Ava says that’s music to her ears and that she’s still waiting for Clyde’s e-mail. Ava adds that she will forward to it him so he can send it to his buddies and they can do their thing. Ava tells Harris that she misses him and she can’t wait until he’s back in her bed and her arms.

EJ and Chad head to Abigail’s old room at the DiMera Mansion. EJ asks if Chad is sure he wants to do this. Chad responds that he doesn’t want to but he has to. They then head inside and Chad begins to have flashbacks to finding Abigail there and EJ encouraging him afterwards. Chad says he still can’t believe Abigail’s gone and it doesn’t get any easier.

Eric doesn’t want Sloan to cause a scene. Sloan argues that Eric is causing a scene. Leo goes to see if Eric needs help. Stephanie asks if Everett is okay. Leo suggests to Sloan that she’s had enough. Sloan questions who they think they are. Leo then exits. Eric asks Sloan what is wrong and what happened after he left, suggesting they go home and talk about this. Sloan asks what part of no he doesn’t understand. Everett remarks that he’s going to hurt her. Stephanie questions what he’s talking about and why he would hurt her. Eric helps Sloan up as she repeats that she said no and pulls away. Everett then gets up and punches Eric out, shocking Sloan.

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Days Update Monday, May 20, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Johnny and Chanel sit together at the hospital. Johnny asks if she needs anything but apologizes for hovering. Chanel admits she kind of likes all the extra attention. Johnny mentions that EJ is flying in a specialist that consulted with Nicole during her pregnancy. Chanel says she’s really grateful that EJ went through all this trouble. Holly walks by, so Johnny calls her over and asks if everything is okay. Holly says she just came from therapy and asks about them. Chanel says they just came for a checkup. Holly says she’ll see them back at the house and steps away. Holly then texts Tate that she really needs to see him.

Melinda Trask goes to Paulina’s office. Paulina informs her that she just fired EJ and is going to be needing a new district attorney. Melinda responds that she appreciates Paulina thinking of her, but she’s going to have to say no.

Sloan finishes feeding Jude at home. Sloan mentions that she needs her dinner now and that Eric should’ve been home by now with takeout. Sloan wonders what is keeping him so long.

After Eric helps Nicole home to the DiMera Mansion, Nicole drunkenly grabs Eric and kisses him right as EJ comes out from the living room and sees them kissing. EJ turns and goes back in to the living room before they see him. Eric stops and tells Nicole they can’t do this. Nicole apologizes. Eric asks if she’s okay. Nicole says no and that the whole room is spinning. Eric suggests getting her to bed. EJ then comes back out and questions what’s going on here.

Chanel complains of a stomachache so Johnny give her oyster crackers which he says worked for his mom when she was pregnant. Johnny asks if there’s anything else he can do for her. Chanel asks him to distract her with stories. Johnny informs her that they’ve been talking about him getting a job in the film industry, so he finally put his resume online. Chanel asks if he’s gotten any hits yet. Johnny says he’s gotten a few offers and talks about how the film industry is mostly in LA while he wants to stay in Salem unless he could find funding to do some sort of project. The nurse then comes over and informs Chanel that the doctor will see her now. Johnny tells Chanel that they’ve got this.

Holly meets Tate in the park. Tate asks if she’s sure this is safe since they almost got caught there once by Kayla and Stephanie, so they might get caught again. Holly responds that she can’t imagine being in any more trouble with her mom. Tate says it sounds like they really went at it. Holly admits she totally lost it and said some really horrible things that she doesn’t think Nicole will ever forgive for and she doesn’t think she can forgive herself. Tate asks if she’s sure she’s not being too hard on herself. Holly then informs him that she said the babies that she lost were lucky not to have her as a mom because she was so angry, she said something to intentionally hurt her in the worst way. Holly asks why she did that as Tate hugs her.

Eric informs EJ that Nicole had another argument with Holly. EJ remarks that she must have really hurt her since it’s clear she’s going to great lengths to numb the pain. Nicole admits that she did and she drank too much. EJ says that is obvious and asks why Eric is there. Eric explains that they were supposed to meet for work. Nicole says that when she didn’t show up, Eric was worried that something happened to her so he called and she told him where she was, so he was nice enough to come get her and bring her home. EJ remarks that some guys would’ve taken advantage of a situation like that but they are all grateful that chivalry is not dead. Eric decides to say goodnight then. Nicole thanks Eric for bringing her home. EJ thanks Eric for coming to his wife’s rescue. Eric then exits the mansion. Nicole apologizes to EJ for getting drunk like this and calls it a really dumb move, but says she’s so hurt by what Holly said to her. EJ tells Nicole not to worry as he will take care of her. EJ hugs her as she cries.

Paulina recalls that Melinda was pretty bent out of shape when she relieved her of her duties. Paulina says that was then and this is now. Paulina has decided that Melinda is more pleasant than EJ could ever hope to be. Melinda questions her change of heart. Paulina insists that Melinda is easier to have around than EJ and she’s come to appreciate the value of having a strong woman in that role. Paulina adds that no one can challenge that Melinda has the experience and chops to do the job and the people of Salem would welcome a familiar face who is as tough on crime. Paulina feels she’s made her case, so she asks what more she has to say to change her no to a yes.

Tate tells Holly about a time where he was awful to his mom and he got mad at himself until Marlena told him that we tend to hurt the people we are closest to because they will love them no matter what and can work it out. Holly guesses that makes sense and mentions that she just came from talking to Marlena. Tate asks if it helped. Holly says not really as she feels a lot worse than she did before seeing her. Tate wishes he could make her feel better. Holly says maybe he can. Leo appears in the park as Holly kisses Tate. Holly tells Tate that she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. Leo takes pictures as Holly and Tate kiss.

Eric goes home where Sloan questions where he’s been. Eric claims there was a long line in getting takeout. Sloan asks how the story is coming. Eric says he unfortunately didn’t get the shots he needed, so he has to go back after dinner. Sloan guesses he means with Nicole but Eric clarifies that it will be just him. Eric repeats to her that he and Nicole are just friends and that’s all. Sloan says she knows. Eric acknowledges that he and Nicole have history, but Sloan and their baby is his now and forever as they hug.

EJ sits Nicole down in the living room and asks if she wants to tell him what happened tonight. Nicole informs EJ that Holly got angry with her, lashed out, and said things that she knew would hurt her the most. EJ asks what she said. Nicole reveals that Holly said the babies they didn’t have were lucky to be dead, to not have her as a mother. EJ is shocked and calls that harsh, all because she won’t let her go to the prom. Nicole asks EJ not to be angry with Holly because she’s been through a lot lately and just sees her as someone who is holding her back from having fun and living her life. EJ says he knows, but he’s upset on her behalf that Holly hurt her so much. Nicole adds that maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much if she didn’t think she was right. EJ tells her not to talk like that as she is a wonderful mother who is kind and caring. EJ says she’s only trying to protect Holly because she loves her and wants to keep her safe. EJ is sure in Holly’s more rational moments, she knows this. Nicole apologizes for not calling him after the fight as she just started drinking and didn’t want anyone to stop her. EJ says he knows that. Nicole adds that it’s good that Eric came when he did and he was so helpful. EJ asks if she would’ve done something she regrets if Eric wasn’t helpful. Nicole talks about not thinking straight while wasted. EJ asks if she did anything she regrets. Nicole insists that she didn’t. EJ says that’s very good because that would’ve been unfortunate…

Johnny and Chanel sit back down after meeting with the doctor. They talk about it being a lot. Johnny mentions having an envelope so they can go back and look at it. Chanel wishes they could’ve heard the baby’s heartbeat. Johnny encourages that it was just too early and they can hear it next time. Chanel says it was mostly positive in regards to hormone levels and the baby’s measurements. Johnny says it’s too bad they can’t do the prenatal tests until 11 weeks and then the big one at 18-20 weeks. They talk about it being hard to hear that the radiation exposure increases their chances of losing the baby. Johnny states that even with things looking good so far, it could be a lot of waiting, wishing, and worrying. Johnny feels he’s being selfish by telling her how he feels when it’s her body. Chanel says it’s their baby and she wants him to tell her how he’s feeling about it. Johnny just hates that they can’t control any of this. Chanel responds that she would give anything to make sure their child is okay, which is why as mad as she is at her mom for exposing their baby to radiation, part of her kind of gets why Paulina did what she did.

Paulina tells Melinda that she doesn’t give a damn what other people think as she does what she thinks is right. Melinda questions her thinking she’s the right person for the job. Paulina asks why else she would offer her the job. Paulina calls it a golden opportunity for her to get back in the game and asks why she would pass that up. Melinda clarifies that she hasn’t yet and admits she’s tempted but brings up Paulina replacing her with EJ. Paulina tells her not to worry about EJ, who was using his office to punish his enemies and get family and friends off which is why she fired his ass and he doesn’t have that power anymore. Paulina notes that Melinda looks skeptical. Melinda admits that she is because in her experience, EJ doesn’t need the office to weaponize because he has plenty of his own resources to wreak havoc. Paulina says screw his resources and tells Melinda that she has her back. Paulina adds that as long as Melinda’s hands are clean, EJ can’t touch her.

Leo continues taking photos of Holly and Tate kissing until his phone rings. Leo answers and says it’s not a good time but the ring alerts Holly and Tate who find Leo in the bushes. Tate worries that they are now so busted.

Sloan and Eric finish eating dinner. Sloan complains that the chili dogs were kind of greasy and she was hoping he’d bring something from the Bistro. Eric reminds her that they had to cut expenses. Sloan points out that they are both working now and Eric is making good money at the Spectator. Eric notes that the apartment is kind of small and asks if she’d like to put a down payment on a house which surprises and thrills Sloan, who says she loves that idea. Eric tells Sloan that he wants the whole package with her. Sloan points out that the whole package usually includes two kids and says not now but maybe eventually. Sloan admits she never wanted any of this or at least never thought she’d have any of this. Sloan thanks Eric for giving her a real family and says she’s really lucky. Eric says he’s the lucky one as they kiss.

EJ brings Nicole some water and says he’ll bring her a hangover cure tomorrow. EJ says he knows that she and Eric are close, but he really wishes she came to him when she was hurting. Nicole points out that she didn’t go to Eric and that he called her when she didn’t meet with him, so he came to her at the bar. EJ feels she still could have called him to pick her up. Nicole apologizes for not doing so and says she’s here now with him. Nicole adds that she’s still hurting. EJ says he will be there for her, always as he hugs her. Nicole says she needs to be a better mother as she knows she’s screwed up things with Holly but also so many other things. Nicole thinks losing their baby was just the world’s way of punishing her for all the pain she caused.

Sloan and Eric joke about getting Jude to sleep. Eric shows Sloan some of the photos on his camera and talks about catching every moment they can with Jude. They come across a picture of the three of them which Eric says is their beautiful family.

Melinda warns Paulina that taking from EJ is dangerous. Paulina is not worried and says that EJ isn’t going to come after the district attorney because that would be an invitation to dig in to his family’s business. Melinda agrees that maybe she would be safer in the job so if EJ comes after her, she’ll go after him. Melinda then accepts the job and shakes hands with Paulina. Paulina assures that she won’t be sorry and that it’s a win-win situation. Paulina says now that they are on the same team, she has no problem sharing that she needed this to happen. Melinda mentions seeing her bad press in the Spectator and that it was pretty scathing. Paulina responds that she did what she needed to do to save her little girl. Melinda says she doesn’t have to explain herself as she would’ve done the same thing if it was her daughter. Melinda adds that she’d do anything to have her daughter Haley still alive. Paulina mentions knowing that Melinda gave her daughter up when she was born to protect her, like she did with Lani. Melinda remarks that being a good mother sometimes means doing whatever it takes, even if your kid ends up hating you for it..

Johnny tells Chanel that they don’t have to read any of the information in their envelope. Chanel says she just wants to look at it one more time. They talk about the baby growing inside of her right now. Johnny mentions her due date is Christmas, which Chanel says would be quite the gift for them. Chanel wants to pick out a name. Johnny says they don’t even know if it’s a boy or girl yet. Chanel says they have unisex names and she wants to call her child something. Chanel suggests Noel, feeling it’s perfect for a Christmas baby. Johnny agrees as they hug.

Tate pleads with Leo not to show the picture to anyone. Holly adds that if their parents find out they are sneaking around, they’ll never let them see each other again. Leo says he’d hate to see that happen as he is all about romance. Leo calls them adorable and obviously crazy about each other. Tate asks if that means he won’t write about them in his column. Leo talks about it being so hot with them being star-crossed lovers and compares it to Romeo & Juliet. Holly argues that they aren’t lovers but Leo says they are definitely heading in that direction. Leo brings up recently being dumped by the love of his life so they are making him feel choked up. Tate offers to pay Leo to keep quiet about this. Leo says he doesn’t want his money. Holly offers to add some cash too but Leo says he doesn’t want her money either. Tate and Holly ask if that means he will kill the story. Leo complains that this is the hottest thing he’s had in months but agrees not to blow their whistle. Holly asks why not. Leo asks if she’s disappointed. Tate says they just don’t trust him. Leo jokes about reading self help books. Leo repeats that he’s nursing his own heartbreak and he’s a sucker for love. Leo states that he won’t rat them out to their parents and then deletes the photos from his phone. Leo declares the secret of their forbidden love is now safe with him.

Johnny talks on the phone with a friend running a studio. Johnny thanks them for even thinking of him for this project and says he’ll talk it over with his wife and get back to them. Chanel comes back over, so Johnny claims it was a telemarketer on the phone. Chanel offers to block it but Johnny says they can do that later because he wants to take her out on a dinner date which she accepts, so they exit the hospital together.

Paulina tells Melina how it wasn’t just Chanel’s life at risk but Johnny’s as well because his life would’ve been ruined if they didn’t find Chanel. Melinda encourages that Paulina did what she had to do. Paulina thinks they are going to work well together this time and offers to take her out for dinner and drinks which Melinda accepts.

Eric gets ready to go back to work and tells Sloan that she and Jude don’t need to stay up. Sloan says she might but Jude will definitely go back down. Eric texts to Nicole that he’s going back to take photos and hopes she’s okay and that he’ll see her tomorrow. Sloan tells Eric to be careful as they kiss and Eric then exits.

EJ gets Nicole in bed. Nicole says she wants to put this day behind her, get a good night’s sleep, and hopes things will look different in the morning. EJ then sees Nicole’s phone go off with the text from Eric saying he’ll see her tomorrow. Nicole asks EJ if he’s coming to bed soon. EJ responds that he has to step out for a moment and he won’t be long but to call him if she needs. Nicole thanks EJ for understanding and taking care of her as he then exits the room.

Holly and Tate thank Leo for keeping this to himself. Leo gives them his blessing to go behind their parents’ back. Leo jokes about surprising himself by becoming soft since becoming Jude’s Godfather. Leo tells them that if they need anything, he will be there for them, comparing them to Romeo & Juliet again. Leo says he’s rooting for them and walks away. Tate kisses Holly and they hug.

Paulina and Melinda go to the Bistro for dinner. Chanel and Johnny then arrive. Paulina waves but Chanel decides she’s actually in the mood for the Brady Pub, so she and Johnny exit, leaving Paulina disappointed.

Nicole dreams about kissing Eric and confessing her love to him.

EJ goes to Sloan’s. She questions what he’s doing here. EJ responds that there’s been a change of plans. Sloan asks what he’s talking about. EJ declares that he’s here to take the baby, so he and Nicole can raise him as their own.

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Days Update Friday, May 17, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eric brings Jude over to John and Marlena’s. They talk about how much Jude is growing. Marlena asks if he’s sleeping through the night. Eric says he wakes up once or twice but he doesn’t mind. John says it’s so clear that they are connected and so close. Eric remarks that he couldn’t love Jude more if he was his own flesh and blood. John says Eric is turning in to a great father. Eric credits Marlena, Roman, and John as his role models. Marlena comments on Jude smiling like Eric did when he was that age.

Nicole goes to Holly’s room and suggests they go get some tea. Holly says she has too much studying too. Nicole insists that it’s important but Holly says it can’t wait as she has a huge test next week. Nicole argues that it’s next week so she has time. Holly complains about how far behind she is and she’s totally stressed out. Nicole encourages her to relax and balance her life. Holly just wants to be normal and not have her mother checking on her and smothering her every two seconds. Nicole guesses this isn’t just about needing to study and that Holly doesn’t want to spend time with her.

Steve runs in to Ava outside of the Brady Pub. Steve says he was hoping to run in to her. Ava mentions having a video call with Tripp and Wendy and they are doing great. Steve says he did too and that’s not what he wanted to talk about. Ava asks what it is then. Steve wants to clue her in that he knows all about Clyde’s black book and that Harris took some pictures to his Navy intel buddies to have them decrypt it. Steve bets that if Harris is involved, then Ava is too.

Stefan enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and greets EJ, who says he is quite busy right now. Stefan knows he must have overwhelmed EJ with the new evidence in the Li Shin case. EJ says he’s not overwhelmed and calls it much ado about nothing. Stefan argues that EJ is just resistant because of his personal grudge against Gabi but if he looks at the evidence, he’ll see it points to Gil as Li’s murderer, not Gabi. Stefan says they are just asking him to reopen the case. EJ responds that he already said he will not. EJ adds that it’s highly irregular for the husband of the convicted party to be carrying around an evidence folder in her case. Stefan informs him that Rafe gave it to him, hoping that he could change EJ’s mind. EJ mocks Rafe being the brother of the convicted and having a conflict of interest so he’s not following proper protocol. Stefan says Rafe obviously has a personal stake in reopening the case but that doesn’t make him wrong. Stefan asks EJ to put his personal feelings aside and put the law and his job first. EJ responds that he has important business to attend to and exits. Stefan remarks that EJ is going to regret that.

Marlena talks about thinking Jude looks like Eric and says studies have shown that adopted children will pick up mannerisms of their adopted parents. John says he can see it too that Jude has Eric’s smile. John asks how everything is going at home with Eric and Sloan. Eric asks why he asks. John says that Marlena told him that finances might be a little tight with adoption expenses and baby stuff. Eric says that they put a budget together, so things are looking up. Marlena says she’s glad to hear that but they are here if he needs any help at all. Eric says he appreciates that but he has more money coming in so they’re good. Eric says they had to make adjustments, but that’s part of raising a kid.

Nicole asks Holly to be honest with her as she asks if she doesn’t want to spend time with her. Holly says she didn’t say that. Nicole argues that it’s in her actions. Holly shouts that she just said she has to study and tells her to stop gaslighting her. Nicole apologizes. Holly thinks it’s unfair that Nicole wants her to get good grades, go to college, and be a perfect daughter but she won’t let her do normal things like go to prom, hang out with her friends, and have a normal life. Nicole says that’s not what this is about. Holly argues that no matter how hard she tries, nothing she does will ever be good enough for her.

Steve tells Ava to level with him. Ava claims not to know what he’s talking about. Steve reminds her that she told him that she and Stefan were up to their eyeballs in Clyde’s drug operation, but when Stefan got caught, he left her name out of it. Steve thinks that’s a secret that Clyde can hold over her head and he’s sure that Clyde wants his black book back to finance his life on the run. Steve bets that Clyde has been in touch with Ava to get the book back and asks if he’s right.

Stefan goes to Paulina’s office and tells her that he’d like to file a complaint. Paulina argues that he can’t just barge in. Stefan says they don’t have time for red tape as he wants to file a complaint against EJ since he has some pretty damning information about him that he thinks she will find fascinating. Paulina tells Stefan to have a seat as she’s all ears.

EJ talks on the phone to his assistant Rita, telling her to buy another thousand shares of Titan stock. EJ says he wants all his ducks in a row before the vote tomorrow as he will soon be the permanent CEO of DiMera Enterprises.

John asks Eric how things are going at the Spectator. Eric says he’s enjoying it and is glad to have a steady gig. Marlena says they are lucky to have him. Eric hopes his pictures can make a difference. Eric tells them about Nicole doing a piece on the homeless and he’s doing the photos. Marlena says it sounds important. Eric hopes it can bring awareness across the country. Marlena asks if he and Nicole are working well together which Eric confirms. John asks how Sloan took the news about Eric working with Nicole as he can’t imagine she’d be too happy about that. Eric admits she wasn’t at first, but she understood he needed the job. Marlena asks if it’s not difficult for him to work that closely with Nicole. Eric says not at all as they will always have a connection, but they are friends and that’s all.

Nicole asks Holly how she can say that she’s not proud of her and insists that she is. Nicole says she’s just worried that Holly is pushing herself too hard. Holly says she does that because she didn’t want to be any trouble or the reason that the next guy walks out the door on Nicole. Nicole is sorry to hear that and she’s sad that Holly worried about that. Nicole tells Holly that she is her pride and joy and her relationships failing had nothing to do with her. Nicole thinks Holly could drop a couple of classes and pick them up in the summer. Holly asks if she wants to take her summer away too. Nicole says she just wants her to have options, pointing out that she didn’t even go to college. Holly says to look at her now and remarks that maybe that’s why she pushes herself so hard, so she doesn’t end up like Nicole.

Ava tells Steve that’s enough and that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Steve says he knows that Stefan found Clyde’s book and took it to the police. Ava warns Steve to stay the hell out of it. Steve wishes he could, but thanks to Ava, he can’t, because he and John busted Clyde out of prison so if Clyde gets caught, he’s selling them down the river and they’ll all go to prison. Ava tells him that’s not going to happen. Steve questions how she knows that. Ava responds that prison bars won’t stop Clyde from ruining or taking lives and she knows Harris wants him captured, but she’s looking for a more permanent solution.

Stefan understands Paulina is in a bit of political trouble and that EJ is not helping her cause. Paulina confirms that she and EJ are at odds. Stefan asks if she’d like to wipe him off the face of the planet. Paulina repeats that they are at odds. Stefan explains that he and EJ are at odds because EJ is refusing to reopen a murder case where new evidence has come to light that would exonerate the convicted killer and free her from a lifetime sentence. Stefan complains that EJ is doing this because he hates the person convicted of the crime, so he’s using his office and power to perpetuate a grudge which is immoral and reprehensible. Paulina agrees. Stefan admits the person who would be exonerated is Gabi. Paulina says she would have to see all of this new evidence, so Stefan presents her with the folder.

Nicole tells Holly that was a very hurtful thing to say. Holly says she was just being honest that the way Nicole has lived her life is not how she wants to live her life as she wants her own path. Nicole says she wants that too and maybe that’s why she’s been so strict and she hovers because she knows she would’ve had a different life if her childhood wasn’t so screwed up. Nicole talks about her mother being caring with a good heart but she was abused by her father just like she was, so everything was about survival for them. Nicole just wants Holly to understand that nobody was there for her in the way she needed. Holly says that’s really sad but her trying to control her life is not the same as being there for her. Nicole argues that she just wants her to be safe after what happened on New Year’s. Holly questions how many times she’s going to bring that up to justify ruining her life because that’s what this feels like. Nicole admits she’s made some bad choices in her life and those choices hurt them both which she regrets. Nicole knows she hasn’t been consistent in her parenting but the one thing she has been consistent with is how much she loves her. Nicole declares the one thing she wants is for Holly to be happy, safe, and to have a good life. Holly says that’s all she wants too. Nicole says they finally agree on something then. Nicole asks what she can do to make things better. Holly tells her that the one thing is to trust her more and trust her judgment. Holly says getting good grades is important to her but it’s not enough as she wants to have the whole high school experience. Holly tells her that it would make her so happy to go to prom and she just said she wants her to be happy. Holly swears that she won’t get in any trouble. Nicole refuses and says it’s not an option. Holly points out what they just talked about. Nicole repeats that Holly almost died and she loves her, so it pains her to say this but she hasn’t earned that kind of trust back with her. Holly complains that Nicole loves her so much that she’s keeping her prisoner in the house. Holly then remarks that she’d rather be dead. Nicole tells her not to say that. Holly then rips in to Nicole and yells at her that all the babies she lost were lucky that they didn’t have to have her as a mother. Holly shouts at Nicole that maybe motherhood isn’t for her because she isn’t good at it. Nicole tries to hug her but Holly turns away. Nicole then exits the room in tears.

Marlena tells Eric that she’s so glad he and Holly still have their connection since it’s important to her and she looks up to him. Eric says he tries to be there for her without stepping on Nicole and EJ’s toes, but they are working on it. Eric mentions needing to get Jude home and meet Nicole about their story. Marlena says she has a client to see and John says he has cases to go over. John tells Eric that he’ll see him around and to drop in more often. Marlena reminds Eric that they are there any time he needs help watching the baby. Eric then exits with Jude. Marlena tells John that she’ll see him for supper tonight. Marlena adds that she’s so glad that he and Steve are back on good terms which John says is all thanks to her. John says he loves her and they kiss goodbye as Marlena then exits.

Paulina goes over the evidence and tells Stefan that he’s right that it’s compelling but it hardly proves anything as it’s all circumstantial. Stefan points out that even Rafe wants the case reopened. Paulina points out that Gabi is Rafe’s sister and Stefan’s wife. Stefan insists that Gabi is innocent and admits he knows the case is not a slam dunk but that it’s enough to cast reasonable doubt on that conviction, so it needs to be investigated. Paulina asks if EJ is refusing to even consider it. Stefan calls EJ stubborn and very ambitious, so he thinks he’s afraid of the truth coming out. Paulina is aware of EJ’s axe to grind with Gabi but asks why he would be scared of the truth and what Gabi’s exoneration has to do with EJ’s ambition. Stefan argues that it’s obvious to him that EJ is scared that if Gabi is exonerated, she will come back for the CEO position at DiMera Enterprises, possibly booting EJ out of his highly coveted seat yet again. Paulina asks what he means by again. Stefan guesses she didn’t hear because she was recovering from illness, but EJ temporarily appointed himself as CEO of DiMera while he was dealing with his circumstances and booted out of the job. Paulina says she knew that and says so what to EJ being acting CEO. Stefan says he wouldn’t think it was a big deal either if EJ wasn’t trying to become permanent CEO while still serving as Salem’s district attorney which shocks Paulina. Paulina argues that EJ knows the city’s laws don’t allow that and he didn’t think to clear it with her. Paulina grabs her phone and calls EJ. Paulina orders EJ to drop whatever he’s doing and get to her office right now, then hangs up.

Steve asks what exactly Ava is insinuating. Ava responds that she’s not insinuating anything, she’s telling him that she agrees that if Clyde gets captured, he will sell them all out, so they need a way for that not to happen like a permanent solution to the Clyde situation. Stefan approaches and asks if he’s interrupting. Ava claims they were just talking about Tripp. Steve says he’s happy they are doing so well and he has to get going, so he walks away. Stefan tells Ava that he’s glad he ran in to her because they need to talk. Ava asks if Gabi got a new trial date but Stefan says EJ was not receptive to reopening the case which Ava says is no surprise. Stefan then states that EJ’s control over the situation may come to an abrupt halt.

EJ goes to Paulina’s office. She remarks that it took him long enough. EJ responds that he’s a very busy man and he dislikes being summoned. Paulina reminds EJ that he works for her. EJ says she’s reminded him many times and asks what was so urgent. Paulina questions why EJ is dismissing the new evidence in the Li Shin murder case. EJ says he should’ve known Stefan got to her. EJ tells Paulina that there was simply not enough evidence. Paulina stops him and says she’s tired of him using his office to further his private vendettas and aspirations, so that’s going to stop now and he’s going to do as she instructs him to. EJ asks or else what?

Holly goes to Marlena’s office in tears and asks if it’s a bad time. Marlena says not at all as she’s on a break. Marlena asks Holly what has happened. Holly responds that she’s a terrible person as she just said some horrible things to her mom and now she hates herself. Marlena hugs her as she cries.

Eric waits in the town square then pulls out his phone to call Nicole, who is drinking at the bar. Eric asks if she’s okay as he’s been waiting for her. Nicole says she lost track of time. Eric ask where she is. Nicole admits she’s at the small bar. Eric tells her not to go anywhere as he’s coming to get her.

Steve goes to see John, who thanks him for stopping by. Steve mentions just having lunch with Kayla at the Pub and she is as perceptive as ever since she knows something is going on with Maggie and Konstantin. Steve says he only told her that he’d let her in when the time is right which she didn’t like but she accepted. John says that’s good. Steve adds that he has some really good news as he may have a lead on Clyde Weston. Steve tells John about Jada telling them that the police have gotten Clyde’s black book which could have all of his drug trade contacts. John says that could be huge. Steve notes that the only thing is it’s in code and no one’s been able to decipher it. John asks if they can get their hands on a copy. Steve says he mentioned to Jada about talking to Rafe to try to get their hands on one. Steve adds that if the ISA got a hold of it, they could crack it. John says they have to stay on top of this. Steve decides he’ll give Rafe a call himself to see if he’s down to give them a copy. Steve then informs John that he also ran in to Ava outside the Pub and he thinks she knows a lot more about Clyde and his whereabouts than she’s letting on.

Holly tells Marlena that she told Nicole that she was a terrible mom and that the babies she lost were lucky to not have to deal with her as a mom. Marlena guesses she must have been pretty angry. Holly argues that’s no excuse since it’s the worst thing anyone’s ever said to their mom. Marlena suggests some perspective. Holly doesn’t understand why she says nasty and awful things to Nicole that she really doesn’t mean and feels so guilty afterwards. Marlena says sometimes we lash out at the people we’re closest to and they do the same because they know each other so well. Holly worries that this was really bad and she doesn’t know what to do as she wants to apologize but Nicole won’t answer her phone. Marlena says Nicole is upset and suggests giving her some time. Marlena advises Holly to write her a letter to express everything she’s going through and dealing with. Holly asks if that’s not weird to pull out a letter while apologizing. Marlena says it might feel odd in the moment, but she can explain that she wanted to talk to her while feeling calm and rational, not when emotions were taking over the conversation. Marlena adds that she’s been involved in a number of those mother-daughter conversations, so she has a little sense of what Nicole is going through and she thinks that she’s terrified of losing her.

Nicole continues drinking at the bar, remarking that it’s exactly what a terrible mother should do. Eric arrives and says she can tell him all about it in the car. Eric says he will call EJ to let him know but Nicole says not to because he’s busy putting out fires. Eric helps Nicole up and carries her out of the bar.

EJ asks Paulina if he’s fired if he doesn’t do as she’s instructed. Paulina responds that ship has sailed as he’s already fired. EJ argues that she can’t do that. Paulina says she can and she just did because he can’t keep his job as district attorney while moonlighting as the CEO of DiMera in the long haul as that won’t fly. Paulina orders EJ to clear out his desk right now and she’ll have security escort him out.

John asks Steve what the hell Ava could know and if he thinks Clyde might be in touch with her. Steve says she wouldn’t say but he thinks it’s a good bet. John says either way, having the black book is a great start so he’s all for the ISA cracking that code. Steve points out that if they can and Clyde is caught, he’s going to give them up for breaking him out of prison. John responds that they will just have to prepare themselves for that consequence.

Stefan tells Ava that he pulled one over on EJ by going over his head and straight to the mayor. Ava says she’s impressed as Stefan talks about how it was almost too easy and says Paulina is probably firing EJ as they speak. Ava remarks that it couldn’t happen to a more arrogant son of a bitch. Stefan asks if Harris had any luck setting the trap for Clyde. Ava says not yet, but he wants that black book. They agree they’ll be shouting “hallelujah” when Clyde is caught.

EJ goes home and grabs a drink, angrily declaring that Paulina will pay for this.

Eric brings Nicole home. Nicole apologizes as they were supposed to work. Eric says they can work tomorrow and goes to help her inside.

Holly tells Marlena that it makes sense that Nicole tries to control her because she’s afraid of losing her like she lost her baby brothers. Marlena says Nicole is afraid of what happened on New Year’s Eve and Holly is going to have to work really hard to regain her trust. Holly says she gets that now. Marlena encourages that they both can do it because they love each other so much.

Eric helps Nicole in to the DiMera Mansion. Nicole thanks him for taking such good care of her and calls him the best person in the world. Eric tries to quiet her down and suggests getting her upstairs. Nicole calls Eric like her knight in shining armor so she wants to give him a goodnight kiss. Eric tries to argue but Nicole grabs him and kisses him right as EJ comes out from the living room and sees them kissing.

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Days Update Thursday, May 16, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Sarah comes home to find a box of cupcakes from the Bakery. Xander comes in with flowers and presents her with a card, asking “Won’t you play with me?”

Steve and Kayla sit together at the Brady Pub. Kayla talks about work being nonstop, so she’s glad she was able to get away. Steve says he’ll take any time he can get with her. Steve is sorry the staff shortages have been wearing her down. Kayla says she can handle it, but she’ll be happy when new doctors show up. Kayla asks if he’s talked to Tripp. Steve confirms he has and that he and Wendy are doing great. Kayla asks how Steve is doing. Steve responds that he’s happy that Tripp is happy but he still misses him a lot though. Kayla asks how things are going with Steve and John. Steve says they are fine. Kayla wants more but Steve says that’s all he’s got right now. Kayla asks how things are going with Konstantin. Steve responds that he still doesn’t trust him and never will. Kayla admits that he hasn’t given him a reason to and she can’t believe that Maggie is going to marry Konstantin. Steve assures that she doesn’t have to worry about Maggie. Kayla notes that he sounds sure of himself and asks what’s going on. Jada then arrives, so Steve invites her to join them.

John goes home and asks Marlena what’s going on as she sounded worried on the phone. Marlena reveals that she got an update from Brady and it looks like Maggie is redistributing Victor’s wealth to make sure that all the relatives get their inheritance. John says he’s sure Konstantin is losing his mind and asks what Marlena’s concerns are. Marlena says they all know Konstantin is a very dangerous man, so she’s afraid that Maggie has put herself in a rather dangerous place.

Alex and Theresa walk through the town square. Alex talks about seeing a lot of beautiful things. Theresa says she likes sparkly as they get close until Konstantin approaches with Maggie and suggests an engagement ring for the happy couple which Maggie questions. Konstantin asks why not, insisting that they make a fantastic couple. Konstantin jokes that they could even make it a double wedding. Maggie says she’s sure they have their own plans and apologizes to Theresa and Alex for Konstantin getting carried away. Maggie then questions Alex not being at the office for a meeting. Alex says his calendar is none of her business but his VP has it covered because he knows had to delegate. Maggie feels there’s still a need to be present. Alex responds that Titan is a well-oiled machine thanks in large part to him. Maggie suggests one of them should get to work and guesses that’s going to be her. Maggie tells Konstantin that she will text him on her way home and walks off.

Marlena tells John that nobody wants to upset Konstantin, but she’s afraid that Maggie moving Victor’s money around could be kicking the hornet’s nest. John agrees that she’s rattling his cage a little bit, but the Kiriakis estate is massive with millions left over even after Maggie’s generous gifting. John thinks that will make Konstantin behave himself for awhile. Marlena hopes that he’s right. John says just to cover their bases, they should make sure Maggie doesn’t have anything else to tell them.

Steve asks Jada to catch them up for a couple minutes as she joins their table. Kayla bets it’s nice to live in an actual house. Jada calls it definitely an improvement from the small room overlooking a parking lot. Jada adds that Rafe is a great guy and she actually looks forward to coming home. Kayla mentions Stephanie telling them that Everett signed the divorce papers. Jada confirms that and she’s pretty sure Stephanie had something to do with making that happen. Jada says she’s grateful because it’s like a dark cloud has been lifted. Jada knows Stephanie is working on her relationship with Everett and trying to make it work, so she hopes he doesn’t break her heart like he did to her.

Sarah tells Xander that she has a couple games they could play in the bedroom. Xander says soon, when the timing is right as he points out that Victoria is about to wake up. Sarah says she’ll go get the afternoon bottle but Xander says not yet as they have games to play. Sarah asks what games. Xander tells her Hearts and reveals a deck of cards. Sarah isn’t sure she remembers the rules. Xander encourages that it will all come back to her. Sarah picks up the Queen of Hearts. Xander says she is his queen and she has captured his heart. Sarah asks what’s going on. Xander tells her that she’s on a scavenger hunt and he will have so much fun watching her figure it out. Xander encourages that she’s doing great and is on her way to finding the treasure which excites Sarah. Xander tells her that she’s not getting anything until she finds what he’s hidden.

Kayla tells Jada that they appreciate her concern but assure that if Everett hurts Stephanie or gets out of line, Steve will have a lot to say about it. Steve tells Jada that she can come to him too if he ever does anything that she doesn’t like. Jada thinks Everett will be keeping his distance from her but thanks Steve for caring. Steve talks about Jada’s father being a dear friend of his and that he’d be very upset if he didn’t look out for her. Jada thanks him and says they are like family to her. They talk about wishing they saw each other more. Jada apologizes for not making plans but says lately, she feels pulled in so many different directions. Steve asks how the search for Clyde Weston is going.

Alex questions what Konstantin is still doing here. Theresa tells Alex to be civil. Konstantin agrees there’s no reason to linger so he will go, but Alex stops him and says there was one thing he wanted to discuss with him. Alex informs Konstantin that he recently just purchased a racehorse and it might get delivered before he moves back in to the mansion, so he asks Konstantin to let the stable master know. Konstantin questions if Maggie is aware of his plans. Alex assumes Maggie knows he’s moving back in since half of everything was left to him. Alex adds that he’s thinking about taking over the east wing and asks if that’s where Konstantin’s room is. Alex mentions planning to talk to Maggie about his continued occupancy at the mansion. Konstantin argues that he’s sure Maggie would object to Alex having him relocate. Alex warns Konstantin not to get too comfortable there. Theresa interrupts to separate them and says this conversation is pointless without Maggie since it’s her house. Alex repeats that half of it is his along with half of Victor’s fortune. Alex then asks if Konstantin has any idea when the Hortons are moving out.

