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Nicole dreams of waking up in bed with EJ.

Eric wakes up in his jail cell to see Paulina in the cell next to him, asking what he’s in for.

Chanel walks through the town square and finds that someone has spray painted “Murderer” on the Bakery.

Gabi is cooking at home as Li joins her, wearing one of her robes. They joke about it as Li mentions that he wasn’t planning on sleeping over but she’ll be waking up to him in the robe for the rest of their lives. Gabi jokes that’s fine by her as she knows how easy it is to take off as they kiss.

Johnny calls Wendy and says he had to know if she still thinks they are doing the right thing. Wendy admits that she’s not sure anymore as she hates keeping it quiet. Johnny reminds her that she has to and she cannot tell Gabi. Wendy feels it’s so unfair to Gabi .Johnny warns her that she doesn’t know Gabi like he does and if she finds out that EJ and Li brainwashed Stefan, she’s going to make them pay because of how tortured she is over Stefan not loving her. Johnny states that Gabi will be out for blood if she finds out that EJ and Li had anything to do with it. Johnny pleads with Wendy to stick with the plan. Wendy agrees to try and declares that it will stay their little secret. Allie then comes in and says she didn’t know Wendy was home. Wendy tells Johnny that he’ll have to stop calling so early as the phone woke Allie up. Johnny questions if she heard her. Wendy quickly finishes the call and apologizes to Allie. Allie says it’s fine as she got plenty of sleep since Chanel took Henry to daycare. Allie asks when Wendy got back. Wendy says it was during the night and mentions leaving a note about why she was gone. Allie questions who she was on the phone with. Wendy tells her it was Johnny, so Allie asks if Johnny went along on the trip she took. Wendy confirms that he did. Allie questions them going on a mysterious trip together and now he’s calling her first thing in the morning. Allie asks what happened between them unless that was what Wendy was promising to keep a secret.

Li and Gabi have breakfast together and talk about moving in together after they get married.

Chanel tries cleaning the graffiti off the bakery as Sloan walks by and sarcastically calls it a shame. Sloan remarks that it sure looks like the public opinion of Chanel is changing. Chanel knows that Sloan hated when she was released on bail which Sloan calls not true. Sloan claims she’s very happy that the judge let her out and points out that the inmate who took her cell is her mother.

Eric and Paulina tell each other that they didn’t expect to see the other in jail. Paulina questions what they got Eric for. Eric tells her that it was assault and battery. Paulina questions an ex-priest having a temper. Eric confirms he does under the right circumstances. Paulina asks who he assaulted. Eric responds that it was a smug son of a bitch who has had it coming for a very long time.

Nicole wakes up from her nightmare about having had sex with EJ. Nicole is relieved that she’s alone and says maybe she’s not a hopeless slut if she didn’t sleep with EJ. EJ then enters to bring her breakfast in bed, so Nicole suggests maybe she is dead wrong.

Gabi tells Li that she has to get going as she has an appointment with the florist. Li jokes about not having to be there as Gabi says they will make the perfect couple. They say I love you as Gabi kisses him goodbye and exits. Li remarks to himself that loving Gabi is why he did what he did.

Allie asks Wendy if she and Johnny are hooking up and says it’s fine with her as it’s none of her business. Wendy says they don’t want anyone finding out like Li and EJ. Allie agrees to keep quiet as Wendy says it’s still new so they just want to keep it to themselves for right now. Allie repeats that what they do is none of her business. Wendy brings up that Johnny and Chanel used to be married. Allie says that might have been a sore subject before, but Chanel has much bigger things to worry about now.

Chanel tells Sloan to come after her. Sloan says she intends to. Chanel argues that Paulina wasn’t even in town on the night that Sloan’s mother died. Sloan argues that she showed up fast enough to cut a check to cover her ass which is a crime. Chanel argues that Paulina was trying to protect her from being railroaded. Sloan remarks that it must be nice to have a mother that takes care of you like that. Sloan adds that because of Chanel, she doesn’t have a mother or a father and her only protection is her knowledge of the law. Sloan wanted Chanel to have the same feeling of having everything she cares about taken away from her.

