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Recap written by Christine

Nick went to Crimson Lights, because his parents wanted to meet with him. They got a table on the patio. Victor asked if Nick heard from Victoria. He hadn’t yet, but he was sure that when he did, she would be furious with him. He said Victoria would know that Victor blocked all her business partners from investing any money, and she’d know Victor got all that information from Nick. Nick didn’t think Victoria would trust him again. Nikki worried this would further alienate Victoria, who already wasn’t returning Nikki’s calls. Victor said they’d see how things worked out. Nick went to order a drink.

Victor heard Nikki asked Michael to dig up dirt on Diane. Victor wished Nikki had come to him first. He said he didn’t want Michael to split his focus. He had Michael working on throwing up road blocks to Victoria and Ashland’s plan. Nikki wasn’t feeling optimistic about this plan to bring Victoria back to them. Victor was sure things would work out, and sooner than expected. Nikki thought Michael was going to drag his feet finding anything on Diane. Victor didn’t want Nikki to worry about all this. She didn’t understand how he wasn’t more worried about Victoria. “Trust Victoria the way you trust me,” he replied.

Nikki thought Victor was too calm, as if he knew his plan was already working. She asked if he heard something from Victoria that lead him to believe she might come home due to Adam being made CEO. He said if he heard something he would’ve told her. Nikki asked if Victor was really comfortable yanking Adam out of the seat and reinstalling Victoria. She wondered if he’d even thought that far ahead, then she realized that of course he had, because this was the kind of thing Victor spent time thinking about. She asked if he thought the plan would work. He wasn’t sure, because he didn’t know what was going on in Victoria’s head.

Inside, Sharon asked Nick if there was news on Victoria. He said he’d heard from her just before he last talked to Sharon. Sharon wondered why Nick didn’t mention this before. Nick explained that Victoria had confided in him about her plans to open a company with Ashland. Nick had wanted to get Victoria away from that lying bastard, so instead of remaining neutral, Nick had repeated what Victoria said to their dad. Victor had made sure no investors went near the startup, and now Nick wasn’t sure he did the right thing. Sharon said Victoria put Nick in a difficult position.

Sharon wondered why Victoria would tell Nick those things. He had the same question. He was starting to wonder if it was a loyalty test. Smiling, Sharon said that if it was, Nick failed. Nick said it could also be some convoluted game Victoria was playing with Victor. Nick thought there was a chance he was being used as an unwitting accomplice by Victor or Victoria. “I’m either dad or Victoria’s pawn,” he said. Sharon knew Victor installed Adam as CEO to make Victoria so crazy she’d come home, and that didn’t work, so maybe this would. Nick worried that if Victoria changed her mind and came back, his involvement in this would erase any of the goodwill he’d established with her. Sharon was sure Victoria would eventually come around. Nick felt that he didn’t have much influence in the family these days, because he walked away from the company. He believed if he was still involved in the company, he could have more impact. He knew she didn’t think he should jump back into the viper’s nest. She clarified that she’d never said that – she just encouraged him to think about what he really wanted. He admitted it was getting harder for him to watch from the sidelines as the family engaged in these power struggles.

Ashland returned to the New York suite and told Victoria that he’d found a charming building in Tribeca that could be perfect for their new venture. The best part was that they could likely get it below market value. She found him handsome when he talked about buying real estate at a bargain price. The previous owner had their investors pull out, so they lost most of their funding. Ashland said that wouldn’t happen to him and Victoria because they were funding their own company. He sensed that something was bothering her, and he asked if she was having second thoughts.

Victoria wasn’t having second thoughts; she was just tired. She was excited about the building. Ashland said when he saw this place, he thought it was the hand of destiny. She said they had to move quickly, if this place was as good as he said it was. She hired an attorney to handle the articles of incorporation, and in order to file the paperwork, they’d need a name. He said anything but Newman Incorporated. She thought they should leave their names out of it and choose something catchy. He suggested Catchy Media. She thought he’d be better at naming things, since his previous incorporation was named after a 3,000 year old Babylonian king. He said he’d had months to come up with that, not five minutes. She liked that phrase he used about the building – the hand of destiny. He loved the name Destiny Media, and he loved Victoria. She loved him too, but she’d love him even more once they got the paperwork done. She said her lawyer opened a corporate account, and she put her 250 million dollars in, and she thought he should put his in before they met with the building seller. He said to send him the banking information. She hugged him and said he had no idea how badly she wanted this. He said this was all he’d hoped for.

