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Update written by Joseph

Jake has a nightmare about fighting Devil Johnny and then wakes up in a panic. Ava wakes up next to him and asks if he’s okay.

Rafe works in his office at the police station and complains about being stuck with all the paper work like he has nothing better to do than stay here all night. Nicole arrives and questions how the hell all the charges against Ava were dropped.

Eric works the bar at the Brady Pub. Marlena arrives and says she had to see for herself that he was really back as they hug. Eric feels bad that he just went back to Africa so soon instead of sticking around and making sure she fully recovered. Marlena assures that she’s fine and that Eric saved her soul and set her free.

Gabi sits at her desk at DiMera Enterprises, reading an article in The Intruder about Ava going free. EJ arrives and asks if she’s having a rough day at the office. Gabi sees EJ and questions if Melinda is just letting everybody out of jail. EJ notes that she seems surprised as he’s sure she would have heard about his exoneration by now. Gabi guesses she blocked it out. EJ informs Gabi that he’s innocent as it turned out the Devil used Belle to set him up.

Belle goes to the police station and sees Shawn. Shawn thanks her for coming to see him but Belle clarifies that she came to see a client. Shawn asks if she will give him a few minutes to make his case first to try and convince her that she should come home. Shawn calls the situation Jan challenging and a total nightmare. Shawn says he misses Belle and he knows she misses him too. Belle argues that Shawn slept with a homicidal maniac whose only mission in life was to drive them apart and now she is having his baby. Shawn says he’s so sorry. Belle brings up Shawn impregnating Jan four months ago on Christmas Eve/their wedding anniversary and allowed her to believe that she interrupted them. Shawn complains that he believed Jan was Belle. Belle continues on that he didn’t confide in her what happened. Shawn explains that he knew it would hurt her and traumatize her, so he didn’t want to do that to her. Belle asks if it never occurred to him that Jan could get pregnant. Shawn argues that he thought it was Belle so it never occurred to him. Belle thinks maybe it should have which Shawn admits. Shawn says he was ashamed and asks what telling her would have done. Belle complains that this entire thing could have been avoided if Jan took the morning after pill. Shawn argues that Jan would have never agreed to that but Belle says she could have gotten a court order because it was sexual assault. Shawn apologizes for being so clueless but he doesn’t have a law degree so the thought never crossed his mind. Shawn says he knew he made the biggest mistake of his life and that’s been compounded by Jan being pregnant. Shawn assures Belle that this is a total nightmare for him and he can’t think of anything that would make him more miserable. Belle responds that she’s just shocked and disappointed that months went by without him telling her the truth and that she had to find out from Jan showing her. Shawn says she has every right to be angry but he can’t change the past or what the Devil did. Shawn promises Belle that he will spend the rest of his life making it up to her. Belle asks how he will do that. Shawn responds that he will prove and show her that she is the most important thing in the world to him. Shawn knows he can do it if she gives him a chance.

Eric is relieved that Marlena is okay but he’s disappointed himself as he really thought he got rid of the Devil for good but he let him jump in to Belle. Marlena argues that Satan is a master of deception.

Gabi asks EJ if she’s supposed to feel sorry for him that the Devil set him up. EJ responds that he didn’t come for her sympathy, but for his job. Gabi points out that the position has been filled and she told her assistant that she was not to be disturbed. EJ brings up recently being co-CEO. Gabi reminds him that when the evidence showed he kidnapped Sami, Mr. Shin fired him. EJ points out that now they both know Satan planted the evidence, so if not for him, he wouldn’t have been removed from his position and Satan is the only reason that Gabi is in that chair. Gabi argues that he can blame the Devil all he wants but the truth is, Johnny is the one who got her in to the chair. Gabi declares that Johnny got her in to this position and then tried to get her in to his bed.

Ava asks Jake again if he is okay. Jake says he just had a nightmare. Ava guesses it was pretty bad. Jake claims he’s fine. Ava puts her hand on his chest and notes that his heart is racing, so he doesn’t seem fine. Ava apologizes if she made things weird. Jake asks if she means weirder than sleeping together without actually sleeping together. Ava tells Jake that she is his friend, so if he wants to tell her about his nightmare, she is happy to listen. Jake claims he can’t remember and gets up to go shower.

Belle asks Shawn what if she gives him another chance. Shawn says he will follow her lead and do whatever she wants. Shawn knows he made a huge mistake and hates that he hurt her but he doesn’t want this to destroy their marriage. Shawn wants to figure this out with her and asks what she wants. Belle responds that she doesn’t want Jan Spears to be part of her life in any way. Shawn assures that she won’t have to worry about that. Belle argues that if the baby is in his life, and he is in her life, then Jan is in her life. Belle thinks it is best if she steers clear since Jan has tried to kill her. Shawn argues that they don’t know what Jan will do and maybe motherhood will calm her down. Shawn points out that he hasn’t heard from Jan once since she told him about the baby. Shawn then gets a call from the prison.