Paulina comments on Eric looking like he’s recovering from a hangover which he confirms. Paulina asks if Eric punched EJ because he was drunk. Eric responds that it was something he’s wanted to do for a long time. Paulina remarks that EJ seems to rub everybody the wrong way. Paulina brings up Chanel being married to Johnny and says she made the mistake of thinking EJ would want to make a good impression on her, but he called Chanel a gold digger to her face. Eric comments that it sounds like something EJ would do. Paulina asks what EJ said to make Eric punch him. Eric explains that what EJ said about Chanel wasn’t true and he only said it to hurt them while what EJ said about him was true and he only said it for the look on his face, so he decided to rearrange EJ’s face.

Nicole tells EJ that she will pass on breakfast but EJ insists on a smoothie as a hangover cure that came from his grandmother passed down to his mother which will bring instant relief. Nicole tries it and complains of the taste but EJ encourages her. EJ remarks that Susan always looked out for him, especially when he couldn’t look out for himself.

Johnny walks through the town square and comes across Gabi. Gabi tells him that she’s really sorry about Susan. Johnny thanks her and says he really misses her. Gabi calls her one of a kind. Johnny mentions that it’s killing EJ and he wishes he was there for him. Gabi recalls that Johnny was jet setting around the world with Wendy when the accident happened. Johnny questions her knowing about that. Gabi confirms that Li was ready to fire Wendy and she had to talk him down. Gabi argues that taking the company jet out was a little over the top when Wendy just started on the job. Johnny guesses she’s right. Gabi then questions what made him pick Indonesia for their romantic getaway.

Wendy tells Allie that she can’t believe Chanel was in jail. Allie says that’s not at all. Wendy guesses she’s been gone a long time. Allie says it all happened really fast. Wendy asks why. Allie starts to explain that there was something in Chanel’s past that she didn’t know about. Chanel then comes home and acknowledges that Wendy is back. Wendy tells her that she just found out she got arrested and she’s so sorry. Wendy asks if they dropped the charges. Chanel clarifies that she’s out on bail. Allie thought Chanel was going to open the bakery. Chanel responds that she did and then her day pretty much fell apart.

Nicole jokes about the smoothie but admits she’s feeling a little better and thanks EJ for letting her stay the night. Nicole wonders how Eric’s morning is. EJ guesses it’s exactly as he deserves.

Eric tells Paulina that he doesn’t want to talk about last night anymore. Paulina says fine as she has her own EJ to deal with. Paulina complains about Sloan going after her and Chanel so she wishes she could smack the smile off her face. Sloan then appears outside her cell and tells her to go ahead and take her best shot.

Nicole can’t believe Eric was drunk since he’s been sober since the accident that killed Daniel and she’s never seen him that drunk, so she feels awful for him. EJ can’t believe that, reminding her that Eric called her a slut and punched him in the face and that Nicole backed him up when he decided to press charges. Nicole points out that she had several martinis by then. EJ questions if she’s having second thoughts. Nicole confirms that she is.

Paulina mocks Sloan being ready to take her on now that there are bars between them. Sloan mocks that she just came to check out her new accommodations and calls it quite a fall from Governor-elect. Paulina assures she’ll be back on top. Sloan says she wouldn’t hold her breath. Paulina tells Sloan to stay away from Chanel. Sloan jokes that Paulina can fight all of Chanel’s battles when they are both sharing a cell. Paulina argues that what happened was an accident but Sloan says they both know that Chanel pushed her mother off the roof. Sloan tells Paulina to just drop the victim act because her mother was her victim.

Wendy tells Allie and Chanel that Sloan sounds like someone you don’t want to cross. Allie asks if Chanel thinks Sloan is the one who wrote “Murderer” on the Bakery window. Chanel asks who else would do something like that and worries that Sloan is not going to stop trying to make her life hell. Allie argues that Chanel wouldn’t have even crossed paths with Sloan’s mother if she hadn’t lied to her and invited her to that roof. Chanel says they know it but no one will be able to convince Sloan otherwise. Chanel explains to Wendy that she had an affair with Sloan’s father and before he drank himself to death, he told Sloan that Chanel pushed her mother off the roof which Wendy calls awful. Chanel adds that ever since then, Sloan has been out to get here and now she’s being charged with murder while Paulina is in jail for supposedly covering it up. Chanel is afraid that Sloan won’t stop until she goes after everyone that she loves.

