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Recap written by Christine

Sharon and Rey went to Crimson Lights after their date to the museum. Rey figured he should learn about art since Noah was back. He added that none of the paintings were as beautiful as Sharon. Nick was there, and they chatted until Noah arrived. Sharon wanted to know what Nick and Noah were meeting about, but Noah said he needed to talk to his dad in private. They went out to the patio.

Noah wanted to make a difference and help people, so he accepted Nick’s job offer. Nick was thrilled. Noah said he needed time to work on his art. He didn’t want to be consumed by his work like Victor and Victoria. Nick assured Noah that the vibe at New Hope was different than it was at Newman, because they focused on the people, not the profits.

Back inside, Sharon smiled and said Noah accepted Nick’s offer. She couldn’t hear the conversation, but she could tell by the look on Noah’s face. She was happy he and Nick were bonding, and she hoped Noah would stick around for a long time. She felt that things were as they should be. Sharon went out to the patio to talk with Noah, while Rey stood inside watching. Nick thought that Noah would find the work fulfilling. Sharon put her hand on Nick’s shoulder as she agreed with him, and Rey observed the interaction. Tessa arrived and asked to talk to Noah alone, so his parents went inside.

Phyllis was at the hotel and on the phone with Summer. Phyllis fished for details about a trip she heard Jack took to Milan. Summer didn’t have time to talk, because she was preparing for a work meeting. The call ended. Phyllis went to Society, where she ran into Nick. She asked if he had a minute to talk. They talked about his trip to Milan and his birthday. He loved it, and when he got home, his family threw him a party. She asked if Adam was there. He said it was just the kids and Sharon and Mariah and Tessa. “That family. Of course,” Phyllis replied. She asked about Christian. He was fine. Nick said Christian finally stopped asking when Phyllis was going to come back and play games with him. She didn’t realize he’d notice she was gone. She asked if she and Nick were okay, and he said they were. His takeout was ready. He told her to enjoy her night, and he left.

Back at Crimson Lights, Tessa showed Noah her first LP with his album cover. She wanted him at the launch party, and she said the cover was so beautiful. He told her she made it easy. Sharon returned and watched Noah and Tessa, and she saw the way Noah was with Tessa. Sharon offered to get them something, and Noah said they were fine.

Nick returned to Crimson Lights because he forgot his phone. He talked with Rey. Rey said Sharon was over the moon that Noah was staying in town and working with Nick. Nick said there was a parental urge to want to see your kids be confident, and it was a bonus if they did it while living near by. Sharon looked on edge, when she came back inside, but she said she was fine.

Devon was at home with Amanda. He lamented how big of a mess this whole thing with Abby and Chance had become. Amanda said that if Devon wanted to proceed, he needed to make peace with his decision. Devon wasn’t sure what he could say to get through to Abby. Amanda believed that, no matter what Devon said, Abby would feel like he was trying to take away her family, or at least her vision of it. Devon wasn’t trying to do that. He wanted shared custody, so they could all be involved in raising Dominic. He noted that Abby had said numerous times that she wanted him to have a major role in Dom’s life. He knew this was a step past that, but he asked how that was a bad thing for Dominic. Amanda thought Abby would recover, with a little time and distance, but Amanda noticed that Abby looked betrayed earlier. Devon said he was risking losing his best friend so he could be a father to his son.

Amanda had no doubt that Abby and Devon’s friendship would prevail, even though Abby was currently hurt. Devon wished he could be that optimistic. Phyllis called and asked if Amanda could come have a drink. Amanda was sorry, but she was in the middle of something. Devon assured Amanda that he’d be fine, so she agreed to meet Phyllis at the hotel. They kissed, and Mariah showed up. Amanda left. Mariah said she talked to Abby. Devon said he was taking Abby and Chance to court. Mariah thought this was crazy and she said that he couldn’t do that. Devon thought Mariah, of all people, would understand.

Devon wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. He attempted to make an agreement, and Chance and Abby shot him down. He wanted to guarantee he could always be there to protect Dominic, and Devon thought he and Dominic deserved that. Mariah asked if Devon didn’t think he already had that. “Not when they can just shut the door on me seeing him like they did, no,” Devon said. He said Abby always said they were the baby Chancellor crew. Mariah thought Abby had always allowed them to be in the baby’s life. Devon said he and Mariah had no choice but to be involved – they helped bring the baby into the world, and Abby made them the godparents. He said Abby left the baby with him while she went to Spain. They’d been part of every step of the baby’s life. Mariah knew how deep that parental attachment could be. There was a time she couldn’t imagine getting through the day without seeing her little Bowie, but he wasn’t her Bowie, he was Chance and Abby’s Dominic. She had to come to terms with that, and she was more balanced now. Devon said even if you removed the emotions, this came down to what was best for Dominic, and he worried that Dominic wasn’t getting the best at home, because Chance was dealing with a lot that was preventing him from being fully present. Chance said as much to Devon. Devon was worried Chance’s issues went even deeper than eh was saying. Mariah suggested working out a compromise without the legal system. Devon tried, and it didn’t work, so this was his last resort. He was aware things could get ugly, especially when people chose sides. After Mariah left, Devon picked up the picture of Dominic’s footprints and looked pained.

