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Brady and Chloe wait outside the court room. Brady worries about possibly losing Rachel to Kristen today and admits it’s scaring the hell out of him. Chloe questions what kind of judge could give custody to a woman like Kristen, pointing out that she has spent most of Rachel’s life either in prison or on the run, so she has no idea what personal responsibility is like. Brady thanks Chloe as she continues to encourage him. Belle arrives and asks where Kristen is. Brady says he has no idea but knowing her, she’s probably up to no good.

Li finds Kristen outside the Brady Pub and says they need to talk. Kristen responds that she’s due in court so she doesn’t have time but Li grabs her by the arm and warns her to make time because it has to do with Stefan.

Gabi goes back to the DiMera Crypt and retrieves her wedding ring that she left at Stefan’s plaque. Gabi thinks back to saying goodbye to Stefan and then running in to him. Gabi declares that Stefan came back to her, so this time, she’s not going to let him go.

Ava goes to her room at the Salem Inn. Johnny comes out from the shower in a towel and asks how her day was. Ava is freaked out and questions what he’s still doing there, reminding him that they agreed that he would stay one night. Johnny says he’s fine with that so Ava tells him to put his clothes on and go as she had her orientation at DiMera Enterprises today and it wasn’t a lot of fun. Johnny asks what happened. Ava doesn’t want to talk to him about it and reminds him that he shouldn’t still be there. Johnny explains that he was at the gym and just came back to shower and will now be on his way. Ava asks if he’s going back home to the DIMera Mansion. Johnny responds that it depends on if EJ’s changed as far as trying to ruin his life. There’s a knock at the door which Ava questions. Johnny remembers that he ordered room service which Ava complains about. Johnny says he was just hungry and tells her not to freak out. Johnny then answers the door to see EJ, who orders him to get his clothes on and come with him.

Gabi thinks back to kissing Stefan and their subsequent argument where Stefan said he could barely stand her. Gabi wonders what Dr. Rolf did to him.

Li tells Kristen that Dr. Rolf told him that she ordered him to wake Stefan up last night when he wasn’t done programming him. Kristen argues that she had no choice as she is on her way to her daughter’s custody hearing and Chloe promised to take the stand to make her look like the worst mother to ever live, so she needs Stefan to distract Chloe and come between her and Brady. Li responds that from what he hears, that’s not what happened. Kristen argues that Dr. Rolf told Stefan to straight to Chloe, so she questions where the hell he went instead. Kristen asks if Li knows. Li reveals that he actually does.

Belle points out that Kristen’s lawyer isn’t at court either and wonders if she decided to call the whole thing off. Brady assures that she’ll be there. Chloe wonders what Kristen is up to. The judge stands and questions where Kristen and her attorney are. Belle responds that they have no idea. The judge says she doesn’t tolerate tardiness in her court room. Belle points out that if Kristen can’t be there on time, she’s not demonstrating an ability to care for a child 24/7, so she moves to dismiss the case.

Allie and Chanel talk at home about making 10,000 cookies for Paulina’s campaign until the oven went down at the Bakery. They hope Paulina hasn’t changed her mind about running. Allie comments on family, so Chanel then asks Allie if she’s talked to Johnny about the fact that he’s sleeping with Tripp’s mother.

Johnny tells EJ that he’s not going anywhere with him. EJ argues that he has to come home eventually. Johnny says he’ll be fine. EJ mocks Johnny’s relationship with a woman he barely knows in Ava. Johnny argues that EJ doesn’t understand. EJ tells Ava that he’s doing his best to take Johnny off her hands. Ava asks who asked him to. Ava tells EJ that she and Johnny have plans this afternoon and suggests EJ gets the hell out of her room. EJ argues that he’s just caring for his son’s well-being. EJ declares that he won’t make that mistake again and exits the room.

Li informs Kristen that Stefan went straight to the DiMera Crypt where Gabi happened to be. Li adds that Stefan told Gabi that he never loved her and blamed her for wrecking his relationship with Chloe. Kristen concludes that they both got what they wanted the and asks why the hell Li scared her like that. Li argues that Kristen took a very dangerous chance behind his back. Kristen asks if he doesn’t know where Stefan is. Li admits he hasn’t seen him since yesterday as Gabi wanted to take him to the hospital but he refused and took off, so he has no idea where he went. Kristen argues that if someone saw dead Stefan DiMera walking around, she’s sure they would’ve heard about it. Li says Gabi is a mess and couldn’t sleep last night. Kristen brings up Stefan being the great love of Gabi’s life and questions wanting her to just shrug it off. Li argues that Kristen should want Gabi to shrug it off if she wants Stefan to go after Chloe. Kristen declares that Stefan is going to be in love with Chloe, so it doesn’t matter what Gabi wants. Kristen adds that Gabi is Li’s problem, while she has her own battles to fight. Kristen then storms off.