Gabi asks Johnny more about Jakarta but Johnny says he doesn’t know much about it since Li made them come back as soon as they got there. Johnny suggests Gabi and Li could go there for their honeymoon. Gabi agrees to put it on the list. Johnny questions them not making plans yet when they are getting married in a couple of weeks. Gabi says that Li has been really busy and she doesn’t know about planning a honeymoon since she’s never been on one. Gabi recalls the love not coming until later in her and Stefan’s relationship and how they were actually planning the honeymoon when she lost him. Gabi then says she doesn’t know why she is telling him this since Stefan wants nothing to do with her. Gabi repeats that she’s sorry about Susan and starts to walk off but Johnny stops her and says he has to tell her something…

Wendy makes breakfast for Allie and Chanel. Chanel says she didn’t have to but Wendy says they’ve been so nice in letting her stay. Allie points out that she’s hardly been there. Wendy comments on them going through a rough time and says to just let her know any time she can help with cooking. Allie and Chanel praise her pancakes. Wendy hopes it will make her feel better. Chanel says she needs a distraction so she asks Wendy about her trip, saying it sounds exciting and questions why she rushed back. Wendy claims to Chanel that it was mostly just work stuff while Allie smiles and nods along.

Gabi questions what Johnny wanted to tell her but Li arrives and interrupts them. Li tells Gabi to go on ahead as he has to talk with Johnny about his trip to Jakarta. Gabi tells Li to go easy on him and walks away. Li then questions if Johnny was just about to tell Gabi what he did to Stefan.

EJ tells Nicole about how Eric makes her feel guilty. Nicole argues that she doesn’t feel guilty but she doesn’t think he should’ve spent the night in jail. EJ argues that Eric punched him in the face. Nicole points out that was because EJ said he was stupid for losing her and the baby. EJ thought she didn’t remember anything from last night. Nicole calls that hard to forget. Nicole then asks EJ if they had sex. EJ confirms they did not which relieves her. EJ decides that he could call the district attorney’s office to tell them that he no longer wishes to press charges, but notes that Shawn might not be as forgiving. EJ says he will make that call for her if she would like him to.

Sloan tells Paulina that nailing her and Chanel doesn’t make her happy as she loved her mother and nothing she does will bring her back. Paulina blames Sloan’s father for seducing Chanel while Sloan argues that Chanel did the seducing. Paulina is sure it wasn’t the first time that he used his position on a pretty young female student and any private investigator can dig up his other conquests. Paulina suggests blaming him for her mother’s death. Sloan suggests Paulina pull strings to get her and Chanel in the same prison as Lani. Paulina then calls for the guard to get Sloan out. The guard comes over and says he’s here to take Paulina upstairs because Belle is there as her lawyer. Paulina says she has a lot to tell her. Sloan says she can also tell Belle that she has hard evidence that details what Paulina did to cover up Chanel’s crimes and that she’s going to need good luck as the guard escorts Paulina away. Sloan then looks over at Eric in his cell and questions what he is gawking at.

Nicole tells EJ that she knows Eric hurt her but she doesn’t think he should spend any more time in jail. EJ reluctantly agrees to her wishes and makes the call but it goes straight to voicemail. EJ leaves a message for Melinda to call him back about the assault charges he filed last night. Nicole says she is satisfied. EJ responds that he’s willing to do what she wants, but thinks that Eric deserves to find out that he can’t get away with treating her like rubbish.

Eric tells Sloan that he didn’t want to witness that scene but he couldn’t exactly leave the room. Sloan responds that she has good reason to despise Paulina. Eric says he heard. Sloan calls Belle a two bit bimbo that won’t be able to get Paulina out of this. Eric responds that Belle is not a two bit lawyer or a bimbo. Sloan questions how he knows. Eric then reveals that Belle is his sister.

Chanel says she would stay and help with the dishes but she has to go since visiting hours at the jail just started. Allie decides that she will walk her out since she has to go pick up Henry from daycare and then take him to see Santa. Allie adds that she will stop by the Bakery to check on the wedding cake design for Li and Gabi’s wedding. Wendy didn’t know they were doing the cake for the wedding. Allie mentions how excited Li seems to be to marry Gabi and guesses Wendy must be excited too.