Back at Crimson Lights, Noah asked Tessa how the adoption plans were going, and she said they were pretty early in the process. He asked if she and Mariah thought about getting married in the meantime. Tessa said they hadn’t discussed it quite yet, but they talked about it in the past. He asked if she was ready. She was – she and Mariah had been through a lot, and they were stronger than ever. She figured “why not start our baby adventure by making a forever-commitment to each other.” Noah said there was no reason not to. Mariah came in and said she had a difficult conversation. Noah offered to help, but Mariah wanted to talk to Tessa in private. Noah understood, and the couple walked away. Sharon went out and asked Noah if he was okay. He said he was fine, and he told Sharon that she was misreading the situation. She asked if he was sure. He swore things were good. She kissed her son on the cheek, and he left.

Amanda had drinks with Phyllis at the hotel. Phyllis wanted to go away for a weekend with Amanda sometime. Amanda liked the idea. She said they could go to a hot spring, or skiing. Phyllis did not want to ski. Phyllis was afraid she was going to spin out of control. She didn’t realize until now that she spent all her free time with her daughter or Nick. Amanda asked about Jack. Phyllis said he was radio silent. She had to find out from Lauren that Jack was in Milan doing some collaboration with Kyle. Amanda said Phyllis had her and Lauren, so she wasn’t totally alone in the world. Phyllis loved both her friends, but she had to figure out how to fill her time with someone who wasn’t a friend, or work or an ex-husband. Phyllis didn’t think she should get a hobby, because her hobbies were things like computer hacking, or other things she shouldn’t tell a lawyer. Amanda laughed. Part of Amanda was curious about all these sketchy things Phyllis kept alluding to doing in her past. But the other part of Amanda thought Phyllis was exaggerating. Phyllis claimed she was exaggerating. Phyllis said her life needed to change for the better, or she was going to spin out and cause chaos.

After Amanda left, Phyllis got a call from Summer, who was very excited. Summer had an offer for Phyllis to work at Marchetti. Phyllis looked around the hotel, then she asked what kind of offer.

Amanda got home and found Devon sitting in the dark. She turned on the light and asked if something happened. He was just trying to process what Mariah said. Amanda was a bit surprised to hear that Mariah didn’t think Devon should take Chance and Abby to court. Devon was surprised too, but he could see Mariah’s point of view. It made him realize how many people it’d affect if he followed through with this. Amanda said to keep Dominic as the top priority, and everything would be okay. Devon intended to do that. They kissed, and she said he couldn’t go wrong if he followed his heart.

Chance came downstairs after some time with the baby. Abby informed him that she’d left Christine a message, even though she knew he’d wanted to wait. She thought they should know what their legal options were. He thought they should talk before Christine got back to them. Abby couldn’t wrap her head around what Devon getting lawyers involved. She said they signed legal documents to avoid this. Chance pointed out that Devon did come to them first, without an attorney, asking to change the agreement. Abby said she’d told Devon she wasn’t comfortable with the changes. She stated that Devon literally had a lawyer in his house, pushing him to do this. Chance said it wasn’t Amanda’s fault. Abby noted that Chance wasn’t as upset about this as she was. Chance was thrown by it, but he was trying to see this from everyone’s position. He said there was no easy answer. Abby vehemently disagreed. She maintained that there was only one answer, and it was “No.”

Dominic is happy here with us. We are his parents. And frankly I was pretty shocked by some of the things Devon said,” Abby stated. Chance asked like what. Abby revealed that Devon saw himself as Dominic’s father. Abby said that Dominic had a father and a mother and a home. Chance said he missed out on a lot of time with Dominic. Abby maintained that he was making up for it, and there was no reason for anyone to rip their son from them for any amount of time. He said that if Devon took them to court, they’d fight, but this would be decided by a judge who didn’t know any of them. She was confident they’d win because Devon signed away his rights. Chance said that was before the baby was born, and Devon didn’t know how he’d feel. Abby knew Devon bonded with Dominic, but she said this was a crucial time for their family. She said Chance was learning to bond on their son, and now Devon wanted them to focus on a legal battle. Chance said that Devon would probably tell the judge how Chance hadn’t bonded with his own son.

