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Ben and Clyde look over baby Bo as he sleeps at home. Clyde wishes he could stick around but he has to get to work. Ben acknowledges that Clyde is really good with Bo. Clyde calls it pretty surprising and says he just learns from the best in Ben and Ciara. Clyde adds that being around baby Bo so much and seeing how much he needs both his parents makes him think of Abigail DiMera’s children losing their mom. Clyde calls it a tragedy for the whole family and then says he has to go as he exits.

Lucas sits alone in the town square and thinks back to waking up from drinking and wondering what the hell he did the night before. Brady approaches and asks if Lucas has a minute to talk about falling off the wagon. Lucas asks what the hell he’s talking about since he was in a meeting this morning and is 100% sober. Brady asks why he looks so guilty then.

EJ enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and finds Chad laying on the couch, unable to sleep. EJ checks on him and offers to help him upstairs but Chad says he tried but couldn’t bring himself to enter his bedroom as he just remembered finding Abigail slipping away from him.

Belle is with Thomas and Charlotte at John and Marlena’s house. There’s a knock on the door which makes Charlotte hope it’s her mom. Belle answers the door to see Chloe and invites her in. Thomas complains that they thought it was going to be their mom.

Shawn sits with Jan in her hospital room. Jan cries about her baby being the smallest one and how he was crying while she couldn’t comfort him. Shawn encourages her. Shawn then gets a text from the warden, asking when he is going to bring Jan back to prison.

Belle sends Thomas and Charlotte to the kitchen to get cookies from John. Chloe realizes they still don’t know about Abigail.

Ciara comes home to Ben and baby Bo. Ciara asks Ben what’s wrong. Ben responds that he was just thinking about Abigail and how sad it is that she’s really gone, especially for her kids. Ciara calls it really heartbreaking to think about Thomas and Charlotte having to grow up without a mother. Ben recalls that he tried to do that when he tried to take Abigail away from her family. Ciara assures that was a long time ago and Ben was a different person then but he’s better now. Ben says not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about all the people he hurt. Ciara encourages that he’s with her now and their son, so everything is going to be okay. Ben says not for Chad as his whole world just fell apart.

EJ mentions that Harold told him that Chad sent the staff away which he confirms. EJ doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Chad to be all alone in the house. Chad responds that he is alone. EJ says that’s not true. Chad argues that Abigail is gone and not coming back because some evil son of a bitch decided to take her away from him.

Leo sits in the Brady Pub as he comes across a headline in The Intruder that states a police source says “Stolen Jewels may lead us to Abigail DiMera’s Killer”. Leo thinks back to stealing the jewels from Abigail’s box and begins to panic as he declares that he can’t get caught holding that jewelry so he has to find someone to take it off his hands.

Lucas tells Brady that he has nothing to feel guilty about. Brady brings up Lucas walking out of the meeting this morning. Lucas didn’t know Brady was there. Brady says that Lucas looked right at him. Lucas says it didn’t register. Brady argues that Lucas saw he was there and left. Lucas claims he didn’t see him and that he had somewhere else more important to be. Lucas says that he had to go pick Sami up at the airport as she got in from Italy this morning but her flight was cancelled so he came back. Lucas asks if he has any more questions. Brady asks what he’s not telling him.

Clyde approaches Leo and comments on his solid platinum gold money clip. Leo complains about the price of the chowder. Clyde remarks that it looks like he can afford it. Leo tells Clyde to make him an offer for the money clip but Clyde declines. Leo then informs him that he has some other items for sale. Clyde asks if he’s a salesman. Leo claims that an old aunt of his passed away and he’s the executor of her estate. Clyde says he’s sorry for his loss. Leo thanks him and claims they were very close. Clyde asks if he’s liquidating her assets. Leo says specifically some jewelry and asks if he’s interested. Clyde says he’d have to see it first. Leo tells Clyde to meet him in the park in ten minutes as he then quickly exits.