Maggie goes to see John and Marlena. Maggie mentions that she was on her way to work so she can only stay a little while and asks what’s going on. Marlena says they wanted to thank her because Brady told them that she had redistributed Victor’s estate, allowing Brady to set up a trust for Tate and Rachel. Maggie says Xander did the same for Victoria and that she was just carrying out Victor’s wishes since he wanted to make sure his children and grandchildren were cared for. Maggie adds that she already decided to share her wealth before she knew what Konstantin was up to. Maggie asks if she did something wrong. John says no and that they just wanted to talk about next steps with Konstantin. John states that they need to get Konstantin to commit a crime that they can get him on. Maggie says she was going to call later but they beat her to it. Maggie reveals it came to her earlier today which John questions. Maggie calls it a brilliant idea as she knows exactly how to bring Konstantin down for good. John asks to hear the brilliant plan. Maggie says it’s all about Alex as ever since Victor’s will has been settled, Alex has been hyper focused on spending money and neglecting his role at Titan almost completely. Maggie says normally, she wouldn’t let that behavior slide, but it occurred to her that it might provide the perfect opportunity to get rid of Konstantin permanently. John tells her to go on. Maggie explains that it seems Alex is not interested, so company money could be moved under the radar and they could make it look like Konstantin has been embezzling from Titan for months. Maggie argues that it wouldn’t be difficult to transfer funds to a personal account that she opens on his behalf if they do it right and cleverly. Marlena realizes the idea is to expose Konstantin for the low life he really is which Maggie says to leave to her.

Konstantin informs Alex that the Horton house renovation is almost complete. Alex is sure Konstantin is breathing a huge sigh of relief. Konstantin says he’s actually enjoyed having the Hortons around and hopes to enjoy having him there just as much. Alex says he wouldn’t count on that and says he’s going to finish up and tells Theresa he’s going to get a huge surprise as he walks off. Theresa then questions what the hell Konstantin was thinking by suggesting an engagement ring out loud. Konstantin argues that Alex didn’t suspect anything of it. Konstantin asks if Theresa has been working on that. Theresa informs him that she got herself back in to Alex’s bed, so now she just needs to get herself back in the mansion.

Jada tells Steve and Kayla that they recently came in to a new piece of evidence. Steve asks what that is. Jada explains that they got Clyde’s black book, detailing every part of his drug operation. Steve calls that big news. Jada mentions that Stefan found it hidden at the Bistro but it’s written in code and they are so far from figuring it out. Steve says he and John could definitely help by bringing it to the ISA and declares that if anyone can crack that code, it’s them.

Sarah tells Xander it’s game on. Xander says he’s rooting for her. Sarah begins searching the apartment. Xander says it sounds like Victoria jus woke up. Sarah says she didn’t hear anything. Xander gives Sarah her flowers and directs her of where to look for the next clue as he goes to get Victoria. Sarah finds a ring box as Xander brings out Victoria, wearing a bib that reads “Will You Marry Daddy?” After putting Victoria down, Xander gets down on one knee and officially proposes to Sarah. Sarah responds that she’s so sorry but she can’t accept this.

Jada appreciates Steve’s offer but says that Harris already took the paperwork for analysis. Jada agrees to talk to Rafe since the more eyes they get on this, the better. Steve says they all want the same thing in getting Clyde behind bars again. Jada adds that the book might help them in a few cases. Steve asks if there’s something else with Clyde but Jada says it’s the murder of Li Shin. Kayla thought Gabi was in prison for that. Jada notes that Gabi always said she’s innocent and Rafe is very sure of that. Steve asks if she’s saying Clyde was involved in that. Jada says she can’t say anything right now, but this book could lead to a lot of closure for all of them.

John tells Maggie that on paper, it sounds like a hell of a plan. Maggie thought he would like it and she’s convinced it will work. John says they just need to plant the seed. Maggie suspects that Konstantin will be salivating over the favor she’s about to ask of him. Maggie adds that she will call if she gets in any trouble. John thinks she’s doing just fine as Maggie then exits. John tells Marlena that he wasn’t quite sure, but he’s thinking that Maggie might be able to pull this off. Marlena has no doubt and thinks Konstantin is messing with the wrong redhead. John declares that soon, Konstantin will be out of all of their lives for good.

Konstantin tells Theresa that she talks a good game but complains that he needs to see some action soon. Theresa tells him to just make sure to hold up his end of the bargain. Alex then returns to Theresa. Konstantin says he has errands to tend to so he walks away. Alex calls Konstantin insufferable. Theresa says he’s marrying Maggie, so he’ll have to get used to it. Alex can’t believe that but guesses that’s just what happens when you’re lonely and needy. Alex asks if Theresa wants to see what he got her. Theresa says yes, so Alex presents her with a bracelet which amazes her. Theresa wishes there was something she could do for him. Alex says he has a few ideas as they kiss.

John tells Marlena that getting the Konstantin issue under control makes him feel like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Marlena agrees and says it must make John feel good to get Konstantin out of Maggie’s life. John states that he’s the reason that Konstantin is in Salem, so the way he’s been taking advantage of Maggie and plotting to kill her is all on him. John calls it another cross to bear.

Steve realizes Clyde’s book is the key, so if he knows they have it, he’ll come out of hiding. Jada says they just have to get word out that it’s been found. Steve asks Jada to keep him in the loop which she agrees to do. Kayla notes that it’s personal to them and their family. Steve talks about Clyde killing Abigail, almost killing Tripp and Wendy, and hurting so many people they love. Steve declares that Clyde needs to be stopped once and for all.

Xander doesn’t understand and questions Sarah saying no. Sarah clarifies that she’s not saying no to him, but to the ring and says she can’t wear that. Xander asks why not. Sarah says she appreciates it but it’s too much. Xander talks about Maggie reallocating Victor’s funds and setting up a trust for Victoria. Xander says that’s why he wants to make things official since they are a family now and he wanted her to have the best ring money could buy because she deserves it. Sarah responds that she doesn’t need the best ring or anything because she already has the best in him as they kiss.

Alex and Theresa go back to the bedroom and continue kissing as they begin to undress and they kiss onto the bed.

Xander asks if Sarah is saying yes then. Sarah calls Xander the best and agrees that the only way this could be any better would be knowing they get to spend the rest of their lives together. Sarah apologizes and says she’s so touched and does appreciate that he spent so much time shopping for a beautiful ring and the way he proposed. Xander asks her to just keep the ring and not feel guilty about it which she agrees to. Sarah says she’ll try her hardest to get over the guilt. Xander jokes that she’d feel more guilty giving it back as he spent hours picking out the right one. Sarah asks for a redo and promises to be grateful and gracious with no objections or complaints. Xander calls it take two as he gets back down on one knee and proposes to Sarah. Sarah then accepts and says she cannot wait to be his wife. Xander puts the ring on her finger. Sarah says it looks like they are engaged now. Xander confirms there’s no question about it as they kiss.

Kayla tells Jada that they want to have her and Rafe over for Sunday dinner which Jada says sounds wonderful. Jada agrees to check her calendar and text her. Jada hugs them and says to take care as she exits. Kayla tells Steve that she can see his wheels turning. Steve says this new piece of evidence is big news and asks how any of them could rest easy until Clyde is back in his cage. Kayla agrees that they can’t, so maybe it will give him something else to focus on other than Konstantin. Steve assures that he can work on more than one thing at a time so that doesn’t change. Kayla asks why he hasn’t told her what’s going on. Steve promises that when the time is right, he’ll tell her everything. Kayla hopes it all works out. Steve says it has to as there is no other option.

Konstantin sits in the town square, complaining about Alex. Maggie approaches and asks who he’s talking to. Konstantin says talking to himself is an old habit. Maggie says they all do it. Konstantin thought she was going to work. Maggie says she did and then she had an epiphany which brought her back to him. Konstantin asks about it. Maggie says she has a favor and he’s the only one she thinks can handle it. Konstantin says anything. Maggie explains that she intends to create a charitable trust in Victor’s honor and that Konstantin knew what was in Victor’s heart, so she’d like to put him in charge of distributing funds that belonged to Victor if he’s willing. Konstantin says it would be his honor to do for her and Victor. Konstantin thanks her for entrusting him wtih such a noble venture.

Marlena tells John that she’s going to tell him one more time that none of what he did back then was about him as it wasn’t John Black. Marlena says what he’s doing now and how he’s helping Maggie is an example of his kindness and his strength. Maggie says if that’s not an example of his quality of character, she doesn’t know what is. John responds that he just wants to be a force for good and with Marlena by his side, he knows anything is possible as he kisses her.

Alex and Theresa lay in bed after having sex. Theresa tells Alex that she’s crazy about him and she’s waiting for him to say the same. Alex says he’s a fan of actions speak louder than words and that all the action just now should’ve told her something. Theresa decides she’s going to shower and they decide to order food in. Theresa heads to the shower while Alex grabs his phone and calls Kristen. Alex says he misses her and will hopefully see her tomorrow as he can’t wait and then hangs up.

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Days Update Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Rafe meets Ava at Wendy and Tripp’s apartment. Rafe thanks her for meeting him there while Ava notes it’s good that Wendy and Tripp left her a key while they are in Hong Kong. Ava mentions that she does need to get back to the Pub because she can’t let Roman down after quitting the Bistro. Rafe points out that he wasn’t aware that she quit. Ava says it was for the best. Rafe says this won’t take long and assumes Harris has her up to speed on the lab analysis of Clyde’s black book. Ava confirms that Harris briefed her on it. Rafe says the working assumption is that Gil stabbed Li but the question is why and the other question is can Ava help them prove it.

Eric goes to the Spectator office and finds Chad’s son Thomas. Thomas says it’s take your kid to work day. Eric asks if that means he’s going to be his boss. Thomas responds that he doesn’t want to be the boss, he wants to be a reporter like his mom as Chad comes out from the back.

EJ enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and is surprised to see Nicole as he thought she’d still be at the Spectator. Nicole says she’s going back and just took a break as she was hoping to see Holly after school so she could try to mend fences. Nicole says that Holly is with Sophia, studying and avoiding her after their blowout which she understands. EJ apologizes for his role in that. Nicole tells him that he has nothing to be sorry for as he was just trying to help like he always does.

Stefan works at the Bistro. Kristen joins him and asks for the latest. Stefan says he has as list of ex-associates of Clyde and Rafe couldn’t track anyone down, so he’s trying to come up with any kind of lead. Stefan toasts to finding Li’s real killer and Gabi coming home. Kristen knows Stefan loves Gabi and she can’t figure out why, but she knows they hadn’t really had a chance, so she hopes they have that chance now. Stefan jokes about her being a romantic. Kristen says she’s always been a hopeless romantic and tells Stefan to just keep that bitch away from her.

Sloan finds Leo drinking in the park and says she’s been looking all over for him. Leo mentions getting the good stuff thanks to EJ’s bank account. Sloan asks if he’s out of his freaking mind. Sloan questions if his plan is to drink himself in to a coma. Leo asks if she just came to judge him or if she has something to say. Sloan says that he lost his one true love like billions of others and asks if it was really true love since Dimitri dumped him on his ass. Leo calls that cruel while Sloan complains that Leo blew up her life. Leo argues that she chose this path, not him. Sloan remarks that he might as well have published the truth in his gossip column. Leo argues that he’s been good and loyal to her. Sloan cries that was until he opened his drunken mouth and jeopardized everything for her including her family, her marriage, and her livelihood. Leo insists that he kept his word and didn’t tell Eric. Leo feels she’s being overdramatic since aside from the people who already knew, EJ is the only other one that knows.

Nicole tells EJ that she didn’t expect Mother’s Day to go like it did and says she knows she’s made a lot of mistakes with Holly. Nicole brings up that Chloe was the one who actually carried her and then they had a custody battle. Nicole worries that Holly could sense the trauma and even when she got custody, she became a single mother. EJ encourages that she showered Holly with love and kids can sense that too. Nicole still wonders if things would be different if she raised Holly from the day she was born and she was hoping to have that chance with their son but it wasn’t in the cards for her.

Ava asks Rafe how she can help since she knows nothing about Li’s death. Rafe points out that since Wendy and Tripp are in Hong Kong, Ava is the only person in Salem who was living in the apartment when both Gil and Li were killed, so maybe she knows something without even being aware of it. Ava jokingly suggests hiring a hypnotist which Rafe says is not a bad idea. Ava insists she’s been doing nothing but thinking about this since Harris told her about the fingerprint. Ava swears that she knows just as much as Rafe does and that she really has to get back to work. Rafe suggests he come see her later or tomorrow then as there’s no chance he’s giving up on this. Ava says she’s trying to protect herself from reliving this. Rafe understands that this is difficult for her but he really needs her help here, badly. Ava then agrees to do what she can to help.

Eric asks Thomas if he has any ideas what kind of stories he wants to cover. Thomas says he wants to be a crime reporter and jokes about his school cafeteria. Eric sends Thomas to the photography room and says Chad will show him how to use the camera. Chad talks about Thomas getting it from his mom.

Stefan tells Kristen not to get ahead of themselves since Gabi isn’t out of prison yet and reminds her that he’s the one who found the black book. Kristen questions if he’s going back on a promise over a technicality. Stefan says he wants EJ out of the CEO chair as much as she did so the mission is plugging Kristen in and getting EJ out, but the priority is getting his wife out of prison.

Rafe tells Ava that the evidence points to Gil stabbing Li but questions what his motive was. Ava asks how she would know anything about that. Rafe says he’s just trying to piece things together and asks if there was any chance that Li was working with Clyde. Ava says absolutely not. Rafe asks how she could be so sure unless there’s more she’s not telling him about what Clyde and Gil were doing. Ava complains that it sounds like she needs a lawyer. Rafe says he’s not interrogating her but she did run a drug ring for her father. Ava argues that was decades ago. Rafe suggests maybe Clyde knew that and was capitalizing on her experience. Ava remarks that anything possible doesn’t mean they are. Rafe brings up Ava running a management position at the Bistro despite having no restaurant experience. Ava declares they are done here. Rafe questions why Stefan would take the fall for her when she’s the one with the drug DNA. Ava tells Rafe that his accusations are baseless. Rafe shouts that it was happening right below her and she’s smarter than that. Rafe says he just needs to understand why Stefan took the fall for her and asks if something was going on between them. Rafe questions if Stefan was cheating on Gabi with Ava. Rafe asks her to help him understand and make sense of this.

Nicole asks EJ to tell her the truth as she asks if he expected so much drama when they got together. Nicole talks about EJ having to deal with Holly’s attitude and her occasional mood swings. EJ jokes that he does the same and she still puts up with him. EJ adds that after being with Sami, this has been a cake walk which Nicole takes as a compliment. EJ assures that he adores her and is so grateful that he gets to spend his time with her. Nicole asks EJ to let Holly know that she’ll be working late tonight and that she did come by on her break to see her. EJ informs Nicole that a City Hall fundraiser is on the horizon, so her being on his arm when he shows up will make him look like visiting royalty. Nicole agrees to go and says it will be an interesting and a chance to do something good. EJ calls her optimism infectious. Nicole says it’s really sad that so many charity programs are underfunded so maybe she can pick up something for her article. EJ comments that she and Eric seem to have really thrown themselves in to this. Nicole assures they believe these stories need to be told. EJ declares that his wife has everything as they kiss. Nicole tells EJ that she will see him later as she then exits the mansion.

Eric tells Chad that Abigail was an amazing person. Chad says she was perfect to him and he misses her. Chad talks about there being a lot of Abigail in their kids. Eric is sure she’s smiling down on them.

Sloan tells Leo that maybe this was all her fault since she left him alone at a bar to drown his sorrows in booze. Leo calls that a huge mistake on her part. Sloan asks how long after she left did he go to EJ’s. Leo tries to recall how long it took but says he doesn’t know because he was drunk and still is along with being heartbroken, so he wasn’t thinking. Sloan asks if he’s ever thinking. Leo responds that he’s thinking now and something isn’t adding up.

Stefan declares that he’s going to EJ to compel him to open Gabi’s case because she’s been locked up long enough. Kristen tries to stop Stefan and says she knows it’s hard to be patient but Rafe said he was going to EJ after he talked to Ava. Kristen says they will hope that Rafe finds even more evidence that points to Gil as the killer.

Ava tells Rafe that the only woman that Stefan loves is Gabi and she thinks Rafe knows that. Ava thought they were trying to get evidence to clear Gabi’s name, not have an interrogation in to her past. Rafe understands her resistance to her past but says it’s relevant because anyone can look up Ava’s history and see that she’s a criminal. Rafe argues that he’s trying to get the truth and the whole story. Rafe’s theory is that the killings are connected as he thinks Gil came looking for Ava but ran in to Li and Li was in his way, so Gil took him out, then Gabi came in and stupidly picked up the knife after seeing the body. Ava calls that definitely a theory. Rafe tells Ava there’s no more dancing around it. Rafe declares that Ava was the intended victim and he thinks she knows that.

Chad tells Eric that kids make it all worthwhile. Eric agrees, talking about Jude being his world. Chad says genetics have nothing on that kind of love. Eric calls Thomas amazing and a great kid. Chad talks about him growing up too fast. Chad tells Eric to make sure to cherish every moment he can with Jude. Eric assures that he does and that he’s so blessed to be his dad.

Sloan ask what Leo means by something not adding up. Leo says he told EJ the truth out of the goodness of his heart which Sloan laughs at. Leo says he didn’t go there for a payout, but EJ spearheaded that so he wouldn’t talk. Sloan tells Leo to just do as he’s told. Leo argues that he had no choice after Eric cut off his money. Sloan asks if that’s why he went to EJ. Leo reminds her that he told her that he would if his allowance stopped coming. Sloan complains that he more recently said he wouldn’t. Leo blames the drinking but Sloan says he’s the one who poured the poison down his throat, so he’s the reason they are in this mess. Leo tells Sloan that he’s sorry. Leo talks about how he cares about Jude. Leo thinks that Jude should be with his biological mom, who actually likes kids. Sloan declares that Jude is never going back to Nicole, ever, which Leo questions.

Ava questions Rafe thinking she was Gil’s target. Rafe confirms that he thinks so and with forensics evidence and a possible motive, they have a much better chance at getting Gabi her freedom, but he needs the whole story and whatever her relationship was with Gil. Ava responds that she didn’t have a relationship with him. Ava calls Gil a snake who was always coming onto her and wouldn’t take no for an answer and that is it. Rafe asks why Gil had to come back here to do that. Ava asks if she has to spell it out for him. Ava says there’s always the chance that someone could be at the Bistro so it’s not the ideal place for sexual assault. Ava asks if it’s hard to get in the head of a predator. Rafe goes over Gil killing Li and then coming back for Ava, but she killed him. Ava flashes back to shooting Gil and shouts that it was in self defense.

Leo doesn’t understand and questions if Sloan is saying EJ doesn’t want his kid back. Sloan says she didn’t say that. Leo argues that if Nicole never gets her baby back, then EJ won’t either. Sloan reminds Leo that EJ told him to keep his mouth shut and not ask questions but he’s doing the opposite. Leo argues that he’s a journalist. Sloan says this is none of his concern. Leo says he’s a sensitive guy with a big heart and a ton of guilt for stealing a child and letting EJ and Nicole think their child was dead. Leo admits he’s having a hard time living with himself because he’s feeling so guilty. Leo questions Sloan lying to Eric all this time and how she’s sleeping at night or living with herself.

Chad asks Eric how his feature is coming along. Eric says it’s coming along well. Chad asks if it’s going alright with Nicole. Eric says it is and asks why it wouldn’t be. Chad acknowledges their history and jokes that he knows what it can be like to work with an ex. Nicole then arrives and asks if she’s interrupting. Chad says no, so Nicole says for them to get back to work. Chad decides he will go track down Thomas. Nicole gives Chad a notebook that she found at her desk this morning. Chad opens it and Nicole asks if everything is okay. Chad recognizes it having Abigail’s handwriting and that the last entry was just a few weeks before she died.

Ava tells Rafe that it still haunts her why she had to pull the trigger and it still follows her. Ava says now it’s the thought that Wendy’s brother was killed because of her. Rafe says Li was in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like Gabi was. Ava says maybe that’s just a story he keeps telling himself. Ava cries that she can’t do this anymore. Ava tells Rafe that she doesn’t know anything and if she did, she would tell him, but she doesn’t. Rafe accepts that for now but tells her that as long as Gabi’s freedom is on the line, he’s not going to stop digging by a long shot.

Chad says he can almost hear Abigail’s voice in her writing. Chad thought he read everything she wrote but he’s never seen this before, so she must have been working on it right before she died. Eric asks how they can find out or if anyone else might know. Chad suggests Abigail probably confided in Jack. Nicole points out that Jack was editor-in-chief so maybe he knows something. Chad decides there’s only one way to find out and calls Jack. Chad tells him that everything is okay and the kids are good. Chad says he just had a question about Abigail. Chad asks Jack if Abigail told him or Jennifer about a piece she was working on before she died.

EJ sits at home with a drink until Stefan and Kristen come home. EJ jokingly calls them two of his favorite people and offers a drink. Stefan says he’s good for now while Kristen says she’ll take one herself. EJ and Kristen start to argue. Stefan asks them to stop. EJ asks Kristen if she noticed the DiMera stock going up and calls that enough for the board to vote him as permanent CEO at the next election since it’s all about the bottom line. Stefan questions him being sure while Kristen mocks him. EJ remarks that the rising tide lifts all boats. Stefan says that Chad and Tony want nothing to do with the company and he’s persona non grata so it looks like EJ has it buttoned up. EJ agrees and toasts to family.

Sloan tells Leo that guilt is a waste of time as nobody gets medals for suffering. Leo mocks her having no conscience. Sloan says she has come to terms with what she did, so he should too and they should put this dark time behind them. Leo argues that they told a woman that her son was dead when he wasn’t and that woman will probably grieve for the rest of her life. Sloan calls that sad, but insists that she will get over it. Sloan points out that Nicole is in a very happy marriage to a rich and powerful man, she has a daughter and a job, so she thinks she’s doing fine. Sloan tells Leo to get over his guilt and warns him to keep his mouth shut or else she will tell EJ that he’s not holding up his end of the bargain, so losing all that money will be the least of his troubles.

Ava goes home and calls Harris, leaving a message telling him that she’s not feeling so great so she told Roman that she couldn’t work tonight but she needs to talk to him. Ava hangs up and tells herself that she can’t do it. Ava questions how to tell Wendy that it could be her fault that her brother is dead. Ava prays that Rafe is wrong.

Chad thanks Jack and says they’ll talk soon as they hang up. Chad informs Eric and Nicole that apparently Abigail was working on something pretty heavy before she died and she was just about to break it open but she never told Jack what it was, so he just assumed she dropped it, but based on the dates and her notes, she didn’t drop it. Eric asks if Chad has a guess. Chad guesses it was on the increased drug trafficking in Salem. Eric brings up that Clyde was released from prison right before Abigail died and Chad points out that Salem police are still trying to dismantle that drug operation. Nicole acknowledges that as the drugs that nearly killed Holly. Chad realizes that Abigail was on to Clyde but the question is if he knew about it.

Rafe goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ questions him making house calls. Rafe points out that he’s never in his office and asks if they can talk. EJ assumes he has no choice. They head in to the living room where Rafe points out Stefan and Kristen. EJ asks what this is about. Rafe reveals there is new evidence that points to Gabi being innocent in killing Li Shin. Rafe hands EJ a folder as EJ remarks that Gabi is far from innocent. Rafe explains to EJ that it’s photos of the black book, lab results, and fingerprints which is Gil’s fingerprint in Li’s blood. EJ argues that it could’ve been there for years and proves nothing, especially since it was found by Gabi’s husband. Stefan argues that he found the book knowing it belonged to Gil and immediately turned it over to the police. EJ feels there’s nothing substantial to justify reopening the case. Kristen calls that insane, arguing that the book couldn’t have been there for years since the Bistro was only open under Gil for a few months. EJ declares that as district attorney, the decision is his, so they will not be reopening the case, end of story. EJ walks out, leaving Rafe, Stefan, and Kristen upset.

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Days Update Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

At Salem High, Tate finds Holly at her locker and tells her he’s been looking all over for her and thought maybe they could have lunch together. Holly says maybe another time as it’s been a really busy morning. Tate asks if everything is okay. Holly claims she’s just stressed over having a lot of homework to catch up on. Tate feels there’s something else going on. Holly then admits she’s really embarrassed that he saw the huge fight between her and Nicole earlier. Tate says he just hated to see her so upset and that there was nothing he could do about it. Tate asks if anything changed but Holly says no as Nicole thinks she’s going to do drugs and die if she’s out past curfew, so she is forbidding her from going to prom.

Theresa goes home and is shocked to find the place filled with boxes. Alex comes in, so Theresa asks what all this is. Alex responds that he did a little bit of shopping then admits maybe he overdid it but ask what’s the point of having money if not to enjoy it. Theresa agrees but thought he would be at work. Alex says the beauty of being his own boss is making his own hours. Alex tells Theresa about some of the things he bought and reveals he got them matching diamond watches.

Brady goes home which excites Marlena, who says he’s been missed. Marlena asks about his trip. Brady says it was a lot of work and hardly any downtime plus not a lot of sleep. Marlena suggests maybe now he can get some sleep. Brady wants to make the whole week a work-life balance and says most of his time will be spent on his kids and parents. Brady points out referring to her and John as his parents because Marlena has always been a mother to him. Brady calls her his mom in every sense of the word and says he doesn’t know what he’d do without her since she’s always been there for him. Brady tells Marlena that he loves her so much. Marlena says she loves him too. Brady then surprises her with a late Mother’s Day gift.

At the police station, Jada tells Rafe that she can’t believe Gil’s prints and Li’s blood were both on the black book. Rafe says this changes everything and confirms the lab ran the test twice. Rafe adds that it clearly connects Gil to Li’s murder. Jada asks how they prove it. Rafe admits it won’t be easy but he will do whatever it takes to get to the truth and clear his sister’s name once and for all.

Kristen goes to the Bistro and excitedly tells Stefan that she has some news as she found a lead in Li Shin’s murder and she might have enough evidence to pin the crime on the guilty party which is definitely not Gabi. Stefan asks what she is saying. Kristen announces that Gabi is soon to be released from prison which means Stefan will soon have his wife back as a free woman.

Tate tells Holly that he’s sorry and that it sucks she can’t go to prom. Holly can’t wait until she’s 18 so she can do whatever she wants. Tate relates to how he feels sometimes with his mom. Tate asks if Holly has told Aaron yet that she can’t be his date. Holly says she hasn’t but doubts he will care since he’s totally in to Sophia, who is totally in to Tate. Sophia then approaches them and asks what’s going on.

Alex tells Theresa to wait until she sees the new convertible Ferrari that he ordered and shows her a picture. Theresa comments that it must have cost as much as the two watches. Alex confirms it was a little more but says he’s dreamed of owning a Ferrari like this. Alex adds that not just anybody can buy something like this and that they won’t even let a first time buyer buy a new car. Alex reveals it cost $650,000. Theresa asks if he’s crazy. Alex says probably but he’s okay with that. Alex says if Victor was ever looking for a way to make up for all these years, he definitely found a way. Alex adds that he’s trying to get over the resentment of Victor not acknowledging him until after he was dead. Alex says he’s getting there and talks about how it felt when he first found out he was Victor’s son. Alex recalls being miserable and depressed knowing that Justin wasn’t really his father and his brothers not being his brothers. Alex admits he hasn’t totally gotten over the shock of knowing he was lied to for his whole life and that it still upsets him. Alex states that he’s resilient and a material guy, so buying all this stuff eases the pain a little bit. Alex declares that he forgives Victor.

Brady’s gift to Marlena is her favorite perfume. Marlena guesses that John directed Brady to where to get it in Chicago which Brady confirms. Marlena thanks him and says she was just running out, so it’s a perfect gift as they hug. Brady says he should be thanking her more often as he hasn’t always been grateful but he’s so grateful to her now for everything she’s done for him, his kids, and his dad. Brady says he gets to have Marlena as a mother and she makes his dad so happy, so that makes him blessed. Brady talks about how much Marlena means to people in town as he wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day. They hug as Marlena tells him that she loves him so much.

Rafe suggests he and Jada go to the evidence room to pull everything they have on both Gil and Li’s murder cases, since now that they know they are connected, maybe they will see something they didn’t see before. Jada agrees and they head to the evidence room.

Stefan asks Kristen what happened. Kristen explains that she invited Ava over to see if she could jog her memory to remember anything about Li’s murder. Kristen says that while they were there, Ava got a call from Harris who reported a bloody fingerprint on the black book. Stefan questions that having something to do with Li’s murder. Kristen reveals that after they analyzed it, they found Gil’s fingerprint and Li’s blood. Stefan can’t believe it. Kristen then tells him that they found Gil’s fingerprint in Li’s blood on the black book. Stefan declares that means that Gil is likely Li’s murderer, not Gabi.

Tate tells Sophia that he was just asking Holly to help him with Spanish. Holly says she’s no good at it but Sophia offers to tutor him which Tate goes along with. Sophia suggests they could meet after school today but Tate says he promised Roman that he would help at the Pub. Tate asks about Sophia’s nose. Sophia says it’s thankfully not broken and just a little sore. Tate apologizes again. Sophia understands it was an accident and says she’s so looking forward to prom since Tate is taking her.

Theresa asks if Alex is just going to spend all of his money and not open a trust fund for future heirs. Alex responds that he’s not even sure he’s going to have kids or he’s never considered himself the father type but more the private jet, yacht type. Theresa asks about carrying on Victor’s legacy and name. Alex doesn’t want to put that pressure on himself, pointing out that Philip is still out there along with other Kiriakis members. The doorbell rings with another delivery. Alex excitedly tells Theresa that this is his new drone. Theresa doesn’t think he can fit much more stuff here. Alex then reveals that none of it is staying as it’s coming with him when he moves in to the Kiriakis Mansion which leaves Theresa speechless.

Marlena asks Brady about his trip. Brady says it was mostly work business aside from his stop to buy her perfume. Marlena hopes he enjoys Chicago and doesn’t just stay in his hotel. Brady admits he got out once or twice but points out last time he was in Chicago, he was with Rachel on a school trip which he preferred. Marlena knows how much he loves Rachel. Brady calls it amazing how much Rachel can change in a week and talks about how smart she is. Marlena wishes he had more time with Rachel and shared custody. Brady admits it’s driving him a little crazy that Alex is getting to spend all this time with Rachel. Marlena doesn’t think Alex and Kristen are serious. Brady responds that he didn’t think so either, but he’s beginning to wonder unless it’s a pure act because they are really demonstrative with each other. Marlena jokes that’s a bad visual. Marlena asks what Theresa thinks about it. Brady responds that she doesn’t like it at all and he doesn’t either.

Stefan asks Kristen why Gil would want to kill Li since they didn’t even know each other and Li wasn’t part of the drug ring. Kristen goes over Gil showing up at the apartment not long after Li died, to attack Ava which is when Ava shot him to death. Kristen wonders if that wasn’t the first time that Gil wanted to get his hands on Ava and that Li just happened to show up. Stefan wonders the possibility of Gil looking for Ava but killing Li because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sophia reminds Tate that she will see him for Spanish tutoring as she heads off to her next class. Tate tells Holly that he feels terrible about telling Sophia that he would take her to prom. Tate says he’s not thrilled as he doesn’t want her to get the wrong idea by him pretending to be in to her. Holly says he’ll just have to be honest with her and she didn’t really give him a choice. Tate says unless they come clean about them, Sophia is going to be really hurt which they agreed is not the smartest move. Holly admits that she’s actually glad he’s going to the prom with Sophia which Tate questions. Holly says this isn’t fair that they are sneaking around just to have 5 minutes alone while he should be able to hang out with a girl with no restrictions. Tate doesn’t understand what she is saying. Holly suggests maybe Tate should give Sophia a chance. Tate calls that crazy and refuses, insisting he wants to be with Holly. Holly says she does too but it’s starting to feel like maybe it’s not meant to be.

Marlena questions Brady thinking Alex is a bad influence on Rachel. Brady thinks Alex is shallow and a womanizer that thinks he’s God’s gift. Marlena disagrees since she’s spent a little with him and she doesn’t find him shallow. Brady says in any case, he doesn’t want any guy hanging around his daughter that isn’t him and if Alex starts spending more time with Rachel than he’s allowed to, that’s going to make his head explode.

Stefan asks Kristen how they prove that Gil is Li’s killer since they aren’t living. Kristen suggests maybe reasonable doubt is all they need. Stefan jokes about her watching Law & Order. Rafe and Jada then arrive. Rafe tells Stefan that they need a list of everyone who worked at the Bistro when Gil did, starting with when Li was killed. Stefan tells Rafe that if it has to do with the blood on the book, he can have whatever he wants. Rafe questions how he knew about that. Stefan reminds him that he’s the one who found the book and turned it over to the police, so he says Harris filled him. Stefan adds that this is what they want, for Gabi to be free, so he and Rafe are finally on the same side. Stefan agrees to help in any way he can. Rafe wants to start with the personnel records. Stefan agrees to bring them to the office.

Theresa questions Alex moving out. Alex says as soon as the Hortons move back home since it’s a little bit crowded now there with Doug and Julie plus Chad and the kids. Alex adds that it’ll be bad enough to have to deal with Maggie and her new husband. Alex asks if Theresa is going to miss him and says if she’s worried about having to find another place to live, she can stay as long as she wants and he’ll continue to pay the rent. Theresa complains that he doesn’t get it. Alex asks what she is talking about. Theresa says her living alone in the apartment while he moves in to the mansion. Theresa complains that she doesn’t want to live here without him and asks if that surprises him. Alex says it sort of does as he thought she would enjoy having more room to herself. Alex points out that they don’t see each other that much as it is and she could have Tate over whenever she wants so he thought she would be happy about it. Theresa insists that it does not make her happy as she likes being with him and living with him. Theresa tells Alex that she wants to be together with him. Alex says now he’s genuinely confused. Theresa knows she was giving him mixed signals and made him think that she wanted to keep the relationship platonic. Alex asks if now that’s not what she really wants. Theresa confirms that it’s not ever what she wanted.

Marlena thinks Brady should have an honest conversation with Alex about his concerns. Brady informs her that he did and that Alex assured him that he does not want to be a father figure to Rachel. Brady says he wasn’t surprised and he believes him. Marlena feels that Brady sounds threatened by Alex spending time with Rachel interfering with his time with her. Brady agrees but decides to chill about the whole subject. Brady says that Marlena always told him not to borrow trouble. Brady adds that Rachel hasn’t said much about Alex which leads him to believe they haven’t been spending time together, but he shudders at the idea. Brady doesn’t like it but agrees to backburner the whole issue. Marlena thinks that’s a good idea. Brady asks Marlena what he missed while he was away. Marlena informs him that Tate got his tux for the prom which Brady looks forward to seeing. Brady says he’s very happy that Tate is moving on from Holly. Marlena guesses Tate is going to prom with someone named Sophia. Brady doesn’t know much about her but that Tate said she’s smart and fun. Marlena thinks Tate is having a hard time being away from Holly, but he’s glad that he’s trying to move on. Brady brings up Nicole and Holly having a big fight outside the Bistro over Nicole not letting Holly go to prom which Theresa told him about. Marlena is sorry to hear that but understands Nicole being reluctant to let her go after what happened on New Year’s Eve. Brady talks about the peer pressure at prom. Marlena points out it being an all night event. Brady recalls when he was asked to chaperone at the Last Blast Dance at Victor’s request and he left thinking he’d never have kids which they laugh about. Brady is glad he broke that promise because he loves his kids. Brady tells Marlena that he wants to set up a trust for Rachel and Tate, so he hoped Marlena would sign the documents as a witness which she agrees to. Marlena looks at the documents and notes that it guarantees they will be very well provided for. Brady reveals that Maggie was generous enough to share some of the wealth from Victor’s will to the relatives that were seemingly cut out of it. Marlena repeats that it will take very good care of Rachel and Tate’s future. Brady says he has everything he needs and now so will they, assuring his kids and future grandkids will be set for life.

Stefan tells Kristen that Rafe and Jada are still searching. Kristen hopes that they don’t find anything else to pin on him. Stefan assures they won’t because he runs a clean business now. Stefan hopes they will both get their clean starts soon. Rafe and Jada return with a box of files. Rafe says they’ve reviewed the files and most people don’t work there anymore but they will track them down as someone is bound to remember something. Stefan asks how long that will take. Rafe says he doesn’t know but the case is top priority since it could lead to freedom for his sister. Stefan repeats that’s what they want for Gabi to be free so he’s all in on whatever he can do.

Tate doesn’t get it and asks if Holly is saying she wants them to break up. Holly says it’s not that she wants to but maybe it’s for the best. Tate disagrees and calls that the last thing he wants. Holly tells him not to make this harder than it has to be. Tate doesn’t understand why she’s suddenly giving up on them because he doesn’t want to be with anyone else but her. Tate says he has feelings for her that he’s never had for anyone. Tate then kisses Holly.

Alex questions Theresa saying she never wanted to break up in the first place. Theresa assures she never wanted that. Theresa explains that she was really hurt when she thought he was going to propose and he didn’t, so she overreacted and tried to act like she didn’t want anything to do with him by rejecting him. Alex remembers her not answering his calls for days. Theresa admits she was really stupid and she regrets it. Alex questions why she rejected him and pushed him away instead of just talking it out. Theresa admits she was trying to play hard to get and really wanted him to just miss her, hoping that he would see the errors in his ways and beg her to come back to him, but that didn’t happen. Theresa states that she played a really risky game and it totally backfired in her face. Alex asks if she’s saying she pushed him away when she was trying to do the obvious. Theresa says exactly, but now she knows that was a really big mistake. Theresa promises not to play any more games and asks Alex if it’s not too late.

Marlena wonders when Maggie made the decision to share Victor’s fortune so generously. Brady thinks she decided as soon as the will went to probate and asks why she asked. Marlena says she’s just curious. Brady is curious how Konstantin is going to feel about Maggie distributing all this wealth. Marlena asks why he would say that. Brady asks if she doesn’t think Konstantin is just trying to position himself for a big pay day. Marlena admits that she does but she hopes Maggie is smarter than that. Brady notes that Maggie has always been smart and not easily manipulated but he doesn’t like Konstantin. Brady suggests maybe it’s just him but Marlena informs him that she doesn’t like Konstantin either.