Gabi tells herself that she will never say goodbye to Stefan again as she then exits the Crypt.

The judge points out that Kristen is almost 20 minutes late and decides to give her one more minute before granting the motion to dismiss. Kristen then arrives and apologizes, saying she was unavoidably detained. The judge questions where her attorney is. Kristen reveals that she fired her and has decided to represent herself. Belle laughs at that and asks if she’s kidding. Kristen then calls Chloe as her first witness. The judge points out that this is not a trial but family court so she asks the questions and makes the determination on custody. Kristen argues that the forms they failed out had a section on partners of both parties and she’s afraid that Brady’s lawyer advised him not to give full information on he and Chloe. The judge questions what she means. Kristen explains that she went to Chloe’s room last night to straighten things out but Brady answered the door in his boxers, so they are in a very serious relationship where they spend all day working together and then all day after. The judge questions the problem. Kristen states that their daughter Rachel hates Chloe. Belle objects, calling that pure speculation, pointing out that Chloe and Brady aren’t married and Chloe is not Rachel’s caregiver so she has no role in this. The judge says she will decide and asks if Kristen has more to say. Kristen responds that the judge doesn’t know Chloe like she does and thinks it’s important that she should. The judge calls upon Chloe and agrees to let Kristen ask her a few questions. Brady begins to worry as Chloe takes the stand. Kristen asks Chloe why she’s trying to steal her daughter from her.

Allie tells Chanel that they don’t know if Johnny and Ava are sleeping together. Chanel argues that they saw them going in to the Salem Inn together and questions what else they would be doing. Allie brings up the power struggle at DiMera and suggests maybe Johnny and Ava just couldn’t take it anymore. Allie adds that she’s learned to stop judging her brother’s decisions and start respecting them because it’s his life. Chanel questions respecting the fact that Johnny is moving in with Tripp’s mother. Allie admits it’s weird but says her and Tripp are broken up, so it doesn’t bother her, then points out that it seems to bother Chanel.

Johnny asks Ava if she wants to split his room service but Ava reminds him that she wants him to leave. Johnny thought maybe she changed her mind about him. Ava points out that she was very clear with him that she’s grateful for his support and friendship but they are never going to sleep together. Johnny argues that she just told EJ that they were going to spend the afternoon together in bed. Ava clarifies that was just to drive EJ crazy because he deserved it for how he’s treated her since Jake died.

EJ goes home to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and pours a drink, then notices Gabi is in the room. EJ informs her that her role at the company does not give her the right to enter his home without permission. Gabi responds that she’s looking for her husband. EJ questions if she and Li got married already. Gabi clarifies that she’s looking for Stefan. EJ suggests she go to the Crypt. Gabi responds that she did and that’s where she found out that Stefan is alive.

Li goes to the DiMera Office but is surprised to find Stefan at Gabi’s desk. Li questions what he’s doing there. Stefan tells him that when Dr. Rolf and Kristen woke him up, he wanted to get the hell out of there but as soon as he did, he didn’t know what to do with himself, so he decided to revisit his old life, house, and grave. Li asks where he went when he left and what he did. Stefan says he just wandered. Stefan remarks that seeing Gabi made him realize that maybe he wasn’t ready to revisit his old life which Li calls understandable. Stefan questions being dead for four years which Li confirms. Stefan states that so much has changed and yet so much has stayed the same. Li asks if he came to see Gabi. Stefan says no and that this is just his old office, so he wanted to be somewhere where he felt control. Li says he’s sure Gabi will be there soon, so Stefan says he should get going. Li questions if Stefan’s sure he doesn’t want to see Gabi. Stefan tells Li that if he’s worried about him coming between he and Gabi, he doesn’t need to be. Stefan remarks that the thought of Gabi turns his stomach.

Gabi explains to EJ that she stayed at the Crypt after Jake’s service to say goodbye to Stefan and let him go but then she turned around and there Stefan was. EJ complains that now he has two crazy women on his hands and it’s bad enough having Ava insisting on seeing dead Jake. EJ asks if this lunacy is contagious. Gabi reveals that Li saw Stefan too which EJ questions. Gabi explains to EJ that Ava isn’t crazy either and wasn’t hallucinating Jake, she was seeing Stefan in the flesh.

