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Recap written by Christine

At Dive Bar, Billy was surprised when Chelsea said she thought he and Victoria brought out the best in each other. He asked if she was serious. She said that Victoria and Billy occasionally brought out the worst in each other too. He didn’t think he brought out the best in Victoria, but she often saved him from the worst of himself. He said everyone knew he was lucky to have found her. Chelsea asked what really went wrong between him and Victoria.

Billy asked if this was a therapy session he didn’t know about. Chelsea just thought they should be open and honest with each other, because that would help the podcast. He agreed that it would make for a better podcast. He said there was no one reason why he and Victoria didn’t work out, besides the fact that he’d never been able to hold onto a winning streak, but it was never Victoria’s fault. He said she did everything she could to keep him on the path, and he always slipped up. Chelsea said she thought Billy and Victoria brought out the extremes in each other, but now he was in control and more mature and he’d calmed his wild side. He thought she was calling him boring. She didn’t mean that, but she asked if he thought he was boring and if he missed the old Billy.

Billy didn’t think he was boring. He thought everyone of a certain age felt a little nostalgia for their youth, and he thought that trouble-making side was still in him. He said his brother and mom didn’t think he’d ever grow up, and they thought he’d always self sabotage himself. When he talked to his mom a few weeks ago, she said the podcast was a gateway to the old self-destruction. Chelsea said Jill wasn’t in town to see how much Billy had changed. She contended that Lily was the one whose opinion mattered. Billy didn’t think Lily’s opinion of him was much better. He thought Lily wanted him to quit the podcast.

Billy said Lily didn’t outright say he should quit the podcast, but it seemed like she’d be happy if he walked away from either the COO role, or the podcast. Chelsea said the podcasts were a perfect fit for Billy – he wasn’t a corporate guy. She said he was a spontaneous risk taker, like her. Billy said he trusted Lily, and she hadn’t steered him wrong yet. He said maybe Lily was right, and he should leave his position as COO. Chelsea thought that was sensible. She thought he kept going back to the c suite because that he was supposed to. She said podcast Billy was the real Billy, and The Grinning Soul was the real Billy. He denied being the Grinning Soul, but she told him she’d figured it out a long time ago, and she knew him better than he realized.

Billy admitted he was The Grinning Soul. Chelsea promised to keep his secret. She reiterated that she thought he was happier being a podcaster than in corporate. She thought he was secretly hoping Lily gave him an ultimatum. He didn’t know, but he hoped he could make a decision without Lily having to force his hand. Billy appreciated Chelsea giving him a lot to think about. Chelsea asked if Billy and Victoria talked about telling Johnny Chelsea was his birth mother. Billy said it wasn’t a good time. Chelsea felt like she was lying by omission to Connor. She thought finding out he had a brother could help Johnny cope with Ashland’s death. She asked him to help her convince Victoria. Billy said he’d talk to Victoria, but she needed some time and space.

At the ranch, Victoria told her parents that Chance was conflicted. Victor hoped Victoria made a strong argument for him to drop the investigation. She said she didn’t argue with him at all – she told him she respected that he had to do what he felt was right, but she made it clear she and her children were a lot safer now. Victor said whatever happened, they’d deal with it. He didn’t regret his actions that night – he’d protected his family. He said if Chance had enough evidence, he would’ve gone to the DA by now.

Victoria stated that she was ambushed tonight by Chelsea, who wanted to tell Johnny who his biological mother was. Victoria wasn’t sure what she was going to do – Johnny knew Victoria wasn’t his biological mother, but it was another thing to tell him who gave birth to him. Nikki said that wasn’t part of the agreement Victoria and Billy made with Chelsea. Victoria confirmed that the agreement stated she and Billy could decide whether they wanted to tell Johnny about Chelsea. Nikki said Chelsea wasn’t the same woman she was when she made that arrangement – she was no longer a con artist. She also thought that keeping information like that from a child could cause problems in the future. Victoria asked if Nikki thought she should tell Johnny now. Victor was adamant that she shouldn’t. He said Victoria was Johnny’s mother. Victor thought that telling Johnny about Chelsea would only confuse him. Nikki thought Victor, of all people, should know the importance of knowing where you came from and who your parents were. Victor said this wasn’t the right time for this. Victoria didn’t think it would be smart to pile this on Johnny while he was dealing with the loss of his step father.

Chance was at Crimson Lights. He had a series of flashbacks to his conversations with the Newmans about the investigation. Chance called Kevin. He apologized for the late hour, but he said he’d made up his mind about the Ashland case. At that moment, Nick entered. Chance said he wanted to sit down with Nick, Victoria and Victor in the morning about some new information in the case. Nick thought they should go right now, instead of dragging this out. Chance agreed.

Nick went to the ranch and told his family what was about to happen. Nick didn’t think this sounded good. Chance arrived and he said he only needed to speak to the people directly involved. Nikki asked if she was supposed to leave. Victor insisted that she stay. Victoria asked if they could begin the conversation. Chance said this wasn’t a conversation – he needed them all to listen. Chance went over the evidence he’d already shared with the family multiple times – the grainy security footage, the cigarette and the ring on Victoria’s floor. Nikki and Victor pointed out how flimsy all of it was. Chance said they found a bloody fingerprint in the car and the blood was Ashland’s, but the print wasn’t. Victor downplayed the evidence.