Rafe tells Stefan that the nightmare isn’t over yet but they are closer than ever to freeing Gabi. Stefan asks what they do next. Jada says what they have so far is circumstantial and not conclusive but that’s okay. Jada adds that they just have to reopen Li’s murder case and cast doubt on the conviction. Rafe is optimistic that this will be enough.

Tate tells Holly to stop worrying about what’s best for him because this is what’s best for him, being with her. Holly feels the same and just hates how complicated it’s gotten because of her. Tate tells her not to talk like that as he doesn’t care if it’s complicated. Tate swears that as long as he has her, he can handle anything. Holly says she has to get to class so they will finish this later. Tate says to himself that maybe there is a way…

Theresa asks if Alex has anything to say as she’s pouring her heart out and he’s just standing there, staring at her. Theresa needs to know that he still wants her and that he misses being with her. Alex responds that he’s just thrown by what she said and he’s feeling confused. Theresa tells him to shut up and make love to her as she then kisses him and he begins to undress.

Brady tells Marlena that it looks like he’s going back to the office since Alex has decided to take another day off again. Marlena tells him to do what he needs to do and thanks him for the perfume and the talk. Brady thanks her as they hug. Brady wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day again as he then exits. Marlena then grabs her phone and calls John, saying she needs to talk to him about Maggie.

Stefan can’t wait to tell Gabi about this as it will really lift her spirits. Rafe thinks they should hold off until they know more since they still have to convince EJ to reopen the case. Stefan mentions EJ hating Gabi with a passion. Jada argues that EJ will have no choice but to follow the evidence and the law. Stefan hopes he sees it that way.

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Days Update Monday, May 13, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Stephanie and Everett go to the Brady Pub after playing pickleball. They joke about the time they had until Stephanie gets a cramp in her leg, so Everett massages her leg which she admits feels good. Stephanie says she’s glad they did this and that he suggested it.

Rafe joins Jada at the police station and informs her that the results came from the crime lab on the black book that Harris gave them and they are processing it further now. Jada calls it their first potential break. Rafe talks about how Clyde needs that book, but they weren’t able to crack the code as the department is not used to seeing that. Jada hopes Harris has better luck with his Navy buddies.

Kristen and Ava have coffee together at the DiMera Mansion. They talk about how long they have been friends. Kristen recalls when they were in the convent in Italy. Ava questions why she invied her over. Kristen claims she just thought they could catch up but Ava is not buying it. Ava asks Kristen what she really wants.

Nicole and Eric go to the park. Nicole complains about the look in Holly’s eyes when she said she hated her. Eric encourages that she’s just angry. Nicole cries that she’s just trying to protect Holly because the thought of her partying at prom triggers her in to remember that Holly almost died. Eric understands. Nicole wishes that Holly understood. Eric suggests just giving her time to cool off and says he’s sorry that she had a difficult Mother’s Day. Nicole knew it would be but didn’t think it would end with her daughter hating her.

Sloan watches over Jude at home and wonders how this is it how will always be, with Eric working with Nicole while they are alone or if it’s all going to come crashing down. EJ then shows up at her door.

Rafe decides to call the lab to give them a nudge but Jada convinces him not to as the lab will call when they have something. Jada encourages that it will be soon and says she’s even more motivated to bring down Clyde and Goldman. Rafe and Jada talk about a stack of cold cases. Jada doesn’t want Clyde to be found as a cold case decades later by some rookie cop wondering why they dropped the ball.

Sloan guesses that EJ got the DNA results which he confirms. Sloan says she knows the results are exactly what she told him they would be. EJ sits down and acknowledges that Sloan was not lying this time as Nicole is Jude’s mother and Eric is his father. Sloan declares that now the question is, what EJ is going to do about the truth.

Eric complains to Nicole that this guy was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago. Nicole suggests trying again later but Eric points out the guy they are meeting doesn’t have a phone. They then hear a noise and find what they believe is a homeless man lying behind the bench, but it turns out to be Leo.

Kristen asks Ava if she always has to have an ulterior motive. Ava calls it a little suspicious for her to invite her over out of the blue. Kristen then admits that she needs Ava’s help as she needs some information about the murder of Li Shin.

Rafe asks if Jada often goes through cold cases like a hobby. Jada says when it’s slow, she does and she hates when a case can’t be cracked. Jada talks about how hard it is on the families of the victims to not have any answers or closure and how that could really eat away for years. Rafe asks what is eating away at Jada now. Jada responds that it’s Bobby.

Stephanie and Everett go over the menu at the Brady Pub. Everett decides on a hot dog which reminds Stephanie of their first date in Seattle. They joke together and Everett recalls how badly he wanted to kiss her on that first date but he thought it was too soon.

EJ informs Sloan that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do as he doesn’t know if it’s quite sunk in yet. EJ tells Sloan that he is fascinated and questions how she pulled it off since it’s no easy task to taking a newborn baby, faking it’s death, and then passing it off as her own child. EJ assumes that she had help in this ambitious endeavor. Sloan responds that it was all her. EJ calls that quite an accomplishment. Sloan says she’s not excusing what she did, but she was devastated after her miscarriage and she and Eric wanted to adopt, but there were complications because of her past and that’s when by chance, Dimitri showed up at her door with the baby that Nicole had just given birth to on the side of the road. Sloan explains that Dimitri was supposed to bring the baby to the hospital but he was a fugitive, so he brought him here, knowing she was Leo’s lawyer and expected her to bring him to the hospital. Sloan recalls when she saw the baby and feeling like all the planets had aligned. Sloan felt she had a second chance to be a mother and help Eric raise his child. EJ asks about the adoption papers. Sloan explains that she fixed everything since she’s a lawyer. EJ questions how Leo found out. Sloan responds that Dimitri is a loose cannon and blackmailed her in to getting his charges dropped, then he told Leo all about it right before he was sent off to super max. EJ realizes that Dimitri thought the baby was his, but still chose Leo over family and calls him a backstabber. Sloan doesn’t want to talk about Dimitri and asks what EJ’s plan is for Leo.

Rafe tells Jada that he doesn’t get it. Jada explains that the cold case eating away at her is related to Bobby since when she met him in Seattle, he asked her to find information on his mom since she was a police officer. Rafe asks what happened to his mom. Jada reveals that she doesn’t know other than that she left when Bobby was little and that his father said she left one day and never came back which was traumatic for him. Jada says they would have days together where they were talking and he’d just start looking off and she knew he was thinking of her. Jada adds that it haunted him even years later.

Ava tells Kristen that other than Li being killed in the apartment she shared with her son, she knows nothing else about it or who else was involved. Kristen asks if she’s sure about that, calling it curious that there were two murders, Li’s and Gil’s, in the same apartment within days of each other. Ava calls it a coincidence and points out the police found nothing. Kristen suggests the police didn’t have enough information. Kristen asks if there’s anything Ava didn’t tell the police that could be useful.

EJ tells Sloan not to worry as he’s going to take care of Leo. Sloan asks if he means he’s going to hurt him. EJ responds that they will just take a drive to the desert where he will dig a hole about six feet deep. EJ then says he’s kidding and that Leo will be fine. Sloan reminds EJ that the only way their marriages can survive is for the secret to stay secret because he already knows if Eric and Nicole find out, they will leave them like that. EJ says they might, but Nicole is mourning the loss of a child that she thinks is dead but is alive and well, being raised by an amoral kidnapper. Sloan says she deserves the low blow shots at her, but the truth is that Nicole is going through the acceptance stage of the grieving process. Sloan questions why mess with that and open a wound. EJ argues that this would be the happiest news she has received in her life and she would be ecstatic. EJ questions what kind of amoral bastard he would be if he kept the news from her that her baby isn’t dead after all. Sloan warns that if he doesn’t keep the news, then Nicole and Eric will go live happily ever after. Sloan adds that if EJ suddenly gains a conscience, then his wife will dump him and never look back so it’s best for everybody if this just remains their little secret. Sloan states that EJ gets to live happily with Nicole while she raises her son with Eric, so everybody wins.

Eric and Nicole bring Leo to his hotel room at the Salem Inn. Eric puts Leo back in his bed which Leo questions happening again. Nicole asks about that. Eric explains that he helped Leo back to his room the other day. Leo talks about how he started drinking again. Nicole asks what’s going on and why he’s doing this to himself. Leo informs her that it’s because the love of his life sent him a Dear John letter and broke his heart beyond repair. Nicole encourages that his heart will repair eventually and he will meet someone new who is right for him. Nicole promises that things will get better. Leo questions if things got better for them. Nicole and Eric both say that it did. Nicole adds that they are now both happily married and feeling fulfilled in their lives.

EJ tells Sloan that he loves Nicole and she deserves to know, but he does not want to lose her. EJ suggests there could be a compromise where he could take the baby and tell Nicole that it’s their son, so she would be raising her child. Sloan asks if he really wants to be raising Eric’s son since he’s going to grow up looking and sounding like Eric. EJ admits he doesn’t want that. Sloan asks EJ to let sleeping dogs lie, calling it the most sane solution they have here. Sloan says it’s best for both of them and Jude. EJ questions if it is the best or most sane solution for Nicole and Jude. Sloan repeats that if the truth ever gets out, there is nothing stopping Eric and Nicole from being together. Sloan says Jude is her little boy as she’s raised him since he was born and she loves him with all her heart. Sloan asks EJ not to take him from the only family he’s ever known.

Leo complains that every time he tries to do the right thing, it ends up the wrong thing so maybe if he tries to do the wrong thing, it will be the right thing. Eric asks what he means. Leo swears he tries to do the right thing. Leo tells them about a time that he was catfished on a date. Leo tells Nicole that he just wants to help her and he wants her to be happier, but he doesn’t want to hurt Eric because he’s such a good man. Nicole asks what he’s talking about. Leo questions if EJ didn’t tell her. Nicole says no and asks what he’s talking about. Leo then complains of seeing double and passes out in the bed. Nicole tries questioning what EJ was supposed to tell her and what he’s talking about. Eric recalls the same thing yesterday where Leo tried to tell him something about Jude but then he fell asleep. Nicole wonders what is going on. Eric suggests they leave and let him sleep it off.

Kristen tells Ava that whatever she tells her, she will keep her name out of it. Ava explains that Gil came to the apartment with something Bistro related, he tried to sexually assault her, she shot him and he died and that was it. Kristen goes over how Stefan bought the Bistro and Clyde used Gabi as leverage to force Stefan to continue doing Gil’s handy work. Ava says she guesses that’s it. Ava adds that Stefan already told the police that he was working alone with Clyde and claims they were barely close, so she questions why Stefan would lie to cover for her. Kristen calls that an intriguing question. Ava doesn’t like that Kristen is implying she was one of Clyde’s minions. Kristen says they are old friends and she’s just trying to help her brother Stefan out. Kristen asks if they aren’t on the same page.

Rafe tells Jada that it’s the most he’s ever heard her talk about Bobby in an empathetic way. Jada knows she vented to him a lot about how much she detested him and she’s sorry if that got annoying. Rafe assures that he’s always there to listen and to have her back. Rafe says Jada and Bobby must have had some good times since she did end up marrying the guy. Jada says that’s because when she met him, he was kind, intelligent, and witty but then she discovered that he wasn’t the man she thought he was. Jada says she’s just happy that he finally signed the divorce papers so she can move on with her life and be with the most wonderful man who she loves with all her heart as she and Rafe then kiss.

Stephanie and Everett jokingly argue over their difference in opinion on a movie they saw. Stephanie thanks him for teaching her that card game years ago and they suggests playing it. Stephanie says they have so many memories. Everett responds that he remembers every single moment with her. Alana then enters the bar and greets him as “Bobby” as she heads on to the bar. Stephanie question who that was and if he knows her. Everett claims to have no idea who that is and suggests maybe it’s someone from Seattle. Stephanie guesses it’s a small world.

EJ goes to Leo’s room and gives him coffee to make him feel better. Leo questions why EJ is here. EJ asks if he doesn’t remember letting him in. Leo asks what happened to Nicole and Eric. EJ questions them being there with him which Leo confirms. EJ asks why they were visiting him. Leo finds a leaf in his hair and then remembers that he passed out in the park, so they brought him back. Leo remembers that he wanted to tell them the truth about Jude but he doesn’t think he got to it. EJ says thank God which Leo questions. EJ tells Leo that he doesn’t have to know why, but he is telling him that he is never to tell Eric or Nicole the truth about Jude, ever. Leo asks why they shouldn’t know. EJ declares that the baby is Eric and Sloan’s, period. Leo starts to argue but stops. EJ adds that in exchange for a lifetime of his discretion, he will transfer a very large sum of money to his bank account. EJ reminds Leo that’s what he wanted when he came to his house yesterday and says it could all be his, but only if he promises not to ask any more questions or utter another syllable about Jude ever to anyone.

Ava apologizes to Kristen for taking her question the wrong way and says she’s just a little touchy about Clyde and Gil. Kristen insists on believing Gabi did not kill Li. Ava says if she could help her, she would as Li never did anything to her, but there’s nothing she can do to help.

Rafe and Jada go over cold cases. Rafe then gets a call that the results are in and asks what they’ve got. Rafe asks if they are sure. Rafe says that’s great and hangs up. Rafe then informs Jada that the techs got a partial print off the black book and it matched Gil’s. Jada asks about the blood. Rafe then reveals it was Li Shin’s.

Nicole and Eric sit together in the town square to have coffee. Nicole talks about knowing what Leo is going through and she knows Eric does too. Eric is thankful that’s behind them. Nicole calls Eric such a good friend and says being with him really lifts her spirits. Eric tells her the same.

Leo says he could either be extraordinarily wealthy or he could be a person of integrity who tells the truth. EJ asks what it will be. Leo gives in and accepts the money so EJ informs him that the transfer is complete. EJ reminds Leo that if he keeps the promise, he will have a wonderful carefree life but if he breaks that promise, he will make sure he doesn’t have a life. Leo says he understands which EJ calls excellent.

Rafe finishes a call with Harris about the lab results. Rafe tells Jada that he believes this means that Gabi didn’t kill Li Shin and it had to be Gil. Jada asks how they prove it which Rafe calls the burning question.

Stephanie questions if Everett doesn’t want to at least talk to Alana and find out if she knew him from Seattle since maybe she could fill in some blanks. Everett says maybe he will, but he’s having a really good time and suggests they go to dinner which Stephanie accepts. Everett mentions recently discovering a sushi place in Chicago which she says sounds great. Stephanie realizes she has to get back to work, so Everett says he’ll text her. They say they’ll see each other soon as Stephanie then exits the Pub. Everett then approaches Alana at the bar and asks how they know each other and when they met. She reminds him that it was right here two nights ago and they had a drink. Everett says obviously he told her his name was Bobby. She decides to go have lunch somewhere else and exits the Pub.

Ava finishes a call with Harris. Kristen asks if everything is okay with him. Ava responds that everything is fine but it’s a coincidence that Kristen invited her over to talk about Li and Gil. Ava tells Kristen not to tell anyone about this, but Harris just got off the phone with Rafe regarding some evidence they found at the Bistro and what the lab found was unexpected. Ava reveals it proved Kristen right that Gabi didn’t kill Li. Kristen guesses Ava knows who did which she confirms.

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Days Update Friday, May 10, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

EJ is outside the DiMera Mansion, on the phone with Dr. Rolf, demanding the DNA test results. EJ questions how much longer he needs. EJ tells him to let him know the second he gets them. EJ hangs up and then gets a call from Sloan, who is in the park with Jude. EJ asks what the hell he wants. Sloan asks if he got the test results yet. EJ says he’s working on it. Sloan assures that she told the truth that Jude is Eric and Nicole’s biological child so he can run all the tests he wants. Sloan then questions if EJ really wants to test the strength of his relationship with Nicole by her finding out the truth. Sloan asks if EJ is worried that Nicole will go running back to Eric the second that she finds out they created a child together. EJ then hangs up when he sees Nicole and Holly coming out from the mansion and greets them. Holly talks about being ready for breakfast. Nicole asks if she’s sure she’s okay with going to the Bistro. Holly assures that the restaurant didn’t have anything to do with what happened to her and that she was really enjoying her time with everyone before then. EJ, Nicole, and Holly then head for the Bistro.

Tate and Theresa have breakfast at the Bistro. Tate comments on Theresa never giving up on him. Theresa assures that she will always be there for him and she will always fight for what’s best for him even if they don’t agree on it.

Chad brings Thomas to visit Abigail’s grave for Mother’s Day. Thomas leaves drawings for her and talks about how they were going to bring Charlotte but she’s too young to understand. Thomas talks about carrying Abigail in their hearts as Chad wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Julie visits the Tom and Alice plaque in the town square to wish Alice a Happy Mother’s Day. Julie talks about knowing Alice is always watching over them and how she’s doing her best to rebuild the house. Julie wishes for a hint about opening the time capsule. Julie cries about them being in Heaven with the saints and the angels where they belong. Paulina appears and wishes Julie a Happy Mother’s Day. Julie wishes her the same. Paulina mentions not feeling like such a wonderful mother these days. Julie encourages her not to be so hard on herself, pointing out that her children and grandchildren adore her along with everyone who knows her.

Johnny sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion, on the phone with Sami for Mother’s Day. Johnny says he’s glad she and Sydney had a great day. Johnny claims he has nothing new to report and wishes Sami a Happy Mother’s Day as he hangs up. Chanel comes in and asks how his mom is. Johnny says she’s great and explains that he made reservations for Sydney to take Sami out to eat for Mother’s Day. Johnny asks if Chanel is going to be late meeting her mom for lunch. Chanel then reveals that she decided to cancel. Johnny questions why and if she’s feeling okay. Chanel responds that she’s fine and this is going to sound awful, but she can’t take seeing her mom today. Johnny encourages that it doesn’t sound awful and she’s just being honest. Chanel feels guilty and talks about Paulina protecting her all through her childhood, so she knows how much she loves her but now that she’s pregnant and her decision to leave isolation put them at risk. Johnny says he gets it. Chanel says she really can’t sit across from Paulina and make small talk while she’s mad and she can’t make it better. Johnny says she doesn’t have to explain herself. Johnny notes that he loves his mom but sometimes feels they are better off on separate continents. Johnny adds that he did not tell Sami about their pregnancy because she’d be on the next flight back to Salem. Chanel says that’s good because she’s not ready for the return of Sami Brady. Chanel then tells Johnny to wish her luck because she’s going to call Paulina to tell her she’s not coming.

Paulina and Julie talk about their grandchildren. Julie asks if Paulina has plans with Chanel for Mother’s Day. Paulina confirms going to lunch at the Bistro, then gets a call from Chanel. Chanel tells Paulina that she’s sorry but she’s not going to make it and claims she’s feeling queasy so she’s just going to stay in bed. Paulina says she understands and tells her to take care of herself. Chanel says she’ll talk to her later and hangs up.

Sloan returns home with Jude to find Eric has made her breakfast. Eric says he would’ve served her in bed if she didn’t leave so early. Sloan says Jude’s an early riser. Eric and Sloan talk about having the main course. They kiss as Eric assures he’s a patient man.

Tate tells Theresa that he gets what she’s saying and they look over the menu to order. EJ, Nicole and Holly then arrive which upsets Theresa, who questions if that’s why Tate wanted to bring her here so bad. Tate claims he had no idea they would be there. Nicole tells Holly that she wasn’t born yesterday and accuses her of wanting to come to the Bistro so she could see Tate. Holly says she didn’t know he would be there and points out that EJ made the reservation.

Chad tells Thomas that he’s really proud of him and encourages Abigail always being in his heart. Thomas says he likes coming to visit Abigail here and that Charlotte can come with them next year. Chad knows they didn’t get to be a family as long as they wanted, but he’s really grateful for the time they had. Chad tells Thomas that he loves him. Thomas tells Chad that he loves him too.

Paulina tells Julie that she suddenly has no Mother’s Day plans as Chanel is under the weather and not up for going out today. Paulina assures it’s not radiation poison which Julie calls a relief. Paulina adds that the doctor gave Chanel a full physical and said she’s fine. Paulina guesses it’s just a spring cold. Julie is sure when Chanel feels better, they will have a belated celebration.

Sloan asks Eric about his new job. Eric says it’s going great and they are surrounded by a great team for the most part, except for Leo. Eric suggests telling Chad that Leo accepts payoffs but Sloan clarifies that it wasn’t and that she was just helping a friend. Eric argues that friends don’t do things like that. Sloan tries to be understanding that Leo just lost the love of his life, who Eric points out is a felon doing hard time. Sloan says she still doesn’t want Leo to lose his job now too. Sloan pleads with Eric to just drop it as a Mother’s Day gift to her. Eric agrees only for her but notes he will still keep an eye on Leo. Sloan thinks Leo’s troublemaking days are finally behind him.

Theresa comments to Tate that she thought there would be more people at the Bistro so she hopes they don’t close as quick as they reopen. Tate questions her wanting the Bistro to stay open when Stefan was running drugs through it. Theresa argues that she has no love for Stefan or Clyde but there are good people working there and there isn’t a good restaurant on every corner. Theresa asks Tate about his job. Tate says it’s good and asks Theresa what she’s going to do now for work. Theresa says she’ll figure something out and he will be the first to know. Nicole, EJ, and Holly go over the menu at their table. EJ toasts to Nicole. Holly tells Nicole that she knows it’s been a rough year for her and she’s sorry for her part in that, but she’s extremely grateful for her as she wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Chanel tells Johnny that it’s a strange Mother’s Day for her for obvious reasons, but she’s glad that EJ made them an appointment with a specialist and that not many people know she’s pregnant. Johnny states that lots of couples wait to tell people so it’s not unusual. Chanel feels guilty since they talked about how a new life is always a blessing no matter what, but now children with birth defects could mean lifelong care and she read that could put a lot of stress on a marriage and they just started their marriage again. Chanel hopes they can both be strong enough to handle whatever isn’t perfect about their baby because she doesn’t want anything to change between them. Johnny promises that nothing will change between them and hugs her as she cries.

Eric puts Jude to sleep and surprises Sloan with a Mother’s Day present which is a topaz necklace for Jude’s birthstone. Sloan tells Eric that she loves it. Eric says it represents joy and good fortune which Sloan says Jude brought in to their lives. Sloan says it’s perfect and thanks him for the best day. Eric tells her there’s a lot more to come as they kiss.

Theresa encourages Tate to be excited about prom. Tate asks how her prom was but Theresa reveals she didn’t go because she thought she was too cool for school and was dating somebody older. Theresa asks Tate if he wants to go shopping for a tuxedo because her schedule is wide open. Tate questions that being what she wants to do on Mother’s Day. Theresa tells him to find out what color Sophia’s dress is so he can get a matching bowtie. Theresa asks Tate to tell her about Sophia. Tate says she’s just a girl in a couple of his classes but he doesn’t really know her that well. Theresa questions him asking her to prom then. Tate says it just kind of happened. Theresa asks if Tate’s going to pick her up. Tate says she’s thinking too hard about this so Theresa agrees to stop asking questions but remarks that she’s really glad Tate isn’t going to prom with Holly and she’s so glad that he has moved on. Tate remarks that it’s not like he had a choice. EJ, Holly, and Nicole talk about Nicole’s first story as a reporter. Nicole calls it almost as exciting as being district attorney and the CEO of a major corporation at the same time which EJ calls a balancing act. Nicole brings up the idea of getting away for a weekend to Chicago or New York. Holly says not until after prom but Nicole tells Holly that is not happening as she’s not going to prom.

Chad and Thomas go to the Brady Pub. Julie joins them as Chad wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day and says he’s thrilled she could join them. Thomas tells Julie about visiting Abigail. Julie talks about visiting Alice. Thomas says he can’t wait to move back home. Chad and Julie agree. Julie says Maggie is a wonderful hostess but there’s no place like home. Thomas then surprises Julie with a Mother’s Day gift which he says he and Charlotte made for her to hang in the new house. Julie calls it perfect and thanks him as Chad smiles.

Johnny tells Chanel that having kids in general is going to change the dynamic in any relationship. Chanel worries about their situation. Paulina then shows up, catching them off guard, as she enters with a bag and wishes a Happy Mother’s Day. Chanel questions what she’s doing there and mentions not hearing the doorbell. Paulina says that Harold let her in and reveals she brought soup, crackers, and tea for Chanel. Paulina announces she’s going to make it all herself and asks if she can go through the kitchen. Johnny calls that entirely unnecessary but Paulina insists on taking care of Chanel. Johnny says Chanel is very tired and needs to rest, so he thinks it would just be better if they hung out another time and apologizes. Paulina promises she won’t stay very long and asks if she can just visit for a few minutes but Chanel declares that she rather she not.

Tate asks Theresa if there’s anything new with her and Alex. Theresa says not really so Tate asks if it’s over then. Theresa says she doesn’t know and asks to talk about something else. Holly questions Nicole saying she’s not going to prom. Nicole brings up that last time Holly went to a night time event, she almost died so she would be too worried about her. Nicole reminds Holly that she’s already grounded anyways. Holly informs her that she already has a date named Aaron Greene. Nicole questions who that is. Holly remarks that maybe she’d know if she was more involved in her life. EJ calls that uncalled for but Holly cuts him off and says she wasn’t talking to him. Nicole warns her to watch it and argues that she is involved in her life, accusing her of trying to butter her up with a Mother’s Day speech so she could go to prom. Holly calls it so unfair. EJ suggests they save this until they get home. Holly questions if she’s just going to be grounded forever and asks why Nicole can’t just let her live her life.

Julie calls Thomas the best person she knows and says she’s proud to be his aunt. Thomas says he’s proud of her too. Thomas asks Chad if he can join Roman in the kitchen which Chad allows. Julie comments to Chad that Thomas really looks like him but personality wise, there’s a lot of Abigail in him. Chad says Charlotte is starting to look more like Abigail every day. Julie knows it’s a really difficult day for him. Chad says he misses Abigail every day as it never goes away. Julie talks about missing her son David and the mothering feelings never go away. Julie says she’s very lucky to have grandchildren to love and nurture including Chad’s children and Chad. Chad says they are so lucky to have her and hugs her as he wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day.

Paulina questions Chanel not wanting her. Chanel wants her to stop trying to fix everything and declares that what’s happening to her right now can’t be fixed. Paulina argues they don’t know that. Chanel says that what they do know is that Paulina made the snap decision to leave isolation and expose her to radiation, so now they are dealing with the consequences of that. Paulina complains that she feels terrible about that and her guilt is killing her. Chanel argues that Paulina isn’t going to turn what’s happening to her in to her own personal tragedy. Paulina says she would never but Chanel says she is and that’s why she didn’t want her here. Chanel tells Paulina that she and Johnny need space, so she hopes she can respect that. Paulina says she understands and she’ll show herself out. Paulina puts back the food she brought and exits the mansion as Johnny hugs Chanel.

Holly complains to Nicole about not letting her go to prom, calling it the biggest night of the year that everyone’s going to. Nicole tells Holly that she can go next year but Holly continues to argue with her. Nicole worries that Holly is making a scene. Holly stands up and shouts at Nicole that she really hates her and storms out of the Bistro. EJ tells Nicole to let her go but Nicole says she can’t. Theresa watches Holly go and calls her a drama queen. Tate says she doesn’t always have to comment but Theresa argues that Holly is being obnoxious and rude. Theresa remarks that Tate is so lucky to be rid of her.

Eric and Sloan walk through the town square with Jude. Sloan talks about what a nice morning it’s been. They then see Nicole following Holly out of the Bistro as Holly yells at Nicole to leave her alone. Holly calls Nicole a hypocrite for screwing up her whole life but now she’s living it up in a mansion while she screws up once and gets punished for eternity. Holly declares Nicole to be the worst mom on the planet as they then turn around and see Eric and Sloan.

Chanel cries to Johnny that she just broke her mom’s heart on Mother’s Day so she’s a horrible daughter. Johnny encourages that she stood up for herself and was honest so she did the right thing. Chanel worries about the look on Paulina’s face. Johnny says it’s not like she told her she never wants to see her again, just that she needs space and she does. Chanel hopes that Paulina doesn’t get too worked up about it. Chanel tells herself that Paulina knows she loves her and she’s just going through a lot right now. Chanel adds that since they are being honest, she appreciates Johnny being there and saying all the right things but he hasn’t really told her how he feels about it. Johnny says he thought he did but he’ll tell her again. Johnny tells Chanel that it’s her body and he supports whatever she decides. Johnny adds that they created this baby out of their love for each other and that means a lot to him. Chanel hopes that if everything isn’t okay, that they will be alright because their love will get them through it. Johnny believes that with all his heart as they kiss.

Paulina goes to the park and sits on a bench, praying for God to look over Chanel and her baby. Paulina cries that they did nothing wrong and this is all her fault. Paulina begs for God to let Chanel’s baby be healthy and strong.

Chad calls Julie the glue that keeps the family together and declares that because of her, the Horton legacy will live on. Julie tells him how much that means and cries that having Chad and his kids living in the house has given her and Doug some of the sweetest days of their lives. Chad says they are blessed to have them. Chad talks about Charlotte being really young when Abigail died, so having Julie there meant a lot. Julie promises that they will keep the memory of Abigail alive for the kids as they hug.

Eric approaches Holly and asks what’s going on. Holly responds that Nicole is being a total hypocrite and has a bug up her ass because she made one mistake, arguing that Nicole was never perfect. Nicole says that she never said she was and that this isn’t about her. Eric asks for a few minutes with Holly to give them a chance to cool off. Nicole says she’ll wait right there as Eric takes Holly aside and questions what’s going on. Holly informs him that Nicole won’t let her go to prom and asks Eric to talk to her and tell her she’s making a big deal out of nothing. Eric argues that Holly almost died which isn’t nothing. Holly complains that screwing up once shouldn’t mean she gets locked up for the rest of her life. Eric argues that Nicole is just trying to keep her safe and brings up when his sister Sami was her age but Holly remarks that things are different now and it’s not how it was in the stone ages. Sloan goes over to Nicole, who complains that her daughter shouted in public that she hates her. Sloan asks what happened. Nicole explains that she told her she can’t go to prom because of what happened on New Year’s. Nicole asks if Sloan would do everything she could to prevent it if she knew she could lose her child. Jude wakes up crying, so Sloan asks Nicole to help with him while she gets his bottle ready. EJ comes out from the Bistro and gets a call from Dr. Rolf, who confirms to him that there is no doubt that Jude is Eric and Nicole’s baby. EJ hangs up and declares that he’s more sorry than he knows.

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Days Update Thursday, May 9, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Xander brings Sarah a Mother’s Day gift at home. Sarah points out that it’s not Mother’s Day yet while Xander notes she’ll be on duty then. Sarah opens the gift and it’s a mug that says “World’s Best Mummy” which Xander jokes that Victoria picked out personally. Sarah decides she will bring it with her tomorrow night to show it off when they have Mother’s Day dinner with Maggie. Xander remarks that he can’t wait to see Konstantin again. Sarah says she’s not looking forward to that but asks Xander to be polite. Xander agrees to do his best. Sarah asks if Xander reached out to his mother. Xander points out that Mother’s Day in Scotland was in March. Sarah says he could still call her. Xander says that’s not going to happen. Sarah finds it weird that she’s never met his mother or even spoke to her on the phone in the entire time they’ve known each other. Sarah points out that he never talks about his mother. Xander responds that some things are not worth talking about and goes to check on Victoria.

Konstantin brings Maggie lilies at the Kiriakis Mansion. Konstantin talks about how he’d like to take Maggie to Greece on their honeymoon which Maggie questions, reminding him that their marriage is in name only. Konstantin feels that doesn’t mean he can’t repay her kindness by showing her the most beautiful islands in the world. Maggie then gets a call from Marlena, who asks if it’s a good time. Maggie says Konstantin just brought her flowers. Marlena invites Maggie over as there are a few things she wants to talk to her about regarding the wedding. Maggie agrees to come so Marlena says she’ll see her soon and hangs up. Marlena tells John and Steve that Maggie is coming over, so she hopes she’s able to listen to reason about the man she’s planning to marry.

Harris and Ava go to the DiMera Mansion to confront Stefan, who complains that they are everywhere he goes. Ava says it’s about the black book. Stefan assures them that nobody is home and tells them to talk. Harris informs Stefan that the book is encoded and Clyde wants the images electronically so there’s no physical dropoff which means apprehending him will be a problem. Ava points out that they don’t know if he would’ve shown up anyway. Stefan asks what happens now. Harris says they are going to the police station which Ava says is where Stefan comes in. Stefan says there’s no way in Hell as they already had him go to the police once and he’s not doing it. Stefan tells them to leave. Ava asks him to listen. Harris reveals that they found what looks like blood on the cover of the book, so he’s going to take it to the lab to be analyzed but he doesn’t want anyone on the force to know that Clyde talked to Ava, so he’s giving Stefan the story to back him on. Harris calls it pretty easy that Stefan just stumbled across the book and gave it to him because he’s a detective. Ava asks Stefan if they can count on him. Stefan agrees that he’s in and calls it plausible that he could’ve stumbled across the book and he wants Clyde stopped once and for all. Ava declares that they will get him this time. Harris says they just need to work together to get Clyde on the ropes. Stefan adds that if Clyde’s going down, he wants a ringside seat.

Sarah asks if Xander reached out to his mother in March. Sarah says she can tell it’s a sore subject and she doesn’t want to push it, but she thinks Victoria should get to know both of her grandmothers. Xander says no and that Sarah would agree if she knew his mom, so he asks to drop this. Sarah apologizes as it’s obviously very triggering to talk about his mother. Xander confirms that it is and says Maggie is the best there is and the only grandmother that Victoria needs. Xander mentions having unfinished business to take care of with Stefan as he needs to find out if Stefan is the one who set him up to take the fall for shooting Harris. Sarah points out that he won’t just admit it. Xander responds that he has a plan, but assures it’s nothing illegal. Sarah asks what if it was Stefan. Xander says that Stefan will be very sorry then. Xander then exits the apartment.

Maggie goes to see Marlena and greets John and Steve, who clarify they all wanted to talk to her. They all sit together as Steve informs Maggie that this is about Konstantin. Maggie questions if this is an intervention. Steve says kind of. Marlena adds there are some things that Maggie needs to know. Maggie guesses she needs to know that Konstantin is a bad guy who is using her and she shouldn’t be marrying him. Maggie says she’s heard it all before and thought they were passed all of that. Maggie doesn’t want to hear anymore and can’t believe that Marlena lured her over here for more of this. Maggie declares that she’s not interested in hearing anymore. Marlena stops her and warns her that this is serious, so she needs to listen.

Xander goes to the DiMera Mansion to confront Stefan. Stefan questions who let him in. Xander says Ava and Harris were on their way out. Stefan guesses this isn’t a social call as they argue about their last one. Xander brings up Stefan being on Clyde’s payroll which Stefan says was by coersion. Xander wonders if Stefan was the one who set him up.

Sarah watches over Victoria while wondering what’s between Xander and his mother. Sarah decides she’s going to take Victoria on a walk, but Konstantin shows up at the door. Konstantin asks Sarah for a moment of her time.

Maggie questions John telling her that Konstantin has been brainwashing him and asks how and why. John explains that he realized after spending a little time alone with him, that he was missing time and something was right, so after discussing it with Marlena, they figured out what he was up to and started working on new techniques to deprogram him and mentally prepare him to fight it. Maggie asks how he fought it. Marlena explains that John was able to fool Konstantin that he was under control. John informs Maggie that Konstantin ordered him to steal the signed prenup out of the safe so he could burn it, but he replaced it with a duplicate fake. John then presents Maggie with the original prenup. Maggie can’t believe it’s true. Marlena wishes it wasn’t and says they are sorry to have to tell her. Maggie questions how Konstantin was brainwashing John. John explains that Konstantin is in possession of an ancient card. Maggie recalls Konstantin saying that it reminded him of his daughter which John says was just more lies. John reveals that it’s the same card and device that Stefano used to brainwash him years ago. Steve adds that they have no idea how Konstantin got a hold of it. Maggie says it explains why Konstantin was so frantic about the card when he lost it. John notes that his whole plan depended on it. John talks about witnessing it when Konstantin ordered him to steal the prenup. Maggie calls Konstantin a lying bastard.

Sarah tells Konstantin that she and Victoria were just on their way out. Konstantin promises he won’t be long and comes in to greet Victoria, saying that he’s going to be her grand daddy. Sarah says sort of and admits Victoria does enjoy her time with him which Konstantin says is unlike most of Maggie’s friends and family. Konstantin tells Sarah that he is grateful to have her support. Sarah acknowledges that he didn’t have it at first, but she’s seen how happy he makes Maggie and losing Victor devastated her, so she doesn’t want to see her spirits fall again. Konstantin calls her a wonderful and devoted daughter. Sarah says that Maggie means the world to her. Konstantin thanks Sarah for blessing their marriage so he can remain in Salem with Maggie. Sarah tells him that he has her blessing under the condition that he promises her that he won’t break Maggie’s heart.

Stefan tells Xander that it’s crazy that he thinks he set him up as he doesn’t care what happens to him. Xander thinks Stefan is lying through his teeth and doesn’t think it’s a stretch that Clyde cuold order him to set him up. Stefan insists that he didn’t set him up and tells him to get out of his house. Xander says he doesn’t know who Clyde hired to shoot Harris, but he’s almost certain that Stefan planned the setup. Stefan asks what that’s based on. Xander brings up that he had the motive, means, and money. Stefan then slips up and mentions the amount of money that was deposited in to Xander’s bank account. Xander points out that he never mentioned the amount, so it’s funny that he knows it.

Harris rejoins Ava in her room and says he just came from Rafe and Jada and they bought the story about Stefan finding the book and they believe it’s blood too but they will have to wait for the lab to confirm it. Ava talks about Gil having a violent streak, so if it is blood, she’s sure someone else faced his wrath. Harris is sure that Gil had to do many things as Clyde’s enforcer. Ava says part of her doesn’t care or want to know. Harris says they have to and hopefully will find a match in the database to the blood. Harris says even if it doesn’t help find Clyde, it might help someone else find justice.

