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Recap written by Christine

When Billy met Jill at Society, he was in a bad mood, and she wanted to know why he was so disgruntled the morning after the successful launch party. He said he got some disturbing news from Victoria. He promised Lily he wouldn’t let it affect the big night, and he didn’t, but he was having a hard time letting it go. He said Victoria was starting over with Ashland and leaving her old life behind. Jill wasn’t up to date on the details, so Billy told her that Ashland faked cancer to deceive Victoria into marrying him so he could steal Newman Locke. Jill was shocked and disgusted. He said that Victoria expected him to let her take the kids to live with her and Ashland to wherever they were going. Victoria wasn’t telling him, so that Victor couldn’t interfere. Jill said this was Victoria’s life. “This is no longer your battle to fight,” Jill contended, and Billy groaned that she sounded like Lily. He said this would directly affect his kids. Jill recalled Billy using that same excuse when he got involved with Jesse Gaines. Jill said there was no way Victoria would endanger her kids. Jill told her son that she’d never forgive him if he messed things up with Lily.

Billy had expected Jill to be more supportive, since she was his mom. She said she wasn’t going to mindlessly support him. She asked how he felt about the changes at the company. He asked how she was feeling about the end of the era, given that she ran Chancellor by herself for a long time. Jill said that Lily was doing a fantastic job. Billy said he couldn’t be more proud of Lily. Jill said Lily was expanding Katherine and Neil’s visions. Billy reiterated that he was proud of Lily’s merger. He thought it was more impressive than what Victoria did with Newman Locke, and Lily didn’t need to con anyone to get it done. Jill didn’t want to discuss that again. Billy said he wouldn’t screw things up with Lily, and he was 100% on board with Chancellor Winters and he was focused on being the best COO he could be. Jill believed Billy meant that, but she could tell he was unhappy, and she wanted to know why. He swore her to secrecy.

Billy thought watching Lily work with her family was beautiful, but there was a disconnect for him, like something was missing. He wasn’t sure why. He felt restless, like there was something big out there for him, but he didn’t know what it was or where it would come from. He was trying hard not to let it get to him. Jill didn’t want Billy to get mad, but she wondered if he was self sabotaging again. Jill was relieved when Billy assured her he wasn’t self sabotaging. He said he was trying to find his place in the world and it was exciting. Jill understood that. She’d binged his podcast, and she was so proud of Billy digging deep and then sharing things with the world. She was scared though because he was ripping off old wounds and that could be dangerous for someone like him. He knew that she meant a recovering addict like him. He promised the podcasts were cathartic and helpful.

Devon and Nate visited Lily in her office. Chancellor Winters’ first business day was now underway. Lily was excited to be working down the hall from Nate and Devon. She oversaw the design of their offices, and she hoped they liked the design. Devon joked with Lily that he didn’t like the office, and she was alarmed until he admitted he was teasing her. Nate loved the sweeping views of the city from his office. Lily told Nate that the press loved him. Imani walked in and agreed, saying everyone was talking about the sexy sophisticated addition to the executive suite. Lily didn’t see anyone calling Nate sexy. Imani said Lily must be focusing on the stuffy press that PR sent over. The gossip sites were definitely using the s word for Nate. Nate looked flustered.

Nate hoped Devon and Lily weren’t upset he revealed more about their plans than they wanted him to. Devon said what mattered is that it all worked out. Lily said Nate followed his gut. Imani had found, personally and professionally, that sometimes following instinct was better than playing it safe. Nate just hoped he didn’t step on any toes. Devon said Nate did step on toes, but it was a bump in the road, and hopefully that wouldn’t be an ongoing thing. Nate appreciated Devon being gracious. Lily started a work meeting. She thought that they could raise the advertising rates, based on their pre-subscription numbers. Devon guessed they could thank Nate for that, since he detailed the roll out. Lily thought Devon’s team did a great job with the promos and developing the podcast. She thought that they could all take credit for the success.

