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EJ and Stefan finish dinner at the DiMera Mansion and return to the living room with wine. Stefan praises the home cooked meal and says he’s starting to feel like himself again. EJ is glad to hear and asks to continue their previous conversation about DiMera Enterprises. EJ reminds Stefan that he and Chad lost control of the company earlier this year, but he hopes that they can now take it back.

Jack informs Chad that Xander’s gut instinct was that Leo wasn’t capable of murder and that he was a weasel, but not a killer. Chad responds that Sonny feels Leo was sincere in his apologies and that he had plenty of chances to finish him off since but didn’t. Jack declares that if Leo didn’t do it, someone is trying to make it look like he did. Chad confirms that Leo was trying to make Sonny believe that he was set up. Jack asks if Chad believes that. Chad admits he doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

Gwen questions Leo figuring out who set him up. Leo says it all makes sense now and declares that his ex, Dr. Craig Wesley hates him enough to do it. Leo adds that there’s no doubt in his mind that Craig couldn’t wait to commit those horrible crimes and then frame him for them but he is the real killer.

Nancy and Clyde are shocked as Craig Wesley enters the Pub and greets Nancy. Nancy didn’t know he was in town. Craig calls it a last minute decision. Nancy asks what he’s doing here. Craig responds that he came back because of Leo. Nancy calls what happened to Sonny and Abigail absolutely terrible. Craig says especially because it seems to be all his fault.

Gwen questions Leo thinking that Craig is framing him when he’s a respected doctor. Leo brings up everything Craig gave up to be with him and how he ripped apart his family. Gwen reminds Leo that Craig left him at the altar when he found out he was just after his money. Leo insists that he fell in love with Craig but the damage was already done and now Craig wants his revenge.

Nancy questions how it’s Craig’s fault if Leo stabbed Sonny and killed Abigail. Craig says it’s because Leo only came back to Salem to see him. Nancy argues that he didn’t know he was dangerous. Craig points out that Chloe and Brady knew, so he wishes they would’ve listened to them sooner and then Sonny and Abigail would have never gotten involved. Nancy repeats that Craig couldn’t have known Leo was a monster. Clyde agrees that there’s no way Craig could’ve known that dumping Leo at the altar would send him on a murderous rampage. Craig asks if he and Clyde have met. Nancy apologizes and introduces Craig to Clyde as her fiancée which surprises Craig.

Gabi goes to Rafe’s office and informs Rafe about Stefan being alive thanks to Dr. Rolf keeping him alive all these years and now that he’s had a heart transplant, he’s walking around completely fine. Rafe is shocked and doesn’t know how to process this. Gabi tells Rafe about Stefan saying he doesn’t love her and can’t stand the sight of her. Rafe talks about Stefan being dead for years. Gabi wants to track him down because she has a lot of questions for him but she doesn’t know where he is.

Stefan recalls the first time he met EJ when Sami had just dragged him out of the fire and he was all bandaged, barely alive. EJ recalls when he was fully recovered, Sami mentioned owing Stefan a lot of money and questions why he let her off the hook. Stefan says he could tell Sami needed it to get EJ the best possible medical care and obviously it worked. EJ says he always wanted to thank Stefan for that. Stefan says they are family and take care of one another. EJ feels they are clearly cut from the same cloth and together, they can accomplish great things at DiMera. EJ declares that first on the agenda is destroying Gabi Hernandez. Stefan turns away and gets up. EJ notes how when he first brought up the idea, Stefan was quiet, and now he’s pacing. Stefan says he’s just thinking. EJ doesn’t think it should be hard to give him an answer as he was under the impression that he’s no longer in love with Gabi. Stefan confirms he’s not and says it baffles him that he ever was. EJ questions why he seems so hesitant to bring Gabi down when this is his chance to take back what is his. Stefan suggests he’s just hesitant to rush in to a decision without knowing all the facts. EJ says it’s not really that complicated. EJ explains that Gabi has been able to hold on to the CEO position by the slimmest margins and inherited Stefan’s shares after his death. Stefan notes that now he can take them back. EJ says that should give them enough to oust Gabi, but Stefan would have to be willing to take her down. EJ asks if he is.

Gabi informs Rafe that Stefan apparently spent last night at DiMera Enterprises and Li found him camped out in her office but he took off and she doesn’t know where he went, so she asks Rafe to put out an APB. Rafe points out that it doesn’t sound like he’s missing and he hasn’t committed any crimes. Gabi says it was worth a try. Rafe asks how her boyfriend feels about all of this. Gabi responds that he’s not her boyfriend anymore, so Rafe asks if they broke up. Gabi then reveals that they are engaged, so Li is now her fiancee.