Li guesses by the look on Johnny’s face that he was about to tell Gabi what he learned in Jakarta. Johnny questions what he’s talking about. Li informs him that he already talked to Dr. Rolf and knows that Johnny knows everything. Li adds that he talked to Wendy, who said she would keep her mouth shut and that Johnny would do the same. Li asks if he’s changed his mind. Johnny confirms that he’s not going to say anything. Li asks if he’s sure since EJ was in on this and he seemed pretty eager to get something on him. Johnny says not anymore after EJ lost his mom as revenge no longer appeals to him. Li tells Johnny that he made the right decision. Johnny clarifies that he’s keeping his mouth shut but he’s not okay with what he did to Stefan. Johnny declares that he thinks Li sucks. Li responds that he doesn’t care what he thinks of him and warns him to just stay out of his way. Johnny remarks that it must be nice to go through life without a conscience. Gabi comes back over and asks if everything is okay. Johnny claims he was just telling Li what a lucky guy he is as he then walks off.

Johnny goes to see Wendy, who asks what he’s doing there. Johnny questions how much Allie heard when he called earlier. Wendy says she heard her say that she was keeping a secret, but thought that they were hooking up so she went along with it which Johnny calls a nice save. Johnny jokes about Allie jumping to crazy conclusions. Wendy adds that Allie was all for it. Johnny guesses they will have to keep her thinking that then. Johnny adds that the reason he came over was because he just had a major run in with Li after he caught him talking to Gabi and thought he was going to tell her what Li did to Stefan. Wendy asks if he was going to. Johnny says not at first but then Gabi started talking about how much she loved Stefan and he can tell she still does. Johnny admits that for a second he thought about telling her the truth, but that’s when Li walked up. Johnny confirms that Gabi still doesn’t know anything and that Li made it very clear they would pay if she finds out. Johnny thinks it will be harder to keep this secret than they thought.

Li asks Gabi what she was talking to so intently with Johnny about. Gabi says that Johnny couldn’t believe they hadn’t picked out their honeymoon yet. Li suggests they should do that tonight and declares that he can’t wait for this wedding to happen. Gabi thinks they are both lucky and says thank God she found him as she hugs him.

Paulina meets with Chanel in the interrogation room. Paulina is thankful to see her but questions why they said she was meeting her lawyer. Chanel explains that Belle was there but she got a phone call, so they said they could have a quick visit until she gets back. Chanel asks how she is and how they are treating her. Paulina says it takes more than a jail cell to keep her down but complains about Sloan coming in to gloat. Chanel responds that Sloan is having quite the morning. Chanel tells Paulina about someone writing “Murderer” on the Bakery and how Sloan showed up as she was cleaning it off. Paulina worries about Sloan still being in the building and she doesn’t want Chanel to have to deal with her, so she suggests she go. Chanel refuses and points out that Paulina was there when she needed her, so she’s going to do the same thing for her.

Sloan questions Eric about Belle being his sister and apologizes if she offended him. Sloan then questions why Belle is here to see Paulina and isn’t representing him too. Eric responds that he asked her but she refused which Sloan questions. Eric says he got a little hostile with her husband and he ended up on the ground. Sloan calls it funny since Eric doesn’t seem like the type of guy to do something like that. Eric calls it a rough week and says he found out some things he didn’t want to know, but that’s no excuse. Sloan acknowledges that life sometimes gets hard to take. Eric agrees that anger can be the only thing to keep you going. Sloan comments that acting out on that anger can leave you needing a lawyer. Sloan then points out that Eric still needs a lawyer and asks what about her.

Nicole tells EJ that she has to shower and get going since she promised Holly that she would find them a place to live today. EJ notes that could take more than a day. Nicole feels she can’t leave Holly with Maggie indefinitely. EJ suggests Nicole and Holly both stay here until she finds something. Nicole says she couldn’t impose and he’s still grieving for Susan. EJ points out that Nicole is still grieving her hopes for her and Eric. EJ remarks that misery loves company unless she has a better offer. Nicole then gives in and accepts. EJ toasts their smoothies to new beginnings as she thanks him.

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