Maggie goes over Konstantin coming to Salem and how she really thought he cared about Victor. Marlena and Steve point out that he knew how vulnerable she was. John points out that Konstantin never forgave Victor or him. Steve states that Konstantin came to Salem to avenge Catharina’s death and to steal Victor’s fortune. John knows Konstantin was under considerable pain in losing his daughter. Maggie shouts that doesn’t excuse what he did and that everything he said to her was a lie. Maggie declares that Konstantin came to steal Victor’s money and everything else he had, including her. Maggie proclaims that Konstantin has messed with the wrong redhead.

Ava and Harris talk about the police having the book. Harris talks about his navy buddy waiting on them. Ava hopes this could be thing to bring Clyde down, pointing out they’d be doing the world a favor after everything he’s done. Ava wishes Harris didn’t have to go. Harris assures he’s all in on this and will check on the progress of his guys to work as a team. Ava hoped she could convince him to stay because she’s going to miss him like crazy. Harris says he’s going to miss her too and they kiss. Harris notes that his flight is in a couple hours and jokes that he has enough time for a nap. Ava says there’s no way he’s going to take a nap in the couple hours he has left as they begin kissing.

Stefan tells Xander that the $50,000 was mentioned in the Spectator but Xander says it wasn’t as he owns half the paper so every word had to be ran by him, Chad, and Everett. Stefan suggests that EJ knew about the amount so he must have mentioned it over drinks. Xander mocks the idea of Stefan and EJ just having a drink together. Xander tells Stefan that he can’t prove he’s lying, but he’s sure he’s the one who set him up and he is going to pay. Stefan asks if he’s threatening him. Xander assures that he is and then walks out of the mansion.

Konstantin swears to Sarah that he will never hurt Maggie and he knows she would prefer Maggie remarried under different circumstances, but assures that he cares for her very much. Sarah acknowledges that Maggie cares for him too, but when her father Mickey died, she never thought Maggie would find love again but then she and Victor had this amazing second act. Sarah doesn’t know if Maggie will find love for a third time but remarks that as long as she’s with Konstantin, that can never happen. Konstantin asks if she believes he’s standing in her way. Sarah clarifies that she’s glad Maggie has a companion, but Xander asked if Konstantin would just keep living in Maggie’s house forever, so she looked up green card marriages and it could be years before he could leave which may feel like forever. Konstantin says at he and Maggie’s ages, companionship means more than anything. Konstantin tells Sarah that Maggie is in charge, so if she ever decides to get rid of him, he’ll be gone.

Maggie declares that Konstantin has to pay, so she wants them to call the police and put Konstantin behind bars. Steve says they all do but he hasn’t committed any crimes yet. John points out that he was the one who broke in to the mansion which Maggie complains about. John explains that they are going to let Konstantin keep thinking that he’s controlling him and eventually he will hang himself. Marlena adds that Konstantin has to believe that his plan is playing out exactly as he expects. Steve calls that the only way to nail him. Maggie starts to say she doesn’t understand as Konstantin couldn’t have gotten any money even without the prenup, but then realizes that Konstantin was planning to kill her.

Ava and Harris lay in bed together after having sex. Harris tells Ava that the real reason he has to leave is because as long as Clyde is out there somewhere, Ava will never be safe. Ava questions him doing this for her. Harris says he couldn’t bear to lose her. Harris brings up meeting her in Bayview and thinking she was unpredictable, mysterious, and a little lost but says that she changed everything for him. Ava tells him that he did the same for her and that he makes her life worth living. Harris tells Ava that he loves her. Ava says she loves him too and she cannot wait for him to be back in her arms. Harris promises he won’t be long. Ava jokes about tracking people down as they kiss.

Konstantin tells Sarah that Maggie has given his life new meaning, so he has no intention of ever taking advantage of her. Sarah says she will hold him to that. Konstantin adds that Maggie’s kindness and generosity knows no bounds. Konstantin tells Sarah to cherish every moment with Victoria as he remembers his daughter at that age. Sarah mentions losing her daughter once too and encourages that Catharina will always be with him. Konstantin thanks her and says he must get home to Maggie, so he says goodbye to Sarah and exits.

Steve points out that they don’t have proof but they do believe that Konstantin’s plan was to do away with Maggie after they were married. Steve notes they do have a limited amount of time before his VISA runs out, so they can get him to commit a crime to pin on him. John adds that right now, their number one priority is keeping Maggie safe as that’s more important than bringing Konstantin down. Maggie acknowledges they’ve given it a lot of thought and says she’s in as she asks what the plan is. John presents Maggie with a microscopic ISA device for her to have with her all the time as it will summon immediate help from he or Steve, 24/7. Steve also wants to set up her phone to track her. Marlena reminds Maggie to keep everything normal between her and Konstantin until then which she agrees to do.

Harris packs his bag and tells Ava that he should only be gone a few days before Clyde calls back with instructions. Harris tells Ava to call him as soon as she hears from him. Ava tells Harris to call when he lands. Harris tells Ava to be careful while he’s gone. Ava advises Harris to be safe. Harris jokes that he’s practically bulletproof. Harris assures that this is going to work and once Clyde’s gone, she won’t have to worry anymore. Ava and Harris then hug.

Xander returns home to Sarah and asks if anything exciting happened while he was gone. Sarah claims there’s nothing to report but asks how it went with Stefan. Xander says he wouldn’t admit to anything but he’s more convinced than ever that he’s the one who set him up as he could tell it all over his face. Sarah suggests maybe just letting this go but Xander refuses. Sarah asks Xander not to go crazy and do something rash. Xander declares he won’t let anything or anyone separate them ever again as he’s going to take care of himself and his family. Victoria then wakes up so Xander goes to check on her.

Stefan pours a drink and remarks that Xander is getting a little too close for comfort. Stefan then gets a call from Gabi at the prison. Stefan is relieved to hear her voice and assures he will come to see her as soon as he can, but he’s working so hard to get her out. Stefan says that he and Rafe are doing everything they can to find proof that she’s innocent. Stefan insists that he won’t stop at anything and then they will be together again, soon and forever.

After Maggie leaves, Steve comments that it was a little easier than he expected. Marlena feels Maggie is tougher than people realize. John states that Marlena being there helped a lot because Maggie trusts her. John notes the signal from the device is coming in clear so Maggie just pulled in at the Kiriakis Mansion. Steve states that means the plan is in motion. John talks about how Konstantin was coming after him and if the roles were reversed, he could never forgive someone for killing his daughter. John, Steve, and Marlena declare that coming after Maggie is not going to happen on their watch.

Maggie goes home and joins Konstantin the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Konstantin asks how it went with Marlena. Maggie says it was very enlightening as she had a lot of ideas to share. Konstantin says he can only imagine what she might be proposing. Maggie remarks that it’s definitely going to be a wedding to remember which Konstantin agrees with.

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Days Update Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Holly and her friend Sophia do school work together at the Brady Pub while Ava works as their waitress. Sophia suggests they take a break from studying to talk about prom. Holly assumes she already has a date. Sophia responds that she’s still working on that and reveals that she’s thinking about Tate, surprising Holly.

Tate and his friend play football in the park. He encourages Tate to join the summer league and mentions that he’s also planning prom which motivates him to go. Tate asks if he has a date yet. He reveals that he wants to ask Sophia Choi but he doesn’t think she knows he exists. He then asks Tate who he’s taking to prom.

Harris sits at home, frustrated that he cannot crack Clyde and Gil’s code from the black book.

Sloan comes home to Eric, who tells her that he put Jude to sleep and he doesn’t know when he’ll be home tonight. Sloan pulls away and remarks that she’s sure Nicole will appreciate him being there. Eric responds that it’s just work and part of his job. Sloan says she won’t wait up for him. Eric says he loves her and exits. Sloan then quickly pulls out her phone and calls Melinda, saying she needs her to come over quick.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ talks to Dr. Rolf on the phone about how long the test will take to complete. EJ says patience is not one of his strong suits and screams that he wants the DNA results as soon as possible. Nicole then walks in and asks if everything is okay. EJ is sorry she had to hear that. Nicole asks what exactly she was hearing about DNA results. EJ claims he just wanted some evidence processed for a case. Nicole thought he had people to manage that so he could focus on the case. EJ says he’d prefer to focus on her and kisses her. Nicole worries that he will burn out with one job that’s overwhelming enough but now juggling two. EJ insists that he thrives on chaos. Nicole is unsure but EJ says he will convince her. EJ brings up the article on Paulina and notes that Nicole’s tip to Chad got some serious reactions. EJ adds that the news made a lot of people unhappy and he’s heard there’s serious talk of Paulina resigning. Nicole hopes he doesn’t plan on adding Mayor to his list of jobs. EJ responds that if he gets the call, he’d have to for the people, pointing out that he’s done it before. Nicole tells him no and calls that the worst possible answer. Johnny then enters and mentions getting tea for Chanel since she’s feeling under the weather as he then heads back upstairs. Nicole tells EJ that she should get going to work. They kiss as Nicole tells EJ no more jobs. EJ says no promises as Nicole exits.

Ava brings Harris food and asks if he has had any luck. Harris says he’s gone through all the familiar codes but has come up with nothing. Ava asks what’s next. Harris says he sent the encrypted file to an old navy buddy, so now it’s just a waiting game.

Tate says he’s not taking anyone because prom is not really his thing. His friend encourages him that this will be different because he’s running it and promises it will be the biggest night of the year. He mentions the blood drive and asks when Tate will be free to donate. Tate says he faints at the sight of blood but he urges him to volunteer anyway so can meet new people and expand his circle. Tate says he’s good and remarks that meeting girls is not his priority right now. He remarks that he hopes Holly didn’t ruin the rest of the female species for Tate.

Holly questions Sophia planning to ask Tate to prom. Sophia asks why not, pointing out that he’s hot and smart. Holly points out that five guys have already asked Sophia. Sophia says it’s closer to ten but she’s not feeling any of them. Holly mentions hearing that one of them covered her porch in flowers. Sophia says her mom loved it but her dad did not so much. Sophia says there’s something alluring about Tate and decides she’s just going to make the move to ask him. Sophia adds that Holly said she’s over Tate and asks if she’s over him. Holly says sure but Sophia is not convinced. Sophia tells Holly that if she wants her to stop, she can just say the word but Holly insists it’s fine. Sophia says she’s glad they squared that. Holly talks about her mom giving her phone back and being cool with them hanging out, but there’s nobody she really wants to take to prom so she’s probably not going. Sophia insists they’d have a lot of fun and questions if she’s really not going.

Melinda goes to see Sloan, who thanks her for coming. Melinda comes in to see Jude and comments that he’s getting so big. Melinda tells Sloan to lay it on her how bad it is. Sloan informs her that it’s bad as she already told her about Eric finding out that she was sponsoring Leo’s lavish lifestyle which Eric put a stop to quick. Melinda encourages that should stop her money issues but Sloan says that’s the least of her problems. Melinda asks what else. Sloan then reveals that after Leo got the letter from Dimitri, he got wasted and tried to extort EJ which shocks Melinda. Sloan adds that Leo also told EJ about the baby switch and calls it a nightmare.

Tate tells his friend that Holly made a mistake and there’s nothing more to say as nobody ruined anything. Tate adds that he won’t hold a grudge and they talked it out. They joke together and resume tossing the football.

Holly tells Sophia that she should get going since it was getting late. Sophia decides she’ll go with her. Holly wonders where Ava went. Sophia says on their way out, they need to stop at the vintage shop for retro prom dresses but Holly says she’ll have to pass since she needs to continue her homework. Sophia insists that she needs a break and convinces Holly to come with her as they exit the Pub together.

EJ finishes a work call with his assistant Rita as Johnny returns to the living room. EJ asks how Chanel is feeling. Johnny says that’s actually what he wanted to talk to her about as he needs a favor.

Ava tells Harris that they will just wait and keep things status quo. Harris complains that he’s losing his mind because they can’t decipher the book. Ava points out that having the book is the most important thing. Harris says they have to be smart and use it as bait. Ava tries to encourage Harris but he says he won’t be satisfied until Clyde is in custody and can never escape again. Ava suggests they stop talking about this until they hear from Harris’ navy buddy and just focus on each other. Ava then gets a call from an unknown caller and answers the call from Clyde. Ava says she hasn’t missed him and claims she hasn’t found the book despite searching the place twice. Ava adds that the Bistro has reopened so it’s a lot trickier to rummage around. Ava says he’ll just have to wait until she can find it unless he has a place to look next. Ava tells Clyde that she hears him and asks what comes next when she finds the book.

EJ tells Johnny anything for him. Johnny reveals that they haven’t told anyone and Chanel doesn’t know that he’s telling him, but she’s pregnant. EJ gets excited about being a grandfather. Johnny says possibly which EJ questions.

Nicole joins Eric in the town square. Eric comments on her hesitation and asks what’s up. Nicole guesses she was just wondering how Sloan was doing since she wasn’t very happy with them last night. Eric confirms they had a fight but says it lead to an enlightening conversation that made him realize he was making the same mistakes with Sloan that he made with Nicole. Eric says he regrets that deeply in both relationships.

Melinda asks how Leo could possibly think that was a good idea and what exactly he told EJ. Sloan says he told him everything. Melinda asks if that includes her being involved and if so, she might as well be dead. Sloan assures her name wasn’t mentioned and if it was, she’d have her back and cover for her. Melinda asks if she’s heard from EJ. Sloan confirms that he showed up at her house, demanding the child and threatening to arrest her. Sloan adds that EJ did sort of back off when she told him the truth that Eric is Jude’s biological father.

While playing football in the park, Tate accidentally ends up hitting Sophia in the face when he threw the football. Tate tries to apologize but Sophia says he should be sorry because he saw them coming and accuses Tate of looking at Holly when he threw the ball. Sophia complains that now she’s going to have a black eye at prom.

Ava hangs up and tells Harris that Clyde said he’s calling back in 48 hours and that she better have the book by then, scan the pages, send it to a dark web e-mail account and then destroy the book. Harris argues that the book is the bait, so if they can’t meet him, they can’t hook him.

Melinda questions how Sloan still has Jude if EJ knows. Sloan explains that once she mentioned Eric, it was like a switch flipped because EJ was in denial but deep down, he knew. Sloan adds that EJ still took DNA samples which will only confirm the truth. Melinda calls it a lot to process. Sloan admits it could pan out a lot of different ways. Melinda worries that Sloan could go to prison and lose everything. Sloan insists that’s not going to happen. Melinda asks how she can be so sure. Sloan says that she persuaded EJ to keep the information between them by pointing out that if Nicole knew it was her and Eric’s baby, both of their relationships would be over and she knows that’s not something EJ wants.

Nicole tells Eric that this conversation took a turn for the deep. Eric says that seems to be his way these days, especially when the stakes are higher. Eric wants to acknowledge the mistakes he made and tell Nicole that he’s sorry. Nicole says they all make mistakes and the whole goal is to move forward, learn, and hope that the next relationship is better. Nicole tells Eric that she’s pulling for he and Sloan to really get through this. Eric assures they will. Nicole asks if Sloan knows they are working together. Eric confirms that she took it better than he expected. Nicole adds that she was encouraged by EJ’s response. They agree that’s how it should be with nothing to worry about and joke about just being reporters and colleagues.

Johnny explains to EJ that Kayla told them it could be a high risk pregnancy because of the radiation. EJ gets upset and blames Paulina. Johnny tries to say she was just being a mom but EJ argues that she needs to be held accountable. EJ says a mother wouldn’t have risked exposing anyone to radiation and argues Paulina didn’t care about the risks. Johnny argues that Paulina thought she was doing the right thing but EJ tells him not to be a Paulina apologist. Johnny calls that unfair and says he’s obviously sick about the entire situation, especially since he would’ve found Chanel on his own just a few minutes later but now, their baby could have serious birth defects or might not even make it so he’s just in shock. Johnny admits he doesn’t know what to do. EJ then asks if Chanel is going through with the pregnancy.

Ava complains that she can’t believe Clyde has won again. Harris says not by a long shot and that Clyde has no idea who he’s dealing with. Ava says she’s never felt so out of her depth. Harris suggests e-mailing him and using it to track him once he downloads the files, to find his location. Harris adds it won’t be easy but he won’t let Clyde keep running. Ava says she needs to get back down to the Pub to show Roman how hard working she is. Harris calls her beautiful and sexy as they kiss. Ava thanks him and then exits.

Tate brings Sophia an ice pack and apologizes again as he asks what he can do. Holly tries to encourage her but Sophia doesn’t want to hear it. Tate tries to offer to take Sophia home, but Sophia suggests the hospital as she worries that her nose is broken. Holly points out they don’t know yet if it’s broken. Sophia repeats that she’s going to have a black eye for prom and no one’s going to want to take her. Sophia then suggests Tate could take her since he doesn’t have a date, making Holly uncomfortable as Tate looks at her.

Eric tells Nicole that she can put her bag in his car before they go and questions her going shopping before their job. Nicole reveals that she bought hygiene kits to pass out to the homeless and says she has a few other tricks up her sleeve. Nicole calls this work genuinely useful. Eric agrees that it’s a story they’ll have a platform to tell. Nicole recalls when she was on the streets, wishing for a toothbrush. Eric questions what she means by when she was on the streets.

Johnny informs EJ that they haven’t made the decision yet about the pregnancy. EJ says they must have at least talked about it. Johnny confirms they have and that Chanel is leaning towards keeping the baby no matter what, so he’s going to support whatever she decides. EJ asks what Johnny wants. Johnny says he wants answers and that’s why he needs to ask EJ for this favor. Johnny brings up that EJ took care of Holly by getting her to the best doctors in the world, so he wants to get Chanel in front of all the experts to figure out what’s going on. Johnny adds that Kayla said they might not know until the second or third trimester and by then, it might be too late. EJ assures that he’s got this and he will get him the answers and access to the best doctors in the world. EJ tells Johnny that he has to understand that there is no magic wand here. Johnny says he understands and the what if’s are killing him. EJ gets that but notes that the answers might come too late. EJ tells Johnny that he and Chanel can have healthy babies in the future but declares that this is too risky, so they cannot have this baby right now. Johnny tells EJ that he’s not going to tell Chanel what she can or can’t do with her own body. EJ points out the baby being a DiMera. Johnny demands to know what he means by that and calls it twisted, arguing that the DiMera bloodline doesn’t mean perfect genetics. EJ insists that’s not what he meant and he didn’t intend to upset him. Johnny states that this is obviously a difficult subject for both of them, but he came to him for help as his dad so that he and Chanel can make the best decisions for their family. EJ urges Johnny to think long and hard about the choices in front of him about the marriage and what they both need.

Melinda prays that Sloan’s persuasive argument worked better with EJ than Leo. Sloan talks about getting mad every time she hears Leo’s name and she’s exhausted from constantly putting out fires. Sloan brings up how many times the truth is on the verge of coming out but she somehow keeps it together. Melinda points out that she’s still here but Sloan questions for how long. Jude wakes up crying. Sloan brings up Eric working with Nicole now and he’s always going to love her. Sloan says she has Eric’s baby but that’s not enough as she doesn’t think anything is ever enough for Eric. Sloan questions if everything she’s done for their family was worth it as she’s beginning to think it wasn’t.

Nicole tells Eric that she did what she had to do to survive. Eric says he had no idea that she ever lived in her car. Eric knew she had a rough time growing up but didn’t realize how bad it was. Nicole says she’s just grateful that she came out of it with her sanity and that she’s been really lucky since then. Nicole adds that people have been really nice to her like Eric and now she has great opportunities, great friends, and an amazing daughter so she wants to pay it forward by passing on the blessings. Eric is impressed by Nicole’s strength and resilience. Nicole suggests they get to work. Eric comments on thinking he knew everything there is to know about her, but she still surprises him.

Sophia tells Tate that it’s a simple yes or no question. Tate hesitates but Holly suggests they should go together as it sounds really fun and Sophia already has a cute dress picked out. Tate decides he’s down then. Holly then asks Tate’s friend, Aaron, to prom which Tate excitedly calls a great idea as Aaron accepts. Holly points out they can double date. Sophia calls it the best day ever while Holly and Tate smile at one another.

Ava returns to Harris and says it’s crazy how much the little black book holds. Ava feels the book and notices that it’s sticky, wondering if there’s wine on it. Harris calls that impossible and takes a closer look, discovering that there is blood on the book.

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Days Update Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Xander and Sarah bring Victoria to the Kiriakis Mansion where Maggie and Konstantin are in the living room. Maggie mentions waiting for Justin’s call and then she gets it. Maggie thanks him and says they’ll talk soon as she hangs up. Maggie then announces that Victor’s will has finally cleared probate, so his estate will be distributed according to it’s terms. Konstantin calls that excellent news. Maggie calls it a relief to have it finally resolved and she’s sure Alex has already heard as well and that he must be over the moon as they speak.

Alex and Theresa have breakfast together at home. Alex then gets a call from Justin with the news about Victor’s will. Alex says he knew it would be a lot and that he will wait to hear from him. Alex thanks Justin and hangs up. Alex then informs Theresa that Victor’s estate is worth more than he even imagined, as is his inheritance. Theresa calls that such great news and says she’s so happy for him as they hug. Theresa declares that they are going to be set for life, then corrects herself that he will be set for life.

Brady goes to the DiMera Mansion and asks Kristen if Rachel is ready to go. Kristen says she’s upstairs changing. Kristen calls up to Rachel to hurry up before she’s late. Kristen tells Brady that if he doesn’t want to wait, she can have Harold or a driver take her. Brady assures that he wants to take Rachel to school, so Kristen invites him to join her for coffee. Kristen mentions that Rachel had a blast at the aquarium with him yesterday. Brady confirms it was fun and says he’d love to be able to spend more time with Rachel if he could. Kristen is sure Rachel wishes that too and calls it certainly a possibility.

Steve goes to John and Marlena’s. Marlena reveals that she asked Steve to come by because they have a plan and she thinks it’s time to let Steve in on it. John calls that not necessary and says they have it under control. Marlena argues that Konstantin is a dangerous man and she wants John to have backup. Marlena knows there is tension between John and Steve, but says that’s what Konstantin wants. Marlena asks if they’re going to let Konstantin drive a wedge between them after 40 years of friendship. Steve tells John that he doesn’t blame him for hating him for what he did as he hates it too, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make up for it. Steve asks John to tell him what’s going on between he and Konstantin.

Brady tells Kristen not to tell him that it’s possible for him to spend time with his daughter. Brady guesses that’s only if he forgets about the Hell she put him through and that she used their daughter to get back him for her insanity. Kristen says she’s sorry he can’t let go of his resentment towards her. Brady decides he doesn’t want Rachel to come in and see them fighting again. Kristen agrees to let go of the subject of them. Kristen brings up Rachel saying she got her a gift from the aquarium. Brady presents her with it which is a keychain. Brady confirms he paid for it but says Rachel wants to pay him back with her allowance. Kristen tells Brady that she won’t be hitting him up for child support after this month since she knows he was left out of Victor’s will. Brady responds that he will continue to make those payments because he can and he will continue to accept the visitation scraps she’s willing to give him, because he knows sooner or later, she will screw up like she always does and he will regain full custody of his daughter.

Theresa tells Alex that she’s so happy for him. Theresa knows they are due at Titan but thinks they need to celebrate. Alex agrees and decides they are taking the day off. Theresa jokes that Alex never needs to work again as heir to the fortune. Alex says the question is what is he going to do with the fortune other than buy a mansion, a yacht, a private plane, and tickets to outer space. Theresa suggests he could donate to charitable causes. Alex says of course he’ll do that and he has a few other ideas as well.

Maggie is sure Alex is very pleased with his inheritance, but as for her, she would forsake it all to have Victor back. Xander says that’s because Maggie isn’t a greedy person. Maggie talks about being fortunate with money, so she intends to share the wealth as she’s sure Victor expected. Sarah asks what she means. Maggie responds that it’s a decision she made long ago that if Victor died before her, she would donate the bulk of her inheritance to all worthy causes.

John reveals to Steve that Konstantin turned him back in to The Pawn. Steve is shocked and asks when and how. John reminds Steve of when Megan Hathaway used a card to brainwash them. Steve asks how he knows that. John says it came to him in a memory and it turns out that Konstantin has the same card. Steve questions how he got it. John says he has no idea how he got it or how he knew how to use it, but it happened when he lured him to the park pretending to be a new client. Steve can’t believe it and questions why John didn’t tell him any of this before. John explains that he didn’t remember any of it until it happened again the other day. John then flashes back to Konstantin using the card to take control of him at the Black Patch office. John informs Steve that right when Konstantin turned him back in to the Pawn, Marlena unexpectedly showed up, so all he could do was quickly pull him out of it and that’s when they figured out something was going on. Marlena talks about John not remembering his conversation with Konstantin, so she knew he had lost time. John points out that Marlena knew something was happening but also that there was a way for him to fight back.

Alex agrees with Theresa that this is cause for a celebration and suggests caviar and champagne, but then remembers Theresa can’t have champagne. Theresa decides on sparkling cider so Alex agrees to get that as well. Alex says he’ll be back soon and exits. Theresa comments to herself that they say the best things in life are free but she happens to be shallow enough to like a few things that aren’t. Theresa declares that she and Alex are going to a lot more than drink bubbly to celebrate.

Sarah hugs Maggie and says she’s so proud of her, but not surprised she’d be so generous. Maggie talks about being fortunate to not need more money, so Justin is going to up her donation to charitable programs. Konstantin comments on Maggie being very generous. Maggie still feels terrible that Victor split all of his assets between her and Alex while everyone else was left out of his revised will for whatever reason. Maggie wants to respect his wishes but she also thinks it’s right to share her part with the other heirs like Bo, Philip, Brady, Xander, and Justin. Konstantin then shouts that she can’t do that.

Steve is thankful that John and Marlena figured things out but question how they are going to fight back and how they can be sure that Konstantin turned John in to The Pawn a second time. John asks Marlena to take this one. Marlena then explains that on the night that Konstantin put John in a trance, John seemed distracted, anxious, and in a fog at home. Marlena flashes back to hypnotizing John that night which allowed her to take John back in to the room with Konstantin from before she came in. John adds that all he could do was hear Konstantin’s voice as he started talking about Maggie. Steve asks what he said and what he wanted him to do. John reveals that Konstantin told him that his mission was to steal the signed prenup from the Kiriakis safe. John knew that Konstantin would try to take control of him again but the question was when that was going to happen. Marlena then reveals that they prepared.

Konstantin tries to explain while Xander questions if he thinks Maggie should give her entire inheritance to him. Konstantin tells him not to be ridiculous, shouting that he signed a prenup so he won’t get a dime. Konstantin says he just thinks Maggie shouldn’t give away her inheritance without giving it some thought. Maggie insists that she has thought about it for years. Xander questions who Konstantin is to weigh in on Maggie’s decision since he’s not related to her and is only marrying him so he doesn’t have to leave Salem. Sarah tries to stop Xander but he says he’s speaking his mind as he questions Konstantin having the nerve to doubt Maggie’s heart’s desire when they know it’s a noble thing to do. Xander asks who Konstantin is to criticize her decision. Maggie then tells Konstantin to explain and defend himself.

Theresa prepares for Alex to return and wonders what’s taking him so long. She then texts Alex to ask where he is.

Alex goes to the DiMera Mansion and greets Kristen with a big kiss in front of Brady. Brady tells Kristen to tell Rachel that he will be waiting for her in the car. Alex tells Kristen that she’s looking sexy as they continue kissing while Brady walks out the door.

Steve questions Marlena and John saying they prepared. Marlena explains that they began preparing John to resist the power of the card. John adds that they weren’t sure it was possible at first. Marlena talks about the great advances in deprogramming techniques which have been very effective with Harris. Marlena notes that she contacted Bayview and hoped the same techniques could work for John. John reveals that they tried those techniques on him right here. They flash back to Marlena having John repeat the mantra “A positive presence defeats a negative past”. Marlena informs Steve that last night, Maggie called them over to tell them about her engagement to Konstantin. John adds that then Maggie got called away and Marlena left, so he and Konstantin were left alone and Konstantin predictably pulled out the card to order him to steal the prenup. Steve asks John if he got it. John confirms that he did and then Konstantin then set the prenup on fire and burned it in a trash can. Steve asks if the technique didn’t work then but Marlena says it’s to the contrary.

Konstantin thanks Maggie for allowing him to defend himself. Xander remarks that this should be good. Konstantin talks about loving how big Maggie’s heart is and apologizes for overstepping. He says he respects Maggie’s plan to donate her fortune in the most honorable of ways. Maggie thanks him for clarifying his reaction. Victoria wakes up crying. Konstantin then decides it’s time for his walk so he will be leaving as well. Konstantin tells Maggie how proud he is of her. Maggie thanks him as he then exits. Maggie decides to take Victoria out to the garden. Xander mocks Konstantin being proud and asks Sarah how Maggie can’t see through Konstantin. Sarah admits it was obvious to her too that Konstantin hated Maggie’s idea of giving away her money. Xander complains about Konstantin’s apology and calls him a dangerous con man. Sarah insists that Konstantin won’t get a dime from Maggie, reminding him that there is a prenup. Xander doesn’t think that will stop him. Sarah assures that Konstantin signed a legal document that states he won’t get a thing from Maggi and asks how that won’t stop him. Xander responds that he just has a very bad feeling about this.

Theresa continues waiting for Alex, but instead Brady shows up at the door. Brady apologizes for not calling but says he wanted to talk to her and he was driving by, so he hoped she would be home and alone. Theresa mentions that she won’t be alone for long because Alex is due back any minute. Brady tells her not to hold her breath on that as he comes in. Brady comments that it looks like she’s celebrating something. Theresa brings up Alex’s inheritance coming through which Brady says is good for him. Theresa knows it’s not so good for Brady and calls it really unfair that Victor left everything to Maggie and Alex. Brady says he tries not to think about it but that’s not what he came to talk about. Brady informs Theresa that he just came from the DiMera Mansion, where Alex showed up to hang out with Kristen which Theresa questions. Brady explains that Alex just walked right in like he owned the place and put a big sloppy kiss on Kristen right in front of him. Theresa remembers Alex not coming home the other night and declares they are obviously sleeping together. Theresa questions that not upsetting Brady. Brady insists that he’s over Kristen and only gives her the time of day because they share a daughter, otherwise he couldn’t care less. Brady asks if Theresa is upset about Alex and Kristen being an item. Theresa admits that she is, noting that she broke up with him so she’s to blame, but it might’ve been the biggest mistake of her life or at least one of the biggest.

Kristen tells Alex that was some performance. Alex tells her that wasn’t acting and says he told Theresa that he was going to buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate being the new heir to a rather large fortune when it dawned on him that the best champagne is in the DiMera wine cellar. Alex offers to buy one but Kristen says she will get it for him. Alex declares that he’d much rather celebrate like this with her as they continue kissing.

Sarah admits that Konstantin’s reaction to Maggie wanting to give away her inheritance was a bit off. Xander argues that it was more than off, it was outrageous. Sarah points out that it wasn’t to Maggie. Sarah wants to get off the subject of money and talk about how lucky they are to have each other and their daughter. Xander apologizes if he made her think he’s not extremely grateful to Maggie for being so caring and generous with them over the years because he is. Xander adds that he’s more grateful to share his life with Sarah because she’s the love of his life as they kiss.

Brady asks if Theresa is in love with Alex and that’s why she’s sorry she broke up with him. Theresa responds that she’s not sure she’s in love with Alex or if she even knows what that means. Brady says it usually means when you have a romantic attachment to somebody and they are incredibly important to you where it feels like you can’t live without them. Theresa then declares that she is in love with Alex, sort of. Brady asks if that’s especially because he’s the heir to this big fortune now and then apologizes for being cynical. They get interrupted by Konstantin showing up at the door. Konstantin barges in but stops when he sees Brady inside.

Alex and Kristen lay in bed together after having sex. Alex says he knows this started by trying to make Brady and Theresa jealous, but says he’s thoroughly enjoying the ride. Kristen says she is as well but reminds him that it can’t go any further. Alex says that’s because she only has eyes for Brady. Kristen points out that Brady is the father of her child and the love of her life. Kristen asks if Alex only has eyes for Theresa. Alex says he cares for her but that doesn’t stop him from succumbing to Kristen’ s many charms as they continue kissing in bed.

Steve questions how John can say the technique worked if he stole the prenup and let Konstantin burn it. John then reveals that he has the original prenup while Konstantin burned a fake version that he gave him. John adds that Konstantin didn’t know that he broke in to the safe earlier that evening, stole the original prenup, and replaced it with a fake which Konstantin burned. Marlena calls it brilliant which Steve agrees with.

Maggie returns to the living room with Victoria. Sarah tells her they have to get going, but she want to talk to her about Konstantin first. Sarah tells Maggie that she and Xander were wondering what happens after the wedding. Sarah knows it’s a marriage in name only so he can stay in the country, but asks then what. Maggie isn’t sure what she means. Xander thinks she’s trying to say they are concerned on Maggie’s behalf as to how Konstantin is going to support himself. Xander asks if he’s going to get a job or if he’s just going to continue to live off of Maggie forever.

Konstantin tells Brady it’s nice to see him. Theresa asks what he’s doing here. Konstantin claims that he needs her help in getting a wedding present. Brady questions who is getting married. Konstantin guesses he’s the last to know that he and Maggie are engaged which shocks Brady. Konstantin declares they will be tying the knot and tells Theresa they can talk later as he doesn’t want to interrupt. Theresa says she’ll text him later but Brady says he was on his way out anyway. Theresa thanks Brady for coming by and says she’ll talk to him soon. Brady then exits. Theresa questions Konstantin just showing up with no warning. Konstantin reveals that Maggie just announced she’s giving most of her inheritance to charitable causes and most of Victor’s heirs, including Brady. Konstantin argues that Theresa giving him Alex’s cut is now more urgent because he needs his half of their plan. Theresa responds that she’s not sure that’s going to happen. Konstantin warns that she better make it happen and find a way to keep Alex in her bed or else, there will be consequences. Konstantin then storms out.

Alex and Kristen continue kissing in bed as Kristen calls this better than going to the gym. Alex jokes about that being high praise. Alex grabs his phone and thinks he should probably head home since he told Theresa he was just running out for champagne and caviar. Alex sees Theresa’s text messages wondering where he is. Kristen guesses he has to go then. Alex says he probably should, but he could tell Theresa that it’s taken him a very long time to drive in traffic to find the finest champagne. Kristen agrees as she and Alex continue kissing.

Steve calls this something to celebrate that they conned the con. John responds that he doesn’t feel like celebrating. John wanted to believe that Konstantin had forgiven him, but now he knows he wanted his revenge on him and also that they were right all along about his intentions in coming to Salem as he wanted to take everything from Victor. They go over how now they have to tell Maggie about how Konstantin lied about his feelings for her and everything else. Marlena worries it will devastate Maggie since she adores him. Steve remarks that Konstantin won’t know what hit him.

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Days Update Monday, May 6, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Everett works on his laptop at the Brady Pub as Stephanie approaches and joins him. She asks what he’s working on. He tells her it’s the expose’ on the unfortunate exploits of Paulina Price during the Smith Island Snowstorm and then shows her the article.

Paulian sits at home with Abe, telling her about how she, Chanel, and Johnny were waiting on Chanel’s blood test when Kayla came in and announced that Chanel is pregnant. Paulina says if something happens to the baby, she’ll never forgive herself. Abe encourages her not to be so hard on herself. Paulina worries that she made a stupid, impulsive decision to try to save Chanel and now it may have tragic consequences. Abe understands her heart was in the right place. Paulina cries that her heart is broken for what Chanel and Johnny are going through as she breaks down crying, questioning what she has done.

Nicole sits at home and thinks back to being with Eric and Jude in the town square. Chanel and Johnny enter the room. Nicole notes that they were out late and asks if everything is okay. Chanel says it’s been a long day and they are just exhausted. Johnny says goodnight to Nicole and they head back out.

Rafe and Jada come out of the Pub together with food to go. They joke about not eating their fries until they get home. They kiss until Eric approaches and greets them. Jada mentions that they are heading home. Eric thought Jada lived at the Pub but Jada reveals that she just moved in with Rafe. Eric congratulates them. Jada asks about Jude. Eric says he’s great. Rafe asks about Sloan. Eric says she’s been busy. Eric adds that he has to get going and tells them to have fun as he hurries off.

EJ asks Sloan what she means by half right. Sloan responds that it means Jude is Nicole’s baby, but not EJ’s. Sloan declares that Eric is the biological father. EJ calls this not possible. Sloan says she hates it as much as he does, but swears it’s the truth. EJ question why he should believe a lying kidnapper. Sloan asks what she would have to gain from lying about this. Sloan knows it’s a shock but says they both want the same thing; to save their marriages. Sloan warns EJ that if he wants to hang on to Nicole and not have their lives blow up, he has to keep the secret to himself.

Abe continues to encourage Paulina that she did what she needed to do. Paulina complains about having to prove herself and blames her ego as she thought if she saved Chanel, she would be perceived as a hero but now all she feels is terrible guilty and regret. Paulina tells Abe to go ahead and say he told her so. Abe suggests getting her to bed because it’s been a long day and there’s nothing they can do about it right now. Paulina decides she can check in with Chanel, so she’s calling her so she can hear again how sorry she is and how much she loves her.

Johnny and Chanel sit together in the room. Chanel says that was awkward but Johnny says he’s sure Nicole just thought they were tired like they said. Chanel gets a call from Paulina but decides not to answer and asks if that’s mean. Johnny says it’s okay to call her back tomorrow. Chanel says she’s just too confused and tired to talk to her right now. Chanel adds that she can’t even wrap her head around the fact that she’s pregnant. Johnny admits that he was so excited when they first found out, thinking of them as parents and knowing they made a baby together. Johnny says it made him feel so close to her. Chanel says she felt the same before they realized there could be a problem. Chanel adds that she wasn’t even sure she was ready to have a baby this soon and knows that he wasn’t either. Johnny admits he wasn’t, but now it’s happening. Johnny tells Chanel that he loves her so much and the idea of having a baby with her just feels awesome and amazing. Johnny acknowledges that there could be problems which gives them a lot to think about and says they do have options.