Imani found Nate at Crimson Lights. He said if he didn’t know any better, he’d think she followed him. She admitted she did. She wanted to make sure that she didn’t get him in trouble by pushing him to be himself at the launch. He said he acted on his own, and he didn’t regret it. She said she’d take credit for his success, since the speech raised his visibility. He didn’t see that as a plus, because he didn’t want to overshadow Lily and Devon. He also didn’t like the comment Imani made about playing it safe vs. going with your gut, because he thought it seemed like a veiled dig at Devon. Imani said she wasn’t going to stifle her opinions. Nate was pretty sure Devon wasn’t happy with what he did. Imani hoped Nate didn’t let Devon discourage him.

Nate said Devon was his cousin – they had a long history, and sometimes they were rivals and sometimes they were best friends. He told Imani not to worry about him having a little competition. Imani said she wasn’t worried, she was just observing the dynamic. She was impressed by his business instinct and she’d hate to see his spirit squashed. He appreciated her support. She thought they should look out for each other. She said they were both new in this arena. She was concerned she was getting held back by being under her sister’s watchful eye, and she thought the same thing might be happening with Devon and Nate. Nate didn’t think so. She wasn’t saying Devon was consciously doing this. She had to go, but she told him to think about what she said.

Billy met Lily at work. She hoped Jill was excited about everything. Billy said Jill was very excited, and she made it clear that he’d better not screw things up with the star CEO. Lily asked why Jill would say that. At first, Billy said it was just a joke, but then he told Lily that he didn’t want to keep secrets from her. She asked if she should be worried, but before they could talk, she got called away to do an interview and photo shoot. Before she left, he assured her that things were fine.

Amanda ran into Summer at The Grand Phoenix and asked if she was okay. Summer griped about getting evasive text messages from her mom. Amanda knew the feeling – Phyllis wasn’t giving her a straight answer about how long she’d be out of town either. Summer said Phyllis was pulling the same stuff with Daniel. Summer said Phyllis had been moody with Daniel, and it had gotten to the point where he and his daughter, Lucy were walking on eggshells around Phyllis. That was odd because Phyllis loved Lucy.

Summer thought something happened between Phyllis and Jack. She asked if Amanda knew anything. Amanda just knew Phyllis and Jack had a disagreement. Summer asked if it involved Diane. She said Phyllis asked her to tell Kyle to reject Diane. Summer didn’t do that because Kyle’s relationship with Diane was his own decision. Amanda wondered if this had something to do with Phyllis’s sudden trip out of town. Summer said she reached out to Daniel and persuaded him to invite Phyllis for a visit. Summer had been afraid Diane and Phyllis were headed for a major showdown.

Amanda thought that Summer’s idea to cool things down between Diane and Phyllis was a good idea. Summer was sure she was just postponing the inevitable. Amanda promised to corner Phyllis when she got back and try to get her to open up. Summer wanted to put together a team to save Phyllis from herself and keep things between Phyllis and Diane from escalating into a war. Amanda agreed to join forces.

Kyle and Diane hung out at the park and watched Harrison feed the birds. Diane was appreciative that Kyle invited her. She said she tossed and turned last night after a bad dream. He was interested in hearing about the dream. She said she dreamed that the deal to purchase Marchetti fell through, and Kyle, Summer and Harrison moved. He assured her that the deal was on track. Diane asked Kyle to help her find a job in Genoa City. He said he didn’t have many connections in the real estate biz. Diane said she wasn’t trying to take advantage – it was the opposite – if he kept wanting her to stay, he couldn’t keep supporting her. He said it wasn’t a problem. She said she needed to pay her own way, and she needed a career. He asked how long it would take her to get her real estate license. She said real estate wasn’t a passion, like architecture. He thought she should pursue that again, but she didn’t think she would be able to get back into the game after being out of the field for so long.

Kyle guessed it must be hard giving up on a dream you once had. Diane said life went on. Diane said seeing Kyle and Summer working together and being at the launch party for Chancellor Winters and being around people so motivated made her realize it was time to embrace life in Genoa City. Back in LA, she took classes on communication, working toward a certificate in PR, and she loved it. She always admired the way publicists handled difficult situations and personalities, such as herself. He said like back in her modeling days. Laughing, she admitted she was a terror back then. He guessed this was the part where he was supposed to try and agree while keeping a straight face. They laughed.