Lucas tells Brady that he’s just trying to enjoy his coffee and some peace. Brady apologizes as he’s not trying to pry in his personal business and he was genuinely worried when he walked out of the meeting. Brady remarks that Lucas doesn’t look too good, so he’d hate to think he skipped out on a meeting that he may have needed because of him. Lucas then admits to Brady that he went on a bender but it was one night and that’s it. Brady asks if it had anything to do with Abigail.

Chloe tells Belle that she came assuming that Brady was here and apologizes for not calling first. They sit together and talk about Thomas and Charlotte. Chloe mentions hearing that Jan had Shawn’s baby and says she’s so sorry for not being there to support Belle. Belle responds that it’s okay as she actually had a big broad shoulder to cry on in EJ. Belle informs Chloe that she stayed at the DiMera Mansion and it was very comforting. Chloe questions if Belle and EJ slept together. Belle assures that they didn’t, but admits they came close.

EJ tells Chad that he stayed at John and Marlena’s last night where Belle was. Chad asks about the kids. EJ says they are fine as they kept them occupied. EJ brings up the kids being away from home for two nights already. Chad argues that he knows. EJ says they are fine but they are asking for their father. Chad argues that he can’t see them like this, so he asks EJ to tell the kids that he’s sick or slammed at work. EJ agrees to do so but notes that they are asking for their mother too.

Ben tells Ciara that he came close to being where Chad is now and wishes he could tell him how sorry he is. Ciara asks what Ben is doing this afternoon. Ben says not much. Ciara says she is going to the hospital to meet their new nephew and invites Ben to come with her. Ben says he would love that.

Jan argues that Shawn can’t let them do this as she hasn’t even held their son. Shawn doesn’t think the warden will see that as reason for her not to go back to prison. Jan argues that their baby is premature and he needs her breast milk. Shawn tells her they will figure it out. Jan asks if he expects her to pump in the dirty prison and that he’ll bring the bottles back and forth every day. Jan argues that she needs to be here because their son needs her and she needs Shawn to make that happen right now.

Lucas asks Brady why his drinking would have anything to do with Abigail. Brady says that Lucas’s niece, whom he loved very dearly, was brutally murdered so he wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to numb the pain a bit of that. Brady adds that he’s worried about Jennifer having a slip up after losing her child so violently and horrifically. Lucas then admits that this is about Abigail.

Chad apologizes to EJ for lashing out and says he knows he has to do this, but he has no idea how he’s going to. Chad questions how to tell his children that they’re never going to see their mother again. Chad talks about how Abigail was reading The Hobbit to Thomas at bedtime and how Charlotte climbed the tree outside until Abigail climbed up to get her, even though she was terrified of heights. EJ encourages Chad that he’s not alone as he has his family. Chad responds that he can’t do this without her. EJ knows it seems impossible right now but insists that he will find the strength to go on and everyone who loves him will help and support him. EJ declares that Chad is their father and they need him now more than ever. EJ hugs Chad as he breaks down crying.

Belle tells Chloe that EJ has been really supportive through the whole nightmare with Jan and he came to the hospital to check on her, so after the baby was born, she asked EJ to get her out of there. Belle says they went to dinner, had a couple of bottle of wines, and ended up back at the mansion. Belle adds that she and EJ were almost at the point of no return when they heard Chad screaming for help. Chloe asks what if that hadn’t happened. Belle confirms that she and EJ would’ve ended up in bed together without question. Chloe asks if that means Belle and Shawn are over.

Shawn informs Jan that he just spoke with Kayla and she agrees that Jan should stay at the hospital with the baby for a little while longer, so she’s going to call the warden now. Jan excitedly hugs Shawn to thank him right as Ciara walks in with Ben and baby Bo. Ciara questions what’s going on here. Jan says she just got the best news that she doesn’t have to go back to prison right away. Shawn explains that the doctors feel that it would be best for the baby if she stays for awhile longer. Jan talks about how much a child needs it’s mother and says she hasn’t even gotten to hold their baby yet. Ciara says that must be really hard. Jan calls it torture and asks if she can hold Ciara and Ben’s baby.