Johnny tells Ava that he said he’d go back to the DiMera Mansion if EJ stopped trying to run his life, but she saw how he was and that he’s never going to stop, so he’s never going crawling back. Ava brings up Johnny’s trust fund and asks if he can’t get his own place. Johnny argues that paying for a room with his dad’s money doesn’t make a statement. Ava asks what kind of statement staying in her room and sleeping on the floor makes. Johnny remarks that his dad wouldn’t know that. Ava questions Johnny picking a fight with EJ over her. Johnny says he didn’t pick the fight and told him that if EJ kicked her out, he was going too. Johnny questions why he would go back when he’d much rather stay here with her, even sleeping on the floor.

Chanel tells Allie that it doesn’t bother her if Johnny and Ava are together, she just finds it gross since Ava has a son who is older than Johnny. Allie argues that Chanel said she was sure when she picked her, so she questions why Chanel is obsessing over who Johnny is obsessed with. Chanel denies being obsessed but Allie doesn’t believe her.

Chloe tells Kristen that she’s not trying to steal her daughter. Chloe brings up her son being enough for her. Kristen argues that it wouldn’t be the first time Chloe tried to steal another woman’s child. Belle calls this ridiculous. Chloe argues that she has never stolen a child. Kristen brings up Chloe giving birth to Nicole’s daughter. Chloe argues that she was a surrogate as Nicole asked her to be. Kristen questions Chloe not telling her when she was pregnant. Chloe explains that she didn’t want to risk a miscarriage. Kristen brings up Chloe backing out of the custody agreement with Nicole. Chloe says she did what she thought was best at the time. Belle argues that this has nothing to do with the custody of Rachel. Kristen complains that Chloe went to extreme lengths to hold on to another woman’s child. Chloe argues that Nicole was with a violent man at the time. Kristen questions Chloe not approving of Nicole’s choice and says she didn’t come to family court then. Belle interjects to ask Chloe what her relationship is to Nicole and her daughter now. Chloe responds that she and Nicole are best friends and when Nicole is away, she asks her to take care of Holly. The judge thanks Chloe and excuses her. The judge then calls a ten minute recess. Chloe tells Brady and Belle that she’s so sorry. Brady asks Belle how bad it is. Belle responds that it’s not over yet, but it’s worse than she expected.

Chanel questions why Allie is trying to make her feel guilty, arguing that she didn’t do that to her when she was choosing between her and Tripp. Allie questions if Chanel is bothered by Johnny having someone new because he’s not panting over her anymore. Chanel claims she’s just worried that he might be sleeping with a woman twice his age from a mob family. Chanel brings up how Ava tried to have Rafe sent to prison. Allie argues that she won’t do that to Johnny. Chanel asks how she knows that and if Allie doesn’t care what happens to her twin brother.

Johnny tells Ava that he knows he came on strong, hoping that they could be more than friends but he respects that’s not what she wants so he’s totally fine hanging out with her here, watching TV and ordering room service. Ava calls him a sweet guy and she’s sorry he doesn’t get along with his dad, but that doesn’t mean he belongs here with her. Ava tells him that this room is not the answer. Johnny asks what is then since he can’t go home. Johnny questions where else to go.

EJ asks Gabi how Stefan could possibly be alive. Gabi says he got Dr. Rolf like EJ did. EJ asks if she’s sure it was Stefan and not Jake. Gabi confirms that she saw the scar on his chest where his heart was. Gabi argues that Dr. Rolf had Stefan on ice for four years and she thinks that Kristen had something to do with it. Gabi mentions that Stefan says Kristen gave him one of Jake’s suits. EJ wonders what Kristen is up to now.

Brady asks Belle what they are in for after the recess. Belle says she has no idea but she sees Kristen fired her lawyer because she wants to run the show. Brady questions Kristen about how she’s playing this. Kristen responds that she didn’t bring up anything that wasn’t true and exits the room. Chloe argues that now she really wants to testify against Kristen. Belle says that won’t be easy since she can’t bring up Kristen’s past. Chloe brings up Kristen threatening her with the letter opener. Belle worries that Kristen will spin that as her goading her in to it. Brady complains that Kristen gets to do whatever she wants. Belle suggests the best thing for Chloe to do is not engage and thinks that she should just leave.

Allie tells Chanel not to accuse her of not caring about her brother. Allie says she has to be careful about stirring things up with Ava and if Johnny wants to talk to her, he knows where she is. Chanel complains that other than that, she doesn’t give a damn. Chanel then decides that she’s taking the cookies to Paulina by herself and storms out.

Ava tells Johnny that it’s not up to her to tell him where to live, just that it can’t be here with her. Ava admits he’s been a great comfort to her and a great guy. Johnny thinks she’s pretty great too and asks when he will see her again. Ava doesn’t know and says it probably won’t be for awhile. Johnny says if that’s what she wants. Johnny then takes his bag and exits.

Gabi tells EJ that she has no idea what Kristen is up to or where Stefan is. EJ asks how Stefan took the news of her engagement. Gabi refuses to talk about her personal life with him. EJ assumes seeing Stefan wasn’t the joyful reunion she hoped for. Gabi tells him to go to Hell and storms out while EJ laughs at her.

Stefan tells Li that he shouldn’t be surprised that Gabi ended up with the chairman of the board and with his old job. Stefan says it should be interesting to see what happens next. Stefan then gets up from the desk and says he just realized he has no idea where to go. Li brings up that Stefan mentioned Chloe yesterday and how Gabi came between them. Stefan remembers he was on his way to see Chloe when he got sidetracked. Li informs him that Chloe is at the Salem Inn now. Stefan responds that now he knows exactly where to find her, so he exits the office.

Chloe questions Belle wanting her to leave because Kristen went after her. Brady feels that’s caving. Belle explains that it’s her professional opinion since Kristen is making this all about Chloe, so it would be best to get out of her line of fire. Brady adds that if Chloe testifies, Kristen will make her the bad guy in Rachel’s eyes. Chloe decides she’d do anything to help Brady get full custody so she will leave. Chloe wishes him luck and kisses him. Kristen comes back and asks if Chloe is leaving so soon. Chloe asks why stick around when they know how this will turn out with Kristen losing badly. Chloe kisses Brady and then exits. Kristen warns that she’s actually just getting started.

Ava comes out of the Salem Inn and runs in to Allie in the town square. Ava asks how Henry is doing and suggests setting up a time to get together. Allie asks if Ava has a minute to talk about Johnny. Ava questions why she wants to talk about Johnny. Allie wants to know what the deal is between them. Ava suggests she talk to Johnny but Allie says only Ava can tell her what she wants to know, so she asks Ava what exactly are her intentions with Johnny.

Chanel returns to the apartment, saying she came back to apologize to Allie and not leave things like that but she finds Allie is gone. Chanel wonders where Allie went as Johnny then shows up at the door.

Allie asks Ava what she wants from Johnny. Ava says she’d expect a question like that from Sami but not her. Ava asks if this is some sort of test. Allie says that Johnny is very vulnerable right now and still not over Chanel. Ava brings up Allie dumping Tripp. Allie says she was sorry for that and thought they agreed to be civil for Henry’s sake. Allie says that her and Johnny’s relationship is strained but she knows she caused a lot of his pain, so she wants to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt again. Ava questions why she thinks she would hurt him.

EJ talks to the portrait of Stefano about the strange turn of events that Dr. Rolf has apparently returned Stefan to them which means Gabi’s shares of DiMera stock now belong to Stefan and could be the key to prying her off the CEO position once and for all. EJ declares that he might not be able to do anything about Ava right now, but if he can get rid of Gabi then it might not matter.

Gabi goes to the DiMera Office and asks Li what he’s doing there. Li says he was looking for her and got worried as he asks where she has been. Gabi explains that she couldn’t concentrate so she went on a long walk and still can’t believe that Stefan is alive. Li calls it such a shock. Gabi feels bad for Ava for thinking she saw Jake and was hallucinating. Gabi states that someone has to set Ava straight. Gabi then realizes that Ava thought she saw Jake twice but passed out the first time and by the time she got there, Li was there. Gabi questions how Li could not have seen Stefan there.

Stefan goes to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn, leaving Chloe in shock.

The judge resumes the hearing. Belle argues that all of Kristen’s issues are with Chloe while she has had nothing to say about Brady because there’s nothing to say. Belle says that Rachel Black is a happy and healthy child in Brady’s loving care, so she sees no reason to change the current custody arrangement. Kristen argues that she’s not finished making her case. Brady asks what now. The judge questions what else she has to say. Kristen wants to ask Brady a few questions which the judge allows. Brady complains to Belle about the judge treating Kristen like a normal person. Belle advises Brady to just answer her questions as he then takes the stand. Kristen then asks if Brady can explain to her why he thinks it’s appropriate that their daughter be raised by a murderer.

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