Abby stated that Devon thought Chance had some recovery to do that might interfere with him being a present father. Chance was silent, leading Abby to insist that Devon was wrong. She didn’t even want to tell him this because she was afraid it’d upset him. Chance picked up the baby monitor and said he wanted to hear what else Devon said. Abby said Devon was confident that Chance would make a full recovery, but he said Dominic needed a father now. “Chance, listen to me. [Devon is] completely wrong-headed!,” Abby said. Chance thought they had to consider the possibility that Devon was right.

Chance looked at the baby monitor while Abby talked. Abby was adamant that spending time with Dominic was helping Chance re-acclimate to life at home. She reminded him that he’d said he was feeling more connected and settled. He admitted he lied to her. He felt confused and frustrated. He wanted this to work more than anything, but it wasn’t. She said it would take a little more time. He loved her undying faith in him, but there was something inside him that wouldn’t let him bond with Dominic. Today, someone asked to see a picture of Dominic, and Chance didn’t have one on his phone. He bet Devon had a hundred pictures. He felt disconnected from Dominic. He loved Dominic so much, but was that enough? He said it wasn’t going to work. He couldn’t build the kind of connection with Dominic that Devon had with him. “And doesn’t [Dominic] deserve that kind of relationship?,” Chance asked.

Abby knew Chance felt insecure, but she thought it was natural and that he’d get over it. He said she wasn’t hearing him. He implored her to listen to the questions he was asking for Dominic’s sake and not his. Abby promised to try. Chance was scared Dominic was missing out because he was around Chance’s confusion instead of Devon’s certainty. Chance said Devon was allowed to come visit, and it wasn’t the same. Chance said that the way things were now left all the heavy lifting and parenting to him and Abby. Abby didn’t see the issue with that. Chance thought Devon and Dominic deserved more than that. Chance said Devon and Dominic were connected, and they’d all seen it. He stated that Dominic and Devon were blood. “Is it right for us to stand in the way of that?,” he asked.

Nikki went to Victoria’s office hoping to talk to her daughter, but she wasn’t there. Ashland was. Nikki needed to talk to Victoria and Ashland later. Ashland wasn’t sure he’d be available because he was conducting a job interview for an executive opening at Newman/Locke. A guy he knew from NY was looking for a new job, and Ashland thought he’d be a great fit for Vice President of Strategy. Nikki noted that the position was already taken by Regina, who was doing an excellent job. Ashland didn’t agree; he thought Regina was too risk averse and her ideas were outdated. Nikki asked if Victoria knew about this. Ashland said Victoria didn’t need to be bothered with staffing issues, because she had the big details to consider. He was happy to handle the pesky details.

Nikki wasn’t surprised Ashland and Victoria loved working together. She said Ashland and Victoria had chemistry from the moment they met, even though he was married to someone else at the time. He said Victoria was the missing piece of his life, and he adored her. Nikki could tell, but she wondered if the business relationship had left the honeymoon phase. Ashland realized Nikki was wondering if he’d jumped the gun by reaching out to his colleague in NY, and that she was wondering if he was trying to make his mark by bringing in his own people. “Well, were you?,” Nikki asked. Victoria entered. Ashland told her he may have overstepped, and he brought her up to speed. Victoria was surprised Ashland wanted to replace Regina, but when he offered to cancel his meeting, she said that if he respected this colleague, he should go ahead and meet with them. Nikki looked caught off guard. Victoria said Ashland could try and figure out where his colleague could fit into the organization. She noted that having a talented and trusted team was key. Pleased, Ashland left.

Nikki pursed her lips and folded her arms. Victoria said she and Ashland were still working out how they communicated in their professional relationship, and that took time. Nikki understood. She said she and Victor never worked that out when they worked at the same company. Victoria said that when Ashland took the lead, it wasn’t like he was leaving her out of the loop or not considering her opinion. Nikki asked if Victoria was comfortable with this dynamic. Victoria said it was new territory – the only person she knew as single-minded as Ashland was Victor. And with Victor, she was just the junior partner, but with Newman/Locke she was CEO, it wasn’t a shared position, and Ashland knew she trusted and relied on him. Nikki accepted this and left.

Ashland returned after his meeting. It went well, but he wasn’t sure Ted would relocate unless the package and position were exceptional. Victoria wasn’t sure she she could make that commitment at this time. Ashland understood. Victoria asked if Ted would be willing to do some short term consulting. Ashland thought that would work. He was glad her mother’s concerns didn’t sour her on Ted before she even met him. Victoria was sorry; she said Nikki just wanted to make sure Victoria and Ashland were on the same page, which they were. Victoria said their work and private lives were happy and in balance. Ashland said he’d like to think they were totally in sync.

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