EJ tells Sloan that he is appalled at the depths of her deception, especially since she knows there is a DNA test proving Nicole’s baby is his, as he has the results in his safe. Sloan reveals that she switched the results for obvious reasons. EJ can’t believe it and calls it another one of her sickening lies. Sloan wishes it was. EJ refuses to believe her and declares they’ll have to do another DNA test. Sloan agrees to swab Jude and give him Eric’s toothbrush. EJ says he thought she was scum before. Sloan tells him to shut up and says that lashing out is going to get him nowhere. Sloan declares that now that EJ knows the truth, they are on the same team and will have to work together to avert disaster because if Eric and Nicole ever find out they share a child together, that’s it for them and it will be game over.

Stephanie reads Everett’s article on Paulina. They talk about Paulina being unwilling to explain herself. Stephanie suggests waiting a couple hours and reaching out to her again but Everett argues that Paulina has had enough time to respond. Everett asks if that’s okay. Stephanie talks about how she used to do PR for Paulina and she hasn’t used her in awhile but she likes her. Everett says Paulina is great and he understands what she’s saying, but he can’t hold off on publishing and allow another paper to scoop them. Stephanie questions not running it by Chad first. Everett responds that it’s his call since he’s editor-in-chief but notes that Chad actually started the article and asked him to finish it, so he feels pretty certain that he will approve.

Paulina complains of her call to Chanel going to voicemail. Abe suggests she could be sleeping but Paulina worries that Chanel is angry as Hell with her. Abe encourages that Chanel and Johnny are just trying to process everything. Paulina continues to blame herself. Abe says what’s done is done, so all they can do is be there for Chanel and Johnny and pray for the best. Abe encourages Paulina to rest. Paulina decides she will go take a bath. Abe tells her that he loves her. Paulina remarks that she’s glad someone does because right now, she doesn’t feel very lovable.

Chanel assumes Johnny is talking about options like terminating the pregnancy. Johnny assures that he would love nothing more than to have lots of babies with her, but the radiation issue complicates things and they don’t even know what the risks are. Chanel adds that Kayla said they might not know until after the baby is born. Johnny says that complicates things even more. Chanel tells Johnny that she loves him so much and she wishes they could just be happy. Johnny hugs Chanel as she cries.

EJ goes home to the DiMera Mansion and pours a drink. Nicole comes in behind him and asks if everything is okay.

Chanel talks to Johnny about one of her favorite customers at the Bakery who has down syndrome. Chanel wants to hire her as soon as she’s old enough. Chanel says her family has probably had to make sacrifices for her, but she’s sure that can’t outweigh the joy that she has brought to their lives. Chanel declares that even with this radiation scare and even if something could be wrong with their baby, her feeling right now is “so what?”. Chanel adds that maybe their baby will be imperfect but everyone is. Chanel feels as long as the baby has them to love and care for them, it will still be a blessing. Johnny agrees as they hug.

Rafe and Jada go home together. Jada says she’s already loving sharing the space with him so much. Rafe encourages that it’s her home now too. Jada talks about how lucky they are to be so happy and in love. Rafe says he’s so grateful and he’s not taking it for granted. Rafe asks what Jada is thinking. Jada brings up when they ran in to Eric earlier and says he seemed so unhappy and down. Rafe agrees. Jada calls it strange because she knows how thrilled Eric was to be a dad. Jada suggests maybe Eric and Sloan are just having problems. Rafe says that would be his guess as Sloan seems like an extremely difficult woman to deal with. Jada hopes everything works out for Eric as she and Rafe kiss.

Eric goes home where Sloan greets him and asks if he talked to Leo. Eric responds that he was wasted and could barely stand up but they had a conversation. Sloan asks if Leo had anything to say about his accusation. Eric says that Leo passed out and by the end of it, he kind of felt sorry for him.

Nicole notes that EJ seems rattled. EJ claims it was just a long day at the office where he had to deal with unexpected issues. EJ assumes Nicole also had a long day since she’s still up and working so he suggests they just go to bed. Nicole stops him and says there’s something she has to tell him that she should’ve told him before. Nicole reminds EJ that of the article on the homeless that Chad assigned her to. EJ recalls feeling better knowing that Nicole wouldn’t be alone as she would have her with photographer with her. Nicole then reveals that the photographer is Eric.

Abe sees the article on Paulina and immediately pulls out his phone to call Stephanie. Abe asks if she’s seen the article. Stephanie confirms that she just read it and she tried to call Paulina to warn her but it went straight to voicemail. Abe asks what to do about damage control. Stephanie says there’s not much since it’s already out there, but notes that it would help if Paulina did put out a statement. Stephanie asks where Paulina is and why she isn’t calling her about this. Abe says she’s taking a bath and hasn’t seen the article. Abe asks if this scandal is going to hurt Paulina’s political career. Stephanie responds that she hopes not, but time will tell.

Johnny tells Chanel that she has the biggest heart of anyone he’s ever known and that’s one of the many reasons he fell in love with her. Johnny agrees with her that any new life is a blessing and he thinks they will totally nail parenting. Chanel worries about not being mom material but Johnny disagrees. Johnny points out that Chanel owns her own business and goes to work every day. Johnny feels if anyone is irresponsible or immature it’s him, since his only job title is trust fund baby. Chanel insists that he is mature and has great work ethic. Chanel says he just has to find his calling as he has so many talents. Johnny thanks her and decides maybe it is time to find his calling and grow up fast.

Nicole tells EJ that she will quit the job at the Spectator if he wants. EJ tells her it’s fine and he’s not uncomfortable with her and Eric working together as long as she’s okay with it. Nicole assures that she is and it doesn’t bother her. Nicole says it’s just business and she knows that she and Eric have a bond but that’s in the past. Nicole insists that EJ is her present and her future as they kiss.

Rafe and Jada talk about the art decoration in his house. Jada points out on which Rafe says was Jordan’s that she wanted him to have. Jada suggests putting it in the closet now which Rafe says is fine with him. Jada then hangs her own painting in it’s place which they agree is better. Jada brings up that Rafe’s never told her much about Jordan or their relationship. Rafe responds that she was Clyde Weston’s daughter and certifiably insane. Jada guesses it didn’t end well which Rafe confirms. They joke about knowing how to pick them. Rafe says they have improved immensely as they kiss.

Everett asks Stephanie if there’s a conflict of interest if she takes on Paulina as a client when she works for the Spectator. Stephanie asks if he’s saying she has to choose. Everett clarifies that he doesn’t want her to leave the Spectator and he’s fine with it. Stephanie assures that she’s a professional and won’t cross any boundaries. Everett apologizes if he put her on the defensive. Everett thinks they’ve been talking too much about work stuff and calls it exhausting. Everett asks how she’d feel about doing something fun and not work related together. Everett then asks if it’s too soon. Stephanie says it depends on what kind of fun they are talking about. Everett knows they need to take this slow if there even is a “this”. Everett adds that he doesn’t blame her for being cautious or guarded with him since he doesn’t want to pressure her in any way. Stephanie admits it’s been really confusing for her with everything that has happened. Stephanie guesses she’s just feeling a bit self-protective right now. Everett says she should be and he totally gets that. Everett says they can be whatever she wants, friends or something more, but if she’s not ready, he totally understands. Stephanie says that sounds fine and jokes that she is partial to fun. Stephanie asks what he had in mind. Everett brings up how they used to play pickleball in Seattle. Stephanie agrees that was really fun and jokes that she usually kicked his butt. Everett asks if she wants to give it a go, so Stephanie agrees to head to the courts on the other side of the park. Everett then receives an e-mail with the final divorce documents of he and Jada. He opens the e-mail and sees his Robert Stein signature which seems to trigger a change in him.

Paulina returns from her bath and tells Abe that it really did the trick and she feels somewhat relaxed. Paulina says she thought about what Abe said and agrees that Chanel was probably just asleep so she won’t read any more in to her not answering her call. Paulina says she will just have faith that everything will be alright. Paulina talks about how they all love each other but notes Abe being distracted and asks what’s wrong. Abe hates to be the one to show her this as he presents the article on her, titled “Rogue Radioactive Mayor”.

Chanel listens to Paulina’s voicemail, saying she’s sorry to call late but she feels terrible and hates that she caused her to be sick or put her pregnancy in jeopardy. Chanel worries that she sounds upset. Chanel calls it complicated because she loves her mom and hates that she’s so miserable, but she can’t deal with the drama tonight. Johnny assures that Paulina will understand and says Chanel needs to start thinking about herself and their baby. Johnny adds that he’s there for whatever she needs. Johnny prays that they receive reassuring news from the doctor, but even if they don’t, they will handle that together.

Eric tells Sloan that he hates what Leo did to her but questions why she didn’t come to him about it. Sloan apologizes and agrees it was wrong. Eric decides no more secrets which Sloan promises as they hug.

EJ asks Nicole if Holly went to bed already. Nicole confirms that she did as she had a rough night being overwhelmed with school work. EJ is sorry she’s struggling but thinks it’s important that she not overdo it. EJ adds that it’s just as important that Nicole not overdo it either since she’s a working woman. Nicole jokes that the same applies to him so EJ suggests they both not overdo it and think about a vacation. Nicole calls that a lovely idea but says they should wait since she just started a new job and they should probably wait until Holly is out of school. Nicole then points out they are the only ones here since everyone went to sleep, so they kiss.

Jada talks about how she didn’t have much wall space to hang anything at her old place, but now it’s really starting to feel like home as she kisses Rafe. Jada gets the alert on phone with the divorce papers. Jada exclaims that it’s finally over. Rafe calls that amazing news and reveals he got her favorite champagne to celebrate. They toast to their beautiful future and their great fortune in finding each other. Jada calls it kind of ironic that she’s celebrating her divorce more than she did her marriage to Bobby. Jada recalls falling for him quickly but he turned cold and distant, like someone flipped a switch. Jada says now she’s incredibly relieved to not have to worry about him, declaring she’s finally free from him. Rafe says he is incredibly relieved because he loves her. Jada calls him her one and only as they kiss onto the bed.

Stephanie asks Everett for his pickleball availability but Everett shuts his laptop and asks to figure it out later since he has a deadline for another story. Stephanie tells him to call her when he has schedule figured out then. Everett says he will and says he will see her later. Stephanie asks if everything is alright. Everett says he is but if he doesn’t get to writing, he’ll get grouchy, so Stephanie agrees to exit. After Stephanie leaves, a woman goes to the bar. Everett approaches her and asks if she’s drinking alone. She says she’s just having a beer after work. He offers to join her so she tells him to have a seat. He then introduces himself as “Bobby” while the woman says her name is Alana.

Abe informs Paulina that he just spoke with Stephanie, who is going to come up with a statement to explain. Paulina says the article is just telling it like it is and she was clearly in the wrong. Paulina declares that it’s way past time that she face the music.

Johnny tells Chanel that they have a lot to think about it and be happy about. Chanel adds a lot to be worried about too. Johnny assures they will face those worries with strength and love, but for now he thinks they should just close out the rest of the world for tonight. Chanel agrees as they kiss. Chanel tells Johnny that she’s so grateful for him. Johnny says the same.

Nicole tells EJ that maybe they’ve been taking each other for granted lately. EJ says he would never. Nicole says they do talk a lot to each other, eat meals and watch TV together along with discussing their kids and people who drive them nuts. Nicole feels they haven’t done nearly enough of this as they kiss. EJ and Nicole then head upstairs together.

Eric tells Sloan that they are good now, no more secrets. Sloan agrees and says they will be open and honest about everything as they kiss.

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Days Update Friday, May 3, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

John and Marlena go to see Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie announces to them that she and Konstantin are engaged. Maggie assures the marriage is in name only but they are keeping up appearances for immigration sake. Maggie wants her friends and family to know the truth that Konstantin’s VISA is expiring, so she’s marrying him so that he can stay in the country. Maggie adds that she had a prenup drawn up and he had no problem signing it, so she wanted them to know that. Maggie feels that she owes Konstantin because he was so kind to her after she lost Victor. John asks if it’s also because of what he did to Konstantin’s daughter.

Holly sits in her room and texts Tate that she misses him and can’t wait to see him again. Tate texts back that he misses her more. Holly tries to tell herself to focus on her school work but gets frustrated.

In the town square, Jude wakes up crying as Eric and Nicole watch over him while Sloan watches them from around the corner. Nicole and Eric try to find ways to calm Jude down and they end up touching hands. Sloan then approaches, so Nicole says she was just leaving and quickly walks away. Sloan asks Eric what that was all about. Eric asks if they can get Jude home and says he’ll explain it on the way.

Leo goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ answers the door and asks what the hell he wants. Leo responds that he wants to tell him a secret for a price. EJ tells him that he’s plastered while unreliable and untrustworthy. Leo admits that he’s intoxicated but he has something for him. EJ tells him to just spill it already but Leo says not so fast as it’s going to cost him but he’s going to want to pay because the dish he has for him is a doozy and will turn his world upside down. EJ demands he spit it out now. Leo repeats that it’s going to cost him. EJ responds that he’s not in to games and orders him to tell him what he came to tell him, warning that it better be good. Leo assures that it is.

Maggie tells John that she understands he was following Victor’s orders and she believes that Victor would want her to do this for Konstantin. Maggie says that Victor and Konstantin had issues in the past but eventually became friends. John says that Konstantin still held a grudge. Maggie points out that Konstantin forgave them and she thinks they need to move forward. Maggie thinks she can afford to be generous and protect the interests of the Kiriakis family. Marlena agrees to support whatever Maggie thinks is best. Konstantin then comes in and greets them. Maggie informs him that she just told John and Marlena about their upcoming wedding. Konstantin says he hopes they will both attend.

Eric and Sloan go home. Sloan questions Eric swearing that he had no idea that he and Nicole would both be working at the Spectator. Eric assures that’s the case and says he knows what it looked like but that Nicole was just trying to be friendly. Sloan mocks them having lust in their eyes. Eric argues that Sloan just walked out the door and he wasn’t sure when she was coming back or if they were going to talk.

EJ asks if Leo needs water to sober up as he steps outside with him. Leo admits he’s a little drunk but claims it’s the good kind of drunk. Leo says all he wants for his secret is some money. Leo informs EJ that it has to do with someone very close to him. EJ guesses Nicole which Leo calls an excellent guess. EJ knows Nicole is now a colleague of Leo’s at the Spectator, so he asks if something happened there. Leo starts talking about The Beatles. EJ decides Leo is wasting his time. Leo then brings up The Beatles song “Hey Jude” and talks about the name Jude. EJ tells Leo to get to the point. Leo asks what if he told him that he’s a father. EJ responds that he already knows he has two children. Leo claims he has three children which EJ questions. EJ realizes Leo brought up Hey Jude and argues that’s not possible.

Marlena assures that they will be at the wedding. Maggie notes that they haven’t set a date yet but they have to do it before Konstantin’s VISA expires. Konstantin says there are first some items of interest that must be taken care of.

Holly continues her homework until Nicole comes in and asks how it’s going. Holly complains about having so much to catch up on. Holly mentions having an energy drink and that her hand is shaking. Nicole asks when she last talked to her therapist. Holly talks about feeling anxious and hating feeling like this. Nicole hugs her and tells her that she’s so sorry.

Sloan questions Eric not thinking she was coming back and if he thought she would abandon Jude. Eric says he was just thinking that she was fed up with him. Sloan argues that she was just hurt as she felt accused of squandering money on Leo when she was just trying to be kind and help him out. Eric says he gets that and apologizes to Sloan. Sloan asks what he’s sorry for. Eric says for not being more trusting and more forgiving. Eric declares that he wants to be a better husband for her. Sloan suggests he start by believing her about Leo and what motives she had behind helping him out. Sloan cries that it’s really hurtful to have her husband think she’s a liar.

EJ accuses Leo of lying and calls him an obnoxious drunk trying to provoke him which Leo argues against. Leo reminds EJ of when Nicole kept insisting that Jude was her baby and everyone else thought she was crazy. EJ calls that a terribly painful time for them. Leo informs EJ that his son didn’t die. Leo says he tried to tell them and he came before Christmas, but he got beat down so now it’s going to cost him. EJ grabs Leo and calls him a lying dirtbag, threatening to give him more than a black eye. Leo insists that he has to believe him that his son is alive and swears that it’s the truth.

Marlena gets a call from a patient and has to go. Maggie says she has to go to a meeting with Theresa as well. John guesses they are all out then and congratulates them again. Konstantin invites John to stay for a drink, saying he would love the company so John accepts. John tells Marlena that he will see her at home. Marlena and Maggie then exit. Konstantin calls Maggie a real dear. John tells him that he’s a lucky man to have a woman like that in his corner as she really cares about him. Konstantin questions if she does since if you care about someone, you want to take care of them in all ways. John asks what he means. Konstantin explains that he’s talking about the prenup and says he has a plan. Konstantin thinks now is a good time to put that plan in to motion.

Leo swears on everything he holds dear that he had nothing to do with the baby switching. EJ questions Leo knowing this whole time that he and Nicole’s baby is alive and yet he said nothing and did nothing. Leo argues that he tried to tell him and that he blackmailed Sloan but the gravy train has run dry. EJ guesses now Leo has come here trying to extort him. Leo claims he’s not trying to extort him since he just told him. Leo then says now EJ has to pay him. EJ tells Leo that he can see that payment in Hell and heads back inside to the DiMera Mansion, leaving Leo disappointed.

Eric tells Sloan that he doesn’t think she’s a liar but he’s not buying that she was paying for Leo’s hotel room just to be nice. Sloan can’t believe they are still talking about this. Sloan complains about her headache and wants to put an end to this. Eric gets upset and shouts that she’s trying to avoid the conversation because he doesn’t buy for a second that her paying for Leo’s hotel room was out of the goodness of her heart. Eric then thinks back to overhearing Leo saying he was blackmailing someone on the phone. Eric then guesses Leo was blackmailing Sloan.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion where Nicole thanks her for coming on short notice to see Holly. Holly tells Marlena about feeling overwhelmed with so much studying and homework to catch up on, so she doesn’t know what to do. Marlena encourages her to take deep breaths and take breaks every so often. Marlena suggests that Holly go to bed early tonight and get some rest, then she can get up early and go back to her studies when she’s rested. Marlena adds that she will send a note to her teachers to remind them of what she’s been through. Holly and Nicole thank Marlena, who says she is glad to help. Marlena tells Holly to go ahead and get some sleep. Marlena advises her not to worry about catching up with everything and just catch up at her own pace. Holly agrees to try to get some sleep and heads upstairs. Nicole tells Marlena that she can’t thank her enough for saying exactly what Holly needed to hear. Marlena hopes it helps and says she should get going. Nicole then asks her to stay because she needs some help too.

Sloan admits that Leo was blackmailing her and claims that Leo did some research to uncover a lot of things from her past that were humiliating. Eric questions what it is. Sloan doesn’t want to talk about it and says it will just be more painful for her. Sloan cries that she offered Leo cash to keep his mouth shut and worried that she would lose her law firm and that Eric would leave her if the truth came out. Eric says he would never leave her over something like that and hugs her as she cries. Sloan tells him that she’s so sorry for letting Leo take advantage of her. Eric can’t believe he took Leo on as a client and says there’s no way he’s going to let him get away with this. Sloan asks Eric not to confront Leo and argues that he didn’t mean to hurt her as he was just a troubled child. Eric declares that he’s going to kill him. Sloan tells him that the issue is dead but Eric repeats that he’s going to kill him and storms out of the apartment. Sloan gets worried and rushes to get her phone.

Marlena asks Nicole how she can help her. Nicole tells her that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t seem to stop blaming herself for Holly’s problems and feeling it’s because she wasn’t there for her and that Holly felt abandoned. Marlena encourages that Nicole did the best she could in the moment and that’s all any of them can do. Nicole wants to try to not feel guilty and to just be there for her daughter. Marlena states that they can’t keep their children from going through bad times, disappointment, sadness or heartbreaks as that’s just part of living. Marlena adds that all they can do is love them and be there for them. Nicole agrees that it’s all they can do.

John tells Konstantin that he thought they were just going to have a night cap. Konstantin tells John that he’s going to get to work and presents him with the card which turns John in to The Pawn. John then asks Konstantin what he needs from him. Konstantin instructs John to break in to the safe and steal the prenup.

Leo returns to his room at the Salem Inn and rambles to himself about how he told EJ the secret and then tried to ask for the money. Leo gets a text from Sloan but says he can’t read it and collapses onto his bed. Eric then pounds on his door. Leo hopes it’s EJ to give him some money as he answers the door. Eric storms in and calls him a son of a bitch, asking why he’s blackmailing his wife and who else he’s blackmailing. Leo says no one else has the sort of secret that Sloan does. Eric grabs him and tells him that Sloan told him that Leo was blackmailing her to keep secrets from her past out of his column. Leo claims not to remember much of anything right now as he then passes out in Eric’s arms.

Sloan holds Jude as he sleeps until EJ pounds on the door, waking Jude up. Sloan questions what he’s doing waking up her baby. EJ screams at her that it’s not her baby and calls her a lying bitch. EJ tells her to tell him that’s not his baby in her arms. EJ asks if she has any idea what he’s put his wife and family through. EJ declares that he’s taking the child and after he proves that he is his son, he will call the police and have her arrested for kidnapping, leaving Sloan in shock.

Eric puts Leo onto his bed. Leo drunkenly rambles about the kindness of strangers and notes that Eric is not a stranger, but he is being kind to him. Eric asks how much Leo had to drink. Eric then grabs him the trash can in case he has to throw up. Leo talks about how many times he dreamed of having Eric in his bed and now here he is, but all he wants is Dimitri who left him. Leo cries that Eric would have no idea about that but Eric says actually he does.

Marlena asks Nicole how EJ feels about her working with Eric. Nicole admits that she hasn’t told him yet and says she was going to earlier, but she didn’t want to upset EJ because she thought he might turn it in to something in his head and then Sloan saw her and Eric in the town square with Jude and she reacted badly when it was innocent. Nicole guesses Marlena is skeptical. Marlena says it’s none of her business but Nicole wants to know what she’s thinking. Marlena says she already knows. Nicole guesses that Marlena is thinking that she and Eric still have feelings for each other and how she told Marlena in their first session that she might leave EJ for Eric if her baby was Eric’s. Marlena asks what that means to her.

John works on the safe while Konstantin is startled by a noise. Konstantin instructs John to stay there while he goes to check the door and finds Maggie. Konstantin thought she left. Maggie explains that she forgot a chip for her AA meeting. Konstantin offers to get it for her from the study and suggests Maggie go outside for some fresh air. Maggie says it’s no trouble and she can get it herself but Konstantin tells her that she can’t. Maggie questions that she can’t go in to her own study. Konstantin claims that he spilled some tea on her carpet and hasn’t had time to clean it up but Maggie doesn’t care and heads back in. Maggie notes that John left. Konstantin claims John went to call Marlena and wanted some privacy. Maggie retrieves the sobriety chip and tells Konstantin that she will see him later and exits, leaving Konstantin confused as he calls out to John. John then emerges behind him with the prenup in hand which thrills Konstantin.

Marlena asks Nicole what it tells her that she would’ve gone back to Eric if her baby was his. Nicole admits that it tells her that she still has feelings for Eric that she’s been trying to suppress for a long time. Marlena asks if she still loves Eric. Nicole says she’s feeling tired now and thanks Marlena for listening. Marlena says she will let herself out and hopes to see her soon as she exits. Nicole replays in her head Marlena asking if she still loves Eric and says “always”.

Leo tells Eric that sometimes he does things that are messed up, like blackmailing Sloan who did not deserve that. Leo tells Eric that he’s truly sorry and he would not do anything like that again. Eric responds that he should hate him for what he did, but the truth is Leo seems lonely, sad, and genuinely contrite, so now he has some compassion for him. Leo thanks Eric and asks for forgiveness. Eric tells him that he’s not a priest anymore and this is not a confessional. Leo tells him that he might want to become one again because he has something to confess to wipe away his sins and cleanse his soul. Eric remembers that Leo said something like that at Jude’s Christening. Leo says Jude’s name but then passes out.

Sloan tells EJ that he’s out of his mind for threatening to have her arrested for kidnapping. EJ tells Sloan that Leo told him everything and that Jude is his and Nicole’s baby. Sloan responds that Leo is only half right. EJ questions what the hell she’s talking about.

Eric tries to wake Leo up and find out what he wanted to say about Jude but he has no luck.

EJ asks Sloan what she means by half right. Sloan reveals that it means Jude is Nicole’s baby, but not EJ’s.

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Days Update Thursday, May 2, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole and Eric start working at the Spectator. Nicole calls it a coincidence that they will be working together again. Eric points out that it’s not official for him until Chad signs off on the paperwork. Eric notes that Jude is still asleep, so he asks Nicole to keep an eye on him because he has to go talk to Chad about something. Nicole tells him to take his time as he exits. Nicole then gets a phone call from EJ, who asks how her first day went. Nicole responds that it’s just going and she’s going to be working late. EJ says he is too and questions her already working after hours on her first day. Nicole calls it the life of a reporter and says she already has her first assignment to cover the homeless of Salem. EJ feels that sounds sketchy and doesn’t like the idea of her prowling around alone at night. Nicole says tonight is just the planning phase but assures she won’t be alone because she will be with a photographer.

Kristen sits at home of the DiMera Mansion, working on sending in the scholarship fund in Li’s name. Stefan arrives and asks about the status of getting Gabi out of prison. Stefan warns Kristen that if she wants the CEO job, Gabi has to be out of prison before the big board meeting. Kristen questions how his plan to make her CEO is going to work exactly. Stefan reveals that he has a little secret.

Roman sees Ava at the Brady Pub. Ava asks if he had a chance to look over her lease application. Roman confirms he has and informs her that it is unfortunately denied.

Marlena runs in to Harris outside of the Pub and asks about his recovery. Harris responds that he physically feels 100% and mentally is so far, so good. Marlena is glad to hear and says it sounds like his time at Bayview was a success. Marlena asks if he would agree.

Leo drinks at the bar as Sloan arrives and comments that he looks terrible. Sloan asks why he’s so miserable and if it’s because Eric cut off his cash flow. Leo responds that it’s not just that. Leo then informs Sloan that his heart is shattered, so Sloan asks what happened. Leo then reveals that he got a letter from Dimitri and he’s been dumped. Sloan asks if he’s sure it was from him. Leo confirms it was his handwriting. Sloan tells him that she’s sorry. Leo argues that she should be because this is all her fault. Sloan questions how it’s her fault. Leo mocks her being the best lawyer in Salem and complains that he sent Dimitri to her for help, but instead he ended up in the super slammer where he fell in love. Leo calls for another drink as he says he’s all alone and destitute. Sloan argues that he has a job. Leo says it barely pays enough for his attire but that he won’t be going out on the town ever again. Leo remarks that he might as well curl up in his storage unit and die.

Ava questions Roman holding a grudge against her for her past. Roman says it has nothing to do with his personal feelings, but she’s unemployed with no source of income. Ava tells Roman to hire her then, bringing up what she did for the Bistro and how Roman is obviously short-handed. Ava insists that she will whip the Pub in to shape in a heartbeat. Roman admits he likes the irony and tells Ava that she can start tomorrow morning and she has one week to convince him that this is a good idea.

Harris tells Marlena that he’s optimistic that Marlena and the Bayview staff really helped him put his past behind him. Harris assures that he feels strong and asks what’s with all the questions. Marlena says she’s just concerned because she cares about him. Harris brings up John asking him about his time at Bayview not long ago and if his treatment there helped him get over his past. Harris asks if everything is okay with John. Marlena responds that it will be. Ava comes out from the Pub and tells Harris that she’s sorry she got held up and greets Marlena. Marlena heads in to the Pub so Harris asks if Ava got the room. Ava reveals that Roman wouldn’t rent to her without a job, so she works at the Pub now which thrills Harris. Ava guesses they are going to be neighbors now, as long as they don’t get arrested for breaking in to the Bistro. Harris tells her that’s not going to happen.

Rita tells EJ that she’s heading out for dinner but EJ tells her that he needs her to stay. Rita complains about that, so EJ says he will make sure she is paid overtime. EJ sends Rita to go ahead and order them dinner.

Kristen tells Stefan that she loves secrets and tells him to spill. Stefan then reveals that EJ knew all about the drugs being run in and out of the Bistro as he went to him awhile back to beg him for help with Clyde, but he would not lift a finger to help him out. Stefan points out that EJ didn’t cover his ass with Nicole and asks how furious Nicole would be if she found out that EJ could’ve prevented Holly’s overdose. Kristen guesses that Stefan is suggesting she blackmail EJ. Stefan tells her to think about if EJ had to choose between the CEO job or Nicole. Kristen feels that EJ is a businessman and will choose DiMera, but Stefan insists that EJ is in love with Nicole and bets that he values his marriage more than money and power, so he will do anything to avoid letting Nicole slip through his fingers.

Eric returns to the Spectator as he’s leaving a message for Sloan to stop ghosting him and to call him back as they have to talk about this, which Nicole hears. Eric asks how Jude’s doing. Nicole says he’s good and she’s happy to see him. Nicole then questions why Eric brought Jude to the office. Nicole asks Eric if everything is okay.

Harris and Ava break in to the Bistro. Ava says they are lucky that Stefan didn’t change the alarm code. Harris tells Ava to check the kitchen and office while he checks the stock room and freezer. Harris asks how long they have. Ava says Stefan shouldn’t be in for another three hours, so they go to search.

Sloan tells Leo that his priorities are out of whack if wardrobe ranks higher than food and shelter. Leo responds that he’s way more upset about losing Dimitri than being broke. Leo talks about standing by and being faithful for months, but this is what he gets for being honorable. Leo points out that he did break Gwen’s heart by jumping in bed with her husband. Leo guesses he shouldn’t be surprised that Dimitri turned out to be lying, cheating scum and that he was blinded by young love.

Eric tells Nicole that everything is fine but Nicole tells him that he can talk to her as she knows him better than most people. Eric then admits that he and Sloan got in a fight and she walked out. Nicole asks what the fight was about. Eric responds that Sloan said she never feels good enough for him and asks if that sounds familiar. Nicole says kind of. Eric apologizes if he ever made her feel that way. Nicole tells him that she really cherishes their time together and she doesn’t want to look back as they’ve moved on. Nicole is sure they will work things out, but for the sake of harmony in both their homes, she suggests maybe it’s not a good idea that they work together.

Rita returns to EJ and says dinner is on it’s way. EJ says he just sent her an e-mail detailing everything he needs on Titan. Rita then questions what in God’s name he is up to.

Stefan tells Kristen that he’s not putting all his eggs in blackmail as he’s also milking his connections with the board. Kristen says she is too and brings up the scholarship in Li’s name. Stefan talks about how Mr. Shin has always preferred him to EJ, but he won’t put him as CEO with a felony conviction so they feel EJ is their only option. Stefan says they are going to convince the board why they are wrong. Stefan notes that the board loving having the district attorney on their payroll. Kristen complains that EJ thinks he can have it all. Stefan declares that when they are done, EJ will be left with nothing which he and Kristen laugh about.

Marlena gets a table at the Brady Pub. Roman approaches and says it’s good to see her and asks if she’s here for dinner. Marlena explains that she’s just waiting for John to get out of a meeting and then they are going to Maggie’s. Roman asks if he can get her anything while she waits. Marlena orders a glass of wine. Roman asks if everything is okay. Marlena says she just has a lot on her mind. Roman jokes that part of a bartender’s job is to listen to his patron’s problems. Marlena admits to Roman that she’s a little worried about Eric and Sloan. Roman says he is too, but guesses this is something more than that.

Kristen tells Stefan that she will make clear that she will not be his puppet and when Gabi is released from prison, she will not worm her way back in to DiMera like before. Stefan agrees but reminds her that Gabi has to be out of prison first. Kristen remains convinced that the way to get Gabi out is to prove she didn’t kill Li. Stefan says they went over that and brings up that Li named Gabi as his killer and she was found with the bloody knife. Kristen points out that no one saw the stabbing and the fact that there were two murders in a short time in that apartment is too much of a coincidence for her. Stefan agrees but says they haven’t realized that. Kristen decides she’ll talk to her old friend Ava and find out if she knows anything. Stefan asks what if she doesn’t. Kristen declares that if she can’t prove that Gabi didn’t kill Li, she’ll just come at it from another angle, insisting that she always has a card up her sleeve.

EJ complains to Rita that he didn’t know he owes her any explanations when it comes to business. Rita suggests EJ wait for the board to vote him in as permanent CEO before he starts exploring his ambitions. EJ wants to strike while the iron is hot as Titan has never been at it’s weakest with Victor deceased, Alex a novice, and Maggie not being a spring chicken. EJ declares that he is going to bring Titan to it’s knees and that success doesn’t come to those who wait.

Eric questions Nicole thinking they shouldn’t work together because of Sloan. Nicole says it’s more than that and mentions EJ just calling her and she didn’t even tell him they were working together because she knows he won’t like it. Eric admits that Sloan might not like it either, if he ever gets the chance to tell her.

Leo cries at the bar. Sloan tells him that Dimitri wasn’t good enough for him anyway. Leo tells her not to try to flatter him. Leo complains that Dimitri dumped him and Sloan went back on her promise to pay him to keep his mouth shut. Sloan argues that she paid him as long as she could. Leo argues that he told her not to come over last night but she bulldozed her way in. Sloan complains that Eric already knew she was paying for his room so there was no stopping him cutting it off. Leo asks how Sloan could be so careless to let Eric see her bills. Sloan points out that she didn’t let him. Sloan wishes she could do something to help him out but says the cash cow has run dry. Sloan tells Leo that she’s grateful that he backed her cover story with Eric, but he also promised not to tell the truth about Jude so she hopes he hasn’t changed his mind about that.

Roman brings Marlena her glass of wine and tells her that he’s ready to listen. Marlena admits that she is worried about more than Eric and Sloan as she’s worried about John going through a lot lately. Roman says he got that impression. Marlena notes that John always said his life began when they met in the hospital and he had no idea who he was. Roman believes that is true. Marlena points out that John did have a life before that and they uncovered parts together like finding his long lost father, but there were so many memories missing for him. Marlena says she tried to help John uncover those but they didn’t have a lot of luck and that is one of her very great regrets. Marlena gets a text that John’s meeting is over, so she has to go. Marlena thanks Roman for listening. Roman offers to take some of the worry off her plate and tells Marlena to focus on John while he looks after Eric. Roman assures that one way or another, Eric will get through this as he’s a survivor. Marlena agrees, thanks Roman again, and then exits the Pub.

Nicole tells Eric that Sloan is smart and she loves him, so she’s sure that he will hear from her soon. Nicole adds that if them working together will cause friction, she understands and maybe they shouldn’t do it. Eric assures that he won’t let it be a problem and he kind of needs the job. Nicole admits that she does too, so they decide they are cool. Nicole asks where to start. Eric brings up working with the homeless at St. Luke’s so he has some ideas. They mention when Nicole worked at the Horton Center with him. Nicole comments that Chad must have known what he was doing by pairing them together.

Leo tells Sloan that he hasn’t changed his mind as he doesn’t want to hurt Eric or Jude, but he wouldn’t mind strangling her. Sloan just wants to make sure they have an understanding. Sloan says she won’t tell anyone that he blackmailed her if he doesn’t tell anyone that Jude is Nicole’s baby. Leo questions that being the best she’s got when before it was she cover expenses for not telling while now he gets nothing. Sloan argues that he gets to maintain his reputation as a stand up guy. Leo says that’s not his reputation but decides he doesn’t care as he’s a shell of his former self anyway. Leo talks about being sad, lonely, pitiful, miserable, and loveless.

EJ tells Rita to make sure he gets the last 10 years of Titan’s financial records, especially since Victor’s passing. Rita questions EJ wanting to take over Titan, dethrone the Mayor who appointed him as district attorney, and run DiMera. EJ gets her point and knows that she’s only looking out for him as she did for Stefano for so many years. EJ tells her that he really appreciates her and he’s glad she’s there.

Harris and Ava finish up searching the Bistro but have no luck. Stefan then arrives and questions what the hell they are doing.

Sloan tells Leo that he should be thanking her and says she wanted to do this as pleasantly as she could because she does appreciate his help in bringing her baby in to her life, but he did commit a crime and the criminal penalty for extortion and blackmail is up to three years in prison. Leo asks what the penalty is for kidnapping a baby. Sloan tells Leo that it’s in both of their best interests to keep their mouths shut. Sloan adds that she really is sorry about Dimitri as she then exits the bar.

Kristen talks to Alex on the phone about being ready when he is for another repeat of their strategy meeting. Kristen hangs up as EJ comes home. EJ tells Kristen that the help and servants have been buzzing about her and Alex. EJ doesn’t suppose Kristen would be interested in an actual job or asks if she’d prefer a life of leisure. Kristen complains that EJ took half of Stefan’s assets and left her, Chad, and Tony out in the cold. EJ says he just thought she might be bored stirring up trouble. Kristen tells EJ that she does love keeping busy and that she has a few irons in the fire. EJ advises her not to get burned. Kristen remarks that like Stefano, she will always rise from the ashes as she then exits the room.