Nick blurted out that he couldn’t go on like this. Chance advised Nick not to talk without a lawyer. Victor asked if Chance had forgotten that he was a member of this family. Chance reiterated that this wasn’t a conversation and that he wanted them to listen. Chance said there were two scenarios here – Ashland drove himself into the ravine, or Nick inadvertently caused the fall that killed Locke, and without Nick and Victoria’s knowledge, Victor’s men removed the body and staged the accident. Chance theorized that Nick’s earlier outburst had been because the lie weighing on him. Victoria pointed out that Nick never said anything about a lie.

Chance completely believed that no one meant for Ashland to die and that Nick had been protecting his sister. Chance said Ashland put the family through hell, and he was a despicable human being. It was sad that he was dead, but not necessarily a crime. Chance thought, given more time and resources, he could find a conspiracy that covered up Ashland’s death, but there was no point to that. He said Ashland put the family through enough drama. He was going to present the first scenario as the official one – that Ashland survived the fall, got into his car and crashed into a ravine. Victor looked pleased.

Chance didn’t come to this decision lightly. He’d been thinking about Victor saying you did what you had to to protect the ones you loved. The law also meant a lot to Chance, and he thought that they found justice here tonight, even if it wasn’t by the books, he needed to believe they did what was just. Victor said Abby would be proud. Nick shook Chance’s hand and thanked him. Victoria walked Chance to the hall. She said she knew this wasn’t easy, but he protected the family. She started to say to let them know if he ever needed anything, but he cut her off and said not to make him that offer. He hoped she could find peace.

Chance left. Nikki and Victoria spoke approvingly about Chance coming through for them, but Nick worried they’d compromised the most moral man in Genoa City. Victor said Chance didn’t have enough evidence to hold up in court, and he didn’t want to lose at trial. Nick said it didn’t change what happened. Nikki thought Nick should be proud of saving his sister. Nick hugged Victoria goodbye and abruptly left. Everyone worried for Nick, and Victor said they had to support him.

Chance was at Society looking pensive.

Jack and Diane went back to his place after dinner. They looked in on Harrison and came downstairs smiling about the way their grandson was sleeping – arms and legs splayed. Diane said Kyle used to sleep just like that. Jack didn’t remember. Diane reminisced about it – Kyle would climb into her bed after having a bad dream, and there would be this little three year old taking up the whole bed. She realized Jack didn’t remember because that was the era when she’d taken Kyle and left town. She regretted that time – no wonder Kyle was having bad dreams, since she was keeping him from his father. She admitted it wasn’t fair. Diane said history was repeating itself – Kyle missed out on the first few years of Harrison’s life. Jack said that was a fairly different situation, then he clarified that he wasn’t trying to badmouth Diane.

Jack thought he and Diane had spent enough time and energy on past resentments. She appreciated the kinder gentler approach he was taking tonight. He didn’t want to sweep the past under the rug. She agreed. She said so many people in the town wouldn’t let her forget the past, but he’d found a way to rise above the pettiness. In the past, she was fueled by her grudges. Now she was having a life she could’ve only dreamed of. She still had regrets – Kyle’s pain topped the list, but she was connected with her son and grandson and she had a job. It was unreal, almost as unreal as sitting here with him tonight. He said it was pretty amazing. He asked what she wanted.

Diane asked what anyone wanted – health, happiness, peace, to be a productive member of society and a welcome part of her son and grandson’s life. Jack thought that was a picture perfect answer, like she was a contestant in a pageant. He was hoping she’d dig deep and tell him what was really going on, since they were in a different place than they were a few months ago or a few weeks ago. She agreed that the wall of animosity between them was gone. He wanted to know what she was thinking and where she thought this was going.

Diane asked what Jack to clarify his question. He was asking about what she was hoping for from this tenuous relationship the two of them had. Diane admitted her feelings for Jack went beyond friendship. She said as conniving as she was in the past, she’d never been able to hide her emotions. Her feelings were fun and terrifying. Her heart had been shut down for so long, and she didn’t feel like she deserved affection, but now her heart was opening up, and it felt so good to be alive in that way again. She knew in the end, there would be some pain, because she knew he’d never feel the same way about her. She’d wanted to delay this conversation, so she could pretend there was still hope. Jack admitted he had some feelings, and they kissed.

In the next scene, Jack was calling Diane back to reality. Everything that transpired after he asked where she thought this was going had been her fantasy. Jack asked where Diane drifted off to, and she blamed the wine. Jack repeated his question. Diane asked what Jack meant. He was wondering about her plans for her life. He said she couldn’t live in the Athletic Club forever. He asked what was next for her. She said she hadn’t given much thought to her living arrangements. She was taking a come-what-may approach to life. She’d found that if you planned too much for the future, you didn’t have a chance to dream. Diane was on her way out, and a concerned Jack offered to drive her home or call her a car. He wasn’t sure she was safe to drive after the way way she zoned out earlier. She said she was fine and that it was nice that she cared.
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