Belle explains to Chloe that Jan is living in her house and just turned her office into a nursery while Marlena has just signed on to be Jan’s therapist. Chloe can’t believe it. Belle says Marlena is even making house calls because of Jan’s ankle monitor. Belle says she couldn’t take it anymore and had to create some distance. Chloe says she’s sorry and asks if she sees where this is going at all. Belle admits she doesn’t know since so much happened so fast and she just feels really torn. Belle says she obviously still loves Shawn but she hates that he’s let Jan just take over. Chloe questions how Shawn can’t see how wrong and hurtful this is since Jan has been trying to come between them for years. Belle declares that it looks like she finally succeeded. Chloe asks if that means Belle is moving on with EJ DiMera. EJ then walks in with Chad.

Lucas tells Brady that what happened to Abigail was horrible and ever since he found out yesterday, he can’t stop thinking about the terrifying possibility but then switches and says it’s that he can’t help Jennifer. Lucas says he saw Jennifer yesterday but he doesn’t know if she will ever recover from this. Brady encourages that Jennifer will be fine as she is strong and has people around her to support her. Lucas relates to being in the same hell with Will but he came back to them. Lucas complains that Abigail is not coming back after what this monster did to her. Brady notes that the cops think it could’ve been a robbery gone wrong which surprises Lucas. Brady explains that it was in the paper this morning that they found some jewelry and cash missing from the house, so they think if they can find the jewelry then they will find the person who killed Abigail.

Clyde meets Leo in the park. Clyde takes Leo’s bag and looks at the jewelry inside. Clyde guesses the jewelry is hot.

Ciara questions Jan wanting to hold her son. Jan points out that the whole supervised babysitting idea never happened so she thought it would be good practice for holding her own son. Jan asks what they think. Ben says it’s up to Ciara. Shawn agrees. Ciara then agrees to allow Jan to hold baby Bo. Jan holds baby Bo and calls herself his Aunt Jan. Jan talks about how Bo will grow up with his cousin, her baby Shawn. Ciara then questions them naming the baby Shawn.

Chloe tells Chad that she’s so sorry about Abigail and calls her a really wonderful woman. Belle says that Chloe stopped by to see Brady so they were just chatting while the kids are in the kitchen with John. Chloe decides to get going and sends her love to Jack and Jennifer. Belle decides to walk Chloe out. Chloe tells Belle that it’s quite some chemistry between her and EJ. Belle notes that they didn’t even say anything to each other. Chloe says she could still feel the heat between them and advises her to be careful not to get burned. Belle then brings up how her and EJ ran in to Chloe’s mom, Nancy, on a date with Clyde Weston and asks if she knew they were dating. Chloe admits she’s not happy about it. Belle thinks back to EJ sharing the secret with her that Clyde had him shot. Belle tells Chloe that she was at the prison a lot while EJ was there and she can tell her that Clyde is exactly who he has always been. Belle thinks it was a huge mistake to let him out on parole. Chloe points out that there’s nothing they can do about that. Belle feels they must do whatever it takes to convince Nancy to break up with him as she insists that Clyde is just as dangerous as he’s always been.

Leo claims not to know what Clyde means. Clyde tells him to cut the crap and accuses him of stealing the jewelry. Leo acts offended so Clyde goes to leave but Leo stops him and admits that the stuff is hot and he’s looking to unload it as quick as possible. Clyde responds that he just might be able to help him with that.

Lucas questions Brady saying it might have been a robbery and it’s possible that Abigail didn’t know the person and it wasn’t personal at all. Brady states that it’s possible but also possible that the things that were stolen are completely unrelated. Brady adds that Rafe will be working around the clock to figure out who did this. Brady knows Lucas wants to be strong for Jennifer but he’s obviously hurting as well. Lucas assures that he won’t pick up the bottle again. Brady tells him that he’s here for him if he wants to get anything off his chest, adding that whatever he says will stay between them. Lucas thanks him but says there is nothing more to tell and that he just drank one time, but he’ll regret it for the rest of his life.

Belle heads back inside and tells Chad that she’s so sorry as they all loved Abigail so much. Chad thanks her for taking such good care of his kids. Belle says they are here for anything he needs and asks if there’s anything they can do now. Chad asks her to go get his children for him as it’s time for him to tell them.