Stefan tells Ava and Harris that they can tell the police what they are doing here. Harris responds that he is the police. Stefan questions if breaking and entering is part of his academy training now. Ava tells him it’s not what he thinks. Stefan responds that he doesn’t know what to think anymore but an ex-mafia princess broke in to his establishment with a cop who doesn’t have a warrant. Stefan declares that he has no other option but to call 911. Ava stops him and tells Harris that they have to tell him. Harris says it’s hard to trust a guy who shot him but agrees to let Ava tell him. Ava then reveals to Stefan that Clyde called her a few days ago which surprises him. Harris questions if Clyde hasn’t reached out to Stefan. Stefan confirms that he hasn’t and he thought they’d finally be free and clear of that son of a bitch but he should’ve known he would find a way to reel them back in. Ava explains that Clyde threatened to tell everyone that she was part of the drug operation unless she found his little black book that has all of his contacts information in it. Ava adds that Gil hid it somewhere in the Bistro but they have searched everywhere and found nothing. Ava asks if Stefan has any ideas. Stefan says no as he itemized every single thing in the restaurant before reopening. Harris declares that this book is the key to finding Clyde and bringing him down. Stefan says he wants the book out and asks what he can do to help.

Sloan walks through the town square on the phone with Melinda and informs her that Dimitri dumped Leo in a latter. Sloan is afraid that Leo will be a loose cannon but the only saving grace is that Leo has no clue that Jude really is Eric’s biological child. Sloan then sees Eric and Nicole walk through the town square with Jude in his stroller which shocks her.

Stefan helps Harris and Ava search the Bistro. Harris brings up the police report saying that Gil would stash the drugs in generic tomato cans so they were hidden in plain sight and maybe the book is too. Ava then points out the reserved wine and that nobody ever touches it because it’s so pricy. Ava recalls dusting the whole collection when she started but one bottle never had any dust on it. Harris picks it up and notes that it’s lighter than the rest. Stefan points out that’s because it’s empty. Ava then opens the bottle and discovers the black book.

Leo remains at the bar, wondering how he’s going to come up with the cash to support himself in the manner he has become accustomed. Leo pulls out his list of ideas and remembers he wrote down “EJ DiMera”. Leo says that would be going back on his word to Sloan, but he only promised not to tell Eric though he could go to jail, but EJ is the district attorney so he could get a deal first. Leo calls for the waiter to put it on Sloan’s tab as he stumbles out of the bar.

Jude wakes up crying as Eric and Nicole watch over him while Sloan watches them from around the corner.

Leo goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ answers the door and asks what the hell he wants. Leo responds that he wants to tell him a secret for a price. EJ tells him that he’s plastered while unreliable and untrustworthy. Leo admits that he’s intoxicated but he has something for him. EJ tells him to just spill it already but Leo says not so fast as it’s going to cost him but he’s going to want to pay because the dish he has for him is a doozy.

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Days Update Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Eric gets Jude to sleep while Sloan complains that at least somebody is getting some sleep. Sloan brings up Eric not trusting her and says she’s showing him everything related to her finances and promises to never give Leo another dime. Eric argues that this doesn’t solve the issue and he wants Sloan to tell him the truth.

Leo goes to the Spectator office, bringing in a gift basket to Chad that was delivered from Paulina. Leo tells Chad that he wanted to talk to him about the reporter position. Chad reminds Leo that he said he wasn’t interested. Leo informs him that he thought about it and changed his mind and now he’s ready to write about anything. Chad appreciates his enthusiasm but tells Leo that he’s sorry because he offered the position to Nicole and she accepted it.

EJ and Nicole sit together in the living room of the DiMera Mansion after breakfast. EJ talks about wanting Nicole to have a full meal before her first day at work. Nicole questions what changed his tune about her going to work. EJ says he thought about it and saw the spark in her eye, so he decided that what makes her happy makes him happy as they hug.

Paulina and Johnny get Chanel set up in a hospital room. Kayla enters the room to ask Chanel what’s going on. Chanel informs her that she just feels fatigue. Paulina worries that it’s radiation poisoning.

Leo questions Chad hiring Nicole then says he guesses that makes sense. Chad thinks Nicole will bring a fresh perspective to the paper. Chad adds that if something else comes up, Leo will be the first he asks. Leo then asks Chad for a raise. Chad agrees to talk about it during his review. Leo brings up Dimitri being released from prison and says any extra money would help him provide a better life for Dimitri. Leo talks about Dimitri giving up a lot for him so he deserves it. Chad suggests Dimitri get a job. Leo is sure he’ll try. Leo informs Chad that he will be working from home if he needs him. Leo stuffs his bag with goodies from Paulina’s gift basket to prepare for Dimitri as he exits.

Kayla tells Paulina that Chanel’s symptoms could be any number of illnesses. Paulina wants to rule out radiation poisoning. Kayla says they will do her blood work and then they will have a better idea of what they are dealing with. Kayla asks Johnny and Paulina to step out so she can examine Chanel. Johnny kisses Chanel goodbye and says he’ll see her soon as he exits with Paulina.

EJ finishes a work call, saying he’ll be in later today as soon as he can. EJ then gets another call and says he wants the sales meeting to happen today. EJ says he’ll be in shortly and hangs up. EJ tells Nicole that he’s sorry about that. Nicole understands it comes with the territory as she married a very important man. EJ calls her beautiful and charming as they kiss. EJ says he loves being able to share every part of him with her because he loves her. Nicole jokes that she just might be falling for him too. EJ declares that by each other’s side, there is nothing they can’t do.

Sloan tells Eric that she told him the truth last night. Eric argues that it made zero sense and questions why she would be giving Leo money when she knew their family was struggling financially. Sloan argues that she didn’t think it was that bad and says she’s been working and making money, so she just wanted to help a friend and be generous. Eric questions Sloan trying to make herself feel like a better person. Sloan asks if Eric doesn’t approve of that. Eric complains that this is not what it’s about. Sloan brings up that Nicole once told her that she felt she was never good enough for him. Sloan remarks that it seems like maybe she’s not either and maybe no one is. Sloan declares that she needs space and time alone as she then storms out of the apartment.

Johnny brings Paulina some tea at the hospital. Johnny knows Paulina is upset but encourages her not to be too hard on herself. Paulina worries that she put her daughter in danger. Johnny says they will just wait and see what Kayla has to say. Paulina then gets a call from Chad. Chad hoped to follow up with her for a quote on a story he’s working on. Chad asks if now is a good time but Paulina says it couldn’t be worse and tells Chad to call her assistant as she then hangs up. Paulina tells Johnny that she knows she asked him to put in a good word for her with Chad on his story, but she can’t ask that of him now because if Chanel has radiation poisoning because of her, then she deserves whatever scathing criticism she gets for it.

Eric plays with Jude at home as he gets a call from Chad. Chad hoped Eric could come by the office to talk about him getting some work with the paper. Chad asks what his schedule looks like. Eric says he can be there in 20 minutes. Chad says he’s looking forward to it. Eric thanks him and they hang up. Eric wonders what to do now that Sloan is gone. Eric decides that he will take Jude with him on his first big interview.

EJ goes to work in his office at DiMera Enterprises. His assistant Rita comes in and EJ jokes with her about bringing him coffee. They go over various work plans. She comments on all DiMera CEOs being the same. EJ says he needs her to stop by his other office. She asks how Paulina feels about EJ taking on a second job. EJ says he hasn’t told her yet because she has a lot going on lately. EJ thinks it’s none of Paulina’s concern if everything is going well. EJ asks Rita to stop by his office and pick up the two case folders from his desk. Rita jokes about how much EJ pays her as she then exits.

Leo returns to his room at the Salem Inn and talks about Dimitri getting out in three days. Sloan shows up at his door. Leo tells him that it’s not a good time unless she came to plan a welcome home party for Dimitri. Sloan says she came to make sure they keep quiet about Jude. Leo argues that he and Dimitri owe her nothing since she cut him off. Sloan talks about Eric being crazy about his son and his heart would break in a million pieces if Jude was taken away from him. Sloan asks Leo to do it for Jude because he needs a family.

Nicole goes to the Spectator office and tells Chad that she’s reporting for duty. Chad welcomes her to the team. Nicole says she’s nervous and excited. Chad encourages that she will do amazing with her experience. Nicole asks what he’s working on. Chad says he’s working on the piece about Paulina’s radioactive misadventures. Chad thanks her for the tip and thinks there’s a real potential story there about Paulina’s future in regards to her mayoral campaign. Chad states that good or bad, the public need to know. Nicole agrees since Paulina is an elected official. Chad admits it did make him wonder how Nicole came across the information. Nicole thinks back to EJ suggesting an expose on Paulina.

Rita returns to EJ with his coffee. EJ thanks her but complains that he was sure the Spectator’s expose on Paulina would be published by now. Rita asks why he would expect that while she’s dealing with health issues. EJ mentions hearing from his sources. Rita notes that an expose suggests some kind of dirty little secret and questions what skin EJ has in the game. EJ responds that the dynamic between he and Paulina has been less than ideal, so if she would happen to land in the mud, it would be unfortunate but he would continue to carry on his duties. Rita guesses that EJ doesn’t like Paulina. EJ complains that Paulina micromanages and is insufferable. Rita suggests he kill them with kindness.

Paulina tells Johnny to go ahead and say it’s all her fault. Paulina encourages Johnny to yell at her and release his pent up frustration. Johnny says yelling at her is the last thing he wants to do. Johnny tells Paulina that he cares about her and understands she was just doing what she thought was right in coming to rescue Chanel. Kayla comes out and informs them that Chanel’s vitals are really good, so they are just going to wait for her blood work results. Kayla allows Johnny to return to Chanel’s room. Paulina then questions Kayla as to why she is okay and Chanel is sick when she is the one who was radioactive. Kayla wishes she had the answers but she doesn’t and tells her to just be patient. Paulina questions how she can be patient when her daughter is sick because of her. Paulina says she thought she was trying to save Chanel, but instead she put her life in jeopardy. Paulina breaks down crying, questioning how she can be patient as Kayla hugs her.

Leo remarks that Sloan is really going all out to pull on the heart strings. Sloan argues that EJ and Nicole would be terrible parents to Jude. Sloan remarks that Holly and EJ’s kids are all screwed up, so Jude’s best chance is with her and Eric. Leo admits that the baptism gave him all the feels, but points out that Eric is onto her and is suspicious as hell. Leo asks how long until it all blows up in her face. Sloan argues that Leo gains nothing by telling anyone anything and he’d just be opening up a whole new can of misery. Sloan suggests the best thing Leo could do when Dimitri gets out of prison is to leave town and start a new life with Salem in the rear view.

Johnny returns to Chanel’s hospital room. Chanel says she’s going crazy having to wait like this and worries about the damage that radiation can cause to the body. Chanel admits that she’s really freaked out. Johnny tells Chanel that he loves her and promises they are going to have the best life together as he hugs her.

EJ tells Rita that she might be onto something in that extending an olive branch to Paulina can only help their relationship move in a productive direction. Rita asks what they know about Paulina. EJ talks her up and suggests reaching out to her now and they will all be stronger because of it.

Nicole jokes with Chad about never giving up her sources but Chad says that doesn’t apply to her editor. Nicole claims it’s just something she heard in passing and it concerned her. Nicole adds that she also lives with Johnny, who was a witness to all of it. Chad tells Nicole not to hesitate to reach out if she has anything else. Nicole says she hopes the piece will be fair since Abe is one of her closest friends. Chad feels the same and assures that this platform is for awareness and not to be destructive or vindictive. Chad gives her his word that the article won’t be a hit piece. Chad tells Nicole that he will get her set up in the system so she can start telling her stories.

Leo tells Sloan that leaving town is an interesting idea and admits he hadn’t thought much of what he and Dimitri will do. Sloan encourages him and asks what’s tying him down to Salem. Leo admits it is tempting and he likes the idea of living in LA or New York. Sloan gets a text and says she has to go. Sloan wishes Leo and Dimitri all the happiness in the world in LA or New York. Sloan then exits. Leo says to himself that he will first need some money to achieve that happiness and tries to come up with ideas of how to make money. Leo then brings up EJ’s name and wonders what the information he has would be worth to him.

Eric arrives at the Spectator with Jude and says he normally wouldn’t bring his son to a job interview but it was last minute. Chad says it’s no problem and calls Jude their honorary guest. Eric notes that Jude fell asleep on the way, so they can get started now. Chad tells Eric that he took a look at his portfolio and was very impressed, so they would love to have him do some work at the paper. Chad notes that it would be freelance to start for the first few assignments which Eric agrees to. Chad hands Eric the employee handbook to read over and says he will go talk to HR to get his paperwork started. Chad then welcomes Eric to the team and exits. Eric calls it good news for their family. Nicole then returns and asks what Eric is doing there.

Leo goes over to himself the pros and cons of spilling the beans to EJ. Leo notes that he and Dimitri could be set for life but asks if it’s worth it to tangle with a DiMera. Leo adds that taking Jude from Eric would be so hurtful. Leo wishes he could remove his conscience. Leo decides he will go for a walk to clear his head and exits his room.

Paulina joins Johnny in Chanel’s hospital room and tells them that she texted Abe, who said he is praying for Chanel. Kayla returns with Chanel’s test results. Paulina gets a call from EJ, who asks if they can meet up to discuss their current, unfortunate situation to try and clear the air. Paulina says not now and she will have to get back to him, so she hangs up. Paulina tells Kayla to continue. Kayla reveals that Chanel’s tests came back normal with one exception. Kayla then announces that Chanel is pregnant!

Sloan walks through the town square and calls Melinda, telling her that she finally got through to Leo. Sloan notes that Dimitri should be returning very soon and Leo is just happy to have him back and wants to celebrate with a fresh start, so she thinks they’d be open to leaving Salem and never coming back. Sloan thinks it’s going to be okay.

Leo returns to his room with his mail and finds a letter from Dimitri. Leo excitedly opens the letter and is shocked to read that Dimitri says he is off on a new adventure with someone new that he met during his time on the inside. Dimitri writes that he cared deeply about Leo but he realizes now they weren’t right for each other while the man he met is perfect for him. Dimitri hopes Leo can someday be happy for him and find this kind of love. Leo cries as he finishes reading Dimitri’s letter.

Nicole questions Eric getting a job at the Spectator too which he confirms. Nicole calls it kind of spooky as it’s her first day as the Spectator’s new reporter. Nicole can’t believe Eric will be working there too. Eric comments on the mysterious ways. Chad comes back and says he’s glad they are both there and they will both get to working as he already has an idea for an assignment. Chad reveals they will be working together and he thinks it will be a good solid way to get them started.

EJ complains to Rita about Paulina hanging up on him. EJ declares this disrespect will not stand, so if Paulina wants a war, she’s got one.

Chanel questions being pregnant when they used protection. Johnny can’t believe it but calls it amazing news. They then note Kayla’s expression and Johnny asks what it is. Kayla explains that based on the results, Chanel is about 4-5 weeks along and it seems as though Chanel does not have radiation poisoning, those first weeks are crucial to the baby’s development. Chanel asks if something could be wrong with their baby. Kayla declares that they will consider it a high risk pregnancy. Kayla wants Chanel to make an appointment with her OB-GYN immediately and says they will continue to monitor her pregnancy. Paulina asks how long until they know the baby is okay. Kayla responds that it could be a few weeks or it could be after the baby is born and notes that everything could be perfectly fine, but they have no way of knowing at this point, leaving Chanel worried in tears.

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Days Update Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Paulina is in her office on the phone with Abe, talking about being free and clear of radiation. Paulina says she’ll see him tonight and hangs up. Chad then arrives and says he was passing through, so he thought he’d take a chance at meeting with her. Paulina says she has a few minutes and asks what she can do for him. Chad responds that he got a tip from someone and wanted to discuss it with her. Chad explains that this person claims that Paulina abused her power as Mayor and put the public health at risk. Paulina questions where he got this tip and who the hell told him that.

Everett works on his laptop at the Brady Pub. Everett thinks back to Marlena hypnotizing him. Marlena then arrives and greets him. Marlena offers to join him but Everett says he’s just finishing up an article, so he’s a little busy. Marlena says it won’t take long and sits down anyways. Marlena brings up Everett saying he did not want to continue hypnosis. Marlena asks if he’s changed his mind. Everett responds that he didn’t. Marlena questions why he lied to Stephanie then.

Stephanie walks through the town square and is disappointed to see the Bakery is closed. Chanel rushes up and apologizes for being late. Stephanie asks if everything is okay. Chanel explains that she slept through her alarm and was the only one scheduled to open. Stephanie says it’s okay as she’s here now. Johnny joins them and jokes that he drove like a bat out of Hell to get her there. Chanel tells Stephanie that she’ll give her a discount on whatever she wants. Stephanie says it’s fine as she was only there for two minutes and explains that she’s just picking up pastries for a potential client. Johnny asks about it not being for her. Stephanie notes that she already had breakfast as they had a little farewell gathering for Tripp and Wendy, but she had to leave early for a meeting. Stephanie notes that Tripp and Wendy are already two hours in to their flight now. Johnny questions where and what she’s talking about.

Julie joins Maggie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie shows her roses from Konstantin. Julie announces that Kayla gave her the full clear from radiation, so no more isolation. Julie tells Maggie that she feels so guilty for not going to the cabin with Doug since she thought she’d be gone for only one night but it turned in to days and days. Julie notes that at this point in their lives, every moment together is precious. Maggie assures that they took good care of Doug so Julie thanks her. Maggie asks her about the isolation. Julie praises the guest house she arranged for her and how she spent the time trying to figure out how to open Tom’s time capsule but had no luck. Julie jokes that Tom and Alice must be laughing over it. Maggie then informs Julie that she has news for her and announces that she and Konstantin are getting married.

Konstantin rushes back to John and shows his card in his face to take control of John as the Pawn. Konstantin orders John to listen to every word he says because he has an extremely important mission for him. Konstantin informs him that he and Maggie are engaged, but there is one problem and John needs to solve it.

Stephanie thought Johnny knew that Tripp and Wendy have gone to spend time with Wendy’s family in Hong Kong. Johnny says he didn’t even know they were thinking about it and asks when they are coming back. Stephanie says she doesn’t know as it’s kind of open ended. Johnny can’t believe Wendy would leave without saying goodbye. Chanel comes back from opening the Bakery and tells Stephanie that she can have whatever she wants. Stephanie assures that she doesn’t mind paying but Chanel insists. Stephanie then heads to the Bakery. Chanel asks Johnny to set up a display table to give out cookies to the kids, but notes that Johnny is distracted and asks if everything is okay. Johnny claims he’s fine and asks what she needed.

Paulina asks if Chad got this tip from EJ because it’s almost exactly what he said yesterday. She asks if EJ asked Chad to publish a hit piece on her. Chad responds that he hasn’t spoke to EJ in quite some time. Paulina asks if he’s sure EJ didn’t e-mail or text him. Chad says he came to see her to get ahead of the gossip and find out what really happened at Smith Island. Paulina explains that there was a snow storm and her daughter went missing. Chad adds that Paulina left the hospital against doctor’s advice and illegally commandeered a snow plow to save her. Chad wants to get Paulina’s side of the story on the record if they can do that.

John questions Konstantin’s problem that he needs to solve. Konstantin explains that Maggie is marrying him in name only, which he can live with, but she also wants to keep him from getting what he came to Salem for; Victor’s fortune, and that he cannot live with. John asks what he needs him for.

Everett knows Stephanie is a huge fan of Marlena, so he didn’t want to make Marlena out to be a quack in front of her which Marlena questions. Everett knows that may sound harsh but talks about hypnosis being like a carnival act. Everett adds that he’s signed his divorce papers so the cord is cut from Jada and he’s ready to move on with his life. Marlena says she’s glad about that for him, but thinks he would still benefit from therapy. Marlena adds that if he doesn’t want to continue seeing her, he might want to find a different therapist. Everett thanks her for the recommendation but doesn’t think he will be continuing therapy with anyone as he’s ready to move on. Everett then takes his laptop and exits the Pub.

Paulina tells Chad that whoever he got this tip from, she guarantees it’s all been blown out of proportion. Chad questions that since the firefighters had to wear hazmat suits to protect themselves from the radiation. Paulina calls it an overreaction. Chad says he knows she was warned against being in close proximity with people before her numbers went down and she was brought back to the hospital in a hazmat suit. Paulina argues that her numbers were going down so the risk was minimal. Chad questions why she didn’t notify anyone that she was leaving the hospital then. Chad tells Paulina that he got quotes from the guy she stole the snow plow from and questions where she even learned to drive one. Paulina explains that she used to run a construction company in Miami and says it’s no different than driving a bulldozer. Chad guesses she doesn’t deny that it happened then.

Maggie explains to Julie that Konstantin has lost so much in his life and has told her how it’s been a tremendous comfort to him to stay in Salem. Maggie says for her, his presence is a comfort. Maggie adds that Konstantin can’t stay in the country unless he becomes a citizen by marriage, so she decided to make that happen for him. Julie calls it an example of Maggie’s enormous generosity. Maggie thanks her for understanding. Julie knows that she has thought it through and knows what she wants. Maggie calls it a positive thing to have Konstantin stay with his friendship and companionship. Julie hopes Maggie will protect herself going in to this marriage, financially. Maggie knew it was wise to have a prenup and notes that Konstantin signed it immediately with no resistance at all. Maggie adds that Konstantin knows if she dies before him, Victor’s entire fortune goes to his children. Julie calls Maggie very wise and says she supports her decision completely. Maggie thanks her again for understanding and for her friendship as they hug.

Konstantin explains to John that Maggie insisted that he sign a prenup and she locked it in the wall safe at the Kiriakis Mansion, so he needs him to break in to the safe and steal the prenup. Marlena knocks on the door and asks if everything is okay. Under Konstantin’s orders, John claims everything is just fine. Marlena questions why the door is locked.

Paulina tells Chad that she knows there are a few malcontents eager to slander her, mainly EJ because she called him out on his questionable behavior. Chad argues that this isn’t about EJ or anyone else trying to be vindictive and that no one is eager to slander her. Chad declares the fact is that Paulina left the hospital against medical advice and hijacked a snow plow so someone could’ve gotten seriously hurt, adding that Paulina didn’t have a license. Chad argues that there was no guarantee she would find Chanel, so she could’ve been seriously hurt or died trying to find her. Paulina points out that it didn’t turn out that way as Chanel is safe and she’s fine. Chad says they are all grateful but argues that she knows it was dangerous to be close to people while radioactive. Paulina complains that no parent in the world wouldn’t have done the same thing. Paulina asks if it was Chad’s children that were missing. Chad calls it not a fair question. Paulina says that’s because he knows very well he would do the exact same thing, regardless of whether or not he put others at risk. Paulina calls it a very minimal risk. Chad asks if she’s sure about that. Paulina declares that in the end, no one was affected by her being in close proximity as Chanel, Johnny, and Julie are all fine. Paulina tells Chad that it wants to write a fair article, he can ask Chanel if she would rather have froze to death in the snow.

Johnny tells Chanel that he will continue apartment hunting. Chanel mentions being exhausted if he wants to do some of the leg work on his own. Johnny agrees to do so but notes that it’s always awkward when landlords ask about his occupation. Chanel insists they only care that he can pay the rent and adds that the Bakery is doing good, so they are good. Johnny wonders if he should’ve given EJ’s offer more thought. Chanel argues that working for DiMera was never his dream. Johnny feels he needs some kind of job so Chanel encourages him to follow his dream which was always to make movies. Johnny says there’s no opportunities for that as he’d need to be in LA or New York and he’d never ask her to leave her mom or her bakery as their whole lives are here. Chanel asks if he’s sure about that. Johnny assures that he is.

Stephanie goes to the Spectator office where Everett is working. Stephanie stops and thinks back to confronting him at the Pub about how differently he acted towards her and Jada. Stephanie then greets Everett and asks if Chad is around as she had something to drop off for the kids. Everett tells her that Chad took off to do an interview while he’s struggling writing an article about May Day. Stephanie is glad that’s why he’s in a bad mood and not because he gave Jada the signed divorce papers. Everett assures it has nothing to do with that. Stephanie notes that Jada was relieved and assumes that he is too.

Konstantin shows the card in John’s face to turn off his control of The Pawn as Marlena calls out to him from behind the door. John then answers the door and claims he didn’t know the door was locked. Marlena sees Konstantin and asks if she’s interrupting something. Konstantin claims that he just came by to invite them to his wedding which Marlena questions. Konstantin realizes Maggie hasn’t told her and says it’s his fault. Konstantin asks Marlena to pretend to be surprised when Maggie tells her. Marlena can’t imagine Maggie would mind him telling them. Konstantin says he should get going and that he’ll be in touch as he then exits. Marlena asks John what Maggie is thinking and what Konstantin said. John struggles to remember and says he doesn’t know. Marlena questions how he can’t know when he was just there. John says he can’t remember exactly. Marlena asks if he talked about anything else. John says he doesn’t think he did. John states that he remembers them talking but he can’t remember what about. John realizes this isn’t the first time this has happened and complains that the exact same thing happened when he met Konstantin in the park. John wonders what the hell is going on with him which Marlena calls a very good question.

Everett tells Stephanie that she’s totally right and asks why he would have misgivings about divorcing Jada since he doesn’t even know her and wants nothing to do with her. Everett thinks he was only hesitant to sign the papers because he felt it was forgery to sign as Robert Stein, but thanks to her, he got over that reluctance. Stephanie is glad that he did for Jada’s sake and his own. Everett states that Stephanie really helped him realize that he needed to do that in order to put all of this behind him and that’s great. Chad then arrives and greets them. Stephanie tells him that she has something for the kids and that’s why she’s there. Chad calls that very sweet. Stephanie asks about his interview. Chad says he’s not sure it will pan out but it doesn’t look good. Stephanie mentions passing by the toy store so she got a teddy bear from Charlotte and action figures for Thomas. Chad assures they will love it. Chad says he’s going to get lunch before his next interview. Chad tells Stephanie that Thomas keeps asking when she will come over to play cards. They decide on this weekend so Chad says he’ll let her know. Chad tells Everett that he will reach out to him later and exits. Stephanie tells Everett that before Chad came in, he was talking about putting it all behind him and asks what exactly he means by that. Everett thinks it’s time to forget about Bobby Stein and move on with his life.

Paulina goes to the town square and sees Johnny and Chanel at the Bakery. Paulina thinks back to being at the cabin with Chanel, Johnny, and Julie. Paulina then joins Chanel and Johnny and hugs them. Johnny says she’s looking great. Paulina says she’s feeling great too but does have a favor to ask Johnny. Paulina informs them that the Spectator has been sniffing around her office and asking questions about her leaving the hospital for Smith Island. Paulina adds that she has no doubt that EJ is behind it. Paulina says she doesn’t want to put Johnny in an uncomfortable position, but she thinks EJ is out to get her and asks if there’s anything he can do to help.

Konstantin goes home and greets Julie with Maggie. Julie congratulates him on the engagement and says she’s very happy that he will get to stay in the country and she knows how much Maggie enjoys his company. Julie asks when the big day is. Maggie says they are still discussing that. Julie is sure they will let her know and goes to get breakfast for her and Doug. Konstantin feels that Julie is concerned about their marriage. Maggie informs him that she was actually very supportive of her decision. Konstantin claims all he wants is to be in Salem and close to her. Konstantin supposes they should tie the knot as soon as possible. Maggie assures that she won’t let the deadline pass and he won’t have to leave Salem.

Marlena suspects that when John is with Konstantin, a part of him shuts down as a way of trying to forget the memories of what he put him through. John questions that being why he can’t remember any of their conversation just now. Marlena thinks it’s one explanation, but not the only one.

Johnny asks Paulina about her disagreement with EJ last night. Paulina says that Chad showed up at her office this morning with all these questions and twisting around what actually happened. Paulina complains that it sounded almost exactly like what EJ said last night. Johnny and Chanel tell her they are sorry. Paulina repeats that she hates putting Johnny in the middle of all this, but asks if he could put in a good word for her with Chad. Johnny agrees to do that. Paulina thanks him and says to tell him how she saved Chanel and told everyone to stay away from her as she was trying to be as responsible as possible. Chanel suddenly feels sick and rushes off to throw up, leaving Paulina and Johnny concerned.

Chad goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and says he just came by to drop Stephanie’s gifts off for the kids and get them something to eat. Maggie mentions the cook making a marvelous pot pie. Chad asks Konstantin if he found the thing he was looking for since he was really shaken up about it. Konstantin confirms that he did and that it was symbolic of something complicated but it reminded him of his daughter. Chad is glad he found his card and heads to the kitchen.

Stephanie reminds Everett that he still doesn’t really understand what happened in his past and there are still so many unanswered questions about Bobby Stein and his marriage to Jada. Everett doesn’t want to talk about that anymore as he’s tired of diving in to the past, looking for answers that may not exist. Everett thinks it’s a waste of time. Stephanie questions how it can be a waste, arguing that he has to understand his past to be able to live fully now. Everett disagrees and says he feels fully capable of living his life now. Everett says you can’t live in the past and have got to be in the here and now. Everett knows his case is complicated, but he really feels like he’s turning a corner and argues that his past has nothing to do with his life now. Everett repeats that it’s a waste of time which Stephanie still questions. Everett then remarks that Marlena must agree and claims that she discharged him from therapy. Stephanie asks why he would be discharged from therapy when she thought he was making progress. Everett says he was and now he thinks he’s gotten everything he could possibly get out of his sessions with Marlena. Everett acknowledges that he might never get access to those memories and claims they agreed that the best use of their time would be for him to focus on the here and now, moving forward. Everett brings up that after his accident, the specialists told him that his memories might be permanently erased, so he’s just learned to live with that. Stephanie argues that he was making progress until he freaked out during hypnosis. Everett claims that Marlena said that’s pretty common and that she considered it a breakthrough of sorts. Everett insists that he’s excited to start making new memories, hopefully with Stephanie.

Chad asks Julie if there’s any news on when they can go home. Julie tells him that the contractor said everything is going beautifully. They agree it will be wonderful when they can go home. Chad wants to ask Julie about her experience at the cabin which she agrees to. Chad asks how Julie feels about Paulina exposing her to radiation. Julie understands completely her compulsion to find her missing daughter and she’s still very upset that everyone had to go in to days of isolation because of Paulina’s rash behavior. Julie thinks Paulina should be protecting her people instead of putting their lives at risk. Julie declares that because of Paulina exposing them to radiation, they all could have become very ill so she just thanks God that they didn’t.

Chanel comes back to Johnny and Paulina and says she’s not feeling well. Paulina asks if she can get her anything. Chanel says she called in another employee for the Bakery. Johnny notes that Chanel was tired yesterday and this morning. Johnny doesn’t want to scare her, but notes that Kayla said they should look out for symptoms of radiation poisoning like fatigue. Paulina begins to panic. Johnny thinks they should get Chanel to the hospital but Chanel wants to just rest and then they can see tomorrow morning. Paulina refuses to play around with this and insists on getting her checked. Johnny goes to get the car.

John tells Marlena that something isn’t right here and he doesn’t know what it is, but he’s glad she showed up when she did. John mentions feeling disoriented so Marlena decides they will get him home.

Konstantin looks at his card, saying it was not meant to be today but declares that he will get what he wants next time.

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Days Update Monday, April 29, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Tripp and Wendy visit with Steve and Kayla at their home. Kayla mentions that it’s too bad Stephanie had to go to a meeting or they all could’ve been together before Tripp and Wendy leave. Tripp assures that they will say goodbye and keep in touch via video chat. Wendy adds that Stephanie encouraged them to take the trip to Hong Kong. Steve thinks it’s great that they are getting away for awhile. Steve bets Wendy’s parents are happy about it too, which she confirms. Kayla jokes about them not coming back, so Tripp promises they will be back.

Brady and Rachel eat breakfast together at the Brady Pub. Ava approaches and greets them. Rachel tells her that they are going to the aquarium. Brady explains that he’s chaperoning. Ava says that sounds like fun. They laugh together until John enters the Pub. Ava then tells them to have a great time and quickly exits the Pub. John joins Brady and Rachel, exciting Rachel as they hug.

Theresa prepares breakfast and dresses in her nightgown as she calls for Alex to wake up but there’s no response. Theresa guesses she will be Alex’s alarm clock then and goes to his room.

Alex and Kristen kiss in bed in Kristen’s room at the DiMera Mansion.

Kayla asks if Tripp plans to learn Mandarin while in Hong Kong. Wendy says she has taught him a little. Tripp mentions that he does plan on taking some classes and volunteering at a clinic in Hong Kong. Kayla tells Tripp that she will miss him at the hospital but she’s happy for them to get away from Salem for a bit. Wendy goes with Kayla to help with breakfast. Steve tells Tripp that he knows he’s intelligent with great instincts, but warns that the culture in China is very different. Tripp says that Wendy has already been giving him the do’s and don’ts. Steve brings up Tripp and Wendy’s impromptu wedding right before they were rescued. Tripp explains that they thought they were going to die and only had a few minutes left, so they decided to get unofficially married, but once they were rescued, they decided to talk about it and there was no need to rush things. Steve suggests maybe someday. Steve tells Tripp that he’s so glad that he found somebody who makes him happy and says he’s so proud of the man he’s become. Steve says he just wants the best for him because he deserves it. Tripp thanks him as they hug.

John asks Rachel about school. Rachel tells him that she won the spelling bee last week. Rachel sees one of her friends and asks if she can go say hi. Brady agrees and tells her to just stay where he can see her. John tells Brady that it’s so good to see his granddaughter again. Brady admits that it’s been a rough couple months with Kristen having full custody, but she is encouraging him to see more of Rachel and been surprisingly supportive of that. John doesn’t mean to overstep but asks if Brady has asked himself why he thinks that is.

Kristen and Alex continue kissing in bed. They talk about starting in bed and ending up in the shower. Kristen says she would love to go another round but Rachel is going to be there any minute. Alex starts to get up but Kristen reminds him that this was the plan for Rachel to see them together and then tell Brady about it. Alex and Kristen then resume kissing.

Theresa comments on it being weird that Alex’s bed was made and there’s no piles of clothes on the floor. Theresa wonders if Alex already left for work and sends him a text message. Konstantin then shows up at her door and tells her that he needs her help. Theresa asks if Maggie figured out that he’s just after her money. Konstantin reveals that Maggie had him sign a prenup. Theresa calls that smart and guesses Konstantin is screwed and can’t steal Victor’s money now. Konstantin declares that he will get it one way or another because he did not come all this way just to lose what he came for.

Wendy talks to Kayla about her parents being excited for her to come home and says that her mom can’t wait to meet Tripp. Kayla tells her that she’s so happy that they found each other, noting that Tripp really is crazy about her. Wendy says she feels the same. Kayla thinks the time away from Salem will be great for them and assures that they always have a home here.

Alex puts on a robe as he and Kristen have coffee and talk about selling the idea to Rachel that they slept together. Alex doesn’t think it will be a tough sell and kisses Kristen. Kristen calls it funny as she thought for awhile that Brady was the only man she had eyes for. Alex feels the same with Theresa. Kristen knows their plan to make their partners jealous took a slight detour, but she’s not complaining as they continue kissing.

Brady tells John that maybe Kristen is finally mellowing and realizing that Rachel needs a father in her life. John hopes that’s true for his sake. John adds that he hates to be a cynic but he’s pretty sure that Kristen being open to Brady spending more time with Rachel is just another ploy to reel him back in. Brady agrees that he’s probably right but says she’d be wasting her time because there’s no way he’d ever get back with her. Brady says Kristen will have to give him up, much like she had to give John up. John argues that the big difference is that he and Kristen never had a child together. Brady states that unfortunately, he’s always going to have Kristen in his life.

Theresa tells Konstantin that she’s puzzled how he didn’t see this coming. Konstantin repeats that he needs her help. Theresa argues that if she even mentions it to Maggie, she will figure out they were in cahoots and he already signed it. Konstantin yells at her to find another way. Theresa asks if he wants her to make the prenup disappear, which Konstantin confirms.

Tripp and Wendy talk about going to visit a friend of Wendy’s in China. Ava shows up at the door. Steve answers the door and says they weren’t expecting her. Tripp explains that he invited her but wasn’t sure she would come. Ava admits she wasn’t sure either but decided it was important to spend this time with all of them and she hopes that’s okay. Kayla looks unhappy but Steve invites her in. Tripp hugs Ava and says he’s glad she made it. Ava respond that she’s happy she could be at her son’s farewell.

Kristen tells Alex that Rachel was supposed to come in and wonders if Brady didn’t show up or what’s going on. Alex suggests maybe Rachel overslept but Kristen insists that Rachel was too excited for her field trip. Alex says maybe Brady stopped by, picked her up and signed the permission slip but Kristen argues that Brady can’t do that as a non custodial parent. Kristen decides she’s going to find out what’s going on and gets out of bed to get her phone.

Brady talks to John about he and Kristen sharing a child as he then gets a call from Kristen, who questions where he is. Brady informs her that he’s at the Pub with John and Rachel as they are about to go on the field trip. Kristen is shocked to learn that Brady already picked her up. Kristen tells Brady that he needs to get back there because she never signed the permission slip. Brady informs her that Rachel said that she did. Brady then asks Rachel about it and Rachel reveals that she signed the permission slip herself which shocks Brady. Rachel asks if Brady is going to tell her teacher.

Tripp says they have a few errands to run before heading to the airport. Steve asks if he’s sure they can’t give them a ride. They assure they’ve already booked their rideshare. Ava offers to go with them on their errands which Wendy agrees to. Tripp tells Steve and Kayla that he guesses this is goodbye for now as Steve hugs him. Steve tells Tripp that he’s really going to miss him. Tripp says the same. Steve jokes with Wendy to make sure that Tripp doesn’t get in to too much trouble. Ava tells Wendy that their hearts are with her parents for all they have been through and they are so lucky to have her as a daughter. Wendy knows Tripp feels the same about them. Wendy knows the huge sacrifice it is for Tripp to come with her. Tripp assures that he wants to go with her and get to know her friends and family to feel closer to her. Tripp adds that they’ll be back here a lot. Kayla tells Tripp that she loves him and how proud of him she is at the hospital. Tripp jokes that he’s proud to be related to the chief of staff. Tripp repeats that they’ll video chat and talk on the phone a lot. Steve suggests maybe they’ll take a visit to Hong Kong to visit them. Wendy assures they will always have a place with her parents. Ava asks if they are ready. Tripp says yes and thanks Kayla and Steve again for breakfast. Steve and Kayla hug Tripp goodbye and then hug Wendy as well. Tripp and Wendy then exit with Ava as Steve and Kayla tearfully wave goodbye. Kayla comments on Tripp having her heart and reminding her so much of Steve.