Nicole complains to Rafe about Melinda letting Ava walk. Rafe argues that Melinda just did it and ordered him to arrest Gwen which led to his pile of paper work which is why he couldn’t see Nicole last night. Nicole asks if Rafe could take a break. Rafe says he’d love that and suggests breakfast at the Pub. Nicole stops and remembers seeing Eric working at the Pub.

Eric apologizes to Marlena for not coming back sooner to help with Belle since he was off the grid. Marlena says he doesn’t have to apologize as they all pulled together and saved Belle. Eric questions no one being aware that Belle was possessed. Marlena mentions that Susan Banks thought the Devil got in to Belle, but Ben thought that it was Johnny.

EJ questions Gabi about Johnny trying to seduce her. Gabi explains that she and Jake had big plans and Johnny did too, so she suggested they all work together. EJ guesses Gabi wanted to use Johnny’s shares to take over the company. Gabi says she’s all about business but Johnny wanted more and kept pushing her to ditch Jake, to team up with him in more ways than one. Gabi tells EJ that she refused until she found out Jake was stabbing her in the back, but now they know it wasn’t Jake, it was Satan. Gabi says she wanted to confront Jake about double crossing her but Johnny stopped her and convinced her to ambush Jake at the meeting, to vote Chad out and her in. EJ questions it being Johnny’s idea to make Gabi CEO. Gabi says it was more about the power grab and notes how quick Johnny was to throw EJ under the bus. Gabi adds that afterwards, Johnny wanted to take their relationship to the next level but she found out that Jake didn’t betray her and she tried to fix it. Gabi adds that EJ doesn’t have to take her word for it, as she could ask his son. EJ responds that he wishes he could, but Johnny is gone. EJ tells Gabi that Johnny is in Italy doing some soul searching. Gabi hopes that works out for him. Gabi tells EJ that he’s all caught up now so he can see himself out since she has an international corporation to run. EJ reminds Gabi how well that they used to get along. Gabi asks if he means that was before he booted Jake out of the family business. EJ points out that Gabi and Jake are through, so he asks Gabi to step aside and let him have his job back but Gabi says no. EJ suggests she remember that he’s not as naïve as his son then and he will always respect his father’s legacy, so he won’t let it be run in to the ground by an interloper. EJ warns Gabi not to get too comfortable in that chair as it won’t be long before he puts her in her place and reclaims his. Gabi asks if that’s a threat. EJ calls it a promise and then walks out of the office.

Nicole tells Rafe that there is something he should know before they go to the Pub. Ava walks in and jokes about not interrupting if they were about to go at it on the desk. Rafe asks Ava what the hell she wants.

Gabi goes back to her desk and complains about who is more insufferable, Ava or EJ. Gabi decides she will forget them since Ava is a loser and EJ is unemployed while she is CEO. There’s a knock on the door, so Gabi complains that she’s not supposed to be disturbed, but it’s Jake who enters the office.

Eric asks Marlena if Johnny was possessed. Marlena explains that is what Ben originally thought. Eric asks if it was true since Johnny was in the room for Marlena’s exorcism. Marlena says that Belle as Satan tried to choke her to death but Johnny broke it up. Eric asks if Belle is okay. Marlena says physically she is okay and the Devil is gone, but when he was there, something happened that absolutely devastated Belle..

Jan is informed that Shawn refused her call. Jan complains that Shawn is the father of her child so he can’t just blow her off. Jan asks to call Shawn again and for him to be told that it’s an emergency.

Belle remarks that Shawn should have taken the call from his baby mama and says this is how it’s going to be from now on, when Jan calls he has to talk to her. Shawn argues that he’s taking to Belle now about saving their marriage, so Jan can wait. Shawn gets another call from the prison so Belle grabs his phone and accepts the charges. Belle tells Shawn to talk to Jan because she has nothing left to say. Shawn tries to argue but Belle says she will be at her parents’ and walks out of the station. Shawn asks Jan what she wants. Jan asks if that’s any way to talk to the mother of his child and guesses he’s been talking to Belle. Shawn threatens to hang up but Jan warns him not to if he cares about the life of their unborn child.