Lucas goes to his room at the Salem Inn and thinks back to Brady telling him about the cops looking for the stolen jewelry. Lucas states that he doesn’t remember anything about that night and wonders if it’s possible that he stole Abigail’s jewelry. Lucas says that if he did, maybe he stashed it in the room, so he starts looking through his drawers.

Leo questions Clyde being able to help him with the jewelry. Clyde explains that he’s on parole so he needs to keep his nose clean, but he does have friends who deal in this kind of thing all the time. Leo adds that he also has to keep his nose clean. Clyde points out that he doesn’t work for free. Leo agrees to give him a cut. Clyde declares that he gets a third of Leo’s cut and that’s not negotiable. Clyde says if Leo doesn’t like that, he can try to low ball somebody else so Leo agrees to his terms. Clyde says he needs to hold on to the jewelry to have his friend appraise it, but he feels Leo would rather him have it anyway. Leo supposes that would be best if he can trust him to hold up his end of the deal and not disappear without a trace. Leo adds that since Clyde is on parole, so if he did disappear, he’d have to tell the police his version of what happened and that could get messy. Clyde asks if he’s threatening him. Leo says no and just wants to know when he’s getting his money. Clyde tells him to check back in a couple of days and that he knows where to find him as he walks away.

Brady joins Chloe outside the Pub and they kiss as Brady welcomes her back. Chloe thanks him and says she missed him. Brady asks if she came from John and Marlena’s. Chloe confirms that she did as she thought he would be there, but when she walked in, she saw Belle playing with Charlotte and Thomas. Chloe mentions that the kids don’t know about their mom yet. Chloe adds that as she was leaving, Chad showed up. Chloe prays that Chad finds the strength to be able to tell his kids.

Belle brings Thomas and Charlotte in to see Chad. Chad hugs them and says he missed them so much. Chad suggests they spend some time together now. EJ and Belle then exit the house. Thomas asks if Chad and Abigail are still taking them to Boston. Chad promises to take them at some point, but right now they need to stay in Salem.

EJ asks Belle if she wants to get some air. EJ says he’d like to stay close in case Chad needs him, but they could take a walk in the park. Belle says she’d love to but thinks she’s going to go see Marlena at the hospital to see if she can refer a counselor for the kids. EJ calls that very thoughtful of her. Belle says they are in this together. EJ agrees as Belle then walks away.

Shawn says this is the first he’s hearing of a name for the baby. Jan thinks it suits their son perfectly. Jan suggests the name Shawn Christian Brady and asks if that’s okay. Shawn says that’s fine.

Ben and Ciara return home with baby Bo. Ciara apologizes to Ben as that visit was supposed to lift his spirits but that was just weird. Ben agrees but says at least they know their nephew is doing well. Ciara still can’t believe Jan Spears is a mother. Ciara mentions that her mother has been asking for an update. Ciara then gets a call from Hope and answers the call, saying she was just about to call her to tell her about her new grandson, Shawn Christian Brady.

Jan asks Shawn to show her the photos he took of their baby Shawn earlier, so he does. Jan expresses being grateful to Shawn for making it possible that she can stay here with their baby. Jan adds that she’d be even more grateful if he got her a chili cheese dog with fries instead of hospital lunch. Shawn agrees to get it and exits. Shawn then runs in to Belle at the hospital.

Chad sits with Thomas and Charlotte and tells them how much he loves them. Chad informs them that there’s something he has to tell them about their mom.

Chloe tells Brady that she can’t stop thinking about the kids. Brady talks about having conversations with Rachel about her mom but not this. Chloe questions what kind of savage would brutally murder the mother of two young children. Brady says it would be someone who has no earth, the scum of the earth, and the lowest of the low. Leo then walks up.

Clyde walks through the park with the bag of stolen jewelry. EJ then appears and says it looks like someone left him holding the bag.

Lucas finishes searching his room and concludes the jewelry is not there but worries that he still could have stashed it somewhere else and he could still be the one who killed Abigail. Sami then arrives, entering the room on crutches and surprising Lucas.


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