Alex asks Kristen what happened. Kristen informs him that Rachel is with Brady and she forged her signature on the permission slip. Alex jokes that she’s a chip off the old block. Kristen says now that Rachel is with Brady, they’ll be off to the field trip. Alex guesses they missed the opportunity for Rachel to see them cuddling and report back to Brady. Alex asks if that means all this cuddling was for nothing. Kristen says just because their plan didn’t serve a purpose, it’s never for nothing when they had a fantastic time. Kristen points out that Rachel won’t be there for awhile and asks if Alex is in any rush. Alex assures her that his morning happens to be wide open.

Brady tells Rachel that it’s wrong to forge a signature and questions where she learned to do that. Rachel responds that she practiced. Brady informs her that forging a signature is a crime. Rachel asks even if you don’t get caught. Brady comments on her sounding like her mother and brings up Kristen being in prison. Brady talks to her about not forging signatures or doing things just because she doesn’t get caught. Rachel tells him that he doesn’t have to get mad. Brady feels he does to make sure that she doesn’t do those things. John decides he needs to get back to the office. John advises Rachel to listen to Brady because he wants what’s best for her. John says he’ll see them soon as he exits the Pub. Brady instructs Rachel to finish her breakfast. Rachel first asks Brady if he has a girlfriend.

Theresa questions Konstantin wanting her to break in to the Kiriakis safe. Konstantin encourages that she will find a way. Theresa argues that there’s probably a digital copy of the prenup on Maggie’s hard drive but Konstantin assures that there isn’t since he signed it in pen and he saw Maggie put the only copy into the safe. Theresa refuses to help Konstantin with this part. Konstantin argues that in that case, securing Victor’s fortune goes up in smoke along with their entire plan which means she loses the money, Alex, Brady, and the respect of her son. Konstantin hopes she understands what is at stake for her and warns that she’d be well advised to never say no to him again as he then storms out of the apartment.

Wendy, Tripp, and Ava walk through the town square. Wendy stops and says she’s going to get some luggage trackers before they go, so she walks away. Ava asks Tripp if there’s anything she can do for him before he goes. Tripp says he’s good and thanks her. Ava tells Tripp that she’s going to miss him. Tripp assures that he’ll be back. Ava says even though Tripp was taken away from her as a baby, he’s always been such a big part of her heart. Ava says coming back, making amends, and having him in her life has been her greatest joy. Ava tells Tripp that she loves him. Ava adds that she’s so sorry for the harm that she caused him as she knows it wasn’t easy for him to find out that he was the son of a mafia princess. Tripp insists that he’s really proud of her for leaving that life behind. Ava feels she doesn’t deserve him to be proud of her. Ava tells Tripp that she loves and respects him. Ava adds that all she ever wanted was for him to be happy and at peace. Tripp says that’s all he wanted for her too. Tripp asks her to stay out of trouble for him while he’s gone. Ava promises she will as they hug.

Brady questions Rachel asking if he has a girlfriend. Rachel says it’s because Kristen has a boyfriend. Brady acknowledges Alex and asks how she feels about that. Rachel says she doesn’t know but that Alex seems nice. Brady knows she wants he and Kristen to be together and even though they aren’t right for each other, that has nothing to do with her. Brady tells Rachel that no matter what he and Kristen are going through, they love her. Brady calls Rachel the most important thing to him.

Alex goes home where Theresa greets him. Theresa realizes Alex is in the same clothes as yesterday which he admits. Theresa points out that Alex didn’t come home last night which he confirms.

Steve tells Kayla that the plane hasn’t taken off and he’s already missing Tripp. Kayla feels the same but she thinks Tripp made the best decision for himself and that he and Wendy will have a wonderful time. Steve decides that with everything going on in his life lately, maybe Tripp would be better off not being around him. Kayla questions what he’s talking about. Steve says it’s Konstantin blaming him for taking the Pawn to Aria and for his daughter’s death. Steve can’t shake the feeling that John bought into it and he doesn’t blame him because if he hadn’t taken that job with Victor and been strong enough to say no, that young woman would be alive right now, but she isn’t.

John works at Black Patch until Konstantin shows up. John asks what he can do for him.

Tripp and Wendy go over making sure they have their passports and their ride is two minutes away. They hug as Wendy asks if he’s ready to do this. Tripp says that with her, he’s ready for anything as he loves her so much. Wendy says she loves him too as they kiss. Wendy asks how many movies they can watch before their plane lands and goes over her suggestions. They then hold hands and walk off together.

Theresa questions where Alex was. Alex asks why she cares since they are just roommates. Theresa asks him please not to tell her that he was with Kristen. Alex doesn’t know why that’s relevant and calls it none of her business. Theresa questions him being with Kristen and asks how he could do that after everything Kristen has done and put her through. Alex says he’s not getting in to this with her and says it’s on her because she said she wanted to keep things platonic, so she got it. Alex declares that his love life is his business alone. Theresa admits she said that, so she shouldn’t feel angry or jealous but admits that she does. Alex gets a call from Kristen but ignores it. Alex tells Theresa that he has to shower and get to the office as he has a huge meeting. Alex says maybe they can get in to this after as he leaves the room.

Kristen leaves Alex a message, saying she’s just lying in bed thinking about him and his gorgeous body and how he just takes control. Kristen says she had a marvelous time and thinks they are on the same page. Kristen admits their plan didn’t go as they hoped, but she thinks it went a lot better. Kristen adds that she’d like to see Alex again and again and again.

Brady and Rachel exit the Pub. Rachel tells Brady that she’s really happy he’s coming on the field trip with her. Brady responds that he’s happy to do anything with her anytime as they walk off together.

Kayla acknowledges that Steve is very upset and suggests he call John to let him know his take on the accusation from Konstantin and being responsible for the loss of his daughter, which she knows is not true. Kayla urges Steve to call John and clear the air. Steve guesses he can do that and let John know how he feels about all of this.

Konstantin tells John that he’s looking for Steve and asks if he’s around. John informs him that Steve took the morning off to spend time with his family. Konstantin decides he’ll be on his way then but John gets a call from Steve. Konstantin then rushes back to John and shows his card in his face to take control of John as the Pawn. Konstantin orders John to listen to every word he says because he has an extremely important mission for him.

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Days Update Friday, April 26, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Johnny and Chanel find a package from New Zealand at the DiMera Mansion. They open it and Chanel reads the card inside from Allie, saying she was filled with joy to hear they got married. They talk about it being sweet and hoping that Allie is as happy as they are.

Abe and Paulina go to her office. Abe wishes she let him take her home after the ordeal she went through. Paulina insists that she’s fine and still the mayor of the town. Abe wants her to know that he’s here for her and willing to help. Paulina says she appreciates that and she’s going to start with the to do list in her head, beginning with EJ.

EJ and Nicole sit together in the living room. EJ talks about being glad they have been dining earlier and having more time to spend together. Nicole asks about the DiMera stock. EJ says it’s leveled off for now and asks if there’s anything interesting in the Spectator. Nicole informs him that they published EJ’s apology to Tate on the bottom of page one. EJ admits he’s waiting for that to be yesterday’s news. Nicole then comes across something in the paper that she calls interesting.

At the Spectator, Leo types on his laptop about Stefan until he gets a call from Sloan, who asks if there’s any updates on Eric’s job application as a photographer at the Spectator. Sloan reminds Leo that he won’t be seeing any of his blackmail money if she doesn’t have money to pay her bills. Leo reminds her that he took a very generous pay cut. Leo remarks that for Eric’s sake, he’ll work on it. Chad then arrives at the Spectator so Leo hangs up. Chad asks who was on the phone but Leo says he can’t reveal his sources. Chad asks if his column is ready to go live. Leo says almost but the photos aren’t ready yet. Leo comments that their photographer has been less reliable as of late which Chad says he wasn’t aware of. Leo suggests it would be a good idea to have a backup and mentions that Eric came by looking for a job yesterday. Leo offers to send Chad a link to Eric’s portfolio, so Chad agrees to take a look.

Eric sits in the town square, wondering about all of Sloan’s Salem Inn charges and declares to himself that the only explanation could be that Sloan is having an affair.

Sloan gets a text that worries her and says this can’t be happening. Sloan quickly calls Melinda and informs her that she just got notified that Dimitri Von Leuschner is set to be released from the maximum security prison. Sloan worries that Dimitri knows about Jude and asks what if he talks.

Eric makes a phone call to dispute some charges on Sloan’s credit card. Eric hopes they can answer a question for him.

Chad thanks Leo for the recommendation and admits Eric’s work is great, so he’ll keep him in mind. Leo questions not hiring Eric right away. Chad says they have a reporter vacancy to fill first and he put an ad in the paper, but the applicants have been light on qualifications. Chad asks if Leo is interested which Leo laughs off. Chad tells Leo to keep up the good work.

Abe asks Paulina what EJ is up to now. Paulina asks where to start. Abe knows EJ gave Stefan a sweetheart deal so that he could walk. Paulina calls Stefan very guilty and brings up EJ’s mockery of a press conference. Paulina wants to lay down the law and stop the games that EJ is playing. Abe knows what happens when people lock horns with the DiMeras, especially EJ, and says it never ends well. Paulina agrees that it won’t end well for EJ.

EJ suggests to Nicole that they go watch a movie. Nicole says maybe another time as she has to go out for a bit since she has something to take care of. EJ calls that mysterious. Nicole says that she’ll tell him about it when she gets back. Chanel and Johnny enter the room and show them the gift that Allie got them. Nicole calls it lovely but says she has to go and exits. EJ then informs Johnny and Chanel that he has a wedding gift for them as well. Chanel points out that EJ and Nicole already gave them a gorgeous porcelain sculpture. EJ calls this a different kind of gift and gives them a check. EJ says they have a long future ahead of them with lots of expenses so he’s happy to help. Johnny calls that very generous and they thank him. EJ repeats that he wants to help and he also has something else to talk about. EJ then asks how Johnny would like to come work for him at DiMera Enterprises. EJ tells Johnny to just think about it and says he can work his way up. Johnny calls it a very generous offer and he doesn’t want him to take it the wrong way, but the corporate life is not for him. EJ knows it wasn’t in the past, but notes that priorities change when he becomes a married man. Chanel agrees that it’s a very generous offer but she doesn’t want Johnny doing anything that doesn’t inspire him. Chanel says that Johnny marches to the beat of his own drum and she wouldn’t change that for the world. EJ calls it a standing offer and tells Johnny to let him know if he changes his mind. Johnny thanks EJ again for everything. They then inform EJ that they are going today to look at apartments. EJ says to let him know how it goes. Johnny thanks him again for the check. EJ wishes them luck as they exit. EJ then gets a call from Paulina, who says she would like to see him in her office ASAP. EJ says he will check his schedule for free time next week but Paulina tells him that she would like to see him now. EJ points out that it’s quite late but Paulina doesn’t give a damn and expects to see him in her office as she then hangs up.

Nicole goes to the Spectator and asks Chad if it’s a bad time. Chad says no and asks what he can do for her. Nicole says she was at home reading the Spectator when she came across the ad for a reporter. Chad asks if she wants to recommend somebody. Nicole suggests herself. Nicole knows there’s a glaring gap in her resume but points out that she ran EJ’s campaign for mayor. Nicole insists she’s a go getter and loves to get to the bottom of a story. Chad calls it a hell of a pitch and asks if she has prior experience in print media. Nicole admits that she doesn’t have much. Chad says that’s fine and asks if she has any writing samples. Nicole says she doesn’t, so Chad jokes about her being off to a great start.

EJ goes to meet Paulina in her office and asks what is so pressing that she summoned him on Friday night. Paulina reminds EJ that he is a servant of the people and he wasn’t serving anyone with the dumpster fire of a press conference that he didn’t tell them about and then he cut a sweetheart deal with Stefan after a few weeks in prison after dealing narcotics to their children. Paulina adds that the drug ring has been the bane of her existence since she became mayor. Paulina reminds EJ that as district attorney, he works for her and the people in the city and he’s getting too big for his britches to think he can make decisions unilaterally. Paulina declares that stops now.

Sloan tells Jude that she’s about to do serious damage control before things really begin to spiral. Sloan then calls Leo and says they need to talk ASAP. Sloan tells Leo that she is on her way. Leo hangs up and complains about her lack of manners. Leo remarks that everyone keeps putting him in the middle of their drama. Eric then shows up at his door, startling Leo.

Nicole tells Chad that she doesn’t want to make things awkward and she can tell he doesn’t want to hire her. Chad tells her that’s not what he was thinking at all. Chad says Nicole has more experience than Xander, Leo, and himself when they started and jokes that the room is male heavy at the moment, so he’s willing to take a chance on her. Chad adds that it’s no secret that the DiMeras make a lot of news in town and assures he’s not the mouthpiece for the family. Nicole promises to be unbiased. Chad tells Nicole that she will not be allowed to cover any stories involving EJ. Nicole agrees that’s fair. Chad decides to give her a shot on a trial period to see how it goes. Nicole promises not to let him down and excitedly hugs Chad.

EJ reminds Paulina that she is also a humble servant to the people of the city, but she threw caution to the wind and violated hospital policy by sneaking out and creating a grave public risk by exposing people to radiation. Paulina argues that her daughter was missing and she had to find her which she calls private matters. EJ believes the people of Salem would disagree. EJ reveals he has already fielded several calls from first responders who were not happy with Paulina’s reckless shenanigans and one of them even discussed possibly filing charges. Paulina argues that no one was hurt and her daughter was saved so she doesn’t regret what she did. Paulina tells EJ that she doesn’t buy in to his intimidation tactics. EJ says he keeps his ear open to the public and he’s been hearing quite a few wishing for the good old days of the “other” Mayor Carver, the sane one.

Johnny and Chanel walk through the town square after looking at apartments. They run in to Abe, who invites them to join him at his table. They sit down and tell him about their apartment hunting. Abe jokes that coming from the DiMera Mansion, everything must seem small. Johnny assures they will find something great. Abe asks how they are feeling after their snow bound misadventure. Chanel says they both tested fine. Johnny says there was no harm done.

Leo tells Eric that this isn’t a good time, claiming his book club is coming over soon. Eric questions this being Leo’s room and Sloan paying for it. Eric says maybe Sloan can explain it better and suggests he go home and talk to her. Eric explains that he started thinking Sloan was having an affair but when he saw Leo, he realized he was wrong. Leo confirms he was and remarks that Sloan is not his type. There’s then a knock at the door which Leo claims is just housekeeping. Leo answers the door to try and tell Sloan to go away, but Sloan tells him it’s an emergency as Dimitri is about to be released from prison. That distracts Leo, allowing Sloan to push her way inside, only to be shocked when she sees Eric in the room.

Paulina goes home and complains to Abe about what EJ said to her. Abe says that EJ knows how to press the buttons, not unlike her.

EJ goes home and complains to Nicole about what Paulina said to him. EJ stops and apologizes for being so caught up with Paulina that he forgot to ask Nicole about her mysterious outing. Nicole thinks they should sit down which worries EJ. Nicole says it’s just something important to her, so they sit down. EJ says she has his undivided attention. Nicole reminds EJ that she said she wanted to do something meaningful with her time, outside of their family and life. Nicole says she wants to have purpose and a career and today she was offered something that she believes may give her that sense of purpose. Nicole informs EJ that she saw an ad for a reporter at the Spectator, so she went to talk to Chad and she got the job. EJ is surprised as Nicole says Chad was eager to hire her. EJ questions if that’s a good idea since he’s the district attorney and the conflict of interest with DiMera Enterprises. Nicole says she and Chad talked about it and it won’t be a conflict because she won’t have anything to do with DiMera. Nicole feels it will be good for them and their relationship and she will finally bring something to the table that she’s proud of. EJ agrees to be onboard as they kiss. EJ says he loves seeing the fire in her eyes again so he supports her and congratulates her. They toast to Nicole’s new gig and having purpose. EJ thinks he has a great idea for a story that could make a splash. Nicole wants to hear it. EJ says it would require a little bit of investigative journalism. Nicole asks what his idea is. EJ thinks the Spectator should do a story on Paulina and her behavior during the Smith Island Snowstorm.

Eric questions what Sloan is doing here. Sloan says she came to tell Leo that his boyfriend is being released from prison and asks what Eric is doing there. Eric responds that he’s trying to figure out why she’s bankrupting their family by paying for Leo’s room here. Sloan questions what he’s talking about, claiming to have no idea. Eric reveals the mail and questions all these reoccurring charges on her credit card, announcing that he found out has been going on for six months. Sloan can’t believe Eric opened her mail, calling that a federal offense, and questions him going on an amateur investigation behind her back. Eric doesn’t know what kind of game she’s playing, but declares that he’s here for the truth. Eric tells Sloan to start talking, warning that he’s starting to lose his patience and wants to do this fast. Sloan tells Eric that Leo is her client and she felt terrible that she couldn’t get the love of his life out of prison and Leo had no job or money, so she was trying to get him back on his feet. Leo calls Sloan a saint, saying he was broken inside after losing Dimitri. Leo says he was depressed until Sloan reached out and lifted him up which he will forever be grateful for. Leo jokes that Eric thought she was having an affair. Sloan assures that was not going on. Leo jokes that nobody would be sleeping around on Eric anyway. Eric says he can buy Sloan not having an affair and that she was helping Leo, but points out that Leo has a job now so he questions why she’s still giving him money. Sloan claims she was just being too generous. Leo adds that he’s a shopaholic and can’t help himself. Leo tells Sloan that he shouldn’t have taken advantage of her generosity and promises to pay her back if she can forgive him for leaning on her so hard. Sloan says of course and admires him taking responsibility as they hug. Eric isn’t sure if they are telling the truth but declares this stops now and paying for Leo’s room is over immediately.

EJ asks what Nicole thinks about an expose on Paulina on her most egregious display of power. Nicole isn’t sure since she doesn’t officially have the job yet and questions starting off with a potentially career threatening accusation against their beloved mayor. EJ questions who Paulina is beloved by. Nicole brings up Chanel. EJ feels that’s all the more reason that people need to be aware that Paulina is a ticking time bomb, arguing that she put lives at risk by carelessly running off to Smith Island while radioactive. Nicole thinks he’s being a bit dramatic. EJ thinks it’s someone’s duty to tell the truth, especially when the truth isn’t pretty. EJ trusts that the Spectator will do the right thing. EJ then gets a call and steps out of the room to answer it. Nicole pulls out her phone and calls Chad at the Spectator. Nicole tells Chad that she has a story to pitch, so Chad tells her to have at it. Nicole admits it may be a little close to home for her to write and isn’t sure that it’s worth pursuing, but that’s for him to decide.

Paulina and Abe sit together to watch a movie. Paulina talks about missing the days of going to Blockbuster to rent movies. Abe says it’s good to have her home. Paulina hopes Johnny, Chanel, and Julie are okay. Abe says he’s sure they are fine and mentions running in to Chanel and Johnny earlier as they were searching for an apartment. Paulina says that makes her so happy because she hates the idea of Chanel living in the DiMera Mansion with EJ. Abe says they seemed excited and ready to move on. Abe talks about them being newlyweds starting off in life. Paulina asks if they looked okay health-wise. Abe repeats that they were fine.

Johnny and Chanel walk through the town square after looking at more apartments. Chanel suddenly feels tired and wants to go to sleep. Johnny says that’s no surprise since she was at the Bakery before the sun came up and she probably needs to catch up on rest after everything they have been through. Johnny asks if she’s okay. Chanel says she just really wants to crawl in to bed. Johnny decides that’s a good idea, so they will head home.

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Days Update Thursday, April 25, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Theresa brings a box of her things from Bella to Alex at the Titan office. Alex mentions going over provisions for Maggie and asks Theresa to bring papers to Maggie to sign as her last assignment but Theresa declines, saying she promised herself that once she walks out the doors, she’s done. Theresa asks why Alex doesn’t do it. Alex says sometimes when he goes to see Maggie, she’s not happy to see him and it can be a headache. Theresa points out that they will be working together soon, so she hopes that they can try to get along. Alex says he will do his best. Alex asks her to leave the hard drive from Bella with him which she agrees to do. Theresa then leans over Alex’s desk which catches his eye.

At the DiMera Mansion, Kristen talks on the phone about being a chaperone for Rachel’s field trip. Kristen hangs up and wonders what the hell she was thinking and says she couldn’t tame a bunch of elementary school brats. Kristen then calls Brady, who is at the Pub. Brady comments on her not normally calling unless something is wrong. Kristen says she just has a favor to ask him about Rachel. Kristen informs Brady that Rachel’s field trip to the aquarium tomorrow is a chaperone short and she has an appointment that can’t be rescheduled, so she asks if Brady can fill in.

John and Steve sit together in the town square, talking about being unable to find Konstantin’s ex. John finds it hard to believe that she just disappeared without a trace after their divorce. John thinks Konstantin might have had something to do with it. Steve worries that if Konstantin killed his ex wife, there’s no telling what he might do to Maggie or what he’s capable of in general. Steve remarks that it’s a good thing Konstantin’s VISA is expiring and adds that Shane said he’s been straight denied. John guesses that Konstantin will have no choice but to leave the country and that will take him out of Maggie’s life…

Xander and Sarah bring Victoria to the Kiriakis Mansion where Maggie thanks them for coming. Maggie talks about Konstantin’s VISA expiring and how they have exhausted all options to get him to stay in the country which makes Xander is happy. Sarah says it seems inevitable that Konstantin will have to leave Salem, but they know how much Maggie enjoyed his company so they are very sorry that she won’t have it anymore. Maggie then reveals that she will which Xander questions. Maggie explains that with the role Victor played in the death of Konstantin’s daughter, she felt she had to do whatever she could to help Konstantin stay here. Maggie then announces that she asked Konstantin to marry her and he said yes, shocking Sarah and Xander.

Steve tells John that once Konstantin is out of the country, he’ll get his first good night’s sleep in a long time. John feels the same and brings up that Marlena’s convinced that his recent anxiety is because of Konstantin. John adds that getting roped in to the Clyde nightmare hasn’t helped, but Marlena is right that the return of the Pawn has been the main culprit. John feels that now that Konstantin will be out of the picture, it’s fate telling them to leave well enough alone. John says if Konstantin really is after Maggie’s money, he’s going to start ramping up those efforts. Steve declares that’s exactly why they can’t let their guard down.

Xander questions Maggie asking Konstantin to marry her. Maggie says it’s in name only of course which Xander calls a huge relief. Sarah feels it’s so soon after Victor and asks if she’s sure she wants to do this. Maggie says she wouldn’t have made the offer otherwise. Maggie says she thought long and hard about it and she’s at peace with it, so there’s no reason for them to be concerned. Xander argues that it’s insane and dangerous, then declares that they won’t let her do this.

Brady asks Kristen if all he has to do is chaperone Rachel’s field trip. Kristen says that’s it and there is no catch. Kristen claims Rachel wanted to spend time with him and she thinks it’s the perfect setting for them to be together. Brady questions if she doesn’t think Rachel is safe alone with him. Kristen brings up the custody stipulations stating only supervised visitations and this would qualify as one. Kristen insists that it will be really nice and he will really enjoy it. Brady agrees to clear his schedule. Kristen thanks him. Brady states that spending time with Rachel is the most important thing to him. Brady tells her to text him the details. Kristen says that Rachel will be so happy and calls Brady the absolute best.

Alex invites Theresa to dinner but she says she has to start looking for a job. Theresa says being unemployed was the best choice for everyone but not her wallet. Alex says she doesn’t have to rush to find a place. Alex adds that once the Horton House is fixed up, he will be back at the Kiriakis Mansion. Theresa asks if he can handle that. Alex admits it will be an adventure and says it’s happening very soon. Theresa says she’s truly happy for him. Theresa adds that she won’t rest until she finds a gig. Alex says if she ever needs a reference, he will give her a glowing one. Theresa thanks him and says it really means a lot. Theresa says they will talk later as she then exits the office.

Xander tells Maggie that she’s making a huge mistake. Alex arrives and says he’s sorry to interrupt. Maggie assumes he brought the new contracts for Titan which Alex confirms. Alex asks if he should come back later. Xander says it’s fine and adds that they are thrilled that Maggie is returning to Titan since she will be a major asset to the company. Alex agrees and Maggie thanks them. Maggie then informs Alex that she and Konstantin are getting married.

Theresa runs in to Konstantin in the park. Konstantin has roses for Maggie and tells Theresa that they will be married as soon as Maggie makes all the arrangements. Theresa asks about his VISA expiring. Konstantin admits the clock is ticking and jokes that they could have a double wedding with Theresa and Alex. Konstantin talks about all the work they did to change Victor’s letter about his long lost son. Theresa cuts him off and says she gets it and she’s doing her damndest to make Alex crazy. Theresa says he already had to take two cold showers today so they are close. Konstantin suggests it may be time for Theresa to make her move.

Alex questions Maggie marrying Konstantin. Maggie explains that it’s in name only but notes that detail stays in the family. Alex is surprised but Maggie feels she expected more of a reaction from him. Alex asks what she expects as he admits that he’s not thrilled about it and he can’t imagine anyone is. Alex says Maggie will clearly do what she wants but his vote is decidedly in the nay column. Maggie responds that he doesn’t get a vote in her personal life. Maggie thanks Alex and tells him to leave the contracts and see himself out. Xander offers to show him to the door. Alex declines but Xander insists and walks out with him. Sarah tells Maggie that she can’t fault them for their misgivings but Maggie feels they aren’t trying to understand and they don’t realize how she explored every possible way to keep Konstantin in the country. Sarah worries about Maggie protecting her heart as they hug. Maggie thanks Sarah for her support and understanding. Sarah warns that if Konstantin hurts her, he will have to answer to her.

Kristen talks on the phone about setting up the scholarship in Li’s name. Kristen hangs up and opens up her laptop, declaring that she’s going to get in to the board’s good graces even if it kills her. Rachel comes in and brings Kristen her permission slip for the field trip. Rachel talks about how excited she is for the field trip. Kristen then tells her that Brady is going with her on the trip. Rachel questions why and if her teachers say she has to have a parent with her. Kristen asks if she got in trouble. Rachel says no and thought that Kristen said she didn’t want her and Brady to be alone. Kristen argues that she won’t be alone since she’ll be with all of her friends. Rachel suggests that if Brady’s going, Kristen go too and it will be fun but Kristen doesn’t think that will be a good idea. Rachel asks why not and pleads with her.

Theresa joins Brady at the Brady Pub. Brady asks what she’s been up to. Theresa says she was just cleaning out her stuff from the Titan office. Brady asks how that went. Theresa calls it kind of weird and kind of sad. Brady points out that it’s what she wanted. Theresa starts to cry that she can’t help but feeling like a total failure professionally and personally.

Steve asks if John would really be good with just dropping everything. John points out that Konstantin forgave him and asks what else he can ask for. Steve asks what if John didn’t kill Catharina, pointing out that Konstantin was face down and never saw him pull the trigger. John argues that Steve saw him holding the gun and there was no one else there. Steve questions believing that after years and years of wanting to avenge his daughter’s death, Konstantin just suddenly forgives him and asks what if his forgiveness isn’t genuine. Konstantin then approaches and asks what they’re saying about forgiveness. John asks what he wants. Konstantin responds that he’d like to talk to John about something that’s been wrestling with his mind for quite some time. Konstantin states that knowing the circumstances, he has come to realize that Catharina’s murder was not John’s fault. Konstantin argues that Steve was the one working for Victor when it happened, so if anyone is to blame, it’s Steve.

Brady tells Theresa that he knows her well and failure is not how he would describe her. Brady talks about Theresa turning her world around and raising a son. Brady promises that she’ll get through this. They talk about their past together. Brady points out that they are still standing and now Theresa is free to decide what she really wants to do. Theresa thought she wanted to make bunches of money in a demanding job. Brady tells her to do it if that appeals to her. Theresa says she’s rethinking that and wondering if that’s where she went wrong. Theresa feels she got sidetracked by always thinking about money. Brady encourages her to not do that anymore then. Brady asks whoever said she can’t have it all. Theresa decides maybe she can.

Kristen tells Rachel that she and Brady love her but there are times where they don’t get along. Kristen talks about how Rachel would hate it if she and Brady got in a big fight during her field trip. Kristen knows that’s why it’s important that Rachel and Brady have tomorrow together. Kristen encourages that she and Brady are working on getting along better. Kristen thinks it’s important that she and Brady have other grown up friends. Rachel guesses she means like boyfriends and girlfriends which Kristen confirms. Kristen then tells Rachel that she has a boyfriend named Alex Kiriakis and she thinks Rachel is going to really like him. Rachel says maybe and then reminds Kristen to sign her permission slip as she sends her to go get a cookie. Kristen then pulls out her phone and calls Alex. Kristen asks if Alex has plans tonight. Alex says he was hoping to hang out with Theresa, but she’s not interested. Kristen says that’s good and invites Alex to come over.

As Alex hangs up, Xander questions him getting shot down by Theresa and says he couldn’t help but overhear. Alex tells him that it’s none of his business. Xander agrees but says what is his business is Maggie as she is their family and he’s really worried about her. Alex admits he is too and questions marrying Konstantin. Xander calls Konstantin a criminal, a con man, and a liar. Xander declares that he will do whatever he can to keep Maggie from marrying him.

Steve questions Konstantin blaming him for his daughter’s death. Konstantin says that everything Steve did was on his own free will as he wasn’t brainwashed and he knew Victor was destroying John’s life but he didn’t stop it or report it. Konstantin argues that Steve let John suffer for all these years and never would’ve opened his mouth if he didn’t come to town, so he blames him. Konstantin tells them to enjoy their day and walks away. Steve asks if John is buying in to that crap and argues that he’s just trying to create a rift between them. Konstantin looks back with a smile.

Alex joins Kristen in her bedroom which Alex says he wasn’t expecting. Kristen points out that downstairs, anyone can walk in and interrupt them so she wanted a private space to talk about their plan. Alex says it doesn’t seem to be working too well. Kristen feels they need to up the ante and make Brady and Theresa sick with jealousy immediately. Alex asks what she’s thinking. Kristen suggests that Alex spend the night with her which surprises him. Kristen explains that tomorrow, Rachel will come in to get her permission slip signed and she’ll see them together. Alex questions traumatizing her child. Kristen says they will just be cuddling and then Rachel will tell Brady, so he will think they had mad, passionate sex. Kristen calls that totally possible and then Alex not going home will send Theresa a very powerful message. Alex admits he can’t disagree. Kristen says she’ll have cook make them a lovely dinner and they can stream whatever he wants before hitting the sack. Kristen asks what Alex thinks. Alex brings up Rachel being pretty smart, so he thinks that she would see right through it if they were faking it and pretending to be lovers. Kristen asks what he’s saying. Alex thinks if they are going to do this, they have to really go for it to make Rachel believe it as they then begin kissing.

Brady tells Theresa that he believes in following your heart as when you’re happy, good things happen. Theresa says she’s not disagreeing. Brady admits he’s not always right. Theresa calls him a good man and a rare breed. Brady remarks that it takes a damn good woman to notice. Brady says he has to take off. Theresa says she feels better now and thanks him. Theresa mentions that she should be heading home to Alex, but she thinks he’s probably upset that she cancelled on dinner. Brady questions what the hell is going on between her and Alex.

Konstantin goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and brings Maggie roses and chocolates as an expression of gratitude for all she does for him. Maggie then presents Konstantin with a pre-nup and notes that he seems surprised. Maggie calls it a formality, so that Victor’s assets are dispersed per his wishes like her lawyers insisted. Maggie says once he signs, they can set a date. Konstantin agrees to not waste another moment and signs the pre-nup. Maggie then takes it and places it in the safe. Konstantin guesses they are good to go then which Maggie confirms.

Xander and Sarah walk through the town square with Victoria. Xander can’t imagine how anyone could fall in love with Konstantin. Sarah points out that Maggie didn’t say she fell in love with him and she doesn’t think she is, just that she enjoys his company and feels in debt to him because of everything Victor put him through. Xander questions why it’s Maggie’s responsibility to make up for what Victor did. Sarah insists that she’s only marrying him so he doesn’t have to go back to Greece and can stay in the United States. Xander complains that he just hates the idea. Sarah encourages that they know people can change and Konstantin is good company for Maggie which is important to them. Sarah says that she just wants Maggie to be happy. Xander says he wants that too but wishes she would find it with someone who isn’t a gold digger with ties to organized crime. Xander apologizes but declares it won’t be possible for him to accept Konstantin in to their family.

Brady tells Theresa that it’s none of his business and he hopes whatever is going on with her and Alex makes her happy. Theresa thanks him, but says they share a son so he has every right to know what’s going on in her life. Theresa then informs Brady that she and Alex are just roommates but not with benefits. Brady feels that could change. Theresa remarks that stranger things have happened. Brady asks if she wants it to change. Theresa responds that she’s not sure and she’s starting to think maybe she overreacted by breaking up with Alex over not proposing since she was so hurt and humiliated. Theresa worries that maybe she pushed Alex too far…

Alex and Kristen continue kissing in her room. She removes his shirt and pushes him onto the bed. Kristen then climbs on top of Alex as they continue kissing.

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Days Update Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Roman hangs a “help wanted” sign in the window of the Brady Pub. Harris comes down and tells Roman that they need to talk.

Tripp and Wendy come out of their bedroom where Ava is waiting for them with coffee and offers to make breakfast. Tripp tells her that she doesn’t have to do all this. Ava says it’s the least she can do for letting her stay after thinking they were rid of her. Tripp asks what happened and if she and Harris got in a fight. Ava assures that her and Harris are great, but reveals that it was Roman that put a stop to her staying at the Pub because of her history. Ava promises that she’s not staying for good and this was a one time thing. Wendy asks where she will live then. Ava responds that she always figures something out.

Stefan joins Kristen in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. Stefan mentions heading to the Bistro for their soft reopening and suggests Kristen come by, but she declines and wishes him luck in bringing the Bistro back from disgrace. Stefan insists that the Bistro is now clean and free with all new staff and menu. Stefan promises that they will be in the black by summer, with Kristen’s help. Kristen guesses he means when she inherits DiMera which Stefan confirms. Kristen says they can make that happen, only if she proves Gabi didn’t kill Li Shin and getting her out of prison. Kristen admits she’s skeptical of Gabi’s innocence since she did kill someone before. Stefan argues that Nick Fallon was a murderer and had it coming. Kristen questions who else would want Li Shin dead if it wasn’t Gabi. Stefan suggests himself for starters.

Stephanie finds Jada outside the Brady Pub and asks if she saw her messages as she’s been trying to reach her. Jada asks what’s going on. Stephanie tells her that she has some really great news and announces that Everett signed the divorce papers, which thrills Jada.

Everett sits in his room at the Salem Inn, having a drink as he looks over the signed divorce papers which he then tosses aside.

Roman tells Harris to say what he has to say. Harris brings up Ava asking for a key to his room and wishes he was there so they could come to an understanding. Roman argues that Ava was upsetting his sister and they have quite a history, so family is family. Harris acknowledges the bad blood but explains that Ava wanted to give Tripp and Wendy some space, so he told her that she could stay with him until she finds her own place and he’s never seen a “no over night guests” policy in the rental agreement. Roman admits there is no such policy and that it was a knee jerk reaction to tell Ava that she couldn’t say, but he just saw how upset his sister was. Harris notes that Roman has now had some time and asks if he’s changed his mind. Roman agrees to allow Ava to stay, but only if it’s temporary. Harris thanks Roman and says he appreciates it.

Tripp tells Ava that she is always welcome if she needs a place to stay, but notes that they did have plans to meet Stephanie at the Pub for an early lunch. Ava apologizes for not asking and says she’ll clean up the breakfast. Wendy insists that she will do it. Tripp asks where Ava might go from here. Ava says she has a few leads but nothing solid yet. Ava guesses she should get on that and get going. Ava thank them again and says she really appreciates it. Tripp tells Ava to call and let him know where she ends up. Ava agrees to do so as she then exits. Tripp thanks Wendy for being cool about all of this even though they were excited to have the place to themselves. Wendy says she gets that Ava is family and needed one more night. Tripp notes that they should get going too since Stephanie is always on time. Wendy mentions that she didn’t get much sleep and asks if she can just stay home. Tripp says Stephanie will understand if they cancel but Wendy insists that Tripp go without her.

Stephanie tells Jada that Everett signed the divorce papers last night in front of her, so she was the witness and confirms that he signed as “Bobby Stein”. Jada can’t believe it and excitedly declares it is the best news ever. Stephanie can’t believe it took him so long to come around. Jada asks what made Everett change his mind. Stephanie says she kind of talked him in to it and he finally realized it was the right thing to do. Everett approaches and greets Jada, telling her it’s good to see her and he’s just grabbing a coffee. Jada remembers how he likes his coffee. Jada tells Everett that Stephanie just told her that he signed the divorce papers and that’s great. Everett confirms that he did. Jada asks if she can have them. Everett responds that he doesn’t have them on him, but he will get them to her as he then heads in to the Pub.

Kristen asks if Stefan is confessing to the murder of Li Shin. Stefan says not at all but he had every reason to hate the guy even though he is partially responsible for keeping him alive for years. Kristen talks about Li regretting that when Gabi realized Stefan was the love of her life. Kristen reminds Stefan that she saved his life. Stefan brings up that Kristen also rewired his brain to hate Gabi and love Chloe so that she could sink her claws in to Brady again. Kristen tells him to stop whining since he ended up with Gabi in the end. Stefan says that’s no thanks to Li which is why he would’ve had every reason to kill him but he would never let Gabi do time for a crime that he committed. Kristen goes over that Gabi and Stefan didn’t do it while Stefan adds that the police couldn’t figure it out and he hired private investigators who came up cold. Stefan questions how Kristen will be able to figure out what the rest of the world can’t. Kristen responds that she’s a shark and she will sense any blood in the water.