Victoria said her lawyer structured the account so she and Ashland could both access the funds, so they could easily get this massive undertaking off the ground. He thought funding the company themselves was the right move, because they’d have complete autonomy. She said the investors passing on this was part of the company’s destiny. He liked the word play. She said once this went through, they wouldn’t have to answer to her parents, or brothers. She stated that her family had second guessed her, so she was going to prove to them that she could call the shots without them hovering over her constantly. “This is my statement of a lifetime,” she announced.

Ashland was very excited that Victoria trusted him again, even after he’d given her every reason not to, and that they were about to renew their commitment to each other. She took his hand and said they both wanted this. Not long ago, he’d thought this was impossible. He said she chose to follow her heart. He was willing to go at a pace that made her comfortable. He was glad they were doing this together, and he promised he’d never give her a reason to doubt him again. She marveled about their new journey. He wanted to celebrate, and she said they’d get caviar and champagne. He said he’d transfer his funds into the joint account, merging their fortunes to secure their future. She watched with tense anticipation as he began the transfer.

Later, Victoria told Ashland she wanted to see the building right away. He asked her to go with him to see it right now, but she said she couldn’t, because she had to meet the lawyer. She told him to arrange a walkthrough with the management company, then they could see the building together later. He said that was smart, so they didn’t look too eager. He said they could buy the building later, assuming she liked it too. He said he was the happiest man in the world right now. She said she was the happiest woman. He left. Victoria grabbed her tablet and looked at the online bank account. It contained 500 million dollars. She took a deep breath, then she transferred the whole half a billion dollars out of her joint account with Ashland and into a bank account that was in her name, only.

Victoria called and arranged to have the jet come to New York City. She packed a small bag, apparently unaware that Ashland was in the hallway, sliding his key card into the lock.

Sally ran into Chloe at Society and struck up a conversation. Chloe said she was having a meeting with her partner; she gestured toward the empty seat. Chloe wasn’t sure if Chelsea was late, or forgot, or just decided not to show. Chloe invited Sally to join her, and she accepted. Chloe congratulated Sally on her new gig. Chloe knew Sally could do it. That meant a lot to Sally. Chloe was surprised Sally took the job, considering her love of fashion. Sally had reservations about it, but she was glad she took the job. She said she’d found a new calling. Chloe wished she could find a new calling sometimes. Sally was curious what was going on.

Chloe said she and Chelsea were still adjusting to the new work environment. Sally knew that Chelsea and Chloe had been partners before in the same role with success, so she asked what was different this time. It seemed to Sally that working for Lauren would be a dream situation. Chloe said Lauren was the best. Sally said Lauren would support you 100% as long as you weren’t trying to sabotage someone she cared about, which Sally found out the hard way. Chloe said that there were challenges in any venture. Sally thought Chloe was a good friend. It was clear to Sally that Chloe’s biggest challenge was Chelsea.

Chloe appreciated Sally trying to help, but she couldn’t sit here and let her bash Chelsea. Sally wasn’t trying to do that. Sally was in a really good place, and she had zero animosity toward Chelsea. Sally wanted them all to be friends, but she saw the argument between Chelsea and Chloe the other day, and it shocked her. Chloe explained that Chelsea had been scattered and contentious since Rey’s death. Sally said Chloe was a good friend, giving Chelsea the benefit of the doubt. However, Sally knew Chloe hired her because Chelsea was unavailable, due to her struggles. Chloe said Chelsea got past her issues. Sally suggested that Chelsea just hid her struggles around Chloe, since Chelsea had always treated Sally as a threat. Sally wasn’t sure if that was because of Sally’s friendship with Chloe or because Sally got close to Adam. Chloe told Sally to see it from Chelsea’s point of view – she got herself back together, and she tried to pick up her life where she left off. “[Chelsea] felt like I took her place. Even though she should’ve realized that she burned every possible bridge with Adam,” Sally said. Chloe thought it had just been hard for Chelsea to realize she had to live with the consequences of what she did when she wasn’t in her right mind.

Chloe thought one of the reasons Rey meant so much to Chelsea was that his forgiveness paved the way for all the others in town to give her a second chance, then he died. Sally understood that, but she said this wasn’t fair to Chloe. “You have been the driving force behind this whole renewed collaboration with Chelsea,” Sally stated. Sally didn’t think Chelsea appreciated what a good friend Chloe had been. Sally didn’t think it was Chloe’s fault that the partnership was going through this difficult phase. Chloe said she was going to continue to support her best friend. Sally knew what it was like to screw up a good thing, and she’d made it hard on people around her, but she also knew it was a losing proposition to try and fix someone. She hoped things went differently for Chloe.