Diane realized that PR was all about reinvention, and she knew she would excel at that. Kyle said there were obvious issues with getting Diane a job at Jabot. Diane understood. She said that she wasn’t expecting to be handed a job. She was sure she’d be an asset to any firm that hired her, and it didn’t have to be Jabot. She said he knew so many people in town, and she thought he might hear about a position that would fit for her. He said he’d give it some thought. Diane intended to earn the respect of as many people as she could, if only to make Kyle and Harrison proud. Kyle thought it was impressive that Diane wanted to pursue a career, and he said he’d keep his ear to the ground.

On the patio of Crimson Lights, Michael marveled to Lauren that they were in the same room together. He said it was such a rare occurrence because she had such a busy career, while he was working normal hours for Victor. She countered that he knew where she was, and she wasn’t locked up in Peru. Nikki showed up. Lauren heard about Victoria and Ashland leaving. She thought Nikki and Victor must be devastated. Nikki admitted it had been very difficult. Nikki was glad she ran into Michael, because she intended to direct all her anger and rage at Diane, and he was just the person to help her.

Nikki wanted Michael to look into Diane’s activities in LA. Nikki was sure there must be something that would show Diane returned with evil intentions. Lauren said Michael was probably the worst person for this job, since he was one of the few people in town who wasn’t horrified Diane was back in town. According to Lauren, Michael called her when he saw Diane for the first time, and now they were palling around together. Nikki looked appalled. Lauren got a text from Summer about work, so she got up to leave. Michael pointed out that Lauren was cutting their date short for work.

Now that Nikki and Michael were alone, she expressed her displeasure about him being friends with Diane. She told him to do something about Diane, and quickly. He didn’t know what he could do to help. She suggested investigating to figure out how Diane was able to live under an alias all these years, whether she paid taxes, did she use a fake social security number? Michael said Nikki should look into getting her own PI license. Nikki said Michael was on a handsome retainer for the Newmans. Michael said even if he found something, he had no standing to bring charges against Diane for something that happened in California – he wasn’t in law enforcement there or in Genoa City, plus tax fraud was a federal crime. Nikki was angry. She said he was willing to risk his life to bring Ashland down, so why the hell was he protecting Diane?

Nikki asked Michael whose side he was on. Michael said he was neutral, but Nikki snapped that he was trying to protect Diane. He said years ago, everyone in this town wanted Diane to get the hell out of town, and they got their wish and no one was wrongfully convicted for her death. He said Diane lived alone, missing her son. Michael thought Diane paid for her crimes. Nikki didn’t agree. She didn’t think relocating to sunny LA was a proper punishment. She said even Jack had softened his stance, and it boggled the mind. Nikki refused to let Diane wreak havoc. Michael wondered if Nikki would be okay with Diane if she’d succeeded at getting rid of Ashland. Nikki said one had nothing to do with the other – Diane’s crimes were worthy of their own vitriol. Michael grudgingly agreed to do a deep dive into Diane’s time away if only to prove Diane had changed. Nikki asked what if Michael uncovered something – would he hide it or would he let Diane get what she deserved?

Lauren was surprised to meet with both Summer and Amanda. She’d assumed this was about work. Summer explained that it was about Phyllis. Summer and Amanda brought Lauren up to speed. As someone who had been there for the original battles between Diane and Phyllis, Lauren couldn’t imagine Phyllis would ever cool down where Diane was concerned. Summer explained that she wanted to get people to team up and keep the peace. Lauren had been keeping tabs on Diane since she returned, and Diane had been igniting fires everywhere, including with Nikki.

Amanda suggested that things might get too hot in Genoa City for Diane, and she’d leave before Phyllis got home. Summer wanted to create peace for everyone, not drive Diane away from Kyle, unless it became absolutely necessary. Lauren thought it was noble of Summer to consider Kyle’s feelings. Summer said she loved Kyle. Lauren said Michael had an inexplicable soft spot for Diane. Lauren thought the town would be better without Diane in it. She also thought that Summer might have to create some distance between Kyle and his mom.

Summer went home to Kyle and told him that Nikki was also trying to push Diane out of town. Kyle didn’t want Summer to get in the middle of this, and he didn’t want to deal with it either. He said his mom was doing her best to turn things around. He wished everyone would back off and give Diane breathing room. Summer said it was easier said than done, since it seemed like everyone they knew had history with Diane and strong opinions to match.

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