Nancy informs Craig that Clyde popped the question just before he walked in, so he’s the first to know. Craig mentions that Chloe said Nancy was seeing someone but he didn’t know it was so serious. Nancy says Clyde just swept her off her feet. Craig suggests they celebrate with drinks. Clyde calls that kind of him so Craig goes to the bar.

Gwen tells Leo that she understands Craig might still be very angry about how things went down with them, but asks if he really thinks Craig would murder Abigail just to set him up and calls that very extreme. Gwen doesn’t think Craig is capable of something that cold-blooded. Leo argues that they’ve only seen the soft side of Craig, but he’s heard that he used to be a petty, scheming bitch and that he and his ex caused all sorts of trouble in town. Gwen asks if Craig has ever tried to kill someone before. Leo says not that he’s aware of but losing someone you love can drive you to do crazy things. Leo adds that unlike Darius, Craig is not squeamish about blood. Gwen tries to argue that Craig’s a doctor who saves people but Leo reminds her of the doctor that forced her to be a drug dealer. Leo declares that he may have accused the wrong Wesley at first, but now he’s positive he’s right that Craig has gone off the deep end and is trying to take him down with him.

Jack finds Jennifer in the living room, looking at old family photos. Jack brings in ice cream sundaes for them which Jennifer calls thoughtful but says she doesn’t think she’s up for it. Jennifer points out that it was one of Abigail’s favorite family traditions, so she’s not sure she wants to carry on the tradition without her.

Leo goes over his theory that Craig came back to town and starts watching him, then sees he’s camping out in the DiMera basement so Craig realizes Leo would be the prime suspect if anything happened to Chad or Abigail. Gwen questions thinking Craig was planning it that long. Leo goes over how Craig saw his opportunity and used his knife to kill Abigail. Gwen notes Leo admitting that he had the knife. Leo says it must have driven Craig mad to see the cops go after every other suspect, so he comes back to town and stabs Sonny with the original murder weapon and brings his revenge list. Gwen asks how he would’ve gotten the list. Leo suggests he stolen it from his bag. Gwen points out the hole in Leo’s theory being how Craig would have known about his list.

Craig informs Nancy and Clyde that Chloe told him about Leo’s hit list, so he knows Chloe and Brady had to be on it. Clyde says the police have provided security to Chloe and Brady. Nancy notes that Leo hasn’t signaled that he is after them which is strange since they are ones that rallied the troops against him. Nancy wonders why Leo would spare them. Craig responds that she might have him to thank for that..

Gwen decides maybe Leo is right that Craig is the killer. Leo responds that it has to be because the setup feels personal. Leo admits plenty of people hate him but no one this much. Gwen decides she wants to call the police then.

Rafe questions when Gabi got engaged. Gabi says it was yesterday but the news kind of got overshadowed by Stefan’s return. Rafe points out that Gabi and Li haven’t been dating that long so he thinks it’s moving kind of fast. Gabi compares it to Rafe and Nicole getting engaged after only a few months. Rafe argues that they had been friends for a very long time. Gabi argues that she’s known Li for years but Rafe calls that a little different. Gabi states that when it feels right, it feels right. Rafe guesses she’s right and asks how it feels now that Stefan has returned from the dead. Rafe feels Stefan being back obviously changes the equation. Gabi points out that for starters, she and Stefan are still married. Rafe declares that the question is: does Gabi want to stay married to Stefan or does she want to marry Li?

Stefan questions EJ saying that they would maybe have enough shares to oust Gabi with his and asks if he’s not certain. EJ responds that at the moment, the other side potentially has six votes so they have to either convince someone to change their vote or continue working on getting Ava disqualified. Stefan asks how that is going. EJ admits not as well as he’d hoped because Ava was deemed unstable since she was seeing her dead husband but it was Stefan, which means she wasn’t hallucinating after all. Chad enters the mansion and starts to head upstairs but EJ calls him. Chad comes in to the living room and starts saying he won’t stay long but he’s shocked to see Stefan. EJ informs Chad of the good news that their brother Stefan is alive. Stefan greets Chad and says long time no see.