Chelsea was at Adam’s office. She said he looked like be belonged in that chair, and he said he did. Chelsea was there to get him to sign a permission slip for Connor to go canoeing at camp. He asked why she didn’t sign it, and she said they wouldn’t allow her to, because he was the one who enrolled Connor, which meant he was the parent on record. She was annoyed the camp people were being such sticklers. He asked if everything was okay, and she said no, because Chloe had become a taskmaster. She congratulated him on his job and hoped he was happy. He was, but he was also concerned about her.

Chelsea said she was fine, but she was tired of being managed by Chloe. Adam could relate. Chelsea said that Victor was the ultimate micromanager, and Chloe was getting to that level. Adam found it hard to believe Chloe was as bad as his father. Chelsea said Chloe was obsessed with deadlines. Chelsea needed creative spark, and there was no joy and it wasn’t fun. Adam said sometimes work wasn’t fun. Chelsea said work used to always be fun with Chloe. Adam recalled Chloe cutting up some of Chelsea’s pieces at a fashion show. Chelsea said yes, but that was part of their chemistry. Adam said sometimes Chelsea and Chloe were BFFs, partners in crime, and sometimes they were bitter rivals. She noted that he didn’t have uncomplicated friendships. He said he wasn’t the subject of this discussion. He said that he had his dream job, while it seemed like she was on the verge of blowing up her career, so she was the priority. Chelsea wasn’t sure what to do with Chloe. Adam thought she might have to suck it up and deal with it. She told him about the offer to design for Marchetti. Every designer on earth would kill for this position, and Summer and Kyle picked her. Chloe didn’t want to do it, so if Chelsea took the job, she’d have to do it on her own, and she thought she could handle it. He didn’t think she could.

Adam knew Chelsea was great at what she did, but he said the Marchetti thing was too much. He thought she was latching onto something to fill a void. He said when she came back to town, it seemed like she was looking forward, but now she seemed to be backsliding. She scoffed and denied it. He said she was getting caught up in petty grievances, like getting mad at Connor’s camp people, who were just trying to do their job, and she was fighting Chloe. He said maybe Chloe wasn’t trying to manage Chelsea; maybe Chelsea just wasn’t meeting her expectations. Chelsea sarcastically said she was so glad she came here to be criticized by Mr. Perfect. He wasn’t trying to judge her. He just noticed she wasn’t the same since Rey’s death. He thought she was trying to steady her personal life by taking on more work. She countered that he did that. He said he did it all the time, and that was why he knew it didn’t work. He said she couldn’t avoid what was bothering her.

Adam went to see Sally outside her office. When they went inside, she saw a bouquet on her desk. The card said “shine brightly, kick some ass and know that I have your back. The best is yet to come. Love, Adam.” She loved the flowers and the card, and she thought it was nice that he used the “L” word. He said he didn’t put much thought into the card – it was very instinctual. He wanted to tap into her instincts right now. He said he had a problem – he was saddled with a COO who had on interest in his ideas. He’d come up with an idea that he thought would impress the hell out of his father. He felt he had to act quickly and show Victor that he was indispensable, before Victoria imploded her life and ran back to Daddy. He’d been focused on the media division, but now he knew that was in the best of hands. There was a major retailer that was struggling, and he thought Newman Enterprises should move in, take over operation and replace their location with stores under Newman’s brand. She thought it was a solid idea, but it sounded like an idea Victor would have. She said that if he wanted to make a splash, he might have to do something different – be Adam and do something that would get the business world buzzing. She said Victoria already did the Victor Jr. thing. She thought he should show everyone that he wasn’t a placeholder and that he was meant to run this company, and do something like shooting for the moon – or hell, buy the moon. He smiled and said she was so sexy like this. They kissed.

Between kisses, Adam said he wished Sally could be CEO of Newman Media and COO of Newman Enterprises, because he’d never get this kind of advice from Nikki. “Well, I should hope not, but I think you’re stuck with her,” Sally replied. Sally had every confidence Adam would come up with something spectacular to make people see Newman in a new light. She had an idea for her COO – Chloe. He didn’t think that was going to work because she was tied up in the Fenmore deal. Sally said it seemed like that partnership between Chelsea and Chloe might be on its last leg. Adam didn’t disagree, but Chloe had no relevant experience. Sally pointed out that she didn’t have any relevant experience when Adam hired her, either. Sally said she and Chloe worked together before, and she got the job done. Adam said Chloe hated him with every fiber of her being.

Chelsea finally showed up for her meeting with Chloe and explained that she got caught up with Adam. Chloe was annoyed that Chelsea didn’t call and say she was late. Chelsea said she was here now, so they should get to work. “No. It was really inconsiderate of you Chelsea, and this is not the first time,” Chloe snapped. She said this wasn’t working.
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