Harris meets Ava in the town square and asks if everything is okay. Ava says she just left Tripp and Wendy’s after they let her stay. Harris wishes she would’ve waited for him as he would not have let Roman give her the boot. Ava feels she caused enough trouble for him and didn’t want to stir up anymore. Ava says she’s going to look for an apartment right now because she doesn’t want to go back to Tripp’s tonight. Harris reveals that Roman came around and said she can stay at his place until she finds her own place. Ava tells him that she’s so relieved and kisses him as they joke about being roommates with benefits again. Harris reminds her that they just have to find Clyde’s black book.

Stefan hosts the Bistro reopening and finds Rafe seated at a table. Stefan tells Rafe that he’s honored which Rafe doubts. Stefan assumes Jada will be joining him. Rafe confirms that she is on her way. Stefan tells Rafe about their new menu items. Rafe says he’ll order when Jada gets there, but he’ll take some bread and water which he remarks is the same meal that Stefan should be eating behind bars right now. Rafe warns Stefan to keep his nose clean, because if he screws up again, he’ll be ready for him.

Stephanie questions Jada about Everett being so distant with her and responding to Jada calling him Bobby. Tripp arrives and greets Stephanie, who asks about Wendy. Tripp informs her that she decided to stay home. Jada says she has to go meet Rafe and tells Tripp and Stephanie that it was great to see them as she hugs Stephanie. Jada thanks Stephanie for the news and walks away. Stephanie asks Tripp if Wendy is sick. Tripp responds that she’s not really feeling herself these days.

Everett sits in the Brady Pub with his laptop, wondering if he will write about the Smith Island Snowstorm or a profile on Officer Goldman living two separate lives. Everett then starts typing about the Smith Island Snowstorm. Stephanie and Tripp enter the Pub, so Everett greets them and says it’s good to see them. Stephanie points out that she just saw him outside. Everett asks how Tripp is hanging in. Tripp says he’s good. Everett says he can’t imagine what Tripp and Wendy been through. Everett asks how Tripp and Wendy would feel about an article about it. Tripp thanks him but says they aren’t really in the mind space for that and he’s just here to have a nice lunch with his sister. Everett says he totally understands and to let him know if he changes his mind. Stephanie and Tripp go to get a table while Everett looks confused.

Kristen shows up at Wendy’s door and asks if she has a minute.

Roman asks Tripp how he’s holding up. Tripp says people keep asking him but he’s not exactly sure how to answer. Roman says they care about him and he went through quite an ordeal. Tripp says he appreciates that and he’s doing okay, noting that he’s back at work and hanging in. Roman tells Tripp to take care of himself and Wendy. Stephanie mentions that Wendy was supposed to join them for lunch today. Tripp thinks that Wendy just needed some time alone after Ava spent another night. Roman mentions that he and Harris talked and cleared things up, so Ava will be staying there and he doesn’t have to worry. Tripp tells him that’s good to know. Roman tells them to let him know when they are ready to order and walks away. Stephanie asks Tripp about Wendy needing time alone. Tripp talks about Wendy really struggling with PTSD so he’s really worried about her. Tripp adds that he feels like there is more going on with Ava as well. Stephanie hopes that Ava stays out of trouble. Tripp thinks Harris is good for Ava as they seem happy. Stephanie says he’s worried about Wendy and Ava while she’s worried about him, pointing out that he told Roman he’s not 100%. Tripp asks who would be after being locked up and thinking he was going to die. Tripp says he either can’t concentrate or he’s hyper focused but he can’t explain it. Tripp talks about seeing a female cop and causing panic because of Officer Goldman.

Harris tells Ava that they need to come up with a plan to search the Bistro. Ava mentions that she had to give Stefan back her keys so they can’t break and enter. Harris points out that it’s a restaurant, so they have every right to be paying customers. Ava says they can’t just walk in and start scouring the joint. Harris suggests one of them can search while the other is at the table the whole time. Harris points out that Ava knows the ins and outs of the Bistro while he will be looking at it from a wider perspective. They agree to find the needle in the haystack and head to the Bistro. Rafe greets them upon entering. Harris claims they are just there to grab a bite. Rafe figured this is the last place they’d want to go. Ava says the food was always good. Jada arrives to join Rafe and greets them. Jada tells Rafe that she’s sorry she’s late and that she’s almost packed up to move in. Harris comments that she’ll be in good company. Ava starts talking about Rafe’s house and advises Jada about the stove. Ava and Harris then go to grab a table. Harris wishes Ava wouldn’t push Jada’s buttons by reminding her that she lived with Rafe first. Ava argues that she couldn’t help herself because Jada obviously doesn’t think she’s good enough for Harris. Harris says she’s wrong and that he knows Ava is perfect for him. Harris points out that Jada is moving out of her room at the Pub, so that room could be Ava’s and all they have to do is twist Roman’s arm.

Kristen tells Wendy that she’s here to make her a very generous offer. Kristen informs her that she’s been speaking to her father about the upheaval at DiMera and he is very concerned about the impact on the company’s image and also very heartbroken about Li. Wendy says they all are as it was very hard on the whole family. Kristen says that’s why she’s here. Kristen suggests an MBA scholarship at Salem University in Li’s honor. Wendy calls that a very generous idea but questions why she would be thinking about that. Kristen explains that Mr. Shin has had a long standing relationship with DiMera, so she thinks it’s the least the company could do in Li’s honor. Wendy thinks her parents would appreciate that. Kristen suggests they go over the details as she sits down on the couch.

Harris tells Ava that he will search first, so Ava wishes him luck as he exits. Stefan comes out from the back and approaches Ava. Stefan guesses she couldn’t stay away. Ava says she had to check out the food and calls the crab cakes dry. Jada asks Rafe what he thinks of Harris and Ava coming here for lunch. Rafe calls it not as creepy as Stefan staring at them the whole time. Jada bets Stefan is sweating through his suit with three cops in here. Jada then informs Rafe that she has big news and announces that Bobby finally signed the divorce papers. Rafe calls that great news and asks why the sudden change of heart. Jada says she doesn’t know or care, but she can’t wait to get the papers so she can file them immediately and finally get him out of her life for good.

Stephanie tells Tripp that she knows it can’t be easy after going through Hell. Tripp talks about being more worried about Wendy and she’s missing her parents with how fragile they’ve been since Li died. Stephanie suggests they take a vacation and get away together. Tripp says he’d like that but he has work and looking after his mom. Stephanie thinks it might be good for him to get some distance from Ava while Salem has too many reminders of what they’ve gone through. Stephanie thinks Tripp and Wendy need a serious break out of town for awhile.

Kristen tells Wendy that she’s sure she can get the scholarship set up at the school. Wendy says it sounds great and means so much to her family as she thanks her. Kristen asks if Wendy finds it difficult living in the apartment where Li was killed. Wendy points out that he was attacked here but he was alive when she found him, then he died later at the hospital. Kristen brings up Ava killing a man here as well. Wendy explains that Gil was threatening Ava, so she shot him. Kristen remarks that Gil got what he deserved, but Li never got justice. Wendy points out that Gabi is still in prison. Kristen questions if Wendy believes that Gabi killed Li. Wendy confirms that Li identified Gabi as his killer before he died and they spoke a few hours before about how Gabi betrayed him. Wendy adds that later on, she and Tripp came home to find Gabi and Stefan standing over Li with Gabi holding the knife, so Li’s blood was literally on Gabi’s hands. Kristen says that must have been so devastating for her to see. Kristen suggests that Gabi could have just found Li and stupidly picked up the knife but Wendy doubts it. Wendy questions who if not Gabi. Kristen suddenly realizes she has an appointment and promises to talk to her about the scholarship as she quickly exits. Wendy locks the door and holds back tears.

Harris rejoins Ava at their table. Ava says she checked the women’s room top to bottom but found nothing. Ava wonders if they should let Stefan in on this since he hates Clyde as much as they do and has full access to the Bistro. Harris argues that he can’t trust Stefan after he shot him and tried to kill him while he recovered. Ava agrees that it was a bad idea. They declare that they have to find it themselves and then get rid of Clyde once and for all.

Tripp goes home but finds the door is chain locked. Wendy comes in and lets him in while on the phone with her father. Wendy says she loves him and will talk to him soon as she hangs up. Tripp asks how her parents are. Wendy responds that for her whole life, she’s never heard her father cry and now he’s crying all the time. Wendy comments that while her parents are still grieving their son, they almost lost their daughter. Tripp then surprises her with tickets to Hong Kong. Wendy excitedly hugs him and says she always wants him with her.

Stephanie approaches Everett at the Pub and questions his 180 earlier, arguing that he wouldn’t give her the time of day outside and then was all friendly when she came in. Everett claims he didn’t know he did that and suggests he was distracted. Stephanie feels he was evasive with Jada and questions why he didn’t give her the divorce papers. Stephanie asks if he changed his mind or something. Everett responds that he’s sorry but he has to go as he then hurries out of the Pub, leaving Stephanie in shock.

Kristen returns to the DiMera Mansion and calls Mr. Shin, telling him about how she saw Wendy earlier. Kristen says they came up with the best idea and claims she admired Li very much, so she wanted to do something special in his memory to honor his legacy.

Wendy asks Tripp if he’s sure he wants to go with her to Hong Kong. Tripp assures that he is and he wanted to go last time too, but now Ava is free of Clyde and Harris is there to keep an eye on her. Wendy asks about his job at the hospital. Tripp says he already told Kayla that he needs a leave of absence and she completely understood. Wendy notes that Rafe did say she could take as much time as she needed. They agree on going to Hong Kong. Wendy tells Tripp that this means the world to her. Tripp responds that she means the world to him as they kiss.

Ava and Harris leave the Bistro and return to the town square. They talk about searching the Bistro everywhere they could, but not having access to so many areas. Harris jokes about disguising himself as a health inspector. Ava brings up breaking and entering. Harris says either they do and they are felons or they don’t and they suffer the wrath of Clyde. Ava asks if a felony is worse than what Clyde’s going to do, so Harris agrees to breaking in to the Bistro.

Everett returns to his room at the Salem Inn and retrieves the divorce papers from the trash. Rafe and Jada show up at his door. Jada says she came to pick up the divorce papers now that he signed them. Everett confirms that he has them inside. Rafe asks if he’s going to get the papers. Everett says he absolutely will as they walk inside. Everett then hands the divorce papers to Jada. Jada looks over the papers and says she will get them filed right away. Rafe tells Everett that he did the right thing. Jada thanks him as she and Rafe then exit. Everett then pulls out his phone and looks at the old photo of he and Jada.

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Days Update Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Nicole and Holly walk through the town square. Nicole asks about Holly’s first day back at school which she says was fine. Nicole decides that since Holly is back in school, she’s going to return her phone to her. Holly questions if she’s going to keep tabs on her. Nicole calls it an opportunity to earn her trust back.

Brady and Tate have coffee at the Brady Pub. Brady wonders where their waiter is. Tate then says he’ll be right back.

Eric comes home with Jude to Sloan, who notes that they took off early this morning. Eric asks if she has a minute because he needs to talk to her. Eric mentions stopping by the Spectator yesterday for a photography job, but when he was walking out, he heard Leo on the phone, saying he would give him a ringing endorsement and work every angle he can. Eric says that Leo was obviously talking to her. Sloan questions why he would be talking to her. Eric points out that no one knew he was going there but her, so he asks her to tell him what’s going on between her and Leo.

Alex sits at home, complaining about the press release about Bella closing not being what he called for. Theresa comes in and joins him, so Alex asks if she read it. Theresa says she didn’t as she knew what was happening. Alex then complains that Theresa had to run straight to Maggie as soon as he told her the magazine was closing.

Kristen enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and greets EJ, noting that he’s off to an early start. EJ says he has to get to the DiMera offices and then the district attorney’s office. EJ says Kristen can mock him, but the company won’t run itself and once the board votes, he will be the permanent CEO. Kristen says that’s if the vote goes forward without a hitch. EJ is sure it will and tells her to prepare for that. Kristen responds that she is prepared. Kristen asks if EJ heard about the Bistro opening again. EJ says he saw it on social media. Kristen asks if he will be having lunch there now to support their brother. EJ jokes that wild horses couldn’t drag him there. Kristen thinks it would be fun to watch their brother actually work since he’s in charge all by himself. Kristen brings up EJ giving Stefan a very sweet deal when he could’ve been in prison for years, but EJ let him walk so an outside may have questions about that decision. Kristen says as a member of the family, it’s crystal clear to her that EJ is playing the long game because it would’ve been in his best interest to send Stefan off to prison until a parole hearing in a decade or so, then he wouldn’t be a threat to his grip on power but that didn’t happen so EJ has something else on his mind. EJ says he would love to continue to listen to her fan fiction, but he is late for a breakfast date with Nicole. Kristen asks if she’s right. EJ asks if she’s trying to find where the bodies are buried, but not his. Kristen says they shall see about that as EJ exits.

Sloan admits to Eric that she called Leo and they spoke about him. Sloan feels that Leo owes her for going above and beyond as his attorney. Sloan says she wanted Leo to put in a good word for him as she was trying to help him. Sloan talks about Eric being her husband and she wants his photography business to take off so he can find joy in his work like she finds joy in her work. Sloan declares that they can be the power couple with the life that people will say they want what they have. Eric argues that isn’t who he is and he doesn’t think that’s what this is about at all.

Theresa tells Alex that she did not run to Maggie’s. Theresa says Maggie is her friend and also her sponsor, so she feels like she let her down along with the whole Bella team. Theresa talks about how that can affect one’s sobriety and it’s high stakes for her so she had to do an act of self care and speak to her sponsor. Alex says he gets it and she’s right. Theresa says all he had to do was ask and not accuse. Alex agrees and apologizes but notes that afterwards, Maggie came to Titan and insisted he give her a job at the company which he wasn’t prepared for and now he’s stuck with her. Theresa is surprised he said yes. Alex says he didn’t have much option since Maggie threatened to go to the board, so in order to keep the board at bay, he’s bringing her back but on his terms. Theresa compliments his business instincts. Theresa praises Maggie as a brilliant business woman and says this could be a really good thing for Alex. Theresa feels with he and Maggie together, they could take Titan to the next level.

Holly tells Nicole that she knows she hasn’t been the most trustworthy person but promises to try to be better at it. Holly’s best friend, Sophia joins them and says they are going to need coffee for their school work. Nicole tells them to have fun and tells Holly to come home after school as they walk away.

Tate returns in a Brady Pub apron to bring Brady his coffee. Brady questions what he’s doing. Tate explains that the cook called in sick so Roman is in the back and he’s going to help out. Brady asks if he’s sure, worrying that he could be late for school. Tate assures that he won’t be but notes that Brady needs to go pick up Rachel. Brady wishes Tate luck and exits the Pub. Tate then goes behind the counter to work as Holly and Sophia enter the Pub. They get a table while Tate brings them their menus. Sophia comments on it being fancy seeing him there. Tate explains that he’s just helping out his uncle Roman as he’s short staffed. Sophia calls it sweet of him to help his family. Tate offers Holly a menu but she says she’s not hungry. Tate encourages her to look at the specials so Holly takes a look and finds a sticky note inside with Tate’s phone number on it which she takes. Tate finishes taking their order and heads back behind the counter.

Theresa sits down and sighs so Alex asks if everything is okay. Theresa says it just really sucks that she can’t fix things at Bella. Alex encourages that it’s not her fault. Theresa says she’s trying to do things now that are within her control as she wants to help people on the marketing team find their next gig. Alex comments on her thinking of others in a time of crisis. Theresa says that’s what a leader does but she doesn’t have much to lead right now. Theresa points out that Alex does so maybe he could move people around in the company like he offered to do with her. Alex tells her that offer still stands but Theresa declines, saying she doesn’t think corporate America is for her. Alex asks what’s next for her then.

Sloan doesn’t know what Eric is thinking. Eric says it’s what h’s seeing. Eric shows her the numbers in the finances and complains that they are not adding up. Sloan argues that they already went through this and she told him they were fine. Eric argues that she manipulated the numbers but it was a trick and says they are not adding up as there’s a lot of money not accounting for. Eric declares that he thinks he’s starting to realize what’s really going on.

EJ meets Nicole in the town square and says he was late because of family stuff. Nicole guesses it’s Kristen which EJ confirms. Nicole asks if he’s ready for breakfast but EJ says he has to get to the DiMera offices to address action items. Nicole guesses that doesn’t include the Bistro which EJ also confirms and adds that he won’t be attending the Bistro’s reopening. Nicole asks if they can schedule lunch but EJ says he has depositions and case reviews. Nicole is worried about EJ running himself ragged. EJ assures that he feels focused and determined and sees the future ahead for the company and for the city. EJ says he thrives on chaos and he loves her for being right by his side as they kiss.

Kristen uses her laptop to start typing up a letter to Mr. Shin, but then decides against it. Brady arrives and asks where Rachel is or they’re going to be late for school. Kristen informs Brady that Rachel is already gone since she insisted on an early art class, so she had one of the drivers take her. Brady argues that she could’ve called him and he would’ve taken her. Kristen claims she got caught up with EJ and lost track of time. Kristen says now that Brady is there, they could have breakfast and they should chat. Brady tells her that he’s not interested and says he’ll pick Rachel up from school. Kristen says she has to stay late for tutoring. Brady questions Kristen not telling him that Rachel is being tutored. Kristen claims she was going to tell him at some point and supposes now is as good a time as any. Kristen tells him that Rachel is having trouble with math. Brady repeats that Kristen didn’t tell him. Kristen says she’s telling him now. Brady decides he’s going to go. Kristen stops him and remarks that she told Alex about Rachel having a tutor and he’s very supportive and interested, claiming that Alex is very interested. Brady is pretty sure that Alex doesn’t give a damn and that Rachel feels the same. Kristen understands if he’s threatened but claims it’s true. Brady says he’ll speak to Rachel about what the truth is when he sees her tonight and he’ll find out what she says about Alex.

Theresa tells Alex that she’s really in to fashion and food, so maybe she could start a blog. Alex says it sounds great. Theresa then remarks that she wonders how much Alex is going to see of Maggie now that she’s engaged to Konstantin which shocks Alex. Theresa says she thought he knew but she just found out when she went to see Maggie. Theresa asks Alex not to say anything since she was told in confidence. Alex agrees not to say anything but questions what the hell Maggie is thinking.

Nicole tells EJ that she’s a little embarrassed because he has two jobs and she doesn’t even have one. EJ tells her that she’s a DiMera now and doesn’t have to worry about that. Nicole says she still has an ego and she’s always worked since that’s who she is. EJ says he respects that she’s ambitious and talented but he doesn’t think her going back to work right now is a good idea.

Sophia comments to Holly that she wishes Tate was on the menu and questions how Holly can study when Tate is waiting on them. Holly says her mom will kill her if she doesn’t get all A’s. Sophia goes to the restroom, so Tate comes over and asks if Holly told her about them. Holly says no and it’s killing her not to because they tell each other everything, but Sophia also tells her mom everything. Tate says that’s probably smart then. Tate mentions getting a cheap cellphone so they can interact without their parents finding out. Tate says he should get back to work so Roman doesn’t report him to his parents. Holly tells him that she’s really happy to see him as he heads back to work.

Sloan tells Eric that she thinks he’s way off base. Eric argues that he’s counseled couples and knows finances can lead to lots of addictions. Eric questions if she has gambling addiction and says they can get through it together. Sloan tells him that she’s not a gambler, so Eric asks her to tell him what’s going on. Eric reminds her that he’s here for her and is waiting for her to tell him the truth. Sloan tells Eric that he pretends like he wants to work when he actually wants to stay at home all day with the baby. Eric questions what she’s talking about. Sloan accuses him of projecting his anxieties about finances on her. Eric says that’s not what this is about. Sloan says she can pay the bill, the rent, the car, and utilities because she can handle it. Eric tells her not to make herself out to be a martyr. Sloan decides she’s going to take Jude for a walk before she says something half as hurtful as what he just said as she then storms out.

Kristen tells Brady that Rachel will probably say Alex is tall and funny and will call him mad dope. Brady says he’s not buying it and he doesn’t know what Kristen is up to, but it’s not going to work. Kristen tells Brady that it’s not all about him and she would love to chat more about her private life, but she has a lot to do so he can let himself out.

Theresa tells Alex that Maggie the smartest woman she knows, but she thinks that she is thinking with her heart. Theresa thinks that Maggie is trying to hold onto the connection to Victor through Konstantin. Alex complains that Konstantin just rubs him the wrong way and brings up the idea of him getting his hands on his father’s money. Theresa tries to say he’s too respectful to do that. Alex talks about the vibe Konstantin gives off and questions what the hell Maggie is thinking by marrying a con man.

Sophia returns to Holly and tells her that she just saw the poster for prom, so she wonders if Tate will go. Sophia asks if Holly is totally over Tate after everything that happened. Holly claims that she was never really in to him in the first place. Sophia says she was just checking and asks if Holly will go to prom. Holly says she doesn’t know. Sophia guesses her mom might shut that down. Holly hopes not and notes that Nicole did just give her phone back to her so she might be starting to trust her again. Sophia talks about prom being a big deal and how they could double date. Holly says it all sounds great but they have to get going to school. Holly waves goodbye to Tate as she and Sophia exit the Pub. Tate then sees that Holly left one of her notebooks and runs to catch up with them.

Nicole questions EJ about how working is not a good idea. EJ clarifies that where she works might be the issue since she can’t work at Basic Black with him as the CEO as DiMera Enterprises. Nicole talks about not knowing where she would go to work but she has too much time on her hands and needs something more fulfilling. EJ is sure she’ll be a great asset to where ever she chooses to work. EJ notes that he could use her talents at DiMera. Nicole calls that not really her vibe right now. EJ asks what exactly is her vibe then. Nicole admits she does have some ideas.

Holly and Sophia walk through the park. Sophia talks about how much fun they would have shopping for prom dresses. Holly agrees to talk to her mom but says she can’t make any promises. Tate then rushes up to catch up with them.

Eric brings the mail in and goes through the junk and catalogs before finding a past due notice addressed to Sloan which he quickly opens.

Brady goes to leave the DiMera Mansion as Nicole comes home. Brady explains that he was there to take Rachel to school but Kristen made sure that didn’t happen. Nicole says she’s sorry. Brady asks how Holly’s first day back at school was. Nicole says all she said was it was fine. Brady says Tate said the same. They agree that at least they are both progressing. Nicole tells Brady how much she’s always loved Tate just like Brady has always loved Holly. Nicole knows they’ve agreed Tate and Holly can’t be friends for awhile or maybe ever, but she hopes that she and Brady can one day be friends again. Brady suggests now and always.

Theresa says Alex is getting caught up in things that are probably never going to happen. Alex complains that he recently read a business book that said to always anticipate and always plan. Theresa says she’d love to hear about it but starts to massage him, noting that he is so tense. Theresa tells him that he really needs to relax. They get close but Theresa pulls away and says she’s going to the gym now. Alex tells her that she’s really good at massages and he’s going to take a shower.

Sloan walks through the town square with Jude. Sloan says she knows Jude doesn’t like it when she and Eric fight but sometimes they have disagreements and someone doesn’t know what’s in his best interest. She ends up running in to EJ. EJ starts to walk away but Sloan questions why he gave Stefan such an incredibly generous deal, only to sabotage it with the judge. EJ responds that his family situation is none of her concern and walks away. Sloan remarks that little does EJ know.

Nicole tells Brady that she’s so glad he still wants to be friends after all the torment that Holly put him and his family through, calling it very generous of him. Brady acknowledges that Holly is a kid and he knows she didn’t have malicious intent when she made a mistake. Nicole feels she should’ve been so attentive to her but she was consumed with grief after losing her son. Brady tells her not to go there as kids make mistakes and they’ve made their fair share as it’s part of life. Brady promises it will be okay. Nicole says she truly hopes so.

Tate tells Holy that she forgot her notebook. Holly can’t believe she left it. Sophia thanks Tate and points out that Tate really sprinted after them. Tate says he just wanted to make sure that Holly had the notebook before class. Holly says she’ll see him around as she and Sophia then walk away.

Eric questions how Sloan could let this happen as he reads the letter and finds daily reoccurring charges at the Salem inn. Eric wonders what the hell is going on.

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Days Update Monday, April 22, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Kayla gets Paulina set back in the hospital and warns her that she’s lucky to be alive. Kayla notes that Paulina checked out fine but her numbers are too high for her to let her go home. Kayla questions what Paulina was thinking by sneaking out to Smith Island. Paulina apologizes for worrying everyone. Kayla talks about Paulina commandeering a snow plow and driving on snowy roads at night while also exposing Johnny, Chanel, and Julie to radiation. Kayla says that’s a big deal so there’s going to be an investigation and reports. Paulina says she knows all that and she’s sorry that she put people’s lives at risk, but she felt she had no choice. Paulina asks if Kayla could sit still and do nothing if her daughter was missing. Paulina declares that she had to rescue her baby girl and nothing was more important than that.

Johnny and Chanel sit together in a hospital room, talking about their experience having to be checked out after being exposed to radiation. Chanel is sorry that Johnny had to go through this because of her. Johnny doesn’t blame her and points out that she went looking for him. Chanel says if she would’ve just waited for him to come back, she wouldn’t have gotten stuck and Paulina wouldn’t have risked so much. Johnny declares that all that matters is that Paulina found her, even if it means he didn’t get to be her hero. Chanel assures that he is her hero and he makes her happier than she’s ever been as they kiss.

Kate enters the Brady Pub as Roman is talking on the phone with Sami about the Horton Cabin being emptied and getting Johnny, Chanel, and Paulina checked out at the hospital. Roman finishes the call and asks Kate how Lucas is. Kate says he’s hanging in. Roman encourages that Lucas will be out soon but Kate worries that nothing is for certain with Clyde on the loose. Kate wonders if Lucas is still safe at the monastery or if he will have go back to prison and complains that there are so many questions. Roman gets the Lucas and Kate are in limbo right now. Kate admits it’s driving her insane. Kate asks if Harris is upstairs, complaining that he’s not answering her phone calls. Roman informs her that he left for work so Kate decides she will go to the police station to find him for her questions. Roman wishes her luck as she exits.

Harris and Ava walk through the town square and come across the Bistro, which says that it is closed for renovations. Ava comments to Harris that everyone knows it’s shut down because Stefan got arrested. Ava asks if Harris regrets being dragged in to this yet. Harris insists there is no way she’s doing this alone. Ava states that if it wasn’t for Clyde’s black book, the Bistro is the last place she would ever be. Harris notes that it could be their big break in finding Clyde and putting him away so they will just get it over with. Ava then heads for the Bistro.

Abe drinks coffee at the hospital and thinks back to getting Paulina set up in the hospital for radiation. Kayla comes over, so Abe tells her that he takes full responsibility for Paulina’s escape since he wasn’t keeping an eye on her. Abe wishes she called him before doing something so reckless and asks how she’s doing. Kayla notes that her levels are still higher than she’d like, but if she follows the proper protocols, she thinks Paulina could go home tomorrow. Abe promises to keep Paulina in line from now on. Kayla jokingly wishes him luck with that and walks away.

Johnny asks Chanel if they are supposed to keep their distance now until they are radiation free. Chanel says she will go nuts if they have to isolate. Kayla comes in and informs Chanel that she has no break or fracture, just a serious sprained ankle. Chanel is relieved and says she’s feeling better already. Kayla advises her to keep it elevated and iced while staying off it as much as she can. Kayla brings up Chanel being exposed to more radiation than Johnny and Julie so her levels are higher, but she doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about. Johnny asks if they are good to go then which Kayla confirms. Johnny calls it a relief. Kayla reminds Chanel to come back if she feels any nausea or dizziness. Kayla then tells them they can go and exits as Johnny kisses Chanel.

While waiting for Ava, Harris runs in to Kate in the town square. Harris tells her it’s not a good time. Kate tells him to make time because she’s left him three messages with no returned call. Kate questions why Harris has been avoiding her at the Pub.

Ava enters the Bistro and flashes back to talking to Harris about finding Clyde’s black book. Ava then begins searching the Bistro until Stefan comes out from the back and questions what the hell she’s doing. Ava claims that she was picking up the last of her things. Stefan questions her having things behind the wine bottles. Ava admits that he caught her as he figured a couple bottles of wine was the least the place owed her. Ava asks why she’s being interrogated and questions what Stefan is doing there. Stefan says he owns the place so he’s doing inventory. Stefan explains that EJ let him keep the Bistro when he kicked him out of DiMera, so he figured his people have been out of work long enough and with Clyde out of the picture, they are going to reopen and become the best restaurant in the state.

Harris tells Kate that he has not been avoiding her, but he’s been extremely busy recovering from nearly being killed and trying to track down Clyde. Kate argues that everyone wants Clyde caught but he’s not doing that alone, so she needs him to focus on getting Lucas out. Kate reminds Harris of his promise. Harris says it’s going to take some time. Kate remarks that it’s not his son that’s in the monastery going insane. Harris says he understands but Kate argues that he doesn’t because he almost got Lucas killed by dragging him in to all of this. Kate warns of what she’s capable of when it comes to protecting her children.

Paulina talks to Abe on video chat and says she would do anything for her children, feeling she had no choice but to do what she did. Abe disagrees, pointing out that she put people at risk and risked her own life. Paulina calls it a calculated risk as she was told the radioactivity would decrease with time. Abe argues that the doctors didn’t clear her so it wasn’t safe for her to leave. Paulina acknowledges that she abused her power and potentially hurt her reputation, but repeats that her daughter was missing and she was afraid of never seeing her again so she couldn’t stay in the room. Abe loves that she is the force of nature that she is, but says this was ill advised. Paulina admits that she took a chance and it was risky, but points out that they all made it out alive because of her and Chanel was reminded that she will stop at nothing to make sure she is safe. Paulina then asks if anyone found her phone.

Chanel tells Johnny that her ankle hurts when she puts too much pressure on it. Chanel jokes about ending their honeymoon at the hospital, limping while radioactive. Johnny brings up Julie walking in on them and then getting trapped in a snowstorm until Paulina showed up and gave them all radiation poisoning. Johnny asks about giving it another try at the cabin but Chanel says absolutely not.

Kayla goes to the Brady Pub. Roman hugs her and says it’s good to see her as he asks if everything is okay. Kayla says it’s been quite a day. Roman offers her clam chowder and a shoulder to lean on which Kayla says she needs more than he knows.

Ava congratulates Stefan on going from CEO of a multi national company to a barkeep. Stefan tells her to hurry up because he has work to do. Ava argues that they built the restaurant together. Stefan points out that they also ran drugs through it. Ava reminds him that her son was kidnapped and nearly killed while Stefan reminds her that his wife had her leg broken in prison. Ava argues that Stefan tried to kill Harris twice, so she doesn’t know why he’s giving her grief when he should still be behind bars. Ava remarks that Stefan is lucky that he has a brother with pull. Stefan argues that Harris got him out of jail and he’s not going to take the blame for a deal that went sideways. Stefan complains that Ava should be kissing his feet since he took the blame for everything when Ava was just as guilty. Ava mocks him being a saint. Stefan admits that he has his regrets including what happened between them as Ava flashes back to when they had sex. Stefan adds that he would do it all again to protect his family. Ava admits she would too. Ava then tells Stefan that there’s something she’s been meaning to tell him. Ava then claims that she came to the Bistro because she was feeling nostalgic about the place and the good times they had. Stefan questions if there were any. Ava guesses she just wanted to see the place one last time and now she has everything she needs. Stefan reminds her that he will need her keys back.

Roman tells Kayla that he knows she’s used to taking on a lot, but this is way too much even for her. Kayla doesn’t want to complain and reminds herself of what others are going through. Kayla calls it a relief that everyone at the cabin was found and they are alright. Roman questions what the hell Paulina was thinking. Kayla talks about how they can relate to protecting their children but wishes there was another way of going about it. Kayla thinks Paulina feels vindicated now. Roman isn’t sure that she should but acknowledges they would do anything to protect and save their kids. Roman mentions not seeing Stephanie around lately and asks how she is doing. Kayla says she’s going through a rough time and a broken heart, so she wishes she could fix it but all she can do is be there for her. Roman says anybody that has Kayla on their side is better off. Kayla repeats that she’d do anything for Stephanie and her sons. Roman jokes for her not to go stealing any snow plows. Roman assures that he’s always here for her. Kayla calls him the best brother. Kayla decides to head to the restroom before leaving. Kate then returns and informs Roman that she ran in to Harris on the way and they had a few words. Kate states that she told Harris to get Lucas freed or else.

Ava tells Stefan that maybe she should hang on to the keys in case of emergency and she can always fill in if he needs her since she’ll have time on her hands while looking for work. Stefan says he appreciates that but he thinks they need to make a clean break. Ava reluctantly accepts that and hands over the keys. Ava tells Stefan to take care of himself as she then exits the Bistro. Stefan then thinks back to having sex with Ava. Ava heads back to Harris in the town square and tells him that Clyde’s book is nowhere to be found. Harris asks if she’s sure and he wants to go in but Ava stops him and says that’s not such a good idea. Ava reveals that Stefan is in there which shocks Harris. Ava explains that Stefan said he’s doing inventory before reopening and things got pretty heated between them, so he made her turn her keys back in. Stefan comes out, so Ava says they should go but Harris decides he’s going to hang back and talk to Stefan, just the two of them. Ava tells them to play nice and walks away. Stefan tells Harris that he’s unarmed. Harris says he’s not, but questions how the hell he’s out of jail.

Johnny helps Chanel to the front desk of the hospital. Johnny says they ran the gauntlet and spoke to his mother while waving to her mother through the glass. They get ready to go but Chanel talks about how it won’t be easy to go up the stairs to his bedroom. Johnny says that’s why they aren’t going back there yet. Johnny reveals that he had something else in mind and promises it’s a surprise that she’s going to like.

Kayla exits the Pub and runs in to Ava. Ava asks her to excuse her but Kayla refuses. Kayla asks where to even begin. Ava guesses it’s her reckless disregard to anyone but herself. Kayla complains that Ava thinks she’s so smart but she never learns. Kayla warns that there will be a reckoning with all the damage that she’s caused her family. Ava says she doesn’t have time for this. Kayla asks how Ava even sleeps at night after almost getting her son killed. Ava argues that she tried to protect Tripp and begged him to go to China with Wendy. Kayla mocks her solution being to get Tripp out of the continent so that he’s out of the way of the crosshairs of her crimes. Kayla asks if Ava even fathomed what it would do to Steve if he lost his son. Ava argues that Tripp is her son and what it would do to her. Kayla argues that Ava would’ve been responsible for it but would’ve blamed somebody else. Ava warns Kayla that she has no idea what she had to do to save her son. Kayla complains that she wouldn’t have had to save him if she didn’t get involved with Clyde in the first place. Kayla calls it another one of Ava’s self-centered schemes and then she got Steve involved, forcing him to break Clyde out of prison. Kayla tells Ava that she knows all about it. Ava warns her to keep her voice down unless she wants Steve to go to prison. Kayla complains about Ava abusing Steve over and over again. Kayla warns Ava to stay away from her husband. Roman then comes out from the Pub and asks what’s going on.

Harris tells Stefan that he and EJ must have cooked up some kind of deal or else he’d still be locked up. Harris argues that Stefan tried to kill him and confessed to working for a drug lord. Stefan argues that he did what he did because his wife’s life was threatened and that he provided the police with useful information that led to the significant dismantling of Clyde’s operation. Harris argues that the judge never would’ve considered time served without a recommendation from the district attorney. Harris then realizes that Stefan has something on EJ. Stefan points out that Harris had something on him too to force his confession. Harris notes that Stefan didn’t deny having something on EJ. Harris calls him an arrogant son of a bitch. Stefan says for what it’s worth, he’s truly sorry for shooting him and he was relieved that he pulled through. Stefan knows that may be hard to believe but calls it the truth and says if he could go back, he would change so many things. Harris asks what he wishes he could go back and change and if it includes helping Clyde escape. Stefan swears on he and Gabi’s lives that he did not help Clyde escape. Harris questions Clyde not reaching out to Stefan since escaping which Stefan confirms and that if he had, he would’ve alerted the authorities immediately. Harris mocks the idea of Stefan being an upstanding citizen. Stefan says that there is no grey area with him and Clyde so as far as he’s concerned, Clyde has gone far away, never to be seen again. Stefan admits he’s done a lot that he’s not proud of, just like Ava and Harris. Stefan swears to everything he holds dear that he had nothing to do with Clyde escaping prison. Harris questions who the hell did then.

Kayla tells Roman that everything is fine and that she and Ava are just clearing up a few things. Ava asks for the key to their room and says she’ll be out of everyone’s hair. Roman questions what room. Ava then informs them that she is staying with Harris. Roman argues that Ava’s name is not on the lease, so she can’t have the key and she can’t stay there. Ava questions if he’s really going to police who can stay in who’s room. Roman tells Ava that this is personal because of what she did to his sister. Roman adds that she can stay somewhere but it won’t be under his roof. Ava says they will see what Harris has to say about that. Roman declares that he’s the landlord, so it’s his rules and he calls the shots here. Ava then walks away. Kayla thanks Roman, who says it was his pleasure.

Paulina asks Abe where her phone was found. Abe says it was near where she found Chanel and they’ll go pick it up tomorrow. Paulina asks if that means he’s not angry anymore. Abe says he doesn’t love what she did, but he gets why she did it so he’s willing to let it go. Abe adds that he was more worried than angry. Paulina declares there is no need for worry anymore either as everyone is fine and safe and she will soon be radiation free at home with him. They say I love you to each other and finish their video chat.

Johnny carries Chanel into a room at the Salem Inn which he had set up with rose petals, candles, and champagne. Chanel questions him checking them in under John Doe. Johnny decides after everything they’ve been through, he thought it would be nice if no one could track them down so there’s no more unexpected surprises. Chanel acknowledges that he thought of everything. Johnny talks about setting this all up and reveals he also brought his guitar and he’s going to serenade her. Chanel talks about how lucky she is. Johnny then plays guitar and sings to Chanel. Chanel applauds and they kiss.

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