Gabi admits to Rafe that she doesn’t know what she wants. Gabi agrees that she hasn’t known Li for that long but she does love him and he really loves her, so if Stefan didn’t come back, she would have no doubts about marrying Li. Rafe is surprised to hear her say that because last time they talked, she said she didn’t think she could ever love someone the way she loved Stefan. Gabi confirms that she thinks of Stefan as the love of her life and maybe that’s because she lost him so early in their marriage, but when Li proposed, she was ready to move on. Gabi cries that she was really ready to put Stefan behind her, but asks how she can do that when he’s right there. Gabi adds that even if Stefan says he doesn’t love her, she can’t just give up. Rafe feels Stefan isn’t giving her much choice.

Chad questions Dr. Rolf keeping Stefan on ice and never saying anything. Stefan guesses Dr. Rolf felt there was no point because he couldn’t wake him up without a heart. Chad remarks that he never had one before. Stefan knows they’ve had their differences. Chad angrily asks if he has to remind Stefan of what he did to his wife. Stefan hopes this can be a new beginning for them but Chad declines. Stefan doesn’t expect Chad and Abigail to welcome them back with open arms. Chad quickly informs him that Abigail is dead which shocks him. EJ confirms it’s true as Stefan asks what happened. Chad responds that she was murdered.

Jennifer appreciates Jack trying to lift her spirits and she wants to enjoy doing things like this with him, but it’s something that she remembers doing with Abigail. Jack assures that he gets it. Jennifer knows it’s supposed to get better with time, but every day that goes by, she misses her more. Jack suggests next time they’ll have ice cream sundaes with the kids and share memories of Abigail. Jennifer agrees that would be good for the kids. Jennifer decides they shouldn’t let the ice cream he brought to go to waste because she thinks Abigail would want that too.

Craig tells Nancy and Clyde that he’s thinking Leo hasn’t gone after Chloe and Brady because he still cares about him. Clyde jokes that it sounds a bit narcissistic. Craig knows Leo is not happy with what happened at their wedding but warns about if he came ever near his daughter. Nancy asks if he’s seen Chloe since coming back to town. Craig says no because he came straight here as he was hungry. Craig then suggests they all go out to eat together to celebrate their engagement with Chloe and Brady. Craig calls it his treat. Nancy calls that very kind of him. Clyde agrees and calls him a real stand up guy.

Leo stops Gwen and says she can’t call the police. Gwen argues that they have to investigate Craig to clear Leo’s name. Leo asks if she’s going to turn him in. Gwen asks why she would do that. Leo feels she’s probably still mad about him lying that she confessed. Gwen admits she’s still miffed about that but she understands why he did it. Leo insists that he had to get away and apologizes for throwing her under the bus. Gwen says the important thing is they prove his innocence or else he will spend the rest of his life on the run. Leo then agrees that he wants to bring Craig’s life to a screeching halt.

Nancy, Clyde, and Craig walk through the town square. Nancy stops and decides she’d like to share the good news with Chloe by herself first. Nancy suggests Craig and Clyde get to know each other in the meantime since they are going to be family. Nancy then walks away. Craig tells Clyde that he’s glad Nancy gave them this moment together. Craig says he didn’t want to say in front of Nancy but brings up Chloe having a little trouble with Clyde’s past and something about his run-ins with the law. Clyde responds that he doesn’t pretend to be a saint but he’s paid his debt to society and since he’s been out of prison, he’s managed to stay out of trouble and got a simple job at the Pub. Craig questions Clyde’s drug deals, kidnappings, and attempted murder not meaning anything. Clyde asks if he doesn’t believe him. Craig responds that he just doesn’t think Clyde is good enough for Nancy. Clyde calls that funny since Craig is the one who deceived her for their entire marriage and nearly destroyed her by cheating on her. Clyde declares that Craig is the last person that has any right to be judgmental about him.

Gwen tells Leo that she will text Rafe directly because this is too important not to go directly to the top. Leo reads her text aloud, saying she has reason to believe Leo is being framed and she strongly suggests he launch an investigation in to Dr. Craig Wesley as she suspects that he is the killer. Leo wonders if Rafe will take her seriously. Gwen guesses they will soon find out.

Rafe gets the text from Gwen. Gabi questions it. Rafe says it’s about Abigail’s case and he can’t really talk about it but he does need to look in to it. Gabi says she has to head to work anyway. Rafe notes it being late but Gabi calls it a 24 hour job. Rafe tells her to call if she needs anything. Gabi tells him the same and they say I love you as they hug.