Eric is shocked to hear that Jan Spears is pregnant with Shawn’s child. Marlena adds that she feels responsible. Eric argues that Belle and Shawn can’t blame Marlena for the Devil’s work. Marlena explains that Belle is upset with Shawn for not telling her that he slept with Jan. Eric feels he should go check on Belle to see if there’s anything he can do. Marlena is sure Belle would love to hear from him. Marlena asks if he’s bumped in to anybody else since coming back to town. Eric confirms that Nicole stopped by and they talked for a bit. Marlena asks how that felt. Eric acknowledges that he and Nicole are divorced, while he’s committed to the priesthood and she’s committed to somebody else.

Rafe tells Ava that the good thing about the charges being dropped is that he doesn’t have to see her around here anymore. Ava says she didn’t come to see him, she came to see Gwen. Nicole asks why since Ava sold Gwen out. Ava argues that she did what she had to do to save herself but she took no pleasure in it and she came to apologize. Nicole questions believing her making amends with Gwen when she hasn’t even apologized to Rafe setting him up. Ava argues that Gwen didn’t have sex with her best friend or her boyfriend behind her back like some other people she knows. Nicole argues that Rafe didn’t deserve to go to prison and Ava doesn’t deserve to be free. Ava asks who she speaks to about seeing Gwen. Rafe agrees to let Gwen know that Ava wants to talk to her. Rafe tells Nicole that it won’t take long so he’ll meet her at the Pub. Nicole kisses Rafe and then exits. Ava tells Rafe that she will wait here while he goes to check with Gwen but Rafe refuses to leave her in his office and orders her to get out.

Gabi asks what Jake is doing here. Jake says he needed to talk to her. Gabi argues that she already knows how his new girlfriend Ava threw his old girlfriend Gwen under the bus and framed her brother. Jake clarifies that Ava is not his girlfriend, but even if she was, it’s not Gabi’s business. Gabi asks if Jake is okay with Ava throwing Gwen under the bus to save her own guilty ass. Jake argues that Gwen put Abigail and her family through Hell so he won’t lose sleep over that, but he’s not here to talk about Gwen or Ava, but about The Devil.

Shawn goes to see Jan at the prison and tells her that she has one minute. Jan complains about him being so cold to her when she’s really vulnerable. Shawn warns that she has 30 seconds. Jan argues that she knows he cares about their baby as much as she does. Jan starts crying that she’s really scared. Shawn tells her to skip the tears and games and just cut to the chase to tell him what the hell she wants.

Belle goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells EJ that she got his text and he said it was important. EJ informs her that he needs her help to take DiMera back from Gabi. Belle reminds him that she is DiMera’s general counsel, so Gabi is her boss. EJ says that’s only until she advises him on how to get rid of her. Belle asks why EJ would take her advice since he ignores it all the time. Belle reminds EJ that she told him not to hand over his shares to Johnny but he did it anyway and that’s how Gabi became CEO. EJ clarifies that Gabi said it was Johnny’s idea that she run the company. Belle points out that EJ handed Johnny all the power. EJ repeats that at the time, he trusted his son and never imagined he would undermine him. Belle argues that he should have trusted his attorney more. EJ agrees that he should not have been so dismissive, but promises to listen from now on. Belle appreciates that but says she still can’t advise him on this. Off the record, Belle suggests that EJ get Johnny to sign a document handing over his shares and then he can form a voting block to remove Gabi and put himself back in. EJ says there is just one problem with that strategy as Johnny has left town to Italy to find himself. Belle guesses he must first find Johnny to get his signature and that’s all she is going to say about it. EJ knows she’s heard all about him, so he asks how she is doing. Belle says that’s not a question she can answer in just a few words.

Jan claims she’s not trying to manipulate Shawn as she’s been cooperative and completely honest since telling him about their baby. Jan says that’s why when she learned something about their child today, she thought he would want to know immediately. Shawn says he’s here so she can tell him. Jan explains that she had a more thorough exam and she’s afraid there’s some bad news as she has a medical condition with a long, complicated name. Shawn doesn’t buy it but Jan says what she has is serious and she needs to be on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Shawn asks what that has to do with him. Jan complains that nobody can rest in prison, so he needs to get her released immediately for the sake of their baby.

Gabi questions Jake wanting to talk about the Devil and asks if he means his girlfriend. Jake repeats that Ava is just his roommate and it’s none of her business, but he needs help and Gabi is the only person he can turn to. Gabi asks what he needs help with. Jake says it’s about a dream that feels more like a memory. Jake reminds Gabi that she left him alone in the conference room at DiMera with Johnny, but in his dream, Johnny seemed possessed with the freaky voice and glowing eyes. Gabi guesses Jake hit his head pretty hard because when she got back, Jake was out cold. Gabi recalls Johnny saying that Jake attacked him. Jake doesn’t remember that, but in his dream, he punched the Devil. Gabi says what she remembers from that day is that she got this job and lost Jake. Jake decides this was a mistake and apologizes for bothering her. Gabi stops him and says they both know the Devil and Johnny broke them up. Gabi asks if he’s thinking they are one in the same.

Rafe informs Ava that Gwen doesn’t want to see her. Ava guesses that she’s holding a grudge. Rafe doesn’t want to see Ava either, so he tells her to get out and not come back. Ava argues that she’s a free woman so she can go where ever she damn well pleases. Rafe warns that Ava got away this time, but if she thinks about hurting him or Nicole, she won’t have to worry about speaking with Gwen because she’ll be in the same cell with her in prison. Ava mocks him playing bad cop and says he never showed her this side when they were dating because if he had, they’d probably still be together. Ava then walks out of the station.

Eric mentions Nicole being with Rafe now. Marlena is surprised she told him and wants to know that Eric is okay. Eric assures he’s fine, acknowledging that Nicole was his first love so they will obviously have a connection but they realized they are two different people who want two very different lives. Marlena asks if seeing Nicole now is just like seeing an old friend. Eric admits his heart skipped a beat when he saw Nicole so she will still have that power over him. Nicole then enters the Pub and sees them.

Jake tells Gabi that there was a time when he, Ben, and Ciara thought Johnny was possessed but it turned out the Devil was in Belle and Johnny was just a jerk. Gabi asks what about his dream since it must mean something for him to come ask for her help. Jake calls it a mistake and repeats that he’s sorry to bother her. Jake tells Gabi to get back to running DiMera all by herself. Gabi blames living with Ava for giving him nightmares. Jake then reveals that he and Ava are now sharing the bed. Gabi gets upset but Jake assures that nothing happened and they stayed on their sides of the bed. Jake then exits the office. Gabi remarks that it won’t last.

Marlena and Nicole greet each other. Marlena says she has to get going and tells Eric that she will be in touch, so she exits the Pub. Nicole informs Eric that Rafe is meeting her here for breakfast at his suggestion. Eric tells her that she doesn’t have to explain. Nicole apologizes since this is a little strange. Eric points out that it wasn’t strange yesterday. Nicole says now Rafe will be walking through the door. Eric assures Nicole that seeing her happy will never make him uncomfortable as he’s truly happy that she’s met someone who will put her first and can give her their whole heart. Eric holds Nicole’s hands and tells her that she deserves that as Rafe walks in to the Pub, surprised to see Eric with Nicole.

Belle informs EJ that she ran in to Shawn at the police station and he wants her to come back home. EJ asks what she wants. Belle cries that she wants to go back in time to stop Shawn from sleeping with Jan so she wouldn’t be carrying his baby. EJ wishes he could help her with that. Belle wishes she could do what EJ did to Sami when he found out she cheated with Lucas. EJ points out that he banished Sami from his life. Belle cries that she wants to banish all of this and erase it forever but she can’t because she loves Shawn. EJ hugs Belle as she cries.

Shawn informs Jan that he just spoke to the prison doctor. Jan guesses she backed up what she said and tells Shawn that she told him that she wasn’t making it up. Jan warns Shawn that if she stays in prison, their child will not survive.

Jake returns home and thinks back to his nightmare about Devil Johnny. Ava asks if he’s still shaken up about his nightmare but Jake claims he’s fine.

Gabi declares that she will get Ava out of Jake’s bed if it’s the last thing she does.

Rafe greets Eric and they hug. Rafe asks when Eric got in to town. Eric says it was yesterday and questions Nicole not telling him. Nicole explains that they didn’t see each other last night and she tried to tell him this morning but they were interrupted. Nicole informs Rafe that she and Eric ran in to each other yesterday morning. Rafe says it’s great and welcomes Eric back, asking how long he’s here for. Eric says it’s just a visit and mentions that Nicole told him about her and Rafe, so he wishes them both happiness.

Belle tells EJ that she feels like she’s never going to be happy again. EJ encourages that she is smart and strong, so she will find a way to make the best of all of it. Belle asks how when Jan is crazy, heartless, and is now pregnant with her husband’s baby. EJ says if Belle wants her marriage to work then it will. EJ believes in Belle and urges her to believe in herself.

Shawn asks what Jan wants him to do. Jan argues that he’s an officer of the law so he can pull some strings or call in a favor to get her released. Shawn argues that they won’t let a nutjob with her record out of prison just because she’s pregnant. Jan argues that they are options other than letting her free, like house arrest. Shawn asks whose house, so Jan suggests his.


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