Stefan questions Abigail being stabbed in the house and asks if they found the killer. Chad responds that the current theory is Leo Stark. Stefan remembers Leo trying to get a job from him and calls him super shady. Stefan tells Chad that he’s so sorry and calls it a terrible tragedy. EJ questions if they’re sure it was Leo since he read that Sonny was unable to positively ID him as his attacker. Chad confirms that Sonny never got a good look at him but he remembers smelling vanilla for whatever that’s worth. EJ hopes they find Leo or whoever did this and brings them to justice. Chad says he just came to look for Charlotte’s stuffed elephant. Chad decides he will go check upstairs and then he will have a very large drink to try to wrap his head around this. Stefan says it was good to see him as Chad heads upstairs. EJ then asks Stefan where they were. Stefan believes EJ was trying to persuade him to take his shares back from Gabi. EJ asks if he has succeeded.

Jack and Jennifer eat ice cream sundaes while recalling how Abigail used to say ice cream was the solution to everything. They joke about when they first met. Jack says Jennifer saved him and jokes that he could have turned in to Victor otherwise. Jack says Jennifer taught him that loving someone with all your heart is the most important thing anyone can do. Jack calls the day she came in to his life, the luckiest day of his life.

Gabi goes to work at the DiMera office. She stops and looks at her engagement ring, then pulls out her old wedding ring. Gabi talks about praying and wishing for so long for Stefan to come back to her. Gabi says she’s so grateful he’s alive but questions how he forget the love they shared and what they meant to each other. Stefan then enters the office and asks if she has a minute to talk. Stefan then notices she is holding her wedding ring. Gabi points out that he is still wearing his. Stefan says he hadn’t even noticed. Gabi thinks maybe on some level, that might mean that he still loves her.

Craig tells Clyde that he doesn’t regret embracing his life and who he truly is, but he’s not proud of hurting Nancy because she was a wonderful wife to him and a beautiful mother. Craig declares that he doesn’t want to see Nancy get hurt again and that’s why he’s going to protect her at all costs. Clyde responds that it’s not his business, but the last thing he would ever do is hurt Nancy as she is kind, sweet, and makes him very happy. Clyde declares that as her husband, he will treat her with the love and respect that she deserves. Chad then walks by and runs in to them. Chad mentions not knowing that Craig was in town. Craig says he just got in today and asks if he knows Clyde. Clyde says they go way back. Clyde is glad they ran in to Chad because he’s still waiting for his apology since Chad falsely accused him of murdering his wife. Chad doesn’t think this is the time or place. Clyde responds that it is because Craig needs to understand in case he hears that he was a suspect and Craig thinks he’s not good enough for Nancy. Clyde explains that he had an ironclad alibi and the police felt foolish when they realized they had the wrong guy.

Leo asks Gwen if she’s cool with him hiding out here until the cops arrest Craig. Gwen says of course. Leo says it will be fun just like the old days. Leo hugs her and says he doesn’t deserve a friend like her. Suddenly, Rafe then bursts in to the room with his gun drawn and orders Leo to put his hands in the air as Gwen stands back with a smile. Rafe declares that he is taking Leo back in to custody. Leo questions how he even knew he was there. Rafe suggests asking Gwen. Gwen reveals that the text she sent Rafe was actually an SOS that a dangerous fugitive had arrived at her door. Leo asks how could she. Gwen says she’s sorry but one good turn deserves another. Rafe then handcuffs Leo.

Stefan and Gabi are interrupted by EJ arriving at the office. EJ announces he dropped off the paperwork with legal so they are all set. Gabi questions what paper work. EJ asks if Stefan didn’t tell her. Stefan says he was about to but got sidetracked. Stefan brings up Gabi inheriting his shares upon his passing, but he has now officially requested that they be taken from her and given back to him.

Jennifer offers to do the dishes but Jack insists. After Jack leaves the room, Jennifer goes to her purse and takes painkillers.

Leo complains that this is so wrong. Gwen warns him to think twice about stabbing someone in the back. Leo argues that he’s innocent and thought Gwen believed him. Gwen says she sort of does but she’s not going to get in trouble for harboring a fugitive. Rafe calls that a wise decision. Leo pleads with Rafe that he knows who the real killer is. Rafe responds that he does too and he’s taking him in to custody. Leo argues that Rafe doesn’t understand, that he’s being set up, and shouts that the real killer is Dr. Craig Wesley as Rafe drags him out of the room.

Craig tells Chad that he didn’t know Abigail very well but he knows she was an exceptional young woman who was taken way too soon, so he’s very sorry. Craig gives his condolences and hugs Chad. Chad then realizes that he smells vanilla which Sonny remembered from when